5 ghosts trapped on video

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Five ghosts trapped on video Hello folks all over the world and welcome back to the EREDE channel. Thanks for the great support you are giving, the mystery section is one of the most appreciated, this week we have some really interesting investigations, I remind you to subscribe to the channel and press the bell for notifications on new content. Good watching The abandoned village ASPRONI In the next video we will return again to Sardinia, the italian island, to visit an old abandoned village in Iglesias, the mining village ASPRONI.

At the end of the 19th century the engineer Giorgio Asproni bought the mine and founded what was the residential nucleus of the mining plant composed by 200 families. The village consists of some houses, a shop the church of San Giorgio, the management offices, the engineers villa, the school and other small buildings. It was abandoned in the early 1900s when the mine fell into disrepair in fact it was also known as the ‘mine of the mutilated’ because there were serious failures in security.

According to some popular tales here appears the specter of cavalier Toro,an important character of the zone in the early 20th century it is said to be seen both in the village manifesting itself in a whirlwind wind and in the surroundings of the laundry where it appears on horseback and as in the best horror stories headless. Here on august 1 2021 the Group International Paranormal Special Investigations published the entire investigation on the ASPRONI village on their youtube channel GIPSI files international ghost hunters.

The GIPSI group which we met in previous episodes during the investigation of an abandoned hotel begins to receive clear and frightening EVPs from the very first minutes The group formed by investigators Andre D. ,Deva Asleesha,a special guest Giancarlo Cossu from the GC Paranormal, Noemi A. and Ivan B. ,approaches a house where the magnetic field detectors signal a strong presence but the EVPs show hostility from the first moment, listen oh microphone Giancarlo continues to ask questions but no answers are received so the group decides to enter the house,the entity is there,he is silent but observes them in fact as soon as they set foot inside,a voice is clearly heard the instruments capture intense electromagnetic activity in the room with the fireplace in a place totally free of electricity.

Here two different voices sends EVPs and once again an entity tries to send them away listening (italian) it starts raining and the group decides to leave the house due to the negative energy the tension created by the EVPs and the crumbling condition of the roof they move near the school building with the hope of being able to hear the children through the spirit box but things are not going well, entities are definitely more adult and hostile ciao the confirmation of the negativity comes now when Giancarlo starts a metaphony session, the entity repeats that he is 30 years old but around them they have no children at all, listen okay a threatening and terrifying message arrives on the radio transmitted in reverse as is usually done by demonic entities and it repeat the exact age of EVP the group moves inside the small church of the community, the instruments show very high values inside but even here the answers obtained show a certain hostility exceptional testimony of otherworldly dialogue in a place that has seen many deaths, suffering and still bears the evidence today, you can find the video of the full investigation on the official youtube channel of the GIPSI group and what do you think about all these hostilities? Really creepy right? Let me know, in the comments below The abandoned factory part 4.

We recently followed the adventures of an excellent check investigator who on his youtube channel ILMN Bahno Paranormal gave us three frightening patrols carried out in an abandoned car factory in Ostrava,Czech Republic. The factory suffered an explosion causing numerous dead employees and there is a very intense paranormal activity like extraordinary and clear EVPs, lockers that open itself, objects thrown from someone and dark shadows. For those who have not seen our previous episodes I recommend watching because it is really interesting material.

Bahno promised his followers greater self-control on January 11 2021 he posted this video, let’s see how his new investigation went. Hola amigos, welcome to my new video I’m here again for the third time all alone again no one wants to go with me Although the factory is completely abandoned and without electricity Bahno immediately hears very loud noises similar to falling iron bars. I don’t know why but what the hell I don’t know what I don’t know why but what the hell.

Bahno returns to the rooms visited in the previous episodes where there was the famous closet with the cups but while he explores the room behind him a painting moves by itself on the wall, here the same I think what the hell was that he decides not to be afraid and begins an interview session with the entities which this time, however, have not exactly friendly intentions yak decides to change position to see if the entities behave differently but the intention is always the same to scare him to death look so it seems that the approach to dialogue this time was not very positive however we will follow Bahno also in his next adventures stay tuned The ghost of the pool the video we are going to see shortly is set in a place that is really rare to be haunted,a public swimming pool,in this case the pool of the Centro Paralímpico Nacional of Irapuato,in Mexico.

After opening to the public in 2012 many swimmers said they saw a dark presence wandering around by the pool and in the water the center was abandoned one year later following further testimony from many people scared after seeing doors that open on their own and whispered voices the locals began to think that the place was haunted by a demonic entity and the government declared the facility out of use. The mexican group of paranormal investigators of the ‘Poltergeist Oficial’ youtube channel which boasts numerous investigations in just two years released this video on July 14 2020 where investigators Dani Sanchez,Paco Medrano behind the camera and their guest to the instrumentation, patrol at night this complex completely devoid of electricity is the boys patrol the whole building the bathrooms the central hall and the offices hearing various noises which although disturbing they try to attribute to animals in the area they hear grunts voices and perceive intense cold in some areas but when they decide to close the central security door something truly inexplicable happens oh The noises increase and the terrified group don’t know where to look when something really inexplicable shows up on the other side of the room something absolutely scary (spanish) a dark shadow appears for a few moments in front of the second door then disappears a few seconds later in the last sequence of images it seemed to me that the shadow disappeared very quickly on the right.

What do you think about it?We will follow the guys from Poltergeist Oficial in the next episodes so stay tuned The shadow man of the living room on January 12 2015 the youtuber Suspect Sky usually dedicated to researching and publishing videos on unidentified flying objects and the mysteries of space published an interesting documentary on shadow people, the video in question contains a collection of various testimonies from all over the world, the one we are going to see shows the shots taken by a californian couple following inexplicable noises in the house falling objects closets that open by themselves.

In the video you can see how the two spouses visibly frightened don’t realize they are shooting something really clear and absolutely terrifying what the hell was that um no but your [ __ ] fridge is shutting all by itself no like it was closing as I came out here I locked the door right yeah you locked the door when we got back from publix no the cabinets it sounded like a cabinet door slammed and then your I come out and your fridge door is shutting as i’m coming out you didn’t see that and your dogs are freaking out i’m really freaked out right now that was clearly your kitchen and then your [ __ ] door’s shutting look i’ll [ __ ] put it up on the computer and you can look at it seriously oh my god here I am if somebody’s in there they come out it would seem that the woman accidentally filmed one of the myths, a mystery discussed for millennia, the shadow people.

Are we facing a real proof or is it just a fake? Let me know Group of thirty. The next story is that of an american couple Christine and Nick who decided to buy a house a few years ago in Upstate New York. From the moment Christine and her husband have inhabited the house she declares that she could hear footsteps on the second floor,apparition out of the corner of his eye,and even human voices. Christine also declares that the house is 140 years old, several families have lived.

Tired of all these anomalies she decides to investigate further with suitable equipment and the results are absolutely shocking, let’s see how many ghosts are here there’s 30 ghosts here mom are you here with me? you just said christine mom are you here with me? you just said christine. During the session with the spirit box Christine is visibly amazed,she gets clear and immediate answers,30 entities roam the house including her mother who died in 2009 but it is the kinect session which will leave her and her husband Nick completely shocked.

oh my god look at that we got one on the trash can and one over in front of the counter right over there, can you wave your hand? that one did he’s gone. Can you kick your leg out for me? Can you disappear oh it did that’s that oh my god ah there he is there you are oh my god he’s like floating oh he’s running into the kitchen oh there you are another interesting testimony of a conversation with the deceased entities we will be following Christine in the next episodes,you can see the full video on Christine’s official youtube channel Destination Beyond Paranormal.

Dear EREDE mystery fans for tonight it’s all,thanks for watching for your comments and for the support,if you like this kind of content don’t forget to subscribe and click on the bell to be notified. See you next week with a new video, and new stories. Good night (music).