Hero Wars Web - Evolving Titans? Make a Plan!

Jul 25, 2021 11:30 · 2608 words · 13 minute read

hey what’s up everyone how’s it going i’m luis and welcome back to my channel i’ve been wanting to evolve my titans for a while now now that i have enough gold i believe i can do that we’re gonna go ahead and check on that so we have all these soul stones here for the titans you know large amounts for the for the blue type for the water titans including hyperion some for the others we we’re going to have enough to evolve the water titans to six stars and i appear in just a little bit but and the rest will will not go full full forward because we don’t have enough souls for them thanks to the the previous water titan event water bottle event or something like that we we managed to get just enough for the for the water titans that’s why they are so so much further away than all the others so the first thing that we we’re going to do see we need 90 900 soul stones for hyperion and we’re just short of 10 but no problem because what we have two chests of super titans so that’s the first thing we will do now and get our 10 soul stones that’s it now we have 900 should be enough for the evolution with this in mind let’s let’s take a snapshot of our statistics so let’s check here on titan power ranking 908 total titan power one 1001 hundred and thirty six thousand and eight hundred titan power so just a little shy of 140k titan power now we have enough souls we have enough gold 22 million i believe we will need something like 20 million 18 million i lost my calculations and um yes we’re gonna do one more thing we’re gonna check team compositions so we have here just to tighten the water titans that’s close to 260k so 57k if we put here araji for example we have 10 10k more if we put hidden similar 9k more if we put angles here we’ll have a bunch more at 71k so just to give some some values here 57k this is going to change the other teams that i vary a bit and they they depend usually on on the other supers and in ignis but often i just play with angus so considerations 57k and 71k 71.

5k so next step we check here on the titans and we’re going to start by by cigarette so the the tank for for the water tightens let’s go ahead each of these evol evolution for these regular water titans will cost us 1 500 souls from 5 to 6 stars and also that costs a bit 2 million and 500 gold yikes so go ahead so there we go we gained more than 2k of power 2404 power and a lot more health that’s the first shiny let’s go now for no not nova we’re going to go for the one sits in front of her mary mary mary between sigurd and nova the same costs let’s go two more k let’s assume that probably it’s going to be 2k for each one of them then we’re gonna do nova another 2k next step hyperion so hyperion is at four stars it’s gonna gonna evolve two to five stars because i don’t have enough soul stones for 6 stars that’s going to take a while and so the cost will be also one besides the 900 souls 1 million 250 gold go to kmart power and now i have all the water titans evolved to their possible most possible evolution as of these moments okay now i still have plenty of gold and plenty of souls and you might be wondering first why did i do the water titans and second what will i do next so in case you missed one of my previous videos yes that’s a reminder that i wanted to get afterwards i don’t want to try this now i’ll get to this in a bit the reason why i’m doing the water titans first and they are my main team is because i picked them as my main team and the reason i picked them as my main team is also the reason that i picked the water totem and you should you should for for for mobile accounts this doesn’t really matter you just go with um you just pick the best titans of each element that you prefer using and you can do different combinations like having three different super titans and then putting for example one big tank of your preference like cigarette or angus or molok but most often cigarette or or angus and then you put um and usually nova or or ignis then this depends if you are attacking defending who you’re fighting etc but this is usually the most used uh the most used combination some people including myself we use for example one tank then one of one of these two that i mentioned and then two supers and we put one more support for example angus ignis nova and then to supers of your choice or you can go a little bit more weird let’s call it that way and and we use for example mary at the front we are the tank then the three supers and then english so there’s a lot of combinations this is very valid for mobile for for the browser versions however since since you need at least three titans of the same element to activate your existing totem and they need to be of the same element as that toten then the recommendation is to have three of those elements as as titans and then you pick two more and usually it’s best to you to use a fourth of the same element and then one other of your choice so that’s why you saw those back there so i have the water totem and the it’s it’s had two stars two stars of revolution and i picked the water titans as a team and so i will i will typically use sigurd nova mary and hyperion and then put a fifth titan and that will be one of my choice and so angus iraji eden agnes those are all valid options and um then my you might ask then why three or four water titans what’s the difference between three and four water titans and and if there was a fifth what a titan would it matter yes because the the water totem it will activate i believe the word is faster depending on the amount of titans that you have on your team so i wish i could remember where we can see that but anyways we have the information here at least three wanted items on the battlefield so i believe the the word the right wording is more frequently because it gets energy faster to activate its ultimate skills and by the way you can check those here so um hills in the case of the water type i’m not going to go over this for all of them but for example for the water totem it will heal your allied titans and also damage the enemies right then there’s extra extra bonuses they’re not going going to to cover those because this video is about titans not totems so we have done the water titans then and then you might ask why i started with with cigarette tank because the tank is in the front receives the most damage so then that’s the first that i always recommend doing first then i did the rest of the the water titans because those are my main team right then i have all the rest and from from here on i will split this into logical parks so i will do first the remaining tanks for the same reason they are in the front for their respective uh elements so in the dungeon that matters but also if i want to fight an opponent that i will need an extra tank then you see why angus then angus by the way is very good at doing damage then um after the tanks i will do the supers the remaining supers and then after those i will pick the remaining supports and then i will pick the remaining damage dealers so let’s go for that we grab here angus he says four stars so it’s going to cost 900 souls and 1 million 250 gold there we go against 2400 power i believe that’s probably the same for all of these tanks at this evolution i guess so let’s go and roughly the same next we pick our araji raji is going and because it’s at three stars the cost is is lower so 750 gold and um 750 000 gold and that was uh 500 soul stones so we go for that short of 2000 power then we pick eden the same and now we have more likeness here it’s getting a bit repetitive agnes and the word avalon avalon so why do i put a a higher priority on the supers and then the supports well the supers well they are the supers they have two skills each one of them as i believe each one of them has two skills so all of them have two skills exactly and um what can i say they are they are super strong super resistant comparing to normal titans they do a lot more damage comparing to normal titans i suppose their their biggest competition would be the tanks themselves and then um their skills are also very very good for example araji will speed up your your titans and you will try shoot the the nearest opponent with this laser beam so a laser beam made of lava really cool and eden will throw a big rock and also entangle the the the furthest or something opponent random opponent and um it will also blind and and well hyperion it will throw this rocks at your opponents uh all of them and different damage depending on the distance and it will also heal your opponent your allies so is the only titan that will naturally with these skills heal your um your titans then why ignis and why avalon and what about nova nova nova is is great because she can she does a lot of damage and she can stand the opponents throwing this weapon that she has that’s her skill all right ignis is going to increase your team’s damage for a little while so this one at at this moment will increase by almost 36 000 damage for all of my titans for six seconds and um in avalon it will cast a shield this shield will be will be um 100 000.

one hundred thousand also um one correction here nova is not a support but she is a damage dealer but because of how she behaves in in the battle she’s like almost a support unit the real support unit for the water titans is mary and he will cast this kind of curse they call it the curse abyss curse that will reduce the damage of the of the enemy team for eight seconds by 40 percent this is a static number it will not change regardless of level or evolution it’s always the same and it’s always for eight seconds if i’m not mistaken i believe i’m not mistaken well or maybe i’m just used to seeing 40 because i have them maxed on my mobile account anyways it’s 40 anyway that’s six stars so that’s why we picked these ones because they they have a big utility factor right so we have avalon we have uh ignis we have araji and eden they are all upgraded evolved actually and now we’re going to do the remaining damage dealers with our which are not so important in comparison to this one so 4 to 5 stars you could see that the power increase was tiny just one thousand comparing to the other ones again the same here and that’s about uh i think all for revolving all the titans yeah and now we’re going to observe a little little something here so you see that for evolving to the next step i have this amount and i need this amount right but you will see here that in the case of the watered items the bar is full and it marks here soul stones 873 but i’m already at six stars so what does it mean that’s the extra soul stones that i’ve accumulated thanks to the water bottle uh titan event and now i can trade those for something else so if we go here in the merchant you will be able this is similar to the the the jet soul shop you can trade these for the titan soul coins okay with the titan soil coins then you can you can do nice things which for example is to buy titan potions and then with the titan potions you can evolve upgrade actually your your titans right or also get sparks of power that’s also something that sometimes popular and um yeah that’s the trick once you get your any of your titans to six stars evolve to six stars you can start trading their soul stones for that coin which you can use to to get um that kind of equipment this is very similar to the merchant here for seoul shop where you can trade extra soul stones from any of your heroes that has reached six stars and then you can get chat you can get different kind of items using this coin the soul coin okay so now to complete our our video here we’re going to check what is the difference here in my in my powers and all of that so remember i was at 47k with the water titans now i’m i’m at almost 66 000 in power for the for the water titans if we put here angus we jump to 82 good that’s cool that’s a a nice increase i believe it was 71k so that’s um maybe i’m checking wrong but anyways that’s it for for the powers let’s go and check the ranking and i’ve jumped to a big increase so i jumped 121 positions to a total of 158 000 power so nice increase just by evolving your titans it’s not the most important thing but every every uh every step counts to to increasing your potential in fights in bible and don’t forget to check because that’s also a nice one don’t forget to check your quests and reclaim reclaim those those rewards every time you do something like this yeah nice ones there the next one i don’t know if there’s a next one i believe that’s the last one for the titans for for upgrading your for evolving your titans so always always check on those and um well also always check on my on my on my channel because i might have some some new content every now and then make sure you subscribe if you like this video and if you and if you like my videos in general leave a like or not it’s up to you and i’ll see you around in the next one all right take care and good luck.