Resident Evil VILLAGE Gameplay Walkthrough Part 21 - The Factory (PC)

Jul 12, 2021 10:30 · 1448 words · 7 minute read

तो अब तो खैर नहीं and I heard कि ये stage काफी ज्यादा hard है बाकी stages है let’s see I wanna see the on this shotgun मेरे को zoom beech की आवाज़ आ रही है strange is that कि सभी residential सभी residential movies और games में oh that was a good throw This is powerful. Get away from me. Oh no, it’s a double attack. Holy **** That was fatal blow. Alright, man. You made me use a first aid. That was pretty bad.

01:17 - What can happen if I don’t lock? At least frames at least 3040 frames. There is an treasure.

01:41 - From now let’s move on. Nice some leaves some more leaves What’s this? Oh man.

02:28 - भाई साहब it’s activate हो गया I’m gonna throw one pipe bomb.

02:43 - I wish I had the exact which weak spot. Oh. That was bad.

02:54 - Man. This thing takes so much damage. Oh, he’s **** me. Holy **** On single attack. I’m gonna mine this guy.

03:24 - This guy is smart. I have to get my shots right in his heart.

03:47 - Attack oh ये वापस अपनी जगह पे लौट आया This make this easy target.

04:10 - Now, I can shoot him. Yes. Finally. This enemy is hard.

04:36 - It’s gonna be difficult. Because takes a lot of damage.

04:43 - Anyway, time to move on. Where should I go? Some metal scrap there. This way looks fine. Some blood there but oh these guys. I’m gonna throw one pipe bomb.

05:06 - Yeah, this will do your spine. They still haven’t died. I think I have to break the thing in these zombies had One dribble.

05:38 - That’s a pretty good strategy actually. Alright, let’s see.

05:47 - I am. I have to be careful. This guy’s will wake up, I’m assuming. As soon as I enter the other room, Time to get the hell out of here. One shot.

06:22 - Holy **** Three shots and this guy hasn’t died. Four shots and counting.

06:45 - One more? This guy is different than others.

06:56 - He’s got a weird head. Big spot. That’s where I have to shoot them.

07:15 - That was a good rate of fire there. Is legit.

07:32 - Alright, relief mode I have to set there. Design कोई enemy ना आ जाए या seems useful वैसे ही यहाँ पे place कर सकता हूँ open a let’s see where this door will lead me.

08:14 - Not so fast. Yeah. Let’s see इसमें क्या है make them emos.

08:35 - नहीं मैं एकदम को एक बार reload कर लेता हूँ you never know where you have to use the Magnum in the situations where you think the normal guns won’t do वहाँ पे Magnum का काम होता है One shot, one kill.

09:05 - I have to watch out for these things. Also, I think they will take my health.

09:18 - Nice some hub. I don’t think **** Alright, mister.

09:36 - This guy is done. Alright, the enemies are dead. I have to stop these arms first. So that mission जैसा कि मैंने पीछे भी किया था man मेरा काफी बुरा निशाना है long range के लिए ये gun I won’t suggest this gun Sniper Wait, what’s missing a baby? Something I’m missing is.

10:36 - Before I move to the next location or do something I like uh like in these games or the horror games. I like to loot every everything I can. Yeah, I don’t think there there is something here. What about the what about the next area? Oh, here it is. Nice some short gun shells.

11:16 - Three actually. I’m gonna use them. So, let’s see.

11:26 - Man, I need some flustered. There, I have five first dudes now. That’s that’s convenient.

11:43 - I’m guessing Nice. Locked from the other side. Oh man, so many soldiers.

12:28 - Some shortgun shells. Mechanical part. Nice. I think I can combine this with some other part and make it more valuable. So that I can get some lease to upgrade my **** That’s the that’s the big plan here.

12:58 - Oh, I cannot go from here. What this room got? A map mechanical soldiers sold at. That’s the name of them. Sold at.

13:53 - Bye. Sorry. This guy is charging at me.

14:08 - Oh **** How oh my for a minute I was scared he looked something yes I just pick up the Cog mode this is the part I’m gonna need to get the electricity back on this floor.

15:15 - Think connect to go to hair. No not here in here.

15:58 - That’s the generator Part Hey. Soldiers.

16:22 - I I have to victim in this heart. Damn it. This guy’s fast. Oh god.

16:43 - To be her children. Okay, now. So, they freeze. When shot at them.

17:07 - What is this guy talking about? Yeah, Heisenberg is a very nice dude. Did she, do you see the experiments he’s doing here? I mean, why does he need that army? Are the fruits of my power. Destroy the weak. That’s the way the world. You should have never refused. What a freak.

17:45 - There’s a freak right in front of me. I have finally found a way to defeat them with my strategy.

18:13 - Alright, I’m officially low on hand in ammo.

18:22 - I heard some bird **** This dude, he does not have a weak spot in front of him. I’m assuming so I have to wait for him to turn around or make my opening.

18:55 - Time to get behind him. Yeah, yeah. That hit him hard. That hit him real hard.

19:21 - Man, how many of soldiers are there? Like, they are pretty hard to beat and they are very big in numbers. This is secret room. Some sniper ammo, flashbang. There’s the treasure. Cool. Skidosh.

19:51 - Nice some handgun ammo. I’ll take it. Mainly I am gonna use this gun because it has infinite AMO Thane gun is good also you know it’s got a good damage this guy again Alright, I’m gonna take him on right here.

20:28 - That was nice. I like that. Nice, some fire grenades.

20:43 - Five grenades are for the bosses. I have been to this room I think. I think I need to go from here. Now, where will this lead me? I’m mine. I’ll take it. These guys, wait, I have something for them. No, I think I am out of it. But Let’s go.

22:39 - I mean in boss fights ah you have to shoot an enemy in a specific place like in his art.

22:51 - Magnum coffee effective you have to keep firing so that’s the big advantage there.

23:12 - Oh no, this guy again. Come here. Time to get behind him.

23:23 - Oh I am I am trapped. Oh, you’re shooting me.

23:35 - I thought I was, I’m gonna die there. Alright, sir. I’m gonna man you.

23:48 - Oh, he’s dead. Now, I’m officially low on first trade.

24:05 - I’m not gonna waste my ammo. एक साथ दो nice movie गोली से मैं ऐसा कहाँ कर सकता था अब वहाँ पे treasure गिरा हुआ है yellow crystal they are pretty expensive I think Some short gun shells. Short gun is not a bad idea now because short damage Boss fight I think. Electricity.

25:09 - Bad idea. I’m gonna shoot him in his head. To make an opening. Yup, he is down. His helmet is down.

25:41 - Ii think helmet they lose their sense of attacking. Like they lose their control. That makes them more vulnerable to attack.

26:01 - More leg to counter yeah All is shooting me. Get out of my beach **** man just really limited अभी मेरे को इस गाय का spot ही पता नहीं है तो मैं इससे ही fight भी नहीं ले सकता helicopter की तरह घुमा रहा है उसे that can be good. Welcome your to find something new alright what’s your Nice first aid. I’m gonna take them all.

27:14 - Let’s see what what he got. I’m not gonna use this right now.

27:21 - It’s more expensive than I can spare. Alright, there’s uh much more **** to sell. Exchange.

27:52 - Alright. I’m skilled at all sorts of weapons modification.

27:55 - You let me know if you find anything else of value.

28:01 - I’m just gonna. .