Kevin The Quilter All Iowa Shop Hop Haul July 2021

Aug 13, 2021 17:55 · 3558 words · 17 minute read

hi it’s Tea and I’m here with Kevin and i thought this time because i did my haul doing the live that I’m going to show Kevin’s haul doing the video that i’m uploading so we’re going to have kevin walk you through what he got he made we’re not going to talk about any prices because kevin just we just been throwing everything into bags so we don’t know where stuff come from 100% how much we paid for it because we just been eliminating getting a lot of plastic bags so don’t give us comments about how much something calls and where it come from because we’ve been to at this point 27 stores it’s thursday night when we’re recording here so we’re gonna go to about four or five more shops tomorrow maybe somewhere could be more or less and uh you won’t see those items but i just thought it would be fun for you to see what kevin buys on a shop hop hey it’s kevin the quilter here with my haul thus far on day three of the iowa all iowa shop hop that i have had a blast with with my good friend miss t so i guess we’ll kind of go shop by shop is that what you want to do yes that would be perfect so this was from the shop in leclaire i think it’s called expressions and thread um had some great buys there and have some ideas for this k facet fabric and i may be sharing some with miss t for some projects that she has and this is from a former iowa shop hop it has a bunch of text uh on it and uh just like the store names yeah yeah right and and addresses right okay yeah and he thought that i could use that they’ve been giving me blocks at every shop fabric block for each quilt shop that i’ve attended he didn’t do that and so he’s brought that so that maybe i can use it to help with setting my block some in some setting and we all know we’re helping celebrate miss t’s birthday so happy birthday thank you sir you’re welcome and then i got this pattern here i think a lot of us have seen this pattern um and my nephew has asked me to make him a chicken quilt and it’s a perfect pattern and the cutting instructions are very easy to follow and that’s something that i personally look for in a pattern um so got that that’s expressions in thread okay um i got this for uh you all know that i’m a vintage sewing machine type of person and i thought this would be very beneficial to maybe put labels in here with the different sewing machines i have so i can kind of wind bobbins and just say oh that’s my 301 oh that’s my my featherweight or whatever some of them do use the same type of bobbin so i just thought this was a really handy thing this actually came from the ace hardware store not ace i don’t think it was an ace it was just in hardworking it was a hardware store uh in brooklyn so that’s let me see the name of that so we can uh the bobbin box i hadn’t even seen that beforehand no i have never seen i really hadn’t but i think it will come in handy okay so uh this shop here was the quilting cupboard okay um i i always collect neutrals especially interesting neutrals i i really am drawn to neutrals i use them a lot and i think even cut up that’ll look really kind of cool so i got a fat quarter of that and this is called the bendable fuzzy stick okay so they had these out and i i was talking to t about i was like you know what this would really come in handy because the studio gets dusty from cutting fabric around the the accu-quilt studio and also just piecing a lot around my vintage machines it gets really dusty i thought this would be easy just to have but the great thing about it is not only that the size of it and the fact that it has a handle but it extends okay so i can use this around the house also and it bends and i can clean ceiling fans um and things of that nature led uh ledges and shelves and stuff like that so i thought that would come in really really handy um and it was and it’s thin it’s not like it’s super thick you can get in a tight place yeah yeah and this also comes off so you can wash it the top does so that i thought that was a really great great tip on that washing okay so these fabrics here came from sister craft quilting um and i am working on a quilt for my nephew for his high school graduation which is in 2022 and these are his high school colors okay so i thought maybe you know i could use one for a wider border i could maybe put them together if i didn’t like them for the backing i thought they that they were really nice because uh his high school colors are black and gold so and and i got a great buy on them so um this here came from fernhill fernhill something or other i can’t remember the the name of it but again the neutrals just love a good neutral and those are really interesting and they add texture and movement whenever you’re going to piece things they have lines and um those are little plus signs or something but i i really love neutrals and then uh the adidas atar uh mystery i did in batiks and they were all different colors and i thought maybe i can incorporate this either as a larger border or something around the quilt because just to add a little bit of size to it this is a batik and it’s really interesting i mean it’s rainbow and it’s got these lines going kind of on the diagonal so hopefully i’ll be able to use that and then um this piece here oh my i can’t remember the name of this shot but it’s in altoona i think um but she had this batik and i thought well you know what if i separate that out this would be a great binding because i love using like a stripe or or something very bold for the binding so i thought i could use that also on that quilt um and then this here came from crazy redhead quilting and that was a fun shop tea and i had a really great time there with the the staff and the owners they they’re really great um these are all civil war repros and i love a good cheddar i love a good neutral and then this was just a really nice print that that had the neutrals in it um along with a brown so i got those from there um this came from railroad well by the tracks it had something to do with a a train or something but it was a really it was a great shop really enjoyed the people there but they had this quilt on display and it was singing my tune and i was like i’ve got to get that quilt pattern it is just so much fun and then my sister has decided that she may want to dip her toes into quilting and i couldn’t be happier and she’s a musician she’s a music teacher and she plays the piano beautifully she’s the pianist for church and so i thought if i could find anything musical for her just to kind of encourage her and they had this this fabric and i just thought it was so super cool and of course if she doesn’t want it or use it you know i’m gonna incorporate it into something so um got those from from that i wish i could remember the true name but it has something to do with the train so right here up here okay so uh this was from our first quilt shop this morning which was in the amana colonies i can’t exactly remember the name of it but this is a greeting card it has chickens on it you know me and my chickens and it also has a quilt i mean who can get better than that other than if they had my fur babies on there then it would be just wonderful but they had this little quilt on display and i just thought it was so fun uh and i like to decorate for the holidays and this is more fall so you can use it for several months and i just uh i like that pattern so i got those two things from there this morning and then over here um i’m always looking for a good marking tool on darker fabrics so i tried this pencil out on some darker fabric there in the shop and it really worked well so uh general general pastel chalk um it sounds almost kind of artistic like from a from drawing or something but it really worked well and i went ahead and i’m going to try that out so i got that and i thought maybe that if this uh i was at that point where i was thinking about that rainbow quilt by adidas and this is beautiful fabric um so maybe it can be incorporated somewhere no that one didn’t come out of fire though no yeah that other one did this one came out of the in kelowna one of those quilt shops in kelowna that were so so beautiful yeah that was really pretty okay where are we going now we do do this right here okay um this was in if you want to open that panel okay clinton iowa and uh got this panel because i thought you know what that would be a really quick way to decorate for christmas and just quilt it up and maybe at stick a board or two on it and have some binding with it for christmas because i like to decorate for the holidays and i thought that would look great on a door um and then happy birthday to ms t that was all in the this was in the clearance section yes all of this was in the clearance section but happy birthday to ms t again um i’m not sure exactly how she’ll incorporate that but it’s just the states that i remember when this first came out at joann’s it was hard to get this fabric so it was in the clearance section so just got it perfect perfect um and then i like using um this is binding and and the fact that it’s already on a diagonal is just a bonus i love that so you don’t have to cut it on the bias so happy birthday t thank you thank you you’re welcome okay now this i i tell you what typically i don’t buy like this and i think tea can attest foreign awesome shops in iowa yeah i’m telling you and i came here to live i did not come here to deny myself because you do not know what tomorrow holds and i came here to have fun with my friend so this here this by my niece is a veterinarian student at the university of missouri and she loves cats she loves her cats and this was just too cool do you want me to hold this up this panel because it’s got this panel quirky quotes you’re not going to be able to see the true color of this in this room but this was the cutest panel with the cutest sayings on really oh i got it upside down here sorry um with such cute sayings on on cute pictures with cats it just was too i’m gonna go through pause a little bit and then if you want to pause your screen so you can read and look more you do that but i just don’t want to take up a whole lot of time but i’m pausing keep holding kevin okay no problem i’m on number six of nine well and they were so nice this is from helios quilt shop and i cannot remember what what town it was in but when i saw the the this panel i was like oh my gosh i gotta get the panel well the little shop lady in there was like well you know there’s some fabric that goes with that and it’s just beautiful fabric it really really is it’s a beautiful cats are so cute aqua and this almost looks like my my one of my nieces cats and then t and i kind of thought this would be nice contrast again this against this as a border and uh just cute cute sayings for a cat lover and those are the same thing that are inside the panel the same learning yeah the same things yeah scrambled over so i never ever do that i i can’t even remember ever using a panel i gotta be honest i don’t ever remember using a panel that i’m going to now um is that it oh no there’s more i came here to shop so there’s more this came from a little shop and the little owner was just so cute this is a pillow cover and it’s paper pieced and it’s a it’s a rooster okay uh so that’ll be neat to make and and put in my home somewhere um and then this came from inspired to sew in cedar rapids and this is a very popular pattern right now and i just one of our favorite favorite shops yes it it was an amazing shop we were so overwhelmed we didn’t know what to buy so we just bought patterns beautiful beautiful displays and just a beautiful shop kevin bought patterns i didn’t buy anything what i wanted they didn’t have so so this is a really popular pattern and they did have this on display there and you know sometimes you just need an easy pattern to go to to just make and and i really like that and then they had all of these displayed on the wall and they’re just cute fun quick quilts and i like making small quilts to display in my home so those patterns came from inspired to sew this came from another quilt shop in kelowna and again i’m i’m crazy for cheddar and this is a cheddary orangey uh print and i know it’s hard to see in this lighting but but it’s a civil war repro and i’ll add that to my uh arsenal of cheddar this came from the first shop dutchman store and cantrell if you can’t see these are airplanes okay and is this a fatigue no this is just regular fabric it almost looks like a batik it doesn’t look like a bike um but these are airplanes and you all know i’m a flight attendant of 20 plus years so i thought surely i can incorporate that somewhere in a neutral um this came from another very favorite shop uh that just was beautiful and had beautiful displays this was from the little red hen and muscatine and i’m working on a quilt and i can’t find the right border for it and i’m hoping that this will be the perfect large border to place with that quilt so when i go shopping i usually have something really in mind um so i’m glad that i was able to kind of fill the the void on that so this was from our second shop and i can’t remember the name of that quilting corner the quilting corner um and uh again my sister with music i got her a little piece of fabric with that and then i’m always looking for something as an inner border or a binding i like that it’s on the it’s tilted yes again it’s tilted so it looks like it’s maybe on the bias but i don’t have to cut it on the bias which is a big plus for me so and then to have it in a white one yeah it was the same print yeah and i i use a lot of black and white as you all know um but i’m i’m pleased with those and then this was from another fun fun store the fabric stasher and and t and i had a great time with the owner of that that shop these are all music if you can see there’s little music uh treble clefs and uh notes and everything and you rarely if ever see it in this color it’s usually in black and white and this happens to be one of my sister’s favorite colors so i was able to add that and then we found this uh wide backing and as you all know i made it a quilt for for tea to commemorate our friendship and i we got to talking about it and i was like you know um would you like that for the backing of of your quilt and she’s like well that’s kind of cool and then we got to looking and where is it right here st louis missouri and i have no idea what it has to do with the rest of this fabric but it’s a postmark of saint louis missouri from 1908.

we need to do some research but we just thought since it was saint louis uh based and that was the first singles anything we saw everything i hired was was normally all about iowa right and then even today we found a store that had other sports teams yeah listed we were surprised when i asked her about it they had the cardinals the cubs yeah and other uh dallas cowboys and she says that you know she would normally buy fabrics where people more than one person asked for it then she’d buy that team fabric and have it in the shop but and we still have another day left yeah we got another day again i’m saying we don’t know where we’re going to stop we know we want to we want to try to go to a museum so we’ll see if we add that in but uh i just wanted to at least give you what kevin give you his haul since i’ll do mine live but um so you can see what he normally does one tip if you do this come prepared to buy right come prepared when we know we’re going to do stuff we just save up our money and we don’t want to we don’t want anybody complaining or looking at a side out about what we’re buying no ma’am so make sure you’re with a group of people that don’t mind you spending your money exactly right so yeah this has been this has just been a wonderful experience you know i mean i just i love my good friend t and and we get each other you know on an artistic level we get each other on a non-artistic level and it’s just been a pleasure and i just appreciate you it’s been a fun trip and i would have never probably done this trip by myself i i mean we were in the car coming back from illinois doing the shop hopping we were doing day trips like coming home go to bed and get back up and go back out again i would have never thought that we would have done this i think you recommended it i mentioned about iowa having the most quilt shops right in any state in the and then i researched and then and they did have a cabinet we should go and i said okay but this has been truly awesome uh adventure that’s all i can say if you have never been to the iowa shops you are missing a lot they have great great shops stuff for all styles of sewing so it’s not like one shop is only geared to one person absolutely it was awesome so we’ll talk to you all later maybe we’ll see you in more quilt shop quickies in and out and then we’ll also maybe show you if we get to the museum i’m sure they’re not going to let us film in the um quilt museum but if we do we’ll make sure we get you a recap so bye for now thank you all so much for watching please remember to like comment and subscribe share my channel with your other quilting friends and i’ll see you in my next video bye-bye t-quilters stay blessed you.