How Daniel Makes $24,000/Month With His Agency (LDM Interview)

Apr 19, 2021 18:07 · 6899 words · 33 minute read

What’s going guys and welcome back to a new video and you’re all going to be in for a treat with today’s video. Today I’m going to be interviewing Lifestyle Design member Daniel Libietiz. He’s currently at $24,000/Month with his agency. Basically, we just dive right into the deep end. We go and cover everything from mindset to discipline. To how he got started. How he picked his niche. His sort of methodology around agency life and so on and so forth. So, sit back, relax, take notes.

And for those of you that want to know more about Lifestyle Design Mastery or any of our coaching programs, everything will be linked in the description box down below. You can schedule a call with either me or someone on the Brandpeneur team to see if Lifestyle Design is a right fit for you. But like I said, put your feet up, take notes and I’ll see you all at the end of the video. Alright guys, welcome! Thank you for watching and Daniel, thank you for hopping on.

So, for those that don’t know who you are what you do etc. Do you mind just telling them a bit about yourself, about your agency, what your agency does, your clients, the revenue and just all that good stuff?  Yeah sure! So when I was graduating I was 22. I started my funnel agency in January, which so far has been going really really well. I basically focus on building high converting funnels for high-ticket coaches that want to proven better client acquisition system in place in order to get more booked calls in order to kind of create a magnitude of a bunch of other funnels around that one core funnel.

To try more traffic sources to it so whether they’re focused on organic or paid it would always work out for them regardless of what method they use. So yeah, in January I started a funnel agency. I dropped off my advertising agency because that wasn’t really working for me. As my passion was not there you know. as it was with funnel building. So, I basically joined in january and I learned of this space in January. Then, in February I basically got my first few high-ticket sales and then in March, I was actually able to break 24 thousand dollars in sales.

It’s been crazy it’s been emotional kind of Roller Coaster to say. Even you know right now i’m still kind of flabbergasted about how good everything’s been going and how things will be going with all the plans I have in place. I’ve got about 8-9 high ticket clients even from these past two months. At the very start I was charging about you know five hundred dollars. Some thousand dollars to 1500. I was like what am I doing? Because these high-ticket coaches they they sell their programs for you know 5k 6k 7k.

So if I build them a funnel for 1500 that will get them a bunch of sales forever on that funnel you know i’m really just decreasing my value when I can increase my value and charge more and be priced at a reputable number. So, right now I have doubled that price I have different price instructions. And right now it’s getting me to my goals and my dreams. It’s been going fantastically well. Yeah yeah that’s sick man what a story and for those of you that are you know are now watching like at the time of recording this it’s the start of april so in the space of like two three months you’ve literally gone from zero to 100 like it’s crazy to see how quickly that’s developed yeah.

You just gotta keep learning that keep grinding the grafting you know you gotta find your passions. If you don’t you’re gonna rot in a hole, let’s say that. It’s gonna be very very hard. Eespecially… I’m sure Joshua, when he started off he loved the space. He learned the space and now look at his tribe. He is helping so many students. He is helping people that are just watching his youtube videos. His facebook lives, his Facebook Group. There’s value everywhere and he has that true passion for it.

But when I was dealing with the advertising it was not my passion, it was just a ‘get rich quick scheme’ which I thought would work out like that. I know many, even these viewers, if you’re watching this right now and you know this is not your passion and you want to get rich quick, it’s not going to work for you unfortunately. You’re going to have to put that work in every single day. Because you literally have to become that business owner. You have to become that agency owner.

And without you doing the hard lifting up front and understanding that takes a lot of work before you even see a penny in your account. You got to just keep consistent and keep learning and doing. Yeah 100% man I could not have said that better myself. So let’s just rewind back to the advertising agency stuff because you joined the program in -what was it- july? something like that? yeah and then you know obviously you started off with offering facebook ads as a service.

How did that go? So basically when I enrolled in july 2020, I was like an average human. I was basically working nine to five in the hotel. Absolutely hated it. I always had dreams and aspirations but never put my head into my own business. I had to learn and invest. Back then I thought fifteen hundred dollars or a thousand dollars was a lot of money. But really you’re investing in yourself. What you learn -from you know for instance- if you join up with Joshua, What you learn from it will put you miles apart from many other people that are just starting off.

Because really, you need to look for a mentor and if you don’t look for a mentor it’s gonna be very very hard for you just to learn about this stuff from just Youtube videos. Youtube videos are basically designed to not give you the full effect of what you would learn from solo one-to-one coaching. It does provide immense value to get you on one to one. To get the momentum going and get the right structures going. Once you join the program then you just quickly scale.

But yeah when I joined July 2020 it was mad because the next day, after joining, I was able to get my very first client. Which is absolutely mad you know I was I was literally just watching the training modules. The Hybrid Outreach Methods he teaches is absolutely insane. I joined and the very next day after I joined with them, I got my first booked call and first client you know so basically a hundred percent closing ratio. It’s been absolutely incredible.

The road to where I have gotten now. I’ve had so many hiccups along the way um you know trying to scale or you know trying different methods you know. Like for instance, when I was going after the roofing niche after jumping around different niches to find a lot of the best. The roofers didn’t congregate where I would like But you have to understand that one method would not suit all needs. One method will not suit all niches. In fact Josh teaches methods that suits 90% of the niches out there.

um just wanna fell on my my laptop because you know people did not respond to me et cetera and i basically hired a reputable agency to do my fulfillment which went terrible and you know it just gave me so much stress you know my girlfriend and i were just trying to think of what say back what to say back to all these angry clients you know because they were raging and it was because you know we were selling 2k per month like three six month contracts and you know these people were raging because the results were not there and it just gave me so much stress.

when i was getting threatened that how they’re going to come to my house take my money because they don’t even know where to live but somehow they know me and i brought around the connections yeah it makes sense but you know even just saying that it was just scary times which did not work for me and plus i did not really have a passion facebook ads so i did not learn it as much as i should have yeah and you’re actions speak through your passions and your passion speak through your actions.

However you want to say it. But yeah, then I dropped that in december because i really did not want to focus on that that’s when the contract ended that’s where the inauguration fulfillment agency went and you know all this kind of stuff but clients weren’t happy you know i wasted a bunch of months with these clients trying to figure things out if i remove clients but why would i hire more clients this represents believes you ain’t doing the work yeah um you’re basically just with some big bad results and bad name no wonder your name because everyone knows your name then and how bad you are and what you’ve done so really just focusing on you know your passion and finding out what’s been working for you because literally what i did mention is i was working with um another foreign euros per week and you know that was terrible you know the experience was amazing but getting a hundred dollars per week was not efficient whatsoever but this got you know that experience you know working with clients being able to design things learning my craft skills got me to where i am right now where everything i learned and i could you know i didn’t know there are four names i had no idea what to do with this yeah when i because i had that detail of what i learned about experience i was able to drastically and quickly implemented this into the business everybody now yeah that’s sick man like that’s that rant story that had so many golden nuggets in it and i don’t think you realize that how much value you’ve just provided everything from not knowing like how to do the or not knowing who to outsource the fulfillment to because that’s one thing that i see a lot of people doing nowadays right everyone has got this whole like vision of oh you’re not allowed to work in the business you need to be working on the business therefore we need to outsource all this like facebook ad stuff you know for as cheap as possible just to get it over with um and then yeah you know there’s so many people out there that are offering facebook ads as a service you know media buying as a service but they just don’t know how to do properly and if you as an agency owner don’t really have the of knowledge you don’t know if the media buyers are doing a good job either so you’re outsourcing it but you don’t know if that pay isn’t doing a good good job or bad and another thing you said there which i thought was really interesting is within the first day you got your first clients but it wasn’t until january that you sort of you know had that click you found the niche and from there it just skyrocketed and what i think you know everyone who’s watching this now really should take home is it’s not actually hard to get clients it’s not actually hard to get meetings booked but what you need to actively be searching for is what niche are you passionate about what niche fits your agency best and it’s basically that equation right like niche times offer equals results uh you need to find what you know your service that you are offering you need to find the right niche for that and be able to help that you know that niche out so when so obviously you had your first client after 24 hours but when did you get your very first real um funnel building clients okay for real um so like i said yeah so in january i started off so it basically got zero you wanted to learn from the industry exactly to my nature what i wanted to do because i was bouncing up and we were working agencies coaches or boats or consultants all this kind of stuff which is just not a great idea because just focus on one and just get better at that one yeah so uh yeah so then the next month that’s when i started my first few how to get plates and basically on the third of february three days into that once i was able to get my first appointment and then you know fast forward and then having the other days he was able to get more clients but fast forward and marriage was able to get 14 000 in one week which is absolutely the same because that’s nearly nearly an average you know salary there yeah you know so being able to do that it’s just absolutely insane because you know all of these successes all these you know roadblocks you have you know they will shape you to who you are now and where you want to go in the future because look if you’re trying to get into this niche as you know into this kind of agency world or you’re trying to scale you know you can’t be affirmed money because the money won’t get far you know like i said i was getting good money when i was on the advertising you want to do and just keep scaling because it’s as simple as that yeah no 100 man i really like that so january february is like for you like the actual like you know turning points how did you like what moment for you was like okay this is it i need to go all in on this niche because this is i’ve basically found my calling yeah for sure yeah so when i came to the culture niche um what i found out most of the cultures i spoke to you know when i’m prospecting or whatever my head i’m using you know they’re mostly just starting off looking to launch or trying to scale yeah don’t really in the middle if they’re starting off they’re zero figures you know if they’re looking to kind of wrap up their numbers you know they’re basically at you know four or five figures whatever other people you know they’re at six seven eight figures and all of them have one you know kind of problem or missing piece and i was having a serious critical system in place yeah plenty of them don’t even know how to get these appointments they just don’t even have a program to look off they have a program many other cultures say don’t use it don’t use a funnel which is the most ridiculous thing i’ve heard ever because why would you message me why would you have 50 you know 50 messages long messenger basically with someone else you know it doesn’t make sense um just send them to a photo that converts tell them that that’s exactly what we do go ahead and book the comments and the way you’re interested and then that’s it no it’s very very simple and plus these high ticket colleges there are minimum costs basically 2k and they can wait for two kids 10 get 20k again yeah so you know building a funnel for them to get you know clients it’s very very easy because i know it’s going to work out and i was going to be effective because i but my old formula was effectively when i was wearing ass too so it’s a it’s a very simple format to use it’s very easy to repurpose you know repurpose the knowledge i have yeah and just a quick side note for everyone that’s watching all of the lifestyle design funnels are rebuilt i should say by by daniel here so um i’ve noticed myself you know it’s it’s just the small little things that you add to a funnel that just completely improves the aesthetics makes it look less like your standard click funnels page as well yeah that’s that’s the worst yeah it kind of boils my blood right i’m talking just 24 7.

i just check out the funnels and they’re so like you know you can see when someone’s in a program where they have all the exact funnels the same exact layouts yeah their brand colors could be blue you know blue and red but they’re using the black and white type team it may you know it makes no sense whatsoever because someone’s gonna laugh about that page you know to get people not to bounce off the page it comes to visual representation you know it comes to how visual it is and how what it kind of follows your psychological mind how long they can stay there for yeah they’re not gonna have a pain to say you know oh this looks you know horrible or this looks good and then stay on it they’re gonna have to look through it they’re gonna have to visualize and you know it’s there’s a lot of things that comes in developing a funnel but if you’re looking at a cloaky old ugly look hey you know i know another person that says you know ugly photos no good ugly photos convert better or something like that which is again nonsense yeah and they gave me more the funnels put them side by side that’s good so with with uh so okay so you found your niche you know uh you found your offer as well within your niche what do you think about your perfect clients like what do you look for is it like personality a click is it understandable what is it yeah so they have to be you know businessman they need to know their direction because what’s the point of me making one for i’m not trying to make a repeat customer out of it you know if they just want you know as a business business side of things yeah they just want one funnel and they just want that one follow and they don’t think about making mastermind challenges or master classes or even a group from anything like that to make them scale even further then you know it’s not really it doesn’t really benefit me as much because i can provide value up front and do that one funnel if you want to truly scale it you know scale further i would recommend having multiple photos of multiple traffic sources just go into that one direct funnel yeah and yeah like i said it really comes down to how business minded they are and how relationship wise you know how easy though they are if they understand what they read more because i’m not here to teach but teach them about funnels i’m going to say this is what you need this is how we do it this is the price are you in or not you know yeah you know what a straight sport is possible because you know all this relationship building all this kind of all this lobby it isn’t for me i don’t really want it to be for me yeah you know even you know i understand you know you have to stand out even if you check my profile wait players i build the wallets you know that’s the cell i’m just trying to stand out i got personal cover when we just hold your wallet and then you know all this kind of stuff just to stand up because i see all the followers in the same image that have exactly the same layout of everybody else the photos and pages you know all the stuff that i just don’t want because again i want basically what i was trying to say is basically i want coaches to be able to once stand up be able to want to actually scale yeah be able to just focus on wanting to focus on many other things that can make them grow yeah well i think that like what you’ve just said there like um so when i started out i think a lot of others when starting out they do everything that the client says right and what you’ve basically said this no listen we’re doing things my way if you want to do it properly and if you’re not happy with that then you know we’re not the right fit like how much does that whole like sort of mindset [ __ ] mindset shift play the part in like your success oh man you know if you don’t have if you don’t have a mindset you don’t have a vision or you’re not gonna you know get any results how are you gonna say that laptop training prospects when you’re not even interested in what you do or if you don’t have the right to actually understand that it takes a lot of work it takes a lot of passion and great a lot of you know sleepless nights you know a lot of hours in front of people you know a lot of i was speaking so long i was learning your craft a lot i was listening to content watching content listening to all the you know experts you know this is the joshua for instance i spent hours on his youtube channel i spent hours in this program i spent you know hours on his coaching class i spent hours dming him you know any questions you know that’s you got to be able to you know have the mindset in order to get to that level like when you’re speaking about your vision and your goals you won’t have goosebumps on your hands with that shiver come with that that’s how serious you are about what you do and how much impact you are about and how much freedom you want in your life you know when i started off you know i always know get them their cars their cars you know my mother is still on about mercedes cla which i’m going to have to buy one of them you know you can you have to have that vision because if you don’t have that mindset down to a core you’re not going to be able to provide yourself the film that you’re looking for yeah 100 percent man couldn’t agree more and it’s funny because like everyone who’s in the program you know i’ll check in um obviously you know it’s it’s group coaching form we’ve got the group calls etc you know we’re in the the group mastermind but then every now and again i’ll check in with someone you know just out of curiosity how you’re getting on and like sometimes you’ll get um a standard reply from someone saying oh you know being a quiet week i’m going to get back onto it you know in the next few days and every time i message daniel it’s like oh yeah i’ve had 12 calls this week uh percentage of closing rates is x amount um you know the retainer that we’re focusing on is x amount and going forward we actually want to start charging more i thought like that whole that’s a complete different approach i think it’s proper like you know rolling up your sleeves getting your hands dirty mentality and just that yeah for sure when it comes to even like if you want to raise your prices you can’t just go from you know as high as the fight that was not the show yeah but you know i have it all figured out you know even when i speak to the joshua prices he was given all these different numbers i’m like god ah there’s so much you know i know a lot of people charge as much i can do the same the values up there and better um so i know i can provide it all by the way yeah you know even trying to keep these mental barriers not what my challenge is to what 12 10 is too long why can’t i do this why can’t i do that you know i’m just going to take it all for a second step outside of what you’re thinking about and see is this logical you know if you raise your crisis is the value going to decrease is your value going to increase and would it even matter because what your value is worth currently you know i can you know uh oh just just out there i’m charging is the 3k performer right now and up to a contract or whatever you know price amount um but you know i could easily right now change to well not right now i can change the five six seven performance basis yeah right now i have a strategy in place so i will do that and once i get a bit more following and i will do that once i have you know i’m working on that right now to provide more value so whatever i do times that price will be no brainer when you’re gonna make that here still offers they can’t say no um so yeah like i’m plus i have a bunch of testimonials trying to get more of them so once they do change that fight or 6k they’re not going to take twice because they check my phone check out the profile see their presence for trainings with value it’s going to be very easy and like you can’t have to do that without having a massive global background value you know like hey you can come across a conference over a call a potential you know roofing client right um but if you at the end of the day you can get you’re not going to challenge the 5k and expect no results to be asked on the top they’re going to ask for the results so if you’re standing up you know i recommend just be as confident as possible you know do things for free even if you don’t want to you know yeah it’s the worst thing ever was you know i build funnels at the start for free as well just to get a testimonial in term and to see how much value will provide any feedback you know and that right there is basically the type of client you’re looking for anyway so you know whatever feedback you get you know how to actually exchange that you know different words different kind of agreements whatever whatever you know whatever client you have common yeah um but yeah you know mindset if you don’t focus on your mindset you won’t get the results whatsoever yeah 100 percent man and you already slightly touched on it before but the consistency obviously you know is is another very very important aspect of it yeah like yeah yeah like if you don’t yeah you don’t if you don’t focus on like if you if you kind of wake up every day at the same step back for a minute if you’re a company if you want to be an abc owner okay or a full race you know wherever you want to be you know if you step forward business in general if you want to step back just for a second if you can’t wake up at the same time if you can’t have a calendar that’s designate your day-to-day life if you can’t uh you know point the actions every single day to get to the next level you will not get there simple as there’s no you know other version over you have to put the set a target every day this is what i want to do every single day and go overboard even every single day and then raise your targets every week how many follow-ups i’m doing how many you know emails are sending out people calling how many you know appointments are booking that’s where’s the new standard post something you know how everything you know you can be consistent with every single thing you do in your day to day to hit that next level because look consistency won’t come easy especially when you don’t see results which all right trust me i have had that to be slow um really yeah back to that mindset you have to break over that barrier or push through every single day in order to keep the consistent actions in order to get that consistent you know outcome you’re looking for because again without mindset you’re not going to get anywhere whether you’re starting out whether you’re even a six-figure person already if you’re not considering actions or because it reminds me you’re going to be so unfulfilled and so unhappy every single day that doesn’t even make sense yeah 100 ma’am i like you know obviously passion is a very very big and important aspect of it you know like you said if you’re not passionate about what you do it’s going to feel like way it’s going to feel you know it’s going to be hard it will be you know an upwards battle but with that said there’s a quote i read the other week which i thought you know that’s that’s correct because again you know i have a passion for paid traffic i have passion for marketing but there are you know there’s still going to be days where you’re just not up for it or you don’t feel like doing it and there’s a quote actually it might have been atomic habits where it was basically it was something along the lines of you need to start enjoying the boredom so just the like you said you’ve got a goal in mind and then you’re passionate about the goal but that doesn’t mean that you’re necessarily going to be passionate about every single day but you just need to you know put in the reps put in the work you know be consistent with it because you know if you want to achieve that goal you’re passionate about you know you need to you need to put in the way yeah yeah for sure like you want to be able to wake up and step into a zone in your house or your apartment in condo wherever you are you’ll be able to step into that zone you’re stepping into the office you know you’ve got to say once you step in your office it’s work time and you know it’s deep work in the mornings whatever way you have laid out is just work and work on what’s you know income producing activities that will actually you know shift you and actually improve yourself even if it’s health or anything like that just focus on what’s going to move that meaning forward every single day um because like you might come to my office right now you’ll have a clear desk and clean desk and books behind me as you can see a weird plant right there like if you look in front of me and you can see you know morning affirmations i have about 20 uh um you know i’ll list the 20 things i know every single morning and then i have a visual representation of what i’m looking for on each step to get there you know so for instance i have a goal i have a city i want to move to whatever apartment they wanted and the wedding i want you to have a destination i want everything like that just so it’s all stand so once i hit this i can do this scale everything except that was step by step so you know every day in the office what they’re chasing and to get there you know because when i was you know especially blind faith you don’t focus on anything whatsoever to actually progress yourself yeah man and what is the city what’s the city you want to move to it’s toronto canada ah that’s sick man yeah toronto is a really cool place i went there once yeah because i was looking at the rental prices it’s it’s up there yeah it’s gonna say they’re steep but yeah yeah man so then it’s crazy so so what is so obviously you know you’re absolutely crushing at the moment uh like i said like 12 is it 24k in march what’s next like what’s the rest of the year looking like yeah oh god that’s a great question yeah so really for the rest of the year um i have a bunch of things in place uh you know i eventually hired an agency tool not an agency but independent kind of business to you know train my future staff so for instance um i am onboarding or will i interview a few candidates for a title setting role which will be massive benefit to me because at this stage i don’t want to be doing an outreach as i am basically building referrals and growing your business better you can’t do anything like that yeah um so the main thing that will you know be forwarding quicker and efficiently and you don’t need a team to get to that next level so that’s definitely a big you know aspect of the component of this business right now um because it’s kind of different when it comes to follow building your ads because you know on ad funnels you have to spend a bunch of time playing and fighting and stuff but as you know you know when you do do it and it’s kind of like this type of system you can hear you just do the exact same layout for each year you click okay but if you have to for instance a funnel build they’re all different you have to decide to be different and you know all that so really yeah and then uh a sales threat and then you know as that scales fighting more pipe etcetera or skillshares or even votes you know there are some you know underlying overall the day-to-day operations all these things just to have you know but it means is team down to a perfect perfection basically this this this year and then at the same time you know overall play and spend get more appointments in while having the appointment center setting we didn’t have sales people close everything and then hiring more phone numbers onboard of course because again followers take a bunch of time so i’ll definitely more of them and then yeah really just keep moving and pushing forward with prices providing value being you know bigger in my name making myself stand a little bit more being the culture is really my goal in the culture you know i want everyone if they’re looking for a phone whether i want to just see my name or take my name just to know what it’s going to yeah that way it’s going to be that was a film framework yeah just that top of mind awareness for anyone who wants a funnel basically yeah man good stuff so just to wrap things up then what advice would you have for those that are just starting off with just like agency in general yeah well definitely your first step is stop watching youtube videos you know go ahead and invest in a mentor i would highly recommend joshua you know i won’t be where i am today without people where i’m just training because he’s provided so much value you know whether you’re on the coaching calls every week that you can usually challenge cheap capable coaching session for um before whether you’re just messaging one-on-one asking the questions you may have thought sort of probably will answer quickly and efficiently and in debt so that way you know how to actually you know go ahead onto a day-to-day task and keep moving forward without having you know to google things about watching youtube see how we’re going to do something with this question right there and plus if you’re born with a mentor you know that’s already made it and is where you want to go it’s just your it shortens the kind of the cycle all together because you know it it’s just you know you got to be able to invest something to learn something you know if you’re trying to learn a business you know run a profitable business you’re going to have to learn the business side of things you’re going to have to learn how to actually affect those business how to run these ads how to do everything and why would you learn that by yourself just invest that and you’re away with you know 100 times what you invested it and then you’re you as a person it’s getting you know better more efficient and then you just keep scaling and scaling so definitely you know if you’re adding a doubt joining joshua’s program you know or adding a program whatsoever if you’re watching this for if you like josh if you love josh when you watch his content you know don’t just sit there and keep watching youtube just jump right in because it’s probably the best investment you will ever make in your life yeah appreciate that man appreciate the kind words and i’m i’m in the exact same mindset you know um i recently or not recently it was december invested 5k into a coaching program as well just to see you know another aspect of digital marketing you know i’m consistently invested into coaching with regards to paid traffic facebook ads etc you know i just never stopped learning right and like you touched upon at the start of the of this interview you know youtube will only bring you so far because it’s free content and whether that is because you need skin in the game you need to invest into yourself to actually take action or like i said you know because the actual content is either behind the paywall or you know you just need to have like that one-on-one contact with you know a mentor um the free stuff can only get you so far like you really need to you know and if you take action like if you consistently work on it you know success is inevitable like you know it’s only a matter of time before you get there man january into a program and then say one year later in that january see where you are or say you’re looking at doing a program generally for your own site to join in november and you just waste all these powerful months you’ve got to have to scale your business so why would you be sitting right here watching this interview about where to go for it if you’re actually is something you’re interested in you know you’re just wasting time and again time is valuable right away when you stand up and scare me yeah man 100 love it and we’ll probably wrap up there on a high um thanks so much for hopping on um that was in terms of the questions for me any uh feel free to plug your stuff man where can we go for the you want to check out the funnels just check out uh footballs.

com uh follow me again just to stand out more yeah yeah and if you want to check out my facebook just check out daniela vs and again you’re probably thinking how do you spell that second air it’s just l-i-b-i-e-t-i-s and simple as that any questions you may have regarding you know josh’s program message you know it doesn’t matter i’ll you know i’ll let you know how everybody knows it etc if you want any you know tips whatever it is i’ll put in the right direction uh if you can get any help with photos or any questions whatsoever yeah i’ll just message that help you out yeah awesome and what i’ll do is i’ll link all your stuff in the description uh below as well if anyone needs funnels for them yeah man thanks for coming on and we’ll keep in touch.