Mailbag Monday #112

Apr 19, 2021 04:16 · 3424 words · 17 minute read

tonight’s extravaganza openings begins with brassarilla shops night owl uh la shop stout they don’t have any tasting notes on the can so i’ll just have to do this the old-fashioned way medium sort of roast malt um a little bit more hops than i was expecting out of a stout generally not a bad beer and i’m going to enjoy drinking that while i open all these packages including a couple that a sponsor sent me a while ago i asked you guys and you said yeah why not if somebody’s gonna send you free stuff to review might as well go for it so that’s what those will be but we’ll start with this one first which calls itself tubing okay well packed aha this is some uh ptfe tubing uh aka teflon uh take a bowden tube from a printer you may recall a while ago i bought some that uh just cheap knockoff stuff that was the wrong size so now i have got this little set so this is the actual tubing which does a piece of filament around here fits nice in there and it’s actually it’s it has a little bit of slop in it but not too much it’s a little bit tighter than the stock tube which i think is good and this one came with fittings for both ends so i don’t have to worry about not matching the uh the physical size of the existing ones these are technically these pneumatic connections that should just press in there yeah and then it won’t pull back out unless you push that down and then it will it kind of grips into the tubing okay there’s two different threads one that goes into the hot end and one that goes into the extruder the other thing that came with it is this nifty little cutter which makes a nice square cut on the end of the tubing like that nice and square in 90 degrees doesn’t crush the tubing and apparently you want that so that you get a well i mean it’s always good to make a nice uh nice square cut but you want it so that it seats down into the bottom nicely so that there’s no gaps or anything that’ll be a good upgrade i guess or for when i uh when i damage the tubing that i’ve got this stuff apparently unless it’s a cheap knockoff which it might be but apparently it’s a little bit higher temperature rated than the stock uh kind of whiter stuff that normally comes with printers capricorn ptfe bowden tubing xs series 2 meters and tube cutter for 3d printer 1.

75 and j whatever those mean got this from sunny store 6. for some reason they’ve got them priced in in british pounds but their stores in shenzhen whatever um currently going for 4. 99 in the uk or 860 in canadian dollars uh back when i bought it i paid 8. 51 so the currency has shifted a little bit um but i did pay you know 89 pence of uh shipping or dollar 53 canadians so that’s pretty much inevitable these days you’re going to pay shipping whether you like it or not it claims to be capricorn i can’t guarantee that because i haven’t actually had any from a reputable seller but this seems to be a pretty good price i think and there’s how it goes on the printer um the two different sizes are connected the smaller connector threads into the extruder which is basically just a stepper motor and some pinch rollers that pushes the filament up and through that then the larger one goes onto the top of the hot end here next in we have stainless steel clearance feeler okay ooh looks like it’s taking a bit of damage and shipping hopefully it’s just the bag uh how do we get this out of here okay it is a fewer gauge set with oil on it to prevent corrosion which i guess you would expect although theoretically these are supposed to be made of stainless steel normally so that shouldn’t be a big issue but whatever anyways what it is is some precision thickness pieces of metal for allowing you to set precision gaps between things in my case again i’m thinking 3d printing when you’re setting the print head distance from the bed aka leveling the bed you want to get it nice and consistent now the standard way that almost everybody does it is with a piece of paper just to get it the same distance at all four corners of the bed to level it out and there’s nothing wrong with that i just thought it might be fun to try and add a little bit more precision and see if i can make my prints a little bit better so this set is a metric set it goes from one millimeter all the way down to point zero two millimeters which is paper thin but i think i i don’t think i’ll be using that guy for very much great metric fewer gauge gap filler thickness measurement tool 17 blades from best wishing current price is four dollars and 45 cents canadian back when i bought it it was going for three dollars and 90 cents canadian and woohoo free shipping ah so it’s carbon steel not stainless steel okay that’s why the oil on it fine blade length they say it’s four center four inches ten centimeters it’s a metric set why are they even coating it in inches um regardless there are the thicknesses from 0.

02 millimeters all the way up to one millimeter just for reference for those of you who aren’t into 3d printing there’s the difference between a printer that’s not all that well adjusted this gray one here and one that is pretty well adjusted notice the thickness the uh misalignment of some of the layers there that’s the difference that that careful adjustments can make so it is worth it and if this helps me go a little bit further beyond this quality i’ll take it next thing in is a trimmer potentiometer it says got to sharpen the scalpel again maybe you’ll have to go to using weird and inappropriate things like some of these other people do so this does have some trimmer potentiometers in it and it says 104 there so 100k i think i ordered these when i was uh tinkering with putting adjustments on my uh my model railroad turnout or switch controller um i figured if i was going to have a bunch of them on the same board then having all of those potentiometers in parallel across the power bus i probably should have a fairly high resistance just so i don’t load it down too much 10 pieces 3296w-104 100k trimmer pot potentiometer etc etc from oh wow that just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it kj no kfjcxd336 a relatively new seller less than 100 feedbacks okay anyways these cost 2.

29 cents with free shipping and there’s not much to say about them they’re just potentiometers what else is in this box looks like some kind of power supply yeah that’s very power supply like uh four diodes a couple of transistory devices inductor possibly transformer or a bigger inductor a couple of capacitors on the back we have a minus 12 volts and a plus 12 volts labeled and we have some pads labeled a b c d and then one two three four five huh so that is a transformer with six uh primary and secondary or both center tapped by the looks of it i’m not sure what else is going on on here i’d have to trace it out but with these four diodes i would expect them to be arranged as a bridge rectifier what are you probably a capacitor two two three one kv which is a little excessive and on this side 0.

1 microfarads 275 vac what kind of power supply is that it’s not a switching power supply obviously and this guy from the same seller 12 volt to 220 volt step up power module 40 watt dc ac boost inverter module power regulator huh i’ll have to tinker with that in the future i guess that explains why the two capacitors have higher voltages on them convert dc of 8 to 13 volts battery into 220 volts ac okay and if you go across different uh points on the output circuit you can get different uh current readings that should be interesting to play with though and potentially a little bit dangerous which is always exciting and now we get into the uh ones that were sent to me for review from banggood let’s see what we got in here it’s a kit okay i know the they said we were sending me a few things um so this i believe is a weather station kit so we’ve got some dupont cables got a little tft or lcd or something like that there is a bmp what does it say bmp1800 or 180c that i think is a barometric pressure uh sensor you have an esp8266 based board yeah okay just a basic uh lowland node mcu i’m pretty sure i’ve already got one of those around it’s got the ch340 on it as well to make for easier connections that’s good it’s a little bit larger form factor than the d1 minis but i think it also breaks out some more pins which is nice there is two little breadboards in this kit um what else we got here we have a usb cable always use another one of those around that looks an awful like a dht11 temperature and humidity sensor i would be shocked that that wasn’t what that was and then what is in here a gy30 light intensity sensor okay i have not played with one of those in the past so that’s something new so all of this they sell as a weather station kit but of course you could use it just as a bunch of modules too we’ll have to see what i decide to do with it maybe i will build it up the way it’s intended initially anyway uh before absorbing it into stock it’s always handy having some more of those but it’s obviously more of an experimental kit rather than something you’d actually deploy just because breadboards right will those fit on the breadboard yeah it will okay so that’ll bridge across two breadboards because these things normally aren’t breadboard friendly they don’t really fit on like that right but that’s kind of nice okay let’s uh go and check out the listing page for that on banggood esp8266 weather station kit with temperature humidity atmospheric pressure light sensor 0.

96 display for arduino ide iot starter currently selling at the discounted price of 19. 59 canadian with 566 shipping however they have promised me that they will be sending me a discount code which i will put in the link down in the descriptions if you’re interested in this as we can see over here there’s everything that was included in the kit that i got and it looks like there is some a build guide and some other software stuff so let’s take a look there is a manual there is it really i don’t think it is only for windows it said that there is a download link i’ll have to get that or find that yeah nothing that anybody who has uh played with arduino would be unfamiliar with there except for open weather map and thingspeak i’ll have to figure that out i guess to use it the way it’s intended optionally i’m sure we could put together some software relatively easily even a non-software person like me that could read most of these sensors and display them on a web page or just on the little screen there and the other package that vanguard sent for review again i’ll probably show these things in a separate video just on their own at some point but for now let’s just unbox and see what’s in here oh yeah i remember them talking about this too this is a wow stick precision screwdriver wow stick one f specifically 69 in one i’ll just pause for the for you guys to stop laughing so on the back of the box it calls itself a lithium precision screwdriver okay not too much more information there let’s just open it up this box says i’m a screw pad um okay what is that just a work surface maybe yeah it’s just a work surface is it magnetic it is vaguely magnetic i mean it’s not super magnetic but enough to hold that okay and it’s got a little grid on it next oh everything else is all nicely labeled and packed in there wow some industrial design going on i’m a toolbox i’m a bass i am a bits group with x1 i am a dual power screwdriver and i am a case where should we start well let’s see what happens when we pull this tab pulls out the case fine no okay let’s not look at the case let’s look at oh there’s something down underneath there three sets of bits okay and there’s the actual screwdriver let’s pull it out first let’s get right to the main event so there is the wow stick screwdriver itself we have a usb charging port on the back end here a little switch you have a place for bits to go in on that end when you turn it there’s a little bit of movement but then you push the button and it spins clockwise and counterclockwise and lights up your work hmm not too horribly loud okay set that guy down i think i’m also going to just charge him up some more while we’re talking here and there’s a little charging led okay so we have bits group x1 x2 and x3 that’s a lot of bits i guess that’s what makes up the 16 pieces so is that screw pad now let’s start with these in order the first one has phillips from four ought all the way up to number two we have sorted from 10 up to 40.

we have hex 0. 7 up to 30 in that kit number two has hex 40 torx t2 up to t20 uh p24 and they’re two five and six pentalobe aka star we have y point six one two two and a half and three and then the third one we have s or what canadians properly call robertson from size zero up to two we have triangular bit from two up to three and then he’s you which is a different kind of security you sometimes see those on light switches and things i think in like public washrooms and whatnot um what is that 0.

8 0. 8 i think that’s just a little poking stick then these other ones which i’m not entirely familiar with hex 2. 0 yes slot 2. 0 phillips a couple more phillipses and a w 1. 5 i don’t know what that w is anyways that is a lot of screwdriver bits and put the tubes on this interesting little carouselly thing ah that’s why there’s these extra phillips and straights they’re longer longer shaft okay that’s different i haven’t seen that one before uh that would be that w 1.

5 does that got a little nubbin on the front so it is a security drive of some sort let me just take a quick peek at these torques as well because i think yeah some of these torques are the security torques as well not all of them i don’t think the smallest ones are that would be impractical yeah but the larger ones so what else is in the box we have the i’m a base and we have the i’m a toolbox accessories uh let’s see what the base is first it’s got some weight to it that’s for sure yeah it’s just a heavy little chunky base sit in there which way up does it want to sit yeah i guess like that let’s see what’s in the accessories box we have a magnetized d magnetized little tool okay a little guitar pick kind of thing for prying of a suction cup ah these two guys tend to show up in uh phone repair kits to pry it’s essentially a little three corner spudger and that to pull the glass off the glass front off the phones when you’re removing the front glass the digitizer glass then it comes with its own little charging cord it’s the wee baby one all handy dandy and a little glass vial full of some small screws that magnetic screw pad does a good job on holding those guys in place i don’t know why i have those because i haven’t read the manual yet but looks like three each of uh three or four each of uh a few different sizes all right and a case almost forgot about the case silica gel okay i shall not eat that ooh slick not hinged together just magnet it together so that case will hold that guy and i think i guess one of these sleeves are bits if you want to go on the road wow stick one f plus 64 in one electric screwdriver cordless lithium ion charge led power screwdriver currently selling for 51.

11 cents because it’s on sale although as i said earlier i i’m supposed to be getting a discount code for this which will be down in the description of the video auto self walking ratchet wheel orientation dual torque 0. 15 newton meters or 3 newton meters speed 200 rpms 40 minute charge time oh it can run for eight hours continuously they say that’s interesting three led lights that could be very handy and there is the contents of today’s mailbag monday haul and quite the hall it is too uh quick go over the shipping times these potentiometers took 20 days to get here this bowden tube stuff also took 20 days to get here the fewer gauge took 30 days that was with these so that’s the same 20 days the stuff from banggood only took about 14 days to get here because it was shipped from that same uh reshipping warehouse in mississauga so it seems like they’ve got drop shipping warehouses in various different places even though they’re selling them from uh from shenzhen they’re uh they’re drop shipping them to various countries so it should be relatively quick to get them thanks everybody for watching as usual i do appreciate it uh thanks to banggood for sending me these things to play with oh wait where’d that kit go yeah that kit as well um that kit’s going to show up in the relatively near future when i put it together and play with it upgrades from my my 3d printer and my 3d printing methodology that should be an interesting little uh inverter to play with as well again thanks everybody for watching thanks as always to my patreon supporters for for helping support the channel and helping me uh keep the mailbags rolling in i do appreciate that links for all these things are down in the description as always um somebody pointed out that uh the ebay links look a little bit weird that’s because i’m using ebay’s own link shortener so it uses ebay.

us but the links will all go to ebay canada because that’s who i use and that’s where i’ve gone through those ebay links are all going to be affiliate links because you know this is the just the modern century if you don’t want to use affiliate link don’t worry just copy and paste the description and search for that you’ll find it um discount code links for the banggood stuff should also be down there assuming that i receive them in time to release this video and i hope i do okay that’s everything for now uh yeah thanks for watching talk to you later.