Divine Vengeance - How God Burns Devils in Month of Ramadan

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InshaAllah Haji Shahid we can recite Surahtul Takwir … and that’s from 19 to 21 inshaAllah.

00:29 - Surah Takwir, surah (chapter) 81 and alhamdulillah the holy month of Ramadan inshaAllah “Fi Atiullaha wa atiur Rasul wa Ulil amre minkum. ” And always a reminder for myself that ana abdukal ‘ajeezu, dayeeufu, miskin, wa zhalim, wa jahl, and but for the Grace of Allah (AJ) that we are in existence.

00:59 - And the ninth month the month of power the month of the power of the Divine Presence and the reality of nine times nine opening the secret of Surahtul Takwir and its importance in guiding this creation, Qur’an guiding creation and what happens on this creation by power and izzah (might) of Holy Qur’an that dressing this month inshaAllah.

01:34 - We pray that Allah (AJ) dress us from its realities and bless us from its realities.

01:40 - In this mi’raj (ascension) and the way of Shamsul ‘Arifeen (Sun of knowers) into the heart of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ, this heart of creation inshaAllah.

01:54 - Which ayat (verse) Sayyidi? 19, 20, 21, surah 81.

02:31 - Sadaqallahul Azim wa barakah Rasulul Kareem (The Most Generous Prophet), Surahtul Takwir its secrets for us the seventh verse Allah (AJ) it’s a surah describing judgment day which everything is collapsing as we draw near to the Divinely Presence dunya (material world) collapses within the heart of the believer and everything of their physicality and mulk (earthly realm) is like a crushing, the philosophy of their crushing, doesn’t have to be a person physically obliterated but Allah (AJ) within their heart and within their desires they’re drawing nearer and nearer and nearer until the 12th month into the Kawthar (The Fountain of abundance).

04:04 - The ninth month is the month of annihilation, ninth month is the month of power, nine represents the nuqt (dot) in which Allah (AJ) take the dunya mulk and form of the person and crush them so that all that they’ve built up of their illusion, this is His Ni’mat (blessing) and His Favor that ‘I give you a Favor that not your money can buy, not your actions can buy, not your salah (prayer) can buy, nothing that you can do of an ‘amal (action) can get this reality but just you fast for My sake and I’m going to dress you and bless you beyond imagination, what no eye has seen no ears have heard.

’ What Allah (AJ) dress the servant but that dress like binary code it can’t be given when the one of them, the existence of themselves the I-ness of themselves is in existence, the I-ness when it’s ‘Ana, ana, I am, I am’ When that exists then the Divinely Presence is distant.

05:18 - When Allah (AJ) want to complete His Favor then this is the month in which Allah (AJ) reduces the one and that’s why the fasting has such an immense reality because it’s so hard on the nafs (ego).

05:33 - In areas where they’re really hungry Allah (AJ) grant them immense reward, in the west nobody’s hungry the only reason Ramadan is hard for them is because their nafs is so angry that ‘You’re putting a rule on me a restriction on me a limitation on me’ because you don’t see anybody from starving hunger, they’re a little bit hungry they drink at the time of iftar (breaking fast) they put a couple dates they’re ready to go.

06:03 - But what was so hard throughout the day and the nafs puts a sickness on the person so they won’t fast, puts their blood pressure to drop so they won’t fast, make them to just pass out to be unconscious, lethargic they can’t move because he’s saying ‘I’m not going to do it’ and Allah (AJ) showing “Do you see how strong that being is, this month if you follow and obey Me I’m going to crush it and bring it down” but in exchange whatever goes down something must be coming up, whatever Allah’s (AJ) closing must be opening because it has to have the rule of opposite so in this month of immense light Allah (AJ) bring down the dunya and the mulk of the servant and open for them His malakut (heavenly realm) and Takwir is describing the destruction ‘When this goes, when this goes, when this goes,’ and the seventh ayah is a secret now that ‘When all of that goes from the servant and when the souls are paired,’ “Zuwwijat” when their nafs and the nafs meets its zawj – its pair.

07:25 - When the nafs meets its reality because only a small portion of your light is sent into your body, don’t think that Allah (AJ) took the trust and the reality of the soul that He has in Divinely Presence, gave it all packaged to you put it into your body to go out into this world and to destroy, it’s like giving all your wealth to the pocket of your child and say ‘Please go to school come back and bring it for me. ’ In the middle of lunch time they will have traded it away [shaykh laughs], so Allah (AJ) is not sending, He’s sending just a small light, and your real zawj, your real mate, your real understanding, your real soul, your soul mate in heaven, this is the month in which Allah (AJ) want to introduce you to yourself and only by siyam (fast) He can obliterate the physicality.

08:29 - Only with siyam, Allah (AJ) can bring the mulk of that person the identity of that person and bring them down to introduce them, introduce them to themselves.

08:43 - The shaykh is merely a guide a teacher a facilitator, one whom uplift the student with whatever Allah (AJ) has dressed upon him and linked him into this chain like an elevator he takes the student into the elevator and the chain will begin to uplift that reality of the student into these oceans and these realities, that’s why Allah (AJ) we described in other surahs (chapters), this is the only way to reach their ahad (covenant) “Is taqaamoo fit tareeqat” keep firm onto your path for if you should lose your path you will lose the zikr (Divine remembrance) of Allah (AJ).

09:25 - Very few people leave the path and then continue to do zikr by themselves, this way and this reality is to reach your identity your ahad and your covenant with Allah (AJ), in Ramadan Allah (AJ) begin to destroy and return you to the purified self, the innocent child in which that mulk is destroyed and when the souls are paired, for Allah (AJ) describing that when they pair with their reality and you see the reality of yourself and your soul in that Divinely Presence that soul is in the presence of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ in the ocean of Muhammadun Rasulallah ﷺ.

10:20 - Then what Allah (AJ) is describing that when you meet yourself and you understand that yourself is in the ocean of Muhammadun Rasulallah ﷺ, the sultanate (kingdom), the king the owner of a Divine Throne in which Allah (AJ) is describing a majestic throne, all the descriptions of a Divine Throne, Allah (AJ) is never going to be seated upon a chair.

10:52 - The throne is a is an authority and a power that Allah (AJ) describing that the one who sits on this chair has been endured or given an immense power and authority, because now that your soul will be dressed in Ramadan will be witnessing its realities.

11:16 - Now whether you train so that you can see it, alhamdulillah and you begin to feel the immensity of power, the immensity of the zikr, the immensity of the salah, the immensity of tarawih – Qiyamul Layl (Nightly Devotion), tarawih for awliya (saints) and all their students was Qiyamul Layl, all their nights should be in zikr and praying and worshipness and in daytime working hard, but for the nation Allah (AJ) brought them to Ramadan and made them to have Qiyamul Layl for 30 days.

11:52 - So means all the izzah and might of salatul tahajjud (late night prayer) when Allah (AJ) draws near to the servant Allah’s (AJ) Power draws near to the servant then Allah (AJ) giving for us an understanding ‘Indeed the Qur’an is a word conveyed by a noble messenger,’ because this heart that we’ve travelled into this reality that Manzil ul Qur’an (where the Holy Qur’an emanates) in which Allah’s (AJ) Divine Speech is flowing, in Surahtul YaSeen Allah (AJ) describes ‘My Amr and Iradah are manifesting from this reality of the heart of Sayyidina YaSeen ﷺ.

’ Means Allah’s (AJ) Will and Allah’s (AJ) Amr (Command) and orders are emanating from this holy heart from this location, its power is Holy Qur’an.

12:46 - Then Allah (AJ) describes Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ that ‘He’s one whom has an immense power an owner of a throne, owner of the throne, Wa ‘arshil makeen. ’ This is no description of Allah (AJ) because the next verse described that ‘He’s obeyed there in the heavens and he is trustworthy,’ this is no description of Allah (AJ) this is the description of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ.

13:20 - And ‘Arshil makeen, and one whom is trustworthy one whom is obeyed in the heavens,’ means that when Ramadan comes it’s a month in which to bring the servant to its nothingness.

13:42 - When the servant is in a state of nothing the ‘One’ will appear, all their months they are one and the nuqt is hidden from them, Ramadan is a time in which Allah (AJ) will bring ‘Your one’ and bring it down.

14:01 - As a result of the ‘One’ coming down the ‘Real one’ will be begin to appear and Allah (AJ) fil ‘arifeen (knowers) and those whom are muhibbin (lovers of the way) and learning from them is clarifying ‘Don’t think you’re going to see Me but you’re going to see the one who is endowed with power, one whom is obeyed because of that power, one whom sits on a throne of authority, I am taking you to witness the sultanate of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ. ’ So this is an immense month, this is an immense majestic month and that’s why the zikr of this month, then we go to the app [MuhammadanWay App], these are all the tools for the believer, we say the app is teaching Ramadan the ninth month and 81 the name of Allah (AJ) Al-Muntaqim (The Avenger).

15:06 - Al-Muntaqim, why? Because He is The Avenger of His servant.

15:11 - How you’re going to go to Allah (AJ) when shaitan has been playing with you and making you to be dirty, making you to be filled with sins, only Sifat Al-Muntaqim (The Attribute of The Avenger) will avenge Allah’s (AJ) creation, that ‘Ya Rabbi shaitan has destroyed me, shaitan has made all my ‘amal to be of no value. ’ That’s why in Qasidat ul Burdah (Poem of the Cloak) we say that “Muntaqim’ that Sifat al-Muntaqim has to come and they asking, asking ‘Ya Sayyidi Ya Rasulul Kareem that Al-Muntaqim to come and to avenge me.

’ like a fire like a shihab that Allah (AJ) begin to hit the shaitans.

16:03 - That’s why in the holy month of Ramadan they say that shaitans are chained up, what shaitan is chained up what does that mean? You don’t see that… the kuffar are the ones killing Muslims in Ramadan because they think they fasted they’re weak.

16:18 - What does that mean shaitans are chained up, no your shaitan is chained up not theirs because Allah (AJ) didn’t give them that barakah (blessings), their shaitans are full all over them because they didn’t accept the deen (religion) of Islam.

16:37 - So whose shaitan Allah (AJ) is chained up in Ramadan, yours.

16:41 - As soon as you make intention ‘I want to fast Ya Rabbi for You’ Then Allah (AJ) Say ‘I’m going to then send My Sifat Al-Muntaqim all around you and that Muntaqim will burn and destroy every devil. ’ That’s why the night before Ramadan everybody’s crazy yelling screaming all sorts of emails of people aggressive because their devils know in the next few hours here we go this is the month in which Allah (AJ) going to burn us the entire 30 days, and as a result so many difficulties before the nights before Ramadan, couple nights before Ramadan.

17:24 - So when these hadees of Prophet ﷺ describing the devils are chained because Sifat Al-Muntaqim is guarding the servant.

17:31 - That Allah (AJ) bombarding, bombarding that the shaitans are obliterated, the shaitan outside the servant and the shaitan inside is fleeing from as soon as he enters into a fast Prophet ﷺ described that ‘Shaitan is moving through the blood’ the blood is now restricted and being cleansed so at every aspect inner and outer Allah’s (AJ) fire is burning devils so that to return the servant to a state of grace and beauty, beatific rahmah (mercy).

18:07 - Then, what is the name of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ – Sayyidina Dhul Fadl ﷺ (The Possessor of Grace).

18:17 - Sayyidina Dhul Fadl ﷺ because he brings the servant back to their state of grace, when Allah (AJ) burn away the devil Allah’s (AJ) Rahmah comes with the soul of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ, each name of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ plays a role for Allah (AJ) in the perfection of our reality.

18:48 - The one whom is the possessor of Divinely grace that fills the servant, when we say ‘Ya Rasulul Kareem ﷺ’ we have no understanding what that ocean of generosity is.

19:05 - That Allah (AJ) for the love of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ Say ‘I’m going to wash their sins away, I’m going to burn the devils that have attached themselves to the servant.

19:17 - Now you approach them with your fadl and your faiz (downpouring blessings) and your love and your rahmah and fill them with rahmah,’ and that’s why the first 10 days is a Baab ur Rahmah (The Gate of Mercy) because Allah (AJ) – Muntaqim is burning the devils that they can enter into these gates of rahmah and mercy, means they enter into the lights, into the ocean and the heart of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ.

19:45 - We pray that Allah (AJ) dress us and bless us with the immensity of that understanding, the immensity of Ramadan and that’s why it’s the month in which to do every good, to do as much good as possible, we don’t even understand how much lights Allah (AJ) dressing us in this month when our devils are not affecting us not holding us not making us to be scared.

20:18 - It’s the month of generosity that’s why most people pay the zakah (Charity) in Ramadan because the immensity of the blessing that coming upon the servant is unknown.

20:30 - When Allah (AJ) says ‘That no Prophet knows no angel knows what I’m bestowing upon My servant’ and that servant is in a state of siyam, imagine then when they’re giving in that state what type of multiplier is applied to that servant when Allah (AJ) is dressing them blessing them, perfecting their lights upon them.

20:54 - Means it’s the month in which to do good deeds, good charities, go out and give food, to be of service, whatever we can think, this is the month in which Allah (AJ) completes and dresses His Ni’mat upon the servant.

21:10 - We pray that Allah (AJ) complete His Favors upon us and that the time is very near for the arrival of Sayyidina Mahdi (as) and that good character and muhabbat and ishq is to be number one within the heart of the servant, the good manners and good character.

21:31 - We pray that Allah (AJ) dress us from these favors bless us with these favors and give us a life in which to see the arrival of Sayyidina Mahdi (as) and the family, the holy companions all of their ruhaniyat (spirituality) and all their lights to be dressing upon us blessing upon us and that Allah’s (AJ) Ni’mat to be completed upon us inshaAllah.

21:53 - Subhana rabbika rabbal ‘izzati ‘amma yasifoon, wa salaamun ‘alal mursaleen, walhamdulillahi rabbil ‘aalameen.

21:59 - Bi hurmati Muhammad al-Mustafa wa bi siri Surat al-Fatiha.

22:05 - The zikr of this month, “Subhana man taqarrab bil-qudrati wal-baqa.

22:10 - Subhana man taqarrab bil-qudrati wal-baqa. ” Every moment we are saying that in our hearts that this is the month in which the Ramadan power from Al ‘Arshil makeen the authorized immense authority to be dressing us, “Subhana man taqarrab bil-qudrati wal-baqa” – ‘Glory be to Him who draws nigh to His Omnipotence and Immortality. ’ That, that ocean of eternity the oceans of power that begin to dress from the oceans of al-hayat (ever living) upon the soul, we pray that Allah (AJ) dress us from these and lights bless us from these lights inshaAllah and grant our soul to feel those oceans and those realities inshaAllah.

22:55 - Bi Hurmati Muhammad al-Mustafa wa bi Siri Surat al-Fatiha.

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