Professionals Who Feel Stuck or Left Behind In Life

Jun 11, 2021 17:29 · 1772 words · 9 minute read

Amirah I want to start this off with a bang because uh I want to make sure the viewers don’t feel like they’re wasting their time here so, I wanted to share some of the success stories, the transformational stories that by the looks of it… you’re kind of seeing on a near daily basis these days is truly incredible. So any that kind of come up to your mind uh you know fire away Sure, um there was a time where I was um you know I ve been doing this work so long so I ve got lots of stories… but um one prominent one that jumps into my mind was when I was living in Dubai I was working with a client that came to me he was a life coach and a personal trainer. And he was hitting… he was a real hard driver you know and he kept everything he did was falling apart he was an avid um personal development seeker and he spent a fortune on top branded coaches I could drop some names here you know you might think of it maybe later what’s that maybe later would drop me well so, he spent a fortune on training and development he even missed his mother’s uh funeral because he was so much in debt and after working together um his life completely transformed and he started living his dream and doing the work that he he’s always dreamt of and acting and being a performer on stage.

That was Manju. Another another person that jumps to mind is Dr Michael who is a very successful businessman he owns several smile doc clinics I guess you could say dental offices in Dubai and Sweden and multiple places around the world and he was on track to being a billionaire so this man wasn’t an issue of having needing money but he was going through a very difficult time in his life with his marriage um and regrouping his business and he was so busy and so many you know pies spinning in the air that he needed a way to ground himself and feel centered to clear the energy so that he could keep on track to his goals that he had and after working together he it was amazing he said, “Amirah there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t listen to your special tools!” Another client that came to me was referred by a top uh internist in Dubai and she was struggling with depression and they tried a lot of different types of medications and those had negative effects and just you know she wasn’t effective she couldn’t think.

She couldn’t… yeah, she was sleeping more. But you know that wasn’t really what she was going for. So, after working together you know that lady Pooneh was involved with… She was registered to actually become a psychologist and she was going to the high Ivy League School of training well so she thought. After working together, we discovered her passion and she began studying cooking and baking and ended up being in the in the Cordon Bleu School of Cooking in France.

And her stories just roll and roll… She she’s amazing all the manifestations that she’s created from that training and the work we did together. I’m always so excited when I get more excited talking about my clients because their lives have completely transformed. And it’s very fulfilling to watch. Yeah, it must be must be. Even just kind of quickly giving the context to the viewers like you mentioned keyword energy um kind of transformation of course but I love this is focused Amirah’s work is focused on professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs such as myself.

That’s how we kind of got connected. And she mentions what to reignite their passion because there was a time where maybe it was six months in maybe a year in where you were just super fired up you love the process you love learn about it maybe it was a new business maybe it was a new career choice and your promotion but then slowly that kind of fizzled out and so did your energy levels. Maybe your confidence, self-doubt… kind of creeped in. So, a lot of our work is focused on boosting those energy levels.

But not how you might think. It’s not about productivity. It’s not about kind of making the best coffee or having an energy drink to temporarily fix that. This is about permanently fixing that by removing the kind of dramas, the energy blocks and traumas. Now you me just saying that word trauma… it’s gonna freak a few people out Amirah. So maybe you can dive into what trauma itself is and make people know that it doesn’t just apply to war people and you know stuff you know people who’ve had an abusive childhood for example.

Though both are the case but it goes far deeper than that. Absolutely you know that’s the thing most people don’t understand. Last year um the monumental setbacks that we’ve all experienced have been a trauma. And as a result there’s been a lot of drama. Whether it’s in your home, your health, your relationships and trying to overcome that you know… is just a snapshot in time yes and you could say well I was doing great before that hit okay so we can talk about that later but a lot of us have experiences from our childhood that began a long time ago and you might say oh well that I for you know that’s way in ancient history now but those are energetic I call them malware or like an energetic virus that is sort of dropped in your energy field and you’re oblivious to it you know.

It’s over there, buzzing around behind the screen. It’s like a little ticker tape and every now and again it comes around and it derails you. You know like Manju I was telling you about you know he he would get fired up and he would do all the things that the gurus and the branded coaches told him to do but then he would derail and he couldn’t figure out what it was. and it was because of that hidden, I call it a pocket of information or an archived bit of data that you’re storing.

And you don’t realize it you know it’s that baggage that you’re hauling around. It’s like buried and you don’t want to talk about it or think about it. But it’s um well-hidden and well protected. But those are the things that we work on that most people never access and this is profound. This is this is game changing. And for successful people… most of the clients I work with are highly successful or they’ve had some success in their life and then they’ve hit a wall and they don’t understand what.

Everything they’ve been using up until now has worked. Maybe they like you said they get to a breaking point and that’s just lost its fizzle or sizzle anymore you know. It doesn’t turn them on anymore and they want something more meaningful. But they can’t find it you know. That’s why they reach out to me. Got it, got it… I mean… there’s so many things to cover, even like the very system itself. We’re going to go into the steps on how to overcome this, how to kind of bring those energy levels up… so you are operating from a new energy level. A different energy level. But I have to bring this this question up for the viewers and kind of put you on the spot Amirah because I know this is whoever consciously or subconsciously they have this on the back of their mind and there are many gurus, mentors, coaches out there today. Especially the internet world. So, what is it that makes you unique? See what a lot of people don’t understand… I’d say the majority of people don’t understand this… Is that their current situation in reality is set in place or it’s created generated based on a set of decisions you made. And those decisions that you made, were based on some emotions that you had. You may have not been aware of it. And those emotions were triggered by a paradigm or your identity. an understanding of who you think you are. And all of that was set in place by energy. So, I often use a pyramid to point this and show it out to people is that the energy is at the top of the pyramid.

And the most important aspect that nobody talks about. And you might say, “Oh well –good vibes only!” Well how do you get to those good vibes when you just feel like you’re grumpy? and nothing you’re doing is working?? or you’re just you’re flat? I mean it’s like the pop that’s lost its sizzle! You know you’re just flat-lining… . and meds, drugs, you know a boost of coffee… those are all temporary and some of them screw you up even worse. So, what we have to get to, is that access point of the energy.

Well why am I different? Because I can see that energy as I ve mentioned. And I can help you eradicate, remove, disintegrate, unplug… as I said the virus. I call it a virus, because it’s foreign to you. It doesn’t belong in your archive of soul information. Of your own spiritual blueprint let’s call it. Okay, so when we can extract that… it puts you on track to va-voom! Let’s let you know I’m gonna be here to do what I do you know… make magic! make I m I’m a creator! You know… You’re meant to create! That’s why we’re all here! And what is that… that you want to create from your heart? How to connect with that? oh I m getting goosebumps… since I channel this information. I channel… you can even go one level deeper. I think you’ve got a very incredible story and how are you able to see this stuff and how you kind of you know. How, what was your kind of epiphany point? And I think that started way way back in like was it 1997, if I remember correctly? Yeah, I think you should really can open up be a bit vulnerable of course, and tell them on how what your what your journey was to get you into this kind of.