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Jun 4, 2021 05:52 · 1024 words · 5 minute read

hmm you should thank me uh that’ll changed you for the better be silent shinnok but you were my amulet finally you embrace the truth the elder gods deny the truth i was cast out for speaking the truth i embrace shinnok is that mercy is wasted on those who defile earth realm i will destroy our enemies before they destroy us starting with you oh brayden not even you can kill an elder god there are fates worse than death i will deliver you to luke and your nether realm minions you will serve as warning and an emblem of my wrath this was not your destination occur once again the thunder god has upset the balance of history but know this the ark of the universe bends to my will it is only a matter of time as you were for 25 years the special forces have been earth realms sword and shield we’ve pushed back shao khan defeated chinook yet none of our victories have come without cost recently commander jackson briggs was honorably discharged his wounds both physical and psychological left him no longer fit to serve we honor jackie’s father and we honor his sacrifice by doing what he would do to tirelessly defend earth realm sergeant cage step forward your leadership and warfighting ability have earned you promotion to commander but there are no family favors here by special forces tradition you still have to pass one last test i need to kick the co’s ass ma’am your ass ma’am all right then sergeant let’s see if you can take me fight no five four i love my toys commander cage reporting for duty oh congratulations commander come on dad you really have to go oh you’ve got your duty commander and i got mine starring in yet another ninja mime sequel isn’t what i’d call duty i need to provide for you in the manner to which you become accustomed then geez guys i’m right here general blade cassandra cage what is it another realm we should open a dialogue maybe there’s an explanation lou kang and katana were friends once they are irreparably polluted by shinnok’s evil they are no longer the champions we once knew we must strike them preemptively it’s about time we brought the fight to them what’s the target buried deep beneath liu kang and katana’s castle is the cathedral of shinnok the seat of their power destroy it and their undead army will fall removing its threat to earth realm aren’t your powers weaker in the nether realm yes but i will have sufficient strength to occupy the undead army that’ll buy us enough time to infiltrate the cathedral destroy it from the inside we get pinned down in there there’s no way out to ensure earth realm survival we must all be willing to sacrifice uh you know it’s been two years too much of your grim and gritty makeover droning on about sacrifice you don’t have a family to lose i no loss johnny cage braden’s right johnny we’re not ready for another war we’ve got to take out another realms army now before lieu kane can bring it here we’re in position hope raiden’s planned one hell of a diversion withdraw or feel the wrath of earth realm’s protector come on this should raiden get this far eliminated that burn victim’s cabal wasn’t he kano’s goon back in the day don’t let the scars fool you he’s fast take out him and jade i’ll go downstairs and set the c4 roger that move charges on every column yes you’re a dead ringer for your mother i’ll kick your ass on her behalf cabal fight i love my toys get real you lose as fast as you run jackie where’s jade she bailed getting help i’m sure general how we doing need ten minutes the support columns are further apart than expected you need help negative just watch our back ten more minutes we need it to be tail lights in five well we’re in the [ __ ] now we have extra c4 yeah yeah why let’s buy ourselves time emperor empress earthworms have captured the he’s the diversion lock and load so what’s going on up there uh katana empress of the dead i’ve not forgotten our last encounter at the sky temple how are your scars healing fight i love my toys yes wow ugh general she’s trapped cassandra cage how the chosen one has fallen raven’s right whatever shinnok did to you you’re a lost cause fight i love my toys [ __ ] you general can you hear me general come on i’m here cass hey we’ll get you guys out they’re gone cass and i’m not gonna make it what i’m not leaving you behind your team home that’s an order your duty minds to finish the mission i love you cass give your dad a kiss for me no no don’t mom mom she started the detonation sequence override it jackie there is no override commander our orders are to leave so your mother died a warrior’s death may we all be so fortunate you did not just say that thank god you’re back how did the mission go without the cathedral’s power we stand alone we are vulnerable who are you one of raiden’s elder gods here to taunt us no katana i am much more beholden keeper of time the sands of time guide the destiny of the realms and every soul they’re in i’ve carefully crafted them to keep the realms in balance but my work’s perfection has been irreversibly tainted by raiden’s actions two of you have felt that pain most acutely what can be done the past is the past is it not it need not be i intend to wind time back to its beginning and restart history but even with my vast power i cannot create this new era alone how will this new era be different in many ways but most importantly there will be no raiden how do we begin um for years.