Trisha Roselle: Women Rise Up! Listen to God! (Isaiah 32:9-10)

May 15, 2021 11:30 · 6528 words · 31 minute read

So today, I mean, like I said there’s so many things I could’ve [covered, that I could have] tapped into in the word I said Lord do you just make it easy and so, finally, I believe this is the word of the Lord. I want you to love me - love me, please! It’s a good word. In Judges 4:1-4 I’m going to talk about Deborah. I’m going to talk about Jael. I’m going to talk about just the call of God on women’s lives, but remember, God is calling men as well.

Alright. So in Judges 4:1-4 in the Living bible it says, “After Ehud’s death the people of Israel sinned against the Lord, so the Lord let them be conquered by King Jabin of Hazor and. Canaan. The commander in chief of his army, was Sisera who lived in _____. He had 900 iron chariots and made life unbearable for the Israelites for 20 years. But finally, they begged the Lord for help. Israel’s leader at that time, the one who was responsible for bringing the people back to God, was Deborah, a prophetess, the wife of Lappidoth.

” Did you hear that? The one who is responsible for bringing the people back to God was Deborah. Listen ladies. God is calling us to be the Deborahs. He’s calling us to be the Ethers. He’s calling us to rise up - this is not a gender [issue], but God is speaking to us because there’s a birthing process that is within all of us. We are spiritual birthers. We birth in the natural, but we birth spiritually. And so God is saying, “I’m calling you, the women of God.

” King Jabin, when you look up his name, means “intellect. ” We have got to get out of the intellect, this cunning, this thing mentally that tries to drive us. God is a Spirit. It’s not going to [always] make sense. However, he tells us to to break through, whatever his plans are and how He tells us to to war, and how He tells us to pray. We can’t go through the intellectual mindset.

02:07 - It says here that there are 900 chariots of iron.

02:11 - They were warring against men that didn’t have any [chariots], they’re on foot. So it’s like today - it just seems like there’s 900 chariots of iron out there. It seems like it’s an impossibility, but I’m telling you, today that, “With God nothing is impossible. ” (Luke 1:37) It takes prayer power that brings shift. The 900 chariots of armor…

02:33 - or iron - the natural look like they were going to be defeated. It looked kike they’re going to get their behinds kicked, but I’m going to tell you right now. God had a plan. So, let me just say this about Deborah the Prophetess. I’m going to get this out of my way here.

02:53 - I’m convinced that the church at large, will never fully represent Jesus, nor it’s full impact until every woman is fully received as a true partner in the Kingdom ministry - according to her God-given design. We women are made in God’s image. Where God, in His image, is male and female. So women are just as valuable and important as men. This isn’t a woman against a man thing, but women you have to know who you’re called [to be], who you are in the Lord.

You’re not “less than” a man. So when God said, “Let us make man in our image,” man was created and the woman was fashioned from man. God rearranged Adam’s heavenly DNA, separating characteristics, leaving Adam with his masculine self and Eve with her feminine thing.

03:52 - Adam had more of a decisiveness. He’s stronger.

03:55 - Listen ladies, I’m not going to compete with a man. Men are stronger. They have more upper body strength. So the the desire for adventure, they have concrete thinking, more analytical, they think things through. Women have that ability to nurture. We can multitask. We can do many things at once, men can’not. Women have a softness and a fashion sense that most men do not have.

04:31 - God created men and women to unite together.

04:36 - In order for us to really flow in the power - and this isn’t just the only thing men and women need to work together. I have traveled the country. I have traveled the world and still women are not honored. When I’m with my. Husband I’m treated different when I’m not with my husband, I’m treated differently - and not in a great way - that shouldn’t be - and that’s in the church. I’m not talking in the Middle East out in the fields over there.

I’m talking in the church. Women were never meant to just serve in children’s ministry.

05:06 - Women were never meant to just play the organ.

05:09 - That’s not who God has called us to be it didn’t this didn’t change. This particular issue didn’t change until the Prophetess came on the scene. Now again, we need the Man.

05:21 - I defer to my husband. He flows in wisdom that at times I’m not flowing in and vice versa. I honor and respect him, he honors and respects me. We work together in tandem.

05:32 - That is really important that we understand.

05:36 - Women aren’t “less than. ” when we first started the church and I was preaching one Sunday, a man got up and walked out. I’ll tell you the truth, I thought yeah, there’s the door, keep going. So, women are called We’re called to to be aligned and to be a part. I’m sorry, I’m not taking it. What’s that movie. “I’m mad as ___ and I’m not taking it anymore. “ Alright. I won’t say that here.

06:04 - If we get back to judges here, we see that they were having a problem and in verse three, it says.

06:14 - and the children of Israel cried out to the Lord for Jabin had 900 chariots of armor and for his 20 years he had harshly oppressed the children of Israel now verse four, says now Deborah, a prophetess, The wife of Lado, was judging Israel at the time and He sat under the Palm Tree of Deborah between Rama and Bethel, so it was a place that Rama can represent Idolatry. Bethel You know can represent the house of God in the mountains and the children came up to her for her judgement, so she had wisdom.

They saw that and so so anyway, so there was a lot of there was worrying going on and barrack and I’m going to just cut to the chase because I see the time barrack you know there was he was one of the other captains you know didn’t want to go to war. Without her and you know they both need in other words. He’s saying to me that that that we need each other to work together. We need each other for breakthrough. We need each other for healing.

We need each other for restoration. Alright and so but I’m going to pause here because it wasn’t until like when you read through verse five. actually, I’ll go there now.

07:21 - Judges Chapter five when you read through it. It’s called the song of Deborah and she and and And you know Jael Jael, who was a regular housewife Jael. I guess they’re in relationship because Cicero was the King, who was who oversaw the the warring with the 900 chariots of of iron and and and Cicero ran from the Israelites because they were getting destroyed.

07:50 - The The The spirit of the Lord showed up because the people are crying out. they listen to the direction of the prophet and now Cicero is running. So he runs to her tent and he runs and and she sees him, but she now is aligned with Deborah.

08:06 - She gets the word of the Lord and she’s like I’m going to take you out and let me tell you something when came in, he said. to her, you know, listen, you know, hide me. you know she her husband must have been in a relationship or whatever, but she gave him a milk and and she covered him and she put the the guy went to sleep, but she took that tent Peg Yeah and that tent peg. She’s put it and she is Bible literally says she smoked it through his temple and and what we have to understand is we have to smoke the enemies lies with that ten pig.

We have to smoke the enemies lies where he lies to so many of us even some of you here today May think Oh lord. I can’t believe I’m here today. my mother and my aunt or my father made me come listen God’s going to shake it up because it’s either you know there’s good and evil in this land and there’s a spirit realm and. It’s good or bad, and so God is shaking everything that needs to be shaken. He’s waking us all up but anyway, so she smoked him and when you look at that word and literally, it could mean clap your hand.

09:10 - That’s why clapping and worshiping is so important.

09:13 - That’s another definition of it. She She did clap your hand, but she smoked the enemy. She said. Enough of your lies enough of your trash talking that you tell me that I can’t be the woman of God that God called me to be. I can’t flow in what God has for me enough of. Your lies so then it goes on so Deborah now is singing this song and it says when then Deborah in Chapter five and one and Barra, the son of a bi saying on that day, saying when leaders lead in Israel when the people willingly offer themselves bless the Lord Hero Kings give your princess.

I even I will sing to the Lord. I will sing to the Lord God of Israel. now I’m going to jump down it says here in verse six and this, this really was interesting verse six says in the day. Sham son of Anna in the days of the highways were deserted. You know, I’ll read it in the amplifier. It says the caravan ceased COVID caused life to cease everyone was isolated. The travelers walked along the byways verse seven, says village life ceased it ceased in Israel until I Deborah arose above a mother in Israel Village life ceased our lives have ceased a year and it’s.

Like oh, Lord Jesus, I get the COVID thing. I think some of it’s a little exaggerated but anyhow. I won’t go there and so it says Village life cease the Warriors that were called to rise up cease village life cease it. They weren’t performing. They didn’t arise literally that word when you look it up, it means to become idle or flabby. Okay it it became it it ceased. There was a strategic plan of the enemy to shut everyone down and cut you off and to cause fear to cause pandemic to cause whatever it wants to cause.

But the lord is saying no no, no. no. I’m wielding my people up.

11:16 - They’re going to spiritually weight lift again. they’re getting back in shape they’re getting back in. When I was holding my arm, I’m thinking Oh Lord, I should have done more more tricep. She’s she kept holding my arm like Oh Dear God I should’ve done more tricep moves you know so God is getting us back in spiritual shape. He’s he’s calling us.

11:33 - He’s saying. Listen, village life may have ceased but not anymore not anymore. It’s not going to look like it was it’s not going to ever be normal like what we think normal, but it’s going to be a flourishing time. It’s not going to be without war, but it’s going to be a powerful time. Okay and so. Now with that when when I was meditating on it really if you if you really look in the commentaries they they do lead to the Scriptures. so I went with it so Isaiah 32 nine.

This is my word to all of us but to the women okay, Isaiah 32 nine in the NIV, says you women who are so complacent rise up and listen to me you daughters who feel secure hear what I have to say and then another version says pay attention. I have something to say dark days are ahead and we must prepare. God is calling the women to rise up why not just women, but women have that that birthing powerful breaker anointing in us to pray so the men because we need men and women praying.

12:32 - but but he’s saying, come on the things that look so normal.

12:36 - The things that look like you know status quo. don’t worry about it. Things will change. God needs all of us. God needs us praying and I was listening to a minister Kyan bridges. I think it’s his name and he was sharing it. Dream he had and this dream stuck out at me and he said he was dreaming and in the dream people are on the beach sunbathing and everybody was just having a wonderful time and he’s like watching in this dream and he thought Lord what are you showing me and all of a sudden he realized we were on Normandy Beach.

God is saying wake up God is saying Lord I awaken my spirit man this. this isn’t about fear, but it’s about not complacency not being so distracted not being so. Focus on other things that we’re not hearing the voice of the Lord and and I said Lord, I’m just asking you to make a soul alert that we recognize your your voice. We recognize when you’re giving us direction, Amen and so in verse thirty-two, I’m sorry Isaiah 3215 in the new living says until it last alright, here’s here’s the deal.

I didn’t feel like reading the whole thing. So Isaiah 32, nine says. you know wake up you women who are complacent, rise up and listen. To me, okay, this isn’t an insult. This is just God saying he’s stirring all of us to wake up and then he says. So when we do this verse, fifteen says until at last, the spirit is poured out from us on high from heaven. Then the wilderness will become a fertile field in a fertile field will yield bountiful crops.

So so Isaiah was challenging the women to take heed because listen there’s misplaced priorities, but he also knew what we had.

14:17 - In us to accomplish this listen the wilderness will become a fertile field and the fertile field will be yield bountiful crops. So we’re we are going to start training on prayer and listen. I know you all pray. I’m not trying to insult anybody, but it’s always good to revisit things right. We have to learn how to tarry and wait before the Lord wait and sing in the in the spirit of the Lord. Listen God’s not on our time clock, you know, oh lord.

Could you get it done in an hour? I don’t think so I mean we can and he will at times, but there’s just times that you’re just waiting. I kid you not yesterday. I must have been upstairs just in my office for hours 6 hours. I was just trying to get you think what’s so hard about getting to work II. Just I was just you know trying to hear what the spirit of the Lord is saying, and so do I always like doing that. I don’t like it. My flesh doesn’t like it my flesh wars against this.

so please I’m not you know. Oh here. Listen to. Patricia she walks on water. I haven’t walked on water yet, but but you know III, you know it’s my flesh wars against this too. I don’t always want when I get up in the morning. I mean I do II go right into. I’ve I’ve conditioned myself to go right to pray, but I don’t always want to. I don’t feel like worshiping and then I just speak to my flesh and tell to knock it off and then you start doing it right.

I mean it happens to us all so Proverbs thirty-one. I’m I’m sorry, Proverbs 132 and thirty-three in the NIV. Says for the wayward of the simple will kill them and the complacency of fools will destroy them, but whoever listens to me will live in safety and be at ease without fear of harm isn’t that awesome. Listen God when he challenges us with something isn’t to insult us or hurt us.

16:08 - It’s to encourage us. Amen. So why because God gave us influence, he knows women are beers. Listen. have you ever seen a mama like a mama bear or or or forget a mama bear? What about us mamas if anyone? Messes with our kids, you are dead me do not come near our children right even though we can smack them, but don’t you come near them right? So you know there’s that that worrying aspect. We have a video clip that we would always show of this bear of a lion that was going over a tiger or something was going after this baby bear and and and it was you know it’s very dramatic and then to the mama comes up the mama bear and and scared it away.

Well, that’s us. you know. we’re not going to tolerate that. but God is like that over our lives too. He’s el shaddai, the Bible says. He’s the many breastfeed one. you know I was toiling with the mother Heart of God. There’s a mother heart. He’s a nurturer. He loves us. He’s compassionate, but he’s a warrior. He he’s that mama bear too. There’s portions of that in the scripture that wars over us as we’re crying out to him.

17:08 - So we’re not alone and God’s not disappointed with what you’ve already done. He’s happy with it. He’s pleased with us, but he’s saying, go deeper. I have so much more. don’t don’t settle for status quo or just enough. don’t settle for that.

17:21 - So God wants us to understand he knows what he’s placing us.

17:25 - He knows what. The ability is that that he wants to break us out of any kind of lethargy or any kind of passive spirit. so in Jeremiah 917 through nineteen thus says the Lord of hosts and I’m reading out of the amplified it says consider and call for the morning women to come send for the skillful women to come what is that mean, let them make haste and raise a wailing over us for us that our eyes may run down with tears and our eyelids gushed with water for a sound of is coming out.

Zion How we are plundered and ruined so God is wailing is a high form of intercession. He’s calling us to wail. He’s calling us to cry out. I was thinking of the phoenician woman. She went to Jesus and said, Hey Jesus, my daughter is demonized and he said. What do I have to do with you right now? it actually seems insulting, but she pressed in she didn’t care it was before Jesus died on the cross before he broke through that veil. She pressed through and her faith caused her to go beyond, she said.

Listen. I want my daughter delivered and I’ll eat the crumbs. I’ll do whatever it takes. That’s a form of intercession that was a form of wailing. She was pressing. We can’t just give up and just say well, whatever will be will be baloney. That’s not who we are. God says that with God, nothing shall be called impossible and so we have to pray what are we trusting God for what do we believe we have issues in our family that needs deliverance and healing.

What are we pressing God for are we doing our ten-minute thing? Are we waiting on the lord? Are we? Our TVs over we’re getting before the Lord in the morning and say Lord I need change. I’m not coming out until something happens so breakthrough comes.

19:04 - That’s what God is calling us to. We gotta get out of that.

19:07 - but that’s that lethargic passive complacent mindset that I’m telling you what the spirit of the Lord said to me and some of you may think. Oh, she’s so sinking fanatic. Yeah. I am yeah because it causes breakthrough. I have never just just prayed my 3 minute prayer. I have seen God work too many miracles in my life and it didn’t. It’s warfare it’s work.

19:31 - We tarry not now. listen. It’s not work for him loving us. He loves us. We don’t have to earn love, but there are certain things with our flesh that we have to die to. that’s we have got to die to and yield and surrender to Holy Spirit. So willing is a form of intercession. He’s saying call for the morning women call for the skillful women. When you look up that word, it means wise the women who fear the Lord who are more concerned about what God’s.

Versus what others are saying he’s we’re more concerned about that. God is calling us. he’s saying. Listen, what do we have? Hey anybody have an impossible situation? You’re believing God for. It’s going to take it’s going to take that kind of anointing. Listen. We have young people. We have the world. The socialist community has really done a number on our kids kids going to colleges right now, kids doing their thing. Yeah. We want them to get an education, but they have so twisted their mindsets with this communist socialist mindset that we’re going to just take it.

No no we’re taking back what the enemy has stolen because listen these kids are the the future revivalist. These kids are the ones who are the evangelists and the prophets and and the teachers. That that are standing up for God, but right now they’re looking and they’re searching for truth, they’re looking and they’re searching for something that we truly believe in as they need to see they want to know the miracle working love of Jesus Christ and power of God.

We’re in. We’re in he’s saying, call for the wailing women come and cry out war on behalf of what you’re standing for your family. Listen. It’s gotta start in our families first before we’re going to make breakthrough and happen out around here. God. Saying I’ll meet you right where you’re at don’t get all discouraged. Just God say God here. I am help that’s one of the best prayers you can ever pray help. I don’t know what the heck to do but help me God.

Here’s what your word says but help me God. That’s the mercy and compassion of our God. Psalm 103, says bless the Lord. Oh my soul and all that is within me. I will bless his holy name who heals me of all my diseases and forgives me of all my iniquities who encircles me with loving kindness when you.

21:47 - That word up, it means womb. He’s a birther. he understands he gave birth to us and he wants us to to understand he’s imparting that birthing anointing on all of us to have that breaker anointing on every single one of us over every situation that we’re standing for. I’ve seen too many miracles. Many of you can come up here of all the miracles that you have and so like I said, I’ve said it before and we were in that restaurant and that guy died.

We prayed over him We commanded. The spirit of death to come out he rose from the dead. That’s in every single one of us and there are spiritually dead here today that God wants to break you out of there are death wishes. Some of you have on your lives that you don’t care. If you live or die that’s going to stop Jesus is calling you up and out. Listen. The lie of the enemy is Oh, this is ridiculous. I’m not going to have fun. That’s the lie.

You have misery. It’s fun for a season, but then you get in that place of confusion you get in that place of depression and hopelessness, But God is a god of hope it does. Doesn’t mean that you don’t have problems but in the world I remember when people would minister to me, I thought oh brother here they come again. They’re going to talk to me about Jesus. I don’t want to hear it. They’re corny. they’re ridiculous. What do they have to offer me? Meanwhile, Of course, I wanted to commit suicide, but meanwhile, you know that was okay, but I couldn’t stand when they came by me.

The one girl would always come up to me. Oh praise the Lord praise the Lord. I thought Oh my God will you stop. I don’t want people thinking I’m with her. You know I was embarrassed here. I am praise the lord. Brother anyway, so, but you know what but God broke through he broke through. I was II just didn’t care if I lived or died. It was just after a while. It’s like there’s nothing new. There’s nothing new under the sun is that all there is this is what the world has to offer you know and so God.

I’m telling you for those of you who are not sold out to Jesus yet give him a chance. give him a chance stop running. God is after you anyhow. He’s after you anyhow, you’re not going to get away from him, but God has called us to be Watchmen and I’m going to close so it says. We’re watchmen, We’re a family.

23:58 - that’s what the wailing we’re wailing. We’re crying out on God. call out unto me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things which you know not of hey you may be getting high right now. I’m thinking well. that’s what I’m into. Listen. It’s fun for a season. been there done all that doesn’t work. It’s for a season until it has you and then you lose all your money. We are instrument of God’s of war. God wants you to stop he’s saying.

Listen, I have something so much better for you so much better for. You you know he wants a restoration of all things so listen. God is after us. I love this in Isaiah 4213 and fifteen says the Lord will go forth like a mighty man. He will rouse up his zealous and indignation and vengeance like a warrior. He will cry. Yes, he will shout out he will do mightily against his enemies. Our enemies thus says the Lord I have for a long time held my peace.

He held his peace lord a little too long anyway, but I’ve been still and restrained my set. And now I will cry out like a woman in travail and I will gasp and Pant together. We are births. I’m telling you you know how many times like for those of us who had children when you’re in the middle of giving birth. you want to smack everybody around you because I mean it’s like you’re in that transition and you’re pushing and you’re pushing. I wanted my husband to punch the doctor in the face because he was aggravating me.

25:19 - You know, I’m like first of all, he said. My son was dead and I’m like punch him in the face. You know you’re in that.

25:26 - Place of transition and you’re pushing and you’re pushing and you’re pushing and how many times when you’re in that place. You want them to give up and say why Oh my god. I can’t believe I want this to stop because the pain is so much, but we’re in that place of transition right now we are panting. We are prevailing and it seems like remember when Abraham and Cyrus blew it. They they you know, God had promised them that they were going to have a son.

but in that period of waiting, I hate that period of waiting, but we all wait right. In that period of waiting, they called in Ishmael, they had Hagar become the the birther for them when God didn’t say that so I’m in here to encourage you. God is not forsaken your prayers in this place of panting and birthing, and you know that prevailing place don’t give up.

26:13 - Don’t look back. Don’t think that God hasn’t heard your prayer because that baby is coming forth the baby of victory, the baby of breakthrough the baby of your prodigals coming home the baby of. Your finances being restored or or alcoholics being healed drug addicts sickness being overturned. That’s what God is asking us to do. Amen Hallelujah. So lastly, we are virtuous women and I’m going to close with this because I want you to get a picture of who you are when it says here in Psalms 3110 who can find a virtuous woman.

Her worth is far above rubies can’t even pay for her.

26:51 - We’re so much value. we have so much value that word. Virtuous and I’m sure you’ve heard this before means valor host Army forces strength riches, power ability efficiency might okay, and then the root word of that is kail CH AYIL. It means to dance to ride to twist. It’s it kind of reminded me of being in birth right it made it to bring forth you know to wet.

27:28 - Longingly to to press through now, That isn’t some little flowery word. That’s how he said, who can find a virtuous woman and ladies Why don’t you stand up? Let’s all stand up.

27:38 - That’s who we all are. We’re not this little pansy that sits in the back you know and and just you know has no say no voice. We’re in a decade of pain. God has given us a voice.

27:49 - He’s given us all a voice, but to speak the word of the Lord not murmur, not complain not call names, but to be the women of God that God has called us to be and that. Who we are my mother in law? Peter talks a lot about her. She She was always really sweet, very kind, very quiet, but don’t mess with her. She there was a meekness with her that when she said, no, it was no and when she took a stand for something she wasn’t backing down when she prayed she prayed and she prayed through.

I always admire that about her. So when when I even these definitions that I’m giving you, it doesn’t mean that you have to be like William Wallace and you know, paint your face blowing you know, go and screaming, but it’s that it’s that that spiritual personality and accountant that. You take like don’t mess with me because I will smack you down if you don’t stop it, you know. and but it’s like that after a while those who are insulting you, those who are mistreating, you abuse is not in our category here if there’s abuse.

The spirit of smack now I’m going to get, but if you’re is abused, you need to get out. We don’t tolerate abuse, but God is saying women. I’ve called you to be powerful women of God. I’ve called you to know who you are. I’ve called you to love yourself and honor yourself. enjoy yourself. enjoy your life be powerful. Be that army that God has called you to be be that one that cries out.

29:16 - So what II believe here. God is doing is he’s stirring us all up he. Wants us this awakening to take place He’s shifting all of us to be the Warriors that God has called us to be men and women. and if we’re going to have an atmosphere in our home in our place of business in our in our churches, we we’ve got to be on our faces before the Lord. We’ve got to wait or surrender before him. We’ve got to just wait to hear the revelation and the wisdom of our God for breakthrough for for this awakening for this revival like Zechariah.

Four one says the angel came and awakened me with the angels. Of the Lord are awakening, God is saying, stop living with status quo believe for miracle working power believe for signs and wonders lay hands on the sick. Believe for awakening in your home. Believe in your own personal revival in acts chapter three said that times of refreshing are here. this is for us so holy spirit. I just thank you for the winds of your presence. I thank you that we can prophesy to them dry dead bones we can prophesy to dry.

there means confusion. It means to be ashamed. See God wants to break you out of your shame and your confusion your disappointments Lord. I just thank you for the the presence of God that breaks through that causes us to come out of that place of lethargy. Lord. I just thank you that you love us so much that you’re shaking us up and you will not allow us to stay where we’re at God. I just thank you. father for your amazing. love your unfailing love that you have for each and every one of us and so lord I just thank.

You for the stirring I just thank you that you are releasing a man of prayer on this house on each individual that Lord we can’t go a day without spending time with you without crying out to you without worshiping God as a deer pants for the water Brooks. so my soul longs after thee, we are that one that’s panting hard panting hard after you, we don’t want status quo. Oh god so lord I just thank you. We just release your anointing. We release the blessing of.

The Lord and let me just say this if there’s anyone here that wants to rededicate your lives. We would love to pray with you today. I know it’s mother’s day, but you know what the devil doesn’t care. He’s still try to mess with you. so we’re we’re happy to pray with you but if you’re here and you want to rededicate your life, I’d love for you to come up and we’ll pray with you but Lord I just stand for the women and lord I thank you. father, you’re breaking shame.

31:52 - you’re breaking the chains of shame you’re. Breaking the chains of disappointment you’re breaking off the chains of of of of just having a hard heart because there’s so much hurt Lord. I thank you that you’re stirring us up. You’re giving us that desire to break through Lord. I just break off that religious spirit that is trying to hold so many back. We say no to you in Jesus name and we lose. Oh God revival. We lose that awakening. We lose.

Oh god people who know their god and shall do great exploits. This is for each and every. Everyone of us, Oh god and Lord. I just thank you for your brooding presence. I thank you for fruitfulness that you’re causing us to birth to birth the new to not tolerate to be like that Cynic woman that wouldn’t accept no and and and you know for deliverance for her daughter Lord. I thank you.

32:43 - I just feel the presence of the Lord. Thank you. Jesus. Can you just thank him? Can you just thank him for his goodness? Thank him for what he’s doing in our lives. Thank him for how he wants us to be stirred up how he wants us to be. Panting for him now, he wants us to want him more than we want anything else and to get rid of our idols. He wants us to get to want him because idolatry TV sex drugs. None of that does anything for us unless we put him first all that other stuff needs to fall by the wayside because it’s deception.

The Lord wants us to pant after him. I’m telling you this young generation that’s been so swayed and so deterred Lord I’m just going to. Take the wailing women to call him back to to to call that revival in to cause that stirring to take place.

33:38 - No, I’m not fanatical. This is the word of the Lord. This is the word of the Lord. This is the word of the Lord and the Lord wants to set you free so Lord I just thank you. I just thank you and again I give you opportunity to come up if any of you need prayer but Lord I just thank you. father for your amazing love that you have for each and everyone of us. I thank you lord that you’ve given us the ability as women as mamas to war you’ve given us the ability.

To discern and to see in the realm of the spirit, you’ve given us the ability to dream to hear your voice and to know the path and to know which way to walk in. I thank you Lord that you’ve given us that ability and so lord I just thank you for the stirring. I thank you that everyone here is here on purpose. I thank you Lord for the men and women that have received this prayer mantle and we say let God arise and our enemies be scattered in Jesus name.

so Lord I bless each and everyone here. I thank you. That we are the army of God as are the men, but Lord I just thank you for this commissioning today to rise up in a new way to rise up with that fierce war like Lion, Like Man of God upon our lives in Jesus name. Amen. Amen. Amen, Hallelujah. .