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i mean why is your face like this why are you crying now your baby is crying what about your husband he called it quits and kicked me out of the house just because i couldn’t give him he called it a quit and kicked it out of the house because he couldn’t produce a merchant who are you telling that lies liar you don’t want to tell me what happened there but that was what helped with nothing else all those children are getting married even to rich men and are settling in their homes but my own will return with flimsy as kisses because he could not produce a male child of course i wouldn’t believe that i know you i know you very well in continuous until you are prepared to tell me the truth let me go to where i’m going to when i come back give that baby food i don’t want any disturbance who believe that you seem to be tired yes papa i want to go inside some kitchen be good okay don’t worry everything will be fine okay and uh i have been eating this life yes i have been nice you should be the only one that is there can’t you also ask me about beating i’ll to go to sleep huh what else do you want to hear from getting this night you are my daughter i cannot deny that fact but you see this your return it has set the hands of the one back for me you are asking me how have you forgotten how trouble some you are as a person have you suddenly forgotten how many times you fought with your stepmother who do you before you moved into a haircut she’s a room after he impregnated you you suddenly forgotten all that look you know i am telling you the truth and nothing but the truth who knows it is this your troublesome attitude that brought you back from your husband’s place now listen to me what i want to tell you is this that this room is not the same way you left it both of things have changed all right now i want to make a better use of you and to move so i want to warn you make sure you don’t contaminate them with this attitude do i make myself clear what happened why are you so handsome here i’d say i’d say to those stranger in this house you are a two-true stranger yes you heard me when a girl leaves his father’s house he becomes a foreign property yes he therefore does not have all the rights that she had before what you are now is a foreign property that’s what you are foreign property and you better use your tongue to come to your teeth foreign property don’t contaminate this hope would be a bad attitude foreign my father yes any problem no there’s no problem because that material i want to tell you something very important martina you want to tell me something what is it oh first of all sir i want to thank you for accepting me and accommodating me in your house for the past few days and uh are you going back to the city now sorry lisa i’m moving to a man’s house we are moving to a man’s house are you getting married yes sir marty yeah it’s like this your dancing is for something good yes of course martina here is getting married oh thank god a guy that just came to visit us for just few days few days now she is getting married martina i am so happy for you congratulations thank you sir oh my god oh my god it’s just that i don’t have money now you’re supposed to be popping champagne celebrated that doesn’t mean is this your husband from this village yes sir he is is he rich that’s so rich but to underestimate you mean your husband is a pensioner that means he’s a good man not really it’s about your age mixer who is this your husband does he have a name yeah sure what’s the name his name is mr rufus a camera oh oh man come on why is still brooding over this matilda issue eh i don’t understand why that mata is hitting you up you and i know that i’m not in good times with um rufus okay you know that what about that is matilda your daughter she is not but the message is that he saw her while she was staying in my house so unfortunate i for one i’m very happy that she’s eventually leaving my house into another place and our daughters are happy too so you should be happy that your so-called enemy is eventually taking away that burden of your shoulders so relax and be cheerful let me go and get your food i prepared you something special this time good afternoon what is it i i just i just discovered that my my babies are kind of finished and i came to ask him if he can give me so what is my business with that anyway i don’t have money in the first place i am not the one who drove me after my husband said i’m not responsible for that in any way now i don’t have money like i said so you better go and find out how to raise money to buy your daughter’s account or better still you can feed your daughter with the apple and offer that is available in the house after all it was what you were fed on until you grew to this level so there’s nothing wrong in feeding out with that one bitterly soup or whatever the one i just ate ah but this is your this is your grandchild you’re talking about hell but i’ve seen you dotting on in keru and maybe paying for taxes for them buying stocks for them and here i am to ask for just a token to buy a company common account for your own grand daughter and you’re sounding like this papa no problem god is watching yes and he’s also watching you in fact god has been watching you from the time you were dealing with donaikachi and he got impregnated that same god has been watching you have you asked him that same question indeed god is watching you i even offered you to eat up one the offer that is available let also god watch me on that holy [ __ ] now i’m warning you and i had the baby voice crying i came out i carried the baby i asked the kenny where her mother is okay he said she went to buy something for the baby the house was very hot i think that was why the baby was even crying in the first place we came out here to receive fresh air to see if the baby can stop crying kitty just burst in and start shouting at me that shouldn’t touch her baby again can you imagine that that serves you right you should know better not to touch her baby you can just say a wide animal don’t you know that mama you mean i should have left that innocent child crying without carrying her christ don’t kill babies rather it will help them agree you should have known that envy of what your father has been doing but that’s not enough reason for her to bring the innocent child into it that is the kind of commandment please i’m doing something in the kitchen so i want you to come with me alone we are happy today in the house of rufus okemah who just added a cup to his household if you know what i mean by that and rufus please call out your wife so we can bless and pray for them didn’t you tell her that it’s for prayers about what has come of you all of a sudden eh do you realize that this little stranger is not leading you by the rules why would you echo such such dignity we have come out and we’re here and she had the mouse to say that she’s tired she can’t come on it’s not because of her here i don’t know is this i heard that you fought with the movie true or false me first we do maybe papa who says so is that the answer to my question i asked you a question did you or did you not fight with the movie but i did not fight anybody you did not fight are you sure but i did not fight with anybody all right you can go back to whatever you are doing no no who came to tell you that i fought to do baby so you now want to force it out of me to tell you who said so is he not one come and force it out of me go ahead come on come and find out who i never told you the fault i said full anyway i’ll get back to you to get all the details look at you let me advise you when next you want to gossip about somebody you must be sure of that did you get it you must be sure of what you are saying yes thank you come on god call your mother for me thank you mama fake informant liar distributor of lies and for your information let me remind you because as if you’re forgotten i am and i will still remain the first daughter of this house and nobody and i repeat nobody can take that away from me okay but nobody’s contesting that with you so i just came to find out the problem you’re having with me and who are you to actually talk to a rubbish question er what is your business with the problem i have i’m having with you maybe or you are formed to fight me again this time say let me warn you let your side don’t deceive you let your side not deceive you in this house i’ll take you too much from you i am warning you now hi guys surrender mr what is it why are you staring at me as if you’ve not seen a beautiful angel like may before huh oh baras in our blood you won’t understand why but i’m always having this feeling that we’ve seen or met somewhere before excuse me me i’ve never seen a creature like you before in my entire life excuse me oh barack in our blood me yes excuse me please come in my head now upload hey my sister your mom told me what has been happening in this family my father is not setting a good example for you girls it seems you run around kissing after each man a spirit and choice for husbands i’ve been there twice as you all know look at me at my age i’m still living in my senior brother’s house because i took marriage she’ll be based on material wealth the two men i married showed me hell on it bronte what really happened i mean why did you leave your husbands you know at every point in time an already made man will make it clear to you that you weren’t there when the foundation was late so it’s better for us to go after men that we’ll talk with who start life with so that we don’t end up being a misery in our husband’s house because what marriage is based on material wealth you will not enjoy it that’s why so many women are in their husbands house dying in silence because of material wealth until i have a question for you what does it mean that all men are wicked no no no no my child is not the man it is also the women who are lured into marriages for the wrong reasons and we become the victim of circumstances that’s why people like me we are surely don’t because we entered into marriage for the wrong reasons and i don’t want you girls to end up like me you’re my nieces huh thank you auntie thank you thank you very much and to god forbid we will marry rich man and nothing will happen i pray so amen but even at that you guys should be careful in your choice of husbands i said come out i’ve respected you enough come on look at me look at me hey what they’re fighting quick people are fighting my woman i thought you were the poor punishment huh i asked you a question who and who are fighting sister sisters maybe sister may be smothered they are all fighting at home catching you you have come back look at you huh what is wrong with you i’m catching him why are you talking to me not on your life will you call my name without your mouth shut up you don’t talk to your other sister like that nine i think we better go inside and solve this problem we don’t want to attract any unnecessary crowd only like we fail look at you you must be very careful be careful because before you return to this house this house has no peace not that your back is quarreled all over look at you next time you try this nonsense i will deal with in such a manner that you won’t be happy he died that’s why you left your husband’s place yes black like this you just talk to me and what would you do i want to hear you again look at my younger ones raising their hands on me in your presence and you’re not saying anything say turning carry come on shut [ __ ] your wife oh yeah god do you have god no i haven’t touched him i will show you in this village good to see you thank god for this festival i wish i came for the festival i was saying for my husband where so where have you been on this while i came back that i’m not seeing my eyes i’ve been in those strengths of my life you know you guys want me to start moving around i like to have a baby baby girl very beautiful baby girl you know like mother like where are you going from here really can i accompany you to the market why not see for the past three days my question has been i’ve not been able to pay this no money for me to do it i’ve just been battling i’m battling so this is i asked her to give me two minutes let me put my noodles she said no they have to wait until she finishes cooking and you know i don’t eat a conversational food i don’t know how long that one’s going to take her to prepare for i will now cook my own noodles to eat i’m hungry i need to eat food please come on warn her you first have she come to the front with you your final one when all she does i don’t like all these complaints in this house you must learn how to accommodate who and what nine when all she does is to sit and be painting her nails can you remember the last time she cooked for you as a husband or is it a deal that our new wife our foreign wife should be sitting idle why would they see us we’ll be cooking washing cleaning the house for her is it ideal hey i have been here with you for a long time she is new at least she would have given her that benefit of doubt allow her to cook her into me she has to wait till i finish cooking the family soup before she cooks anything hmm me i’m very hungry i need to eat food i can’t wait darling it’s okay i will buy you pillows and stuff crazy what i don’t want christmas too if you want to buy me one buy me gas cooker that’s why we’re using the city isn’t that dangerous it’s not dangerous that’s what is look at you but foreign good morning ahem and then good morning how are you what is happening i mean when is your husband coming before i just spoke to him not quite long he said he’s trying to sort some things out to be coming to the country very schools that’s my daughter in fact i cannot wait to see my result in love i’m going to buy a new jeep before the latest model then build a new house yeah even wrong so that when you come back with your children from abroad you see we have to stay and we are the children we play around and do all these things even the people in this village my so-called enemies and everybody they will respect and regard me let me ask you did he send you any money why we knew why use your brain you are the wife are you supposed to know how he spent his thousand dollars you should know tell him to send money for you i’ve heard you papa i’ll ask him to send me some money good behave like your father in fact there is this design in my brain about the new house you know we’re going to build this place is going off this one is going up we are going to study to prepare can yes please let that is housed oh then we build it the house is going to be like this then the car park here so that people will see my car you know they are going to fancy for the flowers the stereo decoration exterior okay so thank you very much for the outing and for the morning you know we’ve been friends for a long time and before you left me and i got married and ever since then i’d be so so alone don’t say that hey that reminds me how about that indian song you used to sing for me do you remember i still remember it but i’m not for today okay i promise the other time i’m going to sing for you okay okay all right it’s been a long day i promise i’ll sing for you okay okay all right all right okay i will see you okay no problem take care of yourself what was this apple you know the way you are eating these noodles i mean i’m enjoying every bit of it you’re eating it with such dignity and passion it’s sounding like your daddy anyway what are you looking like on both of you several words oh virus in our blood you mean it captured you with such words or was that how it got you for that man to have captured on a cutter like you i mean he’s a genius at restaurant it’s too much let’s find your business you can’t even call excuse me choice honestly i keep wondering why i accepted that because i’ve not seen the guy i don’t even know if i would like him what if the guy sees me and don’t like me hey look at what you are saying who would see a beautiful sweet angels like you and say you won’t marry or won’t like you stop saying all that except if that person is insane or blind but let me tell you this even sometimes insane people mad people evil would recognize sweden just like you just you see what he said damn naked yeah do you know that chief madoka has been taking charge of all these vehicles that we’ve been using oh really he just cared from the chatter yes i thought it was you no i wasn’t the one even though i started it the return he took over from me and then continues he even promised to send a car and the driver for your usage wow that’s nice of him oh yes that is the power in beauty papa stop flattering me stop flashing me you made me proud do you’re not sleeping no i’m not sleeping why is anything the problem yes it’s time your friend’s wedding i told you about at this wedding is for this weekend and i’ll be needing some things for the wedding but you told me the wedding has been postponed yes it is now for this weekend now but it’s so sudden rufus it’s not something new four days from today is no sudden today is tuesday i need money so i can prepare for myself my friends already know they paid your pension yesterday you think i don’t know are you surprised i saw your pass book yesterday night in our bedroom when you were sleeping so that was how i knew they paid your pension so are you giving me the money or not beautiful all right all right i’ll give you the money my darling dolly and i want to join you too let me call you let’s go to my room first my god is this a mistake why am i so subjected to every desire and demand of matilda could it be love infatuation or lust everything she does is okay by me even to the detriment of my family just this morning i gave her 40 000 naira to buy her shoes and dress for her friend’s wedding and i’m yet to give any of my other two wives money for their own words oh god i’m asking for your help and freedom from this web that i push myself into why are you in this mood anyway i came for the morning astral and you promised everywhere i don’t have any money and i’m begging you in the name of god please leave me alone so your new foreign wife has milked you isn’t it have you realized the means you walked into were you not the one looking for a baby girl went and put in your nemesis now you are just here sitting by yourself thinking you better start thinking if you don’t run back into that house right now you’ll be very sorry for yourself m i love it you have such a wonderful voice just like before thank you um do you really think it’s nice for us to have enough fire don’t you no why because we’re somehow related and come off it come off it because we come from the same climb does not mean you can have an affair okay okay those things are of the past they are yesterday they are gone okay come on i wish i can believe you i really wish i can believe you but you know i’m i’m scared i haven’t gone through a lot lately let’s just be where we are okay thank you listen to me i love you what am i going to do about that stop saying such now please i can only enjoy your your care your your singing please what do you want you want me to sing for you some more do you want me to sing again i wish i had the question but i really have to go home now my video will be time right now no you don’t have to walk me here thank you so what kept you so long where have you been went to look for pancras i should be crying now listen to me when nest you want to go out you must go after this baby you don’t leave your husband’s place to come back here to reduce me to a babysitter now take this baby in feed her properly and make sure that she goes to bed what are you sure ready look at you shameless girl all your mates are busy getting responsible rich men as husbands but you will not huh i even allowed the ordinary corporate ordinary army officer that came visiting me that got you impregnated to marry you thinking that he’s going to use a military diligence he is putting you into shape yeah nothing is happening you abandoned the young man and came back home here to be messing around huh look at you you look at all the men in this community that you follow even though you are returned it’s ordinary or academic okay do you want to suffer all your life is it not better for me why won’t you have mercy upon your life i am thank you very much what is your problem i don’t even there ask her that stupid question because we have had it up to here listen let me tell you we have bought that personality for too long and for me what was it to even react that means that the issue has gone too far we are always as well remember we even came here before how yes then why would you really get us to the background for us to suffer why are you doing everything for her let me tell you you want to equal right we have very good here if you don’t give me this thing i her what is it that is in her that we don’t have a boss say go agree okay hey is it this thing this front padding on the back buddy we have it in photo what do you want what does you want what does you want nonsense we need a clean document uh anything married to make you fresh don’t you know that today’s e-waste so sweaty t-neck okay how could i have forgotten let me hurry home and prepare i’m coming you here we better are we finish ourselves you don’t want i’m not in the mood for any outing today all right what about america would you want to see him since he’s coming around today i’ll see him later in that case take good care of yourself okay oh where are these boys where are the boys are we they are keepers or don’t you know what today is airplay and ongoing i’m asking both of you who deflected my tires man why are you asking us or did you see any spanner or screwdriver in our hands no one kid never one oh so it’s your plans isn’t it just because i have decided to go to iguayson’s wedding with mohammed and you people think you can stop us by deflecting my time it’s a lie it is a lie don’t mind them we will go there with keke huh take a nag i’m sorry my rufus butter like me come with me so you edger i rather sit at home and wait for you but but that darling is just rufus just what how can i fly you okay can i pay too you’ve got some sweating it’s not possible now ah look at me now my lego’s chick name is ah and i just want to like me i cannot pay please do for us mikko hey better you go when you come back you meet me i’ll be waiting for you hey look at this useless woman hey welcome to a hot spot see inside look at my dress i know i don’t want to go today oh arrogant and proud what do you expect for such a young man under that affluence a man that has it all you know what do you expect born in such a big family that has money he should be proud and arrogant so but i want you to forget that side forget his pride and arrogance on them let us look into what’s what’s on the inside you give what i mean papa yes it beats me when you talk like this how can you say a thing like that it seems to hold money as a parity more than anything well um idea i wanted to listen or listen very attentively see money money is very very important in your life yes it covers all things very very essential covers all interests in life when you have it things will be going slowly well i am telling you even the bible you read confirms that there’s a portion in the bible that says that mourning and separates everything all interests in the bible book of life so my dear um he is stinkingly rich he has money talking about the mecca mecca has money he has properties he has them everything and you have education so what else can you see where i’m going to so you must try to love it i have been i want to go to bed good night i’ll talk to you tomorrow all right but i also want to know the business opportunity don’t let it sleep who my dear what have you come to do in my company what is it why are you here i came to deliver something to your house and now you can answer my greetings now must i answer your greetings is it by force that i must answer i agree it is you keep it to yourself give it to yourself not the fact that you are not in good times with my father’s name you should not answer my greetings keep your things to yourself you think i don’t know why you are here do you think that i don’t know your secret moves my daughter getting here you think i don’t know that me yes you now let me warn you stop because what you are committing is called incest right you are the same clan with that for crying out loud if your senseless father has forgotten to tell you all that i am not telling you don’t follow my daughter around you are committing incest anyway um it is true that i am not in good terms with your father but if it is ordinary visit you can visit our since you’re the same kindred and clan what what is it that you brought for her just some little things i brought forward from kitchener it’s a gift for you it’s just some some little provision and a piece of paper ah okay let me keep it for you now you heard me get out get out because this time i see you around and catching you i am going to cut you come on get out get home look at this what hey don’t you have respect for your father’s privacy babe look let me tell you there is no such time to wait for these priorities i need money money for what now for those things i told you about now i don’t have any money on me i don’t have a dime some money from me what is it now will you stop that i said i don’t have money me too am i spending some money from your dad you have to wait till till i get some money from him second sort it out i’ll apple you the first time okay for what’s not to tell you don’t feel me don’t feel me this boy is so stupid i feel like strangling him to death i want you to wander the drunk of your son to desist from coming around my daughter because i am going to cut down his manhood for him warn him what nonsense are you talking about mr [ __ ] which of my son is after each of your daughters excuse me let me come back here how dare you walk out of me when i am talking to you what is the meaning of this you got mad i can see that this your military mentality is actually affecting your brain your rufus so you are the one who is trying to spoil my reputation in this community ever you are the one by sending your son to continue to commit incest with my daughter you are mad who is mad you okay want to die i’m sorry i’m really disappointed oh you took so much gum fight in the public place i’m sorry too i vote publicly hey hey stop there where are you going i want to go and buy something down you want to go and buy one come on get inside get inside you fool anybody else send like a little gun buy all the all that you needed to buy tell them to come go and buy it you think i don’t know what you are doing do you look at you want to sneak out of this compound to start looking for that boy again that’s fight my warnings only believe there is that’s what she is injured it was because of you that i fought yesterday on the road you are not even useful in this house or 40 cents are you to me no you guys answer me of what that sense are you why would you be called my daughter yeah look at look look at look at him sister very soon she will be settling down with a very rich boy a mecca manuka who is based in south africa you will see it you will see it in getting yellow if you are here you are not going to see battalion looking for someone to impregnate you again come go go inside let the killer buy whatever i’m only regretting that your mother is not alive your mother would have produced god will punish that guilty government and i’m still going to hey take it easy making it easy now hey look at this very waste we are managing with with our foreign cool wife who is she going to cope will you shut up and massage my waist no don’t just don’t just tell me to shut up don’t just scare me because i did not send you to go and fight and this guy is not taken i will leave this for your your foreign sorry sorry sorry continue go down which one so she got married to be honest why because i know you’re not in good times to the husband so i don’t know what kind of reception i’ll get when i get there uh yeah correct and please i want you to check on her i want to know how brute force is coping with the girl or the body now transfer to him because that’s her friend martina she’s a body to wherever she goes to you know how much we are actually complaining and suffering here while she was with us so i wanted to know how the force is actually suffering from her please you have to go there and check and then you report back to me okay well why is he that important to you i’m not really can i go now you promised you would do it i promise do it is me i want to go to the market so i have come for the money i won’t give you up to that amount because right now in this house i am very short of money what does that mean i don’t have money what does that mean you asking me what does that mean i said it is not wrong don’t just give me that rubbish don’t take it how can you be dulling out money for your foreign property matty and you expect me to swallow your excuses you say like won’t happen just let me ask you what is the problem this is the smartness he hasn’t had on on her chest this is no big blow blown size 50.

that is the problem to go back oh you have grown so thick that you can step before me and talk to me anyhow because truth is very bitter yes it is you who have gone out there to bring in an ant infested wood into the house and you have invited the lizard for the feast so appear it this is let me carry my cops away this is how much you’re giving me yes for the whole family this is what i have but something has been boiling my mind for a while now huh what is it i don’t want you to get upset it’s just that i’m curious about the money that i’ve been giving you for the various items you told me you wanted to buy but somehow i don’t get to see those things and the money involved is the light source what do you want to hear that i have been lying to you or probably i have some someone outside that i’m giving money to matty please don’t get me wrong i just it just works i have someone that i’m giving money or i’m lying to you tell me what is it now if you’re tired of giving me money please let me know second lets you go right darling i never said i’m tired give me your money but it’s just that when a man doesn’t see the evidence of what he spends he start to feel very uneasy meaning i’m lying to you oh i mean cheats because i don’t understand you what do you want i don’t give to you you want it front you have it you want it back you have it this is my condition in this my condition you’re accusing me wrongly your force is not good my god will judge you hey darling how can i how can i accuse you wrongly okay i’m sorry if i did hurt you i want to promise you one thing from now on i’ll make sure that you’re happy make me happy and what kind of guess is that a man you don’t even know yet you need to know him look the level of love that the man has on the wife can make him by the entire clan of the girl cast each of them one one card now that my own son-in-law is so rich i’m talking about buying me a car he will do more huh you will yes well but that’s true but guess again one more guess okay i know phil is coming so now tell the rest of your sisters everybody must come out including your mother we have to tell you peter you heard me and go and take part the painter to come and start painting the compound immediately okay is and collect me the sample of their [ __ ] before her daughter’s wedding oh my wish mama maker is that chief mother car’s wife mama chief of medical’s wife the popular chief of medical we have in this town which of our daughters is getting married and you form they want to stay in america oh my god but she’s a lucky girl very lucky and what about that has sony mecca is he married america no no do you want to marry him my axe out hey mama anybody would be happy to be married in maduka’s family now i don’t mind be careful make sure you don’t tell your father’s life please run very fast go and collect me the sample of the attribute immediately come on please now just allow me finish this game okay i’m winning okay let me just finish it i’ll go okay when you come back don’t worry let me hold this for you okay if it is the clothes i’ll be washing this for you no more go with her go away listen listen listen i hope you’re not going there with me because of my mecca if you’re going down with me because i’m like sit back and do what you’re doing i usually make our way like this okay what’s that you mean a maker came home for this festival and you did not know papaya came oh he came home and you said you saw the great girl’s daughter in his vehicle with him yes now i saw her i saw her sitting even right beside america it’s always been right beside america so he has forgotten so soon how close both of you were before you left for the city ask me no no no no no america cannot be dis-forgot from her they can’t forget the past papa i just told you that i saw a mecca not just that i saw a mecca i saw mecca with you the girl’s daughter and you’re telling me that you should get a gas drug to barge into a cast life just like the stranger she is i don’t know him don’t bother yourself how we get to the root of this go and sleep and relax yourself thank you papa good night please don’t let this bother you okay oh what have you come to do in my company listen to me i came to warn you to run your useless daughter and kill you or whatever she is called to take care of it make a madoka america america is meant for my daughter and i’m warning you for the last time wait wait wait wait wait um okay so you have nothing doing this early morning nothing useful for you to do other than to come to my house and issue warnings to me and give you the last warning for your useless daughter or your useless family okay good morning keep it to yourself i said keep the good morning to yourself and i want your daughter one of your useless are you you if ever i see you now i may come out okay again what i will do to you hey do you know what you are you are a compound fool a very strong complete injured while you are useless at the staircase from your mechanic you are not serious you are the one that is useless girl what do you have akara kumasi you remain congo can you imagine a stupid man this man is a useless man hopeless idiot yeah you think everybody is like you useless driver don’t mind him today you remember thank you he’s a mad man he is you will continue to see a maker he will not do anything nothing i have been beating him from a fancy i’m aware i know what to how to deal with this for you yes what is on my way here i saw i was eating kimroo or her sister inside his jeep driving along the road i also remember seeing them on different locations i’m just upset i’m waiting for the writer to destroy their relationship why you need to save the way my father my father favors that injury more than anyone in this house just because she went to the university and gives him money you really need to see the way he just made himself you will not even believe that just because i’m keeping friends should be one of our clown boys he has gone there to fight with the boy’s father wait a minute was it a fight between him and nazia kimba that fight really caused a headline using this community i even needed an account of you and your boyfriend that led to their fight okay which is oh before you’re here you sent for me um my daughter you know you are my first daughter and i have your interests at heart first i want to appreciate the way you and your sisters always respect my views and opinion about things in this house i appreciate that quite a lot and i want to advise you though it could be very painful but you have to live america madoka what yes papa what did you just say that i should leave america i know i encouraged you and i planned with you to go for him yesterday just yesterday i saw him and i wanted to sort this out with him the way he treated me i mean you needed to be there to see the way a maker treated your own father it will show you that okay and the daughter have used something spiritual on him something diabolic on him oh yes do you know that they make an evil spirit dust on me a mecca the look in his eyes exactly the same look that the devil had the day he bombed america hi very reddish so you need to leave him and get yourself another man should we just back out like that just like that no we’re not backing out just like that uncle joe the god’s goes what i find it most forwarded here she retreats it moves toward other traits when you retreat then you have to get a strength plan aristotle’s and you move again and go for the fight good job by the way america is not the only rich boy around we have more handsome guys more rage and you don’t need to kill yourself about him all that boys will come for you you have all it takes to get a good husband so you have to leave a maker go and get yourself another boy go out there go and get another rich boy super rich good day and get yourself a husband that guy does not love you who told you i said go rolling action you’re not looking very careful i need money what do you need money for i’m doing for tonight okay i need money to buy my cream i need money to look good rufus i need money to do a whole lot of things let’s go inside so i’ll write down my knees for you okay my referral hey hey listen guys phil is on his way coming here so let’s be a little bit patient for him please i said it i say he will come in fact let him delay the whole day the middle of the night we will remain here waiting no leave talk to our faces me uh why are you crying here we come why would i cry papa and why would you do this to me it’s not fair now there are drama but he has not said he’s not coming again i just wait definitely come to me i’m sure you’re getting the correct directions everything papa i will test the address to you again now then you relax it will soon be here we are waiting but it’s taking time look at the timeline it’s taking too much time the important thing is that he must come here today hmm so are we still expecting the heat that is come on come on pop come on pop i’m i’m phil pope i’m phil i’m representing from the united states you know how it is what i saw in that picture you are not oh come on pop you know how it is it’s phil represented from the states hey come on take some chew pills baby hey come on who’s nandy manager m okay shut up only if you promise to give me a piece of meat today don’t be an idiot don’t be silly do you even think that you’re still a baby come on open your mouth and tell me what to hear what did you hear and papa i heard that a creep who came to mazzy okay’s house ended up in a fight with the with the family the following morning they took the trip to the police station and again that uh daughter that the creeper came to look for she ran out of the house till today they’ve not seen her or chipotle this is an interesting news a [ __ ] went to mario kk’s daughter and the script would eventually ran away the people ended up in the psyche there oh they thought they were broody people drew police they shot before this is a good news but i will not comment on this and the camera that went to the market because i know that they are going to obtain first-hand information for market yes where did you hear this one this morning oh yeah give me the title maybe you have to go out and get your own information yourself since my own is not genuine as if i have the time hope they are completely you lost what now since i’ve got my is today you’re coming to visit me forget that one see you need to have been there to see namdi is your first elder brother claiming to be a few from america yes sir in your house you can’t spoil the game my work no no no no no matty is it funny why are you laughing no you can’t marry a crippled man now you are married not my sister my other husband is enough for me it’s not funny it’s not fun if you see the drama on that day and do you know the worst part of it the fool came with your first guys laughing again doctor this story is very interesting you mean all this enough in your compound wow there’s a lot of slimmer in your house you know trust my father now my father went to seize the khakis so if you haven’t car now yes what is the car owner no it’s not no no it’s not fun but it’s not funny it’s not funny hi that’s my sister’s opponent i feel for her yes this young guys trying to deceive all this is really bad what is internet frost if you stop living a history about me why i keep telling i did not such thing then what do you want me to do what do you want me to do come on i mean this girl was culture of what she told me she said she knows you too well i mean she knows you in and out i mean the most annoying thing is if you are still denying if not my own face and mega it is and what what if it is not this girl was so much ready to swear with the baby she was carrying that she knows so much about you and she was telling me the truth honestly even at my face you are still lying come on send me those [ __ ] don’t care excuse me what is it i want to bring down this building who is who’s there mecca don’t even patronize me what is it did you just slap okay troublesomeness she has started again why should she be fighting my children almost every time if one catches an animal she must be kept where animals are kept in the zoo honestly i have to do something about it i’m sick and tired of all this rubbish i have been handling this issue before you interrupted me i’m sorry yes it is now very obvious it’s now very very clear to all and sundry but you have not changed from your old ways you have trouble somehow how can she change back in the outward darkest in the n-word how can she change barack woman and judy look at her putin trouser because what do we call it because otola festival is attacked about it is very very wrong of you to have leave this house and go to kill there would be husband and started seeing unprintable things yeah accusing her unnecessarily what is wrong with you can we call this envy or sheer wickedness but if i should ask you why do you hate me so much am i not your first child in this house is it because my mother is no more or probably because i do not go to invest like in kiru here god knows if you have sent me to the university i would have done better than that than kiran or sister here can you write me you’re laughing at me but i’ll be relegated to the background just because inquiry and her sister are the favored ones in this house because they buy you things i’m not unfortunate that is why you catch me in this house right in kira my sister will have the liberty to go out and enjoy their freedom meanwhile these are my genius but this is not fair it is not fair i’ve always advised you to listen to yourself each time you talk why wouldn’t i love them they are good children in the first place nobody stopped you from going to school oh yes you just decided to choose the way you want to live yeah just that a small officer visited me and he decided to park here tents and follow him and along the line he got herself pregnant decided to plead with me to allow me to marry him he said okay since you are this daughter go after the man get get married what have i not done for you before this was i not paying you your school fees you tell me decided to go a shower away not marry you don’t even want to marry you left your husband and come back home see this one will not contain two of us it will never take it from me look at you all i am telling you is this you wronged your sister and killed one and i demand that you must tender or reserved apology yes otherwise this house will not contain two efforts but i cannot apologize to anybody because i do not know anybody anything i apologize for what now just like that i’ll just comment just for what i do not it’s not telling me oh i just wanted to show them that i still remain the first child of gogetiga in the house my sister the humiliation is too much now i can’t drink drink water and drop what is it you know what i heard it was like a festival they we’re just slapping everybody left right center up down you know trust me again i should have to see him as i am talking to you now i’m out for everybody in the house i will show them as in october they want it i’ll give you today listen now that you’ve taken your rightful position in the house you don’t have to allow anybody to like intimidate or even humiliate you from where they won’t come from i said i’m out for all of them in the house enough is enough you know they hear me enough is it no i’m out this is the first step now we are going over to the second stage which one is second step baby you don’t know what the second stage is second stage is like fight to finish does it you fight anything that stands in your way you fought yourself you mean i should fight evil my father my stepmother fight everybody listen my dear boots lizard goats cats anything that is crawling don’t anybody just come here you guys just fight them and show them you are the real first daughter of gidega in that case you go help me out just call me all right that’s the timing i good for another one i’m fine papa are you okay yes i am good i’m good what about you i’m fine about i’ll be going back to the city tomorrow why why why so soon otola festival is not yet over or are you not enjoying it anymore i’ve had enough trouble and shock that weren’t my going back i just came to inform you they said kai gas to debut everywhere just dry nothing no channel they say anything i got me hey hello handsome i remember me no not at all are you sure no not at all this hotel this week is uh so hi everyone know now oh so you skipped school to go and play ball at your age no papa we are only these now you’re on holiday are you sure yes papa wanna get me a calendar oh come help me carry this rice inside with you i do know i was in my room all of a sudden i just heard somebody ready ready i decided to go and investigate when i look out from the window blue and before there was martial vomiting vomiting and i asked myself how can can a woman and at the be time before meeting after the years of pregnancy she’s pregnant maybe it’s symptoms of malaria a woman cannot be pregnant twice in the same period that will be one of the wonders of the country all right i felt i should bring my observation to your notice it’s like how did you know i heard my mommy telling my dad about it yesterday really yes what are we going to do about this has my father asked you anything yet no not really why do you ask our best bet now is for you to abort this baby and that is it and after what you tell him you tell him you have miscarriage huh he’s a player now goku and to walk why do you want to give my baby to my father it’s my baby for god’s sakes it’s my baby and i want you to have bought it afterwards you tell him the information you have then was as a result of fever tell him something do he do if only you did not demand sex from me all this would not have happened huh now you want me to get myself with an abortion huh i’m not ready for abortion i’m not really i’m not going to do an abortion at all my dear listen listen my dear that’s just our only bet nothing else i’m out of here come on i need to come back here come back here it’s me are you together you say dude all that money you betrayed me you weren’t sleeping with my son look at you impregnating my wife oh my god let him delay the whole day the middle of the night we will remain here waiting no leave touch our faces now so why are you crying here we come where would i cry papa and why would you do this to me it’s not fair now there are drama oh he has not said he’s not coming again hey just wait it’s definitely come to me i’m sure you’re giving the correct direction everything papa i will test the address to make it now then you relax it will soon be here we are waiting but he’s taking time look at the time now he’s taking too much time the important thing is that he must come here today are you here who we are waiting for how are we still expecting the heat that is come on come on pop come on pop i’m i’m filled pope i’m phil i’m represented from the united states you know how it is what i saw in that picture you are not oh come on pop oh you know how it is it’s phil represented hey hmm is just shut up me me oh me oh are you crying here we come where would i cry papa now why would you do this to me it’s not fair now the other one oh yeah he’s not coming again time look at the time now it’s taking too much time who we are waiting for how are we still expecting the heat that is come on come on pop come on pop i’m i’m phil pope i’m phil i’m represented from the united states you know how it is what i saw in that picture so this is is with your elder brother it wasn’t a pleasant one maybe yes can we talk about smaller thing please why no seriously why why sounding like this you see nominees my other brother told you earlier but he likes women and alcohol [ __ ] he’s crippled what can he do that boy i’ve seen you say graduate tour i used to visit graduates ah i mean i’m living in a community boy he’s a graduate where he refused to walk he’s always chatting with girls when you’re in college you know what every time that you see he’s just there gazing like a fool with all these others he’s a lover you can imagine that i can imagine sweetie but the fact still means that he’s your other brother he’s crippled he lives with you so my love he still remains your responsibility let me please come just drink and what about his case please oh foreign um my foreign foreign me you.