Dutch Sheets: Destroying the Roots of Religious Slavery in America (Revelation 12:10-11 TPT)

Apr 24, 2021 11:30 · 3275 words · 16 minute read

(congregation applause) - And now this the third dream.

00:07 - Great incredible dream given to another friend of mine and in this dream I was also on Interstate 40, Isaiah 40.

00:20 - This time starting from the West coming East and I’m driving in a large, rig truck that is like a truck that carries the big oil rigs to where they need to go.

00:40 - We were hauling it. This brother is with me.

00:44 - I’m driving. We are traveling at a high rate of speed but we keep stopping.

00:50 - And by the way this brother is he’s apostolic but he’s also I think his first calling is that of a prophet.

00:59 - My first calling that I’m an apostle here they already again together, he is very apostolic as well as I am prophetic but the apostles and the prophets and to me it’s not just the apostles and prophets.

01:11 - It’s God saying I have fully restored Myself, My anointing to the body of Christ.

01:19 - And that is going to release something that I believe that has not been released before and an outpouring of His Spirit since the Book of Acts.

01:29 - But we’re about to move into that. So we’re driving this, I’m driving he’s in the passenger seat but he has a panel in front of him with all of these gadgets on it.

01:43 - And he sits in the dream I would stop and these controls were allowing him.

01:49 - Of course he’s the prophetic gifting and that’s what it’s symbolizing but these controls are allowing him to connect with an x-ray under this rig which when we stop he can see down into the Earth.

02:05 - So it’s picturing the prophetic anointing. That’s seeing some things.

02:10 - I’m driving as the apostolic driver he’s seeing then I stopped he sees down and we’re going very fast.

02:19 - He sees down into the Earth through this x-ray machine and he can see gates deep in the Earth and these gates are attached to roots.

02:34 - And then he realizes there is an entire root system under the nation that has gates here and there, entry points into this root system.

02:48 - Everywhere we stop he can see down in to them and we lower a drill bit that goes deep into the Earth to these gates and begins to drill into the gates, into the lock mechanism of the gate.

03:06 - Drills through the gate destroying the lock.

03:13 - Actually it doesn’t really [destroy the lock]…

03:15 - It destroys the evil that is operating through this gate and moving into the root system.

03:23 - And when we’re finished drilling through it, we now have control of the gate not the enemy.

03:33 - We are on our way to Washington DC but we are stopping at numerous places along the way.

03:41 - Now this is interesting to me because the igniter code…

03:45 - when we get to the place where we stop and drill into this gate so that we can destroy this root system, the drill bit, the igniter that turns the drill on has a code.

04:04 - And the code is Revelation 12:10-11 That’s what we have to punch in that starts the bit that goes into the gate destroys the enemy’s ability to use it and turns it over to us.

04:21 - And here is Revelation 12:10-11 from the Passion translation again.

04:28 - “Then I heard a triumphant voice in heaven that proclaiming, “now salvation and power are set in place and the kingdom reign of our God and the ruling authority of His anointed one are established. ” That’s what activates the drill bit for the accuser of the brothers and sisters who relentlessly accused them day and night before our God has now been defeated, cast out once and for all, they conquered him completely through the blood of the lamb and the powerful word of His testimony.

05:09 - They triumphed because they did not love and cling to their own lives even when faced with death.

05:17 - So when we punched in the code, those two verses the drill bit engaged and the word of the Lord was that salvation and power of the Lord is being released into this structure, this root system below the nation, destroying the opening the lock and the enemy no longer has access - but we do.

05:43 - We stop at several places and do this. Then we eventually make it to Washington DC.

05:53 - We pull up to a place I’m not really sure that I should mention the place.

06:01 - So I’m just going to leave that out of the dream for now but we pull up to a significant place and it turns out this is the, this is where the system, the evil root system begins.

06:22 - And we’re going to get this one last so we’re kind of backtracking and making our way back to this place.

06:28 - And I pull up in front of it and I honk my horn on this rig.

06:36 - And instead of it being a normal horn it is the sound of numerous shofars blowing.

06:45 - (congregation applause) Just get excited thinking about this.

06:51 - When these shofars blow, people look out from and come out from the building.

07:01 - And it’s some of our founders, the nation’s founders George Washington comes out, Benjamin Franklin comes out, John Adams comes out and some angels come out and they open a door so we can go inside.

07:20 - We’d go into the middle of this, in the lobby of this place and inside are many angels and inside are some from the cloud of witnesses, Billy Sunday is there great evangelists from years ago.

07:36 - Billy Graham is there. Others… Adrian Rogers is there.

07:42 - Several Baptist ministers are there. Lottie Moon is there.

07:46 - Some will know who that is (missionary to China) and other ministers and then some other contemporary leaders of the in the Body of Christ now and without mentioning names because I haven’t asked their permission but I’m just going to say that these leaders not only represent different giftings in the body of Christ but these leaders represent different streams of the body of Christ.

08:14 - This is very fascinating to me because it’s obvious that what God is saying is not only is there going to be a broad expression that becomes a complete expression of the five-fold anointing of Christ which will create a fullness and a synergy and a fullness of who He is in us.

08:37 - But many streams will be represented which will bring a synergy of agreement because the body of Christ is coming together in some ways, plus the angels, its founders from our past, spiritual leaders from our past, the cloud of witnesses, angels, leaders from today representing all different anointings and many streams.

09:10 - The synergy of what God is picturing is phenomenal and He’s saying to us, all of these groupings, these groups are going to be involved in what I’m doing.

09:26 - The cloud of witnesses will be there. The Synergy of the Ages will be represented and angel armies are going to be helping you.

09:35 - And I’m going to bring streams together. And I’m going to bring anointings together.

09:40 - What God’s about to do is glorious. They’re all there.

09:43 - We pull into the center of this place in Gabriel the Archangel Gabriel is in charge and he looks at me and he says, I’m going to give you a new code and this has to do with a mission within “Operation Redeem All” am not going to go into that.

10:06 - But a previous dream that this brother had several months ago referenced something God called “Operation Redeem All. ” And Gabriel said, this is another phase or another mission within “Operation Redeem All. ” And here’s what the angel said.

10:29 - And now this is going to reveal what that evil system was below ground that we are destroying the gates where we’re going to destroy this root system.

10:44 - We’re going to conquer at the gates and we’re going to destroy this root system.

10:50 - And now we’re back where it starts and here’s what Gabriel said, “It’s now time for Yahweh’s sons and daughters in America to be released from the religious slavery that has held them. ” (congregation applause) You are here to destroy the gates and roots of religion… or the religious spirit in America.

11:24 - I don’t know about you but that’s not what I expected.

11:33 - I did not expect this point in the dream for it to be revealed that I don’t know if it’s a deep primary but certainly one of the primary strongholds if not the primary strong hold.

11:49 - God said you going to destroy. That’s going to enable me to bring redemption.

11:54 - “Operation Redeem All” to this nation. It’s this religious spirit, this religious system, the roots that went underground all over this nation.

12:06 - We started on the West coast. And then Gabriel looked at me and said, I’m going to give you a new code.

12:18 - You have to use a new code for the drilling rig… to get the bit to go way down and do what it needs to do.

12:28 - And Gabriel said for this code you’re not going to punch it in.

12:36 - You’re going to speak it. You’re going to declare it by faith… just come out of your mouth and you’re going to speak to it.

12:45 - That’s significant. And Gabriel said, “the new code is Hebrews 12:25-29 That’s what you punch in and so I’ll read that passage from the Passion Translation “make very sure that you never refuse to listen to God when He speaks,” remember this is going after the religious spirit “Make very sure that you never refuse to listen to God when He speaks for the God who spoke on Earth from Sinai is the same God who now speaks from heaven.

13:32 - Those who heard Him speak His living word on Earth found nowhere to hide. “ So what chance is there for us to escape if we turn our backs on God and refuse to hear his warnings as He speaks from heaven, the Earth was rocked at the sound of His voice from the mountain but now He has promised once and for all, I will not only shake the systems of this world.

14:06 - And here we are in this dream to go after a root system.

14:11 - Once and for all I will not only shake the systems of this world but also the unseen powers in the heavenly realm.

14:23 - Excuse me. Now the phrase once and for all clearly indicates the final removal of all things that are shaking.

14:34 - That is the old order. So only what is unshakeable will remain.

14:42 - Since we are receiving our rights to an unshakable kingdom, we should be extremely thankful and offer God the purest worship that delights His heart as we lay down our lives in absolute surrender, filled with awe… for our God is a Holy consuming fire.

15:09 - There it is again, the fire of God.

15:13 - So Gabriel said this is the new code, the headquarters for the operation in this building, the name of the suite that we were taken to which would become the headquarters for the operation was it was titled quote “Ekklesia Suiite Room 2021. ” Ekklesia Suite 2021.

15:43 - Now move into the era of the Ekklesia, the governmental authority of God being released into the Earth through the church, the kingdom rule of God coming into the Earth and it’s going to take out this religious stuff.

16:01 - Ekklesia Suite 2021. Here we go 2021.

16:07 - One of these leaders of another stream of the body of Christ began to take on a significant role at this part of the dream.

16:17 - And he walks up and says to me, “Dutch we’ve got to put a new bit in the drill for this operation.

16:25 - And he called it by a number. He said that the new bit we have to put in a 601 bit… 601 bit, bit 601 into the drill.

16:38 - I knew what that was immediately because 601 and 602 in Strong’s concordance are the numbers of the word for Revelation.

16:49 - The verb form to reveal and the noun form a revelation.

16:56 - So the bit that would drill down and destroy this gate of this root of religion was Revelation.

17:07 - the Revelation bit will dig down deep into the soil and would be the key, Revelation will be the key hearing what God says.

17:20 - Moving in Revelation not religion. Revelation.

17:24 - Hearing from Him. Hearing His voice will be the key to taking out the system in this hour.

17:33 - And He puts Revelation bit into the drill and then we punched in the code, Hebrews 12:25-29 This thing started drilling down into the Earth…

17:46 - 18 miles into the Earth. I’m sure God will show me what that’s all about at some point or someone else will share it with me but it was 18 miles into the Earth and it hit the gate and the Revelation bit hit that gate and it shattered.

18:08 - And it freed millions of believers in America that have been controlled and under the influence of this religious system.

18:19 - And it wasn’t unbelievers, it was Christians.

18:22 - There was one particular denomination that was highlighted.

18:26 - I’m not going to say what the denomination was but it was definitely without a doubt highlighted as the primary group of people that were freed by the millions.

18:44 - What God is about to do in this nation is going to break that religious spirit off of millions of people in this denomination.

18:59 - And they will be out from under this spirit.

19:03 - Many of them were freed. They got on these train tracks and came back up in to the building where we were into “Ekklesia Suite 2021. ” Gabriel and the angels took over, gave them scrolls, put mantles on.

19:25 - The many of them were brought into five-fold giftings and were mantled for that and handed scrolls and then Gabriel made this declaration, “You have destroyed the largest roote of religion that has ever operated in America.

19:48 - It will never have power again. “ (congregation applause) And then one of the leader of that denomination who has already become a Spirit-filled believer not just in the dream but now but is also a part of that denomination still who played a key role also in this dream, looked at some of us and said, “I would have never guessed or known or thought that it would happen this way but millions of these people can now move into their callings and minister in the power of the Holy Spirit.

” I tell you what God is about to do is incredible.

20:48 - He’s coming to this nation. He will not be stopped.

20:53 - He’s saying you’re already on Isaiah 40. The way is being prepared.

20:59 - I’m coming. I’m coming. My Messiah is coming again.

21:05 - Proclaiming good news to you. He’s coming to baptize with Holy Ghost and fire.

21:11 - And the fire of God is going to heal this land.

21:14 - My energy’s coming. This is my nation and He’s coming with fire.

21:18 - He is coming to the land. The fire is coming to the people and I’m going to deliver.

21:24 - And I’m going to deliver for many things. One of which will be this religious spirit.

21:30 - So Father we pray right now. I pray over those watching.

21:33 - I pray over those watching not only from the conference but around the world.

21:39 - And we just say, Lord prepare your people. You are announcing that you’re coming to this land, You going to make every crooked way straight and every mountain you’re bringing it down.

21:51 - Every valley you’re building a highway and you’re coming.

21:54 - You’re not only coming to America. You’re coming to the nations of the Earth.

21:59 - We know you’re coming and you’re coming with a baptism of fire and you’re coming with water and you going to come and you going to reopen the wells of revival from past awakenings.

22:13 - From Cane Ridge you’ve shown in past dreams all the way over the Wales.

22:18 - You are reopening that well, You’ve shown us in dreams.

22:22 - Red River Meeting House, Azusa Street… Lord you are coming to reopen all of these wells of revival.

22:29 - They are springing up river rivers of living water.

22:33 - Fire is coming. You are sweeping across this nation.

22:37 - Hawaii is getting in on it… Alaska You are starting on the West coast.

22:41 - You going to sweep across this nation. You’re bringing your energy.

22:48 - You’re bringing your wind. You’re coming up from the South rather from Texas Louisiana.

22:54 - Your wind is going to blow on the fire. It’s going to get stronger and stronger, hotter and hotter.

22:59 - It sweeps across this nation Then it’s going to go after religion and it’s going to uproot that religious system.

23:06 - It’s going to free millions of people that are caught up in it.

23:11 - And they’re going to be baptized in your Spirit and fire.

23:14 - And they’re going to step into five-fold giftings and anointings.

23:18 - Your apostles and prophets are going to release messages and decrees that released them.

23:24 - Revelation is coming the 601 bit is about to penetrate this nation like never before, the very spirit of Revelation is coming to America and the gates of hell and the gates of religion will not stop you.

23:43 - They will not stop you. Even in DC they will not stop you.

23:50 - Those who oppose you will not stop you. They will not stop you.

23:57 - So you’re coming and we prophesy you are coming to this nation and the nations and holy fire, holy Wind and holy rivers are going to come and saturate the ground and burn and cleanse.

24:16 - And Lord the greatest outpouring of your Spirit in history is coming.

24:22 - The greatest shaking is coming but the greatest outpouring is coming.

24:27 - So we speak Revelation 12:10-11 Hebrews…

24:33 - Revelation 12:10-11 Hebrews 12:25-29 Isaiah 40, we speak these messages Lord.

24:45 - Light the fires. Bring it Lord we say in Jesus name.

24:53 - Amen. - [Speaker] Wow. - Amen God bless you.

24:57 - Love you very much. Trust this message.

25:05 - - Let’s stand up. .