Karmic gone. DM no longer tempted by the devil 👹. Being yourself is a powerful statement!!

May 22, 2021 14:53 · 2282 words · 11 minute read

hello my last namaste this is going to be your twin flame weekly reading let’s get started okay so we’re going to get into the masculine side of the divine counterpart here to see what’s going on with your masculine and i think today i’m going to pull some karmic energy to see what’s going on as well so this is my heart chakra meditation bowl and i’m going to play it this morning let’s see if it wants to sing for us okay let’s get started it’s my energy oracle card so i’m gonna get some overall energy into the divine masculine part divine masculine’s overall energy we have patience and temple path okay so i’m gonna look up 16 here just get some cliff notes i really like the way this book describes um the cards so it says peaceful presence and letting go of desperation so it’s basically letting go and being patient and being flexible open and present and then the temple path the spiritual purpose and support receiving this card represents your own spiritual evolution the winding path you are on leads to a blessed temple in a lovely garden symbolizing the spiritual destiny your soul has had in mind for this lifetime the affirmation is i open my heart to my spiritual truth and a deeper connection with spirit guidance and inspiration come freely and easily to me okay so i’m going to leave these here all right so let’s go tarot so we have dedication here this is a card about um work and working hard and being loyal and dedicated um aids are also about opportunity and being a good judge so so if this so the divine masculine part of this connection is very dedicated at this point um to being patient and being on this this sacred journey so i feel like um there’s a different perspective here and the fear that obviously was in the past the anxiety and the fear takes on a different perspective here because perspective is is in reverse it’s a 12.

07:12 - so we have two 12’s here so i feel like this is important to look up in this book these cards are fairly new so so that’s a major arc yeah that’s the death card a sudden or drastic into a major phase relationship or interest is near however it is important to remember that one door must close for another to open put the past behind you during this time of significant change and embrace new opportunities so i feel like this fear of hanging on to the past and maybe what felt comfortable to the divine masculine um was kind of a reason not to let go and it was a karmic relationship and so there was obviously lessons there that needed to be learned but then it comes to a point where you need to continue on your spiritual journey and when you’re in a place of being in a twin flame journey the ultimate goal is not just enlightenment of course it’s enlightenment it’s the spiritual attainment but it’s also about for wants and four of wands is always my twin flame card but we have the king of swords here as well so now it’s almost like the divine masculine is saying now i get on with the task at hand and i get on with the stability of my life and making it work and i am now my king my own king of my world and how i want to live my life so there’s been a perspective change here that the divine masculine is now realizing this is a very sacred path and there’s definitely dedication here’s four of wands um i want to pull these cards these are my deck of cards that are just playing cards and i made them my own tarot so let me see what else comes out so i’m going to pull some clarification cards for this celebration and authority so we have lover sexy time so there’s definitely um great love and intimacy in this relationship i love this car but you know it came out reversed up here on this temple path so that’s something that’s obviously very um important to the divine masculine is his um his sacrifice chakra and that may be kind of driving him right now romantic love yeah look so you have the ace of wands and the two of cups yes he’s he’s very romantic feeling romantic right now and i feel like he feels a little lost so let’s see what’s going on um with karmic energy in his world these are all mixed up so i’m just going to take them as they come out so what is going on age of sorts okay in reverse what’s going on energy interesting these are all reversed except for the double so let me read these really quick so i’m actually confused a little bit there’s so many cards in reverse let me get some qualifications okay so let’s get some clarification for the ace of cups and the page as well that doesn’t belong there all right so i feel like that one’s supposed to come out okay another one wow i’ve got a lot of cards mixed up here all right okay so i feel like the divine masculine is over something just like totally over he’s not engaging in any type of new relationships he’s kind of cut himself off and he’s really seems independently happy but he’s very secretive about it he’s very secretive about how his intuition is evolving and there’s just an overall happiness within him that he’s kind of keeping to himself he’s over some lover um there’s death card here um he’s over some lover that he was caught so that looks like that um is no longer and then we have four of cups in reverse with the devil he’s no longer tempted by anything he really has taken on this energy the seven of wands where he’s ready to defend because he has a lot of um friends around him that are constantly uh i think this is tempting him to go out to to drink to maybe get into trouble but he’s over it he’s just not engaging in i feel like i need to pull these cards out she’s got me there so we’re gonna pull there’s a lot of them let’s just see what happens here one more okay all right so i’m going to lay these out wow this is crazy okay i have the nine of pentacles with the ace of wands but next to that it’s like this you know the night is the slow moving night but he’s also methodical and he doesn’t just rush in although obviously in the past if i mash the mask and did rush in and back out and back in and back out he was going through the cycle um but in this energy it feels like that is all over and there’s no it’s really ended this time and he’s on his way still to this ace of wands to make something happen there’s this castle in the distance and he really wants this new beginning and this this real manifestation you know next to it is the king and the queen the king and the queen and they’re facing each other there’s so much emotion with the king and the queen of cups and they look so willing and almost desperate to be with each other i love that and then we have the magician which is the one and then the two of cups and that is literally what the divine masculine is trying to is manifesting with this ace of wands and this knight of pentacles you know this is all about steady determination and as you know it came out up here was dedication dedication to this twin flame path um and again we have the king of wands the role he’s taking in looking back with this seven of pentacles of what he needs to accomplish what he’s already accomplished and he’s still accomplishing the king of wands is someone that takes action and has courage and he’s very much taking action for his divine feminine because why we have the six of cups and that’s so about past love it’s very nostalgic you know and then again we have this romantic again the ace of wands so we have the ace of wands here and then the two of cups so this is a beautiful reading i am going to pull some crystal spirits let messages jump one out of that that’s okay according to greek mythology humans are originally created with four arms four legs and a head with two faces fearing their power zeus split them into two separate beings condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves that was plato and he was talking about twin flames which is so interesting that that quirk came out so a crystal spirit card divine masculine energy of a divine twin flame counterpart connection okay you know what let’s start over because it’s confusing when a couple pops out carnelian came out too which is the root chakra so that just tells me that there’s a dedication here in the root chakra to the heart with that green and you know that was the same bowl oh and look we have green again emerald so i’m going to take the multivite that’s how i feel and that’s what the spirit’s telling me okay get the car i love you i don’t actually have a piece of multiply but i’ve been meaning to find one such a beautiful stone this one’s got some blues in it as well and it’s 35 okay multiply transformation rebirth through fire initiation and opening to new experiences revitalization and renewal new doors open and you cross the threshold it can be exhilarating to know that you are stepping out of the old and into a new self-ready for the unexpected gifts that come with this initiation moldavite’s spirit message is to know that as you walk through an open door you are being reborn in a sense for you will be different once you have made a conscious choice to say goodbye to what was rebirth always involves tension and struggle crystals can only form if there is plenty of pressure to change if you are frustrated or uncomfortable know that relief is on the way so just focus on what is happening as a better tomorrow begins to reveal itself your passage into the new is a sure so be present be open be ready for healing to take place the new experience requires a new you in a sense a you that recognizes that you belong here that you truly can let go of the old you are so loved and the conscious universe is so proud of you as you transition to a new you you will become part of a new group of people for you are having new experiences that differ from those that came before old friends will be there for you but new ones will appear drawn to your vibration which resonates with theirs although you are being initiated into a new experience you will not be alone so leave your fears at the door your community will find you and you will know that you belong as they embrace you as one of their own you will feel the love as you adjust to your new role confident in the potential of those you care about coming along with you encourage them to believe that they too can let go of the past and transition into something better moldavite is a green tektite thought to have been formed when a meteorite crashed into the czech republic approximately 14.

8 million years ago it’s a it’s a crystal heralding massive transformation on all levels this is not a stone to play with or take lightly and it’s definitely not recommended for those and willing to step out of their comfort zone once we engage with multivite we need to buckle up because things are going to get interesting so if you’re not too afraid to grab some moldavite then um i would love to know what happens i’m going to grab some too so i’ll let you know what happens when i have it um i think that’s it for today let’s do it you are magic dearest you there’s only one you and you have unique place in the universe sometimes situations come up that challenge you to be authentic and that means you have to be fully yourself and let go of being what you think others may want now is not the time to conform to other people’s standards or expectations be proud of who you are and be courageous stand tall in your convictions being yourself is a powerful statement and will only lead you to success and ultimately happiness don’t compare yourself to other people want what you have choose what your heart wants and know that your purpose is yours alone no one else can claim your magic nor take it away when you place authenticity and originality high on your list of priorities and give them a prominent place in your awareness extraordinary things happen your life is a beautiful one love you always and forever spirit and with that i hope you have a wonderful day namaste.