The Anointing Of Recognition Is Upon You

Mar 19, 2021 15:32 · 5311 words · 25 minute read

♪♪♪ Lance Wallnau: Hey, I’m Lance Wallnau, and welcome to today’s Bible study by Lance Wallnau’s Bible study, most unusual kind of Bible study I know of.

00:26 - And the reason it’s unusual for me is because I believe that we are living in unusual times, and the spirit of prophecy is also speaking and hovering over the Word of God.

00:42 - You think about it, we’re living in those times which are, if we’re living in that accelerated period of the last days as we all believe, then I’m counting on the fact that these books are gonna to be open.

00:53 - Daniel was given a very specific promise. He was told, “Shut and seal up the books, Daniel, for they shall be open in the time of the end. ” And what I believe right now is that God is already started a third-grade awakening.

01:08 - The awakening has begun, but the awakening is gonna be a revelation that brings you alive in your spirit.

01:16 - And this is especially important right now when I’m teaching, please listen.

01:20 - Your focus will determine your future. Your focus will determine your future.

01:26 - And right now, the voices of the false prophets, the raging prophets of Baal are running all over the landscape.

01:34 - Jezebel and Ahab are in their high places. But if I’m reading my Bible correctly, this is the time when Elijah comes and Elijah kind of rises up like a voice in the wilderness.

01:45 - And this man who is, who has no, no preceding drum roll suddenly pops into the scene, and he starts speaking.

01:54 - “By my word,” he says. And, you know, prophets have been really taking a big beating this year because so many of them are so enthusiastic about Donald Trump becoming president, and which really is a no-brainer if you think about it.

02:08 - Who else would have record employment, record, you know, low unemployment, put trillions of dollars into circulation, establish global dominance so that we have a–first time we got a peace accord in the Middle East, the Abraham accord surrounding Israel.

02:26 - I mean, Donald Trump is the most hated guy, I guess.

02:30 - This will make people really upset. In a sense, he reminds me of Jesus where Jesus says, “For what good work do you want to stone me?” Which one of his contributions do you want to stone him for? “Well, I don’t like his personality. ” But you probably wouldn’t like Elijah either and if you’re not careful, you might find that you don’t like Jesus.

02:49 - Imagine having Jesus over for dinner and here’s Jesus as your guest, and the first thing he does is after he sits down, he starts insulting the other people at the table.

02:58 - It’s hilarious. Most people don’t read the Bible with unfiltered perception.

03:04 - I remember one time I was on vacation. I was listening to a preacher on television talking about how the love walk is, the love walk is, and I totally believe in the love walk.

03:13 - Problem is, I’m seeing Jesus rebuke the Pharisees, and I’m seeing him insulting the, you know, the hypocrites, and I’m going he’s not walking in love according to that preacher.

03:22 - I always tell people, don’t walk, don’t be more religious and Jesus is, you’ll get yourself in trouble.

03:29 - And that’s why God picked Trump in the first place.

03:32 - I honestly think God picked Trump because it was a the perfect insult to the religious spirit.

03:39 - All right, back to my Bible study before I get censored.

03:43 - We’re having a revelation’s coming right now of a great awakening is coming.

03:47 - Your focus determines your future. Why does your focus determine your future? Because your focus draws you to something, what you look at draws you.

03:58 - And so, you see you’re pulled in the direction of your attention.

04:02 - And so, the Bible says is you have to actually exalt the Word of God and what the Spirit of God is saying, and I’m saying God is hovering over things right now.

04:10 - We’re in a period of great contradiction. And that’s the perfect time for God to promote you, why? That’s when Joseph, in his contradiction, he’s comes out of the prison cell into the prime ministry.

04:21 - Esther comes out of being the lucky beauty pageant queen to her full destiny of saving her people from destruction.

04:29 - Daniel comes from the favor of God that was on and made him the king, one of the king’s favorite little new recruits for Babylon.

04:37 - True, he has to actually have a dream interpretation that will save his life.

04:42 - I’m telling you, the crises of the world today is activating your destiny.

04:50 - Instead of you wringing your hands and wishing you can go back into peace times, I’m telling you something, you have a grace-activated anointing, and there’s a grace on you for this season that is superior to any other season in your life.

05:03 - This is the time for which you were born. This is the time of the favor of God on you.

05:07 - So, what I want you to do is grab your Bible.

05:09 - Grab a Bible, I got a nice worn-out Bible here.

05:11 - I got my backup Bible here. I got more Word around me than I have in me, I’m afraid to say.

05:18 - But I got the Word here. I’m gonna, we’re gonna go in a couple of different directions here with some translations.

05:24 - And I want you to look at 1 Samuel 16 because the anointing of recognition is something which I heard a great pastor named Tony D’Onofrio preach once.

05:34 - And, you know, once you hear a great message preached, it gets into your spirit forever.

05:38 - And I gotta tell you something, I got so convicted the other day.

05:42 - The Lord said, “My words are spirit and they are life, and when you speak what I’m speaking, it’s gonna impart life to other people.

05:48 - And it will be unforgettable, for it’ll put an imprint upon them. “ And I thought about all the teachings that I’ve done that maybe weren’t as anointed as they should have been because I never quite discerned that I need to be saying what Jesus is saying and speaking with Jesus is speaking.

06:05 - That’s the prophetic part of the teaching gift.

06:08 - But I’m telling you right now, I did a little research and I checked in with headquarters this morning, and I got a Word for you and that Word is to holdfast your confession.

06:17 - But your focus cannot be on the temporal, your focus must be on the spiritual because the spiritual that you see is gonna become manifest in the natural.

06:26 - The thing that you’re focusing on, the Lord’s telling me, “Lift up your eyes off of the temporal.

06:34 - Don’t touch in the natural what I’m adjusting in the supernatural, and get your focus on the spirit realm. “ Anyone who that watches me on media knows that I’m a current-events junkie because I believe God’s work in history.

06:48 - And sometimes it has to be decoded so that people can understand what the Lord’s up to, especially Christians because they get confused the easiest like it seems because they’re juggling, you know, their latest trend and a Twitter feed or something they’re trying to follow, a prophet and a prophecy.

07:04 - And the Spirit of God is saying, “I want to adjust my people’s focus to what I’m doing, not what they want me to do. ” And that means God’s doing something he wants us in agreement with instead of trying to manipulate him into doing what we wish you would do.

07:17 - We’ll be back in a moment, and I want to share with you something that I put together for you that will talk to you about how faith and the time of chaos come together to create the force of favor that promotes you because that’s what we’re gonna be talking about in today’s study.

07:32 - We’ll be back in a minute. ♪♪♪ female announcer: Favor is the most powerful force in the universe.

07:45 - During a period of chaos, you want to have favor attracting you to the right people and the right divine appointments.

07:51 - Lance: You know, I’m reading about the destiny of Esther and Daniel in this “God’s Chaos Code” because literally, they are compatible with the period of time we’re in right now, which is the time of government instability.

08:03 - But it was the force of favor that attracted both of them to their ultimate assignment.

08:09 - And I want you to know something, no matter what goes down in the world around you, the chaos is understandable and the force of favor is irresistible.

08:17 - Put these two together and you’ll prosper. announcer: Today for your gift of any amount, you’ll perceive Lance’s latest book, “God’s Chaos Code,” and the best-selling CD series, “Favor: Covered In God’s Presence. “ It’s time for you to tap into your ultimate assignment.

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08:46 - Lance: Well, I hope you have your Bible. If not, you can just be a charismatic couch potato and I’ll feed you.

08:53 - But it’s better if you got the Word with you.

08:54 - Go find 1 Samuel chapter 16. If you’re watching this on some kind of social media device, just stop it right now and go get a Bible.

09:00 - Trust me, you need to see it and say it, and I want you to look for it.

09:07 - Now, in chapter 16, verse 1, the great prophet Samuel has prophesied over Saul, a great career that he believes is coming Saul’s way.

09:17 - And Saul starts off right, but Saul doesn’t do the right stuff and next thing you know, Saul’s disqualified from the very thing he was called into, a cautionary tale if I ever heard one.

09:27 - It’s possible to be anointed for an assignment and actually, dare I say, disqualify yourself from the very thing you’re anointed to do? I know a bunch of people are gonna freak out now when I say that, but this is the Bible.

09:40 - Saul was called and anointed, and then Saul started to respond and think from the flesh and from the natural–from his ego.

09:50 - And he began to militate against the very things that God was showing him to do, and he was done doing what God showed them to do, then He was worried about what the people were gonna do.

09:59 - See, when you get your eyes on the natural instead of on God, it always costs you something.

10:05 - So, Saul is not–is blowing it, and Samuel’s grieving because Samuel invested in him.

10:12 - Samuel had expectations. Samuel had hopes. Samuel had prayed and the thing isn’t working out.

10:17 - So, the Lord says to Samuel, “How long are you gonna let this bother you?” I love how God is watching Samuel’s up and down emotional state.

10:25 - “How long are you gonna let this thing get you? Drop it, release it. ” That’s a Word for a bunch of you.

10:31 - How long are you gonna keep rehearsing whatever it is that bothers you? At some point you know there’s a grieving cycle, let it go and move on to the next anointing, move on to the next thing God’s doing.

10:41 - That’s where your joy’s gonna be. All right, now watch this.

10:44 - The Lord says, “How long are you gonna mourn for Saul since I’ve rejected him from reigning over Israel? Now, fill your horn with oil.

10:52 - I’m gonna send you to Jesse the Bethlehemite.

10:55 - I provided me a king among his sons. “ I love that, God’s provided himself a solution for the problem before the problem even happens.

11:02 - You need to know that God’s provided you the solution for the problem before the problem shows up.

11:08 - All right, so Samuel hears that and takes off and, of course, he’s a little worried.

11:12 - He says, “Well, you know, if Saul hears I’m going out and anointing people for political office, he’s gonna kill me. ” Then the Lord gives him a strategy.

11:19 - He says, “Well, well, well, just go and say you’re calling for a sacrifice and then you do what I show you to do.

11:24 - When this man’s boys are in front of you, I’ll show you which one is anointed to be king. “ So, Samuel comes to the city and the elders come.

11:32 - “is everything okay?” Gives you an idea what the prophets were treated like back then.

11:37 - It’s like, “Uh-oh, are we in trouble?” And it’s like, “No, everything’s fine.

11:40 - We’re gonna do a little sacrifice here. By the way, Jesse’s here right, but his sons, tell them I specifically want them here at the ceremony. “ And so, sure enough, Jesse’s got his sons there.

11:51 - Verse 6, every word in the Bible is like a meal, a morsel in a meal.

11:55 - I’m telling you, it’s elegant. And it came to pass in verse 6 that when they were come, he looked on Eliab and said, “This is Samuel the Prophet. ” He’s looking in the natural.

12:04 - He says, “Surely, the Lord’s anointed. He looks like a president if I ever saw one. ” But the Lord said to Samuel, “Don’t look at his features or his countenance or his telegenic personality.

12:17 - Don’t look at his stature because I’ve rejected him.

12:21 - The Lord is looking with eyes you don’t have, he’s seeing the way you don’t see.

12:25 - I’ve got x-ray vision. I’m looking at the heart.

12:27 - I’m looking at what’s going on inside. “ Isn’t that a cool thing? God is looking on the heart and not on the outward appearance.

12:36 - The Lord looks on the heart. Gotta tell you a quick story about this and it’s a fact.

12:41 - I remember one time I went down to go to the lobby of a hotel.

12:47 - I just read this verse, and I was at a speaking tour and I met a man of God I very much respected.

12:51 - And I thought he was beginning to kind of like respect me too.

12:54 - Well, I went down there kind of in my sloppy overalls, in my wrinkly shirt, and kind of like I’m just, you know, you’re just hanging out in the hotel, seek the Lord.

13:03 - And I went down, I really looked like I needed a helps ministry, you know, take me in for somebody’s mission work.

13:10 - And sure enough at that time, this man of God comes in and he was ex military.

13:15 - And he comes in, he’s checking in the front desk.

13:17 - And he looks at me up, he looks at me down, and I honestly I feel that he judged me.

13:23 - I think he came to the conclusion that I was an undisciplined or probably was not very mature.

13:29 - He probably right in all those points. But the fact of the matter is, this verse messed me up.

13:35 - “For the Lord looks on the heart and everyone looks on the outward appearance. ” And I went back to the Lord, I said, “Lord, I just feel like I might have made a wrong impression on him. ” And then the Lord said something to me.

13:46 - He said, “I told you that I look on the heart and not on the appearance, but man does look on the outward and therefore you ought to dress and act like you want to be seen because human nature sees in the natural, not in the spirit. ” So, I understood something.

14:01 - The Lord is the one that looks on the heart, everybody else looking at the natural.

14:04 - So, don’t–so put on that smiling face and be the ambassador you’re called to be, whether you feel like it or not.

14:11 - So anyway, so Jesse goes ahead and brings the rest of the boys out there.

14:15 - And they–and Samuel doesn’t feel the anointing on any of them.

14:19 - And he’s going, “Oh, something’s wrong here.

14:21 - Did I miss it? It wasn’t him. It wasn’t him. It wasn’t him. “ And a couple of these young men were perfect candidates.

14:27 - Now, I’m saying this for a reason because the prophet says, “Is there somebody I missed here?” And Jesse goes, “Well, there’s one, not none of us thought he was a candidate for whatever you’re doing.

14:41 - He’s out in the field. He’s the runt of the litter.

14:43 - He’s not even grown up yet. He’s the youngest. “ And so, Samuel says, “We’re not sitting down till he’s here,” because Samuel’s on a mission from God.

14:54 - He’s not gonna have lunch and put this off.

14:56 - He’s got a job to do. There’s a lesson in that, isn’t there? So, he says, “We’re standing here, go got him. ” So, they sent, and now here comes David rumbling over the field, you see him running, perspiration on his forehead his, you know, kind of boyish physique.

15:15 - And he comes with his beautiful countenance that’s goodly to look at.

15:20 - The Lord said, “Arise and anoint him. This is he. ” Then Samuel took that horn of oil and anointed him in the midst of his brethren.

15:29 - Important words, Jesus was anointed in the midst of his brethren.

15:35 - He rises up out of Galilee, he’s the prophet.

15:39 - He stands there in the midst of the rabbis and teachers, and you know what they were? They were jealous of him because jealousy and envy is what other preachers have to you when you’re anointed to preach.

15:51 - But jealousy and envy is what singers have when you’re anointed to sing, what businessmen have when you’re gonna make money, what politicians have when you’re anointed to get votes.

15:59 - Whatever your anointing, it will provoke envy and jealousy from everyone else who sees the favor of God on you.

16:05 - He’s in the midst of his brethren, the spirit of the Lord came upon him and the Spirit of the Lord departed from Saul.

16:14 - That’s a powerful, powerful statement because a transfer of anointing took place.

16:19 - That means God can lift the anointing off of somebody in government position here and put it upon somebody over here who is not in that position, but they’re anointed to take that position.

16:32 - David’s got the anointing for the government and the nation, and it left that king who was rebellious.

16:39 - And that produced the problem for David. For the rest of his years, he was gonna have conflict with the house of Saul.

16:47 - So, now what happens? David himself enters into what we’re calling the anointing of recognition.

16:53 - When we come back from this break, I’m gonna show you one of the wildest things you’ve ever seen, how God will cause other people to see your future and speak about you in a way that even shocks you because they see who you are the Spirit, and you haven’t seen it yet.

17:15 - I want you to catch that when we come back.

17:18 - ♪♪♪ Lance: When we wrote about Esther and Joseph, it never occurred to me in this book that what attracted them to their destiny in the middle of chaos, was the power of God’s supernatural favor.

17:36 - That’s the combination you want to look for right now.

17:39 - announcer: Today, for your gift of any amount, you’ll receive Lance’s latest book, “God’s Chaos Code,” and the best-selling CD series, “Favor: Covered In God’s Presence. “ Contact us now at LanceWallnau. tv/favor, or call the number on the screen.

17:57 - Lance: I noticed something really unusual started happening, for instance, in my own life.

18:01 - I would go places to speak, and people would introduce me and they were embellishing my resume.

18:09 - But it’s a nice way of saying they were lying about my achievements, and I was embarrassed.

18:13 - And I’d go back and look at what we sent them for a bio, and I’d look at it, I’d go, well, I haven’t yet, you know, consulted with, you know, CEOs or millionaires or billionaires.

18:25 - Then a strange thing would happen, I would suddenly find myself getting called in to talk to CEOs, millionaires, and billionaires.

18:32 - And then people started talking about best-selling author, and I hadn’t written anything yet.

18:36 - But then best-selling author, it happened within a year.

18:41 - And it’s a strange thing, and I even heard people in the natural talk about.

18:47 - That’s how these spirit laws work that once they started visualizing and seeing things in the future and saying things, things started to manifest, but that’s actually a spiritual principle.

18:56 - But here’s what I want you to catch, in the life of David, this happened to him when the anointing of recognition went on him.

19:06 - Take a look at chapter 16. We’re still in one chapter right now.

19:10 - I gotta go through three powerful things here in the next few, seven minutes.

19:15 - When the Spirit of the Lord lifted off of Saul and the anointing went on David.

19:22 - David now had authority for the nation, but he didn’t have the position.

19:29 - He had the anointing, but he didn’t have the office.

19:33 - He had the ability, but he didn’t have the authorization and recognition yet.

19:41 - So, watch what happens. Saul’s servant’s said in verse 15, “An evil spirit of God is now on Saul.

19:48 - Let our Lord command thy servants which are before you to seek out a man who is cunning, cutting player on a harp and it shall come the past of the evil spirit from God that is upon you, when he plays with his hand, you will be well,” meaning there will be an anointing in his music that delivers you from the demon that afflicts you.

20:11 - It’s a wild thought. So, what happens? Saul says, “All right, go find me that man.

20:16 - Get me my therapist, I need a music therapist. “ So, they answered–then answered one of his servants.

20:22 - So, catch this. God already put a divine appointment together with somebody in Saul’s entourage who has seen David, but watch how he falsely advertises.

20:35 - He sees stuff in David that even David’s family hasn’t seen yet.

20:40 - Watch. He says, “Behold, I’ve seen a son of Jesse, the Bethlehemite that is cunning and playing, and a mighty valiant man, a man of war. ” Where did this come from? The kid is basically in the back side of the hill with a few sheep, his own brothers.

21:03 - All they think he’s doing is handling a, you know, 15 or 20 sheep or something.

21:08 - He’s a valiant man of war, and he’s prudent in matters, meaning wise and discriminating in his judgment for the king’s court.

21:15 - And he’s handsome to look at and the Lord is with him.

21:21 - That’s quite a, that’s quite a introduction for your next speaker, don’t you think? “Therefore, Saul sent messages unto Jessie and said, ‘Send me David thy son which is with the sheep. ’ And Jesse took an ass and laden with bread and a bottle of wine and sent David on his way.

21:37 - And as soon as Saul saw David, he loved him. “ This is the force of favor.

21:41 - I want you to catch what happened. Somebody recognized David, somebody advertised David, somebody promoted David into an opportunity where David would have to speak.

21:53 - That’s what the favor of Gods all about. That’s why we teach on this favor, it’s like honey.

21:57 - It’s like a sticky factor. This, David stuck out in this guy’s mind and when it was time for him to talk, he just stuck–David was sticking to the top of the guy’s brain.

22:05 - He starts saying, “Well, there’s a young man in the kingdom,” and he’s even embellishing, but he’s not really embellishing.

22:10 - The Spirit of the Lord is on him showing him who David really is.

22:15 - He says, “The Lord is with him and he’s a valiant man.

22:17 - I see it already, he’s a warrior. Oh, this kid is a warrior. “ Nobody else has seen this yet.

22:23 - God was recognizing David by the Spirit and the favor of God was positioning him.

22:28 - And then when Saul meets him, he loves him.

22:32 - So, it says here, “He had found favor in my sight. ” That confirms my theology.

22:38 - “And it came to pass for the evil spirit from God was on Saul that David took a harp and played. ” And when he played when he played that instrument, it released the anointing.

22:46 - When you do what you’re gifted to do, it takes authority over the spiritual environment.

22:50 - You may not be a harpist, obviously, but you could be somebody else.

22:54 - You could be an accountant, you could be a maid, you could be a–who knows what you do, but I’m telling you something, God will anoint the work of your hands and when you’re there, it will bring a calm and a stability over the entire operation.

23:09 - You might as well start walking in the anointing of the authority of God.

23:12 - When you walk in, confess, “The atmosphere shifts when I’m there, everything changes when I’m there. ” Oh, man, you’re just gonna have to trust me on the rest of my teaching here because I’m gonna give you guys a rapid illustration of how this works.

23:29 - So, you see, what happens is here’s Saul right here.

23:35 - And Saul–I’m gonna do this–this is called the four-minute rapid download.

23:43 - Saul has a pitchfork like that, tormenting him.

23:50 - But when David comes along, get our blue pen here, David comes along and he’s singing, and he’s playing his harp.

24:00 - What happens is David’s anointing is so strong, it overtakes Saul.

24:09 - And what David does is he cancels out the authority of the attack and brings Saul under the anointing that David has.

24:19 - In other words, when you go into a certain sphere, remember what Jesus said? “When you go preach, let your peace come upon them and if they receive you, then your peace will be on them and on that dwelling place and stay there.

24:41 - But if they don’t receive you, let your peace return to you because the one thing that’s non negotiable is you’re gonna walk in peace, but if they receive you, the anointing on you will go into the atmosphere and affect the environment.

24:55 - Start releasing your faith for this. “ All right, that’s revelation number one.

24:59 - Let’s go to Revelation number two. We got two minutes here before we go there.

25:05 - David is anointed by Samuel. So, there’s the first anointing of David is the Spirit of God comes on David and when the Spirit of God comes on David, he is now anointed by God to be king, to slay Goliath, to kill Philistines, to rule in Israel.

25:27 - He’s got the supernatural anointing, that’s all he needs.

25:30 - But what you’re gonna find out is David isn’t activated yet into that anointing.

25:36 - In fact, he is gonna grow in terms of authority and stature, and he’s going to go through some periods of contradiction, contradiction.

25:47 - And what’s the contradiction gonna be? He’s going to end up rejected by Saul.

25:52 - He’s gonna have to deal with rejection. And I told you earlier, a lot of the rejection is gonna come from the people that are jealous or envious of what you have got that they wish they had, that you’ve got and they wish and they’re mad at you for having it.

26:07 - So, they are your enemies without a cause. That’s what Jesus said.

26:12 - They hated him without a cause, without justification.

26:15 - But it’s a spiritual thing. It’s a spiritual thing.

26:18 - So, what I want you to see here is David is anointed with the supernatural.

26:24 - But it is during the period of contradiction with the house of Saul, he experiences rejection and he moves from being a captain.

26:34 - What Saul does is he makes him a captain in his army.

26:38 - David moves from being a captain under Saul to being a king in Israel.

26:47 - He grows, and the Bible says that Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man.

26:53 - Remember those verses? That there’s an increase.

26:56 - What is happening during the period of time when you have an anointing for something, when you have a prophecy for something? What’s happening in the clock of God during that period of times, God is expanding you from one level to the next level to the next level, and he’s doing it in your circumstance of distress.

27:19 - David put it this way, “Thou hast enlarged me in my distress. ” And so, where you are right now is you’re enduring a contradiction.

27:31 - The favor of God is about to expand you. And I told you during the worst times, God promotes you.

27:37 - I don’t care what the circumstances are. That’s what Favor and Chaos, this book and this teaching will do.

27:44 - It’ll put it together for you, and it’ll all make sense.

27:50 - Lance: When we wrote about Esther and Joseph, it never occurred to me in this book that what attracted them to their destiny in the middle of chaos was the power of God’s supernatural faith.

28:02 - That’s the combination you want to look for right now.

28:05 - announcer: Today, for your gift of any amount, you’ll receive Lance’s latest book, “God’s Chaos Code,” and the best-selling CD series, “Favor: Covered In God’s Presence. “ It’s time for you to tap into your ultimate assignment.

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28:32 -… .