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is please it comes back to you uh your condition is very critical mr damien otter you really need to come to the hospital you know how much i hate going to hospital browser right now you have no choice i’m calling in the i’m last name immediately no doctor wait i have something to discuss with my lawyer tiffany mr damian business can wait i’m here to save your life first i have to walk with my lawyer i have to go alpha might meet him there is an emergency house fine chase drive vlogs regarding extent hurry up immediately immediately mr damian mr damian can you freaking drop this people give me a hand here mr damian mr damian dr academia oh my goodness oh my god sweet good to see you again dr rachel good to see you too it’s been ages yeah august last year i’m so sorry debbie i had no intention bringing back old sudden memories i’m so sorry it’s okay well i actually decided to stop by and check upon you i hope everything is fine with you yeah everything is fine thank you thank you don’t worry okay thank you so have you been fine thank god workforce okay mom it’s time to come out i want to see the fitting of clothes on you okay mama do you want me to come help you wow oh my god mom you look 16.

plus thanks to you me i don’t know what you’re talking about more i know it’s just a number i pray like so of course i know that likes good things that’s why no one has ever seen my eyes for more than two days that have been addressed even a tenacious to your father all i want from me is a little attention that is pertinent i know that’s very good man and i know he will like it are you sure stop my mom don’t tell me to calm down mr lex i invested 150 million error in cash and assets up to now no tech penny has been paid into my account as agreed you see that your staff are sleeping while others are working talk to me mr lex don’t be on demonstrative huh what nonsense is now listen listen i said now i want all my money back yes what is it can’t you read moods you invited him you brought that incompetent fool here i don’t know what he has done to merit all those alcoholics and now my 150 millionaire is sinking his incompetent firm where all they do is drink coffee and the staff sleep with each other join off his house don’t even bother defending that inverted and virulent womanizer well is everything all right i need to be left what happened did you like it we can go try something else more talk to me mo i need to be alone sorry mom it’s a marriage i’m sure you can fix it not anymore baby what do you mean not anymore your father’s not infected i’ve sacrificed everything just for him to be happy every day i die slowly i left my decrease just to become a full timeout i’ve never disrespected i shuffled down his disdain echo and pride all i want is just attention but all i get from you with all my attempts i have become a loser i i know that is is an hype active businessman but i know you’ll come around soon okay please no you don’t stop please damien i love you what uh good morning sir what’s good about the morning when you have outrightly refused me grazing your bed i still find it very difficult to believe it was her a lady who retired from prostitution several years ago i chose as a good boy leaving me with all my voice you know you know like a man at my age is always careful about things related to sex you know it’s not full of time you know that’s not completely true i’ve heard a lot of stories about old men under libydo besides who’d have believed my father at this age could marry a seventh wife that is your father not me oh and i’m just trying to make a point here point taking um damien auto yes that’s my name come on come how did we get up to this point look you will spoil things here go back to work i survived come on going to the village sir to see my mom news came in last night that she’s sick oh dear oh yeah so sorry about that okay um how long are you going to be away for three days off just three days three days does my wife your madam know about this arrangement yes it i’ll put it then hopefully not drop you at the park did you hear what your small mother said come on get in let’s give you a lift no no no no no i’m fine i’ll just get it back at the end i’ll find my way insist call me let me drop you off let’s drop you over the park what are you saying i said i’m fine man um very okay i’ll manage okay okay um okay okay um figures all right come on i’ve added to whatever my mom gave to you i’m sure you can buy one or two things that you’re going to do are you insulting me all right all right just go go go go go go go so hey baby oh my love surprise what are you doing here let’s see the same quest that brought a lion out of the jungle now answer me before i send you to hell ouch you have to be gentle on my tender skin please how did you get the key to this apartment i can call the police on you you know you know you can do that because you’ll be guilty of the same crime after all this is not your house you know is wrong she’s now in the house chose the two of us how did you say relax baby come on let’s see i’ve been with you long enough to have mastered your itinerary besides this is where it all started this is where we first experienced a threesome you ronke and i oh such an experience i will never forget in a hurry remember the night you picked us from the club how you came back all around and you were shaking and pleading how you have been sexually stopped funny night huh come on come on hey i can’t just understand why you chose an old wine to this new one because i dislike cheap things you came to me that you wanted a job you were so desperate you could do anything wrong came wanted more well i don’t need to discuss past what is going on here mr damian and eureka what are you doing here is it not this little crawling insect that has become a pest in my life but it will end today um baby please i’m sure you know how i read it just forget about her it’s not for you it is for her ekka from today onwards stay away from me and my family i do not want to see you around us anymore and not in this apartment otherwise you will embrace winter in hell what have you done what are you doing this is not over yet you’re still here to tell me how your day when damien although i’m still your wife for crying out loud and what is there to talk about betrayal and deceit well you will hear from my lord very soon lex is a family friend and this is not the first time two of you are partnering in business and who the hell made you his mouth is i’m only judging from the past business relationship that brought you millions of naira to the same money just as damian why don’t you give this money chance i better still go through the end of the year financial reports i only need my 150 millionaire in cash or assets okay how about i do this for you i could go through the sheets and the last two years of the financial reports me i’m better than that’s your lawyer it’s not even a professional accountant and i could ascertain our 150 million error wins i don’t need to go to east office if that is please don’t darling me not until you tell me when it’s time to move into your house why in a rush have i not been taking care of you i’m still not pleased until i’m sitting on the throne right beside you i’m sorry my king but i deserve better what i can see you’re not happy to see me oh no no no no no that’s not what i mean have i not been taking care of you i have been giving you so much attention not stop making me feel as if i’m unimportant and relevant i’m sorry my lord i’m sorry but you should understand then you have to modify the gods for what you wait anything i love you so you’ll make it actually that’s why i alerted the efcc that i have a criminal as a daughter that efcc i didn’t do anything that i was only joking now you see if the curves and the alphabets are not perfect then it’s not my signature let me show you what my signature looks like you see my dear every single alphabet has a symbols now every drawing curves and patterns have its symbols and now this is my signature you can have it you need something i know that i i don’t want it oh it’s okay i thought you needed something oh wait okay all right honey let’s go um your mom is in dreamland she’s still there i love you so much honey so um i’m just trying to look good for my prospective tutors ah are you stopping on the way to see someone hello dad i’m still very single i’m not ready to mingle too that’s my girl remain focused always there are many good men born every day but yours will not pass you by hey man thank you so much daddy thank you hello no by the way i hope i still find my way to the german embassy of course i’ll lead you dad okay how are you hi good morning sir i’m here to see your mother mr rex am i right yes or she’s interested in especially mrs arthur mrs arthur mrs arthur it’s lex i’m here mrs arthur hello no it’s alex i’m sorry what’s dreaming our appointment is almost 12.

how cheeky get out lex what’s the meaning of this i really don’t think we’re here to meet mary and by the way who authorized you to enter into my kitchen i think i have to call my husband to deal with this get your filthy hands off me maybe i’ll just have to leave i really don’t like it or whether try to play smarts we’re here for a purpose my husband needs answers so let’s get on with it sure can i at least have something to eat before we start go ahead with it after all you prepared it so you can eat it all right dad let’s just hope there will be traffic today your financial report for the year is not inclusive in this report lex what have you been doing my husband’s investments sewing for rainy days just like every businessman would save your husband might have the lion’s share in this company agree but he shouldn’t point fingers to teach me how to run my business i’ve been doing this for years and i’m the best this company will not die as far as i breathe with or without your husband will you drop talking about your charming husband and talk about us diane it’s been 10 years and you haven’t touched your cognitive power overwhelming prowess international degrees skillful what happened tell me i’m just curious why you subject yourself to be this this spoon whipped bucket housewife oh dear you coming to my out of my house you know what you’re going to hear from the house lex go home diane for you i will go anywhere i’ve just endured this for too long then i want to get it off my chest i’ve admired you diane for a very long time and i’m i’m sure you’ve noticed i just feel like this is my chance to let you know finally please please don’t judge me just listen to me while i talk where is the passport i hope you have them i dropped the passport at mom’s room you did yeah that’s what you told me last night oh my god but you know we need the passports now and we’re already late oh that means i have to yeah that means i have to go back yeah yeah sure sorry i completely really want to be ducking a few more like me no one is a child anymore lex is that time to leave i think it’s high time we make known our dreams explore them our god-given talents i think it’s time we found ourselves diane who we really are leave the company don’t be trapped in this concave called love her marriage i want to give you a chance diane a chance to start all over and what happened to my daughter your daughter is old diane she’ll get married start a family she will leave just you and i we can go far away start all over start afresh i’m gonna make you happy again i promise are you there next take me call the dog uh is this some sort of conspiracy i need to see my husband i need to speak with him dr ritter speak to me i’m afraid your husband has dr richard i’m very sorry mother your husband made this decision clearly what sort of useless people talking about do you know you don’t tell me what to do let alone restrict my movements get your filthy hands off or force to me but please calm down allow them to do their jobs see i’m just pretty non-objective i just pray they don’t poison him thank you defective i’ll be back in the evening don’t worry i’ll keep you appraised thank you detectives do not provoke me get your filthy answer step on now oh are you okay um yes don’t panic the doctor says i’ll be fine does this illness or sickness have a name yes i i do that to keep it confidential uh have you been able to see ronke have you spoken with her no i tried reaching her number but they were not connecting i went as far as going to our house but i met no one there okay take it easy has come disney time has come you prepare my wheel this time i put them in the proper place they belong i’ll go away i wait far away to nose my heart did anyone hurt you sir talk to me mr dean i have over 150 million now tied up in the same company other person that put me in this condition i’ll give you the documents for you to recover all my money to the last call i presume this man is your business partner no no no he’s a home breaker he put me in this condition his name is lex ignis his company’s name is s-red oil make sure you recover all my money to the last couple i am counting on you i promise her i’ll do everything in my power to get back every cobble thank you okay yes but there’s something i would like to ask you do you know one mr alex all legs ignis ceo of enjoyed oil man i asked you your question this is dang i i don’t understand which we select what are you talking about please forgive me i’m so sorry please you mean you cheated on that please tell me you’re joking hopefully it’s not true tell me it’s not true oh my god i don’t need to do it please please mr damian so it’s been married to conflict all along why lie here and wrap yourself up in a warm duvet when you outrightly blame what you’re the same crime yourself who does that mr damian stay clear of my marital affairs shut up and also your extramarital appears i guess all of it and i say all of it do as i say just write my will immediately i’m sorry oh please this is not fair this is not fair mr damian i understand you’re trying to do your job but be compassionate but did i remind you that a man question is not an ordinary man so you need to trade with caution you should understand that as far as this house is concerned you are only a visitor you shouldn’t be dishing out others i’m a feminist and i’m only trying to protect my gender well right now is a matter of life on death and as this is concerned my jobs comes first on the scale of priority amen you’re all the thing mom i would advise that you mind your ultras and you mind your job too debbie i know how you feel but trust me when i say this is not the worst that could ever happen to a married of couple my family apart no family comes out of this with the pretense that all will be well they know my father too well he’s sick and heartbroken knowing that the man he despised so much took advantage of him everything will be fine to be everything will be fine you know ever in the family will be okay the worst if i were you i’ll be praying for hell to freeze so that no other demons uh really sorry please who could have known you were pregnant you allowed that ingredient to kill my child my longer-weighted son i didn’t know that i was pregnant because you didn’t know you’d be i’m caught yes i’m sorry please have your tears for my funeral no no you’re not going to die that was what i thought until the doctor told me i wasn’t going to make it in the morning you may keep you making me pleased i’m forgiving you from that first moment you had made up your mind you had taken a path and you wouldn’t stop you yes for over 20 years i was wrong karma has visited this house and everyone must have a fair share of life’s preciousness i’m sorry now um your condition is very critical mr damien otter you really need to come to the hospital no doctor you know how much i hate going to hospital browser right now you have no choice i’m calling in the and last name immediately no doctor wait i have something to discuss with my lawyer tiffany mr damian business can wait i’m here to save your life first i have to walk with my lawyer i have to go yes oh do something mr damian oh god mr damian doctor oh i’m from like medicine there is an emergency house fine cheese drive vlogs regarding experts hurry up immediately immediately mr damian mr damian can you [ __ ] drop this people give me a hand here mr damian mr damian dr academia damien he hello how dare you oh so you think i’m going to welcome you with a smiling face right you’ve lost it ajala travel all over the world today you are in london tomorrow in south africa next tomorrow america where will you make use of your miserable life answer me hey any move and i terminate whatever we had hmm good to see you again dr rachel good to see you too it’s been ages yeah august last year it was a very tough i can’t believe i’m not offered i’m so sorry debbie i had no intention bringing back old sudden memories i’m so sorry it’s okay well actually decided to stop by and check upon you i hope everything is fine with you yeah everything is fine thank you thank you don’t worry okay ah yeah you still look beautiful thank you so have you been fine thank god workforce okay you like it great huh look you have to trust me and stop treating me like a child you belong to me and no one so you should understand i don’t like to share i’m sorry but maybe i just need my own time and space space you mean then you understand that in such quest for space that you demand there will be no pockets money what yes and all the cars will be locked in the garage and your bank account frozen hey hey okay okay must everything come with a prize i presume this is damien junior the longer-weighted ill-gotten son who never cared to show up why his father was sick let him know know where his father was buried or even too clear enough to know why he was kept in the dark for so long who the hell do you think you are tiffany what are you doing here well i heard you are putting all mr damian’s assets and properties for sale you must have [ __ ] him so hard for him to wield all his assets to you and this boy here leaving his wife and daughter to die you really want to hit me ah i hope you will be willing to flex those muscles when the chairs are down just go upstairs please just go upstairs i’ll mrs damien me and you have business honestly i’m shocked at what i’m hearing i mean who could believe that your father could do such a thing to you and your mother that was how they frustrated us that was how we kept on going to cuts they frustrated my poor mother to death could have believed my father had a son and a wife outside so are you still in contact with barista tiffany it’s been long we spoke this wheel your father signed to used to have a copy of it because i have a very good boya friend who i think will be of help yes i still have it will be the outcome my parents are late debbie you have a stranger sitting on your father’s fortune i mean who could believe that the only legitimate child of late mr damien otter will be lavishing so much poverty you need to do something anything hold up my goodness this is pure wickedness this only shows that your father never forgave your mother debbie debbie are you okay yeah i’m just reminiscing and my father were very close i thought i knew all the secrets men’s hearts are like pisa each slice has its own story i guess you just had a slice of it one or maybe two the signature so is the one on this paper is julie and completely signed the one on this wheel is incomplete debbie yeah where did you get this from now every drawing curves and patterns have its symbols and now this is my signature i told you my father and i were very close hold on rachel you were there please tell me did my father really yes he did he did sign the real box fort what wherever your late father is now i know he will be regretting his actions debbie i think your late father spirit has come to stay with you and i think it’s time for you to ask now what do i do where do i start from don’t worry i’ll lead you thank you thank you so much i’m still fast enough to know why you are here to declare my interest in the purchase of daily flow mails this house and all other properties that’s your auction for sale well the amounts involved in the auction and sales are not for brokers like you so i suggest to stop wasting your time and go back to the chamber where you belong how about i bring someone who is willing to pay for anything for all that you are willing to sell i’m still not interested why don’t you actually price and who are you lex the name behind all the success stories you have already heard of the late damien why are you such a chameleon symphony there is no gain and still trying to be loyal to a dead man we are here for our personal interest i’m still not interested oh yes you are and you will be so do you have any legal documents certified bank checks or anything have the signature on this signature this is to attestation your claim and make your case not contestable in any court in the world here’s an original document yes sir every other documentary my step mother she’s in charge of every documentary that belongs to my father like i said eliasa her late father acted without giving this a clear thoughts even on his sick bed he acted like someone who wanted to sign the wheel and die and he also looked like he was being compelled to sign the will so are you suspecting a diabolical approach by the stepmom to compel him to sign yes sir i think she’s a witch and to tell you that she never showed up not until the day of the real hearing now i’m beginning to like this kiss excuse me hello this is georgio kks yes i will be going on an unofficial outing yes and i’ll need protection yes please treat us urgent thank you this is taking forever i’m sorry melisa okay something came up what came up that you could not handle see i actually came back here to get more cash okay you guys have to chill please because this woman is not top of wealth there’s so much money to spend hey come on i’m getting hold of anything you can get and get the hell out of there you know if roger should find out we are conspiring against that we are going to get our cables you know that how does he distracted now right now so like i’m not going to leave the money for anything you’re delaying me want me to miss my flight can you imagine daily floor meals route construction luxury garden extends huge amounts of money there are worth over 25 million dollars as you can see it’s not a thing of child’s play so i wouldn’t want to waste my time i gave you 30 million dollars what yes you have the world business title 30 million we pay you half right now the other half of these legal documents do you only do of course it’s a dude and i remember giving him sick and tired of acting all this british never oh i want stop it please thank god yes i want to come come on leave the police out of this why cause link is still very much at large i could give you but call him up and strike a deal you want me to negotiate with a madman holding machete barrister tiffany can handle this she’s a small talker let’s give it a shot just pray i find him but if i don’t the tear is sealed this is not over ronke so hey who are you people my name is agent allen this is dr rachel your husband personal doctor this is honorable greg okay from the federal high court that’s my partner agent cobra and of course this is debbie otter the latest one’s first doctor she doesn’t even know me i’m sure you thought i was dead officer this which i killed my parents well um upon the authority of the federal high court an investigation into the wheel by your late husband two years ago within all his assets and properties to your son which is believed to have been done on that duress which by law does not ultimately support totally unbiasedly the said families and the principal members here hey listen honorable george okay or whatever you call yourself i really don’t understand what you’re talking about really suggest you step aside woman and don’t impede into our investigation she’s right the signature on the wheel is not valid cut it what the hell are you talking about well mrs ronke after careful investigation this wheel is found to be void and of no consequence therefore all power remains with the deceased as far as assets and properties whichever line of action you may choose to take whether legal or whatever we are ready for you have made massive money from this phone will have the opportunity to there is no way i would have known that these dollars were fake everything happened so fast there’s no way i would have known there’s no way there’s no way this will be happening this cannot happen to me this is not true i cannot be losing after all my effort after all the efforts i’ve put together i cannot be losing i cannot lose now so what do we do we cancel the trip cancel the trip yeah with a little money we’ll save we can start a new life here as if starting a new life is that easy i think we should come up with a plan yeah let’s come up with a new plan i don’t care my friend cannot be sitting alone i said the whole practice everything we’re starting this together we started everything there’s no way there’s no way i’ve been left behind there’s not even there’s no way i’ll be left here there’s nothing wrong with starting afresh let’s just forget about all this and move on with our lives okay as for me i’m done i’m done with this i’m not going back to that house i’m done risking my life first all this all this rubbish hold on i’m done piecing like a man with a weapon sorry guys but i’m out i mean i can continue with this sorry i’m i’m sure we’re going to give you something the hard way is not just the only way nobody please please don’t do this you know so don’t give up at the time you cannot give up you cannot you cannot live only in this is peace they really don’t need fights in this i also noticed the signature few days ago but i was hoping i would act fast but understand there is no point considering the fact that i knew one that a male child desperately even if i decide to go ahead with these kids i will eventually lose because i lost my son few years ago he went up to his bed he actually thought his song wasn’t universal not knowing he was killed by some group of court members i was i contacted my friend a car who used to be your father’s mate and they got to help me look for my sons look alike just i really don’t want to lose everything i just want a compensation for being used by a desperate man jackie please that was smart but not so smart making money in this country is not as easy as you think you mean you made me waste my time and resources chesting after shadows i don’t know maybe it’s peculiar that all the women surrounding late mr damian are relatively stupid i just went one way or the other not to talk of wrong care it’s even worse with her it would have been a smooth sail you will never change i regret betraying him the dead doesn’t grant perfect remission do they only the man up there now we’ll be back for you barrister tiffany don’t bother i have all that conversation everything about you everything you said is recorded every day has a new folder good luck on your practice in the court i hope you become the greatest lawyer you’ve always wanted to be as you practice in your black long masquerade robe under the harsh conditions of the weather good luck barrister what do you want sorry i’m here to discuss business can i have a seat is you it calls back to you no need for is you.