An Ore Thats Stronger Than Netherite? | Enderite Addon For Minecraft Bedrock!!!🤯

Jul 11, 2021 15:30 · 4808 words · 23 minute read

hello everybody welcome to the enderite mod. I would be lying to you if i didn’t say this mod is absolutely insane but before we start only a small percentage of you are actually subscribed so if you end up liking this video please consider subscribing down below it’s free and you can always change mine if you want to this bedrock add-on was created by SorYPMod and the mod review template map was created by clickFR. I’ll leave a link to both of these in the description if you do want to go check them out.

Alright so i’m actually going to start all the way back over here where the mobs are so here is the end blaze this this is like a normal blaze but it also has the magic effect that the dragon also uh when it breathes out this like magical mist thing that gives you damage or something yeah it also does the same thing it drops an ender stick and a blaze rod it has 40 health so it does have a lot of health so i would not mess with this thing anyways next is the end cow i had to do some testing because on the site it didn’t exactly say all of the details about each mob but i did some testing i found out its health was about 10 hp this cow drops two specific things well gives you two specific things that are actually pretty cool one is end beef which you can actually smelt over here to create like cooked end beef and also over here is a special type of milk bucket i’m pretty sure it’s called like the end milk bucket or something let me just yeah end milk this can be used for another recipe over there it’s actually pretty cool but over here we have cooked end beef so you can actually get food from this guy in the end it also drops some leather and it’s a pretty non-hostile mob kind of like the normal cow is but yeah that’s the end cow over here we have an end villager which is pretty pretty cool looking as like mushrooms on its hat over there has a pretty cool looking robe with like mushrooms i guess i don’t know what those are but uh once again i did some testing it has about 20 health and you can actually trade with these villagers with end emeralds so normal emeralds won’t work with this but you can trade with end emeralds so over here i can trade an end stone sword i can trade end wheat uh potion of blindness all this stuff over here um and yeah it’s almost like a normal villager you just trade with different things over here we have a purpur fly i’m pretty sure that’s what it’s called a purpur fly it’s pretty neutral until you attack it and then it attacks you but it has 10 health and it drops phantom membrane which can be useful for fixing elytra’s so other than that is actually a pretty weak and yeah it’s a pretty weak mob over here we have the end zombie now this thing i didn’t put in the cage because it can teleport everywhere but it has 40 health just like the blaze and it can drop this sort of corrupted rotten flesh this thing is really weird but it can also drop the items that it’s holding so the ai is similar to one of a zombie pigmen so it’s neutral till hit and then like everything comes at you so there’s not really a point in putting it in the cage because it’ll just teleport out uh where did that go anyways let’s just put that back in and it just teleported out again okay um that’s fine uh let me just put it over here oh oh there it is okay you see it’s holding like a netherite sword over here you can it can drop some of its stuff sometimes like it can drop armor and things like that but it’s it’s really really strong i would not mess with this thing really oh well now it’s in the giant cage yeah but that thing is super strong so i would not mess with that thing if i were you all right well that brings an end to the mob section of this tutorial over here i’m going to start telling you about some of the ores and some of the blocks so over here we have asteroid residue this can be found along with melted end stone in the end in these sort of like meteorite craters but if you smelt asteroid residue you can get something called melted residue which doesn’t really have a purpose yet i’m still figuring that out a lot of things in this mod i had to figure out myself because the mod creator didn’t leave all the details behind but anyways it still drops this melted residue which has a really weird look to it it’s really weird um but yeah it does that all right over here we have the end emerald so these end emeralds will probably spawn underneath the island like close to the bottom so they’re a little bit harder to get but you can mine them and you can get end emeralds from them just like any normal ore you don’t have to smelt them you can just mine them you get end emeralds over here is the main part of this mod pack enderite ore this thing you can smelt and you can get enderite ingots which can be used for all this good stuff down there as you can see in just a little bit we’ll get enderite and enderite ingot so we have enderite ingots now these can be used to create armor and swords over there so if we take this enderite ingot we can craft armor like normal here so an enderite helmet enderite chest piece enderite leggings and enderite boots just like normal um just like normal pieces of armor we can craft enderite armor and it actually looks pretty cool here’s the enderite armor looks really cool but anyways over here uh there are different stats that come with each armor piece which is pretty interesting so a helmet has point zero point one knockback resistance and protection four the chestplate has plus one knockback resistance and protection eight uh the plus one knockback resistance is kinda like netherite armor uh netherite armor has plus one knockback resistance the leggings has plus one knockback resistance and protection four the boots has plus 0.

1 knockback resistance and protection four so this armor is pretty good don’t let the knockback resistance fool you there is a bunch of protection on this armor already even though it doesn’t really say it right now you can it’s like comes with the armor um it’s just natural to come with the armor but anyways to craft all of these other items that you’re gonna get from these enderite ingots you do need to know what how to craft an ender stick so this takes two ender pearls in the shape of like how you’d craft the normal stick and then you get an ender stick and then over here you can craft these like any normal minecraft crafting recipe for sword it’s the stick and then two of the ingots uh on top right here so one ender stick two enderite ingots to get you this enderite sword which is plus 14 attack damage this thing does a lot and then just like normal the pickaxe plus seven attack damage and then the axe plus 10 over here then the shovel over here and the hoe over here you can also craft a netherite sorry not netherite, enderite block over here uh i don’t know why you would it does look pretty cool though so i’ll give you that but it’s pretty expensive over here we can craft an end wood sword this takes normal sticks and end planks which is this thing over here and planks you can get from end trees in the end and then it’s the same crafting recipe just end planks sticks end planks sticks end playing sticks and so on you can also craft sticks with bluish planks so these recipes are very specific so you can’t craft this with bluish planks and you can’t craft this with normal end planks has to be bluish planks here and this has to be end planks here but this is just an alternative crafting recipe for sticks now over here we have an end stone sword so you can use end stone plus a stick to create an end stone sword and as you know it’s just like the normal crafting recipes here all right here is an enderite apple this enderite apple it’s pretty cool so it’s just an apple surrounded with enderite ingots and you can get an enchanted enderite apple where it’s an apple surrounded by enderite blocks so over here this enchanted enderite apple oh no let me just there we go look at all these effects like this thing is absolutely insane with effects it’s it’s just insane like speed five haste five strength five jump boost five like everything is resistance five night vision health boosts 5 absorption 5 conduit power 5.

like this thing is actually insane the amount of effects it gives well anyways i don’t want to be jumping around everywhere so i’m just going to drink some milk there you go okay so over here oops i just fell into water but over here you can see that there are different types of end wood and like end things you can get from trees so usually there’s like the bluish trees and then there’s like the purple trees kind of like the crimson biome and the warped biome in the nether but you can get bluish logs from these bluish trees which you can turn into bluish planks or you can strip strip them into a stripped bluish log there’s also this bluish light log which looks pretty cool and there’s a use for that this bluish bark lantern there’s also a crafting recipe over there this one looks absolutely insane i love this texture there’s the bluish wart block it doesn’t look like it but this is like the leaves on the tree and then here it follows the same thing the end log stripped end log end planks uh end wart block end shroom lights and end warp wait what end warp block that’s weird i’m pretty sure this is supposed to be oh ender warped block my bad i thought this was the ender wart i think this is supposed to be spelled wart and not warped so it might be a mistake by the modpack creator but it’s all good you get the idea but anyways as i said there was a use for that log right there if we take an axe we can strip it and we get these bluish glowing bark which we’ll see what that does for a crafting recipe over there but anyways now we go over to this side this is where the things start getting really really cool over here we get a scythe which does 15 attack damage and it’s crafted like this one enderite block two enderite ingots on each side and two sticks like this and you get an enderite scythe this these textures are actually really cool i love how the modpack creator did this but anyways enderite hammer plus 16 attack attack damage two enderite blocks an enderite ingot and two ender sticks but nothing compares to this thing plus 40 attack damage the ender battle axe an enderite block in the center a stick three ender pearls and two eyes of ender this thing does plus 40 attack damage it’s insane wait sorry i almost forgot to mention that the ender battle axe if you right click with it you can actually teleport like with a normal ender ender pearl like teleport like that so that’s actually a pretty cool feature in the ender battle axe i almost missed it but i got it in the end okay anyways moving on this is an enderite chorus fruit it mostly acts as a normal chorus fruit where it teleports you around you just need one coarse fruit in the center and an enderite ingot around it somewhere and you get an enderite course fruit but now you can get a popped coarse fruit by putting it in the furnace and these popped coarse fruit can actually get you a crafting recipe over there so i guess it does have a use but anyways um these textures look very very cool by the way i have to give it to the modpack creator it’s very very cool all right anyways popped enderite fruit over here so these will be used in a crafting recipe later on and as you can see if i eat this i will get teleported out and there are a lot of mobs over here so i’m just gonna okay and grass all right this thing looks really really cool so does the bluish soul grass if you actually walk on it you get these yeah those like soul sand skulls effects it’s really really cool but this is what it looks like and here the navi plant this thing looks really cool and if you do right click on it you get a navi fruit so there’s a navi plant and the warped Na’vi plant over here and i believe there’s one more but i couldn’t find it for the life of me so yeah we’re just gonna showcase these two right now so um these two look absolutely insane as a plant like this this looks really cool but anyways this gives the navi fruit and once you when you once you eat it you do get tel or levitation oops i keep messing up words but you get levitation from this thing and it’s actually pretty cool well anyways this will be used for a recipe down the line over there now this bluish mushroom and and mushroom over here actually pretty cute they’re pretty small all right this bluish bush and end bush over here these are really cool i cannot stress enough how cool these textures look and also there’s something called an end trap that you’re going to be have to watch out for where you step on it and a bunch of spikes come out it’s pretty cool i love how the how the mod pack creator added that in that’s pretty cool you also see these traps later in some of the um structures that generate in the end but over here the end vine this thing i believe you can take uh you can harvest and you can get a corcodus fruit this gave us speed three for five seconds but if i can eat this properly there we go speed three for five seconds as you can see it’s already gone all right i believe this also gives another crafting recipe down the line anyways this is end grass pretty normal an end flower this is pretty cool and end roots uh this thing you’ll find at the bottom of an island at like the underneath side but anyways here are some of the potions that you can create so potion of levitation for 30 seconds we get a navi fruit and we put it in here then we can this work yeah there we go so these will create a potion of levitation for 30 seconds you can also create a potion of blindness with the corcodus fruit so if we put this cork of this fruit in here if i if we put this corkish fruit in here um i i never cease to amaze myself how much an idiot i am so you’re not supposed to use the corkis fruit for this you’re supposed to use the flower thing from before i’ll put an image up on screen what i’m talking about but apparently also if you right click that flower i think you’ll get blindness the blindness effect so that’s why when you brew it into water bottles you get the blindness potion so not the cork of this fruit it’s the flower okay let’s let’s hope i have no more idiot moments yeah well you’re supposed to get a potion of blindness i guess the mod pack creator will fix that in the future anyways here is the potion of levitation as you can see it works for the navi fruit apparently not for the cork it is fruit but anyways in the end you can create an end pathway so you know how you can create normal paths with like grass blocks like path there we go yeah in the end you can also create these kind of paths too they’re really cool and if you want to do some decoration that’s for you you can also do some end farmland where you can grow some stuff and over here uh if you grow some like seeds with it you can create and wheat so you’ll get these end seeds from like breaking grass which was back there what are you doing here spider you’re not supposed to be here there you go i killed you with a hoe but anyways um you can get these end seeds from breaking and grass which was back over there and you can eventually plant it onto the farmland and once you break it okay maybe i shouldn’t have been in creative once i broke that but anyways once you break it you’re supposed to get and wheat and this can give you and bread this thing can grant you night vision for 15 seconds so if i eat this if i eat this i get night vision for 15 seconds so there we go all right now time for end soup this thing will give you unlucky effects it’s crafted like this and mushrooms and then a bowl this thing will give you any unlucky effect so if you drink it like this time i got poison three but i may get a different effect in a little bit like weakness three right now so this will usually give you unlucky effects so anyways now we have an end cake this cake is really really cool because once again it’s crafted like this with the milk buckets that we got from the cow and the end wheat but each slice will give you a different effect so if i take a slice i get night vision if i take another slice i get speed if i take another slice i get strength two oops if i take another slice i get regeneration take another slice i get haste if i take another slice i get something that just disappeared out of existence if i take another slice i get resistance too i think that was jump boost before but yeah this thing is really really cool so let me just get that back and the cake can never have too much cake in your life there we go all right end cake really really cool addition to this mod pack all right now over to the block recipes so uh there are a couple new recipes that were added as a result of this mod so the first one is smooth end stone this can be crafted by or not crafted but if you put end stone in a furnace you can get smooth end stone by smelting it and we can also get end stone pillars by putting two endstone on top of each other that’ll give you end stone pillars and a crafting table over here if we want to get an end stone block we have to put endstone in the 9x9 or sorry 3x3 grid 9n stone and to craft an end stone block these look actually pretty cool too all right to get chiseled and stone maze you have to do like a circle around in the crafting table with end stone and then you can get the chiseled end stone maze over here chiseled end stone just normal chiseled and stone two smooth end stone on top of each other over here chiseled endstone cubic you take end stone pillars and you make it a circle around here and you get six and chiseled endstone cubic blocks now here is a cracked end stone brick so you take a normal endstone brick a normal vanilla and stone brick you put it in the furnace and then you get a cracked and stone brick over here a mossy end stone brick this one looks really cool it’s like sludge all over or like some like i don’t know but it looks cool you take normal end stone bricks and then you place it with the end vines which we found over there you put them together and you get a mossy and stone brick now over here these are some some cool blocks over here to make purple end bricks you take normal endstone bricks and you put it together with popped enderite fruit which we found over there now over here we have purple pillars and we put two end purple blocks on top of each other and we get purple pillars over here warped purple and bricks we take a warped navi plant and we put it together with a purple and brick the warp navi plant is over there over here we have an ender block so we take end purple block and we surround it with ender pearls and over here has a special ability if you go on top of it it’ll just teleport you somewhere random so if i can just i don’t want to break anything but maybe just go up here okay well yeah so if you stand on top of this it’ll teleport you somewhere random so over here to create an end purple block you have to take popped enderite fruit and put it in a 2x2 grid like this now over here the end wood logs you can put it in a 4x4 grid to create end wood which is like the same thing same texture on each side and to create the stripped endwood version of this you take strip logs and then you put it like that and remember the use from over there with the the blue the bluish light thing yeah if we put that in a sort of circle around in the crafting grid we can create this bluish bark lantern which looks really nice by the way this would be really cool in a build but anyways i believe that is everything in here so now it’s time to go to the end and view the structures so if we go up here we can see that there are these beautiful trees just look at this look at that just just look at that they’re just beautiful trees now we go over here because there are different structures that you can find in this mod for example there is the dungeon there’s the dungeon that can spawn skeletons and give these like loot things they’re just um the items that you can find from this thing and be careful there’s also traps in here so some of those end traps that you found and yeah this thing is pretty cool you’ll probably find it at the edge of an uh end island but yeah if we go back we can see the fountains now these fountains uh aren’t don’t really look too much like fountains but nonetheless this is actually pretty cool because i mean they’re water water blocks in the nether that’s pretty cool but anyways let’s go back and then let’s go to the end witch hut yeah so this witch hut is kind of wonky because i think a tree try to spawn inside of it but i think this is supposed to be like a ruined or like abandoned witch hut or something but um here are some of the things you can find in the chests like diamonds and pearls and emeralds things like that so yeah that is pretty cool so if we go back so and which end tower this thing is personally my favorite out of all the structures because this thing actually includes like a legit actually no this is my second favorite out of all the structures you’ll see so up here you can fly up there’s uh smithing table cauldron anvil there’s not that much in here but i believe if you break it no my bad i think there’s supposed to be a chest in here somewhere no whoops my bad my bad i get i guess there’s no chest in here but anyways this is still cool structure nonetheless so let’s go back so n tower and hive so this is where you’ll find the perper flies in this spawner over here the purple flies okay there’s no chest in here that’s kind of sad oh as you can see there’s another witch hut over here that’s not like ruined so this is how witch huts are supposed to look like okay so we did and tower and hive and temple this thing is pretty pretty cool it’s up there but uh before we go in through the top i do have to disarm some of the tnt from over here so let me just break some of that okay now we can go in through the top just so you know there’s going to be tnt down there but if we break the top slabs we can go down here and we can see a is this chest trapped no this is not just not trapped chest but um in this chest you’ll find some of these goodies over here and if we go down there’s actually a maze over here with multiple end traps and things like that but you can also find i believe through this wall uh other chests over here that give you really really good stuff so enderite pickaxe enderite ingots and netherite leggings like this stuff is really really good all right and over here the ruins ruins over here yep here’s a ruins thing over here now this thing looks pretty small in general but if you actually dig underneath this lantern there’s another right block waiting for you that’s pretty cool so you’ll just have like a free netherite block so if you do download this modpack don’t walk past this thing you’ll get another right block okay now to the ruined ship and meteor crater so this thing we see first of all the meteor crater this is what meteor craters are supposed to look like and this ruined ship so over here it’s kind of like a normal flying ship but it’s ruined so it’s crashed and you’ll see that there is a chest up here with some goodies in it there’s some trees drawn out from it things like that oh and another chest out at the front here more goodies and still the ender dragon uh face head over here but anyways if we go inside we see that there are two chests more goodies and there’s a broken elytra now this thing i’m not sure how to repair this elytra because once again it didn’t say everything in the website and i couldn’t find out myself how to do it but i’m sure there is probably a way to repair this elytra i just haven’t found it yet but anyways that is the ruined ship pretty cool this is like my favorite structure so let’s go back okay now for the la oh hey zombie please go away thank you all right now for the last one it’s more of a smaller one it’s just a fossil most of these will spawn underground but this one spawned above ground so that’s pretty cool but anyways that’s gonna be it for this mod this mod is really really cool it’s absolutely insane i will leave a link in the description for this mod and for the map template that i used for this add-on but anyways without further ado i will see you guys in the next video goodbye.