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are not like other people because as i once reminded you before we came there was nobody like us now that we are here they pretend they copy they emulate they fabricate falsehood that they can never be like us long after we are gone they will wish we lived forever ipob is very special exceptionally special the largest mass movement in the whole world by none and we did it because chuko kika pm is with us we did it because chuko kika biyama created ipob himself and we are here to pilot its affairs we will not pre-barricade we will not stop we will not slumber until biafra is fully restored to its from our glory anybody in doubt as to our resilience and our determination to restore biafra is not only mistaken not only misguided but needs to see a psychiatrist because we are not stopping i am a number cannon don’t stop until i get what i want this is radio biafra usa too that’s what it is a university of wisdom and understanding you have to listen here what we estimate here is the truth nothing but the truth we tell the world the way it is whether you like to believe us or not we make references go to encyclopedias read your books you will know exactly what is going on we are here to actualize our freedom our freedom is what we are going to get whether they like it or not this morning i came into something written by james limsday i think it’s a frenchman a view about biafra you know he said he has written a book and i think he’s made some videos also but this morning we’re going to listen to him and you know try to explain to us what we are in we are in a whole lot of mess but you know something we are coming out of it gradually why am i okay uncle let’s listen to james there in early june 2021 nigeria came to international attention when it banned twitter the move came after the platform deleted a tweet from the country’s present that referred to the biafra war in the 1960s and suggested the government would again resort to force to crack down on resurgent separatist sentiment so what exactly is the biafran independence movement and why is nigeria increasingly nervous about it hello and welcome if you’re new to the channel my name is james carlinski and here i take an informed look at international relations conflict and the origins of countries what happens when an attempted secession is defeated in some cases the territory is reincorporated and the country forges a new path with little or no further talk of separatism however in some instances while the effort to break away is quashed resentment may linger and the campaign eventually resurfaces perhaps even several decades later one of the most interesting and potentially important examples of a secessionist movement is the biafran independence campaign in southeast nigeria in the late 1960s the country fought one of the bloodiest civil wars in modern history to quell the self-proclaimed republic of biafra over the course of two and a half years millions of lives were lost before the breakaway territory was defeated and re-incorporated into the federation and yet over 50 years on from those events pro-independent sentiment is again rising and increasingly poses a risk of a return to serious conflict so what’s behind the current biafran independence movement and just how much of a challenge does it really pose nigeria lies in west africa with around 200 million inhabitants it’s the continent’s most populous country while it includes numerous ethnic groups the most significant of the predominantly muslim hausa and fulani in the north the christian and muslim yoruba in the southwest and the predominantly christian evo based in the southeast i’ve covered much of the background to biafra and the biafra war in another video and so i won’t go into a lot of detail about it here i put a link above and in the description below however by way of introduction the story starts with british colonization in the 19th century initially divided into two distinct colonies the muslim dominated northern nigerian protectorate and the predominantly christian southern nigerian protectorate the two were merged in 1914.

in 1954 the country was formally constituted as a federation made up of three regions roughly aligned with the main ethnic groups the hausa and fulani dominated northern region the uruba dominated western region and the igbo dominated eastern region four years later in 1960 nigeria officially became independent however tensions soon emerged following disputed elections a military coup was launched by southern officers in january 1966 that resulted in the assassination of many of the country’s leading political figures including the popular premier of the northern region as thousands of ethnic igbo living in the north were murdered in reprisal attacks over a million others fled south to the safety of the eastern region in turn prompting calls for the territory to break away although a deal on a looser federal arrangement was supposedly reached between eastern leadership and the federal government in early 1967 the federal government soon appeared to renege on the deal by announcing a plan to divide the country’s three regions into 12 new parts seen as an obvious attempt to undermine the east power the region’s leader colonel odumegwu ojogwu declared independence on the 30th of may 1967.

just under six weeks later the government launched a full-scale invasion to put down the secession the ensuing war known as the biafra war or the nigerian civil war would become a humanitarian catastrophe as well as those killed in the fighting it’s estimated that between one and three million people died of hunger as supplies to the breakaway region were cut off by january 1970 the nigerian government supported by key international allies including britain and the soviet union had defeated the last pockets of resistance on the 15th of january 1970 the republic of biafra ceased to exist in the immediate aftermath of the conflict the federal government called for national unity in a famous speech the country’s leader general yakubu gohan insisted that there were no victors and no vanquished this led to a policy centered on the so-called three r’s reintegration reconciliation and reconstruction meanwhile the scale of the defeat and the traumatic memories of war seemed to ensure that evo independence sentiment was kept in check however by the late 1990s this was all starting to change in part it was down to the passage of time as memories faded new generations had emerged with no direct experience of the conflict but it also had deeper roots many felt that despite the government’s official three-r policy the igbo continued to face hostility and discrimination despite being one of the three main groups in the country they were systematically shut out of key jobs including the highest political offices moreover many argued that the government had deliberately neglected economic development in the region with lower levels of federal funding than other regions and few infrastructure projects another issue was the emergence of conflict in the niger delta in the 1990s although the delta most of which fell within the territory claimed by biafra had become the largest oil producing region in sub-saharan africa little at the resulting revenue fed through to local communities at the same time they experienced huge environmental damage it was this sense of general marginalization coupled with the exploitation and repression in the delta that appeared to kick-start the revival of the biafran independence movement in 1999 the movement for the actualization of the sovereign state of biafra massob was established to lead efforts to break away in the years that followed a number of other groups would also emerge some of them offshoots of massob the most significant of these was the indigenous people of biafra ipob founded in 2012 by namdi kanu a charismatic figure based in britain his media outlet radio biafra has now become a leading voice for the biafran independence movement from the start the nigerian government cracked down on neo-biafran sentiment as well as frequent clashes with pro-independent supporters in 2005 massob membership was outlawed and in 2007 its leader ralph uwazuruke was arrested however the start of the current tensions can be traced back to a couple of key developments that occurred in 2015.

the first of these was the election of a new nigerian president muhammadu buhari a former general a military ruler hailing from the muslim north he barely hid his intention to focus on the areas that had supported him and he also made it clear that he would come down hard on the country’s growing number of insurgencies and separatist movements including pro-biafran organizations the second key factor was the arrest of the epub leader nnamdi kanu during a trip to nigeria in october 2015 facing charges of sedition and treason which carries a death penalty in nigeria his supporters took to the streets in a series of protests these eventually erupted into violence and harsh repression by government forces including what amnesty international terms the deliberate use of deadly force although kanu was eventually released on bail in april 2017 and has left nigeria this all strengthened ipob standing later that year it was officially designated a terrorist organization by the nigerian government although kanu insisted that it was dedicated to using peaceful means to secure its primary goal of a referendum on biafran independence since then tensions in the southeast have been driven by yet another crisis the so-called herder pharma conflict or heard a war as climate change has led to greater desertification in the north so muslim fulani cattle herders have increasingly pressed south into lands held by settled farmers this has led to the deaths of over 10 000 people and has seen many tens of thousands more displaced as the herders encroached on igbo territory president buhari himself of fulani has been accused of not doing enough to stop the attacks following a series of deadly clashes towards the end of 2020 epoch announced the establishment of an armed wing the eastern security network although it insists it was done to fend off herder attacks it’s led to further violence with government forces it was this rising violence that sparked the offending tweet by president buhari that was later removed and led to nigeria’s decision to ban twitter so where does the independence movement now stand quite apart from the fierce opposition it faces from the federal government it also appears to face a number of internal challenges as is so often the case with independence movements opinion is divided within the ebo community aside from the apparent differences of approach between massob and the now more dominant epob there are other divisions at play most notably while the independence movement seemingly enjoys growing support amongst disaffected youth the igbo establishment especially older members who still remember the war seem to be far more cautious about if not wholly opposed to independence and the secessionist movements then there are also practical issues it’s unclear what the boundaries of a biafran state would be while some supporters call for the inclusion of all areas claimed by the biafran state in the 1960s others want to focus on a core group of igbo dominated states in the southeast this is important as independence is opposed by many non-igbo who would want to remain a part of nigeria however focusing solely on these smaller areas would leave any biafran state as a landlocked enclave within nigeria it would also leave out most of the key oil producing areas but in many ways this is a debate for a later stage at the moment there seems to be little immediate likelihood that the government will bow to demands for a referendum on independence let alone permit secession instead and facing growing separatist challenges elsewhere in the country it seems determined to continue its efforts to crack down on biafran independence sentiment meanwhile there are also growing fears that epob’s new militancy could lead to an increasingly violent new phase in the independence campaign the end of a secessionist come to another edition of live broadcast from new york city under the auspices of our mother station radio biafra london that was a good great analysis of uh our story our story is being told this is being told by a french man and let’s see his name again um i think i haven’t shut it off too quickly so i thought it was almost ended but uh this is very good very good history this is radio biafra for our land we’ll learn every day that’s why i keep telling you our leader just finished and then this one you know it’s it’s interesting to note that whatever they do our leader had told us from the beginning they will kill us we will kill them in the end biafra will come they have no choice they have to give us referendum whether they want it or they don’t want it because they don’t say where will they ask for this freedom and there’s nothing anybody can do to stop us we are not going to be stopped today tomorrow any day what is because that’s the way we are with a child says my mother is not going to sleep i’m going to cry all night okay no problem as long as you’re crying you’re awake mama 2 will be awake so we are calling on whoever is concerned that we’re asking for referendum we have not changed from that we have not changed and we are not going to change we’re not going to relent we are stubborn we ipob our leader has taught us how to be consistent and that’s exactly what we are doing we are when the people say we are very abusive we are very insulted well whatever you might want to call it that’s your own thing what we know is that we have a leader and we are following our leader whatever he does if i’m not saying i find him it does not really matter what you think if you think we are insultive okay fine if you think we are good boys or good human beings fine whatever you call us anything our leader says we should do that’s what we are going to do and that’s what we do at this point let’s let’s go into our conversation but that doesn’t stop me from talking anyway so when you call in maybe be kind to the other person don’t stay too long on the phone and uh the number here is six four six nine two zero four five four one eight four five three nine four seven nine eight four or three four four i’m sorry eight nine seven nine eight four plus one nine two nine four zero six nine nine five three we’re also on and uh signal the number one signal is eight four five two eight three nine and six six five better i’m gonna go to go down go down go down but when it’s going down that’s when it’s becoming more relevant in what we’re doing our independence is not negotiable with anybody our freedom is not something we can negotiate with anybody who doesn’t want to be patient enough with us well you have a choice you have to be in what we are doing join us join us join us be very very and proactive in what you are doing keep your eye on the ball there are so many people who are trying to distract us that speak from both sides of their mouth they say one thing today tomorrow they’re saying something else but you know something in the end biafra will be here this morning i picked up something and falana was trying to explain a few things and let’s listen to him because sometimes i’m very worried about these people because they know they choose they will not speak the truth until probably they even when they try to say the truth they still want to be very very politically correct i don’t know what that whatever that means because i see it’s something that i copy from somebody politically correct it means that you’re not against the government you are not for the government you are not against you are not for you are just standing in the middle uh everyone across you dance over there you dance to the right side you dance to the left side avoiding the truth which is right there in front of you staring at you stop it again including those who have lost faith in the country in the unity of nigeria the united states to promote debates debates and to challenge anti-democratic forces that make it impossible for people to express themselves that make it impossible for people to enjoy their freedom of movement even freedom to remain alive those who give [ __ ] on sight orders those who engage in extra judicial killing of our people those who say that you cannot you cannot have access to twitter a government that says a nigerians cannot move freely in the country and the government that has made it impossible for people to sleep with their eyes closed all over the country for me such a government has to be fought to stand still otherwise even if you break it up the members of the ruling club visionless members of the ruling class will become the new overlords but what did the rooney class do and i’m talking of the ruling class constituted by all members of the different ethnic groups and religious persuasions is to ensure that the provisions of chapter two are not justiceable they are not realizable so for the majority of our people the messages of our people our duties to mobilize them to organize them to shake off poverty to demand for their rights under chapter 2 of the constitution and to make those rights you’re seasible this looks difficult with buhari this looks very difficult with president especially as they even calm down protesters the struggle for freedom it’s not a child’s play i a revolution is not a dinner party you know for instance last year scores of people were killed in october last year when udon in the insurance protests but yesterday you had more protests across the country not a single person was killed i already see a statement today demanding for apology for those who were arrested because under section 83 subsection 4 of the police establishment act 2020 the police shall provide adequate security during protests peaceful protests and what happened in different parts of the country yesterday it had nothing to do with violence young people a grief nigerians organized peaceful protests even when they were provoked by the police or police person who threw tear gas at them and brutalized some of the protesters they didn’t engage in any form of violence so we are going to win these struggles ultimately once we are consistent once we are united once we are organized and and as is often said a people united can never be defeated one would like to advise president muhammadu buhari to appreciate the quality of our people and then respect all all ethnic groups in the country to describe what is going on in the southeast as a dirt in a circle it’s extremely insulting violence is going on all over the country the one terror has been waged since 2009.

yet no president in the country hasever dismissed the people in the northeast so if violence has broken out in a section of the east it cannot be a basis to declare a war on the entire region to allow security forces to kill government and innocent people and unnamed people no it cannot be tolerated in any civilized society i was also flabbergasted when the president said the governor of lakers governor gideon met him in a buddha and show photographs of you know carnage and bosses that were born and that yes let legos walk i beg your pardon no you don’t insulted people that way again as i said president buhari simply wants to remind legos that it was his military regime that canceled the mentor line project without any basis so if we had handled metro line project transported the transportation crisis in lagos would have long disappeared without the economic implications and the president must not allow people to constantly accuse him of sectionalism this regime has established the north east commission you have the niger data development commission just like you have the north east development commission so the same government that funds those institutions that’s a duty to fund the development of lagos or other regions oh yes in 2011 there was a violent protest in 11th interested 11 states in the north and one state in the south aquarium over the belief unsubstantiated belief that the candidate presidential candidate of the cpc then you know dubai won the election also there was violence all over the place but the general was not vicariously liable yet yet the jonathan administration victims to the tone of 10 billion so if the free dragon can compensate or compensate victims of a political corridor in the mouth in the in the running of the government each course must be treated equally the victims of the violence in lagos last year auto be compensated and they can make a case for compensation under the law because it is the duty of the government to prevent rioters from causing damage in lagos and other parts of the country so if you fail if you fail as a government in preventing riots or destruction of property during riots you have to compensate victims that’s the law in niger i’m going to appreciate the president you know to learn to treat the people of nigeria equally and now preach the government ensure that the government is operated under the rule of law all right that was a good one and uh you know you know your your dead president before he died anyway was death and he’s still deaf he’s even different now because he’s in the grief he’s dead anybody they are calling buhari people are just making this up you know to play along with time there’s hoping on 2023 you know we can we can play along this game and as we are playing along time is going that’s what they are hoping on duary is dead there’s nobody called warren nigeria has no president that’s what the way the things are going now no matter what anybody says you can fool yourself but there are people that you can never never never ever ever allow themselves to be fooled the option that we have given you is referendum and that’s what we’re asking for and there’s nothing anybody can do to change that we need a referendum to determine where we are who wants to go with us and who wants to stay back something this morning i saw somebody was trying to show the american flag i think he was a comedian said something about american flag and how many people that started united states and how many they are today so the truth is that when when we establish biafra before biafra starts there’s gonna be a referendum and whoever says he doesn’t want to be there so be it you don’t have to be don’t don’t come back later i want to be there no one is established were established and that is the thing that’s the way it is the referendum for us is the ultimate is what is done by any civilized nation and like what our brother was i mean the the the french man was james lindsay was saying today is that he doesn’t see the government allowing allowing a referendum well it’s just like saying you are holding the something that belongs to a child and you’re putting a hand up you think you’re not going to bring your hand down okay let it stay there because the child will keep waiting eventually your hand will come down and it will take what belongs like this is radio biafra we’re talking about referendum right now freedom is tell me what you see tell me what you see tell me me spending so much money all we need is is oh not is that’s all we asking for referendum we must get it whether they like it or they don’t like it they can try all they want to stop us but you know something we’re not gonna give up we’re consistently stop on language when we say something our leader have said it over and over and over in the end biafra will come whether they like it or they don’t like it okay this time let’s see what i have here i have a call coming in on straight line let me take this one caller good morning tell us your name and where you’re calling from good morning from here uh this presenter the last presenter uh sorry second to the last presenter is he is he really a white collar person or a black color person which one the least they said oh it’s white yeah the man he said it’s called fun it’s white yes and uh i i think uh i think uh constituting has made a very good remark on behalf of us and at the same time i think it is very very disgraced in his choice of dictionaries because in the introduction of his what he’s uh uh you know uh article i think he said something he brought in in the north the house and the sun i knew that at the end of the process he put them apart and used the word household eurozone and the afro i don’t know if he had that understanding behind this because this man just did what i expected people to begin to understand he’s trying to let the whole world understand that there is no presence of kunani even in the time of imagination of nigeria yes they are just a migrant or should i say difficult down here keep that on the path the last presenter of your uh little uh uh record display the maybe the house sergeant ganja i think he was trying to be politically likely to say because i saw him talking about the police abnormality abnormality when it comes to people demonstrating in the right of uh distribution and at the end of the day he goes contrary i was like trying to put some other things you know what to win the heck of the food the animals here because you know anytime they feel that your positioner this week they look out for a little way of taking a a righteous way a justified way of capturing the heart of the citizens and this is what he just played out here you know i think this guy is apparent for the next election uh position either of the political party in nigeria no i think that was that was that was the son that was the one that was there doing the thing he was trying to explain it yes yes because one thing i understand is that each time they want to deceive the gullible they come in with the image of the angel and each time they want to rubbish you because if you give this a chance when they come in again in the laser sensation i think they will make the right of protesting on these streets restricted now they might tend to tell you that established in the round-table discussion they will reply you later maybe from others and you will not see people coming out and that is the end of it these guys are smart i’ve studied them from this platform we should not give them chance i don’t have much time so i love you guys you’re the best thank you so much so much all right god bless you my brother all right thank you very much you know like i said before i have said it i’ve said it over and over about these people they are they are always trying to be politically correct they’re speaking on two sides of their mind sometimes it’s hard for me to really understand them because these are intelligent people when they see when you watch the way they talk they start with the truth then at a point something will shock them and say hey hey hey hey be careful then they will debate again to something else they’ll see talking about conference having a round table and talking a round table they have been doing it for years what have they achieved nothing they have not achieved anything and that is the only way the only way out is give us the referendum we want or we are not going to give up we have our eyes on the ball we are going to get there regardless of how long it takes you either kill all of us or you give us biafra that’s all i have said and that’s that’s the standard we are in we are still here and don’t forget please to sponsor and to support our esn we see racing sponsorship for them make sure that you get to your go to our website www dot ipob in usa forward slash donate and make your contribution whatever you can afford that be very very welcome i have a call coming in on principal offices line good morning tell us your name and where you’re calling from welcome to the program sir good morning welcome to the program good morning sir this is which is school from spain yeah i’m just now but i think i heard that we are talking about the issue of referendum yes good sir yeah well i just want to contribute a little to it what i want to say is this is my own opinion i’m thinking that because if they say let us call for a referendum and they are going to ask people where do you want to go from the zoo you know so but there should be a document that is uh we’re going to have before actually the referendum like if we’re going to circulate the document of how what is going to be like the constitution of biafra so that you know the people the the nationalities that are involved will at least have an idea of what they are going to accept you know it’s going to help you know i think saying that i want to be a blessing i think it’s not going to be enough that if you are going to see this is what the constitution of biafra looks like and i know it and i have read it i’ve seen the document i have read it so i’ll uh i will believe it i want to accept it you know and i still want to add to it by saying that if such a document should arise let it incorporate what ojuku went to to agree on a bully what you could say in a bully that is very significant that we all neglect is that he said we have to decentralize the security architecture that means you cannot have a military commander in any way that is not a nebu you know or the one is not from bayesa you know so this is how they have it in the united kingdom you know so if that means it is going to be a confederation if you have a confederation constitution in this biafra then the people they are going to know every citizen is going to know actually what they are going to vote for is going to help them and we still have to put a rotation of power you know if these two elements is included in the document you know that we are going to know as our own document that’s my rotation of power and decentralization of the security architecture is going to entice every other person easily people that is not in the biafra enclave they can even want to come into this particular agreement we are you know they have a rotation of power and they have uh security architecture decentralized exactly what you could ask for so i think it’s going to help people to actually understand where the is very enticing for any set of people to present you know a document that is very enticing to people you know it’s going to help the ordinary say you are biafra or you are not a biafra if you add a very enticing document that is the way we are going to be governing ourselves you know it’s going to help people to make easy decisions on where actually they want to belong you know so this is my own contribution thank you very much thank you very much all right well contributed the point is that uh as an assassin truth is we don’t have to bother the situation that the zoo is in now do you need a concession to tell somebody to become a dear friend of course anybody wants to remain dead okay there are people that want to remain there to be honest with you but they’re not going to stop us the idea of a referendum is are you tired of this system do you want to create something new that’s the point whatever you create that is new believe me is better than whatever we’re having in that in that place called the zoo so i don’t even think we’re going to bother with let them give us a referendum when they give us a friend whoever wants to remain uh the slave that he is you can’t force anybody can always force a you know can take a horse to the stream but you can’t force it to drink you cannot force anybody actually to join you because if the situation where you are is something that you can you can you can be able to manage well it’s not for you you can go there and remain there but for us biafra is the in thing and we are going we’re going we’re going there’s nobody can stop us i have a call coming in on principal officers line one more time let’s take this one caller good morning tell us your name and where you’re calling from call on principal officers line are you there call us good morning one more time are you there of this line the line is open i’m here mazzy peters good afternoon from here welcome to the program thank you very much my name is desmond and i’m calling you from italy mazi as i want to appreciate you for your good work you know and also i appreciate our leader nam de cano and our callers and also our listeners and biafrans worldwide and ipob family members um gradually we are getting there emma’s please let me in honor give her the number to support esn because um at this stage we are right now people must understand that what we need now is to take biafra um we’ve done a lot of talking a lot of orientations we have to keep them going but then we also have to keep acting so um in the action stage now is the stage of taking biafra and to do that we have to support esn for the security of our land our people our mothers at home have to be able to go to farm and our people also have to be able to live free so we are calling on biafrans in italy because these numbers are from the ipob national body in italy signed by the ipv national coordinator and we are calling on nob via france in italy to please join us and support esn um we are not we are not forcing anybody but we are telling you that um this is a duty that we must perform you know so if a biafran and you’re in italy or a group that is affiliated with biafran or a well wishes please call this number and support esn plus 39 as long as you’re in italy please plus three nine three five one zero zero four six zero five five i repeat plus three nine three five one zero zero four six zero five five this number is for the ipub national coordinator in italy the second number is plus three nine three five one two five five one two seven four i repeat plus three nine three five one two five five one two seven four this number is for the ipv national pro please any of the number you call you’ll be directed on how to support yes sin amazing you said everything um referendum is the way for the people to speak on what they want and where they want to belong it’s very very simple um the the point is that um in freedom fighting there is no you don’t you don’t um how do i put it you don’t plead with your oppressor if not so you cannot get your freedom so they should either do the right thing put a date for referendum oh we’ll take our freedom i mean our people are people are dying they are cleaner people they come out and let me say something magic you see um the governors of the southeast these people are demons in human gluten you know those people they have they have they have spearheaded also the clean of our people in quantum in thousands you know so um everything that they have done all their crime they must face the consequences in biafra or even before then but they must face the consequences you know and our people also must learn how to be security conscious because of the ongoing second genocide in our land our people must put heads together defend your communities defend your villages against fulani invaders against their hesmen against the soldiers against the terrorist soldiers against the police against the dss you know because these people they are there just for one mission to kill to kill our people that is all they are there to do and our people must understand this and do everything possible to defend themselves referendum either it comes or it doesn’t come well we’ll take our freedom we’ve died too many for this thank you very much mazzy and god bless you for your good all right thank you so much uh have a call coming in on the principle of let me take this one call on straight line please tell us your name and where you’re calling from welcome to the program continue to keep us moving forward for this good work that every one of us are doing my name is sugo and i am calling from my location mazie i just want to support this our brother i just called now he mentioned something that make me to call see yourself is governors because these people are evil people this is the simple truth would you believe that at the face of all these killings of innocent people that is happening in our land even tomorrow tomorrow if anyone is going to have a meeting with both jim robert and all of the rest of them and what are they going there to discuss 2023 election what does that show it shows that they are not humans they show that they don’t have sympathy they are no kind they don’t have the spirit of god in them and that is the reason why these evil people polani jihadis that is saying that they are the ruler and the owner of nigeria are using them to kill their people but one thing i’m telling you all dear friends all over the world promotion men we must remain resolute all right looks like uh the your line just cut off why all right the line is still open for all of you to make a call at six nine two zero four five four one eight four five three four four seven nine eight four plus one nine two nine four zero six nine nine five three i don’t know why that line went off but unfortunately it did we’re still sticking course colors if you’re ready is is foreign all right i think i have a call coming in on what’s up on private line tell us your name and where you’re calling from good morning from here thank you from here good afternoon here first lovers official also jack on the line i just want to have my voice this afternoon from here uh first of all i i want to add what our brothers say regarding uh abuja accord however the issue of fabry accord have been addressed uh the system of government biafra is gonna practice have been published not just today it has been due online if you go online you read it you have been published the system of government from prime minister to the least person how every uh nation they are going to be represented by all their own people so everything has been explained the document is voluminous and we speak at every damn thing we’re going to do so we it it will serve some of you where to just go and read this thing up so that we don’t end up repeating it and repeating it which as if we are not prepared for those one we have gotten that document have been published so that everybody can read through it give one of the most finest 16 sofa that could be that could be parties which we which will address the most need of a different because but the reason why the after a boy accord was called or head had been addressed in that document so you do what you were reading so that you understand now having said that you should not take the the word of fallen of us uh followed the father and the and his co-house and they like the his life they they they speak from the both sides of their mouths they are not there so even we should not take their word they just want to make their voice to be had so that is why they are just talking so that they will remain relevant politically so and they’re coming to the issue of politicians in death a lot my brothers and sisters they are not detective for us they can only detect for themselves and their pocket and their families but as long as the africa is concerned no politician no so whether traditional otherwise can detect how or when we should leave this contraction or not nobody is the indigenous people have decided and because we have decided the referendum we are calling we are just making the world to understand that we are civilized people yes we we are not violent that is why we are we are calling for a friend when we take before when they refuse to conduct referendum they cannot stop us they have been killing our people we have we have taken time to make sure we establish these facts by the whole world over see what they are doing they just had going on in our land not that we are fighting anybody but we are saying we want to be on our own first of all nigeria has expired in 2014.

the hundred years has inspired so nigeria is living on a bulk life it’s not a nation neither a country has hispanics ideologically unconstitutionally nigeria is not a country so we the indigenous people have said look we want to opt out and this today is not the first day they have killed over 7 million for this particular quest and we’re not going to stop any soon so the the idea for them is for them to just let therefore go because if not you know this this this was hard as only god god was wanting pharaoh to let to let his people go pharaoh never listened despite all the signs the 12th signs zero level listening until they are drawing they receive until they have to submit all their first balls until they have to gather good ornaments how to give biafra they have to gather all the things they have stolen from us including their own to give to us they will never learn they will draw the entire sea god make it somewhere so we are coming to that point that let us finish our prayer let’s just reach our prayer by the time we are done by the time we are done if they don’t say come and take the effort we declare their father for ourselves and we will defend our land that occurs nice jersey and nobody we have come out we have come out one thing is sure either biafra or nothing else if anybody is thinking for election election can never hold in any part of vietnam if you like go and bring american soldiers to come here unless you can never go in our land if that is what you are thinking you cannot make your stupid meeting any way i want to make them at the end of the day at the end of everything is for event dr mazza thank you so much all right this is radio biafra usa too we’re still here taking course there’s nothing anybody can do to stop what we are doing we are having a mass rally that is coming up on the 17th and 18th but we’re stressing on the 18th because that is the day that everybody is allowed to attend they say a minimum of a number of people on the 17th so 18th is the d-day we’re inviting not just to be our friends alone we’re brightly friends of biafra we’re inviting to do to us we’re inviting ambassadors come in come in come in and let the world know you talk about our existence and we’re going to be there to really give out this the way it is to the world to listen to us and be part of what we are doing announcement announcement announcements the ipob women in usa their friends friends of biafra and lovers of freedom are rolling out a national protest to washington dc in united states of america on the 17th and 18th day of june 2021 to bring awareness of the usa government and lawmakers the following atrocities being mated out to the bear france at home by nigerian government the raping and continuous killing of biafrans by the nigerian security forces continuous abduction of biafran youths for organ harvesting and sale to china and europe for more info contact the following mrs brigitte okay for ipob women leader usa 215-715-7709 917-306-9786 mrs christiana chiazo four 443-983-7499 three mazzy maxwell day day seven nine eight seven two eight eight three two six miss beatrice okay z three four seven five one seven seven nine three four five two one five nine five four seven one eight one madame seven one three three eight five two two four zero marzipan one four five one three six one six one four one two they need to stop the overall genocide in nigeria and the urgent need to grant referendum to the agitating ethnic groups in nigeria even if the outcome is possible disintegration of nigeria why there was mary williams 619-381-8579 cornell john obonna 443-413-5119 mazie joe induca 904-716-7106 lady azuka 801 928-4629 mazie austin huanco gallantec 210-966-4393 michael original erdo eight three two six eight seven five six seven three ambassador anthony chamber gallant brother nine one seven eight five five three five zero three all hell be afraid five one zero eight zero seven five four four zero marzi michael average aka new york am 646 236 5246 mazi oliver obi usa eastern regional coordinator 410-522-8810 marzi india usa mountain regional coordinator three one three five eight seven three zero four four marzi industry ajazi usa central regional coordinator two one four six six four eight one one nine maazi babachi jake mdbc usa pacific regional coordinator eight x1820188884 marzi i peters ipob gallant media representative plus one eight four five two eight three nine six six five allazier ipod media representative plus one four eight four seven six seven zero eight four eight marzi simon eva ipob gallant media representative plus 1 oh 358-451-888-4777 dear friend all right all right all right 17th and 18th please don’t forget that date just put it down your calendar it’s going to be important date very very important we are going out there and the mass rally that when i say mass i mean mass really really big on the 18th is the day that the biggest 17th is a limited number of people so most people i expect them to arrive on the 18th uh we’re inviting not just via france alone but we’re inviting all biafrans in diaspora are we invited to do to us we’re inviting the ambassadors and all freedom lovers friends of biafra they all be in attendance this is radio biafra usa too and the programs have been drawn out already for that day it’s going to be a very very interesting day and we want all of us to come in there you’ll be given the chance the opportunity to talk to cnn will be there most of the most of the major networks will be there come in there and air your view don’t sit at the corner and want to comment after the event has finished without you being there because that’s what most people do they they’d rather pick up their information from the corner and then the corner of their mouth what we call them you know coming to the real thing come in there stand there speak your grammar although the lecturers and intellectuals they should all come there to washington to be able to be part of what we are doing this is radio biafra usa too we are still here taking calls at six four six nine two zero four five there was a nation living in peace and unity they are people with love and harmony they saw greatness right with purity with another people a different culture i ideal heritage bias and oppressive i see i see a nation from trigger of africa rising with strength oh till forever wave your flag over all the world all right let me take this call caller good morning tell us your name and where you’re calling from good morning good morning welcome to the program thank you very much my name is chukwu emanuel i’m a native of asiago upon states therefore land i agree with my leader our leader amazing i’m the cannon for a time like this i want to start one of our brother call from enugu complained about jimmy wilbur and yuan of renewable state making plan of election i was very very annoyed for evil people honestly i’m annoyed jimmy robodo i hope you are still alive to stand by now and talking of election in nigeria you know what to happen when 1999 election world was repaired in portugal between a women and a messenger ddp and equipment one of messenger in the east you travel they travel to to just and concord another election which which give me what would you was against his brother in women i hope you may know all of you who have accepted to use evil evidence name as a slave under the hand of fullness it will not go away with you you are going for now in 1983 in enugu give me more body what do you do only to use cream and rub your face to be like a voucher carrying ladies students from school making full of yourself and you are still alive today jimmy roberto it will not go away with you all of you all of you who have accepted to use this many books to make carrick what are you looking for nigeria jimmy wilbur how many days are you going to wait before you die give me overdose and your group how many days jimmy nobody will die shamelessly die you are talking of nigeria i wonder when our leader is talking about black people i feel about it black people mostly in nigeria are evil this group of people are satan they don’t want development to come into the youth all these gang gang of criminals who are calling the who who are calling themselves leaders in nigeria fulani are ready to give you any amount of money to make sure they complete the agenda thank you that is for you until our people understand what is happening our leaders have tried so much to educate people that bless but because of satanic people that is living in nigeria that is why some of them are still where they are like we can we tell you what you are trying to do you want to destroy your people full and he will use you and flynn will kill you thank you watch out fulani will kill you weekend after using you because you are nothing but a useless human being what are you going to do with money all of you who are struggling for money where are you going with money are you going to hell with money within nigeria all of you who are clubbing for nigeria you will die shamelessly dead thank you very much thank you thank you very much all right this is radio biafra usa too we’re still taking calls at six four six nine two zero four five four one eight four five three four four seven nine eight four plus one nine two nine four zero six nine nine five three call us the line is still open for you to make your calls um is you don’t know what it means most of us do not understand what it means to be a dear friend you have not seen anything yet i was kidnapped i was beaten i was spat out my clothes we are ripped from my body women urinated and poured it on me because of biafra so that they may humiliate me to such a point that i will not talk about biafra anymore they videoed me myself has a video of me where they were beating me dragging me on the floor all right i have a call let me take a call before i continue with that one caller on what’s up tell us your name and where you’re calling from good morning from here uh good morning from new delhi in india only your number very fast to pick your number it’s not easy please you call your number very easily it’s much more to unable to pick it you call it very very fast all right hey what makes me to call this i want to address our our listeners our people all over the world we have know that tutor they have been tweeted nigeria so it is our time for our brothers in diaspora if you are listening to this my voice if you are an ipob number a member or not it’s time for us to create a twitter account bombing in this people if you create a new account please go to your burden followers and obama and putin or add other members on your own whenever you tweet anything they will get it you can go to united nations add them to their followers and add them there then whenever you treat anything they’ll get it this is how to do this thing we cannot be keeping quiet or as their ban twitter from nigeria those in our diaspora each other and uh do we see uh things are moving very fast carrying my clothes because i spoke the truth because you know in 2007 when a president bush embraced the issue of a clinic in united nations the world leaders agreed and they voted that any country that evolved he does not of a going fight that they will have people to go on referendum you know when the whole leaders are signing the documents nigeria government signed in that minute they put their hand up there and they they have caught up with biafra that that one day we should we are going we see now they know we are going they want to put problem in biafra you can see last month they go to many two banks one atom they should they put a japan flag there they go one in here they shoot they put different flags there that was the no-go market you remember during the war they go to acquire bomb they wear a cloth and scare people there they go everywhere they even go everywhere and do something this time are around nothing is working for them only they are bringing one idea now that somebody tells worry from something that they want to go and when you do things is an idea this is an effect let our people know no follow their trap this is a trap they want to put out their friends we should not follow them all we’re going to do is everything we end in a referendum we don’t force anybody to go to biafra if we most yet fair to uh do referendums they fail they’ll follow nigeria if i blessed it felt so also with the river because sometimes we are talking on this radio our people from whom they will be crying even from south south even from south east they decline what we are saying just unfollow this for no following this thing will end in ballot paper and what we are witnessing united nations not states and referendum one we don’t want an ideal referendum peter in your family in english your children and grandchildren if nigerian government conduct a relation between between you and the fanan they will win you there so what we need is a united nation referendum and this what we are doing and the word i begin to see what you are doing what they are listening many countries are seeing what is going on so let our people focus on referendum don’t bring any argument on this platform this phone or that that no follow it’s not good follow what we are saying referendum is what we need oh hey biafra thank you so much all right thank you very much like i said before referendum is the solution to this problem and whether they refuse it or they want it whatever they want to do that’s their problem but we are consistent on what we are asking for and nothing well asking for its referendum and we are going to get it whether they like it or not anymore they videoed me myself has a video of me where they were beating me dragging me on the floor clearing my clothes because i spoke the truth that did not stop me from talking about biafra it did not stop me from taking radio biafra to enugu it did not stop me from broadcasting radio biafra from navy it did not stop me from broadcasting radio before from our nature from a worry from about from port harcourt i am resolute i don’t retreat never nigeria has put me in detention before solitary confinement it did not stop me from preaching biafra how about an imbecile some we are talking how can that affect me if those that kidnapped me and nearly killed me did not stop me from doing biafra how about an imbecile hiding somewhere people must know who i am i am destructively stubborn you see biafra is going to come you don’t know what it means most of us do not understand what it means to be a biafra the one that just yesterday from his palace now as the as the governor of river university are you aware of that all right like i said before the line is still open for you somebody said i called the number two fast i’ve been calling this number for about three years or four years along the lines so even if you were writing one word what number per per announcement you once have written all of them down one by one the number is plus one six four six nine two zero four five four one one six four six nine two zero four five four one eight four five three four four seven nine eight four plus one nine two nine four zero six nine nine five three there’s no other way i can say it except that i want you each day you listen to the broadcast so write down one of the numbers if you write four to six today tomorrow you wait to write four and six forces you can see that before the end of the before the end of this century you’ll be able to write everything out this is radio biafra we’re still taking on just making fun of the whole thing call us the line is still open for you anytime anywhere this is really biafra call us all right i have a call coming on straight line good morning tell us your name and where you’re calling from my view is from here welcome my name is my name is uh i’m from enugu program i recite in abundant province india i thank you i appreciate your work very well we pray for our leader namdi khan every day that god protects him all the principal officers who are working seriously to make sure that we are free from construction called nigeria god will give you protection over the other my people is not every time we begin they talk about people who don’t have any any meaning to us our our politicians is nothing to us they don’t have any meaning for us to compare they are politicians for their self they are not speaking to us they are not doing anything to us we are their friends and we stand for our dear friends those people that say that i don’t want to be a friend that i want to one night let them go and live with them what we want is biafra nothing more if they are failing to give us the friend conduct recruitment for us we are going to take our floor by our hands as far as we have somebody like a walid amazing can who can’t take nothing like collecting this because of money let him leave biafra he’s staying in prison he do everything everything he said what is one our people want to be afraid nothing can change we cannot disappoint our leader we cannot no matter what this state we say only therefore we want we don’t need anybody politicians that is doing all the accounts look at some more people look them no water no running water no stabilize you you finish taking a pretty school no job you your bike okay buy or cannot give you you will die on the road nobody will cut out cut out for you but somebody come out and say this is where you can get your own life fully moving like human beings all over the world you said you want to one nigerian africa i thank our leader i will continue playing unto the day after we went to the whole world they said you know nigeria said no that i don’t want to give us granted a friend of us we took our afraid by force i will speak to indeed all the diaphragm from 15 years old start training yourself training yourself one word order wherever how you can defend yourself in your anger because we are going to do this thing man to man as far as nigerian refused to conduct referendum to us we have to put them and everything we are picking them now since they are leaders i think begging them thanking them until dude one night is working out nine new birth man is working out now now that i see that our leader is pure leader he don’t fall down we move peaceful now our leader said because of the killing stop holding our flags stop doing anything anything meeting in the africa land everybody everybody okay they are still krinos they are still green to show you that that is not that because we are holding down there is something they are pronouncing 1945 they are thinking to today so all the diaphragm wherever you are start training yourself and i still calling my people who are in the whisperer and not contributing anything about this thing if you eventually get all this money you are looking for and you come back home and you reach your home planet take your house take your father’s house and stay there where can you build the house where can you stay you run back to that’s what you’re going to stay you can share praise all my people try all your possible best to support esl this is what we have now this is what we have now to defend our lives they are doing their job clean they are doing their job peacefully so our brothers believe our land is our land nobody will take an inch our leader will say it’s already saving there’s no any way our friend can take our lives thank you dad thank you very much thank you very much all right this is radio biafra usa too nobody’s going to take ireland they know that they will try they will try they will try but they will always fail because we are not uh well we didn’t conquer anybody and nobody’s going to conquer us either we’ve not been a conquered people we’re not we’ve not been people that have got that go about trying to absorb take things that don’t belong to us in fact technically speaking and honestly speaking the igbo man the people in our area are the people that really really really develop other areas we don’t just get away from our place and then go to other places and become parasites no we take our money there we create a living there and we live there and we live with the people not coming to live in anybody’s bush no we don’t do that call our good mornings call on the straight line let’s take this as the last call today tell us your name and where you’re calling from all right your land just went off i don’t know what happened i think i have a i have about two more minutes to go on this program before i call it a day all right caller good morning tell us your name and where you’re calling from call on straight line tell us your name and where you’re calling from one more time all right maybe that line doesn’t want to walk he says stunned itself off again so i’m not going to take any more course i’ve shut down all the lines so don’t try to call me now because uh marzialo says coming on if you want to call actually you can stay on the line but not this line you have to call usa one that is coming in any minute from now so in a nutshell what we are saying is that our don’t forget that our our rally that comes in on this weekend it’s quite uh the 17th and the 18th is something that we look up to and something that will help us not just us alone but friends of biafra lovers of freedom because africa cannot be free until biafra is restored honestly biafra is gonna be the only first independent african country that ran away from the colonial masters they came in here they created this monster that is killing each and every one of us and through the help of ipob and esn we have to accomplish and establish what we want and we’re gonna get our independence no matter what anybody says thank you thank you thank you hey thank you esn thank you thank you yes like thank thank you yes support us support us support us go to our website www dot ipob in usa forward slash donate whatever you can throw in these are the people that are volunteered to come and protect us volunteered to staking their life and to protect us and give us the chance to sleep with our eyes closed they are coming to our region they are destroying us as much as they can but you know something we are not going to give up they have to kill each and every one of us for us to give up biafra so they are wasting their time they can call us dots in the center call out whatever they want use all kind of slow words and everything it does not matter to us we are ipob and the world is recognizing that radio biafra is international it’s all over the place it’s so broadcasting two four seven there’s no time you tune in that radio biafra will not be on air no forget about it if you’re thinking in that way so tune in and listen to us all the time because you know something biafra for us is our religion and radio biafra is why we do the worship whether they like it or not it does not matter nobody’s going to stop us stay tuned don’t go away because marzialo is here usa one is coming on airs getting ready to be here so tune in and listen to him he’s coming next from me to you is our religion not forget and radio biafra that’s where we worship that’s our church www.

ipobusa. org donate well they’re very they are very important people to us they are us and we are them they are us and we are them we can’t after see film they can just perform miracles we have to stand behind them on saturday friday saturday 7 17 and 18 that’s tomorrow 17 and 18 there will be a grand event you know now washington d. c capital all bare friends or do the ones middle belt show up the 18th will be the grand tally of them all those um uh bear friends they’re men you know the women have their uniform their men should come up with their two piece tyre and their chiago or whatever things of that nature of course they are um you know how we showcase let the world see us who we are as compared to those that are trying very much to take our land from us they’ll see the difference and then they’ll start asking questions people are very wicked we have been fighting we have been talking about um self-determination and it starts just out that we have to act we have to stand and follow instructions given to us by our leader it’s excellence imagine nandikan i think using this is a way of letting people know that we have one leader not would be not to want to be we have only if you’re not comfortable with it sorry because that’s the way with the issues you have people that come up they they bring their own ideas they come on the social media and then start ranting the same things anyway um that’s that but for the fact that the people are coming let me give you a take as to what we will be deliberating we have to discuss this our safety is south south south south south east naja delta cross river aquaboom emo these are useless divisions useless unquantifiable divisions made to finish us as we talk as we say things and as we recite things sometimes it loses his strength you know who are these people who are this south south who has this south east who are this cross river who are this acquired who are this niger delta who are this what is they are one and ten pence the same people the same people the same people all of a sudden we’ve started to um see ourselves differently out of foolishness but the same people dividing you and telling you are under federal law have no law guiding them they are one in their own and they’re the same people strong determined to take over your land and to do that they will divide you they will they will they will act like they are your friends i think many of you are beginning to see it eastern region has never known any problem we have worked fine got along well did everything together as one no trouble all of a sudden we started to see others as different or if you’re from assuming you are now enemy of ubibo people if you are from ub oh now you’re enemy of somebody from hunger but the people coming to kill you are coming in one name the north but in the meantime we are dividing ourselves so selfishly that we’ve been not seeing the danger and i’m glad some people are beginning to talk it’s not just talking you must act you must act immediately and let me play you some clips okay i played these clips for you to hear from different voices i can run the broadcast without playing clips but the essence of the clip is to place people in your position and place you in them for it to reflect for you to evaluate what they are saying if it makes sense kato rearing cattle houseman this is a zoo country of the bulls of the zeus of the cows of the moose this is a an honorable mentor member from iguacha from the house they are trying to make your self of nigeria a cow area honorable school to prayer now is part of my constituency when i heard that the horsemen brought in some number of cars with a very pleasant plus i said no i must visit my place to see it myself and today i have seen it i have confirmed it through and i spoke to the people in charge we had initially before now october last year i also had the same news that this their crowd that they shown the cross of my people and i said no i’m a visitor which i met with them discuss with them at the end of the day they finally much effort i said no where are you going don’t come back again they told me yes today we are here again i saw them i interviewed the people they say they are in their numbers i’ve also asked them today to live and they have to leave because they are destroying the crops of black people you can use all that to destroy your own world it’s unfair it’s important and that’s why i’m here today told them to leave immediately but they said to have because they’re sick and they should give them some camping from nothing in the next 45 days they will leave that is what they told me and i’ll come back again to ensure that if they don’t leave who brought them go and ask wiki who continued to torpedo whatever efforts our leader is making to safeguard you you see your enemies the way they manifest themselves go to remote the same trouble agents of the fulanis will rather work with the felonies against their own flesh and blood against their own sons and daughters their children and they will help and twist your mind and tell you that you’re not even able so you are now fulani and now the fulani have been given the confidence to come back do you see do you see how they deceive you wiki has empowered these fullness to come back and they are back with their cows in thousands did the leader not warn you did he not tell you you are telling me you are um just to isolate yourself from your own flesh and blood and it’s not just uh what we hear look at the anchor bricks listen to her listen very carefully from just before democracy um the president made two um two statements which is really quite amazing um when you realize that this is a precedent that does not speak to nigerians and so to make those statements back to back three days in a row for me it meant that the president wanted to say something to the south south and to and to the south east and um almost everything he said i um i view them and understood them to be threats and um not really talking to the people of the um of the south south or the people of the south east that uh really uh the people that um are from the defunct um uh old eastern region that was engaged um that the nigerian government engaged in a war um almost six how many decades ago you know so um everything for me was um was a threat there was let me correct your word defunct eastern region is not defunct just like you cannot tell me that the knot is defunct if you have that mentality of eastern region being defunct that’s where the problem lies by creation of this doesn’t mean that eastern john is different now you can understand that we are not different it is a principle they put in place to divide us and now you are realizing it what hurts you hurts us what hurts us hurt you it is because they want to finish every saltana and that mentality of south south south east across river that must be put under the carpet you had what the piccolo just said and every sound tanner must bear in mind what these people are after our land and our demise let’s continue with you nothing there to indicate that the president understood or wanted to understand what the people of the south south south and southeast um i mean yes and southeast have been saying and even the whole southern region which included the europa people as well and by a large extension um the middle belt since we seem to be speaking uh the same language if you um if you like all right it’s just system on the you know what the perceptions are um i remember that first of all we do remember the president’s uh saying that he belongs to everyone and doesn’t belong to no one in particular you know from the campaign days and um he’s almost six years or rather six years in office and this is happening now where you know references are made to specific parts of you know nigeria as being you know dots in the circle how do you review that from a man who said he belongs to everyone to a man who has you know come out clearly by body language and speech to say that there is a bias in some of the treatment lines of different ethnic groups um first of all i um i must say that um from here on and for a very long time actually i have always spoken from the platform of um being aware of what uh how we got independence when we got independent and when our um our national anthem went something like um brotherhood you know dotung and tribe may differ and in brotherhood we stand that is the nigeria that i am speaking from and to um now looking at what the president said i belong to um i belong to no one i belong to everybody which really was also i’m glad you made a reference to that and then i have constantly played it to tell you that that anthem was formulated on lies i have played it over and over again do try and talk magnifying brotherhood we they never stood before starting with ahmadu bello and tafara belleva this union is a union of deceit and must end if we reverse and recreate all these divisionary that is now from now on there is no more south south it should be eastern region now let me see how somebody will come and say i’m a joke the other person will sell me query the person will say i’m a collab the other person will say this and that it will not happen it will not happen we are one and will continue to be one and that’s it it is issue that we must be conscious about we must be conscious about what we do what we say and what we believe in and enforce it if you lose consciousness and not conscious of what you’re saying of what you’re doing then we will continue to be fooled and we don’t want to find ourselves in in that in that position i’m glad you’re speaking unq bricks and keep it up make your people be aware of what befalls them piccolo just gave you a bit of what is about to come something that he picked up from another president but i mean he debunked that immediately he was after he was sworn in which was his uh ceremonial one of his phrases of his ceremonial speeches and he traveled abroad in america and when he was asked what he intended to do about uh the the education of the united arab people um if we recall the president uh immediately made it very clear that there were people he regarded as 97 of uh nigerians and then there were people he regarded as five percent now 97 um plus five is actually uh 102 and so maybe the other extra where people that we’re going to come into nigeria that’s one too um thank you for observing that and they are here truckloads in about 10 minutes they always come 15 minutes after so really it’s five minutes yeah they’re gonna be on the radio they’ll be in five minutes so uh reflect on what we are talking about and then you will you will understand um before that they’re here those invaders are here in truckloads they’re hearing truckloads okay oh yeah these are the felonies the ones in our book they want the cut and i’m not talking about doing they cut again coming into him and those are the people that made up the extra population and after the session i will play you that clip for you to see that they are here they are here the south must rise to the challenge their cattles are here they are daring you they don’t respect you they don’t care they don’t even want to see you in your own land they are daring you and the moment you wake up to understand what our leader has been saying the better of you will be survive first you are fighting for their life and when you see them you keep thinking that they are here so when you get up you wonder why you just got up let me play you this again no i’ll leave it let me get our our people on the air let me get them get them on the air you are listening to live broadcast from radio biafra usa um like i said um by god’s grace we will overcome this once and for all are you ready go ahead and come on i will be joining our people in a few seconds they’re almost ready so we are getting on there go ahead abide by the law see how you they’re making your zone a cow zone making a mockery of your intellectual priorities making a mockery of your technical gifts and all that stuff they said no you’re not heading anywhere do you know if we actually uh be honest to ourselves you see these fulanis could have benefited and they still have the chance to benefit from us in a very friendly manner than wicked suicidal behavior when you raise the issue to them they think you’re speaking evil about them but they are the ones responsible for the way we react how can they disrespect you you brought them in you gave them posture for their cattle and now they took over and upon that they want to kill you and then they are dividing you emotionally they are dividing you from your brothers from your sisters isolating you so as to do away with you once and for all and they know very well that um when once they divide you you you have a very simple um target very simple target and when that takes place you become weak you become weak every son is very troubling as of today as we speak then there’s a law of an and about anti-grazing now why will you toward the law they gave you another law for carrying ak-47 they’re the ones carrying it but they will come and chase you down let me now concentrate on the ipob issue because we’ve been dancing around this nonsense for a very long time why is it that anything that concerns ipob becomes a magnum issue humongous issue why is it that anything that ipob does attracts attention as a criminal association why is it that anything happy does draws the wrath of the nigerian army that they have their own brothers committing humorous crimes in the rivers area aqua bomb area cross river area abya imu anambra enugu delta limit all eastern region and then you come to the west they are perpetrating the same atrocities but they are telling you you are one and to to be to be honest with you it becomes more troubling when you have these old people when we say they are old i think i’m using that to let them know that they are supposed to know better they are supposed to know more they are supposed to be more enlightened but to use the war scenario to make you not face reality is question of denying the innovative inevitability things that are inevitable you cannot help you cannot be able to avoid but they’re there you’re watching them wouldn’t it be prudent for you to face it head-on why are you talking about restructuring what are you restructuring what are you restructuring why are you talking about one idea when they are there telling you that the country belongs to them and they are killing you intimidating you you cannot even speak you cannot even pass a bill it seems our mental is degraded and when we say we respect our elders when we say we honor them at least they should acknowledge that and respect themselves and we always say respect is reciprocal and it is you that they are using we have shamed our children we have disappointed them and when they otherwise say our parents are responsible now you see why they say it how you can choose your enemy over your own very blood your own very sister your own very wife you chose a felony that is killing you because of little money you had the two clips or was it two or three i played i was kind of centered on our belief accepted on our beliefs and south south uh they are just like the north do you know why i said they are just like north oh dudua is a dude as an entity the arrows are as an entity the other ones and they say we did not and now the universe are acting as we do to us but come to the east they are still immersing themselves in the hopeless south south delta emo and i keep hammering it until these hopeless governors come in times and speak to one another understand the common threat have one ideology they will continue to flounder and we have too many intelligences and intellectuals that can never give you one directive everybody want to be the boss everybody want to tell you how intelligent he is and how an expert he has become to just the savior uh let me open the phone line um the call number is plus one four eight four seven six seven zero eight four eight plus one four eight four seven six seven zero eight four eight that is the phone number and when you call please make your call very very sketchy okay don’t get too drawn out just summarize because you have barely 35 minutes but tomorrow we have full time on saturday the women as usual then on sunday and everything they happen and then you have the emo people come on you have the emo people call your name and where you calling from color your name and where you call it from after listening to what you said you know you can understand that the people who are the so-called leaders or the stakeholders for us these are the compromised people these are the people that have sold their soul for peanut these are the people that do not want anything even where they come from these are the criminals these are the four one niners these are the ones that have been selected by this crooked felonies just to be the one that represents remember that we do not appoint the people we didn’t elect them we didn’t have anything to do with them seizing the power of being their intelligence that is what you should understand whatever they are doing they are not doing it for us they are doing it because they have been compromised and this is the what i am telling all the girlfriends you are on your own we do not have any speakers other than max nam become we are their nightmare because after everything is said and done we are coming back the chicken will surely come come to roost because we have to come back and then demand and find out why these people are selling us to next to nothing and this is what we are going to do you know so after the colonies they have came back in the project that they cannot survive they cannot succeed the worst mistake the floridians have made is just to come up and then start attacking ip and whatever that difference have started with believe me we’re going to finish it with them that is it the nigerian that they are thinking that they are going to occupy that nigeria is gone everybody is going now so i thank god that the uh was they have risen up the bear friends have risen up the middle but people are raising up believe me their worst nightmare is you know they’re coming after unnamed so i am calling out their friend we are winning we have done this in 99 presents we have finished everything about nigeria i am telling you what other people are discussing now what the whole world even though you know joe biden went to this country that you had they discussed something about it so africans are rising up and all the whole africans are supporting the in you know imagine of jaffra so you have to be so proud of yourself for any mistake these people make it is to our own advantage we have to stick india we have to be very consistent we have to continuously hammering them the way we are hammering them because people are hearing us we have the scars to prove it we have scars to prove it we have been in danger species these people have people come after us in any way and all the whole world are getting us witness so just you have to hold your head up because you have achieved something that nobody can be able to achieve within the short period of time that you are doing this and then but i am advising you you got to be safe regardless because girlfriend is there so that all of us will be alive to see different and i am calling on all our brothers here in america all the people that are in diaspora all the people that are here enjoying the fruit of our liberty the fruit of freedom the people that are in america and then they have all this access to everything making their money thinking that this is the way it’s supposed to be not mean that people you know share their blood in order to give them the freedom that they are enjoying in america and it is that freedom that we want to extend to our brothers that are in our homeland that is a great island and now you do not want to come and you know put yourself in this project that you are doing and then you think that you are smart i am telling you to take twice because after everything is said and done you are unhappy with the indigenous people of jefferson what are you saying you are happy you are not that is what you are believe me as far as you are your friend and our people if you want to know it travel home and then see the how what they will do to you anything that they do to any ipo every person is what they’re going to do to you so i’m calling upon you please dip your hand in your pockets do they need to do your own parts because they can ruin the people who are coming on the air every day and talking they are doing their own part and then they’re still contributing and for you you are they are you thinking that this is not going to touch you believe me you are so wicked so we can make it and if you have decided now that you’re going to involve in this and then you’re going to donate because we have these boys who are there who are manning and the people who are securing our homeland and this is what they are doing is securing what you cannot do making sure that your mother and the father left behind are safe so i am asking you please to do the neutral keep your hand in your pocket and if you want to do this then we have a place you can go and play this and this is our website this our website is www dot ipob in usa.

org. net w w w dot ipob in usa. org. net it’s very very simple so if you have had this website and then still you did not want to donate anything that means that you are sure we can believe me thank you and god bless you thank you very much thank you most of us see uh what is going on most of us pretend to know and most of us pretend uh that we are into what is going on but they are lacking they are missing they are not there it’s a very good idea to come out and say something now it’s way way but when you try to find the person is missing he’s lacking nowhere to be seen nowhere to be seen how can we proceed that way color your name and where are you calling from good evening good morning my name is welcome i thank you they offer all over the world and i’m giving special thanks to our lead amazon american thank you very much for having me today and i thank everybody good uh ice cream and all happens to officers whatever they are maybe almighty or people trading coverage and potatoes and lead us to give rally alive so that all of us will rejoice and give thanks to almighty god you know our people when we are talking help for more than five or five or six days now everybody is talking about south south south southwest south east these are those people that they are denying they are not in this maybe in 2004 during the time of semester and germany gave a state of emergency to clinton state the governor of them or some something like that told me not to put him out or talk anyhow in the government house when he was just suggesting that he should go to london and as we heard us where he come from he was shocked because he doesn’t know we don’t even know he was claiming that he’s an indigenous of lampang why he was not an individual when he went back and asked the other man there because there was the one there he was about to receive christians but there’s none in the right then we went back and asked from the other end of the story how his father his grand grandfather come here to to do for business and let her die by then he has already got married from one of their sisters that is that he’s not an individual he’s not enough he don’t even talk to him now because he don’t so i’m praying to god almighty to come to thee to come to their mind to pay them to stop all those rubbish yeah so i’m very very grateful thank you thank you yeah everybody should be very economical with time today color your name and where are you from please turn off your radio do you want me to wait turn off your radio yeah i think already all right go ahead quick yeah good morning welcome i want to say something about you know i’m sorry if it’s okay but i want to let our people know especially people in vietnam there’s some idiots using our esn and order of our men or claiming that there are unknown government that we don’t know who they are that god sent to us threatening people that they are the government if you don’t give us money we’ll come and buy your house we’re gonna do this one idiot using a pakistani phone number to what’s up people telling people that he will come and they burn their house he will shoot them if they don’t give them money or do this or that please my dear brothers at home if anybody is texting you this type of message it cannot be that ethiopia because we ipo peace we know how we operate we don’t operate that way if anybody is telling you he said is this threatening you that if you don’t give him money you will do this you need to do this you need to help them and they need help they are in the boot they are not please that’s what i want everybody to know especially people from i want my i received a lot of people telling me that people are calling testing them through what’s up nothing if you don’t don’t pay this amount of money or if they don’t do this they will bomb their house or they will keep their family and keep them he cannot deceive yours they are not psn they are not unknown government thank you my dear brother that’s what i want our people to know please thank you if you can keep to saying this to the radio because that idiot is using it to come some people thank you so much thank you i hope they can get this number and find out to who the culprit is and then we deal with them yeah the number is from pakistan if you want me yes we have we have criminals we have idiots things are not working well they are threatening those that are under siege asking for for money they are very stupid and i can’t stand them i can’t stand people like that get rid of them they’re not human beings they’re animals people without conscience how can we cope with people like that we need house cleaning and that must take place color your name and where are you calling from color your name and where are you calling from color your name and where you calling from good morning good morning from here welcome go ahead yes sir and good morning to all their friends all over the world thank you um thank you esm our brothers sacrificing all they can to keep us safe thank you so much but i woke up this morning in a very good day we are all the athletes lives each and every one of us is a diaphragm plus are very proud people and we are faced that is why they are killing us that is why they have brought a bakassi saboteur to continue to kill us fulani are killing us governors are killing us everybody is killing us so there has to be something behind guiafra that all these people want us to be gone something is there is something special among us that this small population we have our all our saboteurs are fighting us so everybody i’m encouraging everybody this morning we have to stand up we must fight there is something about us we must stand up and defend ourselves we are diaphragms we are flagged of biafra and we are very proud people and almost help your friend is already here like my brother just said we’re already here 99 percent born the whole world is talking about it so continue to tweet tweet your congress people go on to security committee of america the people in charge of buying arms and selling arms i understand there is ammunition cell for nigeria that is due next time wants to reach all those security committees so that they are well done by them with information coming in from nigeria so that they won’t sell ammunition to these people and then your congress people election is coming you know if you don’t go to them they won’t be there so they need us as much as we need them my brothers my sisters on the ground were appreciated don’t give up don’t be afraid we are there theatre is already here imagine a biafra where you don’t have to be a rich man for your children to go to a very good school that is better than private school that we currently have imagine biafra when you walk and retire nobody will tell you story you’re collecting your pension on another you know benefits that the afra has for you imagine a biafra when this biafra who is already here but in this new biafra you don’t have to pray for your child to recover when your child is sick there is three hospitals imagine a dear friend you don’t even have to live differently and you’re making good money where you are so think about it there is nothing good in this planet that does if you you hard work you have to work hard for good things to come so our people don’t give up we are here so that’s why they’re there we have to do all we have to do and uh thank you everybody thank you and marzi for all the good work you’re doing all of us all over the world yes right here all muscle biafra and don’t forget we are all flag of biafra thank you very much thank you thank you thank you thank you the call number is plus one four eight four seven six seven zero eight four eight plus one four eight four seven six seven zero eight four eight we are moving ahead we are not waiting for anybody and when i say we are moving ahead you now see the floor knees those that love you so much you see what they’re doing to you and what do you think would have happened if we had said that south south is not therefore what do you think would have happened if we said that that’s not yeah you see what they would have done to them we are not leaving our people behind now up people from those areas are beginning to understand and they are coming around let them keep up please hurry up and let’s get out of this mess color your name and where you calling from good morning good morning from here welcome go ahead quick quick we are we’re short of time okay my name is i want to start like this you’re going to hurry up because we have about 15 minutes left we you know we didn’t start in full please hurry up okay yes okay okay the thing is simple our leader has made everything clear for those who have here to hear and those who have eyes to see that nigeria is a place made for death full and new imported 100 000 daggers according to the last interview by pan africa tv to our leader why i want to punch this very particular topic this very point is that those people who are in nigeria supporting one nigeria they have to wait for those hundred thousand dagger to come to them one after the other before they wake up from where they are sleeping because nigeria is made for death not for a living place that is full i mean for you a country 7 000 something human being was killed and their body was aversed and dispatched to china and europe and some people there are still living talking of nigeria just to tell you that that play is made to be a hellfire on earth nigeria is made for cow full of nice and they are introducing this to foolish worlds like nikkei like rokus or the man like the devil almighty like okay the impossible and the rest of them and they don’t know what is coming to them i’m very sorry for all of you who are sending one nigeria the dagger will come to you and your family one after the order thank you very much thank you thank you thank you color your name and where are you calling from color your name and where are you calling from color your name and where are you coming from good morning we are going to track this report and please before this or discriminate anybody any message ask him to send his bank detail we are going to work on we are going to work on doubling then ask him also to meet to make sure he meet somebody in person i haven’t said that uh secondly we are not leaving anybody behind as long as this struggle is concerned we take all our all our people alongside ourselves they free our need that constitutes only five percent of the total population cannot come and they place smart or intelligence on all of you and the people who allow them i am grateful today for this group of food people who have this very time and hopefully i know middle bets are also coming up so everybody must rise up you people have seen how the different people used to be we want everybody to be free not us are safe we are fighting for ourselves we are fighting for everybody although you are aware that our genocide is going in our land as we are already speaking whether the daily basis hundreds are being abducted and killed in northern and northern areas you don’t see army there you don’t see police but rather the army have told they they bought the boko haram but let them reconcile they are begging them for rather they come to our land killing the innocent people also and his likes brought his people in the name of qualities but we have done it we have drawn the battle line either we get biafra or nothing in six if you’re in saboteur just write your way and give to your family write your week because you will not go for it no matter who you are you can carry the whole security in nigeria what time we come we surely pay for every atrocity we have just committed in our land nobody should be afraid one thing you must have to do if you are not there physically make sure you support this struggle they do eat everywhere their support supports your people because this thing we are fighting for we are losing our people when we are [ __ ] tomorrow there’s no special tattoos for any of us that are fighting this fight we are fighting this for you tomorrow when therefore come those of you in business you have the opportunity to do any kind of business with your opportunity anything you are doing to have freedom without anybody muscling you so you should notice in mind buy your money you waste that money you give to the enemy challenge them into this struggle but believe you me god has sent this generation of the effort god has designed ipob and give her a leader of mazanandika to restore the effort nobody we are writing somewhere nobody will stop the coming of biafra they may try to delay it but they cannot therefore will come but make sure you are among the people that restore behavior then it’s in the book of life when it will be said that the generation of people will stop the effect you will find your name so we as people who contributed very no matter how little you do welcome go ahead thank you thank you i wish my brothers and sisters dear friends all over the world the blessing of our heavenly father will continue to keep us moving forward my name is hugo and i’m calling from i want to say you see this evil people everywhere i think it is time for all the rings for the tribe that was a victim of this evil people killed innocent people it’s exciting for me to stand up wake up we join hand together and destroy the enemies that come to swallow us what do i mean if you are not understanding what i’m saying let me explain come to the zoo called nigeria so many tribes have been a victim of their fulani snatching live action so if you are in the zoo of nigeria i am telling you that it is time for you to start joining others in condemning the evil activities of fulani they own this country called nigeria and we are saying take your country go it is not forced for all of us to be together for decades of years we have been together and being together there is no results rather what we are receiving from them is the killings of innocent people in daily basis but they themselves and their leaders even they are poor people they are all the same because i have never seen any of them that condemn this evil act from them so for that reason anybody that wants to support them you better think twice because i have never seen a tribe that is other tribe thinking that nothing will happen and they think it is their rights they are the first born of forgive people and that is the reason why you want to go and take another man’s land we are telling you that this generation we won’t work on that and you are seeing it since all of that it is your right to kill innocent people and take their land we will tell you that super abyam they are created the almighty god that created heaven and earth and created different in this act and scatter is everywhere on the edge that you have you can never ever question him so for that reason your equal activities will come to an end this is you start listening to my voice stand up and join hands together to condemn these evil people because their mission is to kill you and take your land will continue the man that almighty god who then can send him out thank you for a divine mission like this thank you we are very very proud caller your name and where you calling from my name is to protect them and what is compatibility against those things against them in the name of scripture once again all of us are seeing what is happening even at he showed people that he killed the innocent people and said that there are no government understand because he will not kill any person and he will tell you because we don’t have any person who will speak for us i’m not placing it are they not equal not even saying of what is happening in the society sounds of now the boys are not which is always great they are top of the thing that is happening here because of the so-called flying people and this is the people that we think that we have at least we have local government championships and all this attraction is happening in our land in better part of osuka now the only place were there that all your blood your mother and grandmother is from the so-called uh outside i’m sure that you are now uh using a speech in our fellow people you tell me that any sensible person is without this thing that is so hopeful intelligently do you think that any reasonable man can talk what uh my thoughts about and all of us are seeing it the only favor we have and only security we have in toronto to come and join this relationship use that knowledge that time that you used to enjoy yahoo business and join a party’s business enjoy anything use that time and devote to this resolution report let’s join hand and do this thing together remember abandon everything just for you for your sake so that they will not kill you like a mosquito okay they will not kill you like like animals so that you can even have a plot of food in your table that is everything that you strong man abandon everything that you doing you’ll be so familiar and sacrificed just for rest of your life just for your family of your life on one generation to their life and all this thing is not touching our heart they are now saying it to only now before you know it now they’re tackling people claw people everybody are killing you says now they’ll call the person no government i’m not gonna whatever have been doing and what this is not touching you last time i do this once and for all i told you before it is happening let me happen again nothing happening happening every part of just foreign thank you uh tomorrow you know we are going to we are going to continue on this issue uh to tell you that we are one okay we are one when somebody tells you we are a dot we are we’re dot uh what is looking is um people that don’t exist we are simply irrelevant you’re just a dot like i can just wipe your life and now people are understanding what why the dot is there you know that doth so look at it that that little thing those people okay are people from the sahel come on we have a job to accomplish come on let’s go and kill them do you know that some of those people that they are arrested as they speak french these are your these are your brothers from the sahel and you’re here telling me you are from the south you are from the south or due to where you are from the south the north the areas are after us we must wake up that divide down rule mentality which we accepted must be discarded immediately color you are the last caller and make it quick go ahead from here welcome from i thank you my other your two months may god bless you and bless our leader and all the people that are trying to help us to get our behavior god bless them oh mazzy my own submission on this evening is not much what i’m telling our people indeed everybody should open his eye and watch what is going on let’s let’s always look at you finish school and you’ll come back from here no one and somebody who are in position of that walk to want me to give you you never sell 100 you never have 50 000 from your account somebody will tell you that you should bring one million to give you the y since we are thinking we need to rise up and support our leaders and defend our life and take our freedom by force because what we are seeing now is a different thing we are thinking in the morning after growing up you wake up your mom will give you 29 to come and buy a ball want your kind of boho every morning you say you are nigeria mazzy to say the fact we are dying you come back from night from your shop in the evening because of your drugs we are jealous somebody police man under army man will shoot you and drop gun on you and tell your known and people are looking and telling us we should take it easy with them what our telling our girlfriend we can see anybody elders or a politician let us mark these people any person that conducts interviews let us record the word defenseman saying if he says anybody that is sitting in our diaphragm should be killed let us mark and tape the thing and drop so that the time of judgment will come we pray it before we deal with the person i thank you almighty allah at no time you are trying god bless you i’m blessed to be offered thank you very much sir thank you to god bless you all of us god will bless all of us we are in it together and the more they push the stronger we get and that is our spirit until most of you realize who we are most of you don’t but very soon you are beginning to realize who we are and what we are made of they know why they are bringing people all over to come and fight us they know what stock we are made of they know if they can bring russia bring pakistan bring egypt do everything all the arab world to come and fight us for three years now they will use the same army to say they are building one nigeria but their action is different and this is where we’ll be ending today’s broadcast and um i thank all of you all those that are called in and contributed blessings and don’t slumber but their action is different and this is where we’ll be ending today’s broadcast and um i thank all of you all those that are called in and contributed blessings and don’t slumber get it online on your mobile this is ipob community radio radio biafra go first and the last no nigeria should welcome another world to keep this country together the north in particular has more than enough challenges and we recognize that violence secession by any part of nigeria will compound the problems of all nigerians under which we live the forum has arrived at the difficult conclusion that if support for secession among the evil is as widespread as it is being made to look and evil leadership appears to be in support of it then the country should be advised not to stand in its way we support calls for northerners who are exposed to harassment and violence to consider relocating to the north unlike the postures and complacency of the leaders of the southeast we are advised that all igbo and other ethnic groups from the south residing in the north should be accorded the usual hospitality and security it will not be in the interest it will not be the best choice for the evil all nigerians to leave a country we have all toiled to build and a country we all have responsibility to fix it will not help a country already burdened with failures on its knees to fight another war to keep the evil in nigeria.