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dad i want to have a word with you uh what is this about dad you promised to pay for my part-time program months ago and up tonight you’re not saying anything about it well maybe that’s because i’m still not ready to to handle that okay how things i’m doing i don’t have money to spend a part-time program right now listen if you cannot be patient enough to wait for me until i’m ready to spend such money why don’t you go out there and make the money to work else like you make it god then i can’t believe you’re saying this to me the last time i checked i am your only child oh listen tracy listen i have too much on my plate right now and i have big projects on which i’m spending money okay so i don’t have time for no pattern program right now if you please excuse me what is the matter why are you so moody what’s the problem you don’t seem happy is there a problem mom can you imagine i told dad about my part-time program you know what it said to me what that he doesn’t have money to give to me really mom he said if i insist that i should go and do what other girls are doing mom i don’t understand what’s going on calm down is that why you’re unhappy look at me look at me you know your father was joking you should know your father by now don’t you he probably must have been stressed out with work or something okay don’t worry i’ll talk to him let’s go inside thank you so what are we having for dinner today honey why would you ask our daughter to sell her body for two hundred thousand you and i know that we have more than enough i don’t know why you don’t like giving her money you got it wrong i do give her money i have spent money on her she is educated but i don’t have money to waste on some part-time program what for i have projects i need to put my money into you do know that i have project that i’m doing right now that needs quite a lot of money i don’t have money to waste just listen to yourself talk okay fine if you don’t want to give her from our own money then why don’t you just give her no no no no don’t go there we are not having that conversation i am your husband i’m still the head of this home and i will not have anyone anyone question my authority here now this conversation is over just like that tracy tracy he called me you you you have the f country to report me to my wife well i’m not surprised but i’ve got news for you soon very soon i will return you to the gutter we are picky from dad me picked from the gutter don’t even bother copy that because i am not your dad knock out of my face cut out mom yes mom is there something you’re not telling me about my real father is this a joke or something what sort of question is this tracy what has come over you mom i have lived all my life believing i’ve been staying with my real father but dad just told me he’s not my father he even told me he picked me up from the gutter mom please i beg you i beg you in the name of god who is my father that’s okay calm down okay and come with me okay please calm down okay just calm down okay my job come down you see actually the truth is the truth is that what what you go to your room right now what is wrong with you have you forgotten what your doctor told us do you think she’s mentally fit to take such news right now but things are happening rather fast and with your change in attitude recently towards her she’s beginning to ask questions how can you tell her that you are not her biological father and you expect her not to ask questions doesn’t mean i mean anything i say i can say anything i want to say at any time it doesn’t mean i mean whatever i say now you go to her there now and question this chaos we’re about to start do you understand you have to change your character you just have to change your attitude towards her because i don’t like it well whatever you think whatever you like or don’t like just go in there and calm it down hi sorry i don’t know if you can give me something so that i can see thank you very much tracy tracy you see there are some mysteries that are better left untouched because in trying to unravel these things we end up hurting ourselves what i want you to know is that we are here for you always and we always want the best for you do you understand me yes mom but mom earlier today here you were trying to tell me some things that you were not i really don’t understand what you were trying to say mom forget about that whatever i was trying to say or did not say it’s not important what is important and what you should know is that i am your mother and chief george brian is your father and we love you we always want the best for you now let me cheer you up a bit now here is a check for 250 000 naira first thing tomorrow morning i want you to go pay for your part-time program and then do some shopping with the rest now can i see a smile on that face thank you so much mom i love you so much you’re the best mom and i love you okay so mommy so first thing in the morning i’ll be heading to the bank now you’re talking like my girl okay thank you that is my girl are you not the guy i gave money to earlier on yes and how did are you following me no so you left me inside you’re going to talk to a man right find yourself what’s up finished do you think i’m a fool that you’re gonna bring in fact you know what i’m going to say anything very soon i’m going to leave you i’m going to leave you alone so you can have all the time in the world to move around with those cheap boys i will do anything you want me to do anything please baby don’t leave me i beg you please i don’t know that man anything yes anything only thirty thousand three hundred only three hundred thousand right now should i make it 350.

okay yes i don’t transfer you know i love you come over i here know that man i just wanted to ask him why he was here and then he stopped by i’m so sorry please don’t leave me please don’t leave me love you so where are you coming from young lady i went to purchase my pattern from that ah your pattern former yes sir mum gave me the money to purchase it oh that’s that’s very interesting yes because you see what i want us to emphasize and our campaign is revival of the cocoa product yes we move the country towards agriculture where the whole world is now moving away from oil and other minerals towards agriculture that is what this nation needs yes we will touch them because we are not going to rely on just posters and and flyers alone yes our campaign should move towards yes yes reallocating our fund our income to a greek instead of just oil well as soon as you become the attorney general of this nation you know that that will be in the can we can do all you want about that well the constitution is put together by some people which means some people can still go to the conversation and manipulate it to to suit our purpose very well very well well okay well i’ll send my boys out we can feel the post of the people well about 18 local governments years of more than i think average of 26 worlds each and about 1 000 over 1 000 pollen units in each of them it can be covered we will bombard them with campaign strategy we made them hear us okay i’ll get back with you the incoming honorable yes we rule this nation again very well yes young man sir what did you say is the name of your company cloud nation sir loud nation yes sir when you say you’re into music or does it mean you play loud music no sir so we can come in times of your radio jingle and your television ah oh oh that’s quite nice so you can do tv and radio jingles in various ethnic dialects of the constituency very well sir oh very good very good then you can be useful to our campaign well i’ll tell you what to do come to my office between noon twelve o’clock and uh two o’clock tomorrow okay and then we’ll see i’m in the campaign office all right thank you okay now um are you sure you can work in this world and you won’t fight with our customers madam look i am a very very easy going person i see where do you stay i start i remove straight number eight just recycle connote all right don’t worry huh this reversal would soon be here so you could accompany you to your place but your salary starts to kill work days mondays till sunday and time seven a.

m in the morning until 11 pm at night so are you sure you can do it in fact madam if you want me i can even start work right now not that fast steady and supervisor needs to see you please get to know your neighbors and probably your landlord just look for anywhere it sound good for him thank you very much man you’re welcome i can sit here i said anyway you called me yes i noticed you gave tracy money to purchase that part-time program form so it’s my money oh it’s your money we own the money together is that how we run this home now questioning my authority no one is questioning your authority but with the recent change in attitude towards her i think it’s very unfair where do you expect her to get such an amount from i said well i just hope that this your own new attitude too will not create your problem i hope it doesn’t create problems for you too yeah i’ll i’ll be there soon yeah you know how it is i don’t leave any store unturned i’ll keep i’ll have everything washed clean very clean you know yeah that’s how it is yeah i’ll talk to you later is that where you’re going yeah baby look at you looking so good i think tired real real this is a really nice laundry house i need you to go home right now and when i get back home we’ll talk about this don’t embarrass yourself any further okay don’t embarrass yourself and don’t ever ask me you told me you were going to the dry cleaner right i’m here this is really really nice my clothes are dirty which of you i would love to go home but the problem is my husband is with three girls who does that don’t embarrass yourself any further go home right now and when i get back home we’ll talk about this i really want to know which of them is but i oh you look more to me like a father don’t start anything because i know that you have never booked me out to buy me a dream have you ever took me taking me out to a restaurant oh you like us in threes you didn’t tell me god you don’t know me i’m going to arrest all of you you know go home and stay there please come home go and order me three quarters of them small stout then four crates of gouda and check if you see her mouth all right hurry up fast hurry up now hi you again what do you want very sorry about the other time i really wanted to see my former boss who owns the house wow i have told you my dad bought that house and ever since he died i have been living there for the past 10 years i don’t doubt you this is that there are some things that are quite unclear i don’t know if you would allow me to clarity let excuse me excuse me this is just it’s not the right time to have any kind of conversation okay so i’m sorry i’m not in the right frame of mind for for discussion or anything just just go it’s okay that’s a problem you’re always so quick to jump to conclusions i told you those girls over there actually my cousins and my mom hates a woman that’s too busy i told you that before i had to do what i did so that when those girls come back and talk to my mom they won’t say something negative against you and my mom will not kick against us getting married um people i’m sorry you should have at least told me they were your sisters or introduced me or even signaled me and you should at least just waited you should have followed me in the first place and when you saw me you should have come home to wait for me to talk to me i’m sorry i didn’t want to do what i did but i had to so that so my mom will love you and that chunky is a marriage i’m sorry okay next house you have such a quick tip you just chopped um your sisters i didn’t mad at me actually i was a driver for him it was this day he sent me to go pick something from the car on my way back i had this gunshot very loud one so i took a duck and we found out that my boss and the son were dead but after much investigation we realized that the daughter was i mean she survived and she was rushed to the hospital and this daughter where is she ah well see i was coming to that um my boss’s lawyer eventually became a judge and they blamed me for the mother i was sentenced to life imprisonment but as god would have it after 19 years of imprisonment i was granted amnesty that was um where i was going the other day where i saw you maybe to go look for where i’ll get clues or the surviving daughter so i could know what happened or what is really happening wow such a sad story anyway i’m a i’m a cid i can help you if you want ah i i get that look all the time well i’ll need details from you so i can collaborate your story and if it works we can take it off from there i was actually on my way to the salon before you stopped me and i didn’t want to be rude again part of my manners and thank you very much so can i have your digits yes so you can call me here what’s the name so that is it my boss’s lawyer who became a judge that sentenced me to life imprisonment this man this is the man that has been taking care of your boss’s daughter how did you know that well i did a background check like i said i would and i found out that he took care of her medical bills and took her home he’s been the one taking care of her ever since then if it’s this one you’re talking about you have nothing to worry about he’s a good man no i don’t think so believe me there’s more to this than meets the ordinary eyes why would you say that please you’d have to help me keep a tap on him you never can tell something might come up you see i sincerely i really wish i had this address is that i do like it you do yeah good there she comes hi nice to meet you ah nice to meet you too what’s wrong with you you sounded so bad on the phone ah sorry about that but um can we trust you with a question trust me with a question now you’re scaring me oh no no no there’s no need to be scared um what my fiance was going to ask you about is about a girl you see there’s this man he used to work for long time ago and the man died but we my fiancee can’t seem to find the man’s only surviving daughter and then he actually has something for the girl but i don’t know her but your dad does what uh what he meant is i’m actually your dad used to work for this man as his lawyer yeah no i mean that was before he got promoted and became a george you know and then when the man died you’re that took custody of the mass child and then ever since then he’s been taking care of her we were hoping that you could help us with information about the child we would really appreciate it what nonsense no it’s not nonsense exactly what your father has been scared of how can you mingle with such people do you even know if their intentions were genuine just tell me you don’t believe them of course mom i don’t that is why i came to inform you about it i don’t anyway you did the right thing how are you all is well my friend you know yes yes yes well i’m still here i’m still stuck in this marriage tired of it what keeps me going is the volume of wealth it’s money yes i’ll keep going let me call you back darling what is it you okay save yourself the trouble what do i look stupid to you or do i look like a fool to you what kind of question is that you think i didn’t know that you married me because of my father’s wealth i was on set but i love you that’s why i married because i love you as soon as i told you that my father was going to transfer all his assets to me once i brought home a pseudo you develop certain feelings for me but unfortunately i was already in love with you but what i don’t get is why you are maltreating tracy and why you are keeping her away from the truth we had an agreement didn’t we yes we had an agreement and the time is right to tell her tracy is 21 years old and i think it’s time for us to tell her the truth and let her have access to her father’s wealth you were her late father’s lawyer another custodian of his wealth it’s okay it’s okay pamela enough of that someone who doesn’t interest me that’s enough well it might interest you to know that her late father’s driver has been released from prison and he has been in contact with tracy it can be out it’s not possible that’s impossible calm down i think you’re worrying over nothing um why don’t you go out there and make the money to work else like you make it god dad i can’t believe you’re saying this to me the last time i checked i am your only child you you you have the f country to report me to my wife well i’m not surprised but i’ve got news for you soon very soon i will return you to the gutter we are picky from dad me picked from the gutter don’t even bother copy that because i am not your dad actually the truth is the truth is that what what truth you go to your room right now we had an agreement didn’t we yes we had an agreement and the time is right to tell her tracy is 21 years old and i think it’s time for us to tell her the truth and let her have access to her father’s wealth you were her late father’s lawyer another custodian of his wealth this is exactly what your father has been scared of how can you mingle with such people do you even know if their intentions were genuine just tell me you don’t believe them of course my don’ts that is why i came to inform you about it you’ve got a message you’ve got a message she just sent me a text what does it say i need your help i think i just found the truth where can i meet you what do you think reply her let her come she tell her to come yes i’m just going to be outside and to be sure it’s not a setup going somewhere good morning dad good morning you are dressed up this rally where are you going i’m actually going to do my pedicure sir ah that’s quite nice you need some money no sir thank you mum already gave me money guys um you see come here sit down you don’t need to cry i’ll tell you everything your father was my boss mr sly he was this lawyer and he normally came to the house more often than this fateful day your father sent me on an errand on my way back home i had this gunshot it was so loud i had to dock from there i called the police and they came i found out your father and your brother were dead you you were lucky they took you to the hospital you’re still here today but for me i wasn’t so lucky i got framed for a crime that i knew nothing about incidentally your father’s lawyer mr bryan was made a georgia my case was the first was handling he was so messless to me he gave me life imprisonment but as god would have it after 19 years i was granted amnesty here i am today so who killed my father and my brother what happened to my father’s world i even overheard my mom telling him to give me all that belonged to my dad but what i don’t get is why is he holding on to them don’t worry i will help you first you have to go home and pretend as if nothing happened i will bring justice to your brother and your father even if it’s the last thing i do thank you so much thank you very much rachel please please help her yes b can you hear me yes yes i need you for something urgently urgently yes remember the good we need to talk right right all right all right uh i’m outside i’m waiting for you okay so how are you yeah just a little a little rider okay hello get inside inside yes boss we have the same spot all right boss i know you don’t understand you think i’m evil no no that is because you don’t even know my story see if you know that’s life like i do you will never lay your life down for a woman oh yes including my mother my mother was a wealthy woman she had money and my father a very good man but you know what i watched my father play the meat to my mom my father did ditches cut the grass walked the grounds walked nothing in the kitchen because my mother had the money i think that not enough she started bringing men home yes and i watched my father die instrumentally well you just listen i’ll tell you about women my father died slowly when the woman my mother started bringing men into his own bed and i swore i was going to be rich oh yes the feeling of money the feeling of money wealth but i work hard because i work hard for it going through school law school getting getting caught to the bar becoming a judge you think it’s easy so don’t look at me look like i’m like i’m a fool i know what i’m doing i wanted money and then i got law behind me see i got all this planned and then my opportunity came when her father asked me as his lawyer to write his will a fool too he was going to leave his wealth to a little boy and and this girl who grew up ambitious like my mother too because they are useless you can’t rely on any woman what’s she going to do with the money anyway what will you know to do with money so i made the money in mind i made it with mine but you you came along we are going to forfeit everything that you’re doing you’re going to spoil my game i don’t know how you got lucky i don’t know how you got lucky that you had to be sentenced just to some years in prison my idea was to hang you but never mind you’re still going to die here today anyway but i will give you the opportunity to know because if you come to this world next time you will not lay your life down for any woman because they’re nothing including my mother and then you have the audacity to get released from prison and show your face now you’ll be double time dead oh yes what you do now you that’s your phone there send a text to me that he’s about to rip you no i won’t bill please could you encourage young lady to meet a text please okay okay there you go i’m sending sex i know you will i know you will do it send a text now i just sent the text very well see take off our clothes think about clothes i can’t do that you would have to kill me for me to do that of course you will die will you young man encourage him to please i won’t do it live your life for a woman what are you doing you see i will make you repair and then by the time you are both dead it will be because you are raping my daughter drop your weapons hand over your weapon right now drop it what is it what is this what does it look like i’m doing do you know who i am arrest him you cannot just arrest me like that i’m tired is how did you manage to text me okay so howie just a little okay hello get inside inside guess boss we have the same spot while we were in the booth i heard them talking so i guess twice to the person that was giving them the description i quickly had to text you before they collected the phones from us i i can’t imagine something happening to you like i’m so happy that you’re okay i can’t imagine losing you have you caught me i’m so happy so you.