Peter Roselle: The Countercultural Gospel of the Kingdom – Sort Out the Chaos (Titus 1:5)

Jun 15, 2021 19:00 · 6765 words · 32 minute read

So that’s what I’m going to talk about today, “The Countercultural Gospel of the Kingdom. ” Yeah, that’s right out the Bible. The gospel of the kingdom is a phrase that’s used in the Bible, but we don’t hear about it a lot because we’ve been rightly taught that it is the gospel of salvation that gets people into the kingdom. We know in John 3:5, everybody knows this, you learn it early as a Christian, “You cannot enter the kingdom of God.

” John 3:3, “You cannot see the kingdom of God unless you’re born again. ” It’s not just about when you die and go to heaven. It’s about seeing the kingdom of God in its reality right now, right now, right here. That is a powerful truth that needs to be repeated and again. I’m talking about Paul speaking to Titus. There is an epistle to Titus that is not preached on that much but there’s a real wealth of information in there for us for today, for 21st Century America.

01:05 - I knew my father really well. He volunteered to go into the military during World War II. He went in as a Private He was at the lowest rank on the ladder. He came out as a lieutenant because they saw leadership on him. He was a tough dude. He grew up during the Depression. He served the country and he was the type that if he was going to do it, he was going to be all in for this mission.

01:35 - Today, we’ ae hearing things like “patriotism is racism. ” That is actually being said in the public sphere. I’m thinking, “What would my father think about that?” He knew people who died in World War II defending our right to free speech.

01:49 - You need to do the same thing, draw the line and say, “No, not on my watch. We’re going to be a counter-culture to that culture. We’re going to be the gospel culture, the gospel of the kingdom of God in the earth.

02:03 - We don’t do it with weapons. 2 Cor 10:4. “The weapons of our warfare… ” are not guns and the ammunition of this world. It’s the truth of the Word of God. It is the power of the Spirit of God. This quote from Titus 1:5 Titus 1:5. Paul knew… you could study this on your own… but Cretans had a really bad reputation almost like Hell’s Angels today. Certain people did not want to allow the in the church. They had to change the way they were thinking because everybody’s allowed.

02:34 - Jesus said, (Matthew 21:31) “The tax collectors and sinners are getting into the kingdom ahead of you Pharisees. ” The people who were supposed to be representing God were missing the mark. You know that can happen, right? But not here, right? Just say it. Not here, not on my watch.

02:53 - I love that picture right there where it says about the family and underneath it says, “Not on my watch. ” We’re not losing the family while this group of intercessors is active in the earth. “ We are going to come as a counterculture to what the culture’s trying to do. What does it say in Titus 1:5, “Sort out the chaos and the unfinished business. ” That is where we live right now, isn’t it? I believe this is the church’s job - but to do it in that (Matthew 7:17), “Narrow road that leads to life.

” (Ephesians 4:15), “Speak the truth. Do it in love. ” Ask the Lord for help! You need it. We all do. So, here are two verses where it talks about the gospel of the kingdom. The first one is Mark 1:14-15, “Jesus came to Galilee, preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God, and saying, “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand. Repent and believe in the gospel. ” I hope you don’t think that means that the world is ending. Don’t think that “the kingdom of God,” means that He’s coming back to take us all out of here.

No, he’s saying the kingdom of God is at hand. There’s a new rule in effect through the ministry of Jesus. He said about Isaiah (Luke 4:21), “Today this verse is fulfilled in your hearing. ” This is the year of Jubilee.

04:09 - This is the day of the favor of the Lord. Because we now have Jesus as the perfect human who lived without sin. Died without sin and rose into a resurrected form, goes to heaven, puts His blood on the mercy seat and Holy Spirit gets released.

04:29 - Now all of us have this amazing source of power inside us if we are Christians. But we have to access it, we have to yield to that power that is in us. Holy Spirit just doesn’t take over on his own. You have to say, “I want you to take over here. ” Look, if I didn’t even think to pray - I’m a pastor. I have preached about this for 100 hours and I still fell into that trap of stress, thinking, “Oh no, we have to have this tomorrow. I better get through.

I better get that truck. “ What? Stop, ask for help.

05:02 - That’s called prayer. Then in Matthew 4:23, “Jesus went about all Galilee teaching in their synagogues, preaching the gospel of the kingdom. ” I’m not going to teach it all today, but that’s a powerful phrase. He was teaching the gospel of the kingdom. The gospel of salvation is included in that, but too many people think, “Well, now that I’m saved, it’s going to be horrible here for the rest of my life, but once we get over on the other side - then it’ll be great.

” No! Please don’t believe that. It could be great right now! That doesn’t mean we won’t lack confrontation. Preaching the good news is not always popular, is it? People don’t even want to think there is such a thing as sin.

05:48 - We’re being called to say, “Yes, there is such a thing as sin. There are boundaries. If I love you, it’s because love you that I have to tell you what those boundaries are. It is your choice - it is still up to you to decide. But this is what the Word of God says. It is proven to me. It is true and you should try it. It works really well. So, He’s preaching the gospel of kingdom and healing all kinds of sickness and all kinds of disease among the people.

06:17 - In Titus 1:5, “I left you in Crete so you could sort out the chaos and the unfinished business and appoint elders over communities in each and every city of this island of Crete according to my earlier orders. ” So, this is his strategy. He anoints Titus to stay on the island of Crete and Titus, his job is to go around the island and start churches and appoint elders - look for the people that are catching on quickly. You’re making battlefield promotions.

That’s what has to happen. You don’t have the time and the luxury to send everybody away to school to learn how to do this. No, there was no school to learn how to do this. They had to start churches.

06:56 - He had to raise up leaders. That means confronting people about things. My wife and I have been doing that for a long time and not everybody likes it. But God loves you all. He doesn’t want just anybody up here as a leader. He doesn’t want you to be taken advantage of. It doesn’t mean we’re perfect because if we waited until everybody was perfect, there would be no leaders - starting with us. But I can tell you that my wife is a woman after God’s own heart.

I hope she would say that I am a man after God’s own heart. That is the goal. It’s not that we live sinless, perfect lives. We are on a journey to try to become more and more like Jesus every day.

07:36 - That’s the gospel of the kingdom. While we’re here, we’re going to make a difference. Doris Wagner, somebody we’re very close friends with is 89 years old.

07:43 - She’s still going around the country doing deliverance ministry, holding conferences. She’s missing a leg.

07:51 - She doesn’t care. You don’t retire as a Christian. There are still too many demons for her to retire. I don’t think God is ever going to take her because there are just so many people that need deliverance. She’s got a no cut contract Sorry, I don’t mean to make light of it. It’s very serious work. at this for today. You see antagonist everywhere. Sound like America. They are rebellious, loose, lipped, and deceitful especially those who are from the circumcised lot.

They’re supposed to be on our team. So, I did this at the beginning of the year, January 3rd, my what the picture of the lord showed me looking into the year started at a prayer meeting that we had at our house with a lot of our leaders in our dining room and extended parts of the house and as we were praying, I got a vision and and you can go back and hear this message but II called it the year of the double backbone and and you know the picture I got I’ll I’ll elaborate a little bit on it but I just wanted you to hear it first.

Do we think it’s going to work or you going to do it from up there? Alright, go ahead. So, are you going to play it or should I play it? You got the whole thing. I like that.

09:11 - Look at the difference between that setting of the church and this setting right now. This is awesome. Can you imagine trying to preach to people with mask on? I couldn’t read your expressions. I didn’t know if you’re happy or couldn’t wait to leave.

09:30 - I should start it. Yes, me. Can’t really see it in this picture but in this picture, he’s praying with the Bible in his hand and his hands are all wrapped because the night before he had saved Seventy-five soldiers off the battlefield. He was running into the battle finding the wounded guys while the warfare is going on around him dragging him to the edge of a cliff and let them down by a rope and his hands were getting shredded by the rope and as he’s he’s leaning back in the movie, he says one more lord, show me one more a ho talk about courage.

10:10 - Yeah. He even brought two Japanese soldiers. Everybody knows Nate and the medics wouldn’t take care of them.

10:20 - Whatever. Another today’s topic He he didn’t force his faith on anybody. He lived it. That’s the spirit side. Marcus Luttrell was more the hammer. Okay. He was shooting people.

10:37 - He was killing the enemy. He wouldn’t quit Two different examples of courage that we have to understand. Sometimes I think the church has been too passive too much on the sidelines. Don’t talk about that. Don’t ruffle anybody’s feathers. We need a little more Marcus Luttrell. We need a little more a lone survivor. I’m never going to quit but we also need Desmond Doss. That’s the double backbone who’s going to take the persecution and still not fight back and win them by our testimony.

That’s a good combination but it’s not easy. It is. It got cut off so you can go the next to them back to me because you know, so look, Jesus said it it’s not easy. The road to life is narrow. Why does the road that leads to destruction? So, here’s two very radically different examples. Positive examples. Desmond Doss was from the movie Hacksaw Ridge, Marcus Littrell, lone Survivor, both soldiers, both both brave, both very effective in showing their courage but in very different ways, right.

So, that was it. That was just a picture of two backbones. One, the spirit of god being able to interact with people in a non confrontational way and winning them. the other saying no, sorry Sean. I’m going to the Supreme Court, California and they won and the California California had to pay them back to $1. 3000000 in legal fees.

12:08 - Now, I know I’m sorry but if it seems like I shouldn’t put this other guy up here, I’m putting him up here because there’s a scene in saving Private Ryan that I could never forget because they really do a good job of showing you the character of these soldiers and this guy was brought in kind of last minute as a translator and he was being asked to to carry a gun. He hadn’t really been trained in it and and his friend is up at the top of the stairs here being killed by a German soldier and he’s got the gun in his hand.

Look at all the bullets around his neck, right? This is a terrible picture of people in the church today that are afraid to go fight. Amen. And people are dying because we’re not willing to do it. That’s a missing backbone. Never mind a double backbone and look, I’m not judging you. I’m not judging anybody. I’m just saying. I don’t want that to be me. I’m not going to be the guy that said, oh no, I let them die because I was afraid I was going to get in trouble.

No, I could tell you about football too but they tell you don’t when you’re about to tackle somebody, don’t slow down and win because that’s when you get injured. You gotta go for the full contact. Not easy. But look, we’re not trying to be hostile people but we are saying like in in a in a group of bullies, it’s all bluff. They’re just spout noise. It was Goliath. It was all just noise but nobody wanted to fight him until this young guy with courage who knew who he was and knew how to use the weapon that god gave him.

He didn’t take Saul’s armor. He knew that his was a sling and we need that same kind of thinking. So I realized it’s late but anyway, here’s chapter two invited in Titus verse one as to you Titus, talk to them. give them a good healthy diet of solid teaching so they will know the right way to live. Go out of your way to do what is right. Speak the truth with the weight and authority that come from an honest and pure life.

14:04 - Yeah, That’s in the voice. So, they’re not just listening to your words. They’re watching how you live and if you’re not walking your talk, You get torpedoed with credibility.

14:20 - Verse twelve, in that same chapter, two grace arrives with its own instruction. I love the way they phrase that grace arrives with its own instruction. Run away from anything that leads us away from gods. abandon the lust and passions of this world. Live life now in this age. okay? Gospel of the kingdom, live life now in this age while you’re alive. Give it everything you got with awareness. And self-control doing the right thing and keeping yourselves holy.

He’s talking to a bunch of heathen and and and Paul finishes this part and he says Jesus, he gave his body for our sakes and will not only break us free from the chains of wickedness but he’ll also prepare a community un corrupted by the world that he would call his own. People who are passionate about doing the right thing. Look around and say, I’m sure glad you got saved Carolyn, I’m sure glad you got saved. Does anybody recognize the background? Yeah, what is it chosen? It’s the chosen and it’s brilliant because just even in the opening credits when they’re doing the show, you see all the fish are gray and they’re going in one direction and then one turns blue and swims upstream and then after one does another one does and then another one does say you’re a good looking fish.

That’s who you all are. We’re not going to of the culture. We are the counter culture for Christ. Yeah. Taking a stand for him but just this think about creek for a minute because I know what time it is. Paul challenges Titus to live the truth. He teaches to live the truth. He teaches sound important. People are drawn toward god not through bold arguments but by passionate godliness. We must be passionate about doing the right thing.

Our actions tell the story. No, let me just draw the parallel here, right? Because doing the right thing could be phrased by your boss. You gotta sign this form. But read the form and if you don’t agree with it, you’re not supposed to lie but I know you don’t want to lose your job. I get that. I really do. I’m not saying that this is like this perfect world that we live in but wait on the lord and wait till he tells you what to do and you might just be able to go to the HR department and say, I can’t sign this and it’s not because I’m a racist.

It’s because you’re taking away my freedom. You’re taking away my free speech. You hired me under one premise and now it’s changing. That’s not okay.

17:02 - Because if there’s overreach but nobody challenges, it’ll just keep on going and I’m not a lawyer. so you know, we can put you in touch with the same lawyer that Chin used to win the the court case and and it’s not you know that that $1. 3000000 was the amount of work but they weren’t going to build the whole church. It’s a group of Christian lawyers that donate their time. Many of them are retired and already made their made their lives work and they’re donating their time.

17:32 - high quality people. Okay, So look, you don’t have to do this alone. You’re part of a body with a lot of resources and as soon as you start lying, okay, let’s just say it this way. As soon as you can get a group of people in the culture to all sign something that they know is not true. The dominoes are starting to fall because we’re all good people but once they get you to do it once, the next one is easier and then the next one is easier and look, it just takes some people to say no.

18:04 - You’ve overreach and I’m not doing that and if you fire me, you’ll get sued because you have no legal ground to stand on.

18:15 - That’s called a Christian. Not this weak, little merely mouth.

18:21 - Jesus. He was a carpenter. Okay. He carried around stone, not just wood. I think he looked like Arnold Schwarzenegger, man. He was a big dude. I mean better looking than Arnold but muscles. We all have spiritual muscles. That’s where it matters and then Paul goes on to say, our actions tell the story. Our lives are living parables, shouting the mystery of godliness. Paul tells Titus to be bold to teach with authority and not to let anyone belittle him.

We get a clear picture of a strong, courageous giant of a man.

18:57 - That’s how they’re describing Titus. He said to the people of Creek, a people short on virtue and long on vice to fashion. A church of loving disciples. Paul tells Titus said in Crete, there were many rebellious people and deceivers who must be silenced as they were teaching falsehood for financial gain. At that point, Paul quotes a famous Creighton who wrote creatives are always liars, evil brutes, and lazy gluttons. That writer was epitome of Gnosis.

a seventh century BC poet prophet, a native Creighton who characterized his own people as liars. If ever there was a place that needed a church, it’s there then where we belong, straighten out the chaos, put things in order that are crooked. other ancient writers and philosophers concurred. The Roman poet ovid referred to create as Mend Creed or lying Crete like it was so well known that if you said Creed and it just implied Liar but not after Jesus arrived because the church created a shift, didn’t go along and start lying.

It’s one of the ten commandments. If I remember right, Thou shalt not lie and look, it’s the whole truth. Do you swear to tell the truth? the whole truth and nothing but well, that’s a big one, man. Some smart guy figured that one out, huh? The Greeks even use the term creative as a synonym for a lie. That’s where the church belongs in that kind of culture. Hebrews twelve watch that no one becomes wicked and vile like Esau, the son of Isaac who for a single meal sold his invaluable birthright.

20:49 - You all know the story, right? God hated Esau seems so strong like an overreaction but listen here, let me tell you something about the first born. Most of you probably know that they get a double portion of the inheritance, right? Right. But did that you also get the most responsibility for taking over for your father and that means all the responsibilities that come with with being in charge of everything that might be more than worth two portions and he rejected the responsibility of the covenant.

What are we doing? Let’s not be that. We’re here to make a change in the culture not to just go along with everything. We’re here to shine the light like it said. Oh, I love that language. Your life is a living, prophesying parable of the gospel of the good news.

21:39 - And people are dying for it right now. They want truth says when he wished to claim his blessing, he was turned away. I don’t know if you’ve ever studied it but it said he could not reverse his action even though he shed bitter tears over it. So that tells me I got a shot right now. This is my shot while I’m here and time is going by and I don’t want to stand before the lord and have him say, you know, like what happened? Why when did you become so afraid you were a middle linebacker in college? Can’t have fear in that position? No, but I was a Christian now and I didn’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings.

What The gospel is hard news. People don’t want to hear that. They’re sinning but when you do it the way Jesus did it, they want to stop sinning and don’t feel like they’re being judged. I think I’m going to skip through a little bit here. Maybe not. Alright, one, I’ll do this one. Alright, look, he’s called the spirit of truth. So, if you’re being tempted to lie, not just on your job, you know, I’ve heard so many different people who have been cancelled in the culture say that people came up to them on the side and said, I really agree with you.

what you, the stance you took but I can’t say anything. Then you don’t really agree. No, that’s not what they were saying is like no but I just couldn’t afford to lose my job. Well, when that starts happening, we’re in trouble when you start being afraid to tell the truth anybody but especially Christians because we know that’s wrong. You’re in the wrong camp. You’re lying. who’s the father of lies, not Jesus and the Holy Spirit is called the spirit of truth.

He will come and guide you in all truth and if you back up a little in verse seven, it says, if you don’t leave, if if I don’t leave Jesus is saying the great helper will not come to your aid but when I leave, I will send him to you and when he arrives, what’s he going to do? Not hurt anybody’s feelings. Is that what it says? No, he’s going to uncover the sins of the world. Did he uncover your sin? Aren’t you glad, isn’t it this a better way of living? Yeah.

than being locked into that old boss. Devil is a mean boss. You never get a raise and his checks bounce The wages of that job is death. He’ll he’ll uncover the sins of the world. He’ll expose unbelief as sin.

24:06 - That’s for us too. Church. you could be a Christian and have unbelief. That’s a sin. Sorry, I didn’t write it and here’s a fun one and the Holy Spirit will allow all to see their sins in the light of righteousness for the first time.

24:26 - Sign me up. I get to tell people that what they believe for the last 40 years is all wrong. You’ve been building your life on a false counterfeit worldview and you should take on the world view of Jesus. Their first reaction is going to want to hit me and yet the truth still marches on, right? Like the battle hymn of the republic, the truth still marches on the church is still seeing people delivered and set free by the truth. You’ll know the truth and that will set you free.

Is it fun confronting people about their sin? Well in one way? Yes, because you know what the outcome is going to be. We we had a police officer come to the church, Linda, let him to the lord in the lobby She wasn’t worried about hurting his feelings when when she was explaining how this works, right? So, it just all depends on our outlook. It said we got the best news in the history of the world. Why are we afraid to talk about it? I don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings.

I get that. I’m not saying that we should be crude or rude but somehow that narrow road that leads to life is available in front of us. There’s a lot of roads that lead to the destruction of doing it the wrong way but we should be pressing in and fasting and praying. Say lord, you have us here for such a time as this. I will. I will beat up a little bit here. Yeah, I’m getting close right at the end. now in chapter three, here’s what Paul says to Titus.

Remember he’s on an island of basically Hell’s Angels. Okay, so when you’re with that kind of group, you end up being tough but he’s saying don’t tear another person down with your words instead, keep the peace and be considerate, be truly humble toward everyone because there was a time when we too were foolish, rebellious, and deceived. If you can relate to that, would you stand up because we’re going to close now? Were you ever at a place where you were foolish, rebellious, and deceived.

26:27 - Aren’t you glad someone had the courage to talk to you? Because that’s what it took. It took them courage. The easiest thing would have been to say, hey, you know, I’m wiping the dust off my feet. You’ve rejected the word of god. So I’m out of here. I did my job. They didn’t did They they loved us enough to put up with our foolishness, our rebellious mess, and our deceit. We were slaves to sensual cravings and pleasures.

26:57 - I’m happy to say that was me. You know, I’m not embarrassed to say that I was buying into the world view that I was given and this was the thing That was the most important that your your cravings and your pleasures know and we spend our lives being spiteful and envious and hated by many. Anybody else? Yes. How about this? And hating one another. I know about you but I stopped hating people after I got saved. I’m not saying I did. I did like what what everything they were doing but I realized that’s the wrong reciprocal thing.

when you’re trying to get somebody to stop hating, you don’t do it by hating them back. right. You give them a different model. Keith Holmes is here. He’ll tell you what, he just shared a great testimony about that exact thing. Anyway. This is the last one then something happened, right? So, we were hated by many and hating one another. Say it with me but then something. Oh yeah. Then something happened. I saw the light. Praise the lord. I saw the light.

There was a better way. God our savior and his overpowering love and kindness for humankind entered our world. I don’t know if this ever happened to you but instead of seeing that person who’s harassing you as your enemy, you start seeing them as a hurting, wounded person and now you want to just say, lord, what can I do to help heal that wound in them because this is just this is just a symptom that I’m seeing. It’s not the source of the problem.

The source of this aggression in them is the pain they’re feeling inside and if you can help me cure that, right? And get them to shift into your way of thinking that love wins.

28:48 - Yeah. not hatred and often he will do that in very dramatic ways. When you ask him, he’ll show you what the root is and then it says he came to save us. How many saved here? It’s not that we earned it by doing good works or righteous deeds.

29:06 - He came because he’s merciful. Can I just ask you? can you start bringing unsafe people to church with you? I mean, they’re sick of being home and all the other options. if you drive by the Ymca not too far from here. It’s packed on a Sunday morning. You can’t get a parking space at the YMCA on a Sunday morning because there’s so many people in there working out. Can you bring one of them to church? Workout in the afternoon. We’re not even asking unsafe people to come to church then then that’s part of the problem, isn’t it? Like, oh well, you you if you, if you just wouldn’t worship so long, I would bring my friends Could you stop blowing that stupid shofar? They’re going to be scared to death.

And what’s up with the flags man? Getting hit in the head by the flag. See, stop doing that. Stop doing that. We’re just not going to cave to that. I’m not going to have been the most important time of the whole day for somebody while we were up here worshiping. Are we going to get it right every time? No. well, I can tell you that we’re not but are we going to be listening and trying and pressing in? Yes, sorry that’s not to please anybody but god and you might not agree.

That’s okay. But all I’m saying is over and over, we’ve heard testimonies of, you know, when we thought people were going to be turned off by something that happened, it was the opposite. Amen. They saw it demonstration of power. If a demon is coming out of somebody, it ain’t a pretty picture until you realize that is a pretty picture because that thing’s been in there a long time and it’s making noise because it doesn’t want to come out but if you know somebody that needs deliverance, this is the best place for them to be and we’re not embarrassed about our reputation that somebody in church manifested No.

that’s how you get free. So, could you do that for me? Like start inviting some unsafe people. Start asking the lord to show you. Look, just give it a try. Just come. They’ll start crying about how that song was it because the music was bad. I mean, there’s somebody here right now. I don’t want to look up because I don’t want to put her on the spot but she brought her husband and we were singing that song the overwhelming.

31:40 - Reckless love of god Oh it chases me down. fights is ton.

31:50 - Oh, I couldn’t hurt but I don’t deserve He had never even heard the song. He couldn’t stop crying and he didn’t know why. We know why, right? It’s called Jehovah Sneaky. When you least expect it. You’re in tears on the floor. Thank you lord. It’s not that we earned it by doing good works. Righteousness came because he’s merciful. He brought us out of our old ways of living to a new beginning through the washing of regeneration and he made us completely new through the Holy Spirit who was poured out in abundance the Holy Spirit who is poured out in abundance.

So if you just lift your hands, let’s just say, lord, would you pour out your spirit in a greater abundance in my life and look, you could argue he’s already in you. So, what we’re really praying is lord, give us the courage to let you demonstrate yourself through us and not be so worried about what other people think but be comfortable in who we are as a child of god. That’s my first identity. Lord is as your son and as your daughter, all of us in here that’s our first identity, not Italian whoever.

It’s not our birth ethnicity. It’s the new identity that you gave us when we came into the kingdom as children of the living god. Full of your spirit and the truth of your word. So I just bless your people Lord as they’re going to go this week to be about our father’s business. Let us be like Jesus who said you have food. I know not my food. The nourishment I get is to be about my father’s business. Lord. let that be true of us as we leave this place today that when we gather next week that we could talk about the great exploits not that we did but that you did through us but our are making ourselves available to the hurting and the lost and the wounded people that we come in contact with but we don’t want to settle for anything less than the full abundance that you have for us in Jesus name.

34:16 - I don’t want to be a hypocrite because there might be somebody here who you were brought as a friend and you didn’t know what you were getting into. Sure, there’s going to be questions and you’re not sure about a lot of things that’s normal but your by a group of people who all made a decision to go all in for Jesus and if that’s use, make some noise, please.

34:39 - That’s legal in this church, You’re allowed to make some noise but it’s not a joke. It’s a really important decision.

34:48 - I’d say the most important decision you could ever make it. Who are you going to worship and maybe who you’re worshiping right now? If you were like me, it’s you and if you picture a throne in your heart, you’re sitting on the throne and we’re just telling you, take a chance, take yourself off the throne, put Jesus on the throne and that’s called lordship because the lord is a king that sits on the throne and and you might say, well, how is that going to work? Don’t worry about how it’s going to work.

Just do it. Just make a decision. most of the time. Life’s not going so well in many different areas but we’re here to tell you by experience and and the truth to say it’s the best decision that you’ll ever make. Amen? Amen. So the way you can do it is just ask him to come. So, I’ll I’ll say the prayer. We’ll all repeat it together and if that’s you and it applies to you and and you want us to pray with you, you can come down to the altar but let’s just say the prayer ready.

Heavenly Father, I heard good news today. That even though there’s sin in my life, The good news is that there’s a savior.

35:56 - somebody who to come and give his life for me but I have to make a decision. To turn from my old way of living to take myself off the throne of my heart. And put you on the throne. So I can call you lord. I got way more questions. That answers. But something in me is telling me. This is the right thing to do right now. So, help give me the courage to take a stand for you. I invite you to come into my heart and to be the lord of my life.

I’m willing to listen to your instructions and be obedient to what you tell me to do. And how you want me to live. Lord, give me the strength. To avoid those sins and to be obedient to you. And this is just thanks now.

37:08 - just say thank you for being willing to die in my place to take the punishment I deserved on your back to purchase my salvation. I accept you, Jesus Christ as my lord and savior.

37:28 - Fill me with your power. So I can live this life in obedience to you in Jesus name. Church, could you just pray? Might be somebody here might be somebody watching online prayer makes a big difference, right? That seed is is just hitting some soil now and we lord we say that the seed that’s hitting the soil, it’s finding good ground and that seed of restoration, that seed of salvation, that seed of the God of the second chance is is landed on good ground and the truth is setting people free right now that it’s good to dethrone self and put Jesus on the throne of their heart.

So Lord, we thank you for anyone with the courage to make that choice today and we embrace them in the spirit Lord to come in to the family of god to be that one who cries out Abba father that spirit of adoption to take over and to let them know that they are just accepted in and they are the beloved in the lord. Now, you will never leave and never forsake them. Just cement that truth into their hearts Lord.

38:44 - We ask you in Jesus name. amen. So look, you know, like we can all do this with the people that you know and maybe there’s somebody here and you said that prayer and like you’re all in.

38:56 - You want to be all in. This is the altar. This is what you do.

38:59 - You come up to the altar now and you say, give me my next order. What do I do? Give me a Bible. I want to learn what you people are talking about because it’s foreign me but I want to learn. Amen. That’s what a church is, right? That’s what a church is. It’s a group of people that are reflecting god and we’re bringing new people in all the time.

39:18 - Hallelujah. Let’s give the lord a hand. Anybody that wants to come, the altars are here. We got people to pray even if it’s not for salvation, you might want to rededicate your life. There could be a million things you need prayer for. Don’t run out if you can’t stay. God bless you. Have an awesome day and we.