WOW! A Very Strong Message To All Pastors In Nigeria, LISTEN!

May 19, 2021 07:31 · 11337 words · 54 minute read

you live from the republic of ireland and my name is evangelist b bringing you the gospel of redemption the gospel of restoration of biafra this morning my apologies i came late today supposed to be here around exactly half 12 or one o’clock but few minutes i’ve been having some technical issues here that i’m trying to rectify but i think thank god that i think everything is fine now what this one is showing me error youtube is not receiving enough video to maintain smooth streaming well that one is not in my control because the same network problem if network is full the streaming will go well thank you brother thank you sister china do as a god bless you i appreciate your arrival i woke up this morning with sadness bitterness in my heart because of what is going on in the world since the day before yesterday today i am very angry the reason why i’m angry is this you can see over the news israel palestinian palestinian free palestinian free palestinian everywhere free palestinian i begin to question god what is our problem why nobody speaking free biafra free biafra free biafra free biafra why why very angry since the day before yesterday very very angry every blessed day in the news in this country what will be hearing oh israeli is bombarding they killed 20 people in palestine they killed 30 people in palestine oh it’s not acceptable oh but they are killing via france sunday even as i’m talking now nigerian terrorist organization is killing biafrans and nobody is saying free biafrans nobody is saying you know the worst part of it is myself i i blame i blame the hebrews the biafrans themselves i blame them i am very angry with mostly the iboris i am very very angry with the bodies they are the most useless rays on the surface of the earth i’m telling you the truth i’m telling you upon the blessings that god brought upon them they abuse god itself in fact devil people are abusing god they sought god because for them not to recognize the blessings that god showers upon them love is abhorrent israeli human act i questioned god this morning and i said to god why is it that even natural man natural man ordinary human being like me pigs like us like human beings uh even your bible said that natural men can betray sell their children forsake their children but you god that you will not do it our fathers can’t forget us now say god why is it that the human being today are reasoning when they are somebody offend them their children offend them and beg them and that natural human being you say that can sell their children will you say okay with condition or whatever i pardon then why you god that create the whole earth use your name to swear why is it difficult why is it that you’re not forgiving us you know when you ask questions like this god in his omnipotency he will give you one drop of revelation the people you are sympathizing are they sympathetic to themself is there any love among them do you see any love nigerian mini 3 they saw it with their own very plain eye have recruited boko haram from all the sahel into the military to the police your your own brothers are the one inviting them to come to your own land so why you blaming me god did i tell them to bring it the people that i see supporting this governance to kill their own brother did i tell them to do that was i the person that tell them that this is the way to go the diagnosis talk their forefathers love your own love yourself now bring me back to my thinking about the palestinians the whole world is there in london free palestinian free palestinian free palestinian free palestinian in ireland all the tds that i know all intolerable we can is not acceptable israelis should take precaution why are they shooting where are they killing it who started the war who started the fight who be who first shoot each other they don’t ask that question because the people in palestine all over the world their brothers their own i mean their own muslim brothers muslim brotherhood they are the one that full of everywhere in london they are the one you we claim we are children of chico we are christians where are our christians all this why since 2017 where are christians no they want to go to heaven they are preaching to us to go to heaven our brother your brother is dying nigeria is systematically reducing the population all the christians nobody talk that is what god is presenting when i’m asking questions when he brought a man donald trump even christians was the people that was against the man unpromoted evil since this man was in office do you hear any gunshot of exchange now this person have entered how long did he enter what are we hearing those people that came out on the street in america oh black life matters where are they now where are they these are the questions that is coming answers that is coming there is nothing we can do to question god or to blame god to prop in fact he has made everything perfect for us it is in our hand to choose the way we want to live our life how many million egos do you have in abroad all over the world do you want to tell me that if all of them come out on the streets alone themselves alone just like this one that shouting free palestinian is it not in shutdown we are are we not in are we not in pandemic why did they allow them to be on the street crowding themselves philly palestinian philip palestinian go and check all the people you receiving catholic catholic you see catholic culturally priest joining the muslim brotherhood dear fellow christian brothers in nigeria haunted day by day and the pastors are the one even brainwashing their members leave them akon kowa this is a word written you don’t need to go there and the boko haram soldier and the police is haunting them one by one did you see are we blaming god is the god the problem why nobody speaking on our behalf i was writing in twitter yesterday all those stupid tedious in this country that’s interrupted we can’t i said to him i wrote to them i say i tweet back all this your cherry pick who to live and who to not to live it cannot save human being this shameful disgraceable attitude of selecting who to speak good of and who to ignore will not save you he will not bring justice to the world every day when you see anything palestinian you see all the tds many tds in in ireland they will be acting go to london dissenting go to what is it called german because it is a gun gup anything jewish they want to destroy it it is a gang up even ireland there is society that claimed to be a priest’s training ground many years ago all the priests today they won’t talk about biafra they don’t want to hear it but today look palestinian why let me tell you why you see this skin the skin this color they hate it they hate it go and call your reverend father a white reverend father i would tell them in their face all of them they hit black color that’s the problem that’s the problem these people are hypocrites from beginning to the end there are hypocrites but i don’t blame them so much i blame our own brothers i blame our own wives i bring our own husbands sisters that is in abroad i blame them i blame them you can never hear any arab person muslim person speak what if if if if what is it called hamas like let him bomb tel aviv they will be happy they would love it that it happened they will never open their mouth when they criticize their own but we we are too much intelligent too much educated education have made us rotting our brain make us mad that way out of our senses did we not hear the strategy that we are going to hurt their youths and kill them and it’s happening in our own very eye in biafra land part of human state they placed haunting people killing people who are speaking where is all the reverend do you see the reverence that they are not christians where are they where are the pastors you see time shall come this past us this man of god we should go to their house hunt them one by one because they have destroyed the brain of our people that you should not do anything because they have word letters but they are acting you have to give them money in the worldly world where we are did you see our foolishness when i am blaming god say why god why god these things have been pumping to my heart to my mind to my brain god god that’s why i say there’s no way we can we can condemn god it’s not possible there’s no way god is justified in everything affluence absolutely is justified in everything because he is not a man he cannot come down here to fight for us pastors prophets these are the problems we have in our land was rick is the problem we have in ireland organelles and evil is a problem we have in our land your governance your chiefs is the problem we have in our land today sunday i wanted to preach better not preaching anything because a hungry man doesn’t praise god a hungry man does not praise god i told you that this morning i woke up with questions sadness bitterness why is it like this why why our driving woman yesterday was telling me palestinian person says don’t pale here don’t don’t say i don’t care who you if you like be a judge sit in this car this car belong to me don’t talk palestine here palestine and israel who who first shot each other who first shot each other biafrans nigeria took thanks sis amor tang to my own states haunting people since 2017 they are killing why is you white people why are you people hypocrites why because civility oil is there shell is there mobile is there and they are so called netherlands or ajib whatever many other companies that is what you are interested what has israel done to you people why is it you are not speaking about diaphragm people that are be six million was cured i said much don’t talk don’t talk don’t tell me palestine this place is not where you can talk palestinian when you get down you talk palestinian not here and he saw that i was very angry because i can even stop the castle get down go to police report me why you talk why are you telling me about palestinian why are you not talking about biafra are you madisha but the bone of contention the bone of contention that evil tribe is the worst and you most useless tribe on earth forget it i know that it’s not every one of them all not to every man i’m using kind of universal statement it’s like i’m including i’m including myself but 90 percent of population being useless is almost like the hundred percent of the population is useless just tell me any country where you can go ani abu ghodu and in besides he will be crawling a disabled person will be crawling on the ground trying to kill the person better not ibumano so why are we disturbing ourselves shouting god god god god every time why are we disturbing god when god is accusing say the people you are speaking on their behalf what are they doing to save themselves these people that are feeling everywhere in england are they palestinian they are not palestinian who are they they are religious brothers their own brother religious where is our christians they are killing ipob a person will go to pupil tell you oh these people are mad people they are not supposed to talk they are not supposed to do they are in fact they are bringing war when they have already saw they saw in their eye that there is a war already and they are talking about the war why because of self-centeredness god will punish all of them because of selfishness because they want things to continue going the way it is going so that people will never come to light they will continue the electronic bible of saddam telling them without pain that you cannot go to heaven that’s only what they preach offering tight offering tight awkward i will stop paying the tights let me go to hell let me see if there is any place they write it this israel we saw today i depend on who are they paying the title who are they playing the title we pray that one useless man will go and use it to buy aircraft private jet he will buy the first one he will buy the second one he will buy the third one and have the temerity to come to the public to tell us that even in pandemic i bought my thought private jet people should have stolen the man to deaths which one have come to pass my problem today is about you you might be thinking oh he’s talking about about pastors oh i love it yeah yeah this how about you how about you you are afraid of talking biafra because oh you don’t want anybody to see me this thing will be afraid my body i will be behind i will be supporting my prayer my spirit with you god will punish all of you with your spirit being with me or being with the diaphragm around why why is your spirit not to you and where do we see your spirit where can we see their spirit being with us you see until we love that’s what the bible said my people commandment that i will give you is that you must love your brothers and sisters love me as your god and i will bless you i will bless you and we refuse to love god look at what is going on in england are they not christians i mean are they not muslims are they not muslims are they not muslim did the palestinian people travel from from gaza street to come to england or to come to ireland no who are those people on the street muslim brotherhood sim party show you sympathy showing love sometimes you don’t even need to criticize these people or condemn them though if somebody do something wrong you must tell the person it doesn’t matter who the person whether christian or muslim you tell him the rubbish you do is wrong it’s wrong simple because i see some muslim also who say okay killing it’s not good we don’t support it anybody that is good and a pure minded person clean-minded person is good in the presence of god and man and he will always express goodness the question arjun di bhai look at all these people during england now that name i’m angry the radio will be echoing the useless stupid radio radio i mean i mean the spirit radio that called themself in ireland here christian radio very useless people they will only carry the news of what happened in iran islam and middle east they would never they would never earn anything about the eastern nigeria biafra land no no if you call them and ask them and challenge them they say uh did you give us information have you given us information where did you get the one you are publicizing in your station where you get the nonsense you are put in there i faced them all the time now where did you get the information did the holy ghost give you or did the hellfire give you to did you not go to internet to search about intimidation of christians in the world and you get it why can’t you we appear on the streets every day every time look at leave them is a black black on black if you are a black man let me tell you white men don’t like you this is not about racism it is has nothing to do with racism the black men black women black grace are most hated race on the surface of the earth if you like to call any white man or even if he’s a pastor even he’s irreverent i’ll be telling him you are a pure demonic racist demon i know when i push for biafran something to this reverend father here sometimes you don’t even blame people you blame it because truth must be prepared i went to this reverend father here father george i told him about biafra he tried though took me to the meeting i mean they are their normal uh council church council meeting church council meeting they gave me five minutes to address the people i addressed them i addressed them i spoke about biafra spoke about everything and i asked them i do not come here for your money to give us money i want you to help us to publicize this information let your government understand our plights after that he took me to another church where they’re having congregation they’re having one kind of meeting i went there they gave me five minutes again to speak to them i spoke to them the third one he promised me that is going to help me to meet the minister of the foreign affair on the process they removed themselves in my position not me they removed herself that’s why when i said i’m blaming this prayer we blame ourself first of all because we are so stupid somebody who doesn’t have any knowledge to do something we try to create all form of lies and and all form of blackmailing push that person down back today this is what we are doing to ourselves these are the things that god is reminding me when i am i am crying pouring out my heart look at him what you made you are tempt look at your effort look at how far you have gone look at what you have done this is how your people destroy their thoughts let’s keep that one apart now i’m talking about racism i will not say hundred percent because the man tried and made his effort let’s assume that all things are working good with my people we are planning i’m planning how all of us will go because the man he said we should come in group when we are going to he’s going to introduce me to this man before that incident of them removing themselves these are the things the muslims are doing these are the standard palestinians with their brothers their muslim brothers are helping them penetrate government i know we have tried a lot too that’s why i say i that’s why i just i concluded that racism hatred of this color is one of our greatest problems as well coupled with our own wickedness we have we are wicked we are evil we are evil evil every day you wake up and you wake up in the morning if you go to social media you see somebody who will put video oh abby knows oh this and that all this and that those people are doing their best because i know that those people are members of ipob they are circulating information not blaming them they are doing what but i am telling you that our people will hear all these voices some people will say whatever did he have where did he get the information i didn’t see it i called home even i didn’t hear anything even people are going business they are their own businesses it’s like nothing happened why why is it like that because they are not showing any concern able man is a very wicked person let me tell you if you are living in abroad whether uso america united kingdom island australia and you are hearing what is happening in ebu land and you are comfortable god will punish you you will never the day you will travel finish and come back to enjoy those gender we will meet you they will kill you they will kill you look at the way they are putting knife on the head on the neck of people cutting them like like animals you are comfortable you are comfortable your own brothers and sisters are built on every day you are crying god god god i want to i want to go home i want to retire what effort are you making to retire god will punish you wherever you are because you are not doing what you are supposed to bible say he that knows what is right and do it not is committing sin committee said why do we have a bunch of saboteurs everywhere because of love of money why is it that even somebody when somebody is saying the truth to some people who close their ear they want to because they don’t like the person who is speaking it therefore do you go to hell because i don’t like the person who is speaking it i don’t give a damn if you like what i’m saying if you don’t like it but i’m telling you that evil tribe evil tribal is a cross tribe well i need it is in the bible i’m not the one saying it deuteronomy 28 go from genesis you see moses even said it himself moses said to the children of israel that if you continue to rebel against god he is going to scatter you abroad did i say it when you are claiming to be from evil oh we are special people peculiar people oh best people in the world am i the one who telling you to say it it’s your founders it’s your funders either you make the research yourself or you hear people saying it and you claim it it is for you so long as you believe you are children of god free palestinian free palestine philly palestine philippi palestine philippines england junior everywhere in the world why is it free biafra go there imam will join go dear prophet will join go dia tom dick harry will join go dear even their tds they will they don’t care about about their position that they would they are on the street carrying plaques for the palestinian free palestinians even in this country the party that i belong to shin fein party several several occasions i see them in dublin everywhere carrying plaques free palestinia by court israel how about us how about we are we not to people are we not human being the reason why is that if you call yourself a fool people will take you as a bunch of idiot fool because you make it yourself do you think have you seen somebody who is in the pit and people will be begging oh my brother come out of this peter no it is a man who is in a pit that will set you up and say please my brother’s come and help me you’ll be shouting and screaming come on help me come and help me in ebola and in ebola precisely now people are going their normal businesses and they are haunting people now if you are a young person nigerian police will say you are not everybody in the east is an ipob you have your leaders your governors no demonstration no demonstration nobody’s coming those of you your children your sons and doctor will be raped continuously until you call evil evil the people that are hunting on the street did they write the ipob in front of in on top of their forehead no they didn’t write it your son your daughter because of your stupidity because of your wickedness because of your evil god will continue to punish all of you call yourself you repent until you change all of you that is in abroad that is less concerned about the debt about the trouble the day you will enter god will send these people they will cut you on the road they will useless you before you come back even if you are alive to come back what already every day is anybody paying them spirituality is it not a christian radio no i’m asking you spirit radio irish spirit radio is it not a christian radio how many times have they aired your problem how many times you see that christianity is a problem in this world it’s a problem it’s a problem it’s not christ it’s not bible idiot that is inside the sect at the problem in the old testament god said love your own kind in the new testament jesus the son of god also say love your own kind tell me where is the love of christians in this on this earth tell me tell me how do we love ourselves do you know that christian church will contribute money and be going to muslim country to to to to convert them why the one you have they are stealing they are killing they are maiming you are going to combat people because you collect money from them no food for them hungry is killing so many of them they endure to an extent they are not able to enjoy again they begin to do what to cheat because asana you know what is your where is your god where is intelligent where is intelligent nigeria is using aircraft to bomb you bomb civilian no nobody has ever condemned or said oh this is now this is the end of it why must nigeria go to this land nobody’s talking about it they use as if there is a conventional war with another country firing the civilians britain will sit on top of it irish will be sit on top of it why because the irish government they have their own states that have been occupied by britain too they are now playing politics instead of them to stand on the truth they start playing politics the bible say he that knows what is right and do it not is committing sin nebo i am very sorry to you people not only nebo but why i’m concentrating on the voices because it’s my own people is my own tribe is where i came from it concerns me the most people they are killing is our people that’s the one they are killing and you want me to wake up i’m smiling and be happy but the judgment of god is coming upon or every one of you one by one one by one orhan as a neighbor is there deceiving you now we threatening nigerian government oh i’ll do this i will they threaten how what action have they take what action another neighbor is your governor they are working with your government they are working with your chief all the chiefs that is in and there are a bunch of fools idiots animals go and tell them a man who cannot defend his children his bible says an infidel a man who is not capable of defending his shooter is an infidel he’s a fool all of you will die one press release these abilities we shall bring them to order they say unknown government we shall be governor is killing more than the bandit the bandit is even coming to save you are you against the god do you see the useless then what do you want children and women to do when you are afraid high with the worries and complications of every anger and everything instead of them to receive blessing from the church they receive stealing from the church robin pastor should be the one to lecture the people and say you see unless you repent you can’t claim martinique or born again for mouth which type of bone again jesus christ will save you is there anything you can do in this world to be equal with jesus christ yourself and burn yourself alive with that love makes no sense is there any holiness and righteousness that you can you can you can perform to equate with the level of jesus christ is there anything you can do to become christ no even if you burn your family you cannot be a savior impossible you can’t that’s not to save you only one 12 disciples non-jewish non-jewish is india nobody that is non-jewish that is there only jewish will you call it racism or segregation no there is a foundation and that foundation can no bad person lay a different one jesus christ is a perfect example of community family brotherhood he practice it he didn’t even tell you but he said oh if you love me follow my way do what i did what i’m doing why is it that you are a pastor you reject your people when jesus was going to synagogue did he not know that the members of synagogue and some of them see nobody did he known as did he not know that some of them is in hammock when he was choosing them when he was choosing the children of israel did he not see other people from other tribes from other nations that is in israel that are christened why didn’t he choose them do you see that the your own perception of the bible is by the peace from the devil from lucifer it’s not from christ because that now in jesus christ as a pastor as evangelists defend your father’s land with the last drop of your blood i said something the other day about nebot they wanted to claim islam he died because of his land and he’s happy to die why did he die neighbors say land is a blessing from god if you don’t know that evil land is a blessing from god to you because there was not no man that chooses for you god chooses for you and bless your forefathers there if you don’t depend if you don’t defend that land with your blood you are a coward you are a fool you go to hell fire the hottest part of hellfire will burn you because you people are not even serving god you don’t know the things bible you really don’t don’t even understand the bible you just didn’t even understand the bible christians many of you don’t understand the bible when coming you come to niger say oh nigeria indivisible oh nigeria must be united nigeria must be single nobody would define it he forgot in the book of the uh leventicos that god said god set nations by bandre not lugar not lucifer himself these are the man of god the bible is reading he’s not understanding his bible he don’t even follow the bible he’s reading but he’s teaching you a man who they claim to be a mathematician where is his mathematician so geometry he did that he’s teaching people in the university he never knew that the boundary is by compass you use compass to measure land we know the boundary is maturities everything is mathematics in the world this man did not know that these people from this boundary to this boundary they are speaking one language and this book from this boundary to the other one they are speaking one language why is it that look at come and put them together how am i saying that it was god who created nigeria did you see it you see when people are talking about pastors and i’m defending pastors i’m not defending pastor also i’m not defending them what i’m defending is the ridicule of the christ body i know that pastors really decoded the christ body as well because when a man of god would enter into us a rock and saw that lucifer is there and he come out take picture with the masquerade somebody that put rubber rubber on his head the man is no longer man of god he’s the man of the devil god will punish all of them one by one they will never see good in their front in their presence their children will be dying their wife will be dying will be raped their churches will be born will be bombed and they will go and meet lucifer in the day of judgment because that their portion because you want to be the largest church in the whole university because of it you are selling christ you are lying you went to us rock you know that the man there is you you see it’s lucifer from chad you came out you take picture smile position yourself tell people i have beat the lucifer eh but it’s not lucifer you see buhari all of them are paying the price they will continue to pay the price question why is it our own case is different and why you are asking that question some of you go to a club spend 100 100 euro like in front of a woman like like like a naira like you are suspended three pints of hot wine by contribution contribution contribution whatever even the tourism they say anything you can afford to so that you don’t have excuses according to your capacity whatever you can contribute you don’t want to contribute it but you are praying to god oh god this is my god god is not good god god listen the answer is god will punish you while you are praying that prayer i’m telling you the truth i’m not causing you god will punish you there because what bible say he that knowing to what is right and do it not is committing sin you are praying to god oh gender we just killing us for you to be reasonable and you refuse to be reasonable you go to church all the european churches because all of them they are the people that own most churches abroad you are contributing when i open my church here how many of you is coming how many of you coming how many of you is coming is it not one idiot he doesn’t the idiot doesn’t go to church even he doesn’t go to church the fool doesn’t go to church he doesn’t want to judge he stopped me in airport uh departure gate airport cookie put the patches i i had it at the open church and so are you are you you are opening churches for me to come and pay you tight now eh i’m not telling you in the dream that i i was in the dream somebody’s telling me this or that i woke up in the dream the sleeping ceiling my eye and somebody’s telling me this while i was walking honeybu i did not invite you i have not invited you i came to your house when your wife born a child and gave you i donated you 20 euro at my own capacity that time i gave you two to you to your child to your newborn baby that one did not please you you came to me the public and say uh i said to the guy say well you should wait until i call you to come to church before you say listen to me you don’t need to say this thing to me because i have not said any i have not invited you but according to your word but this guy is the person naga onto the one day one phone that doji no no no acharya that there is phone in your house this man say he lost his phone and he’s here he’s in your house you are the one that dropped him last night and with that your taxi it was oh it’s not me these are the ring the phone while it’s on the door the phone is ringing and he’s in his desk now see a bunch of phones different phones from other people they seized his license he went home he’s not home i pray that god have mercy on him did you see i am not fighting with him i have no query with him i have visited him when his wife will burn child and give donation before god do you know that there are people in this [ __ ] they sell diaphragm flag to make money but as i’m talking to you today they have never joined ipob but they saved black friend flag you know what why am i talking like this today is because i’m very angry since three days ago you hear in palestinian palestine and in this country over the radio if i hear it i was i am four years so now i press the button of the nonsense why brotherhood muslims is supporting their own kind and it’s not bad it’s not his love all of them where is your christians where is your pastors when they are killing your brothers is too complex the problem of nebu ibu man if you go out in deuteronomy 28 runner read it and digest it properly you see the confusion in the brain of ebola manifesto people is in all this sense that i hear that the one ebook group ebook group in abroad i don’t know where they are whether they are in afghanistan or north korea that they wrote tonight run to america oh evil congress come and help us oh our people are dying by us gone i say easy they are speaking grammar and so you are you are telling us you want to fight nigeria yeah you want to find nigeria we don’t want to work we have peace people go punish you with your peacefulness because you don’t have any peace in you there is no peace in your community there’s no peace in your family tell me one one family in ebola that is there is any piece there nara working working in family look at this man it’s okay he’s like a neighbor man he’s okay that is doing media like me you see this snake you see complete hypocrisy you see you see you see satan in that man it’s okay it’s okay you say lucifer it’s okay you say lucifer you people are following him the diode look at delay momodu look at the lamborgh i respect that man and uh i pray forgive me for castigating evenly without cascading maybe we wouldn’t have make utah so that our fight that area forget it but let me congratulate the momodo the way he’s interviewing people be stressed be honest be truthful demand is okay okay he’s killing his own fatherland he’s an evil man i i wanted to ask you people questions is this so okay or is it a funny man or is it an evil man can somebody tell me it’s okay that’s the guy on our way push you speak against your own people what type of human being are you is ghanaian interview against his own people against his own people against his own brothers tell me the type of mind is okay my people are dying children are being raped us anything we bring course upon ourself the reason why you are here in free palestinia free palestinia philippines and nobody is hearing in such magnitude only we when you see us is only us people see us even as mad people why why why they see us as much makers but these people can even turn to violence and nobody cares about them they will say they are fighting a legitimate cause but we we what is wrong with us yes because you are christian brother want to go to heaven so that his brothers will go to hell so if you are talking about going to rally he doesn’t they don’t care how he goes god will punish them african palestinian free path is because they are sympathizing their own people do you want them to come and sympathize them as advertising when your own people are going to the church and chatting a lot monkeys inside the church you telling me that is it the way to go to heaven you can’t use hypocrisy criminality to go to heaven most of you who claim to be christians you are not christian you are no single bloody christian because christian is love christianity is love first of all christianity is off christian that christian means love that christian can i ask you a question where does love start from as a christian mama christian papa sister christian oh you’re holding we are going to heaven do you know the reason why our people are molesting christians because of you because you are reasonably like a sheep an attorney that’s what you are using like then you want me that somebody else that is not a member of your sake to come and love you or come and join you to fight for your biafra you are a mad person huh when you don’t love your brother inaudible people need donate money to charity organizations in this country since i know them they actually do nothing that’s interesting they put the one that is going monthly from here to here how about your father’s land what did jesus say what did the bible say if something that is trusted into your hand your gift the gift of god that is in your hand you do not perform well with it who will put you to something greater than what you have what you have is your father’s land and that’s who you are truth i’m talking to you donate money to bbc you do not monetary dc you don’t need money to order all the criminal organizations the people that create the war the people that create fight the people that are destroyed human being they create charity organization for you you put standing order pay your money every week your brothers and sisters what do you pay for them how do you care for them you want to go to heaven isn’t it when you reach to heaven god will say how far about your family where you came from how did you take care of them how did you show them love you tell them because that thing they are doing there is a concord oh because it’s the world religions that’s why because i want to go lord that because i want to come to here that’s why i didn’t have god who said go to hell you walk out of the nicu to get out of my sight because you don’t know what is love before have you seen any country in the world any country in the world that have not beautified their land they are seeking contract uganda to go and build what they have not built in their land to another muslim arab worker where do you see how palestinian palestine have freed their freedom freedom every day that’s what we are hearing those radio stations that they’re calling is nobody’s paying them they volunteer their money or some or some somebody will leave him volunteering i’m gonna say keep on saying it keep on saying it free passing how many times have we even somebody some of us some of us there are there are things the world cannot do for you you force them to do it for you we have millionaires evil millionaires all over the world how many of them have brought the biafran a discussion i say i will pay for it even if you want billion dollar i will pay for it put it in cnn put it in bbc i want i’m i’m paying for this you must put it for for for for one hour and pay for that one hour since they cannot do it for us those of us that are billionaire that i have they will tell you there is an evil man in in the united states of america the whole world he owns it the whole america is worshiping him when i have you cannot fight for look at there is a war that is fight whoa whoa nigerian government declared war since 2017 january 2017 immediately buhari took over nigerian government declared buhari declared war he spoke it he didn’t hide it if i would let them go i will kill over 5 foreign your non-government is just making mistake they supposed to have killed this man before i’m telling you he said kill me instead of killing fulani and they say okay this is the way this is the best man and they held him he is poking it oh i am defending flanny oh do you see the intelligence of an able man let’s assume if not pretend that is a backing meteor land or the gender we the world come in transparency neutral and say we want to investigate what the problem do you know that object object will go to we have that sentence for saying that is his happiness is full with the meteor they hug him because he’s a murderer but he said it oh we have chief backing him up oh nesa i am um what can i do i can’t do nothing done or how many hours now can i spend my data renew here end of this world but these people the only thing i would do i would discipline them not that discipline kindness did you see instead of united nations will condemn palestinians and condemn the hamas that why did you go and they begin to fight the people they are supporting them but who is supporting us the only people that we have that support you so support us we are not seeing i have open hana support no meditation welcome i don’t see i’m not seeing it i want to see because why the same blood they don’t care for themselves they don’t love themselves rather but where is their money going they are going to go there and build an imaginary school jonathan jonathan god will continue to punish continuously because our people have never learned lessons again you don’t see up on all his jazz upon all easy oh asana forget all those [ __ ] forget about those nurses what happened they killed him they killed him did that he don’t see did that he said go did he did he save him no he didn’t save him did we learn lesson no zeke wanted to please nigeria in fact he doesn’t want to please he doesn’t want to please no he wanted to please nigeria not devos because people would say oh people evil ezekiel fought for for nibble he’s live did he please they’re not on us the answer is no if arjuna did he please denote that no um did he please they not on no willie obiano will he please the answer would be no to all the governors opposed will he please them no go and go and write to this date the end of this people will be okay but i’m very sorry to some of you that they are giving five thousand ten thousand you cannot discipline yourself the reason why some of you are still following your governors because like your lack discipline to say this man is a bad man i don’t need this money to condemn evil i say this is evil i wanna every day and everybody every day enabled oklahoma there now the abu bakr is the people in charge of issuing me now they are the one pointing hands to the janja weeds we know that that’s what they are going to do but the problem i have is you won’t even have man that is an evil person and not causing the new people my spirit will continue to cause evil mumble is did you see it did you see it again what is the legacy you are going to live for your rebellion i love britain but britain have never won the command and republican talk of good just like the agame fusio britain is continuously killing him he will never see good in his life here yes he must speak it oh this udel is not a member of ipo they have never been they have never contributed so there is nothing udl is saying that make any sense to us they say they want to wipe off my family if i see the way i will wipe your adapter family manual i’m gonna wipe your act completely because you are not supposed to leave for you to threaten your father’s land that led right here there is war going on in biafra land then i’m here in biafra um palestinian palestine philippines everywhere in the world what about the neighbor who is speaking about them remember palestinians those people you see are sympathizers they are not palestinians palestinians is not in england but fellow religious members which is good are sympathizing their own their fellow religious member which is islam is supporting their brother which is good because for somebody to show love to his brother is not evil they are calling the attention of the world say stop with the killing even though it is their brother that created the problem did you see how love works that’s the question i’m asking when they are killing us where is your pastors all this pastor pastor my my sister my sisters um because someone in our career are gonna church i am asking you my sisters this church people you are going to oh yeah me you’re deep this i’m that guy how many of them have sympathized you one day like this islamic people that came out and said stop killing the the people in gaza do you see that the muslims love themselves do you see you will see the demonstration in pakistan you will see the demonstration in japan not korea everywhere that they have islam they will demonstrate and say in ireland here they have tedious tedious this is a member of parliament members of the house here is speaking on the without nobody asking them why is your own different why they’re not speaking to you you see that sometimes when somebody’s so sneaky so sneaky you play you see oh you are playing gentility you are feeling gentility yeah it’s bad it’s bad on instead of him to find solution to help his brother to come elevate him from that problem he become a thing of mercury so he makes some people when they are dying they want to die they die alone they die with their problems if you are not satisfied with what you have you are a criminal because by graduate graduate nursing envy and jealousy greed over somebody’s progress you go and commit sin one day either you want to steal or you want to kill him to take over business i introduced them two things they said they don’t give an interest but eventually they register without them they register with the second one then i’m coming to your shop buying you something every day every time life he says seed you are planted and that seed you must repeat including me i’m not resenting myself but one thing i know that i cannot envy or have a sleepless night because of somebody’s progress who is that person did am i measuring kilometer with you who who restaurant to england did they put marathon for us so that i would say oh because this man i built three decades i haven’t breathed three decades the day you were born was i born every day the day you came abroad do you know it’s not because we meet here so how how can i have a sleepless night because you are progressing the god you are serving do i know it whether you are serving then whatever why would i envy you why this is the problem of an able man envy greed jealousy is a pro is our problem can’t we love ourselves can’t we can’t we change if i say it finishing up some people who like it or evangelistic you talk well eventually some people will say this man have you make any change from what i’m saying no i’m not saying if you bless me that is bad though for you for you not to bless me again i am not saying that but for you to hypocritically blessing me while inside your heart you are not even giving an inch of practice of what i said how do you love the affluent woman i know that you can please everybody in this world but try your best try your best and do your own portion and leave the rest for god because there is a judgment that is coming and as far as i am concerning this word i don’t think that people can do evil and get away with it no it’s impossible so long as you have conscious and that conscience one day will say to you my friend this thing you did was wrong if you have ever regretted doing something one day it doesn’t matter the gravity or the strength or the big of that thing that you have regretted something one day i said i wish i didn’t do this thing that is the judgment seat the judgment seat of god is in every heart it’s in the conscience of man listen to me there is no tea for murderer that have been killing and killing and killing and killing and kill and one day will not say i have a remorse i shouldn’t have done this thing that is what we call conscience so long as you ex you have exercise conscience one day for something my friend that your conscience is the judgment seat of god is the judgment seat of god there will be a day you will stand before the god almighty and then you will say god i never know it is lie your spirit cannot a lie no because everything about comma organ you find yourself guilty anybody that comes to god will not say to god i never know i never know i never know the only thing they have to do is to cry oh god forgive me oh father forgive me oh father forgive me o father forgive me you can say i don’t know no your soul your soul that is inside you walking with your spirit moving your body they know the truth they know the truth they don’t lie that’s why if you are a good person if you die your spirit becomes good spirit you are an evil person you die your spirit becomes evil spirits because there’s no repentance there the moment this body is gone shall have nothing to talk about repentance there’s no repentance in the soul or spirit of a man no there’s no repentance that’s why the devil cannot depend that’s why the fallen angels cannot repent their mind is threat because that’s the way it was built today my encouragement to you as an evil person i said biafran we are at war i want to repeat it again to reach it in your brain we are at war there is a big fight in abraham that we have nobody to help us the only thing that can help us is god god is the only answer to our problem god is the only answer to our problem god almighty is the only answer to our problem i repeat it several times we have no one and let me tell you god helping us is not that he will come down with one giant like glory act of the philistine no god will come when you begin to reason like a normal human being think good of your father’s land think good of your brothers that are being killed you are in a better position you came to a land a foreign land some of us even lie with something that never happened to us and the country embraced you accepted you and helping you support you how are you going to replicate this love it will start from your own people and from the land where you are this land that gives you paper first of all do whatever that is good for them to help the land to move forward then remember even they are telling you say don’t forget where you came from the day we went for an aggression for this certificate they are giving us this paper they are giving us they say it’s the citizenship minister of justice what did they tell you they they they the the the justice of the federation that is handing over the the the immigration certificate to you what is he telling you what did he tell us do not forget where you come from did you see that somebody who gave you paper permission to live in your country still tell you that one night don’t forget where you come from don’t forget where you came from if a white man can tell you that god will judge you in the day of judgment that only about son of bordeaux forgetting because it happened did you see a white man negan paper gave you paper to stay his country say do not forget where you came from that means don’t forget your culture these people are very plain in their mind they are very transparent they didn’t know the reason why god is blessing these white people if they want to be good they are good but the one that wants to be able are lucifer themselves the man said do not forget where you came from but some of us we have forgotten the day we win that inauguration you people cannot remember i remember things so i remember this don’t forget your culture that is one statement do not forget where you came from they allow you to practice your culture in your own in their own land because they want you see how good sometimes how good the ebook is they want that mixed culture because they have embraced they are they are now a civilized society they want mixed people but look at us where we came from nigeria also doesn’t want to mix they don’t know the culture of living with a flanny man or flanny man living with me that sometimes it brings joy but they want to kill you so that you become a member of their religion this is wrong it’s completely absurd you know and if the white man can tell him when he’s giving you the inaugurate on the inauguration day don’t forget your brothers and eventually you forget them then tomorrow you die you go to heaven you say to god um i have come and they have chased me away from my from my home essentia then i run to ireland under this man when he was giving me paper he said i should remember my people at home and i should not forget my culture but to god i did not do it is it a sin today i didn’t pray today because to show you how grievous i am how bittered i am but what can we do we leave it in the hand of god i will do my best i will make my own contribution i will speak to you toxins inside you it’s up to you to accept it or not let me go my best i want to use this opportunity to thank every one of you my name is register bernardis my youtube channel please register subscribe subscribe it’s called bc radio one news all right on our device five minutes i give you if you want to call that number you are free to talk you are free to talk if you want to speak if you want to say evangelist plus eight nine nine four seven three zero four plus three five three eight nine nine four seven i give few minutes i will conclude if you have not subscribed to this youtube channel it’s called bc radio one new biafran christian radio story i’m not afraid of this death because this world is tiring me now you see the vaccination they give to people now you see in the radar in their their arms where they put the vaseline it is a magneto magnet magnetic conspiracy theory conspiracy theory conspiracy theory oh conspiracy story don’t believe them look at the version they give to people i’m not the one who is not black people who is a white man and women even a young man was saying i don’t know this is my mother this is my mother this is where they give him that vaccination put magneto magneto magnet liquid chips that’s what they give to us liquid chips is has now formulated inside the body and become metal did you see is it is is it covered no is it covered did you saw it i shared it did you see it one world government human control tomorrow attract yes good morning um m um foreign foreign um um hello foreign um um foreign yes yes is thank you very much i i appreciate you and i am happy that you are one of us god bless you you know god is punishing the evil people now when he finishes going back to those people he’s going back to them because of all the other other mom i will touch on my people then i will go back to those people i use and teach them and teach them lesson so abu nahal and all this and let them not begin to fight against and they make reconciliation to show that nayama rendezvous thank you very much god bless you thank you let doesn’t matter that you are going to die because somebody hit you until when you hate yourself you are not hating helping yourself you become a very useless human being on it but if you stand you’re standing and say no i don’t care i don’t give a damn of the hatred these people are giving to me okay let’s see we must love ourselves in order for us to survive you gotta go ask god to bless you in your own way leave another person because you know not to run in manhattan you are not running of majority you clear that in immediately who is where is that person what is the person contributing to the society tell me what the pastor is contributing not stealing money from people a pastor will come and say so since where is that person why is that purpose the person not come out and say that this killing all of them did you see where i’m having problem with them did you see it did you see where i’m having problems because will put you inside the grief and that will put you inside the great if edda will stay children will be dying because you shall rule or you will see that respect is a reciprocal then you people say uh respect is that i will respect the head and the other will kill the children that’s your own so tell me you and the white man who said respect is a return if you give me to the reset come back to you tell me who and the white man you and what who is intelligent modern do you see the reason why i heard georgie balbana because no buddha if you don’t respect yourself police will not respect the society community will come against you anybody must open at this state now if i mess up in this state now the whole people in this state will be against me straight away they don’t want indecency they will condemn you completely and they will call police for you and everybody will stand witness against you that is how a society will live good you don’t condone evil and you want goodness goodness cannot appear to you not already you are evil yourself foreign that means somebody can hear it or somebody can partake in somebody’s mistake you can be charged for somebody for somebody’s mistake mistake even in the court of law police can might hold you hold somebody and they are looking for information they know you have the information you don’t want to relinquish that information for justice to take place they charge you what they call a what they call a what is it called pivoting justice pivoting justice you know in achieving that justice that’s why you are hiding this the truth i’m not gonna commit to you but they charge you preventing justice because you you see the truth you don’t want to say it then tell me when you go to god god what god is going to do thank you and god bless every one of you and please if you have not subscribed to our youtube channel please subscribe because um your subscription is saying it’s what help us to spread spread the news more more people will have more people as they spread it more people will get more people all we are doing here is to talk sense in the head of our people that pastor that is saying that they are killing the military that god will punish we need to force our people to have loyal to this essence we need to force i say force force that yet the authority first of men they say you should not come out if you come out of china land go to another go to janja with london live but we must love ourselves it is a mosque that we muslim we must respect ourselves respect the dead everywhere thank you and god bless every one of you i appreciate your your support by joining i want you to share this message people don’t like it to share it they must like it about us everywhere forget to subscribe please and god bless you thank you once again see you in the next episode in every media social media please don’t say hello mm.