Developing An Abundance Mindset || Pst Bolaji Idowu || 9th May 2021

May 18, 2021 15:48 · 7510 words · 36 minute read

right so let’s get into this teaching today so in 3rd john verse 2 so i know what it means because you know i get the request that i’m frustrated i prayed a lot and i can’t see any changes some people are frustrated that i’m married to a man that’s a good christian boy cannot provide for the family it’s a single girl that is writing me and saying that um i don’t know why god doesn’t like me but god seemed to hate me and i would say why does god hate you they’ll say just because of the financial conditions i go through why there are those people that are going through extreme financial difficulty they’re also people that it’s not extreme but they’re stuck they have a nice house they have nice cars they can pay the children’s school first but they are still way behind they are still way behind where they need to be they are still way behind where they need to be financially so in this teaching one of the things you will see is that but the help of the spirits through the scriptures you will understand how come your way you are financially but also you will understand what you have to do today so this teaching is going to work if you make a promise to yourself to be willing to do something about what you’ve heard all right so john verse two third john verse two the bible says this beloved i wish above all things that you may prosper and the word prosper is very simple god the apostle says i want you to do well now he says something this way which is this is this is the complication of the verse he says i wish you may prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers that means that the way you prosper is going to be in proportion to your soul so if your song is not prospering you will not prosper he says hey this is what i want for you i wish you prosper so the apostle is saying that i know you have this great job but i wanted to do better but you’re going to do better based on what goes on in your soul hey says i know your finances really great hey so it’s almost as if it’s conditional is a very challenging scripture because in one area it’s a real prayer but the prayer is conditional he says i want you to prosper but you’re going to prosper as your soul prospers what does it mean by the soul the soul will refer to a lot of things but majorly metaphorically and to refer to your thinking it will refer to your mentality he says you cannot prosper beyond how much you are willing to to advance mentally let me see this way the way i wrote it down i said your financial state is a reflection of your economic mental state so if god wants to bless you your blessing will be difficult beyond your financial state let me show you an example so this is what this is what is going on here today what is going on here today is that a lot of people want expansion they say so when they pray they’re praying for all those millions they’re praying for all this hundreds of thousands of dollars but their mind is so small it cannot contain what god wants to do that’s why god said to abraham in genesis he says as far as your eyes can see just the same thing john said in other words he says as far as your eyes can see i would what give to you listen to me you can catch some fish in certain waters yes or no exactly so if your mind is smart there are fishes you can catch with a small mind there are finances that you cannot get even though you’re praying this is what many of us are doing can i have my examples can i have my examples no not not you you guys are very far from the example can i get this tool okay we can bring it thank you that’s fine and i put pockets of water so you can put that behind behind me all i wish is that i have the baby because this is what this looks like this is camera can you get this or we need to put on the two for those watching online are you okay michael can you get this or you need to come on the stage or something okay so this is what this looks like many people are praying for big things financially but their mentality is so small so this is this is simple this is a back in case many of you may not know it maybe from your country but in my country this is what we used to buy babies and when we put the baby inside because the baby may not be able to fit into the big bowl maybe too big so what we do is that we put the water inside like this we put the water into like this but guess what when the babies start growing we stop batting battling here because it’s grown many of you this is what you want you want to you want to become a financial giant but you’re still swimming in the battle for a baby you want to become a finish so you wanted many of you did if i this is what you said i’m praying for this i’m praying for that financially i’m hoping this will happen but where are you fishing you’re fishing the bathtub there are fishes that cannot be caught in some places when i was younger there’ll be people that are fishing up in the yard that is waterlogged and they will catch all the small fish and small fish and small fish but people that catch the real deal fish they don’t fish in small ponds why because the kind of pond you have the time is the kind of fish you catch that kind of mind you have the time is the kind of money you attract so people are here you know i wish i could get back and just put somebody here can i have some small enough that can sit down in here you see how we’re laughing because it’s even unimaginable that an adult can sit in this but where are most people sitting most people have grown in body but they’re not growing their financial mental state they’re still they’re still thinking how do i know they are still thinking like the seven year old financial child the way like the 18 year old university guy the way they are 40 years old but their financial plan just looks exactly like what it was when they were 21 years old they are still fishing in the port that’s why as soon as they make money they go and buy something new because that’s how young people behave when you give a child something he thinks of something to buy it’s called financially maturity but some people are older when they get a raise they want to buy a good tissue they want to buy brazilian air if they get money they want to buy a benz it’s the same in the same behavior showing up in different things how does the child save he says i save him into a p into into what do you call those small buckets no i want to call it yeah but local name you know you have this place you put money one by one you now that you’re older is that not how you save money you put your money in the bank because when you put your money in the piggy bank or in the colo what happens it doesn’t multiply now you have all that you do the same thing you leave all your money in the bank and inflation eats your money away because you still have the same financial behavior and thinking like someone that is very young the question is this you are fishing in this water and you are hoping to become a shark you’re staying in this water and you’re hoping for big things don’t you know that this mentality so this is your mentality it’s going to limit what goes on in it and the bible says as a man think it so if i want to see sharks i cannot see there are waters that don’t contain sharks if i want to get give me some good fish i can catch and give some some big fish what they call those big fish what is it croaker you you know you can get some tiny little fish in some in some area pond somewhere but if you want to get croquette fish that this big fish that they sell really big i don’t know what they call them what barracuda they’re this real big fish you don’t catch them there if you want to catch real fish you have to go to deep waters if the citizen i’m saying the way your mind is you are fishing in shallow waters and one of the things is this and let me say this quickly so where are you fishing someone says i’m old you can be old and be fishing in shallow waters that’s why have you asked yourself are my financial behaviors different from when i’m 25 from when i was 25 when i was 21.

some of you the financial givers are the same only that it’s change so instead of buying shoes you will not buy cars because they are more money but it’s still the same financial behavior because as a child how do you know a child once a child has money it itches him to spend yes or no exactly once you have money you need to spend just know your immature that’s the truth and you know why it teaches you to spend as a child because you cannot delay gratification as an adult because you can delete gratification but also because you want to show the people that you’re out of the out of what the rhetoric and you really are not you just have something to show so apostle paul says hey your soul it says i wish you prospered as your soul prospered so if this is your mind your can be swimming here he says i wish you’ll prosper as your soul prosper god says i want to bless you but step out get into a big pond god says i want to increase you but step out into a bigger pawn god says the what that’s why did you notice luke chapter 5 the bible says that peter said we cut all night what did jesus christ say jesus christ you’ve caught all night now launch into the deep you have been fishing in shadow waters he says launch into the deep we have been doing business of five and ten million it’s time to say i want to talk during 100 and 200 million you have been applying for things that pay you 200k and 50k it’s time for someone to do 1 million and 2 million he said launch into the deep why don’t we launch it so deep because number one we are afraid and that’s the problem we fear because no amount of prayer can take you with you how does fear go faith coming by hearing by the end of the word of god once faith comes in fear goes out so if you want to take free out of life it’s not by praying you must receive an enough light from faith that makes fear dispossessed glory to god i said glory to god you can help me take this for now do you have my blocks also we have it good so he says this so your financial prosperity i love the fact that you can pray but i noticed that you guys pray a lot because all of you are on nlp now let me answer this question ever look up here people always ask this that why is it that people that are not godly do better than do that godly well it’s relative but i will tell you the reason why today the reason why people that seem godly don’t do financially better financially they don’t do financially they’re not financially above those are not godlessness i will tell you the truth there’s a mindset part of it but the second thing is this most people that got the financially they don’t have the mental drive in terms of capacity and drive you see there’s this new saying in our country say corso for me i’m not sure if it’s real or if it’s fake but listen to me human beings go to graveyard take their bats all that people can see that they don’t care if you think they’re born against christians so they will never sow so because it’s two things number one there’s something i’ve noticed about those people the drive they have maybe is the heaven message that affect us that why should i have drive for physical things when i’m going to heaven i’m telling you so if an unbelievable tribe just doesn’t work we’ll try and try and check it a christian tries a piece and doesn’t work you know what it says it’s not the winner that should do it because it keeps on interpreting the will of god by events which is not right then the second thing is this so there’s the drive then the second is this the sagacity of their mind evidently you don’t know what it means that someone can think of taking his back in the graveyard it just tells you how far his mind can go no this is where the christian think of money i would just sit in my house abracado sagadia i’m going to be dropping from the heavens that’s how we think about money so you you see let me prove what i’ve said to you i’ve said it i think i said it here have you noticed in our country the average unbeliever guy at 21 22 can drive the average christian guy at twenty one to two cannot drive someone say twenty eight you’ll be surprised if i ask those that cannot drive here to stand up because it is just something that limits and let me tell you if he limits your mind he will limit your prayer if he limits you prior to leave the manifestation glory to god so then because let me show you what i’m saying from the bible luke chapter 16.

this is very powerful i i think i’ve shared a couple of times there but we’ll take it look chapter 16 verse 19. if you’re getting blessed you want someone to watch it maybe you have a friend that struck me financially get them on the phone and say hey you can just watch this on youtube instagram facebook right now because it’s going to really help them luke chapter 16 in verse 19. this is one of the most amazing stories of the bible i know you’ve read it a lot of times but i want to see this the bible says there was a certain rich man which was clothed in purple and finely learned and fed some shots every day and there was a certain wreath there was a certain beggar named azeroth which was laid at the gates at his gate full of souls now question someone says you see lazarus is a righteous person he doesn’t have money the sinner is the righteous person who has money and that’s why there’s a mindset issue but question is that do you know why lazarus was poor it’s there why lazarus will sport is in that statement why the rich man was rich is that statement look at what the bible says the bible says lazarus was laid at his feet verse 21 says are you there let’s switch but you want to go and lazarus desiring what what did they notice the desire of lazarus to be fed with crumbs he was a righteous man but his mentality was to be fed with crumbs you will think that god is not faithful to lazarus you will not understand lazarus problem was this he said i don’t want to hustle i don’t want wahala if i can be getting and out i’m okay there are many of you here and let me talk to the middle class the problem with the middle class is this the comfort is destroying your appetite for success you will have two houses you’ll have one you have two houses three brand new car two brand new car then all of a sudden your kids are going to good school you say i’ve arrived my brother life is more than two or three cars you just there’s just a way there’s a way you’ve lost the view you’ll end 20 or 30 million you’re not thinking of this how can this 20 become 300 you keep saying that i’m better than my mates what the media comparing yourself to we don’t compare ourselves to our means we compare ourselves to the word of god what does he say he says in you shall all the nations of the earth be blessed that’s where we’re going to brother that’s where we’re going to it’s not about this local champion ah you said the first my friend to enter plane how can that be an achievement if not for poverty some yeti could not even become justice or prosperity i can be you say i’m the first person to enter plane it’s an achievement so as i live abroad i’m better than you is it the living that god that makes you better or the quality of life you’re living indirectly we celebrate poverty all the time glory to god i said glory to god i said glory to god the other day i was invited to um to the house of the deputy high commissioner so we had some kind of meeting there and you know i was not going to go because i’d call in that clash i want to pass that he said to himself to be no matter what did you cancel and just honor the deputy british commission i said okay that’s fine we sat down we spoke i think the the the other um the consular general for netherlands was also there met all those people someone said so nothing so i spoke to some say apostle i have visa issues should we discuss it i said this is a problem we come for significant discussion someone said i have visa issues is that what we should be discussing you don’t understand the way you talk shows where you are i’m telling you when a small meeting 30 of us maybe 25 of us literally other consulars this and this and this were discussing global issues partnerships international partnerships discussing about hamilton economists or something some say we have this kind of issue but the reason why you keep talking about that is like a lizard lazarus that’s what you because let me tell you something if i ever apply to a country i’ll give an example i want to i don’t want to mention the name of the country but one country well you i want they didn’t refuse me i went the first week the guy looked at my documents and said ah i need one more document it’s actually combat the necessary documents i came back he looked at he said i need one more document i should come back i came back so the third time i came back he looked at digging and said ah you didn’t want documents i stood up i said if you don’t want to give me this i don’t know the visa i’m not coming back here i said do i look like someone that wants to leave your country i taught them to his face i said do i look like that if don’t tell me get my passport i’ll go he said no no i’m that’s not what i’m saying no no no no no that’s what i’m saying is to send you a system to bring it the next day and the assistant i sent my pa he took this submitted they sent back my password visa let me say something to you one of the ways you will know you’ll be successful is this even when you have nothing you’ll be confident even the reason why is that as a man thinking that’s not you know but you know that ah that’s it and it’s not a psychology of this understanding you just know glory to god let’s keep reading the story of lazarus shocking story the bible says desire to be fed with crumbs why is las vegas designed to further crumbs maybe because of experience you know the way you see so much poverty that when you make 1 million you say hey i’ve seen money but when you translate one millionaire into dollars it’s just two thousand dollars you know you’ve not seen money the minimum wage in america makes up the poorest people in america that work and about twenty something thousand dollars every year the poorest of the poor is minimum wage you know what that means in nigeria in terms of money that means the province putting america in about 13 million every year and many of you entertain me not here and you fail as if the lord has opened the door and i’ve arrived when we turn you to global scale you’re amongst the poorest of the forest i’m not saying you should not tangle for what you are i’m only saying that you may need to open up your mind a little someone says don’t worry when i travel you cannot become rich it doesn’t work that way you know why location does not change the state what happens when you travel is this you just move from the minimum in nigeria which is very bad because minimum ninja is bottomless that means you know it can be zero it can be twenty thousand it can be fifty thousand that’s middle of nigeria you’ll move to minimum in that country you’ve gone through so minimum days twenty something you did but at the same time you are still what minimum so even all of you that live abroad it’s not enough to say i’ve moved no if your life is going to change financially your state of mind must change location does not change people it’s the state of mind that changes people that’s why paul says i wish you prosper evil as your soul prosperity romans 2 says that be transformed by the renewal of the mind so the major thing is this people are praying but their mind is so small their mind is limited it’s like that is that that child betting bad boy just like that look at lazarus last was prayerful prayer for boy his mind was that what listen to me some of you have debts you keep praying father help me to pay the interest you see how your mind is working as if interest are capital is big to god but in your mind the interest is so big you can even think of paying the capita so he said lord help me pay the interest question which was more difficult for god paying interest or paying capital which of them no why can’t you ask for capital the reason why is this your mind cannot even conceive it so you see us you keep asking us for crumbs that fall from the table when you’re looking for contracting you’re off in your job is it not crumbs you look for you look for small small contracts the one nobody can fight for that’s what you look for when you’re looking for opportunities you look for crumbs crumbs it’s it’s a thinking so in your industry it’s crumbs you’re looking for and your job is crumbs you’re looking for in finances is crumbs you’re looking for every wave scrum because you are pointing your hands to lazarus right now you’re not looking at yourself when they say we want to do what they call it a facial makeup job is the people that will pay twenty thousand you are looking for or do retail credits the one that will pay to 2.

5 million you don’t find those ones his crumbs someone says how do i find them there’s a way you position for what you’re looking for and this why god tells us to give you know why one of the biggest thing giving does is from being a beggar to a giver it changes your mental position so god says i want you to be always a giver that’s why it says see it says that it says that it’s always it’s more blessed to give than to receive why the gift is a is a mental position of the senior how about you god god is trying to make you practice a habit of generosity a bit of prosperity god wants me to be able to drop money and walk away from me that’s the point he’s trying to develop what giving those is two things number one it helps your saving culture if you can tight you can save because you’ve learned the principle of putting money aside then number two you’ve learned the principle of just looking away see of transactions so when someone say constant title given the problem is that they didn’t understand what god is trying to do in their life what if you’re a titan why is it difficult for you to save it’s not difficult because you just say i tied to god and i thought to myself it’s not all and you know they told them are untouchable then the second thing it does is that when you’re given the image of your mind you don’t be you can never be a giver and the moment you’re giving feel small once you are giving you always feel superior do you know do you know that feeling you always realize yes i’m doing something significant and god is hoping that if that’s your mindset can become permanent your whole life will change glory to god i say glory to god so let’s keep reading the bible says and lazarus designed to be fed becomes which fell from the rich man’s table moreover dogs came and licked the swords let’s let’s read this um let’s let’s read verse 2 verse 16 and it came to pass that the beggar died and was buried by and was buried sorry the beggar died notice he was not very do the reason why is that real seeds maybe it died and they just abandoned his body somewhere that’s sure how poor it was the beggar died and was carried by angel into abraham his poverty did not determine his eternal destination but guess what the rich man died and was what the one that was buried baby was buried it was not mis it was the fact that there was no barrier for lazarus it was so poor no barrier and guess what the bible says and in hell the beggar lifted up his eyes and been in torment his seat abraham and lazarus in his bosom and they said unto him father abraham have mercy on me and send lazarus that he may dip his hand even in hell he exercised to talk to by lazarus you know why in hell his mind will stay the same the mind of i can expand i can dominate i can do lazarus god dead last loss was an immense bosom there’s no conversation recorded of last was talking to abraham because lazarus was always honest in crumbs rich man go to hell even in hell he says hey guys we’re here now two leads let’s negotiate in hell he said father he spoke to father abraham i’m in torment he said my boy’s there he said send him he do you know what he will ask us if he wants to come or not he just took it for granted that what are you lazy that you’re not come he said send him when abraham said no i can’t send him said okay that did not fail negotiate again this guy was a proper salesman if the first because that’s not to give up he said that okay my brothers sisters and children are there please don’t let them come here he kept on negotiating i’m just showing you how the mind works so you keep saying that hey they are born again this they are not doing that they’re not doing this they’re not doing that let me tell you something then many of you say i’ve received blessing the economics of this world you didn’t even understand you know what i’m talking about you never understand how money is flowing if they ask you today what is what is the oil price what is the engineering budget because you are praying for financial prosperity the budget of the nation you don’t know what it is i want to ask you the budget of your nation shows where the government will put money in where should you be positioned you don’t know what the budget is you’re never following the conversation okay what was last year’s budget what was this year’s budget what is this budget and you say father i’m doing it you know it’s not working listen there are some streams that dried up you can’t see that’s dried up by the revolution by budget you can tell that government is longer spending here this stream is drying up why is the stream opening right now globally health infrastructure is exploding globally globally i.

t is exploding globally globally security is exploding either cyber security or fiscal security before you even pray use common sense praise the lord you know some people don’t think about such kind of thing because it’s crumbs they’re looking for pastor which one is doing for budget what do i need all i need is something as fast i can eat can you see the problem once you’re looking for crumbs dogs will lick your soul they’ll be embarrassment somebody say hallelujah what what i’m telling you to pray when i say lord and you know the mind said the time is a prayer because i was i was saying i know people pray that the lord will hammer your name into the mind into the heart minds of your helpers when i say that prayer song will be seen so just come and give me 50k can you see how they’re thinking because they’re thinking let me say a prayer that song will come and give you 50k i say 35 year old man you know one time one billionaire called me after next level prayer he said i love the prayers he said but he said when you say gosh you move protocol for my sake he said i think there was a prayer point that you were thinking of people like me i said why sir he said because other people testify they say they need they need it those are things you don’t need protocol to be moved he said but when you need the british government or the american president to change a policy for you for penetration it’s not what we’re talking about he said those are kind of these other things they are talking about just ten thousand dollars to solve the problem he said but these are things that even if you have money money cannot change it is it because of the pattern inside what am i saying to you even the way you pray is depend on how you think even the answers are looking for your prayer it’s not what how you think if i tell you that i’m blessed definition of blessing matter glory to god i said glory to god i said glory to god so so let’s just get let’s just jump quickly so how does the mind um limit us that doesn’t does pk for you that can you there’s a diagram i want to show you then i want my blocks you don’t have more than that okay yeah you can just put one here yeah put one there put two here yeah put four here put it let it go backwards a little bit four four there no yeah that’s fine four arrange four oh maybe make it five yeah so what happens is this eventually eventually what happens is what mindset does we call them men wealth blocks wealth blocks so this is what it does as you go through life this is your financial journey you come across a word block is a small one you may not even fix it you can just cross it then you come another one that is very difficult then you want to trip and fall then you come another mental block that is a high one and any lady that is wearing this kits and high shoes yet that cannot go over a long thing yeah you come please yeah let me show you what i mean let me show you what i mean because these are mental blocks can you stand over here so what are mental blocks this is a subconscious thinking system that limits your finances so they’re there that’s why the bible says you prosper even as you’re so prosperous so watch this i think you should check the view of the camera because you’re going to be backing us maybe some other view maybe on the left or from the center okay so watch this now watch this now so she’s coming okay so go look at it so this is a mental block yeah cross it you see she can you you see you see how she began to shake that’s how people shake that’s how you become shaky because you know then across this one there’s a mental block yeah you see now as speed is slower because your mentality breaks your speed negative mentality breaks your speed then she comes here so cross this one then that’s the problem but you see that’s a i have to hold that i don’t know why you have to cross without holding me if you think you’re going to fall just stay there so someone says why am i stuck you’re stuck because you’re at your mind block so you’ve been able to cross all along you’re stuck here because your mind look question let’s go back and you go back to the first one because i want to explain what this is let’s because of time let me just finish this math feature 25 gives us a story of the virgins the foolish and what the wise question why didn’t the foolish buy extra oil because of their mindset their mindset is that there’s no need many of you are here you don’t save he’s either enough he’s not in his name enough he’s your mindset that you don’t save when i was ending five thousand and i was saving because once you can tight you can walk safe that’s what i told myself once i can tight i can save so you have that mind barrier because the difference between the foolish virgin and the vice version was this trump says although foolish people have money they had money how do i know when the bridegroom came the bible says they went to buy that means there was potential to buy all along but their mindset did not think that was important why your mindset will show in your behavior the mindset is what’s going to show your behavior it’s going to show your actions let me give you some mindset and i’m going to explain how this works there’s one mindset what is the mindset it’s difficult to be rich do you have that my table do you have it so there’s a mindset that says it’s what difficult to what talk to me how many of you understand what i just said now with your hands let me even give you some mindset number one it’s difficult to be rich it’s easier to make money in legitimate than legitimately yes or no i don’t have enough to make more is that mindset also of course all i want to say is this you cannot succeed in this country yes or no yes so those are mindset so let me tell you something look at this diagram the first diagram please the first one there are two of them just yeah the first one your mindset is based on the belief what they get the belief from the belief is something that you grew with it came with you it’s through your experiences so let me give you a good example i just want to give an example you know it was it was a divorce parent it was a young girl so at the weekend the father the mother will take the young girl to go to the father to spend the weekend and will come back after the weekend back to the mom but the mother was using the girl to exploit the father for money but if i do not really have a lot so the mother will tell the girl huh when you see your father tell him you need you’ll need fifty thousand let’s use dollars you need two hundred dollars or hundred dollars for school shoes for business school for that in school when the girl comes the fair will tell her father the father knows that but there’s no extra bill but because he’s trying to be a nice father and doesn’t want to cause rifts and he knows the child will suffer if he doesn’t get the money from him it will give him but guess what they saw the girl saw the girl sought his father been in pain reluctantly painfully giving her the money you know what returning girl’s mind for you to have money you have to manipulate and cause other spin so the girl grew up and every time she wants to do something she just found herself pulling back because the belief is this for me to be rich i have to manipulate and what i have to cheat to do that once you believe that kind of thing what emotion will you come with the emotion you commit is so negative that every time you the emotion will be depressing that ah i have to cheat to get better i don’t want to do that then what will happen what will be the action if your your action is that i should not do anything that like start a business because i have to cheat to what to get money did you see that that affects you when you think money is difficult what happens as an action there’s no point starting a business it’s very difficult i now not make it through because in your mind you think one is difficult let me put go to the second diagram the second diagram what’s the second diagram the belief is this this is christian believe this is what christians do this is the this is the issue of course because people want cut soap now so this is about cutting soap the belief is this it’s easier to make money in legitimately yes or no people don’t want to talk because they’re in church yeah but let me tell you something what do you get the belief on it’s a lie who makes money in legitimate and is easy is he an armed robber do you know the risk attached to that job is he hush puppy do you know the risk attached to that job people that are cutting soap they are washing those people wash in graveyard no matter where they are they must go every thursday at 12 midnight they can die on the road they can be arrested and you think it’s easy let me tell you something even people that do not even people that have been admitting they work hard have you seen yahoo boys before have you seen people that are kidnapped people that cannot walk hard they know they catch me i die they say so let’s die but you’re the one that says he’s easy those points that do you they will guess won’t get to form as a girl they will get this they will look for accounts here they will look for accounts there they will transfer something they also come back to them so how do you know you need to know i’m telling you but but the thing is this but for some reason which is it’s it’s it’s what they call it it’s easy that’s what we believe but guess what we also believe that what do we say emotionally i can be a genuine christian and what and be wealthy because i cannot what cut corners so if you want to do something let me worry you know i can’t call corners then what’s the actual decision listen to what start a business why because i will not succeed why because i can’t cut corners so all of you see the actions why don’t you go for a big contract because you know i can’t i don’t have i don’t know this that’s why so what most of you see that hold you back in the action what i want to do so go back and say where is the world block in my mind holding me back so there’s a word block so there’s one block so the one block is here so guess what it’s a small thing so you cross it then it gets bigger yeah then you what you begin to stagger you see you you begin to stagger then it gets here then you stop let’s close this morning are you blessed already i mean if you want this small to be fire so this is yours leave the diagram on the board because everybody was right everybody right now you have assignment today i love you online get paper and barrel everybody must write write the beliefs the negative beliefs that hold you back write it then write the emotions that come with it then write the decisions you need to make the same thing when it’s time to give why don’t we give because the belief says if i give i will lose so when they say there’s giving time there’s a awkwardness you know that awkwardness this is sadness you feel you have been excited in the church you want to say tight enough in time you either log off or just become sad because fundamentally the thing is they have come to take now but if you see that giving expands my capacity giving beauty to my habits when it says give me time what do you do hey hey it’s my time my time has come again to build the right habits so because you feel negatively what will happen to your decision every time it’s offering time i will subconsciously log off so i don’t feel bad i wasn’t going to say i don’t feel that i’m not tighten if i’m watching online i would just tune off so that nobody talks to me i don’t know this kind of thing someone said it’s often nlp i’m just like just tune out because i don’t want to feel bad and you forget that there’s a reason why you feel that’s it because in your mind you beauty that way hallelujah next we will continue when you do this assignment you bring it next week we’ll now discuss how to begin to remove all the blocks so that your financial goal will be what and express your financial world and express what an express let’s pray stand on your feet.