Kenenisa Bekele sus inicios Victorias y Derrotas el mejor corredor de la Historia

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kenenisa bekele considered by many as the best athlete around the distance of all time but only very few know his story in this video we will know some precedents and a little of the history of the Ethiopian legend as well as some of his achievements and most important careers along throughout his sports career, both his defeats and his great victories and also a piece of advice that comes from the Ethiopian legend for all athletes who seek to improve their marks, stay until the end of the video to find out all the details welcome to your a & e frank channel where we speak running news as well as data from great races and athletics stories in documentary videos so if you don’t want to miss anything, hit the subscribe button and enjoy the following videos bekele once mentioned about how he started in athletics mentioning the following I remember that in school I was very active in sports one day playing soccer, someone happens to me very r uick by the right side and he recommended that I start training was the best advice you could give me that neither knows him as a child where at that time was working on his father ’s farm tending cattle and selling chicken eggs the Kenenisa Bekele’s beginnings of international competitions were in the 90s, where at that time who was the king of the tracks was the emperor Haile Gebrselassie who would be his inspiration and role model, also becoming his successor the first race on record This uncle fish goes back on July 16, 1999 in the country of Poland in the first youth world championship organized by the guide now called world athletics where a 17-year-old Kenenisa Bekele competed in the distance of 3000 meters in where he set a time of 8 minutes and nine seconds winning the silver medal in his first youth world competition in 2000 his best records were 7 minutes 46 se Second point 95 in the 3000 meter dash and the 5000 meter dash 13 minutes and 20 seconds in 2002 began what is known as the old age era since it would do something that no one in history had achieved, which is to win the short instance and long cross country also being undefeated champion from 2002 to 2006 of this world cross country competition moving to the year 2003 bekele focused on the 5000 meter dash in June of that year it would drop for the first time from 13 minutes in that distance with 12 minutes and 52 seconds taking that competition in norway that same year in the world championship that was held in paris kenenisa bekele would participate in the distance of 10,000 meters where he faced the emperor haile gebrselassie both legends making a great race and bekele managing to beat his idol and role model in this world championship setting a time of 26 minutes and 49 seconds the emperor would arrive in second l In third place, another Ethiopian Sileshi Cejil and for the first time in history achieving an Ethiopian triplet in some world championships and in that same world championship in Paris a week later he would also participate in the 5,000 meters he faced against who currently holds the record world of the 1,500 meters the Moroccan hicham el guerrouj and in the same way facing against who holds the world record for the marathon el gran the youtube show and the latter the gene is already taking the competition and being world champion of the 5000 meters flat of that year in an epic closing against the Moroccan who was in second place and the third would come to whoever issued that taking bronze in him in 2004 bekele was crowned as the king of the tracks since in just a period of nine days he would break the marks of the five thousand and ten thousand meters flat of the emperor haile gebrselassie the student surpassing the teacher in addition to that in the Olympic games of that same he year in athens he would win gold in the 10,000 meter sprint and a silver medal in the 5,000 meter where he was left only behind issam the gray and who would arrive after bekele winning the bronze would be a young eliud kipchoge who with only 20 years of experience age is the year 2005 kenenisa bekele had already proclaimed himself the best of all time with the best results in history he was at the top of athletics but this year in particular he would change his life completely and year that to this day this Uncle who remembers in all his careers when celebrating pointing towards the sky since in January 2005, unfortunately, this young woman of barely 18 years of age would lose her fiancée in Chad , with whom the athlete who came from being a champion was about to marry.

05:17 - of the world winning the world junior championship of the 1500 meters and who Kenenisa Bekele knew since they were children but sadly at this age at 18 years old the unfortunate event happened while They trained together the Ethiopian mentioned the following for the rest of the year I ran with pain in my heart at the beginning it was hard for me to even set foot on the track wherever she will train there were memories of her losing indoor races due to lack of concentration and surprisingly eight months later From this tragedy, showing courage and determination, he ran the fastest 10,000 meters in history, surpassing his own world record that he had made last year and also on July 1, running the world record of the year of the 5,000 meters with 12 minutes and 40 seconds reiterating again this year 2005 as the king of the tracks and not only the king of the tracks but also of cross-country cross country since this year as last year in 2004 the short distance and the long distance would also win this 2005 of this field competition again and also in the same way winning the award as the best athlete of the year for the second time in a row since he would win it in 2004 and again this 2005 in 2006 it would not be an exception, he would also win the short and long distance of crowd country this year celebrated in Japan and not only that but also winning the world competition of the three thousand meters indoors with a time of 7 minutes 39 seconds point 32 on February 17 of the year 2007 kenenisa bekele would start the year by running the world record of the 2000 meter dash indoors with a time of 4 minutes and 49 seconds and only the following month in March would she compete again in the world championship of cross country of that year but unfortunately he would lose his undefeated of more than 6 years in addition to the 27 consecutive victories in different events and world championships that had this cross country competition this would be in kenya and he even abandoned the competition even though he looked leading the race in the early stages but despite this defeat months later at the end of 2007 he returned to bekele to proclaim himself champion m undial in the 10,000 meter dash being on August 27 when he would win the world competition of this distance and Japan- with a time of 27 minutes and 5 seconds the following year in 2008 this Ethiopian legend would qualify again for the Olympic games in Beijing and achieving the great feat of taking the gold medal in the distances of 5,000 meters with 12 minutes and 57 seconds and in the 10,000 meters with 27 minutes and a second marks that to this day are still valid as the Olympic records since Nobody has yet surpassed the mark of this great Ethiopian in 2008 in Beijing in some Olympic games at these distances and not only that but he would win his sixth title in the long distance of crowd country since despite the fact that many thought that his career In cross-country, the Ethiopian returns and is once again champion in this world competition this year held in Great Britain, achieving another historic event in athletics since as I mentioned he took his sixth title and no one had achieved that many titles in the history of cross-country that same year in 2008 kenenisa bekele participated in a total of 11 international competitions three thousand five thousand and ten thousand meters winning each and every one of them exactly the same would happen in 2009 winning in each competition that participated in those distances and being again world champion in berlin defeating athletes such as the ukip show that bernard lagat and mo farah in the 5000 meters flat and in the 10,000 meters winning to the great Eritrean athlete zersenay tadese in that world championship but unfortunately in 2010 it would be something very different kenenisa bekele would suffer an injury that would leave him out of competition since in past seasons he chose to run with his injured calf thinking that it was not so serious but That injury worsened in that year 2010 and extended to the knee and that year he would only run in a cross country competition.

try where he would finish in fourth place being the first and only competition he had that year and due to his injury stopping his training and competitions for more than one to recover from the injury and gradually returning to his training he would return in March 2011 in the world athletics competition where he had planned to run the 10,000 and 5,000 meter sprints but it was in the first race in the 10,000 meter distance where with 10 laps remaining, Bekele considered that he could not finish the race and gave up and in the same way deciding not to Running the 5,000 meters flat apparently that injury that did not pay attention to it served as an experience to pay more attention to the small annoyances that arise so that they do not get worse as it had already happened but only three weeks later and with better physical condition the Ethiopian would compete again in the 10,000 meter dash in the diamond league in brussels and in this vocation taking the triumph fo with 26 minutes 43 seconds mark that was the fastest of that year in that distance moving us to the year 2012 despite the great mark that he gave last year this year of eight competitions that he had in the 3,5000 and 10,000 meters he only won 2 in the month of april in ireland and in the month of june in great britain and in the rest it would not even reach third place that same year in 2012 the london olympic games were held kenenisa bekele would stay outside the 5,000 meter dash but if he would qualify for the 10,000 meters distance where, despite being with the leading group throughout the race, he could not maintain the rhythm that Mo Farah began to mark in his final shot in the last 150 meters and bekele would finish fourth losing the opportunity to take the third Olympic title in this distance, marking a time of 27 minutes and 32 seconds, remaining just one second behind his younger brother Tariku Bekele, who set a time of 27 minutes and 31 seconds.

Second taking bronze who came second in those Olympic games was the American Galen Rupp with a time of 27 minutes and 30 seconds taking the silver medal and in first place the great Briton but in 2013 the Ethiopian legend would return on this occasion raiding if at longer distances such as the great ground race that as clearly we all remember was one of the best competitions in this distance where these three legends competed with each other and after a great closing against the British Mo Farah the Ethiopian took victory with a time of one hour and nine seconds the following year 2014 kenenisa bekele decided it was time to move forward and jump into the marathon competition by running her first marathon on april 6, 2014 at the paris marathon doing a great debut as it took the competition with a time of 2 hours 5 minutes and 2 seconds and not only that it also set a new competition record in es e marathon and it would also become at that time the fifth fastest debut of all time in this distance and the fastest debut in history for someone older than 30 years in the same year in 2014 he would make his second marathon race this Once his teammate just keep soul running where the great genius is, he would take the victory with a time of 2 hours 4 minutes and 11 seconds and they have and know that he just over a minute behind the Kenyan finish and in fourth place staying out of the podium with a time of 2 hours 5 minutes and 51 seconds in 2015 had planned to run for the first time the London marathon but for the second time injury left him out of competition throughout that year this time was on the Achilles tendon running only one competition in January in the dubai marathon race that he had to abandon after kilometer 30 a year later in 2016 the great Ethiopian legend returned and this time being able to compete in the londr marathon It is where he was in a great third place with a time of 2 hours 6 minutes and 36 seconds, being surpassed only by two Kenyans who were Stanley Biwott with 2 hours 3 minutes and 51 seconds and Eliud Kipchoge with 2 hours 3 minutes and 5 two.

months later that same year kenenisa bekele did not give up in the marathon and in the month of September he would compete for the first time in the berlin marathon this time winning with a great time of two hours three minutes and three seconds becoming this year in the second best mark of all time and just five seconds away from the world record that at that time belonged to the Kenyan denis and I had two hours 2 minutes and 57 seconds until the team that would break it four years later as mentioned that he took the berlin marathon competition in germany in the 2016 edition, defeating athletes like wilson kipsang who years before would have broken the world marathon record in this same competition in berlin but in the year 2013 and also defeating the kenyan evans and the ethiopian haile rising some to the year 2017 a year after kenenisa bekele will mark the second best mark of all time in this marathon distance announced his attack on the world tennis record commented in the dubai marathon in january of that year but just when he started the race second after the finish line, bekele would trip and fall and although he managed to recover and rejoin, apparently the fall caused him some discomfort that accompanied him during the race And just half the distance, the Ethiopian chose to leave but despite that mishap three months later, on April 23, 2017, he would run the london marathon again where he finished second with a time of 2 hours 5 minutes and 57 seconds.

where he only stayed nine seconds behind the great kenyan daniel john jairo in 2018 we saw a different bekele this year he only ran the london marathon edition that won eliud k ipchoge in second place his racket is and in third place the great british mo farah the ethiopian would arrive in sixth place making the highest time he has set in this distance which was two hours eight minutes and 53 seconds after this season he had to know that in 2018 the world was shocked and it seemed to be the last race that the Ethiopian had for his retirement, the performance of the Ethiopian was not the same, it was reached the second half of 2019 and there were no signs yet of this great athlete but it was on 29 September 2019 when that stopped I feel the whole world of athletics repeating the same as in 2017 marking the second best mark of all time but this time staying closer to just two seconds from the time of eliud kipchoge and although at the beginning not He seemed to be happy with the result of once again staying so close to breaking the marathon world record he ended up assimilating it by mentioning the following is very good this to improve my personal best p but I think I can still handle this with the marathon world record I will not stop fighting him this result motivates me for the future pointed out bekele only three months ago I was still recovering from an injury and my preparation was not 100% I felt a little of pain and that’s why I stayed behind after a few kilometers I managed to relax and I was able to pull a little harder in this competition of the berlin marathon version 2019 and despite the fact that it was known that bekele would participate for the last performances of the Ethiopians as favorite to win and In breaking the mark of eliud kipchoge it was his compatriot birán uleg is that even at kilometer 31 he managed to leave kenenisa bekele several meters behind but as he himself mentions he managed to relax and managed to pass it and although he wishes in that competition he managed to mark the one that currently is the third best mark of all time was not enough to beat the great Ethiopian Bekele since he left him for more than a minute behind in 2020 we saw him in a competition that was in the london half marathon where he took the competition with a time of one hour and 22 seconds breaking the competition mark previously held by the british mo farah was also preparing for the london marathon in october of that year where he would face in the duel of the century with his teammate, but a nuisance prevented him from participating, many people did not know why for a simple annoyance he would retire in one of the most anticipated competitions but as we remember and from the Ethiopian’s previous experience for ignoring simple annoyances These end up getting worse and leave him out of competition for more than a year and returning with very low athletic performance but this time he paid more attention to that and decided not to participate to close this documentary on the great story of the legend Kenenisa with a flourish.

Bekele this extraordinary Ethiopian writes a letter addressed to the young man that he where the main motive is to motivate everyone athletes around the world and not only that but also leave his experiences and lessons of his athletic life in a single letter as I mentioned was a letter he wrote for the young version of him and therefore that all young athletes follow his example and his very lessons in athletics the letter says the following young man who entertains from an early stage of his athletic development you recognized the importance of discipline continue listening to your coaches stay focused and this will help you enjoy many great successes not many athletes achieve what you did on the world stage at such a young age your career will become one of the best in history you will win three Olympic gold medals and five world titles outdoors on the track set world records of five thousand and ten thousand flat meters looking from the outside many might assume that you would change however young kenenisa you do not always train perfectly to v Sometimes you will undergo insufficient training and you may not always have access to the best physiotherapy these may seem like crucial moments to achieve all your professional goals and on the subject of physiotherapy try to take care of your body it may feel bulletproof especially during some of your seniors triumphs but ignoring physical therapy will create problems later especially during your marathon jump injuries can cause great frustration and will do so during times when you are struggling with an injury you may feel dejected and unmotivated you may not always be fully committed to the exercises but this will only make the marathon an even more difficult event to master.

Maintaining fitness levels in full health as an athlete in your mid- 30s will be difficult but don’t give up.

21:48 - higher finally listen to your body and make the sacrifices n If you do, you can reach your marathon potential and finish your career with great success. Sincerely, Kenenisa Bekele, subscribe for more content so don’t forget to leave your like and we’ll see you in the next video.