Costa Rica Must See with My Dad! | Manuel Antonio & Monteverde Vanlife

Jun 20, 2021 14:00 · 1359 words · 7 minute read

so today is super duper special we’re having my dad fly in from philadelphia to come check out nicaragua to come check out costa rica with us he was actually going to go to nicaragua until costa rica opened are you excited for pop sombrita can’t wait we’re gonna pick him up from the airport soon here we are in manuel antonio national park costa rica we got emily’s dad what’s up what’s up we brought this new camera yes many thanks and up here people are looking at something we’re gonna see something up here he’s like baby yoda results we’re up here at the mirador now beautiful it was quite a hike what do you think bob too hard no it was perfect it was great not too long who’s the real sloth yes a good amount of stairs here but now we’re heading to the beach where we can cool off now we’re down here on jameles beach okay over here there are tons of crabs to see if i can get this coming close we just saw a monkey steal somebody’s cake over there so this is the second beach hey buddy hey buddy so this restaurant here great view and it has an airplane in it this airplane was actually used to smuggle uh it was part of the covert cia operation of the iran contra there pretty crazy story what do you think the food was good the beers are empty we’re gonna go back and check out jaco beach danny made some breakfast here at his uncle’s vacation home that we are so fortunate to be able to stay in and today we’re gonna head to the crocodile tour in tarcoles two puppies here he comes osama bin laden we just saw some really big crocodiles now it’s time to go see some more animals in carara national park we’re out here in the jungle of carara national forest and there are some ticks here but so far we’ve only found six on me three on emily and none on deet king you’re gonna want cold beers it’s hot right here guys on the tree there’s a big iguana danger this is an ant colony they tried to scare us they’re just stoked to be able to see spider monkeys we have one more monkey that we have to see the squirrel monkey that’s the end of our day here with bob day two bob’s trip watching a little sunset with a beer what do you think emily national park the boat tour with crocodiles such a crazy day how you doing bob wonderful the imperial kind of day keeps getting better and better wow cheers bob cheers chilling in the back of the van here with the visitor up front except this road is pretty windy a bit nauseating got to watch the road for sure emily’s got a downshift careful with the brakes things like that up to monteverde 26 more kilometers well ten years ago when i came up here to monteverde the road was completely rocks and it was a sketchy long climb it’s still pretty wild road emily’s driving it great there are still some mega potholes you gotta miss but uh it’s much easier than back then but wow what a road they clearly created this part new by blasting the cliff here and we’re heading way up into these mountains here you can’t see the tops it’s all covered with clouds over there no big deal bob this is awesome man look at this stuff the the amount the drop is unbelievable we made it to monteverde unscathed now it’s time for some coffee and snacks on a coffee cacao and sugarcane tour this is the tree house restaurant monte verde so let’s go find a place to stay well we found a spot here for bob to stay van’s right there got his own little spot so we could hang out here and have some beers not bad 35 dollars here 35 dollars at mariposa we’re heading to the ficus tree bridge wow natural bridge tree we’ll climb a ficus if you like us it’s a big day today we’re going ziplining through on our travels in central america there has been so many zipline or canopy tours but we always thought we’ll just wait until a visitor comes that would be super fun to do with them so we’re finally gonna be able to do it with my dad so where did you get this beautiful outfit from here we go so this is kind of that was fun thank you wow look at that thing that’s the tarzan swing huh wow did he push you up that’s funny lean back all right nice i wasn’t expecting it to go that fast yeah that was great the long cable this is the first long cable oh wow that was the most intense i was trying to do that to see the whole valley and i didn’t believe that it was going to stop me either now we know that was unbelievable so the last one was dope oh my gosh you were going across this whole valley you could see cows and you just wanted to look at the cows right yeah yeah i was like the campsite over there too he’s looking for the campsites yeah there’s lots of jungle over there right hard to see a sloth that quick literally yeah yeah i guess we’re very fast but we’ll see a sloth later yeah cabs are here is that a plane no it’s superman so here we wait for the tarzan swing this is pretty insane right that is crazy that is crazy perfect what’s up yeah there you go ready it’s flat that was crazy what do you think crazy when you watch other people do it that was unbelievable i don’t think i would do it if you can watch oh no only halfway down when i’m like wait a minute get some good free falls it was great man i loved it yeah i would do that one all day couple times and maybe yeah man that that fall is like what yeah i don’t know i was just like so stoked ready to go and then as soon as i stepped off i was like is there actually a rope like what’s going on trust me either that it was there yeah it’s like took too long for it to catch me and pull me over that was pretty scary the first second yeah when you’re in free fall that was the best part and then i started running in the air but then you got more free fall at the end of the other on the other side of the rope yeah now that they seem to let me swing a little bit bro they let you swing twice so we’re here at the where are we the boutique arenal hostels he’s got one dorm there’s seven other people in his room he’s stoked so excited two people one guy keeps walking around naked i don’t know what that’s about and they’ve given us this whole restaurant now they’ve said you know this is all your domain just do as you will so we went in the hot tub here there should be a view of a crazy volcano tomorrow when the clouds clear but uh it’s been a pleasure having bob here all right happy father’s day dad happy father’s day bob we had a great time with you glad this video comes out on father’s day and i want to add of course for my dad happy father’s day dad we love you love you and to all of our uncles cousins and friends happy father’s day happy father’s day everyone thanks for joining us for this lovely time with my dad join us next time when we climb my dad’s first volcano together it’s a volcano episode if you liked our video let us know in the comments like and subscribe see ya.