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May 11, 2021 13:00 · 2457 words · 12 minute read

I would think that I’m quite smart if I get everything right I mean we went to Daiso to buy things for our contents today We spent like 60,000 won? I don’t have money and bought only few jelly, but it cost 60,000 won I’ve never seen this many snacks in my life Yeah me too cuz I don’t really like snacks If someone buys sweets, I eat it. .

00:32 - Who opened this and ate one? I did I mean we are just going to start the contents and you ruined it There’s the sealer here Inconvenient planting / Just HAPPY Is the jelly includes Sae-khom-dal-khom korean candy? No I was going to buy My-Chu korean candy but… Yes They don’t have bunch of My-Chu like this so I bought this Yep…

00:58 - It’s been a while since we’ve done this guys Long time ago, we used to have things like this a lot.

01:07 - It’s been a long time. . ? I think the strawberry flavor one will overlap. But honestly, don’t you think we can tell the difference? What… ? These ones are more sour yeah it’s a little bit more sour.

01:25 - And this one, we’ll call it a worm Now hurry up and memorize them before you say ‘What was that again? Is it that black bean noodles flavor?’ A worm Sae-khom-dal-khom peach, lemon, strawberry, grape flavor Coca-cola, jaws bar, vita 500 flavor Haribo orange, pineapple, apple, strawberry, lemon, cherry I guess? Isn’t that tomatoes? Looks like raspberries.

02:01 - Next, this is hamburger Well it doesn’t taste like one, but we’ll hit it with our guts So the one here is a worm and hamburger, is it? Hun, you got it? Worm, hamburger, vita 500 right? Who is this stone head… ? Memorize it. There’s only 15, if you can’t memorize it that means you’re dumbass I am a dumbass, what? We’re fxcked. I forgot you’re a dumbass Is not like you’re insulting a dumbass Yeah you can if you’re a dumbass What are you talking about.

I’m a super rare dumbass Is it different if you’re a handsome dumbass? Of course Oh, I remember this. So yesterday, we sat down seperately like 4:4 to eat beef so, we went to a restaurant, but then the aunty (at the restaurant) kept looking at Xi-jun and Ju-wan and then asked Xi-jun whether Ju-wan and him are celebrities? And then like making a fuss about it. . LOL And if so, could you leave us your autographs? lol she was like ‘how are you guys so handsome?’ And then Seok-du and I was like ‘No no, they’re not.

We’re just average people We were shy But meanwhile, Xi-jun hyung was like ‘Oh really? Wow thank you’ And then Seok-du was even funnier he was like ‘Dad, it’s because you and I didn’t wear full make-up’ And he was like bullshitting like that.

03:42 - And so we also said that ‘Okay, Jong-hyun. We get it. WE get it. ’ Was Jong-hyun was the most upset? Was just speechless So I said ‘Okay Jong-hyun, we get it. The others are more handsome than you are. ’ lol Yeah I would agree just a little but then we’re divided into tops and bottoms The tops including me are losing a bit to the bottoms I mean we don’t necessarily lose to other people But if we consider this and that I think our looks are somewhat lacking I think the ‘Top class’ looks are somewhat lacking compare to the ‘Teom-deo-reo-teom’ Who’s the number one that’s making us lack? Should exclude him Humphf Instead! Let’s say Let’s say that they will win about the looks what can Teom-deo-reo-teom do if they win that since we’re a lot more fun than them A lot more fun, a lot more attractive as well Tbh, I’m bit harsh as well.

I gave them the looks and said about four things that we’re good at Can’t help it. I’m a narrow-minded person so K, not what we’re going to do is ‘Jelly Kiss Challenge’ We did few things like… Candy kiss, ramyun kiss, fizzy drinks kiss, etc We did ramyun kiss as well? Oh yeah we did. .

05:19 - Yeah we did few, and I always win, But we’ll give it another try. This one also need to be blindfolded Look at this. So cure right babe? I just bought it It’s been awhile since we used a normal one since we’ve always used the SM blindfold Geez shut up. I bought it this time since everyone’s like asking what’s going on with that SM blindfold So yeah I bought a new one. .

05:45 - Ju-wan always wants to do it in a sweet mode But I gotta win.

05:50 - Geez I don’t even expect from you anymore since we’ve been dating for 3 years now He always tries so hard to win every time so It is calming the mind and body for a while.

06:00 - No, kiss me in a right way That’s just how you feel hun, but then after it’s all done yeah? It is calming the mind and body for a while.

06:08 - Hun, no memory fixing or match fixing k? Okay?? How dare you say my true victory is a match fixing Okay…. ? K now, cover your eyes Let’s Start Jelly Kiss Gotta use this hand. Cuz you can feel it if you use this hand You know what I’m saying? How dare you say my true victory is a match fixing First (Vita500 jelly) Uhm~ This is How much do I have to chew before I give it to you? Just chew as much as you like You can definitely get this.

We’ll give it a try first Oh oh my. It’s a scary habit Hmm this is easy from the start. It’s Vita500 If I knew it was gonna be this easy, I wouldn’t have chosen this one Like the taste is definitely Vita500 I’ll do this one. (Haribo Jelly/Raspberry flavor) (Hmm… this is…?) Haribo raspberry flavor? (How did you know it…?) Let’s move on for now We’re not supposed to tell the answers Right right I can smell the raspberries in my mouth.

08:04 - Don’t think this game is gonna be that hard? What if this ended too easily? It’s gonna be hard to edit it again (Haribo/Pineapple flavor) Jaws bar? (You’re wrong~) It was perfect until the second time, but it gets confusing from the third…? (Worm jelly) Is this a hamburger? Or not? A hamburger…? I’m starting to think that hamburgers supposed to be chosen by now I would think that I’m quite smart if I get everything right Hun, did you not shave today? Why does it hurt? And SO… Hey, did I get everything right? Wow you’re really good at this hun.

09:19 - Hohohoho Ju-wan, you gotta pretend like you’re dumb. Geez (Hamburger jelly) That… so…

09:43 - Worm! Yeeeah~ I got it right again no? I got it right again~ You are already wrong 3…

09:53 - (Sae-khom-dal-khom Lemon flavor) Y’know that we have a really good pajeon restaurant in Busan. The one that Sik hyung knows as well I really wanna eat in that pajeon restaurant with some rice wine and sprite.

10:11 - Youtube AI / Yellow card / Youtube GM : STOP!! Hmm the taste of this one is important.

10:24 - Checking the taste. Sae-khom-dal-khom apple flavor? (I don’t think…. there’s such flavor…?) Did I get all 7 correct? kkkk Ju-wan, get your mind straight Your concept is not smtg like this.

10:47 - I am narcissistic. Sae-khom-dal-khom doesn’t have apple flavor… Is not like you’re insulting a dumbass Don’t tell I’ll get everything right instead of like one? Yeah you can if you’re a dumbass You’re doing really great today Right? I have this feeling that I’m doing it great What if I lose? Then does that mean I gotta throw away my pride as the Chef, Sik? Well, can’t help it. I think I’m feeling it today.

11:13 - (Sae-khom-dal-khom Grape flavor) Watch a song that’s as pretty as when you kiss. I want to go without a gag feeling…

11:31 - This… Is… Sae-khom-dal-khom Grape flavor? Oh… Right. .

11:44 - Sik’s really liking it. I’m doomed since he’s getting it right.

11:47 - Where does this confidence come from? (Haribo/Orange flavor) I gotta get rid of it a little since you’re too good Haribo orange flavor Why are you doing so well all of a sudden? Did I get it right again? Hun you’re seriously good I got it right again? I’m doomed, how should I win this? (Joke) Sigh, should I just do it till here, and then guess it wrong the next one or two? Oh this is unfair, but a little… ? Go easy on me hun.

You’re just too good I can feel that it’s going well today Y’know there’s a day you feel that right? When you eat a ramyun and just you know it? Yup yup (Jaws bar jelly) Wait a minute… this is jaws bar right? Yeah this one is jaws bar. So the previous one was not… (Dying to hold back laughter) I said jaws bar previously… so this. . uhm. . this one is jaws bar… So I got jaws bar wrong… (Sae-khom-dal-khom/Strawberry flavor) It’s sae-khom-dal-khom but. . Gimme some more Huh? Can’t you give me a little more? I just gave you half of it No I mean….

13:18 - No you didn’t You only gave me as much as an ant’s ass.

13:21 - Where has your divine victory gone? It’s. . strawberry flavor No, you’re picking the right answer for this again? Sigh fine. I’ll give you one more time~ / OKay Like ant’s ass… … … . .

13:39 - Wth is this You can’t show it to the viewers after you’re done eating You’re just … sigh It’s strawberry flavor Are you doing well suddenly? (Haribo/Lemon flavor) It’s getting hard to tell the flavor…? Orange! I think I got this already? Haribo Orange! It’s No… ? This is Lemon! (Haribo Pineapple) I seriously don’t know which one Haribo… Which haribo Don’t know What stupid answer is this? I seriously don’t know which one Just pick Melon! Okay~ correct Really? Really my ass Hahaha. . (Sae-khom-dal-khom Lemon flavor) Damn it’s sour….

15:02 - Cola. It’s coca-cola! It’s coca-cola flavor jelly This taste is cola flavor? It’s a strange mouth…

15:13 - Now I can taste the flavor This is easy (No… it’s lemon. . ? What are you talking about?) Wake up, Juwan.

15:23 - Wake up, Juwan! (Coca-cola flavor jelly) What the. . why aren’t you giving it to me. Come on gimme It’s lemon flavor is it not? I can taste the coca-cola Take it off! Great K so you got (counting it) Done~ So how many did I get right? You got right 5 out of 15 Huh? did I not get only 5 wrong? Hun, you can’t be Sik’s wife if you’re like this But I feel like I got it right a lot this time.

That’s strange This one’s the best. Let’s eat it first.

16:28 - Wake Up Juwan I dont have to keep it as sweet as possible.

16:40 - K now guys I’ll show you Sik the Chef okay? No but I felt like I definitely got it right? Wait wait a minute Water! Ah I should’ve drank some water too (Hamburger jelly) (Eating it slowly…. ) (puff puff) Give it tom me already! Busan guys can’t wait too long y’know? Y’know I can’t can’t wait for that orange light y’know what I’m saying!? This is really hard? Hamburger.

17:40 - (Wow…? Right… ) Wow you’re good hun~ (So proud) (-_-V) How do you know? (Worm jelly) Why are you so quiet? (Worm jelly) How do you know? How do you get this right. .

18:23 - Next. . How do you get this right. . (Haribo apple) NO, why are your hands keep touching my dxck What are you talking about One more time More?? Wow I can’t tell if this is pineapple or apple.

18:53 - Pineapple Are you finally wrong? (Haribo pineapple) Vita500 You’re good hun~? (kidding) It’s 2:2 (Jaws bar jelly) This guy’s desire to fight…

19:23 - He doesn’t speak, he only concentrates. . ? Haribo orange? Then what are you doing~ It’s just wrong~ (Haribo orange) Why are you spitting babe What are you talking about. Someone might think that I spat for real Wow but this is really difficult… Haribo lemon? (Vita 500) Wait This tasty…

20:05 - I don’t wanna say it. Seriously don’t wanna say it.

20:11 - Vita 500 You got it right~ [Haribo Lemon] I can tell that it’s sae-khom-dal-khom since you’re chewing for so long Oh is not? Why does it taste like lemon? Ha. . Is this correct? Coca-cola? [Sae-khom-dal-khom Lemon] Geez… Sae-khom-dal-khom Lemon flavor…. .

20:45 - I’m not at eating sour things… [Coca-cola flavor jelly] I can tell that it’s sae-khom-dal-khom from the sound Just Finnish? Is this coca-cola? Whew. . you got 5 right Don’t fake it you mf~ You think I’m a fxcking fool What are you talking about hunny, you’re doing good Hearing Ju-wan’s voice trembling looks like he’s trying to be sarcastic but I’m actually getting everything right… FXXk them it. .

21:28 - [Sae-khom-dal-khom Grape flavor] So Fast…

21:34 - A sweet and sour taste looks like it’s… Sae-khom-dal-khom peach flavor? This is Grape…

21:42 - [Haribo strawberry] Haribo apple? Wrong~ it’s Haribo strawberry~ [Sae-khom-dal-khom strawberry] People are saying the blindfold looks good on you hun I’m frowning here, you wanna die? who said that? I bout the frowning one I swallowed it since you kept talking No wait it’s here? Hun, it was stuck on your front teeth I think the one stuck on the front teeth is a different one? Since you ruined it hun, do it again The one on the front teeth is a different one You thought I wouldn’t know? Okay? Sae-khom-dal-khom Strawberry Right~ (Eh… I lost… ) [Sae-khom-dal-khom Peach] Why? Does it smell like a sewer? What?…? Sae-khom-dal-khom Peach I lost again…

22:48 - Is it over? Yup, we did all You got 7 right Even if I went easy on you. . ~ But still you got 7 right I would still win if I did that~ The difference is only by 2. Which means we’re so close right? The difference is only by 2. Which means we’re so close right? Hun / What? (Again. he’s nagging again).