THE BEST VANLIFE BEACH EVER -- Fresh Fried Fish Tacos at Punta Uva

Jul 13, 2021 14:00 · 1923 words · 10 minute read

good morning we still have the best camp spot ever so hopefully it stops raining the sun comes out we can enjoy we’re going to show you guys a little bit of van chars we’ve got going on our latches for our drawers stopped latching because of the seat it hits these latches and eventually the screws become undone so now i have to take out the latch and this piece and i’m going to put in a new one this one’s a little bit more low profile so whenever the seat hits it it hopefully won’t get messed up okay so i use double-sided sticky tape to figure out where the the latches go and now i’ll just screw them in with my little screwdriver all right well i got the new one in it seems to work really well and then and the best part is whenever this starts to move too much we can just tighten this a little bit and then do it again and it’ll be a more tense latch so nothing will ever move i think drop well done this morning i’m gonna have some breakfast i already had some coffee this morning we’re gonna have some smoothies with papaya banana and some cantaloupe well a lot of people say to us living the dream and it is a dream but there’s a few menial things that everybody must do in their life i’m going to take care of those monthly obligations paying off the credit card bill moving money to our debit card which is through charles schwab and has no international fees it’s really great about every three months i have to do some taxes and in regards to my app update i pushed last video apple did approve it so it’s live in the app store now this update was for my photo investigator app which pays the bills what really was making more money was another huge app i had that was removed from the app store it’s kind of a monopoly of power but it’s been two and a half years and that’s still paying more than the photo investigator so i’ll have to come up with something new so how’s the monthly stuff going pretty well yeah we spent about 2 000 last month pretty good all right got all the monthly things done and the taxes paid back to van life you’re gonna go out yeah there’s a a little area right over there that’s calling my name yeah i’ve been staring at it for a while i gotta go i keep telling him he might have waited too long wavy gravy definitely the best campsite we could have found here all right we’re gonna go for a little hike over to a sea cave snow’s gonna hold down the fort for all of us somebody’s gotta do it i mean she’s got a perfect view this campsite is amazing so here we go okay well that’s where we’re heading over to the sea cave a little point in our little neighborhood we have here on the beach well right around that corner is punta uva but clearly from here it’s just a cliff maybe if you swim you can come in through that sea cave but uh google said it was gonna be 18 minutes we’d have to walk way over there so we’re just trying to beat google on this one it looks like there’s a path right here it might work oh buddy i think there’s a way and it looks like we’re going straight up and over i kind of prefer that honestly Curt on point so up here it’s a beautiful little forest and might be able to head this way to the point plants growing on plants growing on plants this is the buttress roots buttress roots a crab on the buttress room oh wow and then i think that’s a little termite mound right there jeez what a tree now we need to find a sloth i know up here oh wow this is sick no all trails no nothing but we found it we were right down there guys this trail is super sick over here there’s a rope down to that cliff and we get to do a little bit of a climb similar to that last section is this a tombstone right here wow it looks like uh he died in 64.

his family were the first inhabitants of punta uva dedicated their life wow for mr hansel and various of his family were entombed in the highest part of the red cliff of punta uva i think that’s about where we are so this really is like a red mud cliff and now we’re way out here on the point you see people are surfing here point break and over there the van should be right there hey emily this is Punta Uva, Puerto Viejo is the bigger one and then Cahuita check out the sea cave wow so we have found over here like a natural arch which is the sea cave all the way over there it looks like a super nice swimming hole and now we’ve got it all to ourselves since the last people just left and we’ve got some surfers over here to watch what a cool spot we found punta uva it’s loaded with urchins in the rock no way here comes the wave well we took the other way out this is the next beach over from ours you see the surfers out there we climbed up over that point but it looks like a sweet spot here but a river comes out so here curt spotted a couple rainbow eucalyptus trees a really exotic looking tree yeah it looks like play-doh mushed together and then made into a tree that’s cool and then there’s another one bring that i feel so much better finally got a shower feels so good to be clean again especially because when we were on the rocks in the sea cave i totally slipped on the rocks and i scraped up my leg a good amount but now i feel clean and i brought my shower stuff with me so that i could just get a shower if we did find a shower on the way back from the sea cave but Danny did not so i’m all by myself walking back Danny and Curt went back to talk to snow and i think Danny will come back and get a shower a little bit later but dang if it if i wasn’t so dirty i would have said that was probably the worst shower it’s just like a tube coming out of the ceiling and cold water which is completely fine because it’s like super hot out but then like a family came in and someone tried to open the shower on me and so i showered in my bathing suit oh van life Sombrita’s with danny and i can already see her looking at me as i walk up so excited to see my girl danny’s gonna try his hand out a little bit of spear fishing with curt’s spear oh it’s called a hawaiian sling which i mean it’s not really well it’s definitely not my thing because i don’t eat fish and i think the fish should live but it’s cool that they have something to do at the beach while they’re snorkeling there’s a reef right out there so well i was fun trying out this thing from kurt the aiming is pretty hard guys and you got some shots off you know some fish oh you shot them yeah i never hit a fish i’ll go get a little camera angle of it real quick okay see how many fish there looks like we have a visitor looks like danny’s going back out there gonna catch the fish on camera my preferred method obviously either way it’s still fun things cameras are fun too and now you can watch the clips so here we go again it’s no surprise you can’t fight it when it feels so true if you want them to stay alive stay up until the morning the morning you is just what is do as we look up at the stars in the sky did we ever stop and wondered why we let our love shine all through the night just you and me babe until the morning how’d it go wow i went out along the roof and there’s a point where you can cut inward it feels pretty epic because you’re already pretty far out there but i went for it snorkeling with like walls around you and then a big wave and i saw a ray cool great day i’m gonna go back hunting now because i feel like there’s so many fish out there i wow three three times at the smartphone cool yeah back and forth look at it it’s still going oh my god oh my god i can’t believe how big that is what kind of fish is that i think it’s pretty good oh it’s beautiful it’s jack is it jack what is that yeah oh it’s good look at you with the fish congratulations all right the guys are at work cleaning this fish up okay tell us the story you just caught a whole freaking fish yeah pretty much the same spot i got on the video earlier but this time after trying to shoot some fish unsuccessfully all of a sudden there’s a big one and got him and just brought it right in quick when i you know thankfully Curt knew how to filet it but when i took the rest of the fish back and dropped it it went right to the bottom way out there where i got him yeah it was kind of scary because i didn’t know if i should wait there to see what came and ate it or if i wanted to leave so what went through your head whenever the fish flew by you all of a sudden i just saw a big fish oh man this is my chance like it was just so close and big and probably the biggest fish that i saw out there no way so now we got it all cut cleaned and now danny’s gonna rinse it off so we got the fish cut up here and putting it in the milk and then panko we’re gonna have some fried fish tacos well i really gotta thank Curt for letting me borrow his spear thing Hawaiana they call it in mexico and this is sizzling smelling really nice but amazing that there’s the coral reef right here next to the van you don’t have to pay anything love this spot one time at van camp oh smells good there it is about to have some fried fish dinner at sunset good job danny perfect yeah we got the salad marks being made salads ready i’ll just throw this on top so that there’s no flies and even better emily’s made some fresh margaritas over here straight from the sea yeah it was a really nice day finishing it off with style here but come on back tomorrow check us out on Curt and Snow’s page and we’re going back and forth with the videos another epic day here in paradise.