F2P CAVALRY GUIDE! BEST Commander Order, Equipment, & Civ! Rise of Kingdoms F2P Guide

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today i’m bringing you my free to play cavalry guide for rise of kingdoms what’s going on guys cheers oh that peach sparkling water is just so crisp now when i first started posting rise of kingdoms content one of my most popular free-to-play guides was my free to play cavalry guide and that video i made a long time ago and i know like a hundred times more about this game now than i did back then so that video is way overdue for a refresh now a few weeks ago i did post a video talking about my recommendation for the best order to invest in legendary commanders here in this game as a free to play player but i got a lot of comments on the video and also on discord of people saying i’m new york i get that you know this is this is what you recommend but what if i just want to be a cavalry player or what if i just want to be an archer player and that’s it i don’t want to focus on you know going for e song and then and min maxing all this stuff what if i just want to pick a troop type and focus on that well congratulations that is what this video is going to be for cavalry players if you think that this is a good video that i should make for infantry and for archers drop a thumbs up on the video and comment down below now just as a quick disclaimer okay this video is not intended to make you a point zero one percent top tier est tier player in the game not you’re not going to be in osiris league finals in six months like this is for those of you who are free to play and you want to have fun and this is the best advice that i could give you if you’re going to pick cavalry okay we’ve been looking at pelagius’s beautiful beard for long enough the first thing we have to talk about is what is the best civilization that you should pick as a free-to-play cavalry player so there are four civilizations that focus on the cavalry unit and before i give you guys my opinions on all of them i just want to say that your civilization is a micro optimization in the grand scheme of things it’s not the biggest deal in the world if you didn’t pick the civilization that i recommend here in this video you can get alliance credits to change your civilization for free later down the line and if you’re still like brand new first few days you get a free sieve change later online i think at city hall 10 12 or 15 somewhere in there so you get it for free and you can get it for free again later with alliance credits so again don’t worry okay the first civilization we’re going to talk about is germany and they give you the absolutely fearless teutonic knights these are a really great special unit you can see they give you 5 cavalry attack 5 troop training speed and 10 action point recovery this is an incredible civilization for cavalry players especially if you’re free to play because the action point recovery is absolutely crucial the troop training speed makes a large difference over time so over the course of months you’re gonna have nice a nice big buff in the amount of troops that you have and the cavalry attack is nice next we have to talk about spain here you see you get the conquistadors with five percent increased cavalry defense the conquistadors actually deal some really nice damage this is a very very powerful special unit for cavalry you get 10 extra experience from neutral units and 20 resource production back in the day this is what i recommended and honestly i don’t feel that way anymore this is decent in the early game and again the five percent defense and conquistadors are nice but experience not that useful 20 resource production is fine maybe in the beginning of the game like i said same thing with experience but late game mid game it’s just not a great choice next we’re gonna talk about arabia and we’ve got the mom looks over here we’ve got five percent cavalry attack we get ten percent damage dealt to barbarians and neutral units an increase in five percent rally damage which is really powerful if you’re leading rallies but guys if you’re a free-to-play player you’re not gonna be leading rallies you’re just really not right because later in the game you’re going to be in the season of conquest and unfortunately kvk tech plays a big role in your success with rallies so even if you have great commanders and you have great gear you’re probably not going to have max kvk attack and it’s going to be really difficult to have successful rallies so as a free-to-play player i don’t think arabia is your best choice again you get attack which is the least favorite of all the stats and if you were going to get that you can get that from germany the fourth is byzantium this is actually a really underrated civilization in my opinion cavalry health is very premium this is a great stat for cabs you get extra stone gathering speed which you’re going to need for your cavalry units and an extra 15 hospital capacity is nice you know especially as a free-to-play player if you’re not gonna really be speeding down your hospital with speed ups which you shouldn’t be using the universals for anyway having a little bit of extra room in your hospital definitely couldn’t hurt so without further ado we are going to be giving the best recommendation to germany germany in my opinion is the best civilization for a free-to-play cavalry player teutonic knights are powerful troop training speed is very good and the 10 action point recovery is absolutely crucial again this is for free to play players who are going to be active playing every day you want to get as many action points as possible as a free-to-play player and you want to use all of them every day i really cannot emphasize that enough guys the action point recovery is the reason that you’re picking germany like for sure if you’re not a very active free-to-play player then perhaps you don’t want to pick germany but really you know if you are free to play and you you want to take this game a little bit serious um germany is definitely the way to go and you should be using all your action points every single day i personally think byzantium comes in second place because cavalry health is very premium and the hospital capacity is nice but again it you know if you’re free to play plan to spend a little bit more time on the game than a pay to win player and therefore germany all right let’s move on to commanders and you guys actually really enjoyed me using this tear maker in my free to play commander investment order video so i’m going to bring it back here guys there’s a link to this tier maker in the description below it has all the commanders um of the epic and legendary tier in rise of kingdoms i even added piccolo and cj so everybody is in here today we’re going to be just taking a look at what commanders you might be using as a free-to-play cavalry player so i have the commanders organized into four different sections here okay we have all the cavalry commanders in the top row the honorable mentions are other commanders that you may be using as a free-to-play player obviously minamoto will talk about he’s not free to play but we’ll talk about him uh kenyan team down here are just commanders that you might use in your canyon team even if you’re a cavalry player and then down here are the other commanders that you’ll just not touch pretty much because they’re either not cavalry or they’re gatherers or whatever the case might be now i thought long and hard about this okay and everybody recommends that you should start with esong a and for the most part i do agree with that and if you watch my free to play investment guide i do talk about isan yay and i have the highest praise for him i think if you’re free to play or even if you’re a whale starting with a song and expertising him is a great move and it’s absolutely not one you’re going to regret even in the late game because he’s still extremely good and i use him to this day but for the meantime let’s just put esong aside here for a second okay let’s just let’s just put his song aside i know i know you’re freaking out you’re freaking out right now and i’m gonna need you to calm down okay let’s put him aside he’s incredible i just don’t write the comment i know he is let’s just narrow down at these cavalry commanders to the ones that i think you should be investing in okay obviously the epic commanders are ones that you’re gonna get in abundance after just a couple of weeks right you’re gonna be able to expertise them pretty easily if you’re a cavalry player obviously you want to focus on these ones so you can fill in some of the holes and gaps that you might have in your you know cavalry team but when it comes to the commanders that you should actually be investing your legendary commander sculptures into um i’m gonna say that genghis khan is not one of them let’s move him to the avoid category attila also not one of them you know if you’re a free-to-play player let me just give some clarity here because i know you guys might be confused if you’re new and especially if you’re free to play and you don’t really know too much about these commanders genghis khan the problem with him he’s a great commander but you know he just doesn’t have the sustain in the open field that you’re gonna need as a free-to-play player he is frequently one of the most targeted in the open field because he’s very squishy you can kill him very fast uh attila is really an exceptional uh city rally commander and even rallying you know objectives as well to a certain degree um you have to pair them with decatur and you also have to expertise both of them for that combination to be effective we already talked about how free to play players really aren’t going to be uh rallying too much in this game right and if you’re not going to rally then you really don’t need attila right like in the open field he’s fine but he’s not like one of the best investments for you so for that reason we’re putting him in the avoid category uh i’m also gonna do that to chandragupta and you know chandragupta is a great commander right he’s great but you’re really limited with your legendary commander sculptures and i would actually have to say chandragupta may be one that you know in the very late game after you’ve invested in everything else i talk about you may actually come back to town to gupta because he is very very good he’s just you know again he’s not one of the first that i would recommend investing in okay and also yad viga another commander that um is for the whales right she is for you know cavalry garrisons and that’s pretty much it and you really don’t want to be a cavalry garrison if you’re a free-to-play player you know again you want that kbk tech you want to have the best gear possible all legendary gear uh and it’s just you know it’s just not a great uh situation to be in as a free-to-play player so that leaves us with the commanders that we have here right now i’m not recommending not recommending you use the epic commanders i i honestly you know the time for epics has come in past lilith has not implemented new epics in the game since the game you know came into being besides uh bjorn kiera and uh what’s you know we got gatherer matilda and uh this you know dao chan which you can’t even get anymore so you know it’s very it’s been a very lackluster uh epic lineup for a very long time and i just don’t know like obviously in the very beginning of the game you have no choice but uh you’re really gonna not use epics too much right so i have them up here because you’re gonna have them expertised and you may use them but you really shouldn’t be you should really be focusing on legendaries okay so let’s take a look at what we’ve got here right tao is interesting he’s interesting because you’re going to get him for free from the gold keys and for that reason uh he’s going to be one of the first legendaries that you get but one of the last legendaries that you’re really going to like use right unless you get really lucky with gold keys he’s got to be like five one five one for him to like start being useful as a commander and that’s the problem is this second skill it’s really hard to guarantee that you get your points in these last two now of course there is the skill reset item in the game you could actually use that but honestly it’s just it’s luck of the draw right if you’re going to be resetting a legendary commander is it is southside your best choice probably not right he’s not one of the best legendaries for cavalry but again the good news is you will get him for free over time so my recommendation get this first skill to five then bring him all the way up and just start putting points in them and hopefully they land in these last two primarily this uh primarily the third one that’s gonna give you some nice attack and march speed and then the fourth one gives you a little bit of rage and healing factor which is nice so sao sau is just going to be sitting on the back burner for a while as you accumulate him through the gold keys over time if you get lucky and you can start using him in the early game you of course can you you could pair him with belisarius to make a very fast farming killing machine here which is really good and you can also use this uh maybe in arkham osiris for example because again these are a very fast combination you also could do a uh sorry a pelagius and tauto if it’s early game i would do pelagius primary but you know really once you’ve entered kvk 2 and later you’re going to want to do satsang primary because having a purple commander in the open field is just asking for a full hospital basically so even though sort of same thing with tao tau at least he’s gold so he kind of blends in slightly better than a purple but regardless this is like your early early early early early game combo or maybe uh something like this now still keeping with the early game some of the other commanders you’re going to be getting just by playing the game are going to be ethelflight and martel martella is in the same camp as sao sao you’re going to get him for free through gold keys and this is a solid combination right here honestly it’s a little bit tanky with martel primary and you get some nice bonuses from ethelfledge aoe and debuffing and all that good stuff you also could do something like this if you do want a full infantry march i know we’re talking about cavalry but you’re gonna be training infantry so like this would be your only infantry march possibility pretty much um bjorn maybe if it’s like mega early but we’re not we’re we’re not going to talk about that uh and then finally this would be your main joan support march if you wanted to do something like that okay so again we’re just we’re sidetracking slightly because i just want to bring your attention to these commanders here you are gonna be getting uh not not these three right but you’re gonna be getting these four commanders for free over time so you will have use for them even though you’re a cavalry player okay let’s put everybody back where they belong we’re getting ahead of ourselves okay so let’s go ahead and talk about your your real first investments right because up until this point we’ve talked about just gold key commanders and epochs and ethelfled right so let’s talk about your first investments assuming again that we’re leaving a song off to the side for now again watch my free to play investment guide seriously that’s a good choice for you but in this video we’re just having fun we’re just talking about cavs okay saladin is like the first early game uh you know powerful commander that you can get for cavalry the downside of saladin is you can only get him from the mightiest governor until a little bit later when he shows up in the card king event uh so it’s gonna be pretty hard as a free to play player to get your hands on a saladin um if you’re if you’re saving up and hoarding all of your resources and speed ups for a mightiest governor push you may want to do it in like the final or maybe the second or final um salad in mightiest governor uh you know is it is it the best choice i i don’t know probably not but you could perform decently well and get enough sculptures to at least summon saladin in the early game and you’ll have somebody to focus on now with saladin the important thing to know is you do not have to expertise him which is what makes him so friendly for free to play players and the reason that you don’t have to expertise him is because if we go in here let me pull up my salad and i’ve actually been working on him a little bit um you do not need this fourth skill as a free-to-play player because you are not going to be rallying with saladin you’re just not and also his expertise isn’t great for the amount of sculptures you need to invest so saladin is best as a five five five one and that saves you a ton of legendary commander sculptures that you can invest somewhere else so that’s my recommendation for him don’t expertise him you don’t really need to as a free to play now at this point if you did decide to go for e song a i would actually do something along the lines of this as your first two marches right obviously as a cavalry player this doesn’t really feel like it but ethel fled is a really solid secondary to saladin because he is pretty tanky for what he is uh and that’s really nice and again ethelfledge is just a good legendary commander overall and then here you have your tanky aoe march but again let’s say you’re not gonna focus on uh esong over here okay and you’re just focusing on cavs the next commander that you could invest in would be takeda now the thing about takeda is that he is also believe it or not a commander that you can use at five five five one and this is another scenario where you save a lot of legendary commander sculptors now is he better than someone like chandragupta that i put off to the side remember we did put chandragupta over here in the avoid category uh i do think chandragupta is better than takeda but again we’re talking about free-to-play players and we’re talking about the best value you’re gonna get out of these legendary commander sculptures and i think a five five five one takeda is a great commander he pairs really nicely with saladin because he’s a bit tanky as well he’s got some healing factor he gives you 40 cavalry defense which is really really nice you also get a nice 40 cavalry attack bonus as well with that march speed it’s really really good plus you’re going to be dealing a little bit extra damage with that active skill that burn is really good so guys again a 5 5 five one takeda you’re gonna have an a little bit over here that’s nice but it’s only gonna be at one so it is what it is um the good part about takeda compared to uh saladin is that he is a commander you can get from the wheel of fortune which means as long as you’re saving your gems you’re guaranteed to get to kedah once he shows up on the wheel you just spin the wheel you know if you’re a free-to-play player spin it 10 times every time you see it or you know spin it at least up to 100 it’s it’s really one of the other those are your best value for the amount of heads you get on average of course you could get really lucky or you can get really unlucky so keep that in mind it is a wheel right it’s it’s gambling literally you’re gambling your gems um but to play it safe 10 spins is is your bit is the best bang for your buck or 100 spins you got to go all the way or just play it safe so again as a free to play player this is nice because you have two commanders both are five five five one low investment and really good value next we’re going to talk about william right william is a really good commander and he provides a lot of utility in the open field really nice aoe damage factor here we also have some cavalry attack we got that march speed bonus as well and increased damage outside of territory you also get 20 extra attack over here which is nice while you’re on the map we’ve got some damage factor and some benefits to swarming and his final his fourth skill is what makes him really great as a support commander his hidden bloodline his aoe uh you actually gain a nice 10 increase in defense for your army and nearby allied armies and if it hits multiple targets you’re all going to be getting 150 rage so william is not only a powerful cavalry commander but he also aids your allies in the open field which if you’re a free-to-play player that’s one of the most valuable things you can do because you’re not going to be you know the powerhouse on the field but you can buff the powerhouses on the field which is which is a really good place to be and guess what guys william also a great commander at five five five one i really don’t see the value in expertising william as a free-to-play player you’re getting a majority of his utility at five five five one now once you have william at that point you can either do something like a william takeda and have ethel fled with your saladin or you could do you know depending on what your south side looks like you could do actually a tsao tsao takeda because takeda gives a little bit of tankiness there uh and then you could do something like this and a salad in william is a really good combo and this is going to be like your first really powerful combo uh and the best part again is that william is a wheel of fortune commander which is just like takeda easy guaranteed to get for a free-to-play player just save your gems when he comes around finally we’re going to be talking about zhangyu this is a really powerful commander and the only commander on this list that i recommend you expertise uh he’s just he’s so powerful especially as a full cavalry player he’s got a low rage requirement you can get him from the wheel of fortune he’s got nice aoe a nice debuff his expertise is good as well there’s just a lot to love about zengyu now if you wanted to you could actually use your skill resets here on zhengyu to avoid this third skill you do not need this as a free-to-play player because you’re not going to be attacking strongholds or cities so if you could get a five five one five zhang you then you could make the argument that you wouldn’t really even need to expertise him so honestly save the skill resets maybe you’re saying you could be a really good value commander as well without that expertise and that would be a really good place to be now since you invested in takeda you could do something along these lines where you do a salad in takeda for a nice tank march and you also can do a really powerful aoe march that supports your nearby allies with eight zhangyu william that would just be incredibly good the only problem with this is that it kind of leaves your tower over here just rotting you could pair them with you know again you could pair them with pelagius or belisarius but late game that that march is just gonna get melted and i honestly wouldn’t even recommend it i would focus on just putting all of your all of your troops into these two marches and just go to up just go to town right just go to town you can even do something like this where you have two marches both of which are a little bit tanky and both of which that have aoe this is also a really solid combo and that’s the best part about these four commanders is that they’re so interchangeable and that’s really what you want when you’re a free-to-play player you want again the most value for your investment now at this point again you could go back and invest in somebody like chandra gupta because then you do have a really powerful combo that you could go with you could go with a zhangyu chandragupta you could go with something like this and that would just be you know then you have three good marches and you know that the only thing is chandragupta would have to be pretty much expertise as well if you don’t want to go that route you could instead go for somebody like trajan which even though he is not a cavalry commander you could expertise him pair him with ethelfled which would be an insanely good combination as well and then we would go back to uh something like this or again maybe you decided to start with uh esong a in which you would have you know something along these lines or something along these lines something like that but these are sort of what your late game builds would be and again late game you’re going to want to avoid uh these commanders as well right uh tao is like kind of like the only like middle like maybe you fill him in somewhere but really these are gonna be the pairs that you have late game as a free to play player and you could do something like this as well this would be like a solid like aoe support march that you just throw random stuff in like your extra troops we could put joan here too as well you could switch joan with esong if you want to support march now let’s talk about minamoto right minamoto is an absolutely great primary commander for tsaoto and you know obviously you can’t get him asked free to play but if you’re a low spender you can get a five five one one minimoto for relatively cheap i think it’s like 27 or 30 worth of vip bundles um so if you’re a low spender and you did buy minimoto and you have him at 5511 uh then great news he’s a good primary for taotao and you know you’ll have that combination especially for barb forts and for pretty much you know serolli everything that is you know uh pve content this is gonna be like the best possible combination for you so you’re get you’ll get a ton of value out of this honestly um people like don’t talk about minamoto anymore because he’s old and you have to pay for him but realistically speaking um there’s he’s got a lot of hidden value in the fact that you can defeat pve content much easier with this combination here so uh keep that in mind i’m not recommending you buy minimoto but i’m just saying like some of you might have bought them and so that’s kind of how you can use them if you’re a low spender uh and want to follow this guide as a cat player okay this video has been so long we still got to talk about equipment but we’re going to be pretty quick about this okay so this is going to be uh the starter build for your equipment okay you can see we’ve got the expedition warm helm we’ve got some windswept stuff over here and we got the vanguard set here and we got some wind swept over here as well so you’ll notice this focuses primarily on defense health and march speed and that’s because attack is a pretty abundant stat so honestly it is what it is but this is a very cheap you know less than you know 50 days to craft this relatively easy uh the thing is everything is special talented so um we are gonna be you know seeing a new equipment system very very soon so if any of this changes i’ll post it in the comments section below but this is currently what it is uh assuming that there’s not like a difference in stats or like cost involved or anything like that this is probably going to stay the same next moving forward into the mid and late game we’re going to be talking about this set here you can see that the boots and the helmet actually haven’t changed at all and that’s going to be a nice little trend for the helmet especially but you see we do have some special talented uh purples here for the chest plate the legs the gloves and the weapon this is a much better set only four percent attack which seems like it’s not much but if you go back and look at the commanders we talked about a lot of them do give you attack anyway we’ve got tons of defense and health and a little bit less smart speed now than we did before but that’s because we have way more battle stats which is definitely more important for those really good trades and then finally this is like late late late late game super expensive like you shouldn’t really be thinking about this as a free-to-play player when you’re first starting but like if you’re really late game and you have like two or three of these sets right for your commanders and for really too you’d really want like two of this um for your uh for your cavalry commanders then you can start thinking about upgrading one of them to something like this where you replace the chest and the boots uh you have effectively no more march speed but you have way more stats and this is going to be sort of the best attainable thing that you could get um really you know again it is what it is you’re gonna want probably two of these late game but we’re talking like i mean look at how long this is gonna take right as a free-to-play player we’re talking years so i wouldn’t really worry about this too much as a free-to-play player just focus on getting this set with the special talents i think you’re gonna have a really good time with this set alone don’t worry about the helmet and the boots these are definitely some of the best you can have for your cavalry and that’s pretty much it guys if you found this video useful drop a thumbs up on it it really helps out the channel a ton and it lets me know that you want to see maybe an infantry and archer version of this video again if it was helpful comment down below uh what you think do you think i’m right do you think i’m wrong are there things that you would change about this guide let me know in the comment section below again as well as do you want to see this for the other troop types if you’re new around here make sure you subscribe to the channel and click that bell to be notified the next time that i upload a rise of kings video as always my social media links are in the description below so make sure you follow me over there on instagram twitter facebook discord all that stuff is down below as well as a link to download rise of kingdoms for your pc absolutely for free it’s a free way to support the channel and of course bluestacks 5 is my favorite way to play rise of kingdoms that’s how i primarily play the game as you can see by my mouse right here over oh you actually you can’t see the mouse oh there it is anyway download link is in the description below and if you don’t like it you can uninstall it later and with that being said guys thank you so much for watching this has been omni arc i will talk to you guys again soon peace.