Switzerland - "Frankensein, Vampires, and Mary Shelley - Nightmare on Joes Street" - Time Warp Trio

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00:21 - Joe: It was a dark and stormy night, and Sam was ruining a perfectly good movie.

00:27 - Tara: What was that? Schuyler: Just the wind! Tara: Schuyler, I?m serious.

00:30 - I heard something in the front hall! Schuyler: Alright, Tara. I?ll check it out.

00:34 - Joe: No! Don?t check it out! The Pigman is in there! [Yawn] Sam: You?re wasting your breath.

00:39 - They?re the first two people we?ve seen, so one of them has to get eaten! It?s the law of horror movies.

00:44 - Schuyler: Aah! Pigman! Sam: See? Joe: Remind me not to invite you over when there?s a totally excellent trashy horror movie on TV.

00:53 - Joe: Well, at least the nachos are ready. Sam: Oh, come on! You can?t tell me you were honestly enjoying Blood Wars Two, Return of Pigman? I mean, even your sister could?ve written something scarier.

01:02 - Joe: You wouldn?t say that if you?d seen Blood Wars One.

01:05 - I couldn?t eat bacon for a month. Huh! That?s strange! These nachos are still cold.

01:10 - Didn?t you hear the bell go off? Sam: Was that Anna? Joe: She?s at a sleepover.

01:16 - And my parents are at a party. It?s coming from the hall closet.

01:19 - Someone?s in there. Sam: I get it. The movie, right? The spooky noise in the closet? It?s all just a setup, right? Like, let me guess.

01:27 - It?s a tape recorder in there? Joe: I didn?t do anything, I swear.

01:29 - Sam: Oh, wait, wait, wait. Why even bother with the tape recorder? I bet it?s probably just Fred, right? Joe: Sam, don?t! Sam: That?s not Fred! Monster: Aah! Aah! Sam and Joe: Aah! [Song] Be careful what you wish for! Go! There they go, three boys surfing on the time continuum.

01:55 - There they go, Green mist fills the air, the book can take them anywhere! Go! Go! There they go, three girls warping time it’s 2105.

02:20 - There they go, you can catch a ride with the Time Warp Trio.

02:26 - Go! Traveling through history with the Time Warp Trio.

02:44 - Go! Monster: Aah! Sam and Joe: Aah! Sam: You didn?t tell me you had a house guest! Joe: I didn?t now I had one! Sam: He?s ten feet tall! Joe: I know! Did you see those scars? He looks like Frankenstein! Wait a minute.

03:01 - You don?t suppose that is Frankenstein? Sam: First thing, the correct term is Frankenstein?s monster.

03:06 - Frankenstein was the name of the doctor who created him.

03:08 - Secondly, he?s not real! Joe: Tell that to him! Monster: Which one of you created me? Joe: Uh, it couldn?t have been me.

03:18 - I got a C in life science. Sam: Um, neither one of us created you.

03:22 - If Joe here is right, Mary Shelley did. Monster: Who? Sam: Mary Shelley.

03:27 - The woman who wrote Frankenstein. She created you.

03:30 - Monster: Where is this Mary Shelley? I must find her.

03:34 - Joe: Wait. You?re not going to find her here! You?re not going to find her anywhere! She lived in the nineteenth century.

03:40 - Monster: Then I will wreak my vengeance on all mankind! Joe: Can you please wreak your vengeance in someone else?s kitchen? My mom?s going to kill me when she sees this.

03:51 - We?ve got to get him out of here. Sam: How? He?s not real? He?s just a piece of fiction.

03:55 - I mean, we can?t just shove him back in a book! Oh, what did I just say? Joe: That?s a great idea! Distract him while I get the book.

04:03 - Sam: Distract him? What am I supposed to [Gulp] Joe: Hey! I found a page about Mary Shelley! Sam: The itsy bitsy spider crawled up the water spout.

04:14 - Down came the rain and washed the spider out.

04:17 - Monster: Aah! Pretty songs! Sam: And dried up all the rain.

04:22 - I calmed him down. I guess music really does soothe the savage beast! Joe: You call that music? do you really think this is a good idea? Sam: Joe, Joe: Look! We?ll just drop him off with Mary Shelley, and then come right back.

04:32 - I mean, she thought him up. Let her deal with him.

04:34 - Monster: Sing! Sam: Okay, okay! Just taking a breather! Just do it! I?m a Yankee Doodle Dandy, Sam: Born on the Fourth of July.

04:47 - That was a tough warp. Joe: Hey! At least I got us to the right place! This looks just like the picture I saw in Uh oh! Sam: Oh great! So now we have to find Mary Shelley and the book.

04:59 - I knew this was a bad idea. Joe: What were we supposed to do? Call the police and tell them a fictional monster was trashing my kitchen and making you sing nursery rhymes? Monster: What is this place? Joe: Switzerland, 1816. I hope.

05:11 - Monster: And my creator is here? Sam: Um, Mary Shelley spent a summer vacationing here with her husband, the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley.

05:20 - Joe: Now, if only we could find out exactly Hey! We?ll ask them! Sam: Are you crazy? They?ll take one look at him and be off in a flash! Joe: You?re right.

05:30 - You?re going to have to hide while we find your creator.

05:32 - Monster: No! You will bring me to her! Joe: But we?ll never get to her if you come with us.

05:38 - You?ll scare everyone away. Monster: Fine, but if you do not return with this Mary Shelley, I will wreak my vengeance; on him! Sam: Ow! Hey! Joe: Okay, okay! I?ll find her! I promise! Sam: You?d better, Joe! And hurry! Joe: Stop, stop! Lord Byron: Impudent scallywag! How dare you obstruct my passage.

06:00 - Do you not know who I am? Joe: Um, no.

06:04 - Lord Byron: Really? How about in profile? Surely, you recognize this aquiline nose and flowing raven hued locks? Joe: Nope. I?ve never seen you.

06:13 - Lord Byron: I suppose it?s time to leak more scandalous stories to the press.

06:16 - I am Lord Byron, notorious British poet in exile.

06:21 - Joe: I?m Joe, from Brooklyn. Lord Byron: You should not be out.

06:24 - Night will be upon us soon and these woods are filled with creatures, wild and strange.

06:31 - Joe: You don?t know the half of it. Um, Mr. Byron? You wouldn?t happen to know a woman named Mary Shelley, would you? Lord Byron: Oh. You?re with Mary and Percy.

06:38 - I should?ve guessed. All their friends dress so eccentrically.

06:41 - Hop in! They?re at my villa. Joe: You? You, Miss Perfect? Lost. I love it! Jodie: I am not lost. I just missed my warp target. That?s all.

06:55 - Joe: Yeah, by like a thousand years! How could you get Cleopatra and Mary Shelley mixed up? Jodie: They were on the same page in the book.

07:02 - One Hundred Women Who Changed the World.

07:04 - Joe: And let me guess. You hit the wrong one? I don?t know, Jodie.

07:07 - That sounds like a Warping 101 mistake. Jodi: Huh. You?re one to talk.

07:11 - You?re not even going to enter The Warp Academy for another ten years! Joe: There?s a Warp Academy? Jodie: Anyway.

07:18 - This is much better than Ancient Egyptian Makeup Tips.

07:20 - Mary and her friends are a riot! We stay up every night telling ghost stories.

07:25 - Joe: Yeah? Well, one of those stories has come true.

07:27 - The monster from Mary?s book showed up in my hall closet.

07:30 - Jodie: That?s impossible. She won?t even write Frankenstein for another year.

07:34 - Joe: Oh! Tell that to the walking jigsaw puzzle.

07:36 - He?s in the woods back there. Maybe someone did something to the book? Jodie: No way! It hasn?t left my side since I got here.

07:42 - I hold onto it, unlike some people. Joe: Well, we better figure out what?s going on quickly.

07:48 - I left the monster alone with Sam. I hope he?s alright.

07:51 - Sam: The camptown ladies sing this song, doo-da, doo-da.

07:56 - The camptown racetrack?s five miles long, Oh, de doo-da day.

08:02 - Monster: Again, again! Sam: No. No more.

08:07 - Monster: Argh! Sam: Please? I need a rest. My throat hurts.

08:12 - Monster: Food! I want food! Sam: All I have are my house keys.

08:17 - Oh, sure! Help yourself. They?re made of iron.

08:22 - [Burp] Monster: Where is your friend? Why has he not returned with my creator? No more waiting! I will find them both and destroy them.

08:32 - Sam: Oh wait. I have something you?ll like.

08:34 - I just remembered. No, no, no, no! Not food. Music. Beautiful music.

08:40 - Monster: Sing! Sam: Here! Let me! [Music] Jaque: Pierre, look! It is a demon.

09:03 - Pierre: And he is enchanted, the poor boy! They are locked in a devilish dance.

09:09 - Jaque: They come from the woods. Demon! Sam: Uh oh! Monster: Ah! They want to dance with me Pierre: Shoot them, Jaque! Shoot them! Sam: No, but they just might destroy us! [Shots] Sam: Run! Wait! Slow down! You?re going too fast for me! Polidori: Alas, she was no more.

09:35 - The sweet child?s vermillion life liquid had been drained.

09:40 - A crimson flesh fluid tapped dry. Joe : How much more of this do we have to listen to? I?m worried about Sam? Jodi: We can?t just blurt out that a monster has escaped from Mary Shelley?s mind! No one would believe us! We have to wait until we get her alone.

09:55 - Polidori: And it was all the doing of a vampire.

10:01 - Oh, come now! Weren?t you even a little scared? [Yawn] Lord Byron: I?ve been more frightened by a basket of kittens.

10:11 - Percy: Your characters just don?t leap off the page, my dear Dr. Polidori.

10:14 - I?m afraid Percy?s right. Perhaps you should try changing the vampire from a one-legged fish monger named Biggles to someone a bit more handsome and wicked.

10:25 - Someone like, well, like our Lord Byron here.

10:30 - He?d make an excellent vampire. Lord Byron: I have a better suggestion.

10:33 - Stick to medicine and give up writing altogether.

10:36 - Who wants to go next? Mary? You have anything new? Mary: No, but I did have the most horrible vision last night.

10:45 - I suppose it could be turned into a story. Here. I?ll read it to you.

10:51 - Oh dear. This isn?t my notebook. Joe: Uh! The book! Jodie: How did you get that? Mary: I haven?t the slightest Oh wait.

10:58 - I remember you left your bag in my room the other night.

11:03 - When I awoke from my nightmare, I couldn?t find my notebook.

11:07 - But then, I saw yours peeking out from the bag. I didn?t want to lose the image, so I scribbled it down in the margin of a page.

11:16 - I must?ve forgotten to put it back in your bag. I?m terribly sorry.

11:20 - Joe: Never left your side, huh? Nice one, Jodie.

11:24 - Mary: I know. I?ll just tear this page out.

11:26 - There?s not much else on it. Joe: No, no! Jodie: Bad idea, very bad.

11:29 - It?s sort of a family heirloom. Why don?t I just read what you wrote and you can copy it down? Jodie: I saw a hideous creature stretched out beside me.

11:41 - It was assembled from the parts of corpses and was covered with scars.

11:45 - Then, through some force unknown, it came to life and looked at me with its half-living, half-dead eyes.

11:53 - Jodie: Wow! That was some dream. Did you get all that? Monster: Argh! Percy: Aah! Jodie: Aah! Mary: It?s just as I imagined! Monster: Cruel woman! I have found you at last! Now you will suffer as I suffered! Jodie: Aah! Joe: Wait! You?re making a mistake! Monster: Argh! Jodie: Help! Help! Joe: So you see, it?s not just a time traveling device.

12:26 - It actually is the whole space-time continuum.

12:28 - Polidori: And this magic book can turn fictional characters into living people? Joe: Uh, yeah. I guess.

12:35 - Actually, I didn?t know about that part before.

12:37 - Polidori: I must have it! Name your price! Joe: Uh, sorry! It?s not for sale.

12:41 - Polidori: Then let me borrow it, just for a few hours.

12:44 - I want my characters to live! Lord Byron: Don?t do it, Joe.

12:48 - There are enough dull people in the world as it is.

12:51 - If anyone should be allowed to borrow it, it should be me.

12:54 - Polidori: Villain! Lord Byron: Rogue! Joe: Don?t you guys get it? My great granddaughter has been kidnapped! We have to get her back! If only Sam were here.

13:02 - He?d know what to do. Sam: Well for starters, I wouldn?t leave my best friend alone with a ten foot angry walking dead guy! Joe: Sam! You?re alive! How did you find us? Sam: Easy.

13:14 - I followed the trail of broken trees he left behind.

13:16 - Whoo! That guy?s going to deforest Switzerland unless we stop him.

13:20 - Joe: That?s the least of our worries. He?s got Jodie.

13:23 - Sam: Jodie? But how? Joe: I?ll explain later.

13:25 - Come on! We have to find her! Mary: Wait! I?m coming too! If what you say is true, then I?m the one he wants.

13:32 - Lord Byron: Mary, you mustn?t. It?s too dangerous for a lady.

13:35 - Mary: A woman can face a monster just as well as a man, your lordship.

13:39 - Especially when it is of her own creation. Alright, but allow me to join you.

13:43 - There is safety in numbers. Are you coming, Polidori? Polidori: Uh, I would, but someone must attend to poor Percy.

13:53 - Monster: Argh! Argh! Jodie: Would you please stop roaring? My ears are killing me! Monster: If you do not like my voice, you should have created me with a prettier one.

14:11 - Jodie: For the one millionth time, I did not create you.

14:14 - Now put me down! You?re wrinkling my skirt.

14:16 - Monster: That book you are reading from. Was it not ours? Jodie: Well, yes, it was, but Monster: That is all the proof I need.

14:25 - Prepare to perish! Jodie: Wait! Why are you so upset at being created anyway? Monster: Why? Because I?m hideous.

14:37 - That?s why! Jodie: You are not hideous! You?re, uh, unique! Monster: Argh! You lie! Jodie: Okay, okay! I admit it! You?re hideous, but I can help you.

14:50 - Monster: How? Jodie: I always come prepared.

14:54 - Monster: Food! Jodi: No, not food! Something much more essential.

14:59 - Makeup. Sam: The monster and Jodie could be anywhere by now.

15:03 - You should see how fast he can run. Mary: Yes. That?s how I imagined him! More physically powerful than any man, and driven by an unrelenting thirst for revenge! Joe: Too bad you didn?t imagine him with a head that glows in the dark.

15:16 - It would be easier to find them. Lord Byron: Ha! That sounds like one of Polidori?s ideas.

15:20 - I wonder what that screaming mumper is up to.

15:24 - Polidori: What cannot be bought can always be stolen.

15:28 - Characters don?t leap off the page, eh? We?ll see about that. In his twenty eighth year, Lord Byron, author of the poem, Childe Herold, underwent a mysterious change.

15:43 - His teeth grew into a pair of pointed fangs.

15:48 - His pitch black eyes became as red as rubies.

15:53 - His nails grew into long, yellow claws, and his voice was replaced with the hiss of a serpent.

16:01 - [Hiss] In short, he became a vampire! Hahaha! Joe: So then, the pigman is brought to life, sort of like your monster, except he?s a genetically altered pork product, and Lord Byron: Hiss! Joe: Gesundheit! Aah! I think there?s something wrong with Byron.

16:26 - Sam and Mary Shelley: Aah! Mary: Quickly! In the castle! There are lots of places to hide.

16:41 - Jodie: Well, I guess that?ll have to do. I?m all out of base.

16:44 - Your extreme monster makeover is finished. I?d show you what you look like, but you ate my mirror! Monster: Aah! Crunchy! Mary: Quickly! To the tower! Jodie: Uh, people.

16:55 - Okay, Now remember. It?s not just about how you look.

17:00 - If you want people to like you, you have to be warm, and sweet, and nice, too. Okay? Monster: Warm, sweet, nice! [Footsteps] Joe: Jodie! You?re alright! But where?s Monster: Ah, friends! Let me hug you! Mary: Ohh! What happened to him? Joe: He?s even worse than before! [Mumbling] Jodie: That?s not the reaction we were hoping for.

17:29 - Maybe you should be a little more positive! Joe: Oh, uh.

17:33 - Nice coat? Monster: Argh? No more games! Now you will all die! Sam: Did someone say die? That?s it! I?m out of here! Tell me you have the book with you! Jodie: Joe! Joe: Of course I have the book of Love Poetry? Jodie: Nice one, Gramps! Sam: Well guys? Which is it going to be? Should we have our skulls crushed by him, or our blood drained by him? Joe: I have a plan. Huddle! [Whispers] Monster: Argh! Joe: Okay! Break! Joe: Hey big guy! Eat my dust! Jodie: Bite me, snaggletooth! Joe: Now! Cut in! [Struggle] Joe: It?s working! They?re going after each other! Mary: Ugh! The monster has overpowered him! Whatever is wrong with Byron, he does not deserve to die! Stop! Jodie: Mary, no! Mary: You wretched creature, would that I had never thought of you! Monster: It was you, mortal! Mary: Yes.

It?s all my fault! [Struggle] Monster and Lord Byron: Aah! Joe: Do you think they survived? Mary: I don?t know about the monster.

19:15 - I never imagined him in water. But Byron might have.

19:18 - He is an excellent swimmer. Sam: What happened to him, anyway? One minute he was an eccentric poet, the next, he was an eccentric poet with fangs.

19:26 - Joe: I have a pretty good idea. Come on! Let?s get back to the villa before the mummy and the werewolf show up.

19:33 - Lucky for us, Polidori was experiencing a terrible case of writer?s block.

19:37 - After turning Byron into a vampire, he couldn?t come up with a single idea.

19:41 - Polidori: Uh. Maybe I should bring Biggles back.

19:44 - Jodie: Ahem! Joe: Mary was right. Byron was an excellent swimmer.

19:49 - He showed up just moments after we did. Lord Byron: Ugh. Oh, Mary.

19:54 - I had the most terrible dream. Aah! Jodie: Uh! Joe: Yup! Soon everything was back to normal, except for one little thing.

20:09 - Sam: You?re not going to write Frankenstein? Joe: But you have to! It?s a classic! It?s the grandfather of all horror fiction! Jodie: And the grandmother of great Halloween costumes! Mary: I?m sorry, but having actually seen the monster that lurked in my mind, I just can?t bring him to life, in any form.

20:27 - In fact, I?ve decided to give up writing altogether.

20:31 - It?s too dangerous. Thank you all so much for showing me the error of my ways.

20:39 - Joe: Agh! We?ll be going back to a world without Frankenstein! That?s bleak! Sam: You know.

20:44 - The monster wasn?t such a bad guy, when he wasn?t eating my cheese or making me sing.

20:49 - Now no one will ever know about him. Jodie: Or Mary Shelley.

20:53 - Do you know how many women writers she was going to inspire? Guys? I think we have to warp back to the night Mary had that dream.

21:05 - Joe: Good! She?s still asleep! Jodie: And there?s the book, right where I left it.

21:09 - Joe: Think you can hold onto it this time? Jodie: Just try to find Mary?s notebook without waking her up.

21:19 - Joe: I see it! Sam: Don?t move a muscle! Mary: Aah! Sam: Wahoo! We?re back! No more vampires and no more monsters! Joe: Yeah! Just a kitchen that?s going to take hours to clean.

21:41 - Hey! Did you hear something? Sam: No, no! Joe: Neither did I. The rain has stopped.

21:46 - Come on. Let?s get some pizza. We?re going to need some fuel for the long night ahead.

21:52 - [Music].