BLAZING SADDLES (1974) Movie Reaction First Time Watching - What did I just watch!

Mar 20, 2021 03:18 · 2515 words · 12 minute read

excuse me while i whip this out hey boys look what i got here hey where are the white women at oh [ __ ] wow this is your boy movie man greg and today we’re going to be watching blazing saddles uh comedy that i’ve never seen before heard nothing but great things about it but if you can just smash on that like button it costs you nothing but it means everything to me and the youtube algorithm god so if you want to help support all you gotta do smashing that like button and if you like the video by choice go ahead and subscribe and click that bell to get notified and with that being said let’s go ahead and start this reaction come on boys the way you lolly gagging around here with them pecks and them shovels you think it was 120 degrees dock that [ __ ] a day’s pay for napping on the job yes sir um so there’s gonna be one of them kind of movies all right where’s your spirit bigger work song oh [ __ ] oh man what the hell is that [ __ ] i’m in a song a real song something like oh hell no oh my god all right we all know that no well how about camptown racetrack five miles long all the dudes what in the wide wide world of sports is going on here sorry mr taylor got caught up man the surveyors say they may run into some quicksand up ahead better check it out okay i’ll say he uh specifically requested two [ __ ] well to tell a family secret my grandmother was a dutch i don’t know but whatever it is i hate it but then oh [ __ ] quicksand oh damn oh damn just gonna leave him yeah we we take it right off to the just a little bit yeah we’ll put it right down through over that ring oh man i’m jacked up come on yeah take that shovel and put her to some good news come on my big thing is that and tell him what i said main office tell them i said ow i got you wow ditto you provincial putts keep throwing a bunch of big words out there plan need a plan they bout to hang hang a man in the wheelchair sorry you’re worth it but i’ve got two men at home sick with the flu this one is a doozy what the hell yes the dr gillespie killings well do your best and i want it i want that land so what the hell oh my god we’ll kill the first born male child in every household all right two jewish oh man let’s see oh i couldn’t possibly sneak him in until monday sir i’m book solid monday splendid johnson anal johnson that was gross oh damn oh they beating up old woman man that dude looks scary stores looted people stampeded and cattle raped oh another wonder there no way there’s nobody gonna leave this town smell really really bad now who can argue today to hear that speech not only was it authentic frontier gibberish expressed in this day and olson age is right what kind of people are we anyhow dr samuel johnson’s right about olson johnson’s being right what the hell he’s right thank you oh damn they all just get murdered 10 000 acres what’ll it cost man what’ll it cost uh a box of these are you crazy they’ll never go for it and then again they will be a giant step forward in the treatment of the this guy ain’t got no pants on get your ass back hmm i guess he’s gonna hire a black sheriff not to worry everyone is equal in my eyes oh man me to the new sheriff of rock ridge i’d be delighted wow sir can’t you see that that man is don’t worry sir hitler i’ve always trusted your judgment before but haven’t you taken a giant leap away from your good senses sir washington jefferson lincoln oh sir you have the seeds of greatness yes of course so we understand uh will you make all the arrangements i will make all the arrangements especially the funeral they definitely can’t make no movie like this anymore boy you excited about his new gig that he gonna die one day from wow wow oh man they’re about to be honorary chairman of the welcome he talked like his tongue is too fat for his mouth look at these smiles gone howdy oh [ __ ] oh man he’s like you don’t give me my goddamn handshake excuse me while i whip this out oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] i hereby assume the duties of the officer employ you to play each of this good book and what it has to say they said [ __ ] that book you’re on your own next man makes a move the [ __ ] gets it i swear i’ll blow this nigga’s head all over this tree oh my god he’s desperate do what he’s saying do what he say isn’t anybody gonna help that poor man wow gosh harriet that’s a sure way to get them killed you are so talented and they are so dumb not used to public speaking we the white guys citizens of rock ridge him immediately oh my god this is so stupid that you have sent him here just goes to proof oh gene wilder then we’re awake but we’re very puzzled i think i better straighten myself out food makes me sick words of a true alcoholic can’t drink like that and he don’t eat he is going to die when oh play chess screw well let’s play chess i don’t know if you ever heard of me before but i used to be called the wake steady as a rock yeah but i shoot with this hand now when i say go you try to grab it first man that’s no contest you’re a mile away go get the hell out of here you are the kid what yeah little bastard shot me in the ass what so i lim have a drink wow well back in 56 my folks and i were part of this long wagon train moving west exactly part of it you might say we was bringing up to ria when suddenly from out of the west came the entire zoo actually the white folks didn’t let us travel in a circle so we made our own wow as big as zane and diner laden they’re darker than us wow he’s gone to sleep he said that was the most boring ass story there i always like to keep my audience riveted uh that sounded so shitty oh hearing all this i could just smell it they got this dude well i’m not sure it was addressed to the deputy spade the waco kid good luck good morning ma’am and isn’t it a lovely morning up yours digger you expected something different what did you expect right exactly mary new [ __ ] damn damn he just punched a horse think of it here comes mungo oh geez she’s huge i don’t know what it is please did you hear that nice please this morning i couldn’t get the time of day all right who is his mom go anyway well mango and fool’s gonna i mean the sheriff’s going to do it wow don’t do that if you shoot him you’ll just make him mad what the hell what what what candy gram thank you like candy wow wow i didn’t see you’d want to come in well look damn your eyes look funny oh i’m good sorry sir the [ __ ] was inventing the candy ground and they probably won’t give me credit for it ingenuity and courage feeding that hormone of course you’ll have the good taste not to mention that i spoke to you of course yeah right yeah you didn’t give me the pie it wasn’t from you of course oh how old oh a shower stage though johnny’s constantly surround me they always hound me with one weak worm sick and tired of love this is so depressing like this is gonna be the first black guy she’s gonna be wearing she’s gonna be turned out i’m predicting that because she is so uninspired right now and always too soon terrible ass laugh what’s it say i must see you alone in my dressing room right after the show it’s about to go down it’s about to go down a red walls how romantic what you cannot do to ours to save her life there isn’t that better it’s by morning he would be my slave splendid wow just let me have a little fear wow wow she turned out please i am not from havana no no you mustn’t go i i need oh what a nice guy um wake up time okay [ __ ] bart sheriff first men never whipped manga huh [ __ ] why would hitler lamar care about where the choo choo go don’t know that’s his boy he’s like i know i didn’t just see what i think i just saw who that is riding up on that net i feel like watching django wait wait now back off scam you are addressing the dually appointed chair but your brother’s fine oh [ __ ] i’m doing that team star boy what’s that boy [ __ ] redneck you talking to the sheriff what’s that excuse me mr target sir but i sure do hate to see you like this what if me and the boys would just shoot that [ __ ] dead would that pick you up some that might help oh [ __ ] one two three grasping your hands in pain how about a little applause for the wake up they’re backfired instead of the people leaving they’re staying in droves why don’t you admit it he’s too much of men for you i know you’re gonna need an army to beat him england [ __ ] i must think second bandits muggers buggerers bushwhackers horn swagless horsemen yeah right none of this [ __ ] down could you repeat that sir wow well can’t you see that’s the last action do it for randolph wow he did say he wanted everybody qualifications rape murder awesome and rape you said rape twice i like rape i hope you brought enough for everybody i didn’t know there was going to be so many oh damn damn he’s got murder for chewing gum oh hey boys look what i got here hey where are the white women at oh [ __ ] wow that was pretty good you’re ready to weekly cross vernon see it’s coming off oh [ __ ] and now for my next impression jesse owens canvas paint nails you can lay your hands on and meet me tonight three miles due east of rock ridge at midnight you understand mm-hmm all right folks i know you’re a bit confused wondering what to destroy the real rock ridge they’ll actually be destroying the fake rock ridge but they’ll think that it’s the real rock ridge but we’ll know that it’s the fake rock ridge how are we going to do it we ain’t going to homestead now what do you say do amen wow they did a great job oh [ __ ] it’s about to go down y’all but they’ll be here in half an hour right so we got to start working fast wow you men started working on the dummies yeah that’s nice they made a toll booth go back and get a shitload of dimes wow all right here we go i’ll give it a try i give it a try he’s so calm smooth and collected this one this is the first time you actually see him with a gun keep this man’s eye keen and my god damn damn we just see bodies flying look at there’s a studio what okay just watch me it’s so simple you wow well how many days you have left though they lose me right after the bunker scene look at hitler in the back the special wow department drive me off this picture uh student are you kidding me wow you shot the bad guy yeah i sure hope there’s a happy ending i love a happy ending sheriff beauty wherever a people cry out for justice brothers i always wanted to go there come on hey they must oh [ __ ] man they [ __ ] so stupid ain’t about to drive off into the sunset now we’re not gonna ride off we’re gonna drive off yep there it goes a good old sunset man oh my god what did i just watch oh man it was good it was really really good like you know especially for it to be an older movie the comedy in it was hilarious now it was rough at first like i was saying like the first 15 20 minutes i’m like man this is crazy like i can’t see myself laughing at it but then it’s like you got to let your guard down a little bit you know and then just think like this is an actual uh you know movie you know at the end of the day and yeah it was pretty funny like i think once it broke the ice of him becoming a sheriff that’s when i started to really enjoy it man but it was it was good like so i recommend anybody really watching it what i will say you can’t really be too sensitive because man they dropped some bombs in this movie they drop a lot of bombs um but with that being said i’m glad i really watched it if again if you like my reaction make sure you click that like button subscribe if you enjoy my content i would love to hear your feedback comments concerns theories hypothesis um conclusions um suggestions of any other movies uh please let me know um i think i’m gonna be watching the thing next with a kurt russell um the original one like i started watching one of them but then i realized it wasn’t the one i needed to be watched so i’m like okay well let me put that one later i think it was like the 2011 one so i’m gonna go back to the original one first um but with that being said i really do appreciate you guys um joining me during this reaction and i will highlight you guys on the next one don’t forget to like don’t forget to subscribe and i’ll see you guys next time peace.