2021 Goldenritt Sketchwriter Victoria Fountain Pen with Bock Titanium Nib Unboxing and Review

May 22, 2021 14:00 · 3468 words · 17 minute read

are you going to discover tears hello there and welcome to my channel my name is doug and i’m back with another fountain pen review and thank you in advance for liking and subscribing to my channel make sure you click on that bell to get instant notifications of new videos i’m really excited about today’s fountain pen review today we’re going to look at a pen i knew absolutely nothing about until just last week subscriber and pen friend dean andreoli contacted me through my instagram account and asked me if i wanted a fountain pen he had just purchased a few on sale at a store local to him in maine called martins and he was so excited about them he wanted to gift one to me i think i responded with my usual erudite and sophisticated manner by saying duh bring it on bro also i do modeling so i’m just throwing that out there all right peace out st louis and within 10 days i have this incredibly generous gift in my hand this is the golden writ sketch writer victoria with a bach titanium nib holy titanium batman holy understatements batman i told dean i had been itching to try a titanium nib and been toying with the idea of getting a rango model 5 with a number 8 size titanium nib for a while now those of you that know these bach titanium nibs will no doubt be totally green with envy and understand the magnitude of dean’s generosity here i’ve never heard of golden rit before and i had to do a little research on the company and the pen so join me as i learn about this very interesting fountain pen right now just a couple of weeks ago a pen friend named dean andreoli contacted me on instagram and asked me if i’d be interested in a fountain pen he was getting a couple on sale apparently and wanted to get me one as well i’d never heard of the pen uh but i said sure if you want to send me a pen that’d be great and uh here it is just about a week 10 days later i get a package in the mail from dean and let’s find out what this is first off there’s a lovely sketch here done by dean nib test golden rit xf titanium bach with roshizuku fugu shiogun and dean custom purple i love it greetings doug here’s the panel i promised you i’ve done a couple of doodles with mine and i’m really loving the nibs i hope you will too the reverse side of this paper is a line pile that’s how i test and get to know my nibs as i mostly use them for drawing cheers to you and your wonderful channel thank you for all you share with us sincerely dean isn’t that lovely thank you dean i’ll put that right there under my guitar and see what’s in the package and here we are it’s a golden rit sketch rider fountain pen and this one is the victoria for artists writers calligraphers equipped with a triple section titanium nib making this fountain pen a delightful option for both writing and sketching so it’s in a rigid foam box and it has a converter three ink cartridges standard international and there’s the pen it’s got a brushed stainless steel or aluminum brushed metal cap and body and really interesting springy clip nice acrylic finial and end knob with those threads i assume this is going to post unscrew almost four turns to unscrew and we have a an acrylic section concave long and a titanium nib this is a number five size bach titanium nib standard international cartridge converter which doesn’t fit interesting looks like some kind of a plug down inside there that’s sticking out it’s keeping the converter from going in this is a very very interesting unique pen and has some lovely qualities to it and we shall ink it up and do a review and what i’d like to do today is go over the parts and features of this pen show some size comparisons some measurements and then provide a writing sample after the writing sample please stay tuned as i’ll talk about what i like and what i don’t like so much about this fountain pen there isn’t a lot of information on golden writ on the internet short of the developer’s own videos at jerry’s arterama the website is www jerry’s arturo the president of jerry’s arterama ira goldstein has a youtube video from december 20th 2019 where he demonstrates the two main models of the golden rit the rockwell and the victoria i’ll link that video in the description he describes the golden writ pens as being developed by himself after quote a lot of research unquote to offer a fountain pen that you can write with and sketch with he goes on to discuss the titanium nib as the focal point of the pen’s ability to sketch on a variety of writing surfaces from vellum to watercolor paper the rockwell is a heavier longer more cigar shaped pen where the victoria model is shorter has a more tubular shape with flatter end finials and screws onto post so let’s take a look at the victoria from the top we see a domed plastic finial with a white gray and purple swirl we’ll see this material again on the end finial and on the section the victoria also comes in a teal swirl with the silver trim and this purple again with a flat black trim there’s a little bit of sparkle to the purple areas and the silvery areas of the plastic i’ve looked and looked at this and it feels a lot softer than acrylic more like soft plastic than acrylic the parts do look like they are turned rather than molded however we see a chrome metal ring which attaches the clip and the clip is a very pleasing ski jump shape and very nicely springy and usable the cap is made of a brass tube jacketed with a brushed aluminum which has a great texture and feel to it it is dead straight all along the length of the cap and the barrel separated by a chrome ring at the top of the barrel which is stamped golden writ in script on one side and laser etched sketch writer on the other i find this interesting it’s stamped golden red and then laser etched sketch writer those are two different processes you’ll find that happening with a pen that’s made for a company to put their own brand on locally i think that’s what’s happening here the pen cap barrel section and converter are all sourced in the east the nib units are purchased from bach the pens arrive at the reseller and they laser etch sketch writer on them locally and install the nib unit that’s just a guess of course the barrel is straight until another chrome ring and then a big step down to a bunch of chrome threads and then an end finial of the same purple swirl plastic with a slight dome on the very end the cap unscrews with an incredible one two three and a bit turns that’s a lot and the threads are plastic on plastic as there is an inner plastic bit on the inside of the cap but the threads are really sloppy with a lot of play in there and it moves around and slops around when it’s not tight and that worries me that they’ll cross thread or they’ll wear out as that plastic is very soft the section is the same purple swirl as the finials which is nice the section is long and thin with a concave shape and here we see the number five size box titanium nib let’s look closer at this nib because we’ll see that this is the whole point and best part of this pen the nib and feed are part of a nib assembly that unscrews easily from the section and the nib and feed are also friction fit inside that collar the nib has no golden writ branding at all and it is called an extra fine there on the packaging the nib has the typical bach bordering scroll work the bach logo bach and then titan which i assume is not in size but titanium phenomenon and they’re all deeply engraved into this uh textured gray titanium in the ira goldstein video goldstein claims the nib has a triple feed and the website says the pen is quote equipped with a triple section titanium nib now i have no idea what any of that means and i don’t think they know either you keep using the horde i don’t think it means what you think it means i suspect what they mean is the nib is flexible and reversible so it will give a variety of line width for writing and sketching regardless of what they say this part as we will see is correct the nib is bouncy and reversible it does however concern me when the designer of the pen doesn’t know a nib from a section from a feed is it is that my ass the section unscrews to reveal a standard international converter of the absolute cheapest quality when i did the unboxing i was confused as to why the converter wouldn’t fit into the barrel now the box has space for three cartridges and the converter so i didn’t suspect there was yet another cartridge in the barrel itself that was blocking that converter even looking at it with a loop i couldn’t figure out what the obstruction was and it took a bit of effort to get the upside down cartridge out of that barrel as it was as it was wedged in there really tight so the converter does indeed fit in the pen inside of the cap shows no cap liner to help seal the nib the cap posts by screwing it onto the back of the barrel the good news is it only takes two turns to get it on the back of that barrel the bad news is it makes the pen very long and very back weighted to be fair though if you’re sketching with it you might want to hold the pen further back along the barrel the longer section makes that possible unposted the pen is a good length the section is just a tad too thin for me and a thicker section here would make the pen much more comfortable for longer writing sessions i don’t know what dean’s price on this pen was but it’s available from jerry’s artarama website for the quote super price of 79.

99 us discounted from the normal jerry’s price of 149. 99 which is marked down from the regular price of wait for it and 250 dollars u. s these prices are just plain ridiculous looking at just the pan alone without the nib the 79. 99 us price is way too expensive for what you get here however when you get to writing with this pen and take a closer look at this bach titanium nib uh you’ll see that the 80 u. s price tag is actually a bargain if you’re interested in trying a titanium nib you should jump all over this pen for just the nip if of course you’ve got another pen to swap it into we’ll take a look at some of those options after we look at some size comparisons and here is the golden writ sketch writer victoria with a twisby diamond 580 a hongdian 6013 a moon man p135 and a parker on it now let’s look at them posted and here they are posted the reason i’ve included the twsb 580 and the hongdiem 601 iii is because the 580 has a number five size bach nib which should be completely compatible with the buck titanium now my twisby broad nib is not only really smooth and juicy it also matches the rest of the pen in that it is rose gold so i have no intention at all to take that nib out but as i’ll discuss later there may be some interest in getting one of these bach titanium nibs for a 580 alr in that gunmetal gray color the hongdiem 6013 however has a number five size nib it’s not a bach that one’s a fuday actually and later on i’ll show what this pen looks like sporting that titanium nib now let’s look at some measurements and i’ll be back with a writing sample and we’re back with the writing portion of the review this is clairefontaine 90 gsm paper and this is the wait for it golden rit sketch writer victoria and it has an extra fine number five titanium nib let’s check the wetness this pen is remarkably wet very nice and the ink is hiroshizuku since this is a sketch pen i thought that a nice charcoal black would be appropriate here are some close matches to this ink from inkswatch.

com the nib is very very smooth with a very unique feedback this is what i was looking forward to it’s similar to a graphite pencil say a 2h on vellum it sort of harkens back to my drafting experience that feel of that 2h pencil on paper so this is what i was wanting to experience with the titanium nib and i’m really delighted this nib is spectacular it overshadows the entire pan mr goldstein surely has a lot of marketing hype surrounding this pen but forget the pen the bach nib is worth the cost of admission here there’s no hype in saying that this pen has a lot of variety it has some flex but it is not i repeat not a flex pen but you can see there’s no pressure there’s a little bit of pressure you can see that that is a fairly bouncy so it does have a little variation when you press it but also it gives you thin lines when it’s vertical so you get some really nice thin lines like that and a bit thicker line when it is in a lower position but it’s almost got a zoom like character as well the other bit of hype was that you can flip the pen over to right with it get a thinner line let’s see if that works i think i picked up something on that tip but it works very well in reverse and the feed just keeps working and working yeah there’s a little bit of paper stuck in the nib so there’s the reverse and it just keeps writing and writing and it’s actually fairly smooth there’s a lot more feedback going on i picked the more crap on my page but you can see that nice thin line that i’m getting that way and then you get this thin line that way and then you get a thicker line that way so there’s lots of character here i’m really enjoying this nib so let’s look at some of the variety that we get here when you turn the nib over in reverse the line is a.

3 millimeter thin line and that is a western extra extra fine or a japanese extra fine and then when you write with it normally that line is a 0. 4 millimeter line and that is a western extra fine or a japanese fine and then if you press it can get up to a point eight millimeter line which is a western broad or japanese double broad and that’s a lot of variety right there and i really wasn’t pushing that nib too hard and for our quote so what do i like and what do i not like about this fountain pen well there’s a lot to dislike about this pen and only one thing i absolutely adore i’m sure you can guess the nib is worth the price of the pen but let me itemize the problems with the pen before i gush about the nib you say the cutest thing the cap takes too many turns to uncap the cap threads are wobbly and sloppy the plastic of the section is very soft and i worry about cross threading and wear the section is too narrow and that step down from the barrel is huge the pen is too long and back weighted to take advantage of the threaded posting when writing of course if you’re sketching it might be different there are a couple of nice things the clip is very nice and the brushed aluminum finish is very nice too it is an attractive pen overall it just feels clunky in the hand and kind of the opposite of what an artist wants while sketching i would think now i’m no artist i’ll have to give it to my sketch artist friend janice to see what she thinks but let’s talk more about this bach nib i’ve shown how beautifully it writes but what if it were in a pen that was more comfortable and balanced in the hand like the twsbi 580 or the hongdian 6013 those of you who just like when i go into tangents where i swap nibs can stop now the rest is fountain pen geek territory bye-bye thanks for coming bye-bye bye-bye bye-bye today peg-leg today are they gone good let’s pull the bach nib out of this pen here and put it into the hondium shall we instead of unscrewing the nib unit i’m just going to pull the nib straight out now we’re going to do the same thing with the hondine i’m going to keep the feed from the honduran let’s put the bark on top and now i’m going to prime that feed a little bit it’s a little trick that jack taught me get some of that ink going down and drip some onto a kleenex to get it flowing through the nib then back off the converter so here we have the hongdian 6013 with the bach titanium nib extra fine number five same ink same beautiful line comfortable pen in the hand now a hongdian does post but unfortunately it back weights it and it won’t stay on and keeps falling off but i’ve been writing with this pen for a couple of days here and i’m just falling in love with it no problems at all the control you get with this nib because of that feedback is just fantastic i’m finding that it has a lot of character as well it has me even thinking about getting a twisby 580 alr in the nickel gray just to complement this nib the handgun is okay in the hand unposted just a little bit small it’d be better if it was posted but that cap is very heavy so actually a twispy diamond 580 with all that ink supply and this titanium nib on it i think would be a killer combination and that’s the other thing about the golden red at 79.

99 us it is a bargain when you factor in the cost of this number five bach titanium nib here are some prices around the internet on getting just the bach titanium nib it makes some sense just to get the golden writ for the nib alone this whole experience reminds me of the italics chaplains tankard that was gifted to me by eric rollo the pen itself isn’t great but the italics curse of nib is outstanding and it’s worth getting the whole pen just to get the nib i have the nib in my gin house centennial and i write with this pen all the time it’s now in an outstanding pen with this cursive broad italic and it’s just smooth as glass those nibs are hard to find so go to mr pen.

com because pete is going out of business and you can get some of those nibs while they’re available and there you have it many thanks go out to dean andreoli for the incredibly generous gift of this pen and this wonderful experience of the titanium nib i can see while you are thrilled with your purchase dean if you like this video please like and subscribe and don’t forget to ring that bell to get instant notifications whenever a new video is posted and that just leaves it for me to say thank you for watching and that’s all she wrote i made this.