Total Body Pilates Flow Workout: 30 minutes of Advanced Pilates Exercises

Apr 12, 2021 09:30 · 3084 words · 15 minute read

Hi i’m Mira, from Flow with Mira today it’s an advanced total body mat workout so if you are at an advanced level and experienced pilates practitioner come and join me it’s a fast pace so you make sure that you are in the right level.

00:15 - We’re going to start the class with standing roll down so let’s find our parallel feet position lifting the spine as tall take an in-breath now as we exhale let’s go ahead and roll the head down and softening at the knees here and continue rolling the spine down to the floor all the way just warming up a body.

00:39 - Inhale at the bottom softening up the knees exhale as we lift the abdominal wall we bring our pelvis to a vertical alignment lower back middle back upper back shoulder open neck and head let’s go two more times in-breath exhale rolling down.

01:00 - and take it all the way down take a moment here to feel how your body is feeling today maybe you’re feeling a little tight at some part of the spine maybe you’re feeling all good whatever it is acknowledge it and lifting nice and tall one last one in-breath exhale as we roll down and deflection in the spine as long as you can before you tip the pelvis forward in-breath exhale lifting up, lifting up, lifting up and standing tall all right let’s take our body down.

01:45 - We’re going to start with a roll-up but we’re going to start with the reverse way so legs are long together arms are forward now find our c curve position here drawing the abdominal muscle towards the spine neck is still long here guess it’s down towards the leg we in-breath, exhale as we roll our spine down we take our arms overhead inhale chest lift exhale deep scoop and abdominal into the c-curve in-breath exhale sacrum onto the floor lower spine down on the floor and then arms overhead making sure that you do not take the ribs into hyperextending and inhale-exhale lifting lifting lifting in-breath exhale rolling back arms overhead, inhale lifting chest lift, exhale deep, scoop c curve and here one more time and exhale we roll down.

03:04 - And i’d like you to just stay in that chest lift position here turn the palms down squeeze those legs together guess what lift the legs up hundreds.

03:14 - Inhale prepare exhale we go in three four five and four more sets Really try to get that lower ab scooping into the spine and reaching the legs in the opposite direction.

03:52 - Last set here. Stay drag the knees into a tabletop open your arms up to a T-position and rest your head down.

04:04 - I’m just going to shuffle myself down towards the middle of the mat here.

04:07 - All right let’s go to your spine to supine here let’s rotate towards me now extending both legs straight bring it back to the center and we bend over to the other side as we inhale we extend exhale.

04:23 - So just a little variation here inhale the twist and we extend exhale inhale twist we extend and two more sets and twists extend last at each side last one here exhale we bend hold that lift your head and chest up grab the shin just above the ankles drop the heels a little bit bend the elbows rock yourself up to rolling like a ball so just read adjust the position of the arms and the body and we go inhale rolling exhale balance, inhale rolling exhale inhale.

05:31 - and do two more here lock the shape last one, stay in balance here.

05:43 - Now like it too rollback, rollback, roll back so your arms are going to straighten here so deep scoop, deep flection in the spine and then carefully tip our body to a chest lift position straighten both legs up towards the ceiling ready for a hamstring pull one, two, three, let’s lower the left leg down hands behind the right calf and we go we switch last set Number two last set Number three twist twist last set legs back up to the ceiling bend the knee lower the chest down and take your arms out by the side all right let’s go and do our rollover here so we extend both legs straight 60 degrees, legs up to 90.

07:08 - roll over bring the legs over your face dorsiflex the feet separate lower down touch the floor if you can and then go ahead and roll the spine back, go vertebrae by vertebrae sit the pelvis down point to feet reach the leg away pull in your abs, bring it up again.

07:29 - roll over gaze is to the ceiling, dorsiflex separate.

07:36 - We lower the legs and we roll the spine rolling, rolling set the pelvis down point legs away together again up roll over and dorsiflex separate lower down and rolling back neck is long sit the pelvis down hip extension pulling the abs last one here and we rollover flex separate down and we roll back rollback, rollback point away together bend the knees lower one foot down second down reestablish your spine position on the floor ready for our shoulder bridge here so feet are parallel hip-width distance apart last or two pelvic curls first we breathe out we articulate all the way up to the bridge.

08:45 - Inhale exhale let’s roll down again and release the pelvis back to the floor.

08:53 - One more time and we’re going to stay up exhale for the shoulder bridge and press up stay left foot down right leg up to the ceiling reach up and we go exhale inhale exhale.

09:08 - Three, five, eight, that was seven this is nine last one ten, excellent counting by me.

09:22 - Point the foot, bend the knee, take the foot down reestablish the pelvis position anchor the right foot left leg straight up to the ceiling another ten we go two on six, seven, eight, nine, ten whole point bend the knee take the foot down reestablish the pelvis position and exhale as we roll the spine back to the floor excellent straighten the legs down arms overhead roll-up inhale exhale come up to that c curve and lift the spine up ready for our spine stretch please so adjust the position of the body your feet are slightly wider than your pelvis back straight dorsiflexor feet inhale, exhale we roll the spine down and we’re going to add extension here so we’re going to reach the arms away bring our spine into that diagonal position.

10:42 - Exhale deflection take our body down and roll up upright again exhale, roll down, inhale lifting reaching elongate and exhale deflection and roll up again.

11:10 - Exhale we roll down inhale we lift, lift lift exhale we roll down and we lift the spine up tall, one last one here and exhale we roll down inhale lifting up exhale rolling down and up up right here.

11:43 - Open your arms up to a T-position we got our sore necks we rotate towards me please move the arms hinge forward as you come up the back arm will go to the side open the other arm and return back center we twist, we move the arms we hinge forward, as we come up back or move to the side open the other arm to a T-position and center.

12:10 - Let’s take a little bit faster, twist, arms we hinge we take the arms at the lift up, open the arms and center.

12:18 - We twist arm we hinge take the arms as we lift up, open, center.

12:26 - Twist arm and hinge and up open center twist arm and hinge, back arm forward, up center.

12:39 - Last set twist arm and hinge back on to the side open and center and last one and hinge forward and then out open center and bring the legs together here.

12:56 - All right we’re going to do our scissors and bicycle here so this if this is the first time you’re doing a scissors and bicycle I recommend that you watch me for a second and then rewind the video and can and then come and join me again.

13:13 - All right so the most important thing with the scissors bicycle is that we really need to open our chest so refrain yourself from going into flexion in our upper back, but you really try to open that thoracic so that when you actually in the big arch position, that your whole body can open sorry your back your chest can support to open your hips.

13:39 - Anyways let’s go into the C curve we roll back please.

13:45 - Okay arms down by the side I like it to bring your feet in, again if this is your first time doing it, watch me and then rewind the videos and come and join me again.

13:57 - Legs up to table one, legs up to table two we are going to straighten the legs sixty up, roll over.

14:08 - Now here bend the knees place the heel of your palm and the small of the back, open the chest and then place your pelvis on the hands straighten the legs gaze to the ceiling for the scissors.

14:26 - Let’s do four sets. Stay in extension, last set and bicycle we tap the floor if you can and open, tap and out, tap and out, tap and out, tap and out keep your gaze to the ceiling keep the chest nice and open one more set and tap and tap.

15:03 - Now here reverse and top leg goes down stretch, whoa I lost myself, and then there if you can touch the floor great doesn’t seem like I can do it today, but the idea is for you to reach the leg right down and then right down and then right down one which side right down, last one bring your leg up bring it over place your arms down and roll the spine back.

15:38 - and bend the knees to the tabletop moving on to a jackknife please, we straighten the legs we bring the legs up roll over we tap, we lift the pelvis reach the leg up to the sky, we roll back, right down to the floor, three more times please and up over we tap, inhale lift up, lift up, lift up and down and away two more times, up, roll over we’re tap and lift up.

16:28 - and roll back and away, last one please, roll over and tap, lift roll down bring the legs away, bend the knees in lower one foot, second leg down, straighten the legs again, on the floor, let’s roll up inhale exhale bring yourself over now here cross the legs, transfer your hands, down bring the legs back, to a quadruped position we have our leg pull front, now lifting the abdominal muscle, flattening the lower spine, extend one leg out, recruit the lower abs here second leg up , and the hamstrings and the glutes point the right foot and we’ll lift five, four, three, two, one, we switch other foot, one, two, three, four, five, up stretch up, lift the pelvis up sending the pelvis away to the ceiling, lengthening the neck towards the floor and lower the heels just to stretch the legs for a moment.

18:02 - In breath, exhale and release the knees down turn around facing me for our sidekick kneeling, so arms out to the side here.

18:17 - let’s go to your right, we tip the body down, extend the leg, reach the leg long, dorsiflex, let’s go forward.

18:36 - four more, two more, last one center, place the foot down, press the hip forward, reach out, lengthen out the spine here, just for a quick side stretch and then take the arm up, come up, and then side bend over to the other side, and release.

19:06 - other side, let’s go, arms out to a T-position.

19:13 - hand extends, let’s go, dorsiflex forward. three more sets and last back center, foot down, hips forward, reach out and arm up, come up, lateral stretch and bring it in, side bend please, so we transfer ourselves down to the floor, okay now activate the deltoid the lats muscles the obliques, all right let’s go, we inhale, reach side bend, look down and lift come, down and lift, side bend and up, come down, reach and hips up, ribs up, waist up, up, come down, two more times, lift and up and last one here reach up, side bend and up, come down.

20:58 - Well done swing your leg over to the other side, going strong, okay stay with me here, all right let’s go, lift up and side arch and up and down and lift up and a side arch or side bend and come down and lift and over and two more times, and lift and over and back and was that our second one, I’m not sure let’s do one more and come back up well done, excellent.

21:53 - On to our front, we’ve got our baby swan, and now we’ve got a swan dive prep and some rocking, okay so, bring your forearm to the side of your shoulder.

22:11 - okay legs are long behind you like a cobra tail, all right open the front across the front of the chest, we exhale as we pick up our abdominal, we inhale as we glide the shoulder blades down we take our spine to a maximum thoracic extension and exhale and we come down, inhale engaging the legs as we lift our back, exhale we lower, again inhale we lift, exhale come down, we got one more and inhale we lift exhale and let’s move on to our swan dive prep and we inhale, we lift to a maximum thoracic and then we use the abs and the back to take ourselves to a full swan position, whatever it is for you today.

23:27 - now as you descend yourself down start lifting the legs taking your legs into hip extension and your body comes down and lifting up and kind of like a little see-saw here and we go down lowering the chest the legs float and in-breath, resist the legs if you can, you’re welcome to have your legs together and bring your legs up and the chest go down and two more we lift and up, we come down one more we’ll lift and up and we come down and here hold the legs reach your arms up to the side bend the knees and grab those ankles, all right for our rocking prep, let’s go, inhale hip extension, back extension, knee extension and release, again inhale, hip extension, back extension, knee extension and come on down three more inhale lift lift and two more, inhale lift up and reach okay next one’s the last one ,we’re going to take it to a rocking here, so we’re going to hold the shape as we inhale, hamstrings, back knee extension and stay we rock forward, and back out and forward and back and four, five, six, two more, seven, eight lift and coming down, release the legs arms by the side of the shoulder, push the flow away and sit the pelvis back, to your rest position for a moment inhaling, exhaling, three more times, two more, last one, and roll the spine up, okay you ready, teaser one, teaser of two teaser three, okay let’s do it, all right bring your legs forward, we can do this, we can do this, let’s go, let’s just do three each, you know what let’s do four each, change my mind, we can do it, all right arms forward, now tip back, legs up, whoopsie, straight leg, straight arms, let’s go, down, arms overhead, inhale we lift and up inhale, we lift, two more, squeeze his legs tight, it will help, you last one inhale and hold, teaser two, lower two, three, last, teaser three we lower the legs, and the chest, arms over we lift everything up and again lower the legs, body, arms over, lift everything up, two more and over and lift everything up, hang on there, one more and over and everything up, up, up and release, good job, okay let’s go to your seal puppy and we call it a day all right let’s have the elbow underneath the knee, hands over your ankle, other side, okay lock the legs, broaden the shoulder, and look down to the cavity in front of you there, add the claps, if you know it and you don’t have to, if you’re just learning to do yourself puppy, all right let’s go, we roll back, clap one, two, three forward, clap two, three and clap, clap, clap and clap, clap, clap and clap, clap, clap and clap, clap, clap two more sets and last set and now hold, can we find a little balance moment here finding or refining your center find the sense of calmness, groundness, yet powerful and strong and lower the feet down, well done, knees together hands on the side push, the bottom off, knees forward, hands next to your knees, upside down, make sure your feet are in parallel position dangle your body down, make sure you do not sway back on the knee joint, for those of you who are hyper mobile like me, i’m guilty, i have to keep reminding myself, exhale let’s roll up, one vertebra at a time rise up tall, in breath, exhale roll down and all the way down, one last one here, inhale, exhale, roll up and up and up and up, find the length in the spine, the grounding, sensation on your feet, opening or openness across the front of your chest, an easiness in your head and your neck, one long inhalation with me exhale and let it go excellent work today, thank you for joining me and I wish you a lovely day take care.