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okay so now I think we can start so hello everyone thank you for joining us today to our virtual open day my name is Mishket Ben Hamida and i’m the marketing project manager at Datum Academy so if you have a bachelor of 4 years, if you are a career changer looking for IT skills especially in big data and artificial intelligence or you are a professional wishing to advance your career let me tell you you are at the right place in this presentation today along with professor Serge Miranda masters BIHAR & eBIHAR scientific director and Dr Evgeniya Ishkina Director of the BIHAR master we will give you all the information you need to know about the master of science BIHAR its online version eBIHAR and our micro credential GRADEO which are both online trainings you could follow while working full time or part time thank you and now professor serge miranda i give you the floor so glad to talk with you today and um i will give a presentation of uh the contents of BIHAR and eBIHAR masters and today we focusing on students we need that knowledge of that information and we hope that after this so open day there will be no question remaining for you and of course we can deliver some and answer any questions regarding higher education in this disrupting world of artificial intelligence in big data so first of all we are this master of science BIHAR is located at ESTIA the school of engineering in Biarritz in bidar close to the airport in the southwest of France historically ESTIA is a school of mechanical engineering industrial engineering and computer engineering represent one dimension of ESTIA and that’s within that area that the BIHAR master of science on big data and artificial intelligence started last october Hello everyone, my name is Patxi Elissalde I’m ESTIA campus Director.

ESTIA is a large engineering school located in the Basque country near Biarritz which welcomes more than a thousand students each year to follow studies in engineering : mechanical electronic & robotics engineering and computer and digital engineering. In the addition to the engineering course, we have several specialized master of science masters including the BIHAR master which I will say a word about later, ESTIA is a member of the Conference des Grandes Ecoles and of course accredited by the Commission of Engineers and is associated with two prestigious training establishments : first of all, we are its component establishment of the University of Bordeaux, therefore the largest training university of Nouvelle Aquitaine, and we are a partner member of the ISAE group, the leading training and research center in aeronautical and space engineering in France.

In the case of the BIHAR master’s, degree of which you will have a complete presentation later, I would tell you that it is a new course that was created by ESTIA to meet the ever increasing demand from companies and digital professionals for specialists in the development of digital applications in particular with regard to AI and Big Data. This training already welcomes about twenty students the first promotion which opened last October and we are looking for candidates for the second promotion which will start next September which should welcome 20 to 25 handpicked candidates face-to-face.

This master must be instantiated in order to be delivered at a distance 100% remotely through the eBIHAR master which will mention Professor Miranda shortly. So thank you to all of you for your attention. Participation in these open days is at your disposal and our listening regular courses your orientation project at ESTIA newt year and see you soon.

04:53 - so master of science br and its online version ebr concerning br is a face-to-face master of science either in one year 12 months or 18 months 12 months is as just said mishka is dedicated to students which could demonstrate a bachelor in four years or the first year of a master degree in computer science in this case they could enter directly the last semesters of the program there is an artificial intelligence tract which is brought by the partnership we have with university of siena which is one of the leading universities in europe on artificial intelligence and every and you will see as i would say some as a specialty of whatever we proposing on internet concerning education the fact that every course for every course there exists the mooc there exists a mooc in english and french for br which could be used as an external pedagogical resource for the students or we can be used by the professor for flipped classroom but and of course during this covered era that could be used also as a as a remote and um an asynchronous resource so what is the particularity of this br master of science is that the hands-on projects the students are developing we call that innovation project of proof of concepts pox on industry use case and that’s fundamental for us that’s uh to to to have this kind of practical experience for students who learn by doing we call that experiential learning and this stems from our experience with mbds at university of nice with 30 years of functioning this way so students are working on prototypes real life prototypes we have also an international webinar the for this first year we have eight seminars which are online on that room academy and the str website we therefore are building an innovation and innovation lab on big data and ai at estria and we are now proposing just to demonstrate the dynamics we are proposing an erasmus master with university of siena in italy and university of vigo in spain so here i would like to give a couple of words on this couple big data and artificial intelligence which are part of the the kernel of the curriculum if you consider we we are now when we enter what we call the first paradigm of science that’s jim gray uh we got the nobel prize in computing we say that so we are in this paradigm of the science of data and with this from a computer science point of view there are two dimensions for data processing data management and data analysis that’s a strong copy and today we have a tsunami of data and we have ai everywhere so we need from a computer science point of view to identify these two basic functions and that corresponds to two highly demanded jobs and you have data engineer for data management and data scientist for that analyst and what we built here at um br at estia is a strong partnership with two leading companies in the world for data management that’s oracle and for data analysis that’s google and every student is fully experienced with this professional interface on both aspects so it’s a professional master degree fully certified at the european level so you see here also um fully certified and i indicate the cost for the 18 month is 10k euros for the two years program and for one year it’s 7k but i indicate here that’s the normal price but we str provide excellent scholarships for good students and international students from international academic partner or of course industry partners so we what is the specificity here for our international br master degree is the fact that we have an international network of centers connected with us with whom we may have a formal agreement concerning a dual degree your master’s degree and we have a student mobility and students can come from these international partners to bear it and get a scholarship to a partial scholarship it could be up to 50 percent it’s not 100 percent but this 50 scholarship to come to bear it to attend our master so i indicate here some key partners we have and we’re building this international connected digital campus we’re starting with six campus in october and we plan to have within three years 20 countries in the world and that could be also interesting in order to exchange this practical use case innovation proof of concept we we’re developing so that will be a very rich set of use case in order to address any aspect of the economy what is fundamental that you should take into account is that today big data and ai will revolutionize every aspect of the economy there will be no area of the economy which will not be impacted by that and also we have some uh strong consequence of that in that for instance the world economic forum estimated that 50 of the active employees in the world today will need upskilling in the next five years so there is a major demand for something which doesn’t exist in traditional university and we we providing by the way is what is called gradual at the european level it’s micro masters part of a master program with your certification leading to jobs i will emphasize that today so we identify three skill sets with it this need for upskilling and re-skilling within the br master of science and sets corresponding to practical jobs so data engineer and big data architect that’s one data scientist that’s another one and then big data developer and that represents for instance three if you look at linkedin the most demanded jobs in the future they give 15 15 profiles of jobs in the future and these three jobs are part of the 15 profiles of the future so anybody will mastering these uh these skills as a lot of positive future in the job searching in the future so i put this three jobs big data engineer software engineer and machine learning engineer and you see below the the skills we are which are provided within the curriculum in order to meet that objective to reach that goal so if you look at the master vr’s second year in a 12 month program you have two semesters of courses with an internship internship corresponding to what we call sometime master tesis both could be joined together so at the entry here you need a bachelor in four years or a first year of a master program a bachelor in computer science or first year of a master program in computer science or equivalent experience from industry and then you can also start it one semester before and the entry is here in january and here we could address any type of engineer in science and this the objective of the first semester is to get the foundation in order to get the second year so this foundation in application development in data management and data analysis so that’s the ambition of this first semester with always a practical hands-on project so you have here the list of courses of the semester first the first semester big data fundamental database fundamentals database administration and tuning fundamentals big data engineering and then concerning software development web programming and mobile programming then concerning big data analytics data mining data machine learning artificial intelligence fundamental and we have also another course of course we’re using r and python for the reference language and we have also a free course on uh we have a course on tensorflow in order that every student master deep learning within their curriculum and we have also another course which is the math fundamentals in order to understand the concepts of machine learning and deep learning and so what you need and then second and third semester in the second year then you have advanced database course distribute distributed big data management with hadoop and map reduce cloud computing and blockchain that’s for big data engineering for software engineering you have advanced courses on virtual reality uh on nfc standard cyber security and advanced web and mobile programming and for ai engineering you have there the two from two important courses given by university of siena on machine learning deep learning and natural language processing now the online version so what is important to say that we have the experience of ebr in the second master online based upon moocs and the mooc revolution date back 10 years ago in stanford but based of that we put on the market the two first master degrees in computer science based upon moocs so embds at university called dazu and uh today we’re talking about ebr from esther master of science so we have two master of science online and with the same ambition of being professional leading to jobs one focus on data management the second focus on artificial intelligence but we have the chance of and we have therefore also an experience on on e-learning the price is exactly the same so here the unique price as it’s 7 200 euros but here again for ebr it’s not true for emds why it’s a fixed price but for ebr we managed to have partial scholarships for top students and of course special price for students from a partnering international university in a digital campus is what i talked before a special price for oracle engineers whatever it is it can have a 50 rebate so we have a french version starting in october this year the english version started last year and the french version will start on september beginning september and we had a sponsoring from a niner contract in france and another franken contract in africa and we have definitely i will come back to that later a strategy of developing ebr in africa in french and the english language what is the character main characteristics here all the costs exist online second is fully european certified 90 ects for ebr 60 for embds but that’s exactly the same and first and also the professional interface these master are not only theoretical but we built it strongly with key partners like oracle and google will provide extra courses for the students if we look at oracle content or record providers with a dedicated learning subscription is a group it’s a group of 16 courses from oracle where students can select six out of them and one in the track database second in the track java third in the track big data and the final in mobile application framework you you found the the skill blocks we were talking about previously then you heard about datum academy datum academy is a degree producer we created that company within a str incubator two years ago and datum academy was in charge of delivering the two first master degrees in computer science in europe online based upon moog with partnership with fan which is a mooc based platform which exists in france and you will see that we’re not only producing master degree but we’re also producing micro credentials called gradient europe that’s i would say one of the major gap traditional universities were not capable of feeling but and today we have a lot of private companies trying to provide them courses in order to to meet that demand of short term education learning corresponding to highly demanded jobs and what we try here is to build top-level graduates with two courses basically two courses one from academy and the second from industry and whatever we’re proposing we could have dual certification for every package datum academy is providing either master or gradual and among the assets and of course this european certified degree the industry partners top industry partners that i just talked about and the international academic network we have in the five continents so concerning br in order to come face to face to bear is to attend the courses we this year we are the 20 students we plan to have a 24 next year the program will start on october the 4th at str close to biarritz and here you have the link in order to enroll concerning ebr the applications are open also and there will be the english and french version which will start a bit earlier on september the 9th and here also you can enroll right now concerning this i will just emphasize what are the four different differentiating um nature we have for both master br and ebr so i summarize it here first the curriculum is built around three skill sets corresponding to highly demanded jobs data engineer data scientist and web developer the web and mobile developer then strong professional involvement in order to reinforce the professional goal of the master and the dual certification is possible so we have a record for data management and google for data analysis concerning the strong international partnership we have the chance of having colleagues some of them are connected today all over the planet in the five continents and we are working on building with them a digital connected campus or connected digital campus and um we already opening six this october and we’ll keep on just the objective for us is to get more or less 20 to 21 to 20 25 digital campus in the world so and then what is also important in this era of kovid is what we call blended learning for every course there exists a mooc in french and english so students can have a complementary pedagogical resource and professors could have complementary pedagogical resource so let’s talk about gradual i just emphasize the fact that there is a this race between education and technology and therefore upskilling and risking is of prime importance europe answered by graduates i just put here some figures i would not comment on the the need for positions in the jobs we identify data scientist data engineer etc and you will see the big demand market and even the announced shortage by 2025.

so that’s i would say the bottom-up apparatus we had for building br we started from the demand of the market and we build a curriculum based upon our experience on mbds which is which was built in the same way and what is important is the fact that students work on proof of concept in order to create knowledge so perks correspond to creation of knowledge and we’re sharing this creation so that’s the reason why mbds was one of the most successful uh friend master degree in computer science in france it was a rank on the top and we lessened from that the importance of learning by doing so we have graduals graduals as i said here for upskilling and re-skilling that’s a skill crisis identified by everybody by the fact that algorithms will impact every sector of the economy and of the society so here graduates there is a norm which has been defined at the european level you will see in terms of workload in terms of european credit transfer system in cts you can see that in terms of duality uh industry and academy and these dualities of prime importance when you’re talking about science computer science you have concepts and tools so the idea of building this kind of pair uh course from br and course from a professional partner the idea was to create this pair of success for us the concepts in order to understand what you mean what you’re manipulating and the tools to implement the concepts and to know how to use them so this combination of two at the top level with oracle google in one side and with the master degree on the other side make for us a perfect pairing of certification leading to jobs that’s our ambition and to fill the gap which traditional universities cannot meet in the future sometimes i’m talking about multiverse city i used that word from the former director of university of berkeley in the 60s when they were the first major disruption coming from the knowledge industry and the need for university to create knowledge for the sociality and today we’re living the same disruption with online amplified by the kovid the fact that we could deliver degrees to students degrees will move from a platform to students that’s this disruption of prime importance and the blended learning is one dimension of the future of any university and therefore i call that multiple formal diversity and i use the same neurologist as a care from the president of berkeley so this this is a first dimension blended learning second is skills how to provide skills don’t forget we have a race between education and technology don’t forget now learning which is a bottom-up approach from the needs of the market is um as a frontier which is blur with traditional top-down education we have to think about learning and that’s exactly the way we build radio and the way we build the master vr in ebr within this virtual multiversity of the future so a few words from uh valerie who said this valerie is in charge of oracle university in southern europe and she have a very nice and i think we have a video hi everyone my name is i’m in charge of the learning department within oracle since 30 years oracle is a partner of the master degrees in computer science of the professor serge miranda we are fully part of the data management component of the mbds and embds master degrees of the universite ecodazio as well as br and ebr of the engineering school sdr we have also developed for this master degrees an exclusive learning subscription a digital subscription on big data the subscription includes 15 courses from which you will have to select six to complete your master on top of this we do offer free trainings on some rit foundations that also serve as prerequisite of the master degrees these trainings allow you also to pass accreditation badges to validate your knowledge in addition aiming at continuous and vocational learning we integrate specific courses on sql and big data these digital courses complement the online courses as well as the graduates graduates represent a new micro accreditation system launched by the european mooc consortium cradios courses are of very short duration and are fully recognized fully accredited they can be used to pass college degrees they are particularly designed and adapted to our time in a rapidly changing context we hope that many of you will join one of these programs in order to differentiate yourself in the market i obviously remain at your disposal please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to know more about oracle trainings so oracle is a has a new program called student learning subscription with using in all the graduates that’s courses about 30 to 40 hours courses and i put in yellow the one we using in our in our graduates joining them with a course with a mooc from br so around the course you have a some constraint six month duration you have a certification which is included you have um lab access in and this cloud focus so that’s the access to the cloud that enables students to have practical hands-on on the different tools then i think felix was connected some some minutes ago i don’t know whether it could be live so miss cather uh miss cattle let me know whether felix is online yeah uh unfortunately felix uh had some technical issues to connect with us but um yeah i think we you we will um give you later all the replay of this uh presentation along with videos of valeria topacio lisad uh felix manuerang and so uh you all participant uh won’t miss anything uh from them thank you so we’ll ask felix for a video like valerie which will be online too okay thank you so anyway what is a type of partnership we have with google concerning data analysis we started now i said in october just to indicate next academic year but if somebody enrolled for the graduate we have with google then it could be uh immediate it could be in the next uh next opportunity so we have um um this concerned the french and english version of ebr and of course the students also enroll at bra in biaritz in estia google offered two free professional courses they have on coursera this course exists in french and english not with subtitles they exist in french and the two course the one is on data cloud are architect that’s a job second job is data analytics so i put there the reference of this course and you will see uh later how you well you are faced with a coursera and that tomb academy received for every enrolled student either at br ebr or gradeo they provide the students with the id and in order to access free to the courses and just to let you know you will see that last year on coursera the last course google proposed to us on google data analytics was the most successful professional course in the us with more than 100 000 professional certificates sold by google so we have um i already comment that the fact that the graduate from br are flexible enough to meet the demand of any skills in new technology in artificial intelligence and big data so if we have um uh two courses the co the cost is 500 euros and three courses two academic course with one professional cost is one thousand euros most of the course are pairs so are built with two courses every time we have just to emphasize just what i say the concepts and the tools so one course academic course to understand the concepts and one professional course to know how to use them practically with hands-on project and we provide professional certification and ects so i just emphasize the fact that here is top pairing higher level pairing top level pairing for dual certification leading to jobs so that’s the list of gradients we are proposing from vr big data architect sql data manager data scientist the three uh first ones uh they they were already some of them were already given they are starting um in september but you can enroll now and start with professional courses immediately so that’s also possible and then we have um four other courses which are built on the peri talk concepts and implementation so i’m full stack web mobile developer cyber security engineer blockchain developer and devops and scrum project manager so i emphasize this vr gradually in september in september it’s for the academic course but the professional course can start earlier and now we let’s look for students um at e-learning platform and enrollment process on fun oracle uh with a datum interface so here for now i’ll leave um the floor to mishka from datum which will uh comment fun platform so thank you yeah thank you professor serge so uh as you can see uh the fun platform and it will be the same for all your e-learning platforms they are all intuitive so we’ve tried here in this presentation to give you a kind of a preview you know uh so you can imagine yourself as a learner and hopefully you will be one you know so uh as you can see on this slide uh so you it’s very intuitive you have the description of the course on the left on the right you have your deadlines for all the modules of courses uh and you have also your deadline concerning the end of the course on the next slide please professor so you will have um all as you can see all your modules and the videos so all your courses will show up here um and you can also have um you know a chat with the learners and the professors for example uh adding a post so you can ask your question concerning uh an exercise concerning a specific topic concerning your course and you will have the help from the learners with you and also the professor so do not worry you won’t be alone you are always surrounded you know with uh with people who want you to succeed and because it’s our you know it’s our goal and we will do everything to make you learn in the best condition possible so after we we can have a look on the oracle learning subscription so please professor yeah perfect thank you so as you can see here is uh an overview like a preview sorry of the learning subscription uh exclusive for us called big data java in database learning subscription you have all your learning path and each in each learning path you have the courses it’s very intuitive uh after we have the oracle student learning subscription for gradio uh that’s what professor serge miranda earlier was talking about and explaining to you with much more details and as we’ve told you we’re very sorry we had uh some technical issues so you will find uh valerie ayotte who is the sales director of oracle university you will find her video in the replay we will send you in a few days so as you can see here you have the learning path of the course and in each learning path you have the courses so it’s always like it’s working the same way and after we have the google enrollment through coursera so as you can see for google courses uh in your gradio you will have uh to go through coursera platform and it’s very intuitive maybe some of you uh already know and already used uh this platform as you can see there are 93 000 in enrollment uh in the in the course data analyst and concerning uh now the enrollment process on datum academy for ebr uh so the online version of br it’s very easy uh we so when you go on our website www.

datumacademy. com you just have to click on enroll now and after you will have a very first short form uh you will have to fill the form with your name job title a valid email it’s very important uh and a password you click on register and after you will be redirected to the enrollment page and all the details concerning the enrollment page will be uh found in the extra slide of the presentation we will send you because as i said earlier you will receive both the replay and the presentation in pdf version so after we have uh the gradual enrollment on fun platform so when you go there you just have as you can see you have all the description of the gradio uh you have the duration the effort like six hours per week or you know it will depend concerning uh depending on which grandeur you you will choose you have the date the registration date the language it will be mostly in english but it will be in french too uh and the price and after you just have to click on enroll and you you have and after you are redirected sorry in the checkout form so and you you just you know fill in the form so first name last name email very important please make sure to put a valid address email it’s very very important uh because it’s the one that will be used for your graduate training so it’s the address mail which will be used to communicate with you to tell you okay now uh you have these tutoring sessions okay now your exam will start in two weeks or three weeks so it’s very important thank you professor serge miranda and i give you the floor again just to finish since i am talk about this digital campus we’re building in the world and we’re studying and i have colleagues connected today in order to hear more about that stems from our experience at international level with mbs and that stems also from the first year the first cohort of students we had with the embds what is fundamental uh on e-learning and that’s something you may have heard with them when mishkad presented the online courses it’s tutoring the success of online learning is tutoring and in order to enhance this tutoring we build in some dedicated countries within existing universities a digital campus with this within a digital computer and with this university we sign a formal agreement in order to build a dual master degree agreement and to have tutors to have marketers to find jobs to find students to give a guidance to the students etc so we already signed with uh and we are signing with a larger series of universities and the idea here and very rapidly and will not comment much on that and i could come back for with the colleagues on that point uh when we created that on campus or a digital connected campus um which is aimed first at tutoring and providing a blended master uh blended beer master to the students um we’re looking for towards having a group of 20 ebr students thus might be seen as an international track we’re providing in an existing master degree in computer science we provide an international track which is blended some course could be given asynchronously with moocs or synchronously with the professor remotely so that’s part of any situation which could change for many uh on many aspects um that’s first the third place for learning their home universities another third place and we invest one third of the revenue in the local functioning of this digital campus we’ll start with six uh in october two in africa one in vietnam in danang one in haiti or one in cyprus and one special in tahiti in the university francis of pacific university frances the pacific here is so special because it will be a two years master’s degree with the miage of university of lyon with settling so we’ll experience a two years master with another french university providing half of the courses and we’re providing ebr courses so that’s something fascinating we’re building with the mia of leon and of course we’re discussing with a lot of countries so concerning different regions of the world we’re building we receive funding in order to have the french version of ebr and mainly for french-speaking africa so we have a focus there we’re starting in two countries in october that’s a minimum maybe more um will be ivory coast and madagascar uh estatic and itu and we plan to open to 10 african countries so we’re discussing and here africa represents a major challenge not only for i would say french university or international universities but for higher education the estimation from unesco said there is within 10 years a huge demand for higher education in africa and if we look at that we need to think about multiversity as i define i mean we cannot discard the online dimension so that’s the reason why we’re emphasizing this um objective and other former students mirna he was one of my top former students he was from cameroon now he’s working at google in the us as a former student of the second promotion 9192 of the mbds of professor seif miranda and currently principal consultant in the cloud partner engineering team at google in silicon valley in the united states i work particularly to develop strategic partnerships in the field of big data analytics and artificial intelligence applied mainly to 5g and edge computing technologies we see a huge demand a huge need for skills in these areas i therefore strongly support the deployment of the bihar master and its ibihar online version in africa and internationally in the areas of big data and ai there is a huge demand of skills in the world not only in africa but since his forecast is from cameroon and he say that his supporters as much as he’s as he can our master br and his online version for africa and cameroon is one of the objectives we have but not in the short term could be in a couple of years i talk about the fact that we have a free webinars started this year so they are online on datum academy and the str website so you can see this international webinars all of them were in english but one and then that would be important for evgenia with a director of the master degree at estia to give some words on the way students get visa applications settlement in burieds so afghani if you there i’ll leave you to comment this or yes of course thank you so uh i’m in charge of a vr master of science degree at east engineering school and i’m responsible of all the administrative and academic issues so for those of you who want to uh join us at astro face-to-face master of science vr you should first apply on this site presented on this slide the candidate as your candidate and we need your identity documents your previous diplomas with all the transcripts your motivation letter curriculum meter and also it’s better if you can provide us to read some recommendation letters from your institution or from your employers then for those applicants who are eligible so who have the necessary amount of ects credits we organize interviews in order to know to to check the competencies the prerequisites to discuss about about the objectives of of the applicant and then we inform you about um about the result of selection process and for those applicants who are accepted to we provide them with all the necessary documents all the support for a visa application and for campus trans procedure in the most countries there is campus grants procedure to do before apply for student visa and then we provide you also support with the accommodation booking there are still there is students residence in video where there is engineering school and also there are some partner campaigns uh where students can have bungalows or liquid boom colors with the internet connection and there is also a platform for with the different offers from individuals so we support students with their research of accommodation and approximate budget will say it’s about 500 years for those who will rent the accommodation individually or it could be less expensive if you can share this with with a friend so we provide all the all the necessary support and uh i’m open to to answer your questions today or after this event at uh the mail presented here we are at thank you very much thank you vegania for your comments so for any question regarding the face-to-face master’s degree at estia you can contact afghania and you have to hear the generic email for any question regarding the gradius and online ebr you have to contact and contact mishket which just talked with with me today they both talk with me so conclusion um i love that word br that also could be a name that’s an acronym for big data intelligence for human augmented reality but um we are now located in the basque country um in the southwest of france there is a beautiful language here which is not french and br means tomorrow in basque language so as a conclusion i say see you beer br to change the word so now any question we could answer and of course there is no limit we give extra slides uh to the presentation in order to address some topics more generic more strategic on higher education multiversity and once one thing the ai market in order to identify the skill crisis etc that’s on the extra slides also the fact that sometimes i have questions about mbds and embds i created in at university codezu which still goes on and we plan also to have a french version so we’ll have both the two first masters in computer science online in europe fully certified fully professional we are producing them and we are very happy and pleased to do that and to develop rodney was around that thank you professor serge so yes actually we have some questions so the first one is from appiah uh which is asking she’s asking can we obtain financial aid for these masters if so what are the conditions so i can i can answer very rapidly if she is a top student she will have a scholarship so we have excellent scholarship for students so as said afghanistan you should have a transcript of your grades they should have also accreditation uh say letters of support from professors so then we have a committee and we looking at the other way that’s one way for individuals to get a scholarship if there are top students they will have a 50 scholarship second students coming from mobility through the digital campus we’re creating in the world so today that would be the case for some countries with whom we are finalizing an agreement and i said there are about um there will be six countries uh this october so if they’re coming there with of course selected by local professors as good students and they will also have a scholarship and of course oracle engineers who already got the course and access to the course they got also 50 scholarships or if it’s not an oracle somebody who’s who is already certified oracle could be from any company who’s already got the oracle certificates um then also can have a 50 scholarship thank you so the second question is from mufida she’s asking uh her question is only about the fees so uh what is the cost i mean uh for both master degrees and also if we can work during our training thank you so the last concern i think the online version ebr ebr is for continuous education so there are some people working and at the same time taking a master program of course you see that you have at least two academic courses a week during six weeks and then you have a totally uh five periods of this time so during um uh nine months you have a two courses a week that represents ten hours of personal work every every week just for the academy and then you have the professional course so of course if you’re working in the evening and working on the weekend that’s something you can do while working while having a regular job so that’s ebr enable this versatility this um flexibility in order to do that because the courses are given 24 hours a day so they are online during one week so students can at any time from any country on the planet connect and get the course and what is important with the moocs is the fact that every week the and that’s recorded there is a video tutoring with a professor in charge of the mooc okay it’s collective video tutoring but it’s a tutorial and then we try to enhance with the tutors and with the tutors existing in the digital campus a digital connected campus and also every student enrolled at vr has to do what is called a master thesis or internship the already working in a company they don’t need the internship but they do need the master thesis and they will have a tutor an academic tutor attending them and eventually exchanging with them thank you so now next question from asuma tin she’s asking i’m interested in this master degree i am living in saudi arabia can i do it online how much will it cost well the price is the same whether you are in saudi arabia brazil or russia or china and the cost online the online cost is seven thousand seven to seven thousand and two hundred euros that’s a typical cost you have today for any person on the planet uh their enroll in in that master program and that’s you see that’s exactly the same price whether you are face to face or online so we yes that’s possible we have also what we called an ambassador in qatar for the gulf states which can connect with her and our colleague could interact with her we love somebody representing br in the gulf states so that’s an area where we are interested and the courses and the two master degrees are online in english today they will open in french for um ebr in october and that’s um that’s open but no problem for that thank you now next question from media hello i thank you for the opportunity that you give to everybody several are a lot of person who graduate with a bachelor and don’t have possibility to have a master my question is i have a bachelor in biological and applied medical science are there some masters on this sector thank you okay so here that’s another interesting question i will try to generalize this question in that you see that the br master which is in at estia could be satisfied for bachelor plus 4 in computer science or master first year in computer science one year program same for online online today concern just this profile concerning at estia now the program could be in one year and a half and we plan here to accept any student having a bachelor in three years whatever it’s discipline eventually he will have to um he will have to do some and that’s a resource we have from oracle what is called batches they may need some computer science basics and we provide them before entering the first semester of the br master degree but here the ambition is for students coming from other disciplines saying okay for any good reason i would like to apply for i would like to apply for a master’s degree in computer science that’s possible with br in the two years period of time now if that somebody will already get a bachelor of master or phd that’s the case in mathematics in whatever the field but we just need certifications which is not the professional certificates to get to do upskilling to get a job as i said then you will have a graduate that person could be interested for a long term is if she needs a master’s program she can come in the very first year a test year but if it just needs skills to become a data scientist in our field biology chemistry marketing whatever i recommend her to invest in a graduate on ai of course thank you now next question would you be open to partner with you to deliver this program as well from george rousseau york university do you mean a distribution of that i don’t know i i don’t understand pretty well the question as well yes i i think well we can move on the the other question uh so this one yeah you have to say to janja crusoe to connect yeah whether what i was thinking maybe maybe the idea here uh could be to create a digital connected campus in its university and that’s possible and that’s what we’re doing in 20 universities in the world we’re going to do that uh could be in italy could be uh today in cyprus in um in lyon could be in tahiti could be in haiti could be in africa could be in asia so everywhere on the planet in europe of course we can do a digital connected campus we plan to do that in romania and we plan to do that soon in russia so that’s open okay next question can i enroll in the online version if i’m an undergraduate uh so for the on the answer is no in order to be accepted to the online version you need to demonstrate yeah there is an administrative point you need to demonstrate you have at least four years either in a bachelor or in a master program in higher education so you need to demonstrate you have this you can have a complete master in mathematics in chemistry in marketing and then you eligible to apply but in order to go to the online program you need to have a background in computer science at least at the level of four years after the baccalaureate a bachelor level and of course if you have years of experience in computing then you can of course you can apply uh to demonstrate that you your experience and able to demonstrate that you have this level thank you now next question how much it cost bihar and can we study only the second master or we must repeat the first master thank you from student of professor kazar ogba um hello hello kazar from uh algeria uh asked me this question but i didn’t catch it very well first so first what is the cost of bihar master and after can we study only the second master or we must repeat the first master i think what this student means is that do we have to follow can we follow only the second year of the master or do we have to do master first year masters second year but as it’s a master of science it’s only i mean i i will let you answer that so there’s i think the question is here you can do the very first year one semester you get 30 credits 30 ucts and then you can decide if we have an agreement with algeria then you can eventually keep on in the second year of a master program in algeria that’s possible so there is uh just that could be part of the dual agreement we have with the university of biscar in algeria if we have so then you can spend one semester in france and then transfer the credit to keep on in algeria or conversely you start in algeria and you get the first year of a master program in algeria and then you come to france just for the second year so that’s kind of flexibility we may have as soon as we sign a dual degree agreement that will be part of the agreement so that’s possible okay um that was a question and then concerning the first question the price the one it didn’t change the price is seven thousand and seven thousand euros and two hundred seven thousand and two hundred euros but you can have scholarships for instance since we have this agreement uh underway with the university of biscuit you could benefit from that if you are a top student from biscuit and my colleague kazar is writing you a letter of support then you could be naturally eligible to the scholarship 50 scholarship thank you and now the same question from another question from the same person she’s called hannah so is it necessary the french test encompassed to register is it necessary to what’s this i mean uh i i think she’s talking about bihar is it necessary to take a french test in order to register on the and you know be able to go to the campus in presidential that’s that’s a very good question um you need to demonstrate uh i know there exists some level of expertise in french and english i think you should be fluent in english and french in order to attend the courses i ask you the two languages first is english some courses could be given in french but most of the courses um will be delivered in english um but of course if you’re living in france it could be good to be fluent so there is a level i forget the number of the number but that’s part of the um interview that’s the reason why also you have an interview the interview could be part in french part in english and the second there is a b1 level or things like that maybe evgenia you know the level of english and french which is required b1 i thought something like that so as professor such miranda said the most fast of courses of vr courses face-to-face um i teach in english so the most important requirement is for your english level and we recommend to have a b2 level so it’s upper intermediate level but we don’t require a certificate official certificate but you should demonstrate demonstrate this level during our interview and then as for french language we have a small part of course is teach in french and for all these courses we have also equivalence online courses in english so it is also recommended to have b2 level in french so happy intermediate but we can adapt this at this point so the most important is english level thank you so now we can move on okay so we have the same question from another question from hannah so concerning bihar can we work during the training it would be difficult to work during the training because our courses are five days per week so with and you you cannot work during six months of courses from starting from october and until march and then you have an internship you have a six month period to do your internship of four months to a minimum thank you so we have another question from srikala industry align curriculum and academy partnership is really attractive what if i am passionate about 3d vision and gaming what these industries provide elective tracks in this area also does the industry experts from these industries handle courses or is it certified people from academy excuse me sorry could you repeat though yeah i mean there are three questions in one so we will do step by step i think it’s better so srikala is telling us industry aligned curriculum and academy partnership is really attractive what if i am passionate about 3d vision and gaming what these industries provide elective tracks in this area also they’re talking about elective track so for gaming for instance we have one course on virtual reality and and amplified reality uh augmented reality augmented reality we have one course of this type because that’s for me fundamental in terms of advanced programming and because that will be part of many applications in the future beyond gaming but that’s today mainly used for gaming but we can have a i know for instance top application in the area of health of medicine and in the area of maintenance we could imagine this kind of application in the future so for me um that’s one it’s not an elective course it’s part of the curriculum i we consider it’s of prime importance there is a huge demand of the market on this type of know how on this type of skills that’s the reason we elected it as a normal course not an elective one it’s part of the curriculum the idea is whether do we are we going to build a gradle that we didn’t find today we didn’t find today maybe we had to to look at it towards a course um given by oracle and google on that field which could complement the one we have at the br but that could be part of the future that’s something we didn’t look at but that could be interesting we have to look at it thank you and uh i mean it’s the last question so about the same from the same person does the industry experts from these industries handle courses or is it centrified people from academy concerning the tracks the gaming tracks etc so concerning the gaming track what is exactly the question sorry does the industry experts from these industries so i think from 3d vision and gaming industry handle courses or is it certified people from academy no this course is given by an industry person specialist of virtual reality and his courses is based on unity for instance unity platform in order for students to develop applications for oculus and interface but also for smartphone because also that will be the major ambition of people working there is having a top-level applications running on smartphones but today we students experience oculus this year for the course on unity okay thank you that’s my industry okay thank you professor so thank you all for being with us today um so we were very glad to be able to explain to you how amazing these trainings from istia in partnership with datum academy oracle university and google are because they meet today’s tech demand on the market so as i’ve said earlier you will receive in a few days the link to the to this presentation replay along with a report mentioning all the questions you’ve asked today uh with its answers and the presentation in pdf version we remain of course at your disposal so do not hesitate to contact us if you have any kind of question um so if you have a question regarding the bihar master of science please send an email to dr eugenia ishkina on bihar istia.

fr if you have a question regarding the ebr master of science and gradeo please send me an email on contact uh haruba’s academy i’m writing uh i will write both emails on the chat and you can find it on the presentation we will send you soon so thank you professor serge miranda and dr evgenya eshkina and i wish to all of you a beautiful weekend ahead and let’s take your education one step further and get the best possible preparation to access bottleneck professionals professions that are in high demand thank you all thank you thank you everybody and bye bye see you soon.