[POWERFUL Message]: You’re Going To See What Happen In July 4th - Kent Christmas (June 21, 2021)

Jun 21, 2021 16:00 · 2457 words · 12 minute read

Today I am Not only this In the yard Says even if Killer Turn In the midst God said I have taken In this name Of the nation On this Earth Says the Lord I’m doing something And the Earth Fordyce Standing in heaven Is God I watched Men shake their fists Stick me Unsaved there is no God Tell you that Dave said As the Lord that I am still And that I Do Not Bow Down To the whims of a man or to the laws that have been passed And even says the Lord is Is this nation Getting ready to Celebrate It’s liberty From England I am also Dinner give you a song In this house And there is a sound beginning to come up in the church says the Lord For this will be the greatest year that Shane says the Lord And even as you have Celebrate set God in the days The come the freedom of this nation So are mine now says the Lord going to release To the church In the shower What it is First in the natural Realize And the church says God is my body And do four seas and they took me says the Lord and they abuse Made I plucked my beard Bait stop me says God and may eventually cause me to lose my life 17 they bury me and begin to celebrate that the Jesus that they did not like was And even the church Is my body Can the body of the Jesus that you served has been buried in this nation And she has been wounded says the Lord And I did not come out bleeding Holy Ghost Disdain There is a spirit of death in the natural sezzle Fermented stands triumphant but it will be the church so that I am healing I’ve been inflicted upon my Church says God up to silence I’m not even right now behind Already beginning to plan She’ll not be another attack Another direction to another Realm I heal the sick To be raised Delay on hand My body that has been sick and that it’s been wounded up them there many places if there are no men Lay hands on them Issued a decree Out of Heaven upon the face of the Earth You’re going to wake up and realize there’s nothing wrong with me come out of their wheelchairs Blind eyes are going to be hoping beers are going to be unstopped Churches been counterfeited But not really.

He’ll Crusades not been on television Synonym for this hour It’s not a better man And it’s not about Ministry and it’s not about money it’s about the glory Stop being released This Auditorium Cartoon wonder how do we get in a few Indoor Spirit children I’m going to pour out my spirit Stolen from the church 7 * Turn the Page Then we will not remember Sports saying goddamn Already declared Never recover And I’m going to turn them into churches up send the screens up that Schofield.

08:21 - I’m going to use the release Turn on the Majesty of God That is being released in the house By the power of the Lord Leaving outside celebrated I do not So they celebrated the crowning of a king In the United States of America But know this It is temporary For I have a Solomon in the wings That helps the blood updated in his loins And did I not Raise up the Tabernacle of David say is God And I will raise up truancy In this hour What do you have seen his the best that the enemy has to offer But know this I have dispatched Angels into the Earth On the sword The church Do every nation in the Earth Get ready on the 4th of July But this was not burnt in the heart of a man this was mandated out of the throne room Secular music Ginger release the word of the Lord in the atmosphere We know To speak their voice Found the prophets Stay quiet The media Because I want to report it I do not need the media to somehow bring forth The release of Frimpong said God Dennis 1700 She said I’m going to come into your classroom to your high school Junior college professor Better going to begin to die Spell student Shrooms Even though it does not look like it.

12:52 - You’re going to have prayer back in your school Church in this nation Countdown to the spirit of fear You’re right you will not come back The real from the unreal lock on separating the genuine from the counterfeit Intimidated by the powers of Darkness Function of God City of God I’m going to Trickery In order to solicit funds In the house of God I am a giver Hallelujah My word I brought up her money But I am going to step outside the church I am Breaking Bad The church Sacrificial Repeat Spirit of death But there is a different sound Intimidate The men and women of this nation And about going down No power to heal You have the blood of mine In your veins That can even be put together I’m taking the people of God Israel in the land of Egypt Begin to run to the body of Christ One moment you’re going to say this is the way it is 24 hours Are you awake cops and everything went to change By the power of God Has being released Seattle Rock They’re going to take off for you the spirit I’m having that even right now Steven senma has tried to silence and mute I put another sound in you That is beginning to come up out of you Whatever you lose I lose Video cewek Gardere prophesied things in the past We have not yet seen them come to pass I do not lie says the Lord But my ways are not your ways And my thoughts are not your thoughts I move at my own time And I move in my own wisdom Why do you think Dementor Because there is tarah in the camp of the enemy because they know say at the Lord Lucifer Another eviction taking place Send me your demon spirits I did not bleed Manipulate Rico Blood removes blemishes Your garments of praise No There is going to be a For Terrapin mini that hid out in the house of the Lord But you were not And God said I am cleansing the body of Christ And you will be amazed Pet names They’re going to be uncovered in this nation That mini talk Four great Patriots of the The kingdom But in reality We’re just tools Of the enemy So this move says God will be a move of purity And it will be a move of the glory of God There will be times when services will last Spine 6 hours In fact says the Lord United States I release him the glory of God Animal Stepping into The waters have been stirred by an Angel Atmosphere It will never dissipate And it will never change Even right now Of the house Scenic in your generation Steven on Saved as I begin to drive by The sanctuary for the glory of God is Get ready because in the parking lot you will see people by the score God says the enemy drugged Dish Nation This generation She did it with illegal drugs But it’s now done it with prescription God says I’m going to break the stupor of drugs America I’m going to call Large Drug Company Because of the power of the Lord What God Says What he’ll can do Purchase with my homeboy Free Church W9 United States of America This phone never Getting ready to change the semantics You never even get to start service because the atmosphere will be so powerful Even in the 60s Target Is the Revival coming I’m not Justin Christian School Bible colleges Them teaching children ones Shrooms Which has been spoken by the prophet Joel Spirit of Alzheimer’s Touch my people Alzheimer’s There is no cure for So the enemy has made you make peace with them God says I never birthed you To make peace with sickness and disease I created you In the image Of my son Celtic Dacia Hallelujah Even right now cross Men and women that have Alzheimer’s God says I’m reversing The Lord says You going to begin to get reports Bob men and women Who have been put back in their right mind Because I am not done with them By the power of God For this nation has To set aside The old Generation And even in the church Saith the Lord The older generation has been put Empath Twilight Young Generation that is really never met me Face to face Has let the people But not this time saying Old men and women Battle Scars Who are not wounded and bleeding but they have scars Not going to put them on your popcorn But not be long drawn-out battle Your enemy will like dead at your feet I have held off Friends Became friends Baby mini leaders in America Homosexuality God said I have stood green I saw it Men and women That I made in my image That I love dearly Starbound Spirit of hummus The Lord says I’m now invading that To Mercy And love And God said there are many of you To have family members Are bound by this thing The Lord says A stronghold Stronghold In the urine But God said the church That I’m raising up Has more than enough of Thor The Lord says summer The greatest songs that you’re ever going to hear Are going to come out of the mouth Stop men and women that I have healed and set free God says that the That.

30:55 - Spirit has targeted many young Men and women Because of the call of God upon their life And five years old the Lord says I released the call of God upon them they are Musician Preacher says the Lord I’m going to begin to bring them Into the kingdom of the Lord For the Deliverance that now is taking place Deliverance for you or not Still go out and it from time to time fight pornography Addictions But God says as it was in days gone by there is such an anointing being released in the house Will be broken by the power of the Holy Ghost Now I see unsaved husband There aren’t many men that have said I don’t want anything Even now Getting ready Gloria Break this effeminate spirit Put a righteous anger in you Intimidator Spirit of fear Greater is he that is in you On the edge of nothing M45 days with say Let There Be And I have nothing came to yours God said I am opening the window in heaven Can this nation over my And God said I’m going to let you begin to declare things that are not As though they are Hallelujah For the Lord says I’m losing faith Can this app The reason says the Lord That there has been a spirit Fear That has been lost in destination Fear is the only thing That candy feetface But God said what I’m getting ready to do is going to require great Forgot said there would be days ahead That man will stand before you and Women That are missing limbs And fear will say don’t pray Because It’s not been done The Lord says this generation that has never seen the supernatural As I’m getting ready to release Because you have stood with me and walked with me Did not forsake me says the Lord I am allowing you to jumpstart By the power of God Earth says the Lord She will leave not Fearful Not emaciated And not work and not bleeding The reason he will come back with a shout This because he will do Bright Baptist glorious without Rico or blemish You know this said the Lord weeping bearing precious seed With you The days of not having enough Pretty soon Church Everyday Of the week Christina the glory of God Omnipresent Speaking in tongues Hallelujah Pentecostal experience Speak In the morning You and I Power of the Holy Ghost This is so much releasing the atmos If this is your hearing something They’re saying that’s mine Come on My praise team come Hallelujah Even today since the Lord the Miracles are already being released in the act This is not for next week It’s not For another time God said today I’m going to be given to perform my word Close you can’t cuz We got so many here that are coming Hallelujah Hallelujah hallelujah Hietala Bayshore area Sunday Hallelujah No I want you Could begin to tell God what you want him to do Could be healing that can be your business that’s going bankrupt It can be your marriage It can be Financial reversals But in the name of the Lord you are standing In a charge The Lord also says Miniature carrying residual Wound Do you love God and you’re serving him the Lord said there are some open wounds From your past That you’d Just not knowing how to get If that’s you I want you slip Stop your hands In The Name Of The Lord High heel you and Jesus May you walk out of this building today From the curse Spoken over you From the Betrayal From the rejects Abuse From rake From incest From parents that gave you away Hallelujah from businesses that discarded you From what I’ve been Friend did to you Fort Apache Betrayed you A church that disappointed you Command every wound heal In Jesus name Hoverboard Dentist building right now by the power of God if I don’t remember your You’ve only heard the Roar Call Deanna But God said get ready now Car service War breaking out in the heavens Hancock You will not be destroyed Ronin In the enemy’s camp What the church Disinfectant This is We’re going to go right back to this but I just felt in my spirit You Have I need you to make I’m going to No better time Is working right Hallelujah we’re going to be known The place Terminal disease does not want to visit Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah We might not have any today I don’t know Prescott go ahead If that’s you,.