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[Applause] [Music] m [Music] everything [Music] [Music] you go [Music] [Music] everything [Music] i go run away [Music] [Music] know [Music] [Music] ah you give me any money make i will accept i keep up for you so if i leave you and i go happy okay wait wait so if i give the money now you’re gonna bring back all the blood my blood when i got the supply inside your body we started to do this today chris yeah i said you didn’t matter okay wait wait let me ask you tell me any question of yourself every woman whatever [Music] now leave me five [Music] help me no shoe mechanic for this wolf we do this shoe for you for two hours you know you see what you do okay they come in two hours i can’t call them my shoulders and come out i beg but i’m not becoming one maker come on no problem hey see what you do if you kind of shoot anybody if you if you can you should go back and say he won’t go by the type of issue all of the way inside that shop go run away see what he did [Music] foreign changing with god what god gave you say make you give us all these things will god give you what you debate me for since why don’t they listen no one give me anything is he good is he is this faith give me this thing give me this thing we are holding it hey [Music] before i die hillary when i finish with you guys [Music] oh [Music] no food no good roots nothing no electricity and there was they say it won’t stop the importation of uh these are past my neighbor generator what we see they use the money they charge soon line yeah i’ll go back to the connector yeah so they disconnect your own tweet look at this one i said this go back and that’s time three times where they go your office mechanic for where they’ll agree with what we do government has to do something about this this no sense what these people they do do something government if you get government you get government at all they come back we don’t get any government for this country see all disruption should happen here as well nothing happened for all these uh developed countries you know now if they think this will go far they will not come i don’t know come to go here you know if you happen not to try it you know if you left one [Music] i think it’s not true i’ll go back let’s say i’ll do it again believe me they refuse me now thanks i used to leave my money for them laughing something seriously what i said all my money one foreign four years at the time you get that down since what the boy you never pass bankrupt no no insult me [Music] [Music] suicide where’s this man where’s he going too [Music] you don’t finish my shoe i’m going to take amazing too many questions and sell time i just come out to come back ah that’s working i don’t finish [Music] just go out of mew i mean i may be the best for this whole community i’m a professional professional professional professional professional in this field go and ask everybody in fact i’m not even a shoemaking i mean cobra i’m a cobra you will give me my shoe now you buy my shoe for me now is that why you’re holding me just let’s look at me first do you know where you’re holding my hoodie please can you move [Music] [Music] temperature [Music] eye open up you don’t leave me just watch watch they watch me watch me [Music] see is she still holding me okay [Music] [Music] don’t be angry with me i have family problem i am not here for that enter inside this house and give me my money that’s what i came for hello please why are you doing like this hey brother president of faith it’s only you that is my brother i believe in the same time even for the same grief i believe all of them are nervous if this town [Music] and that is why i have come to collect my money to use it and take care of myself and my family come at the end of this month if you do not give me that money you will see what i would do [Music] you can do something hard for somebody the best [Music] [Music] oh whichever way this is do we have appointments [Music] oh we get the appointment now you give me appointments [Music] go not only my husband give appointments if i’m planning to marry you now marry me you are not serious [Music] you are not serious yes people why would they see you as day for mutual i’m very serious i want to marry you hey at my beg i don’t get your time where the rusty [Music] [Music] no i was sleeping with you no problem okay okay no problem okay [Music] [Music] relax relax [Music] or why they look for me where’d [Music] that simply means we don’t know ourselves as i look you you’ve been active for your teeth give me that phone they can rip you this area but give me the phone before you die before you know you’ll be in numbers you see here that streets now know where you see yellow is she’s below now give me the phone give me the phone now or [Music] i’m i’m leaving you talking wait [Music] yes that [Music] no problem no problem i’ll give no wonder i feel like evening [Applause] [Music] [Music] idiot for whatnow hello excuse me excuse me sorry beautiful balance no vector uh you’re falling for one of these missing engines we’ll come from heaven to come walk here conflicts and enjoy with people like us you feel like one of them one of the miss ninjas but anyway if you give me one favor please which is uh if you tell me you know that tell me yours okay um my name is ken but my friends call me kenito can you talk anything [Music] it’s not necessary okay let me go like this let’s see if you find it if you set another right if i see like my car you go to my house so you can please carry me my own house yes you want to follow me to my own house okay thank you correct um mother follow you don’t follow me i could say i look at you [Music] [Music] me come my friend since come back you say never tell me your name i know all the things i will go through today but i would like to know your name so what’s your computer named my name is what say my name nah he got it banner you see what record say my name yes i remember saying give up it was a call they called it they call something they call it miranda khan kalabab you you and i am from aqua and you’re proud to be from aquarium yeah okay it’s important you mean that your [Music] because of the yelling wait and see inside me where we say they go manifest and they fear they can’t surrender to give me that name because of dream as a joseph so your talent is in dreaming as you’re seeing me now i’m a former rich man before yes okay because as you see me and my father wrong that now my father [Music] they had to refund me back to my mother people in big bang an idea i cried i cried i cried and no need no need to cry i consoled myself and when they see me they said this boy could get bright future because that time i can dream my eye now will be like literally yousef survival so watch dream dream dream dream dream all the time and the dream go go come true that is your problem now that is the softer way that make you so far at this only you carry a good community down forehead the worker so why no good problem i hope that will probably go you see those things that are infectious making that affect me for yahweh they correct me forehead so as i look at your face your face they show poverty away and i would like to help you because i like to help to need that’s nothing that’s helping the needy everything should look like they need you guys come on what’s up just come come in at that let me go forward let’s first of all go to the verse they deliver that spirit of perfection where’s the best come on let’s go why aren’t you done [Applause] foreign good afternoon sell something like cream sell better thing we’ll go feed you instead of yourself what is your name did i make you call me and everybody wants to follow human beings you don’t know where you’re from you don’t get name you don’t have area of origin i come from acquire you don’t do [Music] what’s your ego you don’t [Music] [Music] [Music] sabby just look at you you are fine very fine selling before you feel like five stars hey y’all go ah [Laughter] ah is don’t die like that what’s that yeah sister sister missing a woman she’s a sister yes as he just talking a woman i like your sister [Laughter] have to really won’t kill you make you happy make i just marry your sister maybe that can help now you help me you know help me for my woman matter hey everybody no see i don’t want you to stop to be afraid no nothing what you do for me not good so i don’t want us to fight so no don’t don’t talk about my sister so let’s forget about jamaica talk about it my managers are people that’s what you use making no no no can you just carefully explain with the aid of a diagram [Music] look [Music] you see all these things you want to help my entire community from this [Music] i make average of 1500 everywhere every and every week every week so 1300 every week here is [Music] you [Music] everything [Music] i go run away i go run away [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] okay [Music] [Music] [Music].