The Boys Reaction - WHAT IN THE HECK DID I JUST WATCH!!! (1 X 1) First Time Watching

Mar 14, 2021 21:20 · 2254 words · 11 minute read

holy [ __ ] oh snap what the hell just happened what’s going on oh if you guys can do me a quick favor and go and smash on that like button and cost you guys nothing but it means everything to me and the algorithm gods of youtube so if you can just support and smash on that like button that would be greatly appreciated now it’s time to get to the first episode of the boys let’s bring it whoa okay she got super strength oh that’s sweet oh i heard nothing but good things about this show so i’m like really excited for it he melted the gun on his hand oh he just murdered him oh god oh of course you can damn he just murdered that dude stereo so you can put it all around your living room he killed that dude without a problem okay then i need to get you an audio transmitter aptx low latency it makes it so there’s a lot of kids okay cool late like like 30 30 minutes like a solid 45.

02:16 - slaying cable means you want me to come over to your house and just take a big old [ __ ] that’s disgusting well okay but you who said it though okay are you ready where are we gonna go to lace and cable afterwards what did you ask me who gary did you ask gary i had to ask you out oh hell no this is about you getting what you deserve holy [ __ ] oh snap what the hell just happened what the hell what’s going on oh he just killed his girlfriend oh whoa holy [ __ ] okay i’m still shocked from what just transpired my man just ran through her and she’s just punching the wall and lifting a car this is incredible with one hand alrighty damn i’m i’m upset still about robin whoa so sorry are you all right holy [ __ ] i was at the q a they always asked me what my wish was and i always said to save the world oh yeah i’m mad if i’m him i am pissed oh is that guy for that girl i love in the room and the spread what a spread stop talking stop talking 5 000 in restitution oh hell naw all you have to do is sign forty five thousand dollars and i’ll offer you the check you out yo rabbit ass ma this is a confidentiality you’ve been holding robin’s arms in my hands i know you’re upset but no dog then say you’re sorry oh man you should have said that this this guy better not sign that goddamn paper you okay he better not sign that goddamn paper as i said yeah that initial reaction that you had in your mind that was definitely the right one get the [ __ ] out damn he ran right through her man i’m still quiet i supposed to do that after the phone call i’m so i’m so sorry but you can’t good talk dad what this is a lot of money huey oh hell no you don’t have the fight you never have oh i’m sorry but it’s true with me okay remington steel’s on i don’t give a god damn about no damn remington still uh uh-uh come on dad okay well this is for a movie role ladies and gentlemen it is without a doubt every day for us yeah whatever our reach thanks to the 200 plus superheroes in the vaught family damn it’s 200 future heroes where there is a vaught here we are bought okay so they monetize superheroes okay okay supposed to be like aquaman oh hell no he just got to sit there and look at all this type of [ __ ] oh man oh man they even got frosted a train oh oh man that’s very unfortunate and then the poster oh man and then he’s on the magazine nah dawg did you have your own soon homeland come on give it a test drive come on oh damn that escalated real quick escalated very quickly i mean you said you had a crush on me i think just a little bit of pull smoking oh wow hey wait wait wait wait wow how bad you want to be in the seven take it easy so now we’re just we’re just talking and look i know that you’re powerful i get it your power is adventurous des moines just went psycho on the d oh hell oh man this guy’s a creep i mean that’s not what you really want right oh damn or we come together as a team and then you know what happens i hope she can blind dreams come true a young single mother oh wow this is cool jimmy fallon so tell us how are you able to to vanish no i don’t actually ventability cloak all right but just to be clear you have to be completely naked how right nannies shake their babies uh i’m sorry you know a good hard shake like bollocks people believe if you get them scared enough cool cool cool didn’t take the pay off yeah i said who the hell are you how do you know that my name’s butcher billy butcher oh [ __ ] like one either no what do i look like like you’re staring in a porn version of the no matrix on that’d be all over the news people would be screaming bloody murder yeah look there might be the odd mention of it now and again like with robin but there’s a [ __ ] sight more that happens that movie tickets merchandise they’ve been monetized video games because they monetize they’re morally compromised save the day so you don’t go and do it yourself but if you knew how this [ __ ] they get up to uh listen i think this is good i’m good uh thank you for an extremely weird conversation but uh i don’t want to go to a second location with you hell yeah what have you gone to lose i’m riding with you robin was the best thing that happened to you bro and all you got left of her is her hands you better do something bro do something once in your life yeah i thought you were police yeah you know cop fed all the same requests oh wow wow all righty i ran so fast in this [ __ ] that i swallowed one of her molars oh damn like a bug on the [ __ ] freeway dude that’s nasty oh man this show just got so goddamn good oh damn did she do what i think she did oh oh oh oh man oh let’s go oh my got god a couple of bar fights a few cars got nicked but you know what’s not in there the bank robbery no bank alone’s coming off could smelly okay okay so um what can i do to help and and you want me to plant a bug like i’m well like i’m [ __ ] james bond yup hey you’re fbi if you’re fbi then get a warrant why do you and and i’m what i’m just supposed to go in there and i’m supposed to i’m supposed to shake his hand and smile yeah i’m not gonna say yeah yes james t laughing that you’ll go no no i can’t i can’t do that oh come on man you’re not gonna have your bug he was laughing at your girl though thank you for this my kid is gonna lose his mind ah it’s our pleasure just do not sell it online but not too militant caucasians love him too with a fifty-nine percent approval rate but there i am going to give you a three-year exclusive conference see because they’re monetized i’m gonna go ahead and predict that especially like a lot of those crime rates and stuff that they’re saying up 62 percent these companies are perpetuating that they are the cause of that so that way they can create need for their superheroes to place them so that way they can get paid with these bogus ass contracts see i haven’t even seen this and i’m pretty sure that’s where they’re going along with this but i could be completely wrong but i don’t think i’m wrong much 300 million a year holy [ __ ] i know i know it’s a tough spot it’s a type of rumor that could really tarnish those heroes of yours nobody wants that people need heroes oh he about to die i can make sure that that stays a rumor i’m sorry steve i don’t know what you’re talking about he’s about to die 300 million is the price or we go to atlanta my daughter got into the seven oh [ __ ] she landed on thick never mind everything’s great i have like a work thing or a light like thing it’s a work thing poor robin man a lot but she was never scared i’m gonna take that son of a bitch’s head clean off his body okay wow that was okay she was dead ass serious she gonna really do that i’m oh [ __ ] she about to take his head off right now starlight don’t want to be late to your fur and i’m not going anywhere that was a nice little threat hey hey guys come on stop what’s starlight going to think listening to us haggling over nickels don’t mess it up bro don’t mess it up dang they got guns security arm security everywhere sir could you empty your pockets please don’t look so suspicious what’s up with my man’s hair though he got that soup thing going on oh damn that’s all you can see oh man no dude pull your [ __ ] together bro pull it together this guy dude are you in the girls bathroom why are you in the room are you in the wrong bathroom that’s what i’m confused about god dang what the [ __ ] ah this guy steer that [ __ ] down i get why you dig this job yeah you know has its moments done that you were right [ __ ] a train [ __ ] damn he just used him well i need you for right now yeah i mean but i can i can help with other stuff you know oh man you just got used bro you ever seen an [ __ ] tear up 45k really you’re a good lad completely untrue but we all know how rumors spread so i’d appreciate your discretion she’s about to kill of course he bout to die yeah you just wasting your life away bro sorry we’re closing up [ __ ] it was invisible dude oh oh [ __ ] i followed you from the [ __ ] tower oh that didn’t go well please please please please no please oh whoa he’s dead oh man oh oh ah oh broken arms oh oh this guy’s smart so who are you [ __ ] spy for who huh translucent doesn’t even mean invisible that means semi-transparent oh whoo that’s his boss oh oh oh [ __ ] how’d you know the electric could do the job skin’s carbon highly conductive i saw it on uh jimmy fallon he he attacked us okay and you’re you’re a federal officer you know just just call it the [ __ ] fbi oh you lied about that okay so look um damn what’s he doing out here are you guys friends oh oh [ __ ] oh man oh snap holy [ __ ] that was crazy man hey y’all i’m excited like this is it i’m i’m mad that it’s taking me this long to watch it you know i’ll be watching a lot of shows and i i just like i always want to give the boys a try but i finally got a little bit of time to but damn oh man like the good guys are the bad guys as it looks like man well um hopefully you guys enjoyed this reaction uh let me know if you guys been watching this and if you haven’t maybe this will make you interested but this is crazy like i’m really really excited for this show um with that being said again i appreciate you guys for joining um if you have any questions comments concerns theories hypothesis feedback conclusions suggestions or just want to say what’s up uh make sure you let me know in the comments again please smash that like button also if you like this channel go ahead and subscribe and click that bell to get notified um but yeah all right y’all that’s all i got um i think what i’m gonna be doing next i was gonna watch the thing today but didn’t have enough time i only had an hour so i went on to watch the boys um but i’m gonna be watching the thing soon i’m definitely gonna be dropping another episode of this real soon so yeah man i appreciate it and i will catch you guys during my next reaction peace.