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james i i hope we’ll be going to party tonight party michael you’re just too keen about this your party thing i’m not interested anymore may i remind you that i’ll be getting married soonest and my wife to be he’s getting angry about this your party thing weekend party night bubbling and all that i’m just hanging my yes my wife to be she is not your wife yet hi i know that i am single and saturn and i tell you this i don’t want to miss my fullness i don’t want to chia man in the youthful party night may i remind you 35 now at what point are you even thinking about marrying don’t push it i am not 35 years i am 24 and a half so don’t push it i will be 35 by december you’ll be 35 by december oh yeah look at you you can even be 23 if you want to take me out of this place so so so i will shave off this oh my god are you serious yes i’ll shave my beards that brought you to me listen to yourself yes i’m serious i got married to you because of your beings yes because for my best because i’m church because i’m pushed because i’m elegant shut up you’re so full of yourself how do i i’ve got monies a lot of moneys mailing stinking money that was why you came and now you want to share my facebook this is just nigerian jackson johnson yes i am not are you no then let them knock to death i don’t care i’m with my baby oh see that way what let me conceive inside the door i’m going to leave me all by myself no i’m not living for now guys yes i’m already flying so yeah actually i want to fly oh my god this would just kill you one day she said she wants to fly good evening please he said his name is pastor henry that pastor felix sent him here to come past the night you’re welcome as a fairly sentient you are even aware that we’re married yes pastor felix told me he’s a pastor you’re welcome once again this one you’re here by this time it’s already make yourself comfortable okay i’ll be back don’t you think he’s very risky ascertaining into our house by this time of the day honest another thing to say honestly i think we are so stupid letting into that stranger come into our house having forgotten he was sent here by our pastor listen i really think you should come as a felix right away this guy can’t even can be a criminal or even an assassin i just or something we should call pastor felix and confirm this visit i am normally comfortable with it how can you call pastor felix now if you call him guys we look as if you are doubting me how come the man look past the phoenix i need to know that if i can’t call pastor phases then i will walk in there and ask him out of my house honestly i will just do that i don’t have any options ronnie you do no such thing remember to be a brother skipper it’s just only the only thing don’t like the way you’re manipulating me on this kiss hi you’re making me sound as if i’m forcing you to do something i’ve already knocked the dog he’s the only one i mean he can’t outswitch the bottom what is this pasta man please out of my house i don’t think you know who he is in the first place mrs what is happening to me is this not the same animal i drew into that bush what is he doing here what kind of a god i’m just going to think of what to do i said i will set him on fire i don’t really know what you are doing here you cannot come here and ruin my family please become something else what else do you want me to do what else do you want me to do in my house and hey hey why i think the right thing right to my is house take it i think we brought this paper this people was not here before uh what kind of an address is this whose address is this is he played in two corners i think we should call pastor felix he brought this money to our house in the first place what have you done what’s going on is he no connecting he’s not not even connected i just don’t i just don’t know what to do right now baby listen are you going to listen to me or what is no oh to french my own baby i’m so confused over all the streets how can pastor felix died the same day he sent somebody to our house do you know what it means for a stranger to die in your house i wonder why all this is happening to us what do you mean come down calm down for what what do you mean calm down come to even think of all this you are the cause of all this problem you are the person who even opened the door for that i even wanted to send him away from the house that night but you refused now look at where it has landed us are you asking me to calm down these people are saying the same thing but in a different way but listen to me if you have to do that i think you should report this to this first because i think that’s the best okay if we go to the police now what are we going to tell them okay okay okay because i don’t even know what to do now let’s just go to that look at my house i have to go get into my room is recognize this man he’s actually a pastor pastor perry yes i know he was lived in this country how oh my god uh all right bye you seem not to understand what is happening here mike my wife and i were just coming out of us who became montreal yesterday when i called you and the same dead body was found there lying there and saved the same spots i don’t even know what to do i don’t even know what brought this problem into my house just imagine look at my hand i’ve been carrying this man all through all this white i don’t even know what to do let’s i am um yes is that is hmm yes yes is yes is quiet yes hey my you think um yes mike good ah hey young girl please help me i don’t know where i am where is this place i was just going to somewhere with my husband we were in a vehicle all of a sudden we saw a ghost inside the vehicle inside the kicker dead man did i kill him this guy do i look like a killer to you eh is it an insult or what i did not kill anybody of course i will the dead behind the problem knows that you are coming to this place your wife here has a lot to say about that man what who my wife who do my please i’m not sure my wife knows anything about this exactly i don’t know this man lying down in my husband’s i don’t know him at all he’s my wife and i does not know anything about this man that man lying in your house he’s not the real person immediately thank you hey oh my god this is not the cops okay okay now yes oh my god do you know this man yeah i said do you know this man oh my god what is actually happening to me are you trying to tell me that cops are not making much pass in my company what is really happening with me what is happening in my house even imagine the fact that the fact that cost is not having a match pass in my is this a perfect person what who is this do you know this person the worst part is that she can’t even say anything to me aren’t you gonna say anything to me who is this man the old man was right after all are you trying to tell me you know him oh my god i i i can’t stand this just come with me i said come with me wise what my wife and i have gone home the young man in the house has changed into another man and yet my wife and i will not make out anything about this new man we don’t even know his all his mission in our house that man lying in your house what belongs to him what is it that belongs to him why is god what is this woman talking about i don’t know i don’t know what old man is talking about there was a man called richard he took an oath did you hear what the wise one said jay did you have what this woman said i heard what she said but i don’t understand what she’s talking about eh i don’t i don’t know what she’s talking about come and see tell your husband here what happened are you why would i do that huh why would i do that if you truly love me an oath i knew it i knew it’s richard i know you don’t love me i know oh my god um um darling richard open up talk to me this is why you are standing like this tell me what is wrong what happened open up we are friends finished how you know james yes i know i better watch obi jin got me into taking a blood continent with her richard you did this thing richard but i warned you i told you blood covenant is not a good thing richard you went as far as that most evil forest to go and take a blood covenant with jail you have kid yourself not me do you know the worst part of it i am the child i’m sure you are alive how can you tell me that you did not tell your parents i can’t tell my parents this kind of thing reject for goodness sake you are the only child of your parents the only child the only eye they have which are let’s say now your wife had an accident and could not conceive all you need to do is make plans saving your money fighting so that both of you will start living as husband wife at least this thing in your two legs will not have the rest you start to enjoy your wife what is your problem didon how are you doing the container has arrived okay just ask these boys to take care of everything okay they should also launch the money into my account yes everything is all right um no no i’m not around i’m somewhere trying to take care of one or two business okay okay okay just ask the boys to take care of the job okay only for me to stand here for hours and wait for you while you answer your call as if you’re the only one that has a handset i want to marry you okay i want to take you out of this village could you please take a look at yourself look at how you look i’ll take you to my place i’ll get i’ll buy you everything money could buy look at my car you want a car i’m buying you a car right now if you want to just look at yourself what are you even doing is good for nothing then next time i come back here you don’t know my name call me the planner of money you can call me morning myself see okay i know you can offer me the whole world in a place but the truth is that i don’t need it i’m in love with someone and my heart belongs to that person there’s nothing you can do about it i’ve already given my heart to your name you are in love with somebody other than me could you please take a look at me you are in love with somebody else what did i get myself what did i take i can’t smell richard he can’t marry you know he’s too poor i’m going to be university i waste my life in this village marrying four young men my life hey just making room is my parents they are talking to me so far my yes um how are you doing the container has arrived okay just ask these boys to take care of everything okay they should also launch the money into my account yes everything he’s all right um no no i’m not around i’m somewhere trying to take care of one or two business only for me to stand here for hours and wait for you while you answer your phone as if you’re doing one that has a handset i want to marry you okay i want to take you out of this village look at you don’t know my day i know you can offer me but the truth is that i don’t need it i’m in love with someone and my heart belongs to that person there’s nothing you can do about it i’ve already given my heart you are in love with somebody other than me could you please take a look at me you are in love with somebody else so sorry think about it just finished if we get married now what are we going to do how do we take care of our family and the kids let us take a little time organize our lives you know i am the only child so whatever my father has mine his house the palm trees all the all the farmlands all of them are mine you know that very very well i’m not sure just listen to yourself listen to yourself a grown man like you how can you be talking like this you mean what you hope on to get married is your father’s house that’s your father’s house in the village okay that is what you want to rely on all the the pantries the rocco trees in this time and age oh god think better we deserve something better we are graduates we need to get a job moreover richard you don’t have a house of your own you want me to come and live with your mom so that tomorrow we start to rob our butchers together as in mother-in-law and daughter-in-law i can’t stand it you don’t even have a car not even a cyclist it’s a graduate and people know me in this village okay how do you expect me to be moving around with you just walking around everywhere i think please cut off the scrap i think i don’t think i can do it let us wait let us plan hey you think for me hey yes i did i’ll call it i want to show you something now okay i can’t see anything i need you to close it i don’t want to okay my eyes are closed yes i hope your eyes are yes very very yes um why is one is there nothing we can do is there no solution at all but something to appease the spirit of this man there is if she makes it that’s almost foreign why why amuse the forest she has to go back to that amus forest where they took the oath and break the calabash why is one can my friends and i accompany her to that abusive forest from what i saw and what you said already that forest is very very dreadful and dangerous yes but remember this journey starts in two days time no more question my god do you know what you’re talking how can i be a child for a dead man so my he’s not her fault whose fault it is then mine are you even saying how could this woman has taken a blood vote with somebody and left the same man to marry me because of materialism or is it because i’m cute or what i’ve come to think of so much so so so much that’s why i’m even going through all this do you know that three days after my wedding was when i started going through all this till now i’ve not had a moment of peace in my life i am in this with you i promise you see i am going to look for three boys together with myself are you serious of course yes you are going to do this for me what are friends for yes of course i will do it see you don’t know what this means to me it’s okay do you know that my mom called yesterday and was asking me how we were doing after the wedding and everything i just do that everything is fine regardless of the fact that i’ve been going to that if i can’t bring my i can just bring myself to tell mom see all these things that is going on i am in with you in this moment foreign god so me foreign uh okay he stops cooling just for you sits for your ssd okay um to do i was told that they are most forward is very scary and dangerous i’m not sure if i’m going to come back alive i just want to help a friend you need to help me to come back what are friends for i don’t have any choice is is cardboard is is okay what are you doing are you trying to tell me that you’re lying with the cops you next to the cops i said don’t come hey there then less than one hour blessing together if we keep walking please please bear his mic james something came up he couldn’t make it why please there is the other mic you are my cubby guys please let’s just move on we don’t have much time please please please which were we taking jen say something which one are we taking from here i’m confused how could you have been confused jane i can’t remember the track again we have come this far we really need to move please i think we should take this week it’s okay if you keep making noise you will attract some of these cannibals and monsters to this place and start running again please leave me alone eh should you just look i want your useless horses put it on her for me too hey god please i don’t want to die i didn’t see any of them i don’t know who’s doing i don’t even understand what is happening listen nothing will happen we will come out here for oh hello so okay mike mike oh ah please guys this is not time to complain i think we need to go and look for others especially my wife i don’t even know where she is please my friends let’s go okay who is your friend me now oh let’s go here great amuso forest it is me jin standing before you i am here today to break the earth binding me and rachael because he is dead now and there is no covenant between the great uh huh james i’ve been searching for you richard i love you so much i love you too i still love you listen i can’t live this life without you i want to join you where you are i want to be where you are jed i love you i love you so much and i always look at you i’ll forgive you for what you did i know it was a mistake i’ve forgiven you but you have to make one promise if you love me like you clear let’s go jane no no please don’t go don’t go any further this is a little forest everything you see here they are not what they look like this is not richard this could be an operation please let us go then let’s live here let us live here real time let’s leave here please please nicely here foreign so so are you okay i think it’s good maybe he’s not there this time he’s gone every child is gone listen to me stop crying no i just wanted to tell him i’m sorry it’s all for good no you don’t understand we were in that forest suffering other’s wife just for him to leave us alone we cannot enjoy our marriage don’t you get it yes richard trust me i killed him i wanted to tell him look tough very very tough remember that lady i was telling you about my former schoolmates who are you you know because of all those days are you what is happening to you seriously we should see a doctor if not for anything all those days we wandered in the forest like animals you need to see a doctor even this morning while i was living you are looking so big oh my god are you okay listen to me i’m giving you just three seconds to tell me what is happening in this house are you pregnant or what i said are you pregnant are you deaf or what are you going to talk to me or what who got you pregnant what kind of a wife are you after all we’ve been through in the evil forest carried you through the reference lost all my friends in the forest and this is how you want to pay me this is how you want to pay me back by getting pregnant by who i’m talking your traumatized now you’re gonna be this melodramatic of what are you listen i’m giving you just three seconds to talk or i will kill you speak why kill me i’m listening i said i am listening to you by the time i go into that and come out if you don’t tell me who got you pregnant i’m going to flail you out of my house i repeat i’ll freak you out of my house hey what’s wrong how do you even expect me to come down since i got married to this woman i’ve never had a moment of peace in my life do you even know how many souls that lost their lives in that evil forest since we did not even have any contribution in their creations they just lost their lives because of one gene i narrowly escaped from that forest being their caskets compensated their families do you know how much that cost me my bank account is dry as we talk and you ask me to calm down dangerous and dreadful i will not pretend that i don’t understand the cause of your problems it doesn’t take away fat i’m not seeing your foot on schedule james come on do not forget is that what you said okay look at this picture do you know that jane is pregnant her village lover that she took and asked me to keep such a man in my house if she gets better than me father a dead man’s child knew you know me better than this one why why are you standing there ever uh so you are the one who killed myself you are the one who killed richard so you are the one who killed myself you are the one who killed richard it will never be well for anyone who has ants in the death of my son that family will suffer generation upon generation until the fourth one yet on board they will also fight i never even thought that this girl had hands on my soul it never crossed my mind at all not even because of the other that she came here with or what our own entertained i just came back for me to see the girl that killed my cousin do you know what it means to take the life of my cousin yes in our meeting yesterday we agreed that richard will be buried in the next several days but since our daughter is here my daughter let me ask you do you agree that you sleep with the cups for the next seven days secondly do you agree that you will eat and drink with the water use a person richard if you can do this after seven days but if the reverse is the case i want to start by taking you off for giving me this privilege i want you to know that i am deeply sorry for what i did i am ready to take whatever you want me to do even if it means killing me let me ask you one question how are we even sure that richard is responsible for her pregnancy my son from the discussion i had with richard uh richard you shut down don’t go that area don’t go that area i know why i’m saying all this women can be so funny enough to get whatever they want they can do anything to get that thing that they want looking at me will not scare me to say what i know what’s all i will say i am that decision takes immediate effect from tomorrow richard’s father and four elders will go to the montreal for for unnecessary action thank you i know you are aware of the things that have been happening in this community every day say by your sister i had she has returned yes but she have returned to her childhood lover richard to do what no no no finish the story that is what i heard that she would be sleeping with a dead body she will be meant to drink the water used to wash the dead body for seven days but that i will not allow it to happen not when i’m alive that is exactly what i said when my father came back yesterday saying it look we are going there tomorrow morning to stop her from doing that look we are going there tomorrow morning to stop her from doing that otherwise the whole community will be in somewhere dude what is your friend and his parents saying about jane’s issue i heard that the others have concluded that she’s going to sleep with the dead body without minding the consequences that will never happen in this community it can’t happen first in tomorrow we are going to see the earliest man after then we proceed to america’s community just don’t lose sleep over it okay you know i love your friend very well i don’t want anything to happen i know you love him and he loves you too nothing will happen to him okay okay so which way are you taking now no more respect for our tradition you’ve come here to threaten me after your sister had killed my own son and the elders in their wisdom said that she should sleep with my son for seven days my people suggested that and there are people agreed that we don’t watch agree that what will happen listen to jay let me share with you people it has never happened in this community even if it will it will not start with my sister listen let me tell you if you are insisting on that then you are calling for war calling forward yes whoa calling forward wait for me and still work let’s go let’s go coming back let’s go what’s all this did i ask you people to come and fight for me this is my battle i can’t remember inviting any one of you in it moreover i am old enough to know what is good or bad for me it is my cross it is my cross and i’ve decided to carry it alone i don’t need your help moreover this battle is a spiritual battle it’s very physical thing we disagree with you on this we disagree with you sister we respect you on this we respect you as our elder sister but don’t you think this thing you are what you do is it is not about you as a person what about the lives of your villagers have you considered the implication of what you are about doing not that you will die but we and our one kids will suffer it please please please don’t try this don’t try it at all if i do today you will know the reason why i am called david because i will kill you let’s go let’s go davey david let me come back here me so the world that is dead already david don’t blame us nobody knew she would die beside you anyone who asked us to brutalize them but whenever you take yourself look guys what uh what happened there was something tiny guys just stopped leaving us unless you for a way forward here she have died it is vanity in three days then they’ll bring back because of my son in three days now just remember my only story anybody whose hand is involved in my sister’s day i promise to what a wedding how many members of that person that’s the promise okay i know that’s how foolish love ruined your cousin that is how foolish love ruined your cousin richard right from the day i set my eyes on that thing i told him leave forever texting your sin is not a wife material richard will not listen today what a sad story nobody knew it would come to this nobody knew but but that’s not my concern my concern is what i’m hearing i heard that jane’s people said she wouldn’t carry the treasure my dad does what happened that exactly what happened but i said this thing could only happen because we are not around if you use we are around this wouldn’t have happened the most annoying thing was that they changed two days ago threatening me threatening me that they want my family wipe out my family if if their daughter is subjected to any reason i say is it because the youths are not around dying at the same time in the same compound well that was sincere happen in this level mazzy based on killed by his pregnant wife everything is possible okay if my uncle who china who died since 10 years ago could go to ghana got a wife with three kids i didn’t know still i liked him today i stayed at life everything is possible everything is possible my dad i don’t blame jay lewis all that jane jane she went too far she went over my dead body yes do you mean that jesus relations were responsible for my granddaughter’s death i promised myself that whoever has earned as if i care what they do turn into how could they raise their hands against my daughter my my my granddaughter what i had did to kill them so they could not create as far as killing my own doctor oh my granddaughter and you tell me i i will not leave you my blood is hot i feel like eating someone up now i hear that james villagers came here last time threatening me yes that was what i was told i heard that their culture forbids their daughter sleeping with acorns but i will tell them that our tradition forbids killing where is jen now is she not going to perform what distraction says again she’s at the police station then what she’ll be back next week and that is when they will bring bad richard cops if not for that if not for one thing if not for one thing i could get out with my band i’ll kill myself richard how can all be well what is that thing that you’ve just enough thing is a human being her name is jane that’s the woman and planning to settle down yes i want to marry her the woman want the man yes that thing i saw is not a white material that thing i saw is not a wife material just don’t be don’t be deceived by her beauty how can you be saying this somebody you don’t know at least according that little respect that thing is a human being her name is jane please let me tell you allow this girl to get close to you you know i will not deceive you what i see sitting down even if you stand upon the highest tree you’ll never see it i am telling you you will love her even more than i do please when a child throws a red baby inside his mouth against the advice of the elders he judges for himself what it tastes like this time i wondered or nothing was not the white material i warned you but would not listen see where it has led you to i am empty-handed away who told you that and how did you come to such knowledge those things you’re thinking are not what’s in my they are not what i’m even thinking now listen to me i have a lot and lots lots of things in my head i’m not even interested in your occupying and occupying the house and thinking about the house thing i just need some peace and quietness okay and that will be too much to ask of you what are you trying to listen eh like i’m a sort of disturbance here no make it understandable tell me to my face they want me to leave your house is that how you want to understand it then fine you see your brain belongs to you you can decide to use it to chew corn or use it to eat it’s all yours i just need peace and quietness just excuse me please please is he came with some policemen they said that i should not do the tradition because of god i don’t know for them we are trying to protect the other if not for those for this man someone would have been dead back now my dear let’s move on because of words beat him up now james family well i think nobody died so how is he now he’s fine now i don’t know for himself but my whole question is i think after everything jane made a clarification that she has accepted to do all the traditional demands of her time and nobody should fight for how this is our country now the policeman they started arresting everybody that said i know follow i know follow twenty thousand so what do you mean inaudible open awesome open the room as you say no communication whatsoever if you want to discuss this goes with the cops i think i have made myself clear nine i am ready to do whatever sacrifice that you want me to do i am ready to pay the price all i’m asking for is just your forgiveness please forgive me gee i am not interested in your too many ways just go inside there seven days is what i give you after which we know what to do as i’m ready to i’m ready to wish entertain your readiness just go in there see how we do it you’re sorry but you keep your confession listen to me hey foreign we loved each other please how can you people how can you keep her wear my corpses and she sleeps you even give her water from my body to drink it’s not yes it has been done there’s nothing we can do about it please stop i wouldn’t want anything to happen to her or even to my baby she’s coming but i please stop is um oh right richard richard why don’t you just kill me why are you allowing me to suffer like this you know i’m pregnant and i’ve been here all this while with you you can’t even say a thing why don’t you just end this journey for me by killing me what is all this why are you just frightening me richard i know what i did is wrong i know i don’t deserve to leave so what’s the point why don’t you just kill me kill me let me die you’re not man enough if you’re money enough you would have said something out this way instead of keeping quiet you’re wicked and you pad on this child why don’t you have mercy on your child why don’t you just kill us so that we can die and join you wherever you are is it no better to die just kill me i want to die i want to die who gives me that food keep that dead down this water is smelling hey it also smell quite please now jelly just to drain the water eat it in some water we use in cooking the food that you’ve eaten very comfortably just drink it to wash it down is it this water that you used to prepare this food exactly what we did it is the water i am not interested in your dog admitted but i just drank it and then we used to remember to cook for you forgive me for sorry it’s not yet just read the water start apologizing you are wasting my time if you like you close your eyes better i think i’m all right now we’re going to use the remainder to prepare your evening meal for yourself how are you doing i’m not happy here and why are you not in school this morning where is your car i’m not in school it’s none of your business okay well i came to inform you the decision of the family brother you have to bring back your wife bring back your wife home bring back your wife you’re bringing shame upon this family i don’t like this kind of nonsense so what do you even call shame listen let me tell you this joshua i am not bringing jane into this house again i married jay not for you not for my mother not even for the family are you listening to me jane is not coming into the stars and i remind you that shame or notion i went through hell in that forest and none of you were there with me and you come here to tell me shame you should think about it twice not coming back she’s not coming back she will come back i will help you and she will come back shut up your man joshua shuffle stop talking nonsense oh my god the night of these people i should bring in back to this house after all i’ve been through no way now those are listening to me sleeping with the dead man drinking water used in this is too much it’s too much if not for this child i am carrying stupid richard richard stop scaring me stop it i am tired of being scared by you if you want to kill me why don’t you just go ahead and kill me kill me lexi ah besides as they have escorted saturn with her i need something from her body it seems richard my cousin is not harmful he’s supposed to have hot dog man before now this is the fifth day and nothing happened not even a sound listen left for me i’ll out of the remaining two days that can you see she has a very good heart no matter what has happened never she’ll continue to remain dead even after that and nothing happens she’ll continue to be there see she delivered her baby because that is the only thing we have in common with her and after that she will go i can’t imagine myself staying under a roof with a killer a mother let alone stay with a girl that took away the life of my cousin ugh so you mean you’ve been spying on me i’m really sorry how could you stand there and watch me while i take my part and you claim you didn’t know somebody was here eh good morning this one you’re calling me out by this time i hope all is you see i knew we’ll be sleeping are you trying to change the traditional custom of your people i thought you said i would stay here for seven days even if you cut down the number of days i’ve spent here i don’t think that would that will help me to forgive myself the main reason why i am undergoing this punishment is to help me forgive myself to know if i can be able to forgive myself even if you ask me to go now or to start start sleeping in your room i don’t think that would make me forget the fact that i’ve drunk what i used in between a dead man i have slept with a dead man in december for this so if you ask me papa i would prefer if you just need me to complete the seven days you’re kidding me because if you insist on completing seven days nothing will stop me from increasing the number of days hey me you do you know you would have been my father-in-law and you want to sleep i’m not that cheap next time you stop me and say something like this or call me out and say something like do not like what i’m doing talk to us a prostitute it’s only that day come on leave me alone leave me alone don’t touch me again leave here before i scream go as far as i’ll screams ah is is ah is you know whatever you call yourself carry it and finish it drink it you are telling me hey what do you mean by air is this what i’m forgetting after drinking i said you should drink this so that i will use the same bucket to get water with which you will take your breath and the trash can is it for drinking for betting but you used to bring water for me to drink with small calabash why didn’t this sodium change of a bucket of water exactly i used to give it to the square calabash but this time around i decided to use bucket eh it is better to obey before complaints after drinking it then i’ll be in a better position to explain the reason for the sudden change finish it oh i’m going somewhere i don’t have enough time how can i finish this pocket of water ah is listen this is two days after the burial of your letters one and you’re here telling me that point your son richard was not even my husband or have you forgotten that he didn’t even pay my diary eh in fact what is keeping me in this household is just this big in my room the moment i give birth to this child i would drop this child here and go back to my parents house what’s going on why don’t you leave my house why not now huh your water until you keep bed and keep it for your men to take care of leave this place let me tell you you are not even my my source match my son cannot eat with his three eyes i i know that when he kept okay if not for a chat even i am telling you that i went to hell and came back i saw hell with my eyes i’m under my sister i went through her if i should sit down here to narrate my predicaments to you that means we have the good day to talk about it and the story will not end at a point i was telling myself god if this is what marriage is all about it’s not better for one to remain single eh no no you know that james came to my house amanda i tell james i have forgiven him but i don’t think i’ll never go back to the house i don’t think i will never go back to marrying james again that would go over my day i am true with him you don’t have to talk like that i am serious baby how are you doing i mean how are you coping up in this environment if you take a look at yourself i heard you’ve concluded everything they asked you to do i have another plan after the delivery of this child could you please hand this child over to richard’s parents and let us go home james i’ve warned you to stop coming here it’s good about the day what is good about the day wheezy this is not important why do you want to know why do i have to forget him richard’s father if you must know is that why he’s talking to me like that listen i don’t even know what you’re doing in this village can we just go home can we just put all this behind us and go home please listen to me i said i am not going with you or anybody meaning what let her come back where are you coming from where are you coming from are you talking to me anyway let me pretend as if i didn’t hear you evil and crafty no no no no no say something about evil what evil could be grievous than killing our own son heaven knows it was a mistake i might have mistakenly killed richard but i know richard has forgiven me if not i wouldn’t have undergone all all your penance and stopped their life despite everything you did to me i am still alive at least i am better than some evil and crafty old men who run after girls old enough to be their daughters especially those meant to be their daughter-in-law eh they’ll be peeping at her when she’s betting even changing her underwears eh the man will be peeping peeping shameless old man i will never be like them mama let me pass do you want to kill me eh if you want to kill me the same way i killed your son i gotta help you kill me people should just keep me i want to die maybe waiting for somebody to come and kill me just kill me kill me i want to die god i can’t forgive myself i deserve to die yes i will take my life god please forgive me and accept my soul i can’t face this again oh hmm i don’t think everything is okay oh my god foreign james in this country oh i’m so sorry please stand up i’m so sorry for everything i did to you please don’t mess it up on me i shouldn’t have sent you away james please listen baby i know i’ve made a mistake and i’m ready to correct my mistake please come back to me please come back to me i’m going to be a father to this child i’m going to take care of this child let’s go home please have mercy upon me okay it’s okay it’s okay james james is okay actually you’ve done nothing wrong to me in fact i am the one that has offended i should be the one asking for forgiveness here not you james i have brought nothing to you pursue some things do you know how many lives we lost in that amuseu forest i know how much you spent for the barrier i haven’t killed someone before i met you of which i’m paying severely for it please you don’t have to go through all this listen i’m forgiving you a long time ago okay all i want now is for you to come home with me look at me i now go to clubs i now party i now smoke please come back and give my life a meaning i can’t live without you do you understand so living a life without richard i know you’re fully aware that i ended his life still wanted if i have this baby now i would like to have this baby my is one day is it’s too much peace oh jen what’s up hey um wanted to happen it happened at the time when my wife went to the market to pass me lost the unborn child i didn’t even get what i wanted from jail i’m watching every time ok you are not taking it to the land of experience finally this is not the best it’s not the best for us you would have stayed back you know very very well i would have covered you nobody would have helped you i would have protected you i love you so much so you.