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We have any questions for our interactive Thursday inshaAllah? And I hope everybody got the book, the ‘Timeless reality. ’ I think for all those people that we go on to Amazon there’s over 48 reviews, I’ve read through all the reviews, thank all the people who wrote the reviews, put pictures on the review and went through all that.

00:39 - That is something of the great blessings, thank you for doing that it’s not going unnoticed.

00:46 - We know that amazon also is blocking people from writing reviews, they made a criteria that you have to have spent fifty dollars in your account before you can write a review.

00:57 - So aside from everything every turn you go shaitan (satan) is playing, but the dajjal (man of deceit) book in ‘Sufism’ that is not even regarding Sufism they put at the top and every probably blind person a handicapped person never even had an amazon account is allowed to write a review, but when it comes to the these things and the love of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ shaitan blocks everything.

01:22 - But Allah (AJ) bless those who were able to get through and to write it and alhamdulillah it goes down as an eternity for us, that we came onto this earth, we saw the fire of this ignorance and if all that I accomplished in my life was to write a review alhamdulillah it lasted eternity.

01:42 - Every good action Allah (AJ) says, ‘Like even a grain under the mustard seed or under a rock is not going to go unnoticed by Allah (AJ). ’ We pray that Allah (AJ) take these good actions and good blessings and to dress us and bless us from them inshaAllah.

01:58 - So thank you for everyone out there who put their reviews on anyone who is going to put the reviews inshaAllah.

02:04 - As salaamu alaykum Sayyidi Walaykum as salaam wa rahmahtullah What is the reality of sitting on our knees during meditation? The reality of sitting on your knees in meditation is pain.

02:20 - If you’ve done it you know it’s reality, it’s called ‘Pain’ [shaykh laughs], so that it keeps you awake and to keep you conscious.

02:31 - I think in the book for the ‘Sufi Guides’ or ‘Classical Islam’ that Mawlana (Q) wrote - the life of Shaykh Abdullah al-Faiz ad-Dagestani (Q) before Fajr (dawn prayer) was 11 cups of black Turkish tea so that when they pray Fajr not to be in a state of heedlessness and sleeping and snoring returned every prayer.

02:55 - So they were teaching how to be very conscious in their practices and to be hyper-alert in their practices because the energy you know that when energy comes it’s going to put the person to sleep because the faiz (downpouring blessings) is strong, the energy is strong and they’re not capable of carrying it, especially if they’re tired of course they sleep and it just becomes like a sleeping session.

03:18 - If you comfort yourself in meditation then these are the four enemies, the four enemies that come against us from our soul coming together is going to be our nafs (ego), our dunya (material world), our hawa (desire) and shaitan.

03:33 - So it means that the desire of the dunya is going to be through our eyes and our dunya desire - that not going to let our soul to reach its power, and the hawa and ‘Hawas’ depending upon how they’re pronouncing, is your ‘Desires,’ that - how much you want comfort, how much you want ease, how much you want relaxation, that makes the person to be lazy and sleepy.

04:01 - As a result of now dunya coming and giving everything to our dunya desire - our eyes, our hawas and our desires, that makes that enemy to be strong and then no doubt that the nafs becomes extremely powerful and against any practice for the soul, and shaitan is shaitan and the power that shaitan has.

04:23 - As a result people are in four sections and they can’t bring these four together to reach their soul’s power.

04:31 - You’re being split in four directions that’s why all of their teaching is to bring these four together, that your dunya - close your eyes meditate so that you can spend the time like a grave where you cut off and you don’t focus on anything else, close your eyes and feel like a grave.

04:53 - If you can’t do that for more than a couple of minutes then the dunya is becoming too-too strong, so there has to be a time in which to meditate, contemplate, then that dunya desire will drop down.

05:06 - The hawas and hawa - the desire is then when you meditate in an uncomfortable position, so when we were younger the knees because in a knee position you feel the pain and the burning within the legs and you have to go to sujood (prostration) just to release the blood flow within the leg.

05:28 - So it was a discipline in which to keep yourself disciplined so that you’re attentive and awake, and then the practices against the nafs and the desires and all of those three practices they fight the shaitan inshaAllah.

05:46 - So they have an importance in reducing the bad characteristic and the desires inshaAllah.

05:51 - As salaamu alaykum ya Sayyidi Walaykum as salaam wa rahmahtullah How to get rid of satanic attacks during meditation? Something enters from head inside and the scene disappears, please help.

06:05 - The scene disappears or the scenery disappears? Yeah satanic attack, again everything else that make sure that we have wudu (ablution), make sure that we have the ta’weez (prayer for protection), make sure that the ta’weezs are in the house - the shaitans shouldn’t be getting so close.

06:27 - And then the purpose of the meditation is to build that energy, so that means to keep seeing the faiz of the shaykhs in front of us, making the rabita and the connection, reading the madad (support) of all the awliya (saints) to be present in the room before we start anything.

06:43 - So that becomes our foundation for everything we’re going to do so that when we’re reciting that and the room that we’re meditating in has an energy in it, is playing Dalail ul Khairat (book of praising on Prophet ﷺ), playing Qur’an – Surat al Baqarah, playing all of these blessings and that room is it becomes like a sanctified space which is filled with angels and filled with lights and filled with good fragrances, and then when we enter in there to build our energy then make the connection with the shaykhs asking for their madad and support and that shouldn’t be an issue of shaitan trying to get anywhere close to you.

07:22 - The rest is just going to be the shaitan already inside of you that doesn’t want to come out, that becomes the cleansing some easier than others depending upon how long he’s been inside and how embedded within the person those shaitans are and how they don’t want to come out.

07:44 - But the meditation and keep making the rabita, keep asking for the connection and connect your heart with Shaykh Nazim (Q), Shaykh Abdullah al-Faiz ad-Dagestani (Q), and ask for their light to enter into your heart and that your eyes to be meeting with their eyes and inshaAllah keep the practices inshaAllah and all the system that been put together inshaAllah and get the book.

08:06 - The book is like an encyclopedia of two and a half years of questions and I’m sure these questions are in the book, so that you go to that section you read it like a like an encyclopedia, that you want to know about a subject you go to table of contents, read it and then you can put it down and put it into practice and you keep it as always a reference in your meditation area that you just read a section from the table of contents that you’re interested in - the jinn (unseen beings), the energy, the making the muraqabah (spiritual connection), making the rabita (connection), and then you do that practice and it’s always there for you.

08:45 - If you couldn’t find somebody to ask at that time at least that encyclopedia or that reference is there inshaAllah.

08:52 - As salaamu alaykum Sayyidi Walaykum as salaam wa rahmahtullah Is it okay to have the beloved Shaykhs pictures in the room? And please help me understand how should we behave when we are around these images.

09:10 - Yeah keeping the shaykhs pictures in the room - we have articles on that on the website [nurmuhammad. com], and to keep yourself with the respect and ihtiram in front of their pictures with the… with the respect like everything else that we do.

09:28 - And when you look at the picture it reminds you of your practices, of who you are, what you’re trying to accomplish, so it’s important to have in our lives.

09:39 - In places that you’re not appropriately dressed then I wouldn’t put a picture there because you don’t have the ability to keep yourself in a correct attire, so you put it in the areas where are respectable areas, you put it near your computer, you put it in your tv room - things that you know shaitan is going to play with you in those areas you want the shaykhs pictures there so that when you’re watching something inappropriate you look at the shaykhs and hopefully you think of something more appropriate.

10:11 - Or same thing for online and the computers and screensavers and all of these things, because just writing the word ‘Allah (AJ)’ doesn’t bring that to many people’s minds, the reason because the souls of the shaykhs are alive, their soul is alive, when you look to their face you feel the faiz in the presence of their souls and that’s what Allah (AJ) wants for us is that, “kono ma’as sadiqeen. ” “Ittaqollaha” – have a consciousness of Allah (AJ), and “kono ma’as sadiqeen” – keep the company of the pious.

10:42 - Now Allah (AJ) doesn’t care for dunya so He’s not saying you have to follow them on the street everywhere they go because that’s not going to be possible for many, so for those whom are training in the world of light Allah’s (AJ) talking to them that, ‘You should always be with this sadiqeen (who are truthful), keep them always with you, keep them in your mind’s eye, keep them in your physical eyes vicinity,’ and that way you train yourself how to keep their presence always with us inshaAllah.

11:10 - As salaamu alaykum Sayyidi Walaykum as salaam wa rahmahtullah Can you please explain the reality of yawning? Once one person yawns everyone begins to yawn.

11:22 - yes it’s very contagious [shaykh smiles]. And these are energies that want to enter into the body so they come under and they put an energy here [on the throat] and they jump into the body.

11:38 - And as soon as they come like that then everybody else is also being touched and they’re jumping in.

11:45 - So that’s the adab (manners) of the yawning is to try to cover one’s mouth when you feel that’s going to come so that they’re not coming into the mouth and then there’s the expression of the… [shaykh imitates spitting] and then try to use your siwak (teeth cleaning twig) so that nothing entered into the mouth, making salawats (praises upon Prophet Muhammad ﷺ) inshaAllah.

12:10 - But these are energies that are always trying to enter into insan (mankind).

12:14 - As salaamu alaykum dear Shaykh Walaykum as salaam wa rahmahtullah I made a bayah (allegiance) with a Murshid (authorized spiritual guide) but I am attracted to the Naqshbandi path shaykhs.

12:27 - What should I do? I don’t like breaking my bayah promise, I am stuck please guide me.

12:34 - Yeah it’s a difficulty, that you’ve entered into an agreement, I don’t know how active that guide is and how active is your initiation with them and how often are you with them - that’s something that you have to try to manoeuvre.

12:53 - If you feel that you know that was somebody that you don’t feel your heart is connected to and they’re not somebody continuously teaching you, guiding you and you feel a continuous connection, then you have to sort of excuse yourself from that relationship and try to reconnect with the Naqshbandi tariqah (spiritual path) if that’s your heart’s calling.

13:14 - But you have to be careful that you know not to take from too many people, some people want to actually sit with another person and learn from another person and that can be dangerous among shaykhs.

13:27 - So that you lose the connection to everything because of the disloyalty, so everyone knows their own personal situation and some people take bayat in a big audience of 5000 people they never saw that person again they came, they left and that was it.

13:42 - Yeah, no. That this is more about building a relationship, communicating, feeling the connection, practicing, at that time then that becomes a big no-no to start switching around, but if you didn’t do all of those things and you made no connection but you just sort of waved your hand at a big event I wouldn’t consider that to be an issue.

14:06 - But then the one you’re study with and you’re actually now involved with and making the connection with then alhamdulillah that’s the real bayah - the one that you’re able to make a connection with, learn from and to reach to the love of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ inshaAllah.

14:25 - As salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakahtuh ya Sayyidi Walaykum as salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakahtuhu What can we do if we find jealousy from others affecting us Yeah the jealousy from others is to keep maybe a lower profile, that’s the whole difficulty I think we’ve talked about for many years - it’s just people are jealous.

14:54 - If you’re doing something - everyone’s jealous, the ones who don’t do anything of course they’re jealous because you’re doing something and the person who’s jealous is not doing anything.

15:06 - So jealousy is something that you try to keep a low lower profile to people so that you’re not the cause of the jealousy and if it’s just the good actions that you’re doing in the way of Allah (AJ) then Allah (AJ) is the best of those to defend and He defends those servants that they’re doing good they go about doing their good and people are going to just talk bad - that’s just the nature of people because those are the ones who don’t do anything, they talk about everything.

15:34 - So it’s just a way of life, just make sure that we’re not causing the jealousy flaunting all new things that we have and somebody doesn’t have that, that’s why the tariqah comes and teaches ‘You know don’t show that to people. ’ You know if you’re going with people that don’t have then don’t be the time to show everything and don’t be the cause of the jealousy, but if it’s in the deen (religion) and our practices, and the light that you begin to emanate and the reality and the dress that the servant begins to have then it will be given that people will become jealous and begin to talk bad and back mouth, and that’s why then the good characters not to say anything and to keep with the practices and not to be distracted by anything that’s just barking at us, we keep our path and keep going inshaAllah.

16:24 - As salaamu alaykum Sayyidi Walaykum as salaam wa rahmahtullah In meditation my body is not numb but I can’t feel my hands, my heart moving to back side ribs, three heart movement pattern - feels different, forgive me.

16:42 - Yeah that’s okay as long as you’re not dead, just keep going.

16:48 - Said, ‘What don’t kill you make you stronger’ [everyone laughs].

16:53 - Yeah don’t worry about anything, don’t be distracted about your health and counting pulse and all this - you’re too observant.

17:01 - So just make the connection, don’t worry about numbness, feel a tightness of energy is going to come and just keep working through that and make the connection, focus on the connection.

17:14 - Don’t be too worried, people get a fear also - they feel the energy coming they feel their heart tightening they get scared because the practices are real, the energies are real so you just sort of keep your connection and if Allah (AJ) wants you then it’s okay Allah (AJ) is going to take you, If Allah (AJ) doesn’t want you then don’t worry He’s not coming to take you.

17:34 - So just keep with the practices inshaAllah making the connection, breathing through the energy and make sure that you have wudu and that you’re in a position that you can maintain inshaAllah like on your knees or if your knees are not good then in a meditative position inshaAllah.

17:51 - As salaamu alaykum Sayyidi Walaykum as salaam wa rahmahtullah Do we meet eye to eye with the shaykh during muraqabah or do we look down on the jubba (cloak) focusing on the heart? Yeah you look down, that you visualize the shaykhs in front of you and their faiz is coming down, if they want to present their face to dress you but to say that ‘I’m looking eye to eye to them,’ it’s not a good manners.

18:19 - Even when you see the shaykh in physical life shouldn’t stare at his face because you send bad energy and the adab was always just to look down, to look down.

18:31 - When you look down it shows a sign of humility, then when you meditate it’s the same because they’re training for the presence of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ.

18:43 - So that holy presence then most definitely everyone looking down, they don’t dare to raise their head in that presence, they’re not of any… the status too high for that reality.

18:58 - So this is a training which just to keep a humble path through the physicality, if their soul looks at you and your soul looks at them it’s already looking face to face so the raising of the physical face is of no importance and it’s not a good sign of manners.

19:16 - So with them physically - I don’t need to look into his eyes for him to make eye contact with me, there’s nothing going to happen that way.

19:23 - But when I look down his soul can look right into my soul and that’s where the connection is coming, it’s not his physical eyes you lock onto his eyes and [shaykh imitates connecting sound].

19:36 - It’s his the soul of the shaykh, that’s what’s important.

19:39 - But when you do the physical, you what you can be doing is actually sending all your bad energy and make the shaykh sick or you know to have a heaviness because of what we carry of negativities, so when we look down then we are keeping that negativity down but when they want to keep their nazar (gaze) it’s not the physical, so their soul comes out their soul makes a nazar and it sees your soul right right away, it doesn’t need your head, it doesn’t need your eyes to make the connection, it’s a light to light connection onto the souls.

20:18 - That’s why then we discipline our physicality and down [shaykh looks down].

20:21 - Same with the presence of awliya, same with the presence of Prophet ﷺ, and when we’re in the presence of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ is to look down, ‘ana abdukal ‘ajeezu, dayeefu, miskinu, zhalim, wa jahl, and I don’t want to put my dirtiness upon you, I’m nothing. ’ The nazar and the soul of Prophet ﷺ immediately look into your soul and every dress will come, so it’s all a conditioning and training to lower the dirtiness of the physicality inshaAllah.

20:50 - As salaamu alaykum Sayyidi Walaykum as salaam wa rahmahtullah Will we know when the Dajjal emerges in this world? How do we best prepare to protect ourselves and our families? Definitely, you will definitely know.

21:05 - His emergence is already everywhere that’s why you’re being forced to be shot, inoculated and vaccined, and all these things that you see no understanding of why you need to do it and somebody’s telling you ‘Just doit!’ That’s his system, so already you can feel the nervousness of his kingdom and his government.

21:26 - So that’s the inconvenience and nothing makes sense in the mentality and that’s the system, it becomes stronger and stronger and stronger and the fitna is very apparent.

21:40 - So in the last two years if you didn’t see that as a sign then that… the whole world changed, the whole world saw it, so it’s everywhere now.

21:50 - Every day it’s being implemented a different rule - can’t step here, you can’t go there, put this in then this is going to cause a heart problem, put this in going to cause nerve problem, put this in going to cause this problem.

22:03 - That’s why the shaykhs are not making any discussions on - do this or do that because they don’t want to carry anything like that because of its… these are not solutions for anyone’s health these are forced inoculations.

22:20 - So this is not a solution, this is not the hadith that, ‘Allah (AJ) is the cure for every sickness,’ this is not a cure for any sickness this is a forced inoculation, this is nothing to do with a remedy of any sickness.

22:33 - There’s no hadith for this, this is just ‘azaab (punishment).

22:37 - As salaamu alaykum Sayyidi Walaykum as salaam wa rahmahtullah We are starting to pick up emotions and energies of people who we talk to, how can we protect ourself from depressive energies and emotions of nervousness coming from a person.

22:53 - Yeah those are all the energy practices, get the book please [A Timeless Reality].

23:02 - That wash, keep your ta’weez, keep your madad, keep your connection, and interact.

23:08 - This process is not for us to run in a closet and hide, just keep the practices it’s a good sign that your heart is alive and you’re actually beginning to feel all of these things, then you’ll learn how to protect yourself, keep yourself clean and then sort of be careful where you’re going and who you’re going to see in life.

23:29 - We’ve become very selective because the energy and what you’re going to have to carry from that energy, so then you live your life more cautious more selective that where you’re going to take yourself and what’s the purpose of taking yourself there? Is it a higher association or a lower association? If it’s an association for zikr (Divine remembrance) it’s a higher association - okay I should be going there because then I can take the blessings of it.

23:55 - I’m going to a lower association then most likely I’m going to take the burden of it, so always ask yourself wherever you’re going in life is it higher or lower? If it’s lower and you have to because it’s family then you know you do what you got to do, you do your madad, you keep your zikr going and Allah (AJ) want you to carry something you carry it, but alhamdulillah all of this is a sign that these energies and the heart is coming alive inshaAllah.

24:22 - Good. Subhana rabbika rabbal ‘izzati ‘amma yasifoon, wa salaamun ‘alal mursaleen, walhamdulillahi rabbil ‘aalameen.

24:34 - Bi hurmati Muhammad al-Mustafa wa bi siri Surat al-Fatiha. .