2021 TESLA MODEL Y OWNERs Review. 1000 miles later #Tesla

Apr 20, 2021 12:14 · 4252 words · 20 minute read

hey guys, hi how are you? welcome to another under performing video on youtube my name is juan carlos and behind me is a 2021 Tesla Model Y Performance. it’s a vehicle that we’ve had for the last month and we have already put over a thousand miles on it so i thought it was a good time to take a break and give you an update of what it’s been like to own this vehicle for that long. in this video i’m not gonna make a i’m not gonna do a full review per se, i’ll leave that to the experts but i do want to go over some of the things that i really like and dislike about this vehicle a month into or ownership.

are you ready? let’s go before making a decision to buy our Model Y, we went through a series of expert reviews just to see what the car was like but i particularly found a lot of value in watching actual owner reviews because these are the people that actually paid for the car and live with it 24 7. so as such, i’m putting this review together so in case you want to buy a car like this you know what you’re walking into beforehand. this is an electric vehicle so there is going to be a process of adaptation from a conventional fuel vehicle to something like this an electric vehicle there’s a few particular things that you may find a little bit difficult to adjust to, other than that this is a great car that i really enjoy.

i’m getting past the new car smell and i still find things to love about this car. number one the driving experience, this car drives pretty firm if you have driven products from bmw with the M Sport Package, then you’re going to feel right at home with this car. the visibility is great you feel that you’re sitting high remember that this car is based off the Model 3 so they were able to achieve this higher setting position by just adding just one inch on the suspension so this vehicle is about 6 inches tall a little bit over 6 inches versus 5 and change of the model 3 but what makes the sitting position way higher is the fact that they added these humps at the bottom of the seats just about three inches just to make the ride look taller but you’re basically driving a vehicle that is only about an inch taller than what is based on the model 3.

when it comes to the visibility in the back it’s really bad there’s a huge column that goes across the back that makes that window the rear window opening really narrow from this angle so i’m still trying to gauge this vehicle and i already curved both of the wheels because the visibility in the back is i rate it pretty low. the interior and the dash of this car… it has grown in me. the first time i saw it a few years ago, maybe like, what? two and a half years ago when the Model 3 came out, i didn’t like it at first but it has really grown in me and especially with this white interior i really like this interior does it look premium? some of the materials do but overall it just looks like a like a spaceship, looks like very modern i really like it actually.

the large 15 inch screen is super snappy and responsive i’m still learning my way through it but i keep finding functions as i drive it it is very distracting though, i should warn you. i wish i was able to customize the screen to make some of these icons a little bigger because when i’m driving sometimes with my sausage fingers and a little bit of a bumpy road sometimes i miss the actual control that i want to push but on the other hand the stock sound system sounds great.

in my opinion is better than the mark levinson in our prior rx 350 and as nice as the Harman Kardon in the bmw products and this is stock remember. the mobile phone integration of the Model Y is great. using our phones as a car key is very convenient we really love this feature i must tell you that is very glitchy and sometimes i have to turn the bluetooth off and on in order to reset the link other than that the tesla app works great my best experience so far with the car apps.

this phone key feature it bounces you off many many times, yesterday was a particularly bad day so i had to do it like five times. sometimes i can go a couple of days without having to reset it but when it works it works great i just wish it was a little bit more consistent now i want to talk about the interior materials and the build quality of it this the doors have these rubber materials pretty sturdy but at the same time a little bit soft and then you have this soft vinyl right here and also on the oval rest as well as in the handle so you have this contrast stitching which looks pretty nice and i like it and then the the window switches feel pretty high quality i like him and then you open the door with this button it’s the power button that you push then you open the door i really like this feature it’s one of my favorite features and then when you move on to the to the center console we bought this car in march so as far as i know march was the month of the update of this nicer material or nicer finish for the center console because this car has very little controls um there’s a lot of landscape in this center console a lot of free space so it has room for these two wireless chargers we really like it i mean we would use it a lot because i can put my phone here my wife can put it here vice versa and then you have this this slide door to open this huge compartment now you have these two cup holders that are kind of small i find them kind of small and they’re not adjustable like i’ve seen in other vehicles and then you have this center console that is soft material and then you have this contour stitch it’s like a lighter gray over like a like a matte black and i really like this this center console by the way and as part of the performance package you get aluminum pedals or aluminum alloy pedals that i think they’re pretty cool some of the lesser quality materials you can find them at the bottom of the door and i want to talk about them because i just want to be really honest about my ownership experience this bottom of the door you can see here the edges are pretty rough like you can even see like plastic sticking out i’m not in love with this and when you look when you go to the materials of the rest of the vehicle i’m not in love with this material it looks a little bit cheap but i really like this feature on the sun visors just the little details instead of having like a clip to hold it together you have a magnetic material that makes just makes it just stick as well as in this vanity mirrors you can just open it with the it doesn’t have a clip it just has that magnetic material and then you have speakers lots of speakers throughout this car so i think that’s also pretty cool now let’s talk about one of my favorite features in this car which is the steering wheel it’s a very sporty because it’s a smaller diameter it’s pretty fat and it also has a quasi flat bottom not quite a flat bottom but almost there and then all you have is these two controls and these two stocks right here that are monitored mounted on the center column this one controls the turn signals and the and the wipers and this one controls the gear selectors it’s uh you only have reverse neutral and drive and then you do the little push for putting in parking moving on to the back seat because you don’t have a center hump right here you have a lot of space down here and also this driver’s seat right now is set up for my height I’m about 5 feet 11 inches tall and i still have an inch of legroom right here and also because of those humps where the seats are mounted you have this extra space in the bottom of the seat where you can tuck in your feet pretty comfortable comfortably comfortably and also the materials back here are just a replica of what you find in the front where you have this soft rubber and then you have this nicer soft vinyl remember there’s no leather at all in any of the model wise it’s all man-made materials and then you have some of the contrast stitching and as you get to the bottom you find that cheap plastic that you find in the front doors as well at the bottom of the front doors and the back of these seats is also pretty rough can you hear the material it’s pretty pretty cheap when it comes to the back you only get two vents for the rear passengers you don’t have any controls per se and you only have usb-c outlets what i haven’t been able to find in this car and please let me know in the comments if you have found them already i haven’t found any 12 volt outlets i think if he doesn’t have any that means that is this really an suv because how can i think of an suv that doesn’t have the utility of a 12 volt outlet now in contrast something that i really like about this car is the floor mats these floor mats all of them are made with this can you hear that it’s made with some like velcro-like material that sticks to the carpet so they don’t move at all i really like that idea now let me show you something that i really dislike about this car and it really bothers me first of all the way they implemented this seat mounts they just raised the the floorboard and then just added the extra inches for sitting position and they left this seam right here of carpet that just doesn’t make any sense i think tesla could have done a lot better in covering this with some plastic material just to hide it or tuck it and then if you look at the back there’s also another seam for the carpet right here so i don’t know why tesla didn’t choose to just consolidate both of them and it’s just too visible i think this is this is cheap manufacturing to hold down the rear seats you have these two release buttons so just pull them and they go down to set it back up you have to do it by hand the tesla model y doesn’t come with the privacy cover here but what you do have is you have storage underneath this floor panel and then you have a little more here which is pretty shallow but it’s there but this can only be accessed when the rear seats are down to give you an idea how roomy this rear area is i lower the seats and i can fit full body back here so i plan on actually spending time here maybe camping my wife is not so fond of the idea but i want to do it oh wait look what i found i found the 12 volt outlet right here so scratch what i said earlier about the lac off and then you also have the front trunk that you can open like this or with the phone and the space is pretty good and i really like this one i i didn’t think i was gonna find myself using it as much as i do but i really like it because it’s very convenient it’s isolated from the cabin and for monday things like for example picking up carry out food you can just put it here and you won’t stink the cabin let’s move on to the exterior of the car teslas in general they’re not my favorite when it comes to body styles they’re once you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all so i guess that’s a good thing for example when you see a portrait you know it’s a porch because of the line well tesla has the same thing going on all their vehicles look sort of the same the front end is very controversial a lot of people don’t like it i actually don’t mind it too much but you will find a lot of empty landscape right here because these cars don’t need a traditional grill for cooling the engine because there’s no engine so all the the air or the air cooling that this car needs comes from this bottom grill and one thing that i like about teslas in general is that they don’t have a lot of packages so in this case the lights are standards they’re full led lights all around so that’s one thing that i like about tesla you don’t have to upgrade to the better packages to get the better stuff this is one of my favorite features in this car this emblematic piece is it houses one of the cameras and also houses the turn signal these turn signals on the side of the fender they’re very common in the european cars they’ve had them for a long time but they’re not as common on american cars and this tesla has it and i really like it these door handles please if any of you own this vehicle let me know in the comments if you feel confident that these are not going to break with time the way you operate them is you push with the thumb and then pull the lever but i always find myself doing this push like this and then i pull both because i’m afraid that this flimsy part eventually with time it’s gonna break they’re flush against the body supposedly for aerodynamics but not my favorite feature all model wise regardless of trim level come with this black cladding this is some rubber plastic material and from what i’ve heard teslas are not known to have the best paint quality so this helps with future potential rock chipping so i like it it makes the car look more sporty it also gives the idea that the car is a little bit taller than it is this car is not tall at all it’s only about six and a half inches tall so i don’t see the usability of it off-road this is not a tall vehicle at all look at this this is the only ground clearance you get not much one of the main reasons why we opted for the performance package in this vehicle is actually these wheels they’re 21 inches they’re called over turbines and they’re wrapped all around in pirellis and the front are 255 by 35 and the back are 275 by 35 and the color the black color with the contrasting red brake pads just makes for a very sexy look we really like it one thing to keep in mind in case you want to order the performance model is that this tires offer very little protection to the wheel in case you curve them i already crimped twice and i always find myself parking too far from the sidewalk when i do parallel parking because i don’t want to hit him again if you add the fact that this car has very bad blind spots on the back and he doesn’t offer a 360 camera then he makes for a recipe for disaster i already curved both of the wheels minor chips but they’re already curved and i only had it for a month another thing that i really like about this car is the actual roof just the fact that it’s all glass and even though it has two columns on the inside from the outside it gives the effect that it’s just one piece of glass from the windshield to the sunroof to the rear window i really like that especially in this white color i find these mirrors to be a little bit small especially when i’m backing up i feel that they should be a little bit bigger let me know in the comments any of you that own this vehicle if you find these mirrors to be a little bit smaller than desired this car is a pro white on the exterior but when you open the doors you will notice that in some of the door jams and some other areas you don’t have that pearl effect that metallic effect you don’t have it i noticed that on the front trunk and also on the rear gate that when you open it all the areas inside the vehicle are not of the same pearl metallic white the only indicator that is the performance package is because of this spoiler in the back and also this red line where it says dual motors is the only indicator that tells you that you got the faster tesla model y underneath here you have this more cladding and then here you can remove this so you can install the tow hitch in case you ordered one driving the tesla model wide performance when i bought this car i had to come to an agreement with the wife because she’s actually the main driver of this car on what we should get next after a 2018 rx 350 lexus rx350 and it’s always been on my bucket list to own a porch not a new one because i can’t afford it i’m not rich but something pre-owned maybe a 2014-15 that i could within the same price bracket of this one which is about 60 000 but my wife just refused to drive a porch so she liked the suv drive from our prior lexus that was our first suv ever she liked it and we wanted to get another suv and we considered this tesla model y and i wanted i still had that edge for performance from that porch edge that i had and i found in this car the perfect blend of a car that is very practical to drive every day and then when you want to have some fun you can put it in sport and drive it fast this car is incredibly fast this i mean obviously needless to say this is the fastest car ever driven and i’ve driven i’ve driven other sporty cars from audi from bmw from lexus but nothing comes close to this especially when you come from other than an electric car you will find the nature of the the driving dynamics of an electric car very unique especially in this car with the performance package it’s just super fast every time i get somebody new in the car i was put in a sport and i step on that gold pedal and i always throw them off guard because they’re not expecting this car to be as fast you really feel the g-force as you press the gas pedal because this is just instant point but to me a car is not all about going fast on a straight line i also like the car to perform well and curvy roads and this car does that very well because despite the fact that you feel that you’re sitting up high the center of gravity in this vehicle is super low obviously because of the electric battery the huge electric battery that the whole floorboard is an electric battery and some of the things that i really like about this car that add to the lower center gravity is for example the frameless windows those are usually associated with sportier vehicles and then you find it in this suv when i make these videos i’m going to try to bring you value i’m going to try to bring you stuff that you can take with you in every single one of these videos it’s just not me trying to put videos out i actually want to talk about the things that may make your decision about buying a tesla model why performance in this this case so just a tesla model y in general and something that i want to talk about in a future video is the range because i’ve i have found that the range in this vehicle is not what’s claimed um i’ll be very very generous with it and i’ll say that it’s about 12 less than it’s claimed but if you drive it a little bit faster then it’s nothing it’s like nothing close to that 303 miles that is posted another huge letdown of this car is the fact that it doesn’t have a 360 view of the exterior i mean it has so many cameras right why wouldn’t he be able to compose a 360 view before i forget in the description box i’m going to leave you a referral code that way you can get a thousand free miles worth of superchargers if you use my link it also helps me because i also get a thousand miles so i when i bought this car i got it from a friend and he benefited and i benefited as well so if you by any chance wanna buy a tesla use it and you’re gonna help yourself with the first few 1000 miles and help me as well in the process as i said earlier one of my favorite features about this car is the driving experience in this case the use of the autopilot which is really good i just set it up on longer trips and it just follows the lane i’ve been in many modern cars and nothing come close to this i don’t want to know how much better the autonomous driving package is it’s ten thousand dollars i don’t think it’s worth it because this does the job for me it follows the lanes it it actually has like a auto steer feature when the cars on the sides are getting too close to me it just pulls away and also when i’m in bumper to bumper it just sticks with the vehicle ahead of me and if we come to a full stop this vehicle stops and then it resumes when the vehicle in front of me starts pulling away i’ve used this system in kirby roads obviously with caution and it just does it for me i’ve driven over 100 miles at a time without having to move the steering wheel um it will ask you occasionally it will ask you to tap or move the steering wheel a little bit so that it knows that you’re still in control but one thing that i do so in case you want to take a shortcut on it is all you have to do is move the control of the volume or the cruise control on this side and you don’t have to move the actual steering wheel so i think that’s a pretty cool feature and with that i want to wrap it up thank you for being here thank you for sticking to the end the best way to support my channel is by asking a question making a comment related to the content and by subscribing to my channel my name is juan carlos i’ll see you next time something that i left out of this video that i consider important is the fact that i have zero initial quality issues with this car so so far so good for the first month and way over a thousand miles i think i have something like 1300 miles and it hasn’t even been a month and i an elephant in the room that i would like to address is this uh this sunroof it’s um it’s pretty toasty in here right now it’s san diego weather 83 degrees and i can feel the sun painting me through this sunroof so in the upcoming weeks i’m going to tint it i think it’s not going to be cheap because it’s just one piece from here from the front all the way to the back and also the range in the upcoming weeks i’m going to be uploading a video exclusively about the range my experience with the so claimed 303 miles of range which i don’t think it even comes close i made about three longer trips of about 220 30 miles and i’m cutting it cutting it very close with the proclaimed range of 303 miles.