Common Decency Enforcement from an emotional toddler entrusted with lethal force. [Copwatch]

May 21, 2021 18:12 · 1420 words · 7 minute read

Sir, can you back up? No. Stay on the sidewalk then.

00:45 - Why? Oh, I haven’t seen… bus It comes every half an hour.

03:58 - Hi. Hello. How are you do me a favor, stand over here please. I’m walking down the sidewalk.

04:51 - Okay, we have a victim being photographed here, she does not want to be recorded. Okay, so is that visible from the public sidewalk? I’m asking you to move over here please. You can film over there, I don’t have a problem with that. We have a victim who is being photographed here for crime scene purposes who does not want to be photographed. Okay, you’re creating your privacy. You’re creating your privacy. Okay that’s great how would you like somebody- I don’t care- and so- Your opinion- Your opinion, my opinion, we’re not talking about that.

05:18 - The law. I’m on the public sidewalk. Yes you are. You’re creating privacy. I’m asking you to have a sense of decency. Okay well I’m asking you to have a sense of the law and a sense of decency. A sense of decency? Yeah yeah yeah. Okay well [ __ ] and the sun is too hot, so… Aw, bummer. Yeah. That’s too bad.

05:52 - Your phone cooled down? What’s your name and badge number? Winegrad, 36819. Thank you.

05:59 - What’s your name, sir? So are you- What’s your name? That’s kind of rude to have me introduce myself again with the opinion yourself opinion’s not your job okay common courtesy yeah that’s not your job either okay your job is law enforcement yeah did you realize that oh yeah okay for the past 25 so what what law are you enforcing right now i’m not enforcing any laws i’m just asking you i have a sense of decency exactly not your job period that’s not your job am i am i human not your job am i a human being not your job are you a human being well i don’t know i don’t know but anyway the real deal wait wait is that an opinion so what we’re talking about here is i wonder how you’d like it if you were struck by a car and somebody videoed you i’d be fine with that you’d be fine with it i would okay well you’re a better person than most people i don’t understand what uh what the issue is that people have with that uh i’d like all the documentation from every angle i could possibly get if i was in an accident okay and the purpose of this is what documenting the purpose of this is you get your finger on your behavior your face is like three feet from my finger your face your finger was within a foot and a half of my face okay put in a half is that too close yeah that is okay so you could step back yep so could you yeah but i’m just here i’m here protecting a possible scene okay this right here no that right there oh okay we already have this discussion you’re protecting it from the line of sight from a public space yeah because this young lady does not want to be video okay okay all right well then do your best to make that happen without violating people’s rights okay i will certainly do that okay i’m on your side ma’am okay tape that’s helpful yep wasteful but helpful yeah it’s tragic that we have to go that route do you generally reuse that stuff or just throw it away why are you about to give me an opinion isn’t wasteful an opinion i can have all the opinions i want yeah absolutely i’m not denying you that not at all plans for partying visible points hopefully nobody steals your bicycle you seem to be full of all kinds of doom saying are you from tucson a little bit negative are you from tucson it’s kind of interesting that i i don’t really believe you when you say that you hope no one steals my bike funny thing for why is that funny oh i don’t know just because you’re sort of like a law enforcement officer and you’re kind of being sarcastic about someone committing a crime you’re not so you just you’re just randomly sharing that you genuinely hope that no one steals my body well it is unsecured and over the course of the past 25 or so years there have been multiple thefts in this area sure including bicycles yeah i don’t know why i feel pretty safe with my bike being within like 40 feet of three police vehicles and 12 officers or whatever but 12.

okay where do you see 12 officers that was a guess that was a guess yeah let’s see there’s one two options so you’re just going to keep going with this petty little [ __ ] not petty you want to play you are petty you are petty that’s kind of like games will play word games what i what i would hope for is professionalism instead of professionalism this is oh i love it professional i love it yes excuse me yes sir hi i’m sorry say that again oh okay should i be should i be concerned about that icon the one that i described looks like a couple of chain links in the center of the screen okay yeah i don’t recall having seen that one all right that’s all i needed okay it sounds good thanks sir bye i apologize for that where were we not all cops are bad so know um um uh okay so hello foreign um so um jumping over there thank you two quick questions officer your name and badge number 14196 what’s your name and what was the purpose of it yeah what was the purpose of asking me to get what was the purpose of it you are now in the roadway yes so are you what was the purpose of asking me to move earlier that’s all i wanted to know out of the roadway i will be out of the roadway out of the roadway you’re gonna get a citation for being a pedestrian in the roadway yes yeah not petty at all no it’s not my concern is your health and your safety yeah [ __ ] you [ __ ] liar do you feel better i do a little bit okay yeah because because eating lies makes people sick so spitting them back out is a little healthy so you can you can [ __ ] off and have a good time you and me have a good day sir have a good day sir but not because you told me to i hope you have a great day sir bye-bye oh you’re still here so just real quick what was the purpose of asking me to move the when i first arrived if you don’t mind answering that basic question you still haven’t even identified yourself told me your first name yup i’m pretty sure i explained that to you already uh what that that that you prefer common decency over the law i just i really i’m not trying to like pull anything i actually want to know what the purpose was whether it was you were concerned about something about that i looked unsafe or just that you were trying to like keep the scene clear because i was like 20 feet away we haven’t had this discussion i was asking the man would you shut up i was asking the man who issued me i was asking the man who issued me the command why he did that you answered actually i’m sorry scratch that you asked me the question and i answered it what did you answer it’s on recording you should be able to play that back so you answered the question of what the purpose was of asking me to move that video’s footage sir yeah i know i will okay i’m sure you will i just really wanted to hear from you because you were the one who told me to move back so i just wondered why just common decency sir okay give her some privacy i see all right pretty sure i already told you that a couple of times oh uh so food foreign what up you.