Course Income Secrets - #354 How to Earn Commissions on Click eCourse platform?

May 7, 2021 16:48 · 6498 words · 31 minute read

Hey my friend! Jean-Serge Gagnon here today we’re going to talk about setting up your account on Click eCourse so that you can get your commissions right I’ve been working on something in the last couple weeks and one of the things is that um I’m I’m promoting something through the Click eCourse platform and I want to make sure that everybody can get their links set up so that you can get your commission on that and I’m going to show you how to do that for those that are part of that but also it’s basically anybody who’s got an account on Click eCourse how to set it up so that you can get the commissions and how all that works so we’re going to talk about that in just a second but first this So the real question is this: What are the strategies, techniques and tools that you need to learn to generate residual income from the e-learning boom that’s happening right now? My name is Jean-Serge Gagnon and welcome to Course Income Secrets… so earning income is definitely one of the things that course income secrets is all about right earning commissions in on a platform on promoting other people’s courses and other people’s stuff so right now we’re actually putting on a virtual summit it’s going to be recorded and you know yadda yadda I don’t want to get into that too much but I’m going to show you how somebody who’s part of that can promote it and get a commission but you got to set up your account you got to have the right you got to go through the right process and all this stuff so we’re going to talk about how to do that but before we get to there I want to make sure that if you’re listening to the audio because this is also a podcast you want to make sure you go see the video and the blog post at cis354.

jsgagnon. com to go check out the video and the blog post because I will be sharing my screen I’ll be showing you how to do all this so let’s get right to it let’s share the screen I got my webcam right over here so you got an email from the Click eCourse platform there are different ways to get to the platform but we’ll just show you the beginning so if you get an email like this you’re gonna have a link where you can access directly so I actually went through a funnel that got me this email all this stuff and say you start from there let’s start from there you click on this it opens up the tab to the platform right it opens up the tab goes to the page that you’re saying it also has your password here in the url oh well you can’t see it in that video but it takes you to the particular place that you know the promotion or whatever so this is basically one of the this is a summit we’re putting on right now so you can see right now I’m in there I’ve got an account if I click on this little person up top it shows me all the different things that you got to do but you if you want to if you click on this share this course you’ll see right here it says user 259 you can actually share that just by either copying it here to your clipboard and then you can send it an email paste it or whatever if you click on share again you can click on either any of these it’ll open up a share a share for that platform right so Facebook there’s Facebook there’s Twitter there’s LinkedIn and Pinterest right so it basically shows you this you can say hey I’m I’m in this I’m I’m in this whatever right so you can do that and the only thing I caution you sharing a link directly to social media platforms is actually not the best way to do this but it’s there because that’s what all the websites have as a way of promoting but that’s that’s one of the things so you can do that for all these you can do that for all those now now that is sharing it you’ll get people in the platform so whenever they if you let’s just show you here if I go to an incognito window which is basically a window that doesn’t know I’m logged in and I paste that in there right uh you’ll see that it goes right back to Click eCourse with the virtual summit link and there’s no there’s no um there’s no little person up top it says login right so your friend right your friend that you send that to they’ll be able to log into ad or they’ll be able to register right so when you click on login here um it will show you log in with Facebook with your user there and or maybe you can put an email in there to register but what you can tell is if I click on register because you’re not logged in so let’s register instead right you can see right here it says that it you were referred to by whoever right that would be your name when your friend goes there and then they can register an account and they’ll be kind of referred by you so if I go for example here let’s actually do that let’s do that I’m going to register another account and I’m going to use email and password because I don’t so cis354 at fxos.

com and I’m whoops whoops what did I do I pressed the wrong key what is that okay let’s do that again oh what where did it go there it is okay so let’s do that I don’t know what happened I clicked a key or something okay so I click on register right here that lets me uh it sends an email to my to so this is my friend right let’s say my friend is registering this is kind of showing you how the how the process works for your friend so they’re going to go this they’re going to get an email if I go back to my email here I’ll see because it’s the same email right I’ve got an email here that says your activation link on click ecourse you’ll get an email like this or that your friend will right because we’re talking about your friend right now your friend will get a link like this I’m just going to take this because I want to open it in the entire anyways don’t worry about that part so I go in here and I open up a new tab with that link and now it’s going to say that my account is activated so that’s my friends account right so now you see this is my friend now if I go to well you can’t okay let’s go back to the other one so now my friend is in there and uh the yeah so that’s the thing so we I gotta fix this process a little bit because right now what it’s doing is it’s taking me just straight to the page so how do you find that course again right so I’m going to have to fix that so it’ll I’ll make it so it goes back to this page and it says it says that you can log in now if I reload this page now because I have this original link now it’s logged in and it’s showing me add to your library right and you click on that that will add to your library I actually have an update that will make it go straight to that page again if I go back to the page now this is not how it’s going it’s going to go like this it’s going to take it to them and it’s going to show that they have it and they can start they click the start to here they’ll be able to go straight to each of these videos and then as the summit in this particular case the summit as the summit runs there’s going to be more more videos added each day right but for now that’s going to have work so you’re in there now okay so now you’ve got your friend that’s got that’s been that’s in there that has access to this free account I mean you didn’t make any money you’re not going to make any money by having somebody have a free thing right but the way the platform works is that now this person here this new this friend that used your link is now under you as a reference it’s you’re tied to them right so if they buy something on the platform which in this case of this summit there’s going to be a vip pass so if they buy something in the in the platform you’ll get credit for it because you’re the one that referred them right so if I go back to my um over here yeah if I go back to here and I go to my account so this is this is your account right you can click on referrals down here yeah we see it okay and that will show you the list of people who have registered uh with your link right so in this case you see there’s only one because this is just a test account if I go back to my personal account there’d be a bunch obviously but um so that’s that’s how you can ti how they can tie together now the thing with the the platform is if you look on plans right now they’re on the free plan which doesn’t really matter to you other than the fact that if they decided to upgrade their plan you would get commission on their upgrade as well but if we’re just talking about say a uh a um what am I looking for if we’re talking about a course or a summit or you know something that you’re that they would buy not a course and whether you whether yeah let’s sorry let’s back up so no matter how you generate income you need to go through the affiliate process because otherwise we won’t be able to pay you so that’s very important that you do that plus you want to look like somebody who’s set up your account you don’t want to look like some nobody with no profile picture right so what you want to do is you want to go here well actually there’s there’s information down here there’s an affiliate link or even under more there’s affiliate or down here you can go to affiliate there’s a but you know there we want to make sure that it’s easily findable so that’s why we put it a bunch of places let’s go to more affiliate right here so that page kind of explains what the affiliate program is how much you can earn how the different plans work right so if you’re if you’re on the extreme plan on the professional plan whatever it kind of shows you how much you make so these obviously aren’t guaranteed there’s no guarantee income is not guaranteed this is just what is possible I have to say that there’s a legal thing right you know about those things so there’s rules in terms of service and the way you become an affiliate is basically you go to your affiliate tab either here right here affiliate and there’s a link right here too that’s the same thing right so if I go to affiliate right here can we see it yes then it takes you to the process it shows you what you need to do okay I need a display name so this is js test 259.

let’s just say js215 well test 259. 259. so this is my test this is now you got to put a PayPal account so I’m going to put mine here because I want you to send me all your money that’s why I put that there kidding short bio helping you to generate income online right social media social media influencer multi multi-million company owner whatever you want right whatever your bio is okay so I’m just going to put that in there and by the way this is a rich text editor that means you can say you can make this bold you can make this like this or you can make this generate income I can make this uh you know green right whatever right you can you can make the fonts bigger all these things are possible it’s a it’s a anyways whatever then you have to put your address 123 main stream now obviously if you don’t put the real address because this is not public this is for us because there’s a know your customer requirement it’s a legal thing so I’m going to put main main one two three oops one two three four five country usa phone number one two three one two three four obviously like I said that has to be correct stuff and if we have to verify it we will we’ll find that if it’s not right right uh what is it 19 I don’t know 84 birthday the 18th whatever right time zone um I’m in uh let’s say I’m in europe so europe um what do I have I have bursals let’s say that’s my time zone okay so now this sets up the the fields that are needed and then you say save right whoops right so then you save it right that saves all the settings that you need and then after that you have you can accept to be an affiliate all right you got to make your account public sorry I forgot about that part there you go save that make the account public because you have to make the account public then you have to accept the affiliate program so let’s go back here oh this is the thing that’s missing because this you can’t have user some number uh you have to say uh let’s just say this is cg for test okay there we go save that all right so now once you have everything filled in right it’ll let you request I want a request to be an affiliate and I’ve read the rules obviously you click on this to read them right go through this and you read it same thing with the rules you go through this you read them right and then you become an affiliate now you click on that now you’re an affiliate that now you have accepted the terms your rules conduct and you’re an affiliate now the next thing you want to do because so now whenever you share it’s going to be cg4 test or whatever your name you put there that’s the share name that you need and that’s kind of how that that works and so now if you share the page it’ll always have cg4 test or whatever your name is right um and you can have your let’s say if I go back to where’s the if I go back to that course which is oh no that’s not the that’s new okay anyways let’s whatever so now the next thing you want to make sure of is that your profile is set up as well you don’t you don’t want to just like I said you don’t want to be a nobody so go here to your profile picture and basic info right and then in here you’re going to want to choose a file to upload as your profile picture right so I’m going to put I have one that’s square right so just title there you go oh I’ll make this a profile there we go like this I’m going to save that jsd funnel test thunder 4 whatever all this stuff there and then the rest is all set so the only thing is the profile picture and by the way if you were to register with Facebook you know when you you clicked the register there was a register with Facebook option if you did that you would end up with um with the face whatever profile picture you have on Facebook that’s one of the benefits of using that so now if I go here uh let’s copy this so now if I go back to the course right the the wall the whatever we’re trying to promote uh you can see now that if I click on share it shows that link now cg test right and if I go to the via okay so now this is the thing even though this is a free this particular example right this is a free summit a free a pass if you will a free um online event with videos and all that even though that’s free there we will be promoting the vip pass which is right here right get lifetime in this case just kind of how we did it so if you click on that it takes you to the other one which is not free right right now it’s showing 197 and inside of the funnel there’s going to be coupons to get the lower prices because it’s going to be right now what we’re doing with this particular thing is we’re going to be having it at 47 before the summit starts 97 when the summit starts 147 in the middle of the summit and then 197 at the end of the summit so if somebody wants to access all the videos after like a week or two after they they’ve the summit and they missed and they want to resee something they’ll have to pay 197 if they didn’t buy it at a time that’s kind of how we’re going to do it that’s why it says 197 here that’s going to be the price without coupons right without so the thing is that if somebody else like if I have my friend here right my friend here has got this now they have this they can start it they’re going to be notified whenever there’s updates and things like that so they can actually go to this one here right so they can go in here and they can buy the vip pass let’s say they buy the pass let’s say they have a coupon for it you know abc123 whatever the coupon is they’ll click on apply here and if that coupon was valid which it’s not obviously it’s going to say does it even say that the coupon’s invalid oh I guess not maybe we should make something show up for that but anyways they click on buy now and they buy the summit they just pay with PayPal right and they then they have access to it afterwards right and then it becomes part of their their their where they have in their uh list and they’re in their library so this is how the site works if you want to find this again if you’re not sure where what’s the link to it right you go to your profile again you go to library right here and that will show you what you have in your library whether your weather was free or whether you bought it right if it’s a an item that cost something it would show the price here that you bought it but that you have access actually I don’t think it shows the price once you bought it anyways that’s not the point you’ll have it here in your library it’ll it’ll show up so if I go for example you know in courses I can actually go and find some of the other free courses if I go here just show me the price and the the ones that are free let’s say I want I don’t know looking through this Facebook friend growth trip oh sure that’s interesting I’ll go here I’m going to say that I want that one and I’m going to add it to my library right so by the way this is fixed in the next in the next update it won’t take you to this page it’ll just it’ll just reload this page with the fact that you have it now so now you have this in your library so now you have two courses or two uh you know things in your pla and you go back to a library you can see that you have those two in your library you can always find them in your library if you’re not sure where the links are how to find them right because some of them like this one here is actually hidden it’s not in courses you can’t actually find it but if the one the Facebook one is there right so I can go like this I can search for facebook and it’ll show me the courses that have to do with Facebook this one’s 49 this one’s free or the other one you can do too is you can go in here select categories let’s say personal branding I want personal branding remove their Facebook search now it shows me all the personal branding courses right and I can interview 12 steps to your success all these different things so those are all there and you can all add them to your library but that that’s beside the point the the point that we want to make sure of is you’ve got your account set up like I said in the account setup it’s right in here right you’re going to want to go into profile picture to set your profile picture and then you’re also going to want to make sure you go through the affiliate uh page to to make sure you fill in everything you need and by the way the I’m noticing there’s some improvements I can make on this site right now which I will do probably will be updated before you even watch this video uh but that’s um so that it’s easier for you to kind of go through the process right because it looks like there’s a couple of things that didn’t say what you needed to do there was no message I’m not sure that’s kind of weird I don’t know why but anyways it’s supposed to give you a message saying hey you still have to do this yourself to do that which it didn’t so I’m gonna figure out why but yeah so that’s how you set up your account to earn on Click eCourse now the other thing you’re going to want to see now that you’re an affiliate if you go to courses oh right there’s one other thing one other thing let’s say you look at this course here that’s 150 dollars or this course or me even even let’s just look at the let’s just look at the the one the the other one if I go back to library right I can go back to library I can find the one that the Bitcoin the free 24 hour access one I just click on the image it takes me to the course or the to this to the summit and in here it says it’s free right but now if I go to the lifetime vip pass one which is not free you can see right here it says get fifty percent right get fifty percent commission so if you click on this it lets you share this right so here’s your link to get fifty percent the of the course and this the link so if you share that link you can share that link directly right and if somebody and the way this this works is if somebody uses that link to buy the pass right they use that link to buy the pass even if they were referred by somebody else now that’s just be careful don’t make don’t make enemies right if somebody else referred somebody and then they use your link instead of just going to the to the just going to the link that was in in the description here right if they use your link instead then you get the commission not the original referrer so there and we did that because really it’s that’s kind of how it works if somebody else already has an account and you spend money promoting this you want you deserve the commission right so if you have a conversation and you’re helping them out and all this you really should be getting the commission no matter if they have had an account for a year on the platform right you still should get the commission that’s how that works but be conscious that there’s ever other people on the platform that that have promoted the free the free thing and you want to make sure that they don’t you’re not just stealing people’s commissions by doing this but that’s just so you know how that works so lastly the last thing I want to talk about is the percentage you see how it says so I guess it should say up to I need to fix that because that’s up to so the amount of commission you get depends on your plan the there is 50 commission available in this particular like anytime anytime you see something on the platform it shows you how much commission is available how much is is paid out so whoever the author of the course is they decided they’re going to be 30 40 50 even 90 of commission so if if that that just shows how much is available the commission is paid out um how can I explain it’s paid out based on levels I guess if you want to call it that the idea is that if you look at the plans if we go down the bottom here you can see the commission your share of commissions from selling other people’s courses so the way it works is that if you’re on the free plan you’re going to get 10 of whatever is available so if that was a 50 commission which means 98 then you would get 10 percent of that which is nine dollars I know it sucks but at the same time we have to make sure that we encourage people to upgrade their accounts because there’s we we have expenses right we have the servers to set up we have programmers to pay we have we have I know you don’t care about any of that stuff but at the same time if you want this platform to stay around that we can’t just give everything away for nothing so that’s why we need people to upgrade their account now that being said for anybody who’s in this particular summit as a speaker there’s bonuses there’s things like that sometimes we give the upgrade for a certain amount of time so you’ll have received information on that that you cannot get an upgrade for a certain amount of time so even if you don’t necessarily pay for it because you’re getting the bonus from it then you get to 100 commission of the commissions that are available and how does it work if you get only 10 where does the rest of the money go right where does the 90 left go well when we look at who referred who and who referred the other person and the other person if there’s a a trail of people that referred somebody that referred somebody else that referred somebody else then the person that that referred the buyer right the person that’s the first level referrer gets the the whatever their account is set the next level referrer gets a percentage of the full commission based on what’s left up until the the full commissions are paid so we don’t like we don’t keep the commissions we pay them out to the tree right so I I don’t know how else to explain I probably would need to do a nice little graph to kind of show an example and there are examples if we look at the affiliate page right here you can actually see some examples in here right so if you’re the professional plan you’re going to get 70 percent of commission or refer sales to the remaining 125 rolls over the person who referred you if they’re an extreme plan right that’s kind of what it’s saying so whoever referred you gets the rest of the commission and if they’re not on the extreme plan then they get a percentage of it and the rest rolls over to whoever referred them etc etc right it’s like a it’s like a and it’s not on that multi-level marketing thing because we’re not we’re not giving something well it’s it’s not yeah anyways I illegally I don’t want it I I can’t really explain it that greatly but if you you can see all how examples here how it works all the commissions are right um but we pay out and we want to make sure that you get it so how do you get your commissions you might be asking well how do I know how much I have and what’s going on so there’s an explanation uh where is it under I forget where it is and I’ll have to look it up but the process is 30 day because we give a 30 day refund a policy that means we keep for 30 days whatever is paid to us and then the commission goes to you after 30 days so if I go and I look at over here I look at commissions oh you can’t see it let’s move the camera out of the way oops this one so you see down here there’s commissions right there’s a commission menu right so let’s move my little webcam back so there’s no there’s no commission here but what it would look like let me see should I yeah I guess I can show you my account let’s log out and oh by the way you can log out whoops this is how you would log out right down the bottom there’s a logout button the other thing you can do too is you can say log right there and it’ll just show you the ones that have log in them right so you can log out and also oh yeah let’s show you the activity so by the way in activity you can see what’s happening on your account you can see when you when you logged in and oh wow look at that oh interesting so there must be this is not normal there shouldn’t be a bunch of logins there should be account creation there should be so it shouldn’t say new login every single time the page loads which is what it looks like anyways that’s a bug I’ll take a look at it but that’s your activity that’ll show you what you did so if I go to my account I’ll log out here right and I’m going to go back to my account log in to my account continue as john search right that’s my Facebook account so log into there and go to say for example I go to commissions this is what it looks like after you’ve sold and after you’ve had some income this shows you as a seller as an author so if and if you’re an author by the way and if you’re the author of something and somebody buys it you get both the um the proceeds for the sale and the commission from the sale but if you’re not um if you’re not the author and you sell somebody else’s thing then the author will see this in their in their income and you’re going to see this in your income right and so how it works is that you have like I’ve it’s me so I haven’t transferred it but the way it works is that once you have income it’ll show up in here it’ll show you when it was added and if you mouse over you can see the actual date and then it shows you when it becomes available which is 30 days after I guess there’s this doesn’t seem right but anyways oh I probably have but anyways it’ll show 30 days difference between the two right because the commission gets added on the day that the purchase is made and then it becomes available 30 days later once it’s available is when you can transfer it so you could actually go in here you can say I want to transfer you know I have 2.

99 I can click on the max right here get the whole amount or I can just put you know 50 or I can put 100 or whatever you want right and then when you click on the send funds to whatever your PayPal address is it’ll go and it’ll go through whatever’s there and it’ll transfer the amount to your PayPal that’s how you get it you can have it set to auto transfer every um whenever the amount reaches your minimum because you have to remember we don’t charge any transfer fees or anything but PayPal does so if there’s a five percent or minimum five dollar or whatever the transfer is right four five six percent depending on your I don’t know how they decide but it’s not me so whatever they charge is whatever they charge and you got to remember there’s a minimum so if you transfer 10 if you set this to 10 right uh then you you’re gonna end up sending and maybe the minimum is five dollars you’re going to get lose 50 of it right so that’s why you want this to be probably at a higher number like 100 right and uh the auto you can do that change it I set it to uh let’s set it to yes right and that’s automatic I’m going to set it to no because I don’t want an automatic transfer so that’s kind of how it works that’s how you send funds to your PayPal how you extract the money out of there right and yeah and that’s how it works that’s how you generate and make income from the platform like I said you go to your courses to your library if I go to library I’m going to see a whole bunch of courses that I have because I’ve gotten a bunch of stuff I created and some tests and whatever right and if I if you go to if you create courses go to courses you’re going to see the courses that you created that are showing up in here there all the courses that you have right I’ve got these course income secrets which is what you’re listening to right now bitcloudnote setup the virtual summit BitClout course I’ve tic tac masters and a bunch of other courses that I created that I created and also courses that are plr there’s a whole bunch of stuff anyways that’s how any of these that you can see when you go to courses here that let’s remove this search all categories so any of these that are here right let’s remove the details okay so you can see right here any of these you can actually promote let’s say for example octo content model or anything like that if you go here and you say show the price you can see the courses that aren’t free if you want to promote them right let’s say this one for example 95 john’s on fire a hundred fifty nine five five thousand this is a five thousand dollar course so I didn’t actually create it this is from market loan but if you go to this course you’ll actually see how much commission you can make on it right it’s coming up oh it won’t show because I’m the owner okay let’s go to the other page let’s go here to courses and let’s go to show you that right there okay if I go to that again let’s go where is it talk to content if I go to there whenever you go to it because because you if you’re not the author you see what I you see right here share this course where is it oh I didn’t put I didn’t give a commission why not okay let’s go fix that let’s go fix that I’m just going to edit this I’m going to show you how you kind of edit the course I go under price commission it’s five thousand ninety percent commission though that’s weird it should have hmm I wonder oh because I’m not an affiliate yet maybe I’m not sure but anyways yeah it would show the commission you have if I if I probably should have logged back into let’s log out log out and let’s go back to the um I can’t log I can’t edit that obviously login as uh what did I have it was what’s the last one I had I don’t know what account I created there was some sort of testing wasn’t it anyways okay whatever that’s it I think we’re done I wanted to show you how to how to um set up your account to get your commission you got to make sure you get you set up your profile you got to make sure you accept the affiliate terms and fill in all the information there and then you got to make sure you share that link to your friends that’s kind of how you do it so you can go back and watch obviously the rest of the video but but that’s it for today so until next time we’ll talk later This has been Course Income Secrets, the entrepreneur’s blueprint to generating income from the e-learning boom! Some of your friends need to hear this message, so don’t forget to share.

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