Exterminate All The Brutes Part 1: Review HBOmax Documentary how Europeans Colonized the world

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00:35 - We’re going to talk about true crime by linking it with the bible just to see what that sin is. Then we’re going to link it with the mental health community that talks about human behavior and why we make the choices we do. Then we’re going to link it with the law of the land, will you lose your freedom, or will you go to jail for 30 years to life? Depends on what the crime is! Now we want to thank you for joining us today. Please don’t forget to thumbs up, don’t forget to subscribe, click the notification bell, and also leave a comment in the description box.

When we have some information for you as well and share it on your social media. We’re gonna go back to the 800s, yes eight zero, zero.

01:24 - Yes, that far back and that but that far back. I have to set the foundation because that far back is when the white supremacists got together with the monarchs, the great leaders, and the religious leaders of the time. They decided to make the white race the superior race and that’s where all this comes in exterminates all the brutes. This documentary is on HBO max and you can find it all over the internet where they stream movies. Now in the 1800s to about 1270 they talked about blood the composition of blood.

Are you mixed, or are you pure white. They decided that pure white was the superior race that any other race outside of pure right was not pure.

02:33 - Exterminate them would be the order of the day or the order of life to come. So, exterminate the brutes brings us into that reality of history.

02:45 - This is a historical documentary now as we said before. When you hear this you have to hear it like how cults conform to people. How cults put together information that is not correct. That doesn’t have any foundation, it doesn’t have any roots, it doesn’t have any origin, and it doesn’t tie together. Everything on the earth ties together. The plants are tied together. The sky, the water, everything I tied together, but when you meet a cult you’ll find out it’s not really tied together.

It’s not tying together at all. Now one other thing you have to understand is that they decided at this conference in the 800’s that the whites were the main people.

03:35 - Now at some point the white nation decided to launch out in ships they had cannons, they had guns, gunpowder, they had swords and they had knives. When they came upon a native their plan was is to exterminate everyone and take over the territory. Okay, that’s why their ships left Europe to conquer the new worlds and the word here is to conquer! Because they’re the supreme race they should rule and to this day in 2021 they still have that idea. It started in the 800’s (eight zero, zero).

Okay, in the eight hundred now this is not a crime, and the killing was approved. This was not murdered it was their law, and later on, it was considered murder, and later on, is considered genocide.

04:36 - When they started it was not considered murder because the other skin tones are the non-whites they were considered brutes. They were considered animals, monkeys, they were not seen to be intelligent, they their-minds the white minds. Non-white couldn’t read, write, or understand. They didn’t have homes like them, they didn’t have clothing like them, and they didn’t have food like them. So, it was very very different their homes were different, of course, their climates were different, however, their job is to go in and take over the land.

So through in the world you will see lots of us all dressed in western clothing why? Why are we all wearing the same uniform, and the same style? Why why do the Europeans decide what fashion is? What it’s not and for us to comply or to have acceptance we must put on these uniforms of theirs.

05:44 - When they decided to launch out their ships exterminate the brutes explains’ all this. In the newspaper it was said, hey free Indian land, we’ll give you three free slaves and you can have free land!  What you going to the new word need slaves when you get. There and you’re gonna get free land. They said don’t forget to buy some guns because you gotta kill those Indians.

06:11 - They’re not people they’re not like us. You can kill them! Yeah, the Africans you can kill them! All the colored ones the Indians just you can exterminate them! Okay, so that was their plan of the day and it was legal it was legal! It is not legal now IN 2021 but it was then. Many nations, later on, came by and asked for restitution. The Indians, the Japanese, the Chinese, the jews, and the African-Americans slaves that came over some of them have not received restitution.

06:51 - Some of the other African countries have received compensation for the egregious act that was done to them. The slavery that was done to them was EVIL. Now the Europeans from their perspective remember they’re told from the 800’s that they are superior, and everything (non-white) is not superior. Everything else you can kill! You can kill and keep what you kill! So here we are now. Some of the advertisements said, hey free land, come to the new world and get your free land! No problem! So they did hey give you five slaves and you can get some free land free Indian territory, free territory in Africa! Whatever! At some point, they did divide Africa up and we’re gonna get to that.

Advertisements buy guns and kill the Indians, no problem hunt for your food.

07:53 - In the memory of so many souls that were lost in this campaign, we deeply apologize for the devastating loss and we do feel your pain.

08:03 - Once again exterminate all the brutes on the HBOmax network!  This particular um this particular cast is Stephen he did exterminate the brute, Roxanne she did all the stories on the Indians, Michael he did all the silence in the past. What do you mean don’t say that the white nation did anything bad. It wasn’t bad, it was legal, it was law, it was okay, at the time and the time brings changes. This documentary is narrated by Raoul Pack and he’s a Haitian and of course, the music is by Alice now this has four parts In the first part, I’m going to read my notes it says (the disturbing confidence of ignorance).

The second part is “who the f is Columbus”. Who is Columbus? The third part is “killing at a distance” Killing at a distance how we’ve learned even today how to even not go to war! We’ll just send the missiles. We’ll kill at a distance. How thoroughly we enjoy killing at a distance. Oh, I made the hit it’s not a video game it’s real people! The fourth part talks about the bright color of fascism. One dictator Russia a little bit like fascism. One man rules.

09:29 - Once again I introduced you to Raoul Peck the director and author of this documentary.

09:38 - Okay so the disturbing confidence of ignorance starts out with the Indians and in part one, the feminine nation is singled out simply because they did not retreat every contract they did with the colonists broke.

09:58 - Why it’s our land, we won it, we won it, our country won and our country says we can take our land. We can kill you if you get in our way! So they did because that’s what they’re taught they were taught. They are superior and you should be our slave and serve us so that’s what they acted on.

10:18 - That information okayed colorism! The colonist we’re known for bargaining treaties and breaking agreements constantly.

10:30 - The Indian says the white man talks with fork tongue.

10:34 - Focus on this civilization, colonialism, and extermination!  I want you to really focus on that because that’s how it goes. We’re civilized, we’re going to colonize your area, what you own, take it, and then exterminate you, That’s the plan now in December 1836 the Seminole nation and the maroons right those are you know slaves of course and encampments they got together and they worked together to fight in 1836 the invisible tribe said we’re going to fight these Europeans they made their minds up they come to take our land they come to take our life they steal life and we don’t want them we don’t want to give them the approval we’re not gonna run or we’re not gonna hide and that’s what they did they fought.

11:28 - They made the agreement that it broke back and forth back and forth the western world became transformed once Europe decided to launch all their ships out to find new territory means greater economic wealth okay that’s why they launched out economic wealth.

11:50 - Prosperity took! Over Australia took over many many parts of the world north America south America you name it.

11:59 - Their ships bought them, their guns, their army, and their slaves. They came in and the territories were unaware of the massacre that was supposed to take place greed, distribution of wealth, and power was the order of the day.

12:18 - Now, the Europeans use the cultures they interact with or they intersected with or they saw as entertainment! They made fun of them. Everything was a joke. How they looked, how they dressed, their high cheekbone, their large eyes, their sunken eyes, their slit eyes, and all of it was entertainment.

12:43 - And, boy did Hollywood have fun with that. Why because they had something to poke fun at. They didn’t have to poke fun at themselves because they were superior. They have determined the higher food chain.

12:56 - So in 1991, this is 1991 guys okay! in 1991 they decided that you know what in Sweden said, you know what we need to get rid of all the jews all the negroes, and the non-whites.

13:17 - We are in 2021 we have COVID-19 and a lot of people are not trusting the Europeans. Did they send this? Did they do this? So, that they can exterminate the minorities. Is this their way? We didn’t know? We don’t know? They’re the ones championing no mouse, no musk, you know, and no.

13:38 - However, people are dying! Video pause to remember the loss! Now at this particular time where everything was going on the jews were sleeping, sleeping, and why are you sleeping? you had to deal with the Romans why are you sleeping you had to deal with the Egyptians why are you sleeping they were sleeping 2016 in Sweden, boy that hate started to rise that anti-semitism started to rise against non-white and jews okay Now in 1991 all the jews and negroes should be exterminated they already determined that okay now in 2016 it was growing right it was growing and getting fatter and fatter.

14:31 - By 2021 they’re like yeah let’s get rid of them! The human heart became evil. Remember when they were in the garden of Eden there was sexy adam and there was voluptuous eve and there were trees in the garden but the one in the center they could not eat of it and touch of it! But honey they were ready to eat of it! Mr. Raoul peck takes us back to 1962 when he was in Brooklyn and his family was living in Brooklyn new york he talks about going to PS (Public School) 164 between Nostrand and rogers in Brooklyn new york and the good times they had and in the documentary he does show some of those good times they’re cleaning their cars off and you know they’re just getting ready for the day.

15:15 - He said at some point they had to move because they are Haitian and they were diplomats right. They worked with diplomats and they went to the congo. Mobutu ( President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo), was one of the richest he served for 30 years in the Congo.

15:30 - The Congo was rich okay now the congo had um copper-silver, gold, diamond, come on it had cobalt, it had uranium, it was rich. He was rich okay CONGO it is still rich it hasn’t stopped yielding all the wealth.

15:51 - Africa hasn’t stopped yielding the wealth and the Europeans are still raping it but they’re trying to rape it legal now. Not using derogative names but thinking it, stealing, tricking, getting things they want out of desperation.

16:08 - Setting up fake, fake orphanages so that they can have money western money coming in so they can beg money on TV.

16:18 - Fake they need to buy a gold toilet seat. Just really fake.

16:22 - There was a polish writer by John Conrad and he decided to write “Vanishing History”  He wrote everything negative about all the dark, dark-skinned nations and what they did. But he didn’t write anything negative about the Europeans.

16:41 - What does exterminate mean? It means to bring people to a point that you drive them overboard to death.

16:50 - The idea is to destroy them and that’s where we came back to 800 right now we’re back to this again.

17:01 - That’s why Sev Lindquist wrote the book on exterminating all the brutes.

17:06 - He wanted to examine that against the Indians okay the Indians in a body when they showed up on the Indian shore they fed them they clothed them they gave them food everything that they needed show them how to farm they didn’t want to farm when they showed up in Africa they didn’t want to do anything either they would stay in the sun and it would be unbearable to their skin so surely these dark ones are meant to serve them because they are superior So, o the unexpected um continue the elimination of the natives the elimination of people that don’t have the right blood.

17:46 - Now when they showed up on the shores remember they had a ship, they had an army, they had slaves, they had guns, they had knives, they had swords, and okay they had plowshare.

17:58 - Tool okay, and things to move the land but you know they weren’t interested in any of that they are the superior one and these chocolate ones either die, do as we say, or they die.

18:11 - That’s just how it is! Now they were unwilling to hunt, unwilling to grow their crops, and just unwilling.

18:19 - There was a military leader named john smith and Raoul talks about john smith and his behavior as to how he colonized the new world. He said he threatened the Indians, he killed all the women, all the children, that’s what he did.

18:36 - If they did not provide for them they were slaughtered. Force. Natives said, why are you going to force? Why take with force what you can have with love. John Smith wasn’t hearing that you know he heard that now john smith is following orders! He worked for ( Virginia company in London) right so they supplied him with what he needed you had your mercenaries, you had your guns, you had your swords, you had war tools.

19:10 - Go kill them all! So we can do our advertisement and say get the light come get your free land we’ll give you two slaves to start out! The white people/superior can’t stay in the sun and work that ground.

19:23 - The Indians can do it, the blacks can do it, the darkest skin ones can do it, the jews can do it, but their white skin couldn’t take it. Those who come from really hot nations and it’s hot all the time don’t really like air conditioning, and they don’t really like snow or cold weather very much.

19:48 - The religious organizations y that decided let’s take over the Muslims and let’s take over the Liberian peninsula because it was very wealthy. Guess what they did? Kill the Moorish those Muslims and they also kill the jews and they kept going.

20:07 - Why? They have to remember why because they are the superior race and they’ve been telling this is 1478 they’ve been told that since the 800s so that’s what it is yeah that’s just how it goes now.

20:25 - In 1492 mass deportation of the jews where you where are you going to Israel mass deportation of the jews because what the slaughter was about to begin because remember they were told you know exterminate them all racial um research in berlin in 1930 genetics in berlin 1930 um um berlin in Germany 1945 turkey 1990 um Vietnam 1968 the Rwanda 1994 the extermination was on put you in mass graves kill you out you’re gonna the other ones will die out and We will have the whole earth to ourselves Take your wealth genocide fascism exportation slavery conquest contempt for aliens This is white supremacy killing 6 million jews (correction 11 million JEWS) they killed 20 million Africans in the congo 20 million In madison square garden there was this big event help to raise money for Hitler and to talk about the white agenda and they called it the gentile agenda.

21:53 - So guess who’s left out the everyone dark skin, of course, the jews they’re left out and it was packed Volkswagen was their major companies were there major companies supported it major companies look at the companies that got caught up in this evil! That’s 1939 1938 look at those companies that’s a lot of companies that said yeah we’ll support you yes you’ve got our money and they sent it they did it exterminate all the roots Now Raoul has made lots of documentaries not about love in 1997 the young by Raoul Peck 19 2017 the school of power 2009 and of course, I’m not your negro in 2009 so check out some of his work late 15th century everything is colonized everything is legal to kill everything’s legally illegal knock yourself out okay the Portuguese are coming everybody is coming the ships are coming the guns are coming everything is coming they’re going to take the land the advertisements are posted take the land Indian territory to come and settle colonialism come to settle, kill, steal, destroy! You can have it all! Exterminate those brutes they’re not really human.

They came and they did just that that was the agenda so when you meet someone and they are on the orders to kill you and it’s okay to kill you they don’t have to feel anything because they were told hey it’s okay. ] They’re not like us. They’re like monkey people, they’re like rats, you know they’re like roaches, they’re like bad insects, that need to get be gotten rid of they’re on our land! So let’s kill them! Did the Indians fight back absolutely the Africans fight back absolutely! Now African slaves became property and 2021 are still look at as machinery.

Well, when the united states decide to change the rules you’re like wait a minute now you take you the southerners like before civil war broke out that person that you think is human is actually a tractor they’re not human they’re like my dog they’re like my cat I am white and I have because the 800’s they’re still being taught this.

24:37 - So when slavery changed in the united states it was hard for them because you took my tractor you know you took my mule it walks upright like me talks but it’s not like me it’s not intelligent not to read go to school be a college be a doctor be a lawyer be an Indian be a chief! We’ve shown that all those things were lies so we’re trying to move forward 1885 European leaders met at the berlin conference.

25:11 - They did they divided up Africa, you can have this piece, you can have that piece, and you can have that piece.

25:18 - Something happened in 1887 and we thank him very much but this um Scottish surgeon jb Dunlap and they still have Dunlop tires you know 1883 he decided to you know he figured out how to fix the rubber and make bicycles and all kinds of fun things.

25:38 - Well, the german dutch says oh we can handle this but they went there and slaughtered over 20 million Africans in the congo and they would cut their hands off.

25:52 - In 2021 the Germans and the dutch were still celebrating making chocolates out of hand celebrating King Leopold the second method of torturing them if they didn’t work and bring him rubber 2021 they’re still making chocolate hands because they’re superior So King Leopold behaved very badly in the congo and the congo is like 80 times bigger than Belgium it is about two times the side of texas with two times the side of California combined.

that’s pretty big. So, rubble was made for bicycles, rubber stamps, boats, gloves, you know all kinds of things.

26:48 - Even today we use lots of rubber but the money also made berlin builds beautiful buildings and structures and it became a tourist’s economic economy again the demand for rubber was outrageous and the killing continues it continues.

27:11 - I just wanted to bring um you an understanding that even George Washington he came to the new land to get his free land and to and to survey the land and say hey I know where you can get some land.

27:24 - I know what’s available and he was part of it too that’s how he made his money he had African slaves also he shed Indian blood because it wasn’t it was legal it was illegal 1478 legal okay Now, remember I told you when the nazi party came everybody the companies were in it was in it They were in it civilization colonization extermination exterminate the brutes check it out in HBO I hope you learned something today about how far we’ve come and understanding why the white supremacy still exists today because it started in the 800’s eight zero, zero and they still believe we are superior and everyone else is to be exterminated or to be made slaves um or to be subject to them they want us all to dress like them look like them just like Hitler’s army march at them that is their agenda if not they’ll just exterminate us because it’s okay Thank you for joining us today we want to let you know that we appreciate you so much um please check out the series I’m gonna come with parts three two three and four but this is just the introduction of exterminating all the proofs check it out on HBO max thank you for joining us please like subscribe click the notification bell and um leave a message what do you think about all this Wow we’ve come a long way baby right we’ve come a long way um remember uh one journey let’s make it count of course I’m wearing my [ __ ] bar and it’s in the description below my wigs are in the description below as well and um my makeup is in the description box as well until the next time we meet uh thank you for coming by and thank you for your for being loyal you guys are outstanding one journey let’s make it count and remember your actions they have consequences enjoy your day you.