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Everybody, the whole Menla family, I’m so grateful. And I’ve, as a student learned so much and feel just overflowing with these teachings, and I hope you do as well. And I think it’s just perfect that we’re going to close this, this week together and enter this new year with the yoga nidra. I’m usually ask if people haven’t ever practiced before. But because there are so many of us, I’m just going to imagine that there are some people here that have not practiced Yoga nidra before.

And even if you have practiced Yoga nidra many times you might not have done this particular offering.

00:50 - And I usually channel through my yoga nidra. So I’m not really sure exactly what is going to come out for our practice tonight. Mandala If you have not practiced Yoga nidra before, this is traditionally done as a lying down meditation like you would be in Shavasana. So because we’re going to be lying down for around 45 minutes and that length The time is because we need to get into the possibility of going into delta sleep, our brainwaves, getting that slow, the guided meditation will help us hopefully get there.

So with that said, You need to make sure you have a lot of padding. And you could since we’re we have the luxury of being at home, we can you could be on your bed, but you want to make sure it’s a hard enough mattress that you could live on your back. And there are always sometimes people that have issues with lying on the back. So then you could of course, you know, lie on your right side to keep your heart exposed. And then if that’s not happening, you know, anything goes.

You can even do yoga nidra in a chair. But then it becomes much more like if you’re sitting and doing this practice. It’s a guided meditation, yoga nidra is means So nidra means to sleep, the Sanskrit word for sleep, and yoga, of course, we know yoga, enlightened sleep, to sleep with awareness to enter a state of union with all that is to move into the clear light to move into the clear light of the Void to experience our blissful nature to to sleep, immersed in love, enveloped in love our true nature.

And so that’s what we’re going to do. So we want to, I’d like you to make sure that you have an F pillows and you can put rolls under your knees that you’ll have a blanket to be warm enough of the room is cool or turn up your heat a little bit or get by the fire. It’s okay if there is noise around, because we’re going to incorporate that all into this. And so take a moment to get ready. And I’m going to look at you in the screen here.

03:09 - And if you have any questions while we’re getting ready. Oh Dolores, it’s so great to see you. Hi. And some of you I’ve practiced Yoga nidra with before like her and so really wonderful to have you here. If you have any questions about it anything with your health that you need to connect with, please write in the chat. Also, I’m going to have Yeah, it’s okay to use a wedge pillow. It is one thing that’s not okay is to put a sandbag Type II pillow over your eyes, because it’s too much weight for the 45 minute time period.

So if you’re going to cover your eyes, make sure that it’s something very soft, just like a scarf for something quite light, the head should be elevated, slightly not too high. So depending on the person’s neck and you know wedge pillow can work. If the chin is higher than the forehead, then this starts to cut the product Shakti off from going up into the crown. So and then you can also start to going into snoring and it’s you’re out of as much of a parasympathetic response that we want.

So have your chin a little bit lower than the forehead and nothing too heavy on the eyes. Get yourself very comfortable. And what else okay. Another thing that I’ll say is sometimes the very first Yoga nidra is is you know you can actually have a quite quite a deep experience. And so I’d like you you know if you do start to drift off into you know into sleep with awareness and you experience Sort of that, that, you know, dropping off of the, you know, into the, into the quantum foam, there can be a moment when the mind pops up.

And if there is the noticing of that you’ve, you’ve gone off into that. And, and you want to ground yourself again, just take some time now to maybe think of an image or a place or someplace in your body, maybe your heart center your feet, someplace that feels like home. And you can come back to if you need to, anytime. Another thing is that people will tend to fall asleep, and yoga nidra. And it is sleep, but it’s also sleep with awareness that we’re looking for.

So there’s going to be a part of you because it’s a guided meditation, that stays awake and aware. But if you’re very tired, you’ve had a long day and your your, you think that you might fall asleep, a very good practice to do is once you get lined down, just bend one of your arms, and then the arm will float a little bit side, you know, just as you start to fall asleep, the hand might move a little bit and that will wake you up. Okay. So that can be one of the things to do.

Alright, and now we get ready for yoga nidra Oh, and the other thing I’d like you to do is think of a sankalpa. And this is a high spiritually guided intention. Of course, so in the new year where I was thinking about things with the deep lens of contemplation of the past year, and then what we want to bring in, really look deeply into your heart. And think about why you’re here in what you’re wanting to bring into your life.

07:04 - What’s your Dharma is and how best this practice could serve you. So you formulate a heartfelt intention related to yourself transformative practice. And once you have that, phrase it in a sentence that starts with I will, I can, I am.

07:41 - I must followed by your statement. And then set that aside and we’re going to start to relax. So lying down in your nidra bed that you’ve created.

08:05 - Make some less movements and get very comfortable and begin to relax. The body is becoming more and more relaxed and you’re preparing for this enlightened sleep meditation we call Yoga nidra. And then take a deep breath in and breathe and open expand your body expand all the cells and then a deep exhale and relax. Relax your whole body. Breathe in an open, become comfortable. Breathe out and surrender and trust that the ground is holding you that we’re creating a Mandala together.

A place where your essence is protected. This protective circle of Menla the Medicine Buddha Mandala, healing Mandala, where you can safely beautifully tap into your original nature. Your Buddha nature the mind of love. So trust that here is you lie down. You are completely protected. And if you’d like you can even bring in your particular deities or spiritual guides in the space with you. And set an intention now to give this practice your full attention.

10:27 - To transform to heal and set an intention to awaken to abide and perfect wisdom to abide and perfect compassion beyond space and time. Notice your inhaled breath again, breathe in and open. And with your exhale, fall into the support of the ground beneath you. And it’s a measurable compassion and measurable love embracing you and measurable joy and the Buddhi within us that creates equanimity, and measurable equanimity are supported more and more by the ground.

The more you relax, the more you let go. The more you are supported and more there is freedom. Now decide that you’ll also remain relaxed but also there’ll be a part of you that’s listening, your pure awareness aware of my voice following these instructions, and you make a commitment to yourself that she will undertake this practice to the best of your abilities you’ll stay awake and aware. Now start to also listen to the sounds of the space around you the sounds in the room with you.

Center anything that’s there with you. Begin to travel out beyond the room to the rest of the building or outside. As far as you can go cast your sense of hearing.

13:31 - Distance sound. Now gradually bring your attention to closer sounds. And then moving your awareness of sound inside of your body and listen to any sounds inside of you.

14:19 - And without opening your eyes. Begin to visualize the room that you’re in the walls and the ceiling floor and witness your body lying on the floor or lying on your bed wherever it’s line. supported and relax.

14:51 - Hear aware of the existence of your physical body line supported Perfect stillness. Your body is lying still, you become aware of your breath.

15:26 - rising and falling, it’s the breath shaping the body. Notice all the physical meeting points of your body and the support beneath you.

15:57 - Feel the contact, the vibration, the essence, the union of your body melting into the support. Feel this earth element, the earth element in your body or bones, or muscles connecting with the earth beneath you. And as you’re witnessing your body, become aware that you’re witnessing, as a timeless presence or a timeless essence. And you’re not the Dewar, you’re not the body. And then you witness your breath this airflow, the element of air at the nostrils feel the temperature and your nostrils the hotter the cool.

fire and water and air. And now notice the breath shaping around your belly around your navel.

18:00 - And the chest is almost still there’s a soft rising and falling and you’re not the breather. Your body is breathing effortlessly. Come aware that sure the timeless presence in which breathing is rising and falling. And everything that’s arising everything that’s been witnessed is a pointer to your original nature.

19:03 - So you’re open like the sky and you’re relaxing more and more deeply. All parts of your body and as you’re relaxing feel that you can enter into pure vibration. The vibration of love that dissolves boundaries and dualities and that you could enter a feeling of unity with all that is with this ground, the sky and you Break Free into your innermost being. And you come into your heart and you feel the freedom in your heart and there you stay to your sankalpa your intention.

free from any doubt feeling it in your body as if it’s already here. stayed at three times. I can I will, I must.

20:48 - The joy of feeling that experiencing at fermina this truth with your entire mind and body and heart. Feel and sense this energy of your intention.

21:07 - Full conviction. Now please pilgrimage with me. With your awareness to these various parts of your body. As they’re mentioned. Travel to your right thumb. And feel and sense. The thumb. The index finger right middle finger. Ring finger and little finger. Since your right palm the back of the hand.

22:07 - wrist and your lower right arm. Elbow. upper arm and shoulder since your right armpit. Right waist.

22:34 - The hip. thigh. Knee. calf.

22:49 - ankle and heel. sense the soul of your right foot. The top of the foot.

23:05 - big toe. second toe. Third toe. Fourth toe and little toe. Now sense your left thumb. Feeling sense your index finger. Middle ring and little finger please sense your left palm back of the hand. wrist. lower arm.

24:04 - Elbow. upper arm, shoulder.

24:19 - armpit. Left waist. Hip spa by. Knee sunsun failure calf.

24:42 - Ankle heel sole of the left foot.

24:54 - top of the foot big toe second, third, fourth toe and little toe. Now since the top of your head forehead right temple, left temple right eyebrow. left eyebrow the space between your brows.

25:48 - Right eyelid. Left either right eye left eye right here.

26:09 - left ear right cheek left cheek since the nose a tip of the nose pulled up lower lip, chin, throat sensor your entire face. sense and feel your entire face. sense the top of the head, the top of your head relaxed and the back of the head and neck is relaxed. The back of your head and neck is relaxed sense and feel your entire head and then your shoulders, the top of your shoulders. shoulders relax. Since the right side of your chest, the left side of your chest center of the chest.

Some feel the middle of your chest and into your stomach and the hall abdomen relaxed and your navel and now sense your entire right leg and your entire left leg. Both legs together. sense and feel both legs. Your entire right arm tire left arm since both arms together and since the entire back of your body from head to toe, the entire back of your body relax. And then the entire front of your body from top to toe, the entire front of your body and then the back and the front together.

And you can sense the entire body from top to toe and you’re aware and you’re mindful and you can sense the flow of your breath as it enters and leaves your nose and you’re not altering your breath you’re witnessing this natural maze amazing occurrence of breathing and then the sense your chest rising and falling in rhythm.

30:05 - And then you’re going to start counting your breath watching your chest subtly or softly rising around your heart will count from 27 to one. And so you say mentally to yourself 27 chest rising and 26, chest falling on a five, chest rising 24 chest falling. And you just keep counting your breath like that. staying awake and aware. If you lose count, just start again at 27. Men just count your breaths. Now stop counting your breaths. And since your entire body being deeply relaxed, stay awake and aware.

That sense that your legs have become heavier and heavier and your legs are getting heavier. Your whole body is getting heavier. And there’s a deep sense of ease and you can pay attention to your feelings.

32:57 - And your feelings are calm and your emotions are calm and relaxed. And your mind is calm and relaxed. Your body and mind feel deeply relaxed. And now you’re visualize and feel or sense if you can’t visualize. Just name the following images. Try to see or sense in some way the following images. See a lush green trees in a dense forest lush green trees and a dense forest a field of sparkling snow a field of sparkling snow. Dark lit sky with bright stars from above.

A dark lit sky with bright stars from above. beams of light through tree branches. You witness beams of light through tree branches. Left side crescent moon See a left side, crescent moon. Witness sunlight coming through a prism. See bright sunlight coming through a prism witnessed the planet Earth from outer space. The planet Earth from outer space. Witnesses small house in the countryside. A small house in the countryside let’s candle on a table a lead candle on a table.

36:37 - Never seen a single still candle flame. still single candle flame light in your third eye center like the candle flame or even a star. witness a point of light or sensing feeling some way to your third eye center. Your throat center witness light point of light star. Your Heart Center assist star witness the star and your navel center. Witness the star behind the pubic bone, the top of the sacrum sweetness starlight coming out of your fingertips and your toes.

38:40 - Witness stars throughout your body and space between the stars. dark space enter it. Witness the body as a great constellation. That by points of light and stars. The stars are within you.

39:14 - stars are in the sky and you are vast space lotan spacious awareness as you sleep in the cave of your heart. In the silence will meditate. The breath has become a silent whisper. Meditate in the silence of your vastness. Do you play rust and the abode of your heart in perfect stillness. Be aware of the sleep state in the heart. The movement of the breath, your cosmic self and perfect whole oneness and peace. To sleep and the heart is to enter a clear light to Melton to your original nature.

from your heart once more, since the body is relaxed and deeply relaxed and you’ll mentally say to yourself your sankalpa your intention Can stated three times with deep conviction and great optimism. And then with your eyes still closed, become aware of your body lying on the surface that you’re on.

45:58 - Become aware of your breathing. Since the flow, its software beginning to deepen. And still keeping your eyes closed, become aware of your surroundings.

46:23 - Listen to the sounds around you. All these sounds, pointers and then keeping your eyes closed, just like quietly preparing to return to ordinary consciousness. And then gently and slowly begin to move one finger at a time.

47:13 - There’s no rush your toes, no gentle, slow movement in your toes. And you can roll your wrists and your ankles. You can even turn your head a little bit from side to side back to center. Then you’ve noticed the flow of breath in your nostrils and this is called the swara the flow and sometimes there’ll be an equal flow and then when you bend your knees to roll to your side, you can roll to either side, maybe your right side. But if you feel the breath more dominant in the left nostril on the left channel, then you’re going to roll into that side and that’s your head rest on the left arm.

And if your right nostril is receiving more flow, and you’ll roll to your right side and you’ll let your head rest and we’ll lie on our side with our head pressing on the upper arm for just a little while, you’re not seen and there’s no hurry but if you’re ready to come to a seat here you’re welcome to please come up and we’ll close this practice together and this this course of welcoming and envisioning fe beautiful perfection of Menla and the Mandala and Tana Duke garden and ourselves in it together.

And this great year and our beautiful intentions energized and brought forth.

49:54 - Take your time and if you’d like to, if you do come up and you want to turn on your Camera, it’s nice to see you. And if you feel like having your quiet time, that’s fine too, I’m going to close with a little challenge. And take your time and when you do get back up my cue to you know, a one a really beautiful thing is to just sit and contemplate what that was like.

50:43 - And even even contemplating like things that you know, maybe were irritating or sore, sometimes parts of the body whenever they’re receiving energy might feel more discomfort. So those things you can write down or be aware of, but just take on sitting, take on the ease of sitting in your center straight again, upright, and moving this practice that we’ve just experienced together into the greater context of our lives and all these teachings.

And to take it into the greater context of our lives into each moment. This wisdom, we don’t even have to try to remember because because they’re they’re the seeds have been planted. And we’ll keep nurturing them together with our practice or meditation, or Asana with our devotion.

51:40 - There are chanting and our connection. So bring your hands together to your heart. If you’re upright or if you’re lying down, still let us let us chant to you.

52:01 - swasti Bruh, PA, potty pa ly. And now Nyan Mr. gaina. My here my heme Sha gabra Mini pa shabam ast unit lukka samasta sukhino Bhavan two, o ka samasta sukhino Bhavan to know samasta sukhino Bhavan to lokah samasta sukhino above into May all beings and all the worlds they be happy and free. And by this virtue, this merit of our practice together May we be quickly achieving a state of Guru Buddha and then how plead? Every being without exception to that very state.

May all beings find happiness and joy. May they practice the Dharma day and night May we practice the Dharma day and night and may our own and others Ames, our Great Sun kaupas be spontaneously accomplished. Thank you so much for practicing. And that’s Yoga nidra sleeping with awareness and was interesting because all the sounds and everything that arises within our practice is part of our mandola. And I’m not sure really what was if you guys could hear it on your end.

But we had a lot of bells and whistles happening in the in the meeting on my end. So I think maybe when people were coming and going, but I’m not sure if you could hear it or if it was disturbing you hopefully you were in a meditative sleep. So it’s a tradition when I do these to hear from people afterwards with their practice was like that. So if you want to stay stick around, you can also put my email in the chat. And you’re welcome to write in the chat as well.

Make a copy of the chat for myself and I can always get back to you. Or send me an email and let me know how your practice was. I’d like to continue to connect with you. And I just hope you have the most blessed year. And so we’ll officially close with that dedication of the merit and so much love to you so many blessings and happiest New Year from everybody at Menla. Just all the love to you and may we swiftly go To our enlightenment, thank you Happy New Year.

And with that said, if anybody wants to connect now must stay. Yeah.

55:13 - Oh, I cannot turn on my camera. Oh, you guys didn’t have sounds cool.

55:18 - Let’s see is the cameras can they come back on now? Well I do have it enabled that they should be able to start their cameras.

55:30 - Okay, so maybe now Oh yeah, they can start starting their cameras and turn the cameras on.

55:37 - Sweet so I’m happy that wonder what those sounds were coming in it felt like for me, Eli it felt like her It sounded like like, like people zooming in and out. You know it’d be doing like, but it wasn’t a normal computer sound it was like a zoom sound so I’m glad that people did you hear it on your end? Well, I had turned on the noise when somebody enters that room. Oh, yeah, I hear that because I had my microphone turned off.

56:10 - Right I think it was cuz my mics on so that I can hear people talking.

56:14 - It’s over there. So mine was on so when they were entering and leaving, I could hear it so I’m so happy that people couldn’t hear that cuz I was just like, Oh no, well, I’m just gonna keep going and we’re going deep and and anyway. So yeah, Maya says still he still says you cannot start your video because the hostess stopped it.

56:37 - Yeah, I’m unsure why it’s still doing that. I’m gonna ask to start with you on some people.

56:44 - Yeah, the cat turn on the camera. Okay. Yeah, I’m glad things were smooth.

56:50 - So you can they turn on their mics? Maybe I can at least hear them. Oh, good. Paulo was floating in space. Yeah, good. Yes. floating in space is what we do. And ROM ROM? Yes. My Chai ROM floating in space. Light. Yeah, please email me in Kaduna. Great.

57:19 - Yeah, there can be it was super smooth. Michelle, thank you.

57:23 - Oh, great. How is your Justin? How is your yoga? nidra? Did you stay awake? It was way too deep. I was wonderful. Thank you. I really enjoyed the light nidre the first going through the different types of light, and then being different types of light. I had some really intense body memories of hang gliding as a child. So thank you.

57:47 - Yeah, that was the first time I’ve ever done that, actually. So I’m always curious to hear how things go. I have to I have to go back and do this myself. Like listen to it, which is, you know, if you if you do your yoga nidra at home, you can just guide yourself into the yoga nidra you can place the points of light as you like. But this kind of visualizing Yoga nidra where you do we go around and relax the body really deeply and then their images flash like that.

That’s um, it’s I really often have quite a deep nidra from them. And this one where we went from, like, light up above and a lot of kind of luminous lights to then the sunlight in the prism, which was much brighter. it to me, I started to feel like we could kind of sense those kinds of lights that we will experience in the Bardo or we have many times experienced and Pardo. Yeah, it was another angle into that. Thank you. Right. Yeah. So I’m, I’m glad that that that worked for you.

And then the thing is, is that what what I wanted to add on to so that we can try to go into clearlight sleep was more of the stars in the body, and the space between but that was a little bit you know, it’s it’s always like, it’s like sometimes that’s better on its own. So you know, we’ll have to go back and see it, but I’m glad it worked for you. And we can Oh is one thing about the zoom nidra is it’s a little harder for me is to have a long period of quiet because I feel like sometimes people jump out because they can’t sense that I’m here with them.

But to really go into enter clear light sleep, we need a little more. We were at the right time, but but we’d sometimes need more silence, you know, so that if someone goes into that feeling of spaciousness, and you know vastness or like Star like they are the stars, you know, then that can be where they’re entering that but um, yeah, floating in space is great. And that’s, that’s really where it is. Oh and Dale McGrath. I don’t know if you’re still here, but when you when you when you can Hear me but you’re somewhere else that is that’s like you’re going into that lucidity and but but it’s also like you’re in the clear night light sleep you’re in sleep with awareness.

So the body is asleep. And you know you’re still there still awareness of this but you’re you’re in your vastness and right? Yeah, Dolores, I am going to have I’m going to do, Dolores took one of my unit or teacher trainings and I’m going to do another one online coming up and I’m going to do I want to do a version of yoga weekend as well. And the body does dissolve as we go into the stars and constellations. Yeah.

60:45 - Rene, that’s where we come from. Right? We are stars. We are clear light and lucid in the visualizations. Could you use light Gong or bowls during the silence? It’s interesting, because there’s controversy about that, like traditional Yoga nidra is don’t you sound but like these days, everybody kind of, like they shift away from lineage and they try everything and you know, I’m always kind of like, sometimes it works, you know, sometimes it can work really well.

Like I just think about Jai doobs amazing, you know, Gong and like that sound that’s going on and like traditional nidra is when we’re in a room with people we keep it very quiet so you can be into the clear light sleep because it’s because you want you don’t want to it the sound can the sound takes you can take you really distant but it can also keep you kind of too too grounded in here.

61:48 - So what I found when I’ve played we have like there was a period at my studio, where there was we were we had so many demands so much demand for the ninja class and another class that was happening simultaneously in the other room and so sometimes you could hear a little bit so we tried to play with like plain sound all kinds of beautiful drone not language but different types and singing bowls and bells and the students didn’t like it they reported that it kept him from going into that vastness or to the into kind of the you know, the clear light of the Void experience a lot of my students have so so they didn’t it was very relaxing like nitrous with music or or or gongs are very, very deep and relaxing.

But it doesn’t it doesn’t necessarily take you into that kind of quantum experience. So you know, I haven’t done it but I think went since now we’re more often with the camera this is the issue is that a lot of times when I go into too long of silence, my students will jump out, you know, the wakeup and wonder where I am or if we’ve gone away, so I do think it’s something I should play with. And in getting the sound just right. Sound also doesn’t translate well through the zooms those two.

But so if you’re doing a pre recorded one, like how Jai Dave was doing his sound working, everything’s coming in with a beautiful production, but over zoom, I don’t think it would work well. But anyway, we’re playing with the experimenting, and we’re gonna keep going and I love the suggestions.

63:24 - Hey, Michelle. Yeah, one of those with the screen share is that you can share your own audio, you know about that. And so if you’re playing off of your computer, you could screen share and then also share your own audio.

63:40 - Oh, really? Yeah. And then it comes through very well with that.

63:44 - That’s so cool. You’re gonna you’re gonna have to, I’ll hire you for a little side work for me. Okay. Sounds good. When you recover from this week, and you want to get some work in again.

63:57 - Need a good neck massage. All right. Yeah. Cool. All right. I want to see what she said here. She said first time I practice this I’m so relaxed. I’m not sure I can go back to Monday.

64:08 - You will probably send her a feel more energized tomorrow because this is such a deep recovery. You will be able to get ready for work. I promise you but yes, yes. Yes. Yeah, it’s it’s a very experienced Whoo. So glad I like that you’re playing Glenn. Would you share your your play with playlist with me? I would love to have your like to know what you’re doing and then experience it, practice it to your playlist. I think that’s another thing.

And then Phoebe, you know, when you don’t remember much and you wake up like you feel like no time had passed? Well, then you’re going into the Delta stage. So the brainwaves we start, you know, we’re in beta right now when we’re thinking and talking and then we slow down into relaxing like this is another issue with the music is that they connect the music Cuz taking you into alpha waves, we were listening to beautiful music, we can go into the slow down alpha, but we don’t maybe necessarily, maybe we fall into theta, which is where the dream happens and RAM.

And that’s where you get a lot of visuals popping up, like random visuals and things will kind of come up, or lucid type dreaming. And then you go into the, to the Delta, which is like super, you know, like, really, really fast experience of yoga nidra. You might have even heard my voice and it but it felt like, you know, there was no time at all, and then all of a sudden you wake up, but you were very deep, likely you fell into delta. So it’s it’s interesting to kind of look at what’s happening with the brain, as well.

Yeah, and it is difficult to put this into words, Gregory, because it’s some. It’s it, we’re entering the, you know, the inconceivable space, the inconceivable space of liberation and freedom and clear light. So those hard, it’s hard to put it into words. So I think that’s perfect. And for Sasha, if I don’t know if you’re still here, but it is it or can it be similar to lucid dreaming? Well, this is so I am not the expert on lucid dreaming, but my theory is yes, but there is a workshop coming up with a yoga nidra teacher at Menla.

Dr. Nick Atlas, and his mudras are very different than what I do. But he is he looks at and works with lucid dreaming. So I think that and then also working with the wonderful. I can’t think of his name. Andrew, hold check. Thank you. I, I’m part of the night club. And I couldn’t think of a chick’s name. But yeah, so you know, this is the thing where I feel like the more I work with Andrew Havlicek, and then I my own experiences of yoga nidra like, I know that Tibetans when they look at, you know, lucid dreaming and Tibetan sleep yogas dream yoga, as they’ll say, oh, they’re different than this.

67:20 - But to me, when if you can guide someone the right way through the brain brainwaves, and then they enter that sleep, it’s the same thing. It’s like a short version of what happens in a long night sleep if you’re going into lucidity. So the more I practice yoga, nidra, meditation, the more then I have my dreams, I’m able to have very lucid dreams now. And I think this practice has helped the other and now they’re really kind of merging. So you know, I would just say keep looking into study with them.

And probably if you take a like, I do yoga, nidra teacher trainings, but if you do one with me, I think two or three years from now, it’s probably going to look even different because I’m sure I’ll be combining what much more working with the Tibetan sleepio goes and, and lucid dreaming as well. But right now look to those guys for that. And yeah, when you can hear your snores and it sounds like someone else that’s, you know, sleep with awareness, your body was sleeping.

And your body is, you know, your body is completely asleep. And it’s dreaming, and it’s snoring. And you’re, you’re checking that out. And it’s really interesting.

68:34 - Yeah, and when you go into delta, and you fills in space and separated from the physical body, yeah, I repeated the word level of love. And so I relaxed again. So that’s one of the reasons that I said, to have like, something like, there was a mantra, your mantra was love, or the or then it’s like, you can go to your heart or your feet or something to bring you back. Because once you go into that, delta, and you go maybe off more into clear light, and then you lose track of because there’s no like the mind.

69:06 - Once you’re in that and there’s awareness of it, you just, you don’t understand, like, you know, there’s a moment of mind enters where it will panic. And so that’s when it’s good to be able to come back to something like that to a mantra. But eventually you get used to it and you just start, you’re okay, as what chim trumper Rinpoche say, said, you know, it’s like, falling out of an airplane, you know, with without a without a parachute. But the good news is there’s no ground on land on and that’s like it and that’s, that’s a great way to describe, you know, yoga nidra as you as you move into that.

Okay. All right, well. Oh, awesome, Glen. I’ve got the Spotify now. I’ve got his playlist. Okay, sweet. All right, Glenn. I might see you tomorrow. Bonjour yoga. And yet, m BJ m. d. md brain at Comcast. net, I’m trying to I’m not sure who you meet what your name is, but apparently I missed a lot because I fell asleep. I was called as like really expensive Yoga nidra practice. Like if you’re paying for a workshop, you know you’re paying for as you did, this session was lost to the complete sleep.

So then I would say is if you do it next time, and you know, every time if you’re if you have two or three where you just don’t remember a thing were passed out. Yeah, it’s lovely nap body’s relaxed.

70:36 - However, that’s just nidra. So now we’re trying to bring in yoga nidra.

70:42 - And that’s when I would say after two or three times like that, then try bending your arm or you could try it next time. Sometimes people with the bent arm, they’ll they’ll have quite amazing expansive experiences with sleep with awareness with the arm bent like that. So that’d be my recommendation why I say two or three times as sometimes people try them too hard to stay awake. And if you it’s like, don’t make the guitar string too tight. Don’t make it too loose.

You know, you’ve got to be able to allow yourself to kind of fall asleep, but still try to stay awake and aware. So that’s why we’ll say often stay awake and aware. As you go.

71:23 - Okay. Yeah, Rebecca will let you know more about yoga nidra.

71:36 - And, yeah, okay. That’s great. Send me an email, stay in touch and lots of love to you all. And the rest of people. I think we just couldn’t get the cameras on. But. Or they could be asleep. Oh, there’s some cameras.

71:58 - There’s Maya. I see you guys. There’s Maya. And hi Christy. And Hello.

72:07 - This is good Nam shivah are you? What’s your name? Can you is your first name. Tell me. We talked yesterday.

72:17 - Can you unmute? I can’t hear you. I don’t know why you’re unmuted but no sound coming through. Oh, that’s okay. There’s Chris if you figure it out, Tommy. And Ash is down and Sandra. And Lawrence and Phoebe some people popping in? And maybe the rest are asleep. How was your How was the week everybody? Was it? Good. Those of you can see? Yes. 2021 Well, I hate to like end this one because I could stay here forever and just keep practicing every day.

I just want to I want to have like non stop sadhana practice with with all these teachers that were here. So but I think well, we will come together again. And hopefully, at some point, you know, maybe even next year we can some of us can be at Menla physical together. I’m here by myself. I don’t think anybody is on the main premises of Menla there’s some of the stuff in the houses around kind of off in the distance. But it’s snowed a lot this afternoon or this evening and I’m a little bit like wow, it’s very quiet and and cold and beautiful that snow like sparkly snow is really here.

I hope you can come be with with us sometime soon here. Okay, so now must stay everybody so much love to you. .