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oh oh oh foreign oh oh so that’s how you promise every time that each of the promises you fought i hope is that a promise this time around yes all right sure i haven’t forgotten it once i come back you take it give me that your little smile have a nice day thank you my dear so you know how these guys could behave they come onto your leg and then enter inside the house i have you close it my hair mama where is it where is zeke where has he gone to this early morning i cannot leave you this way look at the compound there’s no water in this house how could you okay you will wake up in the morning and leave the compound just like that you know actually that mama cannot see look at the compact you could not even afford to sweep the house there’s no drop of water in this house and you left her in this condition what is your problem thank god i know how to cook and eat please assistant leave my man yeah just go back to your husband’s place you shouldn’t talk to your sister like that she’s be angry don’t be angry he just had me i don’t stop to him that what he said is not he’s not big eh calm down calm down you’re always excited no i’m not always just like i also speak on your behalf i don’t i don’t know what happened yeah why did you speak like that but the thing is that he loves me he loves me and he proves that he loves me i love you you probably love me my daughter i don’t like the way he’s behaving i don’t like it come closer hey let me feel your shoulder that’s your shoulder this one is my head in my head my cycle oh just like that first is you can come to my house oh i’m so confused how do i explain this oh how are you sure how do i explain to my mother who have been you’re writing your busy yes but this is your troller level so it’s not like he’s a new king and he said i’ve been trying to call you what you know yeah i lost my phone you lost your phone i’ve real juice he doesn’t even give me money looked like go uh what i don’t like it so i’m suggesting i’m suggesting we have got these didn’t think together alone everything you are is already but all you have to do is to sign for back out there you are my friend yeah yeah we have gone we have come a very long way signing is not the issue you’re my friend you know me very well i know you very well but all i want you to do is for me just to assure me that there will be getting because what we’re talking about here is life okay all right so right actually we carried out the necessary cooperation but i’m sorry was successful we carried out the necessary medical diagnosis and it went forward best so i came here because you are depressed actually mr johnson i tried all right please calm down okay okay okay okay i’m down i’m down i’m down okay now tell me what i think the best option now is okay i think what i would do now yes okay to die of an accident i seriously wanted you not to keep like nice but she would not listen she really might have landed there this is just an accident when i first knew that this was going to happen at this time knew that it would happen yet all of us would have known that if she had them back on daytime journey this thing wouldn’t have happened because there would have been someone to notice when the vehicle knocked her down there would have been someone to go to her rescue there would have been someone to take her to the hospital all right nigel now where is the driver that knocked her down where’s the driver you feel strange how can somebody knock somebody down i did not die james if i wish i could set her eyes on the man that killed you so juice oh dead god so tomorrow dude jesus the last time i saw her was last night i don’t know that that would be the last time that i’m going to see with you again oh my god that’s right oh if you know anyone that has pants in your debts i want you to wipe out without any message so shall it be revenge is the word so is which is what is it without being prepared with this the spirit of this girl is disturbing me in fact the the worst part of it is that this girl keeps dropping notes everywhere telling people that i killed her please i don’t want to die yet please when i finish preparing you you can go to that place and come back nothing will happen yes men don’t write please whatever to take i will pay oh foreign oh something no i’m sure the way you do these things is that you’re a girl what about i thank god you are here with me doing these things for me since your sister is not around and that is right right it worries me so much like you say jesus christ mama what is it okay anything tell me i’m your mother okay so okay what did i say use car don’t drive to the market my husband was back now you can keep the change but make sure you stop i know you don’t try to the market sorry if i bite into your privacy i’m achieved are you talking to me of course i can see you you’re beautiful why do you ask never mind you get to find out where are you going i’m going to the market of course that’s it oh yes who doesn’t know him you come to see me oh yes um the pockets are empty i can’t stop from there i can cue them with water okay yes oh my wife know um mama let me get you drinking water who are you talking to me talking hello huh i’m not alone hmm anybody i’m not seeing anybody in this house you are talking alone don’t get me confused here cause i know i’m talking with somebody i’m not talking to the coach she’s here right here hi mama i know you are blind but your blindness have not gotten to this extent what is this you don’t want me to go yet you just tell me i’m not seeing anybody she’s here okay everything my friend shut up who are you talking to who are you introducing to us where is she who is gross she’s here with us do you think we are your mates are you joking with us a lot bruce talk to them um i think i’ll i’ll get you okay just go and come back wow how do i go about this i can’t drive i want him to get to like to find out yes so so so all right so uh you didn’t tell me about it what’s the person so hey so what was wrong with you yesterday sister good morning what is good about the money eh what is good about this money naked what is wrong with you no no no like seriously just tell me what’s your problem yes what did i do what did you do you’re asking me what to do how come you made me and my husband look like fools yesterday in fact you actually called us fools to our face i don’t understand how come you are talking to our unseen people instead of behaving strange you now talk to yourself listen you are actually talking to the psychiatrist i nearly took you there yesterday i should not why shouldn’t i when you’re not behaving like a madman ever since you came back to this house everything about you has been strange i’m talking to somebody oh yeah even though you’re talking and you’re still telling me you’re talking to somebody i’m sick and tired of this your strange behavior and let me tell you any time you behave like this again if you try it again in my house i will send you back to my man what did you say you better not because if you do i’ll send you back to the village how come you’re making me look like a fool you’re making me feel afraid in my own house you don’t want to talk i think i know what to do inside and go back to the village so that you can know what is wrong with you just get ready next time you behave like this i’ll send you back to the village seeing me i’m talking to her she’s talking to me oh know okay who are you laughing with okay are you now insane see i i just picked this note outside and i’m coming in here to ask you which means this should be the very first and last time you try this in this house you try it yourself okay what is wrong with my brother how can somebody be talking to himself this is getting out of hand we have to do something yes we have to do something fast oh oh there’s something i don’t understand like what he is behaving strangely since he came to my house in the city how strange i’m at sometimes i can’t be talking to myself you’ll be talking to an unknown person at times he will tell you see her here see her see her she said this she said that hey my friend i don’t understand what is wrong with you please when you when you go back to the city i want you to send him back to me send him back to the village what is maybe something he’ll conceive to do at that moment no matter how cuz he writes what you thing please please my daughter become you know he is your only brother you have no other one as except him yeah he’s the only one hey daddy where’s meo there is this a girl that used to come here she always comes here to help me travel to your place have been here even before you came yeah she comes almost every day to help me to help me to wash to do everything it’s just that i didn’t tell my husband i was coming to the period if not i would have loved to wait and see this okay but next time when i’m coming they cannot move okay just give me someone take the rest that is good please when you get smoke get your oh um oh so i told you i’m going to answer your questions you keep on is story of uchu is a very sad school uh cold what i don’t like it i’m telling you she will kill you so i’m suggesting my together i am not going there alone what doctor tries i decided i decided sexy so those people think i died is why are you going back to the village eh please i’m sorry if required but i’m not sending you out from my house no problem that you’ve got what is wrong with this boy what is your problem this boy okay it is too bloody oh my house is too bloody what is your problem okay hey come back here please don’t go back to the village okay come come come come let me know what the problem is okay this is the problem with this boy why is he going back to the village you go back then on and start disturbing my mother okay my father is behaving stranger bye hello where are you going won’t you help me avenge my dad okay heck are you okay why are you talking to somebody you came with me doctor johnson clashes where she’s wet she’s here baby this your brother is very very mad how can he decide to go to the village and never bother to discuss it with anybody i saw him at the gate there he was behaving like a madman but that is a madness okay sweetheart i’m so confused okay woke up this morning and left this house that he’s going back to the village for good i played that with him i don’t ask him what is the problem he didn’t even give me a standing chance to explain or tell me what his problem was he was just living he was so adamant about leaving this house yeah he really said that this house be all of this house is too bloody the city is too bloody for me everything is too bloody that is going back to the village my house is bloody so that means what i said is true that boy is mad he’s crazy okay at any time jesus christ don’t worry worry so she has been nice to me you what are you doing here leave my house or i will live for you don’t say that with sit down sit down watch out this spirit is a very terrible one this thing is not an easy job it’s not an easy task the spirit of that very strong she has not rested ever since she so if there’s anything you will do to make that spirit keep away stop following me around please do it help me out help you out what was your avenge what have i done to you who are you discussing who are you discussing with huh wait to wait to is what i heard is true a.

k. a has one man oh yeah you leave me alone there’s something that’ll be bothering me i don’t know whether anybody have been noticing the same thing i’ve been noticing for some time ever since they returned what i want to discuss something yeah she’ll make a good wife okay hey haven’t you seen the qualities in her she that’s well she’s okay when you help beauty huh she’s a nice girl she’s good well let me take about it no what are you thinking i’ve just told you don’t think too much about this the girl is calling you disability you don’t know so hmm um and back to where do you think you’re coming from i won’t you thanks for that number to keep away from that loophole to keep our product empty headed by room but you don’t listen to keep away from that idiot good for nothing who roams the village looking for people saying chickens have nothing to sell listen i’m not happy i will see you with him when did they see my two columns it is there that you know who your father is i’ll really blow my thoughts and you know i could be very dangerous to him let him come near you again only have just three days to avenge my death we need to get to play i’m confused i’ve been praying i’m still surprised why am i serious are you asking me uh delicious so if you creature you leave me now or you would die a terrible day here now so oh so oh foreign what let’s go to my house actually he said your name is and these people are quiet know what it is for me i only have just seven days foreign foreign so oh wake me up before you think i’m a mad person yeah if you talk to me i will leave okay who are you and what is your mission here sorry sir um she’s here with me who is here with you wait wait ah i don’t blame your head it’s very hot did you smoke anything huh that is if you don’t live here in the next five seconds for you to rob me for you to celebrate the heaven unfortunately for you i i even though i was about going out i am not going anywhere any longer come and sell that and let me see huh forget them what’s your avenge forget them i cannot do i must hey see we can’t even stop now because i know my father i’m sure by now he’s planning on how to bring police and come to your house and arrest you i know you know i don’t know why you have to tell him you’re your name hey okay my lord stop i’m not your love okay i know about now let’s just just help me out this time around i have a plan every time i have a plan is there anything i don’t have plan this time my plan will work out see that my friend jane she will help us and talk to my father he listens to her more than anybody else please okay let’s go let’s go now i know i know this guy he’s my boyfriend i know how he behaves let’s go he will not listen to you wasn’t he step coming here let’s go let me go look let’s just hear from you you can’t do anything just different to me you came here because of me right i said let’s go i will have to make another plan there has to be something i can do let’s go okay my friend you’re trying to tell me that you’ve been seen to my girlfriend somebody that died in a car state last night where to he also said that should not even die in the castle but exactly maybe you know something that happened to her maybe you are responsible for that no it’s weird you know you’re my friend let me go inside i’m coming home huh okay just thank you to god my daughter is very strong you still want to burn to yourself so no no no there’s nothing like sit down let me tell you i am mellowing down simply because of your blindness what do you mean the issue is that your son killed my daughter and you are here preaching his innocence do you know the social implication of seeing somebody’s body by the graveside of another person but i thank god i am now a christian i am now a christian i thank you so much for not throwing my my brother’s dead body into the evil forest because if you had i don’t know what would have been the situation of this family look at this you now aka is dead your mother is also dead no one knows what happened between them and i cannot speak for the dead but one one issue that is still bordering my mind that you still begging for alongside my mind is unfolding please ak to die it is your daughter’s grave side please come back not speak enough to lie down and die when you’re compound where your daughter’s gravesite that’s why i’m saying to you thank you for everything but i’ll say let it’s only the god because only who knows how it happened and what happened but one thing i asked myself what is today this problem we are even working that knowing his did not throw away against their body into the into the evil forest you know this shame and disgrace if you avoid this family i think that what we should be thinking of right now is how we’re going to bury his dead body before it becomes too late i’m not sitting down here crying i don’t want to eat if not that he was being striked by a jew spirits who could even believe that that boy take care of yesterday small actor can even kill a man i am guys oh oh and what about what about you of course you know you’re the best friend you know what it means i saw what because your closest friend asked me i saw what i saw what and that is that my penis about you i’m even surprised why you are bothering yourself i tell you don’t worry don’t worry i don’t understand why you are see to crying honest with you i’m also scared because since ak came back from the city honestly yeah he has been grieving strange i understand it has been very strange i don’t even understand if he talks to himself i i just don’t understand i was even surprised when they told me that they caught him it is was buried yesterday and that’s why i’m here yes you have to watch us from that side before the mother gives him fighting let me let me run so that i will get it immediately hello i’ll call you back all right i want to prepare is i don’t want anybody why why wake up come on can you see me yes oh my yes thank you oh um can see your mother tomorrow please why not today know how you feel i’ll take you back tomorrow all right okay do you know who killed me let me ask this place we’re going now is this stupid it’s not fighting just down there hey you here i’ve been looking for you all over the world is me please help me to go back i want you to take this oh why not you yes is um the person killed him back that is come on no sense do you know i’m a visitor at hobby stand my mean huh and if i go back to my village i’ll never come back what did your mother she’s uh i’m thinking of going to the city to see my sister how are you going to i’ve talked to her mama am i listening to that woman how how can i face this shame that my son has brought upon me where will i go who will i go to who will listen to me listen okay please let me say bye bye to you hmm can you talk to me don’t tell me that you’re not seeing me or do you want to sit down away for you they know that we’ll come back later is is my husband he has never kept this list before i don’t even understand this this message one strange woman said you should go to the village well there’s no change there i was there when i was buried there was no chain in that grief i can’t even see anything he now comes back late come back oh don’t worry came here today looking for us but i was sleeping i hope he’s not one of these people that go around begging for money you know this is a christmas period it’s not even that and there but if one if she’s one of them i don’t have any money to give to anybody no sweetheart far from it the the message the gitman gave me was actually strange okay now said this woman said he should come and tell us that we should go to the village and tell my mother that i should remove the chain used in chilling against grave that’s a case killer actually didn’t want to take it to avenge his debt what huh that one is bad where is she i didn’t see her in fact i went to get police to get her arrested what’s the problem don’t worry the gate man asked her to come back tomorrow so definitely no problem as long as she’s going to come tomorrow i am not going anywhere i will be here let her come let me see her what what kind of what kind of nonsense is that she’s a fool what kind of rubbish is this please uh if there’s anything that you please get in my feelings definitely for you i’m coming okay i would want us to go see your sister today i will move past the grass here because i want to go back to my village tomorrow tell me something i’m sure um she maybe he’s just trying to fight foreign um oh foreign foreign so oh wow jesus we are fighting against evil spirits but is why i talk about you yeah i know definitely you will not allow this event to hurt me in any way please i don’t want to die whatever it will take yeah i am ready if you say we are going this life i am with you honey i haven’t decided can’t you see it i can’t conceive and keep my baby can’t tell the baby for how long is this marriage and yet you don’t have a child of our own let us go back to the doctor maybe there’s something new or there’s a new thing on drugs that he’s going to give us let’s go back to the doctor please you are okay i’m okay you’re okay okay let me conceive i want to have my opinion i want to carry my own child listen to me children will come when they want to they say god’s time is the best when is that god’s time my mates are carrying their babies now i need to make my own baby now and carry them and bring them up when i’m so young and lucky when i’m old i know all that i know i’m still saying god’s time is the best and and let me let me let me just tell you please don’t don’t bug me with with this this thing now i have a serious fight i’m fighting i’m fighting right now please see what’s right what sort of fight could be more serious than fighting to have your own child your own baby or is there something going on in your life that you’re not letting me know listen to me listen in my office they are just doing anyhow i need my permission i am due to be promoted but none is coming and i can just fold my hands and watch them do this to me so that is the battle in case you don’t know that’s the battle i am fighting right now please just keep this thing by the side i have been thinking about we don’t know what that chain is all about or what it stands for please that is why i said we should give it a try let us do it okay how do you do she helped you out now well let’s hope he works upsells oh i okay is yes okay i’m you don’t kill anybody yes okay yes my father he doesn’t even give me money i think i’m how are you sure how do i explain to my father what do i do you say we just want to find something else uh i don’t like it so i’m suggesting is you’re gonna make together alone um was successful we carried out necessary medical diagnosis and it went well then so i came here because you are the best actually mr johnson i tried all right please calm down okay okay okay okay i’m down i’m done i’m down okay now tell me what is i think i’ll make this look like an accident yes hey yes yes if not by man certainly by god if not now definitely in the nearest future because the victory of evil somewhere ah oh i cannot get you oh oh i said so oh.