Homestead Real Estate Issues, Mouse In RV, Greenhouse Report & Homestead Updates

May 4, 2021 20:17 · 3387 words · 16 minute read

good morning this is ranger rob and welcome to the ranger rob country living channel i want to welcome all the new subscribers and all the old subscribers and and all the great feedback please uh make sure to subscribe and leave your comment below and say hello uh the hydroponic floating wrap test is going good however i found starting spinach has been kind of a problem so i heard of a technique on youtube where you cannot take your seed take two cups of water and about a tablespoon of peroxide and soak your paper towel and cover it and then about two days when they start cracking open then move them to a rockwell cube so i’m going to try that because i’ve not had really good success of getting spinach germinated so anyway everything else is doing really good lots of tomato starters uh get some iceberg lettuce i did take one of these into the greenhouse early to see how well it survived so we’re going to go out there and check it looks like we’re going to have a pretty nice day kind of cloudy little blue sky uh looks looks pretty good the towers are be becoming a little bit greener so that’s kind of cool um a lot of our new starters from about a week and a half ago are really starting to pop these are all brand new and uh that’s wonderful so yeah looking good and so uh yeah this thing i’ll be flourishing pretty soon and lots of strawberries what am i going to do all the strawberries we’re going to freeze dry them and uh or just freeze them they are so nice to have around all right so we made it into the greenhouse uh cucumbers are looking healthy and they’re growing uh got a couple of new broccoli started over here this seemed fine but this was the guy i was watching out for right here um he’s pretty young and i was kind of curious to see if how well they do uh out here so so far so good so it looks like i can get those other starters out here earlier so that’s pretty cool oh broccoli over here is looking good this little guy that got broken still holding on so hopefully he’ll make it and then i’ve also got tomatoes all the way up to here now everything’s looking pretty good so far yep so far so good when i come out here some of the things i look up look for is check the tank make sure i’m not i don’t have any leaks look at the floor make sure i don’t have any leaks and check the potatoes look how big those are getting holy moly so i’ll be adding dirt to those this weekend so wow we’ll screw like a lot in one day so yeah very happy with the greenhouse so far all right so those things checked out really good i did want to let you know on wednesday uh we are firing up uh she said he said uh radio show again and uh uh change the theme a little bit where it’s just not love and romance is actually all kinds of subjects but getting the uh opinions of both male and female to uh get your ideas on the world so it should be a fun show this is episode 41 we’ve done a lot of episodes so tomorrow at 6 00 p.

m pacific time uh catch us on uh it’ll be on this channel also on cutting edge radio networks youtube channel and uh of course you can know all of our shows play on good talk radio and so yeah check it out hopefully you’ll enjoy it and if not or you ever have any opinions about it please leave comments below and let us know what we could do to improve the show so all right let’s move on one of the things that uh we’ve done with this chicken pin in the past is one is we have cameras in it and two is we have outdoor motion lights like this one and we have one inside and we have some on the outside over here too and basically it’s the light up this whole cage uh when predators or people are near at night time well we’re going to do the same thing with the greenhouse so my lights have come in i’ve got to pick them up they’re going to be motion detector solar lights and i also have two new cameras coming in so we’ll be able to uh monitor the inside and the outside of this area with our security system so we’re kind of excited to get those in and uh kind of make sure that we’re watching this what i worry most about my greenhouse is a critter getting inside and uh uh they can do a lot of damage mice and field rats are ones that uh i haven’t seen any in here yet but uh i do know they like the nibble on broccoli i had a lot of trouble with broccoli in arizona so hopefully i’ll do better here so we’ll see but we’ll get those installed in the next day or so another thing coming up on the homestead here is uh one thing i dread sometimes is we have a very large area of grass and so this is kind of a funny time of year where um we fertilized it which you saw me do and we did weed and feed and we turned on the water system and we are greening up big time you can see and of course we’ve got dandelions which hopefully the weed and feed will help thin out but it’s kind of funny because it gets really thick in spots and to get it balanced out uh we kind of wait till that first we’re not really quite ready for that first mo but i think this weekend we may actually have to hit some of the lawns and you know what happens when you start mowing it it starts growing but everything’s thickening up really well some of the little spots are filling in and uh it’s getting very green but it would even get more lush as time goes on and uh sometimes i don’t know whether i should fertilize it some more or do more weed and feed or just leave it alone but every year it comes out thick and lush but during the winter it always looks pretty scraggly but uh some of my other grass uh it’s starting to turn a little bit too but some are a little bit slower turning green but uh it’s definitely changing and uh we may not hit these other fields here with the mower uh for another week after this some of these the ones at the house are the ones that things seem to thicken up faster and i’m not sure is because some of it gets more shade or what and the other thing we got to get done is i’ve got to get that above ground garden done and add put these additives in got my wagon up here but uh finding time to get things done and getting all of our internet stuff done too is sometimes challenging all right guys so i mean the rv kind of hard to see i know um one thing i had to do is we had a guest in here had to shut down the refrigerator one of the things that’s always important to do is they’ll open up your refrigerator so you don’t have mold the other good news is i know i’ve been i’ve had a mouse terrorizing us and it looks like i caught me a mouse down there so uh i’m still fighting the mice battle i’m glad i caught him and uh we’ll pull that out in a minute and uh keep monitoring and get to make sure i don’t have any more mice and uh because they sure can cause havoc in an rv one more thing i was going to tell you is you know we have the mouse bucket system here to catch our mice he’s like how do you get them out of there ranger rob poopy bags that’s what i do so uh uh i just put my hand in this thing grab the mouse turn it inside out i don’t have to touch him and throw him away and keep the bucket running so it’s really easy and ranger rob poopy bags come in handy for a lot of things oh now they got my shameless plug in and i got my mouse uh all’s good and we’ll keep them monitoring the rv making sure that we keep it clean and keep it safe and uh keep the critters out i find it kind of interesting i monitor a couple of uh youtube channels that um i’ll look at montana land idaho land in those areas up there only because i i just love the area but i’m not planning i’m moving uh however what’s interesting is uh listening to the stories of the realtors saying that because of i guess people like us and the whole works kind of telling people to get out of the cities uh you know as soon as land comes up uh available our houses in montana at least it’s a bidding war and so uh the point is you’re gonna have to be on your if you’re gonna buy or try to find land or a homestead or something in between uh you’re gonna have to be aggressive and smart uh one of the things he was saying is uh have your decks in a row do not do a contingency otherwise you’ll never you’ll never beat the cash offers so they suggest if you really truly want to get into a region you want is to sell your house move to the area you want to live in whether you have to use a trailer or a rental and they said even rentals are hard to find and have your financing ready to go and be patient and aggressive and you’re probably going to end up paying more than you expected for the lands because you’re getting the bidding wars there is exceptions to that um so anyway be aware of that uh it’s kind of sad but you know do you blame the city folks trying to get out of get out and they’re realizing they can work virtual now so uh the world’s changing people are leaving the cities and uh that’s a good thing because the cities tend to cause our a lot of folks to be like lemmings and follow whatever is going on and they’re realizing they don’t want to be followers anymore they want to be independent and self-sufficient and that’s a good thing only thing we worry about is bringing some of those old those beliefs from the city into the countryside and we don’t want any part of that so you’re not invited here if you’re bringing your city ideas uh out here we want community we want patriotism we want people to believe in the united states and uh we want people to believe in less government and freedom and so uh come on out if you want a piece of that pie but if you uh are not a team player or not a community person um you’re not going to be welcomed out here in the country it’s going to be frustrating for you and frustrating for your neighbors where they’re you’ll find that people out here are immediately friendly but uh if you come out with liberal ideas and and uh government control and and telling people what they should be doing that doesn’t go over well out here so food for thought plenty of things i wanted to do is talk about my german shepherd this is belle bell and uh what i want to uh point out to you guys is if you ever get a german shepherd it’s all about the ears these little ears here um bell bell show me your ears is uh maintaining them so if you’re gonna have a german shepherd or a dog that has their ears up like this especially in the country uh we constantly have to clean them because uh uh they’re just like little dirt machines and uh she’s always got itchy ears and uh so every week we actually clean her ears um and we also have to be careful what’s called cheat grass and so cheatgrass if they get into their ears sometimes have to be surgically removed so uh belle is uh a sweetheart but man is their ears a pain in the butt compared to cinder uh we never have ear problems with her but uh bell boy i tell you having uh pointy ears is a pain in the butt when you have a german shepherd but uh it’s worth it but it’s definitely more care and the other thing we find with her is they have really long toenails so we have to clip her toenails a lot more than we do cinder so just a heads up if you decide to get a german shepherd or a dog that has ears that are up be prepared that you’re gonna have to maintain them one more little update i was gonna give you is on the pond here i don’t know if you can see it but uh our lily pads are starting to come come up and it’ll be really pretty when they all start laying out it was getting frogs um i’m not sure if i told you but i did identify the second fish so both of my fish are doing great that one was hiding really well all winter but uh we’ve been kind of clean you know getting this pond cleaned out a little bit more uh this uh pump that runs all this is uh definitely weak and so we’re just gonna try to get as much mileage out of the pump as possible and uh get that replaced and continue kind of cleaning this out but i don’t know if i’ve ever told you but this pump this pond really leaks bad and so uh uh it’s because of these trees over here the roots have come against the wall and penetrated the sides and what we need to do is drain this thing out clean it out and uh relying it which is not gonna be fun so that’s probably a summer project coming up but uh that little float over here in the back is what keeps our pond full and uh lord knows how much water i i run but we we have our own well so no big deal but the one thing i can say is because the water’s rotating so much the dogs drink out of the pond a lot i i don’t have to worry about them uh getting sick from the water or anything because it’s uh constantly being replenished with fresh water so i’m sure the fish like that and of course with spring here you can see all the trees are starting to fill out again the aspen are getting their leaves now and uh it’s starting to look real pretty here it’ll thicken up really well and uh there’s another i don’t know if i ever showed you this asp i have but last year i showed you this aspen that shuri’s father planted in a bucket and throughout the years it uh broke through the bucket and there’s both of them here and there’s a permanent fixture to these trees uh i could probably peel those buckets back but it’s kind of interesting what can i say anyways um i’m i have no plans of changing it but uh yeah aspens are not good to have around your house by the way their root system are atrocious so anyway guys spring on the way everything’s starting to pop another thing i was going to show you here these are it was a lizard this is a an olive tree i have to think about that for a minute and these olive trees i think i’ve told you have big spikes on them um like here big old spikes and that’s uh you don’t want to get poked by those things they are not good but this is the same um tree olive tree that was uh the crown of jesus was made out of and so it’s kind of cool to have i don’t know if it’s cool but it’s kind of interesting to have a piece of history um of uh something so terrible beautiful yet terrible these spikes uh uh i got one stabbed in my hand once and i got up what they call a thorn arthritis from it um but anyway that is the actual tree or type of tree that the jesus’s crown was made out of and it’s kind of an honor to have on the property but and it’s also a good reminder so guys i’m going to end the video here um i’ve got to go to the post office pick up the new solar lights that came in some reason i went to the post office and uh i gotta pick up some uh we’re going to attempt to freeze dry milk this week so i’m gonna pick up a gallon of two percent milk and uh use it for it ex experimenting with um it’d be really nice to have more as i was telling you in the video before to have more milk on hand in powder form and uh i think also we’re going to start putting more emphasis on buying more hamburger try to rotate it because it’s the most versatile and cost effective to have on hand in case meat gets a little hard to get i am considering uh meat birds i don’t know if i’m going to do that this year or not i’ve got a lot of things going on but um they say chicken’s going to get sure it’ll be a shortage which means they’ll be really expensive and does it make sense to grow my own i don’t know and am i up for it uh yes i can butcher things i have no problem with that a little a little uh out of practice but i used to raise my own turkeys and i definitely know how to clean out birds and stuff but to do 25 or 50 at a time i probably have to spend a little money on some better equipment and uh i gotta weigh that but it’s gonna all depend on the economy and what’s gonna go on with the food situations they’re uh constantly saying there’s gonna be a shortage and it’s like do i believe them or not that’s the that’s the hard part for all of us with homesteads is um we hear these reports we gotta watch the market ourself and uh make good decisions and cost-effective uh decisions and uh yeah anyway so guys i 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