Nazi Werewolves! RPC-580 Bestial Gift of the Behemoth and the Third Reich | Object class gamma red

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Caution, The following entry is outdated. The following archived database entry has been preserved in its entirety and digitally transcribed from its original documentation.

00:24 - For the ease of understanding of the RPCAACS “Paris Format,” please review the Lexicon Auctoritas history page.

00:35 - This file is dated ██/12/1945 Registered Phenomena Code 580 Informal Designate BEAST’S BLOOD Object Risk RED Containment Degree SEVERE Equivalent to the modern “Gamma” rating.

00:54 - Primary Hazard SAPIENT/AGGRESSIVE Secondary Hazard GROUPED Tertiary Hazard INFECTIOUS Equivalent to the modern “Bio-Hazard” threat.

01:08 - Number Contained 13 Reporting Personnel DR.

01:12 - SCHLOSS LAUFEN Containment Systems: Recently pacified specimens of RPC-580-1 are to be immediately transferred to Site-008 for dissection.

01:23 - RAVAAF forces have been instructed to prioritize the tracking, apprehension, and termination of RPC-580-1 specimens while on the battlefields of Europe.

01:36 - The RPC Authority Volunteer Army for the Allied Forces was a collaborative effort of several an-orgs to combat GARD forces during and after WWII.

01:47 - Unfortunately, due to the hyper-aggressive nature of these enemies, successfully detaining live subjects has proven to be exceedingly arduous.

01:57 - In the event our forces manage to capture a beast, they must try to restrain the afflicted in a reinforced man-proof holding cell until reinforcements arrive, the act of which must be attempted prior to their transformation, which is believed to take up to several minutes.

02:14 - Based on reports from our men downrange, shelled-out tanks may act as suitable holding chambers while in the field; do not attempt to capture any specimen while in its bestial form.

02:25 - In the event you are forced to face a full-fledged RPC-580-1 beast, shoot to kill.

02:32 - To correctly identify an undercover agent afflicted by RPC-580, search for civilians near Allied bases and rally points that house command staff or are near the front lines.

02:45 - Look for individuals acting favorably to allied soldiers, are males of German descent, and display some form of thrombosis of the veins; these men may also be identified by a profound hunger for raw meat.

02:58 - Do not attempt to apprehend a target alone or during the hours of darkness.

03:04 - Pacification Systems: While in their human form, the afflicted are susceptible to any injury that may incapacitate or neutralize a standard human.

03:14 - However, once afflicted RPC-580 troops transform into their monstrous state, they display increased strength, durability, and blood-lust.

03:25 - To minimize losses while combating a beast, engage them from the farthest possible distance with the highest caliber round available, maintain this for several seconds once the entity is immobilized.

03:36 - Some reports have claimed that anything less than anti-material rounds or anti-personal fragmentation devices are unable to terminate an RPC-580-1 beast, but these claims have not yet been substantiated.

03:52 - Any soldier believed to come into direct contact with a still-living beast must also be considered one and dealt with per field commands discretion.

04:02 - Pacification Note: Several reports have surfaced that some instances of RPC-580 rapidly exsanguinate post-pacification.

04:12 - Most notably, this has been observed happening to live specimens when starved in captivity at Site-008.

04:19 - Blood pools from these instances coagulate into a semi-solid state and begin to structure themselves into multi-tendrilled entities.

04:27 - They will then immediately seek out any living creature within their vicinity and attempt to enter an orifice or open wound on their prey.

04:36 - Any person or creature that makes contact with these blood entities must also be considered an RPC-580 instance.

04:45 - Standard neutralization principles apply and possibly “animated” blood remains must be sent to Site-008.

04:53 - Object Description: RPC-580 is a believed experimental biological weapon of unknown origin currently being utilized by the GARD/DAFA and Schutzstaffel special forces for clandestine operations in the European theatre under the moniker Werwolf.

05:12 - The German Anomalous Research Division/ Deutschen Anomal Forschung Abteilung was the premier an-org of the German National Socialist Worker’s Party.

05:23 - Persons afflicted with RPC-580 display animal hybrid characteristics and are able to transform into bestial chimeras seemingly at will.

05:32 - These monstrous forms have been designated as RPC-580-1.

05:38 - These animalistic states are predatory and carnivorous in nature.

05:42 - Carcasses collected by RAVAAF forces all display large maxillary canines and various complex claw-like features similar to those found in tetrapods.

05:53 - The outer keratin layers of these structures are unique in several ways: they are abnormally large for the entities’ size and show durability akin to steel.

06:04 - The lower sections of the beasts display elongated and strengthened tarsals as seen on other digitigrade-like anatomies.

06:11 - The hyper-developed sections of the hind legs are used to silently stalk our forces and support the creature’s immense weight, as the average beast weighs roughly 225 to 270 kilograms.

06:24 - Each beast displays pelage akin to canids of the canis variety.

06:28 - The animal’s pelt, as we have observed with our recent push into the Ardennes, also seems to change per-transformation — with a now higher percentage of “white coats” ambushing the backlines of our fortifications.

06:42 - We currently believe that RPC-580 is highly adaptable per-transformation to any situation given their natural camouflage and fluctuating bone density.

06:52 - Additional observation of pacified instances has shown that fur density is also adaptive per-transformation.

06:59 - Although, this theory is the cause of much debate between Site-008 researchers and RAVAAF ground reports.

07:09 - Warning from the desk of GD-WAR It has come to our attention that some of our men in the field are taking the pelts of recently pacified RPC-580-1 beasts as trophies.

07:21 - Due to the risk of breaking normalcy and possible contamination, RAVAAF command has begun issuing new field guides on how to safely skin and handle a beast’s skin.

07:34 - Additionally, we have authorized monetary compensation for each captured or killed beast— Men, keep your wits about you out there and happy hunting.

07:44 - Addendum- Operation Chrocain: On ██/12/194█, several RPC-580-1 beasts were discovered among the surviving German defectors aiding the Authority in the New Swabia Conflict.

08:00 - Also known as the Austral War, the conflict originated from a spatial anomaly known as the New Swabia Rift located in the Schirmacher Oasis, Queen Maud Land, Antarctica.

08:12 - For further information on the Austral War, see RPC-543 Following a brief interrogation performed by ACI officers at OL-Site-543, RAVAAF command became aware of the previously unknown underground SS base housing the GARD bio-warfare division.

08:32 - The Reichsbiokriegs was the bio-warfare subdivision of GARD’s Ahnenerbe branch.

08:40 - Under the direct supervision of GD-WAR, Operation Chrocain was formulated to put an end to all current Schutzstaffel Werwolf operations and GARD bioweapon testing, including RPC-580.

08:54 - The mission was organized into a two-part multi-force raid on the Führerhauptquartier Werwolf compound located near Vinnytsia, Ukraine.

09:03 - Literal translation: Fuhrer headquarters. Also abbreviated as FHQ, Führerhauptquartiers were official bases utilized by Adolf Hitler and the SS high-command.

09:16 - Transcribed below is a portion of the mission logs: OPERATION CHROCAIN Audio Log Transcripts: Dept: Protection Date: ██/██/1945 Subject: RPC-580 Authorization: 3/RAVAAF Commanding Officers: Cpt.

09:38 - Dory Phillips, Lt. Beufrot Babcock Forward: GD-WAR has personally authorized the destruction of Führerhauptquartier Werwolf by any means necessary.

09:50 - The initial assault will consist of VVS and USAAF bombers attacking the superficial portion of the facility.

09:58 - The mass bombing has been predicted to spread to the outskirts of Vinnytsia within the allowable five percent civilian casualty acceptable loss rate.

10:06 - Cpt. Phillips will then lead a ground attack to breach and clear the lower sections of the mining compound and bunker areas.

10:13 - Once in position, the teams will detonate their supplied explosives to initiate a controlled collapse of the entire subterranean structure.

10:22 - Both platoons have been equipped with experimental long-range radio relays for this operation per GD-WAR’s request.

10:29 - Cpt. Phillips’ 15th Heavy Brigade Combat Team has been supplemented with reinforcements from Lt. Babcock’s 107th Infantry Division for this mission.

10:40 - Approx. forty men between the two units.

10:43 - «Begin Log 15:11 ██████ ██, 1945» Cpt. Phillips: First-team radio check, one-two, one-two.

10:54 - MSgt. Hill: Second-team checks, do you read us command? RAVAAF Command: Command copies, we read you loud and clear.

11:05 - Lt. Babcock: GD wasn’t messing around with that bombing run.

11:10 - Had the flyboys glass the whole damn forest, Christ — hardly anything left topside.

11:15 - I can see why the Soviets passed on this place though, false corridors and dead ends everywhere.

11:22 - Sgt. Shiermann: [Loudly] Cap! Place the charges here?! Cpt. Phillips: Keep your goddamn voice down.

11:30 - Jesus, Babcock, keep a handle on your greenhorns.

11:33 - Lt. Babcock: Sorry Sir — look, there’s several tunnels running deeper this way.

11:39 - Cpt. Phillips: Rog, keep some of your men up here to cover the entrance, the rest of us get the lead out.

11:45 - We have a tight schedule to keep and watch your fire lines down here — it’s too cramped and quiet for comfort.

11:51 - [AUDIO SILENCE FOR SEVERAL MINUTES AS THE TEAMS MOVE DEEPER] Lt. Babcock: [Hushed] Look at all these abandoned tunnels, you reckon they were looking for something down here? Sgt.

12:03 - Shiermann: Hell if I know, I just want out of here as fast as possible.

12:08 - Did’cha hear what one of these things did to a howler? Cpl.

12:12 - Finly: What’s a howler? Sgt. Shiermann: It’s a — Cpt. Phillips: Cut the chatter, I see something ahead.


12:24 - Finly: Clear — Sgt. Shiermann: Clear — Lt. Babcock: All clear sir.

12:30 - Cpt. Phillips: Copy, now let’s see what we have here.

12:34 - It’s pretty damn cold, and the wall is lined with sealed vats of some sort, so I’m gonna assume this is some sorta storage lab.

12:41 - The vials are labeled: First, one says Schattenblut, looks like oil but mixed with air.

12:48 - Shits just floating on nothing. Schattenblut or Shadow’s blood, is believed to be the viscous substance found on RPC-913 and a possible major component of compound V-76.

13:01 - Lt. Babcock: This one over here says Tai…tay-phon Fleisch.

13:09 - Can’t quite make it out, sure as shit ain’t German.

13:12 - Cpt. Phillips: I honestly don’t care what it says, let’s rig a charge to that beam over th— Cpl.

13:20 - Finly: Cap, we got a body outside in the hall over here.


13:27 - Shiermann: Fuck, he’s all torn apart. Isn’t this one of their guys? Cpt. Phillips: Yeah, definitely a wolf attack, you can tell by how torn up he is.

13:39 - Plus, look how those parts are just gnawed on — just like how they killed Bucky back in France.

13:45 - Cpl. Finly: Did they— lick up all the blood? Cpt. Phillips: Yep, just like a fuckin’ wolf.

13:54 - Rig that center column and let’s keep going.

13:56 - I don’t know what’s going on here but at least we know our intel was spot on now.

14:01 - [SEVERAL MINUTES PASS AS THE ROOM IS RIGGED AND THE TEAM MOVES ON IN SILENCE] Cpt. Phillips: I’m seeing some light ahead [STATIC] I think I’m losing connec— [STATIC] too far down.

14:15 - We’re entering a huge caver— [STATIC] Lt. Babcock: [Hushed] Shit, we got contact in here.

14:22 - Cpt. Phillips: Keep your head down. They haven’t noticed us yet.

14:26 - Cpl. Finly: What’re they doin’ down there cap? Are they eat— [STATIC] each other? Sgt.

14:33 - Shiermann: Fuck, I can’t s— [STATIC] my eyes burn.

14:38 - Cpt. Phillips: I said keep down. I’m trying to see.

14:42 - Is that— [STATIC] look of the size of that [STATIC] in the wall.

14:47 - [GUNSHOTS ARE HEARD OVER THE STATIC] Cpt. Phillips: Babcock you fuc— [STATIC] We’ve been made! Set the last charges and fall back! [SNARLS AND HOWLS RING OUT AS SEVERAL AUTOMATIC GUNSHOTS ARE HEARD] Cpt. Phillips: Move! Move! Move! Shit, where’s Shiermann?! Cpl.

15:09 - Finly: They [STATIC] him! Cpt. Phillips: Dead end, goddamn it! [FIRST TEAM’S RADIO SIGNAL IS LOST] RAVAAF Command: Come in second-team.

15:21 - I repeat, come in second-team. MSgt.

15:25 - Hill: This is second-team, command: How copy? RAVAAF Command: First team has been lost, GD-WAR gave the order to detonate the charges.

15:35 - MSgt. Hill: But they— goddamn it. Move out! Let’s rip her a new one! [THE SOUND OF EXPLOSIONS ARE HEARD IN THE BACKGROUND AS THE REST OF THE TEAM ESCAPES] «End Log 17:57 ██████ ██, 1945» Closing Notes: GD-WAR declared Operation Chrocain a massive success.

15:58 - The thirty-one members of Cpt. Phillips’ fire team who’re lost in combat were posthumously awarded the Lion’s Cross Medal of Valor for their service.

16:07 - The Lion’s Cross Medal of Valor was a RAVAAF specific accolade awarded to those of exceptional service and merit by GD-WAR Their deaths were attributed to several other non-anomalous-centric operations on the Western and Eastern fronts.

16:27 - RPC-580-MOD Registered Phenomena Code: 580 Object Class: Gamma-Red Hazard Types: aggression grouped sapient biohazard mind-regression microscopic Containment Protocols: Several single-cell instances of RPC-580-A are to be stored at Site-008’s disease control cold-storage wing.

17:01 - In the event that a stored capsule of RPC-580 mutates into its multi-celled parasitic form, or expands to >30% of its initial mass, research staff are to terminate said instance via incineration.

17:16 - All Research and Containment staff assigned to RPC-580-A must be checked for external hemorrhages prior to their shift.

17:25 - Even minor external hemorrhages, classified as Grade 1 bleeds, have been deemed a serious containment risk.

17:32 - While actively working with live RPC-580 cells, staff must maintain Class V bio-hazard precautions, including but not limited to Gamma-level hazmat suits.

17:44 - Research teams are to remain on-site within the cold-storage wing’s adjacent isolation housing units for up to 24 concurrent hours while on shift and remain in the adjacent decomm center for no less than 12 hours post-shift.

17:59 - In the event of a containment breach, contaminated sections of the lab are to be immediately incinerated, and ASF teams are to respond with hand-held flamethrowers.

18:10 - An additional heavy-weapons ASF unit must remain on-call in case any infected personnel transforms into an RPC-580-1 instance.

18:21 - All responding personnel must also observe Class V bio-hazard precautions.

18:26 - Description: RPC-580 is the collective designation for a series of polymorphic blood-borne pathogens of unknown genera.

18:37 - This designation also extends into classifications of several therianthropic entities which stem from a symbiotic relationship between infected humans and their respective parasite.

18:48 - RPC-580-A are single-celled parasitic organisms similar to those of the Genus Plasmodium.

18:56 - A genus of unicellular eukaryotes that are obligate parasites of vertebrates and insects.

19:02 - The early stages of their life cycle parallel other protozoans at a hyper-accelerated rate; rapid binary fission occurs at such an advanced speed that the internal temperatures of RPC-580-A cells will rise till they begin to boil their cytoplasm.

19:19 - Due to this, the entities’ maximum life span is approx. one hour outside of a host body.

19:25 - However, once inside a human host, RPC-580-A cells will begin to expand till they match the average erythrocyte size, growing from two to eight micrometres in diameter.

19:38 - From there, RPC-580-A cells metamorphize into genetically identical replicas of the host’s blood.

19:46 - During this process, the host will experience fever-like symptoms and light bleeding from the mouth and eyes as the body’s blood supply rapidly increases.

19:56 - The pseudo-parasitic cells quickly replace the host’s entire supply of corpuscles and plasma within the body.

20:04 - RPC-580 is capable of completely overtaking a host’s circulatory system in under three minutes.

20:11 - Once the infection has replaced the host’s blood with the parasite, the subject is then capable of transforming into an RPC-580-1 instance.

20:21 - The methods in which this transformative process is triggered are still being researched as there is no discernable cause.

20:29 - RPC-580-1 instances, even in their human form, are resistant to most diseases, cancers, poisons, and are able to filter high-intensity radiation.

20:41 - Additionally, RPC-580-1 instances have displayed increased strength and agility far beyond any normal human capacity.

20:51 - Reports dating back to 1944 mention “beasts moving faster than a speeding truck” and “a pack taking out a Sherman tank. ” Although, RPC-580 infections also displays several negative side effects which include: Leukocytosis or over-production of white blood cells, possibly due to the body rejecting the parasite.

21:14 - Polyphagia, also referred to as hyper-hunger exclusively towards raw meat.

21:20 - Pulmonary embolism and thrombosis due to constant rapid coagulation of the blood.

21:26 - Intense myelodysplastic syndrome leading to the complete loss of blood production.

21:32 - The loss of higher cognitive function while in an RPC-580-1 state.

21:38 - Wendigo psychosis leading to uncontrolled RPC-580-1 transformations.

21:43 - A psychosis characterized by the uncontrollable desire to eat human flesh.

21:49 - Addendum 580-01: Medicinal Study Following the discontinuation of GD-WAR’s position and the termination of his Deus Mortalis policy, several researchers at Site-008 began testing the possible medicinal usages of RPC-580.

22:07 - The Deus Mortalis or Mortal God policy was set by GD-WAR following his promotion into the Global Directorate.

22:18 - The policy stated that any anomaly utilized by an enemy force or that challenged the sovereignty of humanity was marked for termination post-study.

22:26 - The study, which began in 197█, saw the resiliency RPC-580-A cells showed against diseases such as Hepatitis and Swine Flu.

22:39 - Out of 193 studies performed on tissue samples infected with various diseases ranging from HIV to Lymphatic cancer throughout the following years, RPC-580 displayed a 100% cure rate.

22:53 - Unfortunately, as a consequence of RPC-580-A’s fragile nature and a containment breach caused by RPC-███, all viable testing samples of RPC-580 were destroyed in 1989.

23:07 - Lead Researcher, Dr. Honcik, proposed an excavation of the Führerhauptquartier Werwolf compound in an attempt to find new RPC-580-A samples and to learn more about the anomaly’s possible origins.

23:22 - “We have a mass grave out there that may hold the key to a real Panacea, and we can’t touch it because some megalomaniac tried to make it into a crater fifty years ago? Surely the Iron Initiative could study the anomaly jointly with us.

23:38 - I know it’s on their land, but we have to do something. “ — Excerpt from Dr. Honick’s letter to GD-CMDR Following the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 and the subsequent collapse of the Iron Initiative, GD-CMDR seized the opportunity and approved Dr. Honcik’s request.

23:59 - Sierra-06 “War Criminals” has been tasked with supporting the operation along with a small RSS division from Site-008.

24:08 - « Recovery Log: 580-02 » Dept: Protection [Sierra-06], Research [Anomaly Experimentation Team, ] Staff: Dr. Honcik, S0-Krieg, S1-Kiev, S2-Dolch, S3-Töte Mission Task: Anomaly Recovery [RPC-580] Forward: Intel gathered by ACI operatives in the region lead the team to the destroyed GARD facility’s remains.

24:42 - Due to GD-WAR’s distrust of the Soviets, they had not been made aware of Operation Chrocain or the Bio-weapon compound.

24:51 - All five members of the recovery team have been equipped with Class V bio-hazard suits complete with Geiger–Müller counters and AECR devices.

25:02 - The RSS personnel assigned to the mission have been stationed at the tunnel’s entrance.

25:07 - They have been equipped with several experimental Transitional Containment units by the members of Site-008’s ProLab division.

25:15 - In the event the recovery team comes into contact with an RPC-580-1 instance, they must attempt to capture the entity alive.

25:24 - «Begin Log 12:55 ██████ ██, 1991» [A LOUD EXPLOSION IS HEARD AS THE ENTRANCE IS CLEARED OF RUBBLE] S0-Krieg: Right, so if there was anything awake down there they’re up now.

25:41 - S3-Töte: Heh, good one. Dr. Honcik: Yes, we’re all comedians here.

25:48 - Let’s get down there though if you don’t mind.

25:51 - You heard the spooks, we aren’t supposed to be.

25:54 - Referring to ACI officers. S1-Kiev: Oh yeah labfag, what’re yo— S0-Krieg: Can it.

26:03 - The good doctor is right. He wants his little samples and I want to know what’s down there.


26:20 - Some slight Sv’s and a 0. 2 drop in coherency.

26:24 - Sievert is the international derived unit of measurement of ionizing radiation.

26:30 - S0-Krieg: Well that was fast. Doc, is there something you aren’t telling us? Dr. Honcik: No.

26:38 - I promise I’m just as surprised as you are.

26:41 - There’s been nothing to suggest there may be some sort of spatial anomal — S0-Krieg: Rog, keep an eye on those readings Dolch.

26:49 - We didn’t come geared for some sort of extra-dimensional bullshit.

26:53 - S2-Dolch: Copy, Sir. [EXTRANOUS AUDIO OMITTED AS THE TEAM CLEARS SEVERAL MORE OBSTRUCTIONS] S3-Töte: Hold up! Got a body up here.

27:06 - Looks like he’s been dead a long time. S0-Krieg: Let me see [SLIGHT RUSTLING CAN BE HEARD] He was one of ours.

27:14 - Dog tags says Shiermann. S1-Kiev: You mean what’s left of him.

27:20 - Bone-bag look — S0-Krieg: Watch your shit Kiev.

27:25 - Don’t speak ill of the dead, especially ones that had more bravery than you in their pinky.

27:31 - Anything you need on him, Doc? Dr. Honcik: No, looks like he died without even turning.

27:38 - Ripped apart in an instant…rest his soul. S0-Krieg: Amen, Doc.

27:44 - Let’s keep moving. [EXTRANOUS AUDIO OMITTED, SEVERAL WARNING SIGNS FROM THE AECR AND GEIGER COUNTER CAN BE HEARD] S0-Krieg: Speak to me Dolch, how’s it looking.

27:56 - S2-Dolch: Still bearable sir. Possible Gamma radiation decay with a 0. 5 coherency drop now.

28:05 - Readings get worse as we head towards that big opening.

28:08 - S0-Krieg: That’s our destination then. [ECHOING FOOTSTEPS ARE HEARD AS THE GROUP MOVES INTO THE OPENING] S2-Dolch: This has to be the source of the radiation.

28:20 - We’ve nearly doubled the reading since we got in here— what the fuck is that? S0-Krieg: Same question, Doc.

28:28 - What’re we looking at? Dr. Honcik: I have no idea, it looks like…arms? See the joints still embedded into the sidewall? S1-Kiev: An arm? Are you kidding me?! Its got to be 30 metres long! Dr. Honcik: Looks like it’s got scales as well, made of stone perhaps? What do you make of it? S3-Töte: Yeah, I can see it.

28:55 - Look! You can see the bones through there and some big ass claws at the end of it.

29:00 - It looks like…someone’s been eating it though.


29:21 - Look at the shape of them too. Dr. Honcik: They look like -1’s, but they’re mutated beyond anything I’ve ever seen.

29:29 - Look at the teeth growing out of this one’s femur.

29:33 - UNKNOWN VOICE: They were all that’s left. We were all trapped down here.

29:39 - [RUSTLING HEARD AS THE TEAM READIES THEIR WEAPONS] S0-Krieg: Who’s there! UNKNOWN VOICE: I’m so hungry, please help me.

29:49 - Please. Dr. Honcik: We are here to help! Jus — S0-Krieg: Slow up, Doc.

29:56 - Everyone, sound off! S2-Dolch: S2 S3-Töte: S3 [CREAKING NOISES] S0-Krieg: Kiev? Where’s S1?! UNKNOWN VOICE: I’m sorry, I’m just [SOFTLY SOBS] so hungry…I ate him.

30:15 - S0-Krieg: Alright, we’re out. Triangle-formation and get your fire lines set.

30:21 - Doc, get in the middle and follow our lead.

30:25 - Dr. Honcik: Ri…right UNKNOWN VOICE: Please no.

30:30 - I’m so sorry, I can’t help it. I ate them all here.

30:34 - We held them back for days until they tore each other apart.

30:37 - We tried to make it out, but we were too weak.

30:41 - S0-Krieg: Keep talking you Nazi fuck. UNKNOWN VOICE: Nazi? No, they were all gone when we got here.

30:51 - [CREAKING NOISES] The only beasts left were the villagers they left behind.

30:56 - Most beasts were only slaves turned soldiers by the hunger.

31:00 - I’m so hungry. Dr. Honcik: When you got here…? What’s your name? UNKNOWN VOICE: Phil…something, I’ve been here so long, cold and hungry.

31:13 - [CREAKING NOISES] Please, I’m so hungry. S0-Krieg: Captain Phillips? UNKNOWN VOICE: [SOBBING GROWS LOUDER] Yes, I’m so hungry again.

31:27 - I’m sorry I have to eat. [AUTOMATIC FIRE DROWNS OUT THE AUDIO] S3-Töte: Jesus, what the fuck was that! That wasn’t a wolf! S0-Krieg: Doc?! What did we just see? Dr. Honcik: It looked like the bones we saw back in the cave.

31:49 - The growths, he’s splitting apart. Cpt. Phillips: Yes it hurts, we had to eat.

31:57 - We ate the other wolves and the God arms. The meat was old and hard: unreal.

32:04 - Each bite made my mouth burn and my blood boil.

32:07 - I could feel nothing but the need to eat. Please, let me eat you.


32:32 - Cpt. Phillips: I’m sorry! Please kill me! I can’t handle the constant hunger…I didn’t mean to kill him, I just need new blood.

32:44 - S0-Krieg: Don’t look back! Doc, get ahead of me.

32:47 - Dolch, radio up and get those RSS fucks ready with a cage.

32:51 - S2-Dolch: Rog! Cpt. Phillips: I didn’t mean to! I didn’t want to kill Babcock.

33:00 - He was all I had left and I squeezed him in his sleep till he burst like a blister.

33:05 - The new blood took away the pain. I’m so cold and the old blood hurts.

33:12 - S0-Krieg: There’s light ahead! Go go go! Cpt. Phillips: DON’T GO, PLEASE KILL ME! [CREAKING AND TEARING NOISES ARE HEARD AS CPT.

33:23 - PHILLIPS SKIN TEARS FROM THE MOVEMENTS] S2-Dolch: Now! Drop the cage! [A HEAVY THUD IS HEARD AS A TRANSPOSTIONAL GAMMA-LEVEL CONTAINMENT CELL IS DROPPED ON THE ENTITY] «End Log 14:35 ██████ ██, 1991» Closing Notes: Following the apprehension of Cpt. Phillips, now designated as RPC-580-2, a brief field study was performed on the entity.

33:52 - This new instance displays several new anomalous traits not observed in the standard RPC-580-1 instances.

34:00 - Most notably, the entity exudes a memetic area of effect causing those around it to feel minor polyphagia into wendigo psychosis.

34:09 - The strength of the effect is dependent on the hunger levels shown by the entity.

34:16 - Additionally, RPC-580-2 appears to be exceedingly emaciated with large portions of its hide showing levels of complete necrosis.

34:25 - Along the heavily rotted portions of the back and upper arms, Researchers discovered several vestigial tooth-filled mouths comprised of teratomatous tumors.

34:35 - It is believed that at this stage, the entity is no longer able to transform back into its human appearance.

34:41 - It is unable to bleed and most of its internal organs no longer function.

34:48 - Radiological readings taken from the Führerhauptquartier Werwolf tunnels match the signature left after Blue Dawn Events.

34:56 - The implication of the existence of multiple RPC-399 instances is currently pending further study.

35:03 - Note from Dr. Honcik: Due to the entity’s memetic area of effect, it has been sent to Site-017-B for continued observation.

35:12 - I was wrong to think there was some grand answer hidden here.

35:16 - All protozoans are capable of entering a dormant cystic state for survival, and I think we just saw what RPC-580’s looks like.

35:24 - I can only pray they heighten the classification of this one and reassign me.

35:29 - I don’t want to remember any of this. .