A DELUXE Penthouse in the SKY (Manta Ecuador - March 2021)

Mar 18, 2021 20:22 · 4584 words · 22 minute read

- Hola Unconventionals, I’m Amelia. - And I’m JP.

00:02 - - And we’re sharing our unconventional life with you.

00:04 - And today we’re in Manta, Ecuador. - Yeah, we came here last week to do some property tour videos both for sale and for rent.

00:10 - You guys are gonna love what we have to show you in a couple of future videos.

00:13 - - But today we have something very special to share with you.

00:16 - One of our fantastic viewers heard that we were in town and offered up his penthouse for us to use for the night.

00:22 - - And we may never leave. (bright upbeat music) - [JP] All right, Amelia, are you ready to give us a tour of this incredible place? - Absolutely.

00:34 - But before I do, if you’re new to our channel hit the subscribe button and ring the bell please because we show you what it’s really like to live in Ecuador.

00:41 - All right, we’re starting on the outside to show you the grand entrance.

00:47 - And wow, this place is amazing, it’s two levels.

00:52 - And the very top floor, I think we’re like 20 floors up.

00:55 - - [JP] Yup, 20 and 21. - It’s very high up.

00:57 - And the views are holy cow they’re unbelievable.

01:00 - So right upstairs is the second floor master with it’s own massive balcony.

01:05 - We’ll show you that in a minute, but right now we’re gonna go through the main area and show you the views.

01:09 - - [JP] Look, Amelia, they have Monopoly and UNO so we can play games later.

01:12 - - Oh nice, although there’s a hot tub upstairs JP.

01:15 - That’s what I wanna do. - [JP] Okay, I think that does sound like a lot more fun.

01:18 - - And just stare out into the ocean. - JP So, look at this kitchen and this this furniture is incredible.

01:25 - It’s like carved solid wood. - Oh my gosh It’s so gorgeous, this kitchen is phenomenal.

01:33 - - [JP] This is a gourmet kitchen with a full size oven which you rarely ever see in Ecuador.

01:38 - - [Amelia] And a water filtration system. - [JP] Oh and a wine cooler, Amelia.

01:43 - They have your wine cooler. - I’m excited because this is actually drinking water.

01:48 - - [JP] Yeah, a lot of people have been asking us lately about drinking water and they have a reverse osmosis filter.

01:53 - Is it under the sink? - It is. - Where is it? Oh yeah, see? A reverse osmosis filter, guys.

02:00 - So you guys can have clean drinking water with no jugs.

02:02 - - Wait, oh my gosh. - [JP] Oh my God, they have a dishwasher.

02:05 - - Do you realize this is the first dishwasher I’ve actually opened in like three and a half years? - JP Oh, I told you Amelia.

02:13 - - I feel like the angels should be singing right now.

02:16 - (humming) Of course we’re not staying here.

02:18 - We’re not gonna live here. - [JP] I told you I’m not gonna want to leave.

02:21 - But look at this view, look at this incredible view.

02:24 - That is the Riva Di Mare. That is one of the condos that we’re gonna show you in a future video.

02:29 - It’s unbelievable as well with amazing views.

02:33 - - [Amelia] I hope we get to see a sunset tonight.

02:35 - - [JP] I don’t think so. - Yes, a little cloudy, but that’s okay.

02:39 - It’s still gorgeous. - [JP] Let’s show them the balcony, Amelia.

02:42 - - And look at this table. - [JP] Yeah, this is amazing.

02:46 - - Oh my gosh. - [JP] It’s so thick too.

02:48 - - I know, oh, wow. There’s a massive ship way out there at a distance.

02:52 - - [JP] There’s a big, a big ship. - [Amelia] Oh, we’re really high up (laughs).

03:01 - - [JP] This is a long ways up, Amelia, I don’t know.

03:03 - I’m not a huge fan of heights. - Well, don’t lean over, look, this chair is awesome.

03:07 - - [JP] Yeah, take a seat. - It’s kinda high up, but I’ll try.

03:11 - - [JP] You need a step stool. - I need a step stool, ooh nice.

03:16 - JP, I want one of these, this swing is fun.

03:20 - - You want one of these on a 21st or 20 story building? - Yes.

03:24 - - With the view of the ocean? This is incredible.

03:27 - - I know. - We’re so spoiled. - We’re very lucky and very, very grateful.

03:32 - - [JP] Tell us about this room, Amelia. - Well, it is the living room with a ginormous TV for watching football, I guess.

03:41 - - [JP] What else would you watch in Ecuador? Although you can get the NFL package here.

03:45 - - Yep. - [JP] All right, so this is what the another family room.

03:49 - - Yeah, I guess so or just a little TV room.

03:52 - A quiet contemplation room. - [JP] It’s a relaxation grotto.

03:54 - - Yes. - [JP] What do we have bedrooms? Hey, let’s do this one first.

03:57 - - Okay, three bedrooms. - [JP] There’s three guest bedrooms.

04:01 - - I love the artwork in here too. - [JP] Yeah, oh, there’s a blue-footed booby.

04:05 - - Yeah, and then another little balcony here.

04:10 - - [JP] Oh, and there is the hospital. There’s a new private hospital that building right there that you can see is gonna be the new private hospital.

04:18 - We also have a new IESS hospital here in Manta.

04:22 - - Yeah, I know, I’m excited to go and check that out but look how green everything is.

04:26 - Thanks to the rain it’s absolutely gorgeous.

04:29 - Right, let’s go check out the next bedroom.

04:30 - - Well, wait, we didn’t look at this bathroom yet.

04:33 - Wow, look at this. Oh, there I am woo-hoo.

04:36 - (Amelia laughs) Wow, I like these corner showers.

04:41 - - [Amelia] I know, these are cool. - [JP] Look at these.

04:45 - - [Amelia] Very nice. - [JP] Man, that’s really heavy too.

04:49 - Hardcore, hardcore shower door, Amelia. - Well that’s good, you don’t want a flimsy door.

04:56 - - No. - All right, second bedroom. Another full bath.

05:01 - Another amazing view and another balcony. - [JP] And another massive television.

05:06 - - Yep, and two more beautiful pictures of birds.

05:10 - - [JP] Yep, you will not be short on entertainment in this place.

05:13 - So that building right there that you see is under construction.

05:17 - - [Amelia] Oh, the En Venta? - [JP] No, yeah, En Venta.

05:20 - So that’s the Diamante, which we also filmed for a video.

05:24 - - Yeah, really nice condos. - [JP] It’s a really nice condo building that you’ll see soon.

05:30 - Muy pronto. (soon) Oh yeah, that’s a macaw, right? - I think so.

05:34 - - [JP] I’m not much of a bird expert. All right, so this is another one, wow, nice.

05:40 - - I think this is four and a half bath. I think it’s four bedroom, four and a half bath, but we’ll find out.

05:46 - - [JP] We can count what’s in this room. What’s this? - I don’t know.

05:49 - - [JP] The secret door? - My washer and dyer.

05:52 - - [JP] Oh it’s your washer and dryer and the utility closet.

05:56 - - Very nice. - [JP] It’s muy bueno.

06:00 - - And the next bedroom. - Mas parejas.

06:06 - - And yet another balcony. - [JP] And oh yeah, I can’t imagine working at this desk with this view.

06:13 - - Yes I can (laughs) as a matter of fact, yes.

06:16 - - [JP] This could be your room. - And look at this.

06:18 - I love, I love the ocean views but I love the city views too.

06:21 - What a great way to see Manta. - [JP] So right off in the distance there, you can’t see it now because of the clouds that’s Montecristi.

06:27 - Oh, it’s over there you can barely see it. It’s right in there, so that’s Montecristi.

06:31 - We’re gonna show that in the future video. - Yeah, we’re excited to go check that out.

06:35 - - [JP] It’s a beautiful golf course community.

06:37 - - So we hear. - [JP] Yes. - In fact we’ll let you know.

06:40 - - [JP] Yes, and a uno mas baño. Uno mas baño.

06:49 - Wow, I love these shower doors - I know.

06:53 - - [JP] They look very industrial. - So much attention to detail, this is amazing.

06:57 - - [JP] Are you ready to go upstairs? - Yes. - To the master suite? - Yes. - The true penthouse master suite, I love these LED lights on the stairs.

07:05 - What are those called, Amelia? - Step lights - Step lights.

07:07 - My lighting expert. - I love the humming bird picture right there behind you.

07:12 - - [JP] Oh, look at that light. What’s that called? - A light? - It’s an LED ring light.

07:18 - - Yes. - [JP] I wish it wasn’t raining darn it.

07:21 - - Oh, we’ll get out there enjoy it later. But look at this.

07:24 - - [JP] Yeah, this is incredible. - I know, it’s amazing.

07:29 - Oh my gosh, I absolutely love it. - [JP] Another ginormous television.

07:34 - - And another incredible view. - [JP] And this table, this is my office right here.

07:38 - I can sit right here with this view that you can’t see very well because of the rain and there’s the hot tub and the outdoor seating - And an amazing outdoor kitchen area.

07:50 - - [JP] Yeah, they have a stove and a dishwasher out there.

07:53 - - Yeah, they thought of everything in this place, truly everything.

07:57 - - [JP] All right, let’s see the master bathroom.

07:58 - - Okay. All right, we have double sinks and an amazing shower.

08:02 - - [JP] Let’s see the shower. This got one of those rain shower heads.

08:05 - - I know, but look it. - [JP] I know, that’s cool.

08:07 - So the handle’s there, shower’s there. (water splashing) - And look at this view.

08:15 - It’s nice you can open the window too. - [JP] Oh, that’s cool to let it vent.

08:19 - But you have an awesome view while you shower.

08:21 - - Yes. - [JP] All right, Amelia, it looks like it’s really raining.

08:24 - I guess we can’t get in the hot tub. I don’t want to get wet.

08:27 - - Very funny, JP. It is the rainy season, but we were told that it’s been raining more than usual lately.

08:33 - It’s not a bad thing because we really need the moisture.

08:36 - - [JP] Yeah, it’s really green here. This is a desert.

08:38 - So the last time we were here it was very brown and not green.

08:40 - - Yeah, it is gorgeous. - [JP] All right Amelia, you wanna go make some lunch? - Yes I’m starving.

08:44 - - [JP] Tengo mucho hambre. - All right, Amelia while we eat, what do you think of Manta? - I love it.

08:50 - Views are awesome. Of course we haven’t seen all of Manta.

08:52 - We still have our ways to go, but from what I’ve seen so far, we like it.

08:57 - - Yeah, we’ve seen a lot more this time because we were only here for what, two or three days, the last time.

09:03 - And we were, we filmed an entire day. So we really didn’t see that much.

09:06 - We were only in one little spot by Maldo Pacifico.

09:09 - This time we’ve been driving around a lot more.

09:12 - - Yep. - But we still only seen the Western side of Manta.

09:15 - We still haven’t seen the central area or very much of it.

09:18 - And we haven’t seen the Eastern side. We haven’t gotten to Montecristi or what’s that neighborhood over there called? - Oh, Ciudad Del Mar.

09:25 - - Ciudad Del Mar which is also really popular with expats.

09:28 - - And Santa Marianita. - Santa Marianita which is about 20 minutes South of here.

09:31 - So we have lots to see when we come back. - Yes, so the bottom line is we will be busy.

09:37 - - Yeah. - And it will be a good busy.

09:39 - - We have a lot to film here. All right, let’s eat, Amelia.

09:41 - This is really, really good. - Yeah, and it was super easy - It’s very easy.

09:45 - All right, Amelia, what do we have here? - We have a box full of delicious Ecuadorian snacks.

09:51 - - [JP] Awesome. - Yes, thank you so much to Ryan and Tiffany Kelly from Ecuador Shores Realty and Alex Loor from Luxury Rentals Manta.

09:59 - They welcomed us not only with this basket but they also got us hooked up into this amazing penthouse.

10:05 - And speaking of hookups, JP hooked himself up with some yuca chips.

10:09 - - [JP] I couldn’t wait to record this segment.

10:11 - I was hungry. - I’m very proud of myself Unconventionals because there are two chocolate bars in here and I have not opened either of them.

10:20 - There’s also some really yummy coffee in here.

10:23 - Cafe Mujeres which is, it’s an organization that supports women and their families.

10:27 - So I’m really excited to not only have the coffee but to try it.

10:31 - - Ryan has been showing us properties over the past several days and we had to run down to his office in a minute to film a clip for one of those videos that we’re gonna air.

10:39 - So while we wait for him to come pick us up we’re gonna sit here and enjoy the view.

10:43 - Or at least I am, Amelia is back there working you can see her.

10:47 - - I’m still enjoying the view, JP. - Of me or the ocean? - Both. - Oh, you’re so sweet.

10:52 - Alex and Ryan and Tiffany organized another surprise for us for later, we’re gonna share it with you guys.

10:59 - We are being really spoiled. - Yes.

11:03 - - [JP] Is the sun gonna come out? - I think it is.

11:06 - I bet you we’re gonna see a gorgeous sunset.

11:08 - I’m really excited. - [JP] The sun sets right over there somewhere.

11:11 - The sun will set right there. - There’s the sun.

11:15 - - [JP] And down there is, we’re gonna go down there.

11:17 - There’s a nice little grocery store called Merkato with a “t”.

11:21 - - Well, that whole area looks like it’s pretty nice.

11:23 - So we’re gonna go check it out. - [JP] It’s called La Quadra, La Quadra Shopping Center.

11:26 - So it’s on the very Western side of Manta. We will get Ryan to drive us over there.

11:31 - - I bet she will, sounds good. - [JP] Amelia, I think we have our first guest.

11:36 - - JP is acting like we are now permanent residents.

11:42 - Hola. - Hola, how are you guys doing? - [JP] This is Ryan Kelly, Elbow bump.

11:48 - - Elbow bump, elbow bump, all right. - We’re having too much fun here.

11:54 - - Apparently, I guess you guys enjoy this place.

11:56 - - [JP] Yes, yes. - That’s always a good thing.

12:00 - It’s the luxury side of the beach life. - I know, it’s incredible.

12:05 - - [JP] I guess we did enjoy for at least a night.

12:06 - - Yes. - If I have to squeeze your arms, I got to do what I gotta do.

12:13 - - [JP] All right, you ready to go record this last clip for this, after days and days of videoing? - I like to call it work but at the same time, it’s not really work.

12:21 - It’s a lot of fun with you guys. It’s like a vacation and vacation.

12:25 - - It has been a lot of fun. - Definitely. - All right, let’s go.

12:27 - - All right. - Let’s go. - [JP] How long you been in Manta, Ryan? - Eight wonderful years.

12:33 - - [JP] Eight years? - Absolutely, been doing business down here about 10 years, but living full time, eight wonderful years.

12:38 - It’s just fantastic. - [JP] Well, we’re already at your office.

12:41 - - Yeah, it’s that quick. We’re right on restaurant Rose so it’s super easy to find.

12:46 - - [Amelia] I guess we can walk. - [JP] I think if I fell off the balcony of that penthouse, I would’ve landed in your office.

12:53 - - It was nice to have Ryan to drive us over to La Quadra even though we could have walked because it did stop raining.

12:58 - - Yeah, it’s actually looks like it’s gonna clear up for our special surprise.

13:01 - - Yes, I hope so. I hope we get to see a sunset.

13:04 - - So La Quadra has all kinds of restaurants and shops and has a gym and a bowling alley.

13:09 - So we’re excited to go spend some more time there.

13:11 - - [Amelia] Yes, it’s super nice. And then Merkato is a really nice little neighborhood grocery store.

13:17 - It is upscale, but they had a variety of everything.

13:19 - I was very pleased. - [JP] Yeah, they had all of your regular stuff.

13:22 - It was very much like a whole foods. And they had a bakery there too with a delicious sourdough Masa Madre.

13:28 - It’s what it’s called here in Ecuador with sourdough bread.

13:31 - - We will not go hungry. - No, yeah, we’re excited about that.

13:34 - All right Amelia, what are we gonna do now until our special surprise? - I would like to relax.

13:39 - - I guess we haven’t relaxed at all today. I don’t even know how to do it anymore.

13:43 - All right, let’s go get our relax on. - Sounds good.

13:47 - - [JP] You’re getting excited? - Yes, we’re waiting for our surprise.

13:52 - - [JP] We’re tucked away in our master. - Yes, it’s just torture.

13:55 - (door banging) All right. - Are we ready? - We’re ready, hola.

14:01 - - You guys ready? - We’re ready. - All right.

14:03 - Follow us right this way. We have a little surprise for you.

14:05 - - [JP] Oh, and Alex is here. - Hi, how are you? How you guys doing? - Good, oh wow.

14:12 - - [JP] Oh my goodness, what have you guys done? - Oh, its beautiful, hola, hola.

14:17 - - [JP] Wow. - [Amelia] Wow, oh, this looks so fantastic.

14:21 - - You guys are vegan and you eat super healthy.

14:23 - So, Alex and I decided to bring in a private vegan chef.

14:28 - - [JP] Oh my goodness. - Create a beautiful meal for you guys here at sunset.

14:31 - - Wow. - Hopefully you like this. This is vegan food from Manabí.

14:36 - So it’s more special, it’s from the coast. So hope you really like this, okay? - [JP] Awesome, thank you guys.

14:42 - - You got it, you’re welcome. - [JP] This is incredible.

14:46 - - Hola. - Hola. - Unbelievable, yay.

14:49 - - [Ryan] She stays at Manabí de Manta. - Yes. I am from Manta.

14:52 - - [JP] Que bueno. - Yes, it’s my pleasure to cook for you.

14:55 - - [All] Oh, thank you so much. - Thank you guys so much.

14:58 - - [JP] All right, let’s dig in, Amelia. - I know, it looks amazing.

15:02 - - Okay, this is the first plate and we have an avocado flower.

15:08 - We have salsa tartara, vegan salsa tartara.

15:11 - The base is chochos. Chochos is in from Ecuador, from the Highlands the Andean region, and we have vegetables like onions and cilantro, parsley, basil.

15:30 - Here we have some chips from Manabí. This is yucca, this is sweet potato.

15:38 - Purple sweet potato and plantain chips. - [Amelia] Wow, it looks unbelievable.

15:44 - And it smells amazing. - [JP] Yes, thank you.

15:46 - - Thank you. - And this tea, Jamaica tea.

15:51 - - [Amelia] Oh yum. - Jamaica flower with a little bit of lemon and stevia.

15:58 - - [Amelia] Perfect, wow, thank you so much.

16:01 - - [JP] Gracias. Are you going in? - Yes.

16:07 - Oh my gosh, that’s delicious. - I know it’s– - You’re gonna love it.

16:10 - - [JP] It’s a guac in a zucchini wrap and that’s an aguacate, right? An avocado spiraled. - Yes, yes - [JP] Muy bien.

16:21 - - It’s fantastic. - [JP] All right, it’s my turn.

16:25 - - We have salsa de champiñones con coco. Champiñones with coco, coconut, okay? We have risotto de quinoa, quinoa risotto.

16:38 - With a chocho sauce, but it’s like pesto. - Wow. - With chocho.

16:44 - So it has cilantro, basil. Is it basil? - [Amelia] Basil.

16:50 - - Basil and parsley, risotto with nuts. With nuts, yeah.

16:56 - And we have a vegan meat, this is seitan. - [Amelia] Oh, wow.

17:01 - - Seitan, do you know seitan? - [Amelia] Yes, we love seitan.

17:03 - - Yes, I love seitan too. Seitan, how do you say apanado? - [JP] Breaded.

17:11 - - Breaded with oat, avena, with avena. - [Amelia] Oh, wonderful, wonderful.

17:15 - - Yes, and eh, with avocado oil. - [Amelia] Oh, wonderful.

17:21 - - And our favorite plate, vegetables, a salad.

17:27 - - [JP] Amelia, our life feels really extra unconventional sometimes.

17:32 - - Yes it does. This was extremely unexpected and wow.

17:36 - I can’t believe it. The food is amazing.

17:39 - I feel very spoiled right now. And I am not complaining.

17:42 - - [JP] We’ve been saying that a lot today. - Yeah, we have been (laughs).

17:47 - - [JP] This is very special. - Yes, very, very special with a lot of love.

17:53 - It’s vegan cheesecake. - [JP] Oh my god, I love cheesecake.

17:57 - - [Amelia] That is JP’s favorite. - It’s totally healthy and with local ingredients and products.

18:06 - The base, the white part is chochos also, again.

18:12 - - [Amelia] We love chochos. - Yes, chochos is one of my favorite beans, you know.

18:17 - It has a lot of protein, calcium and very good things and okay.

18:25 - The base, this part is coconut, is oat. Pasas, uhuh, chia, raisins.

18:36 - Chia, coconut oil, too. And the topping is red fruits, yup? - [Amelia] Yes, it looks incredible.

18:45 - - And without sugar, without sugar, totally healthy for you.

18:49 - - [Amelia] Thank you so much, oh my gosh. - And for you.

18:53 - - [JP] Ugh, they’re both for me. (all laughing) Are you ready to dive in, head first? - (laughs) Maybe not quite yet.

19:04 - - I want to see your face. - Yes, I’m super excited.

19:15 - - Wow. - [JP] Riquisimo? - [Amelia] Riquisimo, it is fantastic.

19:23 - And JP it’s great cause it’s not, you’re right, its still has a lightness to it.

19:28 - So it’s not too heavy or sugary. - Yes.

19:31 - - Love it. - You can eat all the day and you are okay.

19:38 - - I like that idea. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

19:43 - - (laughter) fruit… - Wow. - We can get used to that.

19:47 - - I am so impressed. - Awesome, thank you. - You can eat for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner, for– - We can do that (laughs).

19:56 - - [JP] Okay, thank you so much, muchas gracias.

19:59 - - Yes, muchas gracias. - We are heading back to Olón today.

20:02 - - We have had an incredible time in Manta and wow.

20:06 - What a way to end our trip. This place is amazing.

20:08 - We’re gonna enjoy the hot tub one last time before we go.

20:10 - - Yeah, you know and this whole thing was completely unplanned.

20:12 - We did not know that they had this planned for us.

20:14 - And when we walked in yesterday we thought we have to film this.

20:18 - They didn’t even ask us to film it. But one of the reasons we started our YouTube channel was to document these special events.

20:24 - So that years from now we can look back and enjoy it again for ourselves.

20:28 - And we’re just really thankful that we can share it all with you too.

20:31 - - Yes we are, it’s been so amazing. Last night was really romantic.

20:34 - That’s part of the whole romance package that Alex Loor offers.

20:38 - This place is actually available for a luxury vacation rental.

20:41 - So if you are interested you can contact Alex Loor with Luxury Rentals Manta.

20:46 - We will put his information in the description below along with Ryan and Tiffany Kelly with Ecuador Shores Realty and Kata the personal chef.

20:53 - - Yes, her cheesecake was incredible. In fact, I’ve already enjoyed it for breakfast.

20:58 - - Nothing wrong with breakfast cheesecake. - She said, I can eat it breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it’s super healthy.

21:02 - - She did say that. All right, I think that’s all we have for this video.

21:06 - If you liked it, leave us a thumbs up please.

21:08 - - All right guys, hope you have an unconventional day.

21:10 - We will see you all in our next video. - [All] Ciao. .