Live AMA with Levent Cem Aydan, CEO of Seedify.Fund

Jul 5, 2021 09:45 · 12299 words · 58 minute read

good day everybody and welcome to the seedify ask me anything uh session on 4th of july um whatever time it is with you um and we’re very pleased today to uh to welcome uh levant gem uh aiden um the um head of head of cedified to answer any and all questions you might have regarding um uh this this great project so it’s a with a really uh interesting point in our revolution um just about to have our first uh first ido um and uh i’m sure i know from uh for the telegram groups there’s a lot of people uh with a lot of questions so we’ve got some questions um that are gonna be uh coming up soon that have been um we think a lot of you gonna want answers to but um after that there’ll be some time for you to ask any questions um so without further ado uh let’s get uh let’s get started um i think initially um we might want to just uh um ask levin to just introduce himself um we’re also going to have um we’ve got two other hosts who are going to be going to be um on this today uh you may have seen them before um and uh in fact why don’t i uh let them just introduce themselves briefly um marcus hey good evening everybody welcome to the live video ama with 11 of cd5 fun so my name is marcus you might know me from the the chat rooms as a as thing code so yeah welcome everybody uh we’re gonna do a few questions with lavend and uh and hopefully we have some some time for questions from from all of you so next to me there is a george okay hello my name is jorge you may see me on the telegram and discord very actively with jorge de roma i’m very thankful for being here and i hope every every one of you uh enjoyed the ama and all your questions is getting answered so with no further notice levine can you introduce yourself please yep uh so uh levante am i done as you guys know uh i have the uh profile picture open so it’s me uh for the first time on a video probably that you guys see me uh so uh i’m founder of cd5 fund and that’s about it okay um just before we start to remind if if um in terms of telegram i’m i’m mr wibble um on on our telegram group so one of the admins as well okay um right first question quite an easy for one for eleventh um when will the new cd5 website and the uh and the dashboard be released please um the website probably it’s gonna be uh i’m guessing like by next week uh because uh there was like one more page uh that was to be done with the new website uh with the dashboard though uh there’s still some uh things that uh needs to be uh done there so uh likely it’s gonna be by the end of the month i’m guessing but i cannot be like 100 sure but uh most of the functions are finished like 80 85 of the dashboard so should be uh by the end of this month or uh at the beginning of uh next month i’m guessing because like uh the the issue is uh i can actually say this very honestly since uh we uh we started with uh the dashboard but then also started to work on other projects and actually produced our launchpad as like an additional product uh to our roadmap it kinda uh like it made us kind of like less focused while trying to finish this product so uh there is another actually team that is working on the dashboard part but still uh you know uh when you’re trying to build a couple of projects at the same time it takes a little bit of like uh problems with uh with the product management but it is it is done about 80 to 85 percent i’m guessing something around excellent thank you i think we’ll have more questions on that later but um okay by the way if it doesn’t uh matter we are we are recording the ama are you okay with that yeah you can okay okay okay the next question is something that people want to know because uh everyone loves transparency on crypto projects uh do you know or when are you going to announce the all the certified team i mean you you we already know some of them but when will the certified team be public like the whole team uh the whole team uh honestly on that uh we are right now gathering more team members like uh even last week we had a lot of uh meetings and uh like we are gonna be adding two business development uh managers and one community uh digital marketing actually specialist uh from the meetings uh from last week but uh regarding the public team uh what we can do after this is announce uh each new entry uh one by one and uh introduce them uh to you guys but uh for them to be all in the public uh website it will be uh taking a little bit of more time and we also added another uh co-founder uh not like a co-founder but it’s like a partner uh who is uh also handling uh some of the operations part right now and we are looking into adding more people uh into the team but uh the thing is uh when we are trying to add new team members in the beginning what happened was uh like we actually couldn’t uh start our company in the cayman islands like we were supposed because of uh licensing issues so because of that it was just like a decentralized team and then uh there was people who were helping uh the project uh from uh different kind of areas but they were not uh full-time team members they were contractors they were like uh as uh you know our developers are for example uh contractors but uh in the like in the near future it’s gonna be more like uh full-time team members uh being added and uh even like i said even last week we had like more than uh 10 to 15 uh meetings just about that yep okay thanks all right cool thank you for that um so the one thing i want to ask the question about is the the marketing because from what we see is that most likely a lot of the marketing by cd5 is uh done that we can’t really see speaking of for example collaboration with different projects but also meantime focusing on the functionality of cd5 itself however the marketing itself is quite important and because it’s a way to attract both developers and investors so the question is uh what are your marketing strategies and what are your targets with the with the marketing to be honest uh with the marketing we we always uh put a big focus on marketing like uh that was since the beginning of see the pipeline that’s how we could actually uh generate a lot of let me actually silence mine too so uh so we do marketing uh honestly like we did we did a good job in the beginning it was like uh like we as you guys know we didn’t start with like huge investors pouring money to see the python we started as like a community launch project and from there we actually attracted a lot of uh community members uh a lot of uh like awareness outside of uh cd5 fund community as well and uh of course uh that a part of that was uh influencer marketing a part of that was banner marketing another part of that uh was viral campaigns and uh some of them were bounty campaigns too but all in all uh like i can uh i can say that uh we didn’t do bad with marketing we were actually pretty good and especially compared to our like market cap and size and uh the money we had in our uh like wallets we did a pretty great but uh with the uh with the market right now the problem is uh when we are trying to reach out to most influencers uh the influencers are not taking uh a lot of uh promotion for example like this is a current issue with all the projects in the market i mean if if like a uh influencer markets a project and then they actually uh make uh they go down in like a big market like this or in a bear market then uh they do this one or two times and then they stop doing this but uh like regarding the calendar uh that we published uh the other day for example we did a lot of marketing behind the scenes uh even for that but like we don’t want to be like uh okay we are doing this marketing because then it’s not gonna look natural first of all so uh we can always like be like okay we are doing marketing here but also a part of that what is uh like a part of the influencer marketing that we are doing always gets cancelled by the uh market that’s like with any other project because like i was talking to another founder for example he uh he was telling me how uh he actually uh got a contract signed with uh seven or eight influencers and then suddenly because of the market they all dropped the contract because they just uh don’t wanna do marketing in the uh in the risky markets as i would say but uh of course are we still talking uh to uh more influencers every day are we uh still uh getting more list yes of course we are doing but uh some of the marketing of course another part is uh like you’re doing something good for example uh you enter a good exchange but then uh even uh something like that it doesn’t just last uh too long because it’s just uh it’s just the market and it’s just the way it is and it’s the same with every project like uh the day uh we entered kucoin uh the same uh kind of like uh action happened with every any single project that day and uh we have like one of the biggest competitors who has entered the uh another exchange who gone through the same thing so in markets like this unfortunately marketing doesn’t last uh the good news uh like doesn’t last too much and you’re trying to uh always try to be like at least uh doing more doing more so uh like when the market is uh better enough then uh people can see the uh good actions but uh at the same time it’s just like uh like some of the things that you’re trying to please not really uh being as effective as before you know yeah okay thank you okay um next question the um the current markets you know we’ve got a lot of launch pads um around as i’m sure you’re aware um everybody’s having a tough time um so perhaps you could just for um for the people on the uh on the session just to summarize um what the um uh unique benefits are for cedar for how do we differentiate ourselves and and following on from that how we’re going to flourish over the next few months and um and into next year so uh so when cd5 fund launched this launch pad uh there was only a couple uh launch pads in the market i mean when we decided to launch our life but not lunchtime much but uh this was like uh actually a community feedback that we gotten a lot from people why don’t we have a launch pad too since we’re uh an innovation hub and we were like uh let’s make a vote on it and let’s decide together uh but uh after uh after the recent like uh two three a month journey like it is pretty clear that there’s a lot of competition in the market no one can deny the senate this uh this is kind of like uh it’s not good for any uh launch pad was in the market i we cannot say that uh okay this is this is wonderful and uh let’s welcome more launch pads uh you cannot be like that because uh the the fact is uh there’s a pile of projects uh that actually gets launched and uh this pie is being shared by uh only uh like it was first uh getting shared by two or three launchpads and then it became four or then became uh over 10 now it’s going uh to another size and what is uh what can we do here how will uh see the fight will differentiate i think uh the most important uh thing to do here is uh it’s not about uh being alone anymore because the market is actually forcing you to do this uh i mean anyone who is in my uh like uh in my uh shoes um like would be either uh trying to get a lot of quality projects where uh if you have actually started late uh late means like we uh we launched our product in uh in a stage where there was already like a couple launch pads that were already doing uh ideals so in this case uh and also a bear market unfortunately i wouldn’t say like a total bear market but then like the crash came and uh suddenly you got left with like either these quality projects are uh like gonna choose uh one launch pad or they’re gonna be choosing many launchpads so what cd5 wants to do here is we are not trying to uh compete uh but we are trying to collaborate with other lunch pets because uh the fact uh of the matter is we have a huge community uh we have 33k holders right now with uh farmers and stakers uh included so if you uh think about that part uh a lot of the projects uh want to be uh doing their ideas in uh rather than like one launch pad to uh multiple launchpads so that’s how cucify is gonna uh be able to stay effective in uh such competition it’s not gonna be like i cannot have a magic wand and uh be like okay this is uh why uh all projects are gonna choose us out we cannot say something like that because it has to be realistic and uh materialism here uh states that we have to actually work for the benefit of all these projects and if you think about it actually uh if there are multiple launch pads and these projects are getting their raises from multiple launch pads they have a higher chance to uh more uh good price action because then there will be more uh community members uh getting attracted to the project there will be more awareness coming to the project so it will be beneficial for them uh too and that’s why most of the uh projects right now are starting to choose multi-ideo uh pro multi-eye to ideal journeys and i think that’s how we’re going to be uh able to show ourselves and then uh we can actually show ourselves with other value propositions okay about uh you said about a multi-radio just right now um certified said it’s aim it’s was to launch a new ideo every week but it wouldn’t be better to get one quality ido every week instead of uh low quality ones and those low quality ones that can affect badly on cd5 i don’t know if anything about the i i i trust every ideo the cd5 team is doing right now but maybe some people think some ideas are bad because of the team they don’t answer any things or things like that don’t you think it’s better one one good ado but instead of three or four every week but the one it’s much better than the other four i don’t know if you understood my question yeah i know i understood your question okay uh the thing is uh here uh like first of all uh if you want let’s just keep uh the camera the way it was before like with the uh i’m getting only on the focus it’s too much man i don’t want to just watch myself so um uh about your question uh the uh the thing is uh we uh we don’t wanna launch four ideas a week that’s not that’s never the plan and uh like what we want to do is we want to bring uh quality projects like you said uh and uh like it’s it’s completely up to projects uh to answer your questions or uh not answer them and uh be as transparent or not like that’s not something we can control and that is not something that uh any other launchpad can control that is like the first thing so uh like regarding these uh you have no uh like nothing uh that you can do to actually uh be uh completely like okay you have to uh answer all the questions of our community uh you shouldn’t ban any project any community member from your uh telegram uh this and that you cannot force these uh stuff to projects but what we can do is uh like we can uh of course like uh right now uh for example when we uh actually showed uh in our ideal schedule that we are doing four ideas uh like we we could do like 20 or 25 you know like this is the uh four projects that we actually uh just uh made the deals with and uh like these four projects for example i don’t think any of them is is a bad project uh they they look like good projects but i cannot be uh in any way uh or uh no one can actually no one can be like this project is gonna be successful this is uh the cryptocurrency market and we are all trying to launch products uh we are all trying to do something good some p some projects are gonna execute really well some projects that you would think that is gonna execute well i will not uh like you cannot really tell like sometimes uh a project that uh starts as like nothing can uh become one of the top hundred projects and sometimes the best projects that you think uh can actually uh crash harder than you can ever imagine even though they have a working product like uh like since uh since this uh market crash uh that happened in the uh last one month like there was a lot of uh great projects who were actually doing a lot of great things and the market doesn’t care about that that much you know so uh like uh in the case of these things of course we are trying to uh provide the quality projects uh to our community we are not trying to be like okay uh like this project is uh excuse my friend [ __ ] but uh we want to still uh launch it through see the fight fund like that’s not our uh idea ever and if uh if there’s certain community feedbacks that are coming to us we are actually listening to our own community feedbacks too we cannot always be like uh we cannot be fully transparent with every project because we might affect their project with our own uh own uh sayings uh you know but we always also actually got what is going on with each project and then try to uh get uh make decisions accordingly so sometimes we have to even make hard decisions uh to uh to sometimes uh like make sure that we don’t uh launch a bad project or uh we don’t give a price that is too high to our community members for example like last week uh there was a project i don’t wanna say its name uh because we never told uh about uh to you guys but we were talking to this project uh it was a gaming project uh we were talking to this project and uh like and they didn’t want to do any kyc okay and they were like uh we’re like why are you not doing dyc with us i mean uh like you don’t have anything like they just didn’t want to do it and uh and i was like no we cannot take this project i mean i see something fishy so uh we just didn’t and uh they also launched in another uh ideal launch pad too and uh like even some of our ambitions were like oh they even i got into this launchpad like there was another name and the project felt like uh three times below its ideal price like you know i you never know it like i like we’re trying to protect our community in the best way uh sometimes we will make good decisions sometimes we will not but it’s just a fact of the matter is we will uh try to uh build like bring the most quality projects but there’s also like i gotta always be transparent about these things cd5 fund is right now as market cap it is not uh on the top position you know like it is not uh on the second position our market cap uh like these other projects they actually started with big funds we start as like an experiment you know yeah if you think about the city python was an experiment so uh like and we actually showed people that uh you don’t need funds to uh bring uh like make projects to create communities to do all these things after cd5 fun i saw a lot of other projects who uh who did purely airdrop lunches and uh they started uh to uh bring community members they started to do to do their projects and you know we showed a different way but right now i cannot always be like okay i’m gonna bring uh the most quality uh project uh to the see the python from the whole ecosystem there are some realities that uh we need to actually uh progress into like for example we need to have at least probably five or ten uh good ideas so these bigger uh projects with uh maybe uh huge market cap potentials are gonna start to choose us and uh there’s also another fact that i uh want to uh talk about sometimes we we see like really good projects but they actually uh they’re not ready yet or they uh or we are actually talking with them we are soft incubating them so uh we can actually uh create these like golden ideas you know one of those projects is probably going to be uh crypto blades like that we are doing something uh very interesting with crypto blades and uh like for this uh we are putting extra time we are putting extra uh like vampire extra resources so we can actually bring a great project to you guys sometimes uh for example cd5 fund can also uh flourish in this area too but uh besides that we gotta always think about the realities of the market i’m not a guy who’s like a snakes oil oil salesman i never said uh that uh cd5 fund uh will start to bring the most quality ideals uh to seed5 fund launchpad from day one that is a process and we need to always uh like walk the journey you know but there will be always quality projects i i i wouldn’t ever want to say that that we are gonna bring uh just our [ __ ] projects and then uh let them uh let community decide that’s not what we wanna do either so we are trying to be extra careful at first we were a little bit more nothing but right now we are actually extra careful with that yeah okay thanks i thank you for that thank you also for mentioning a little bit about crypto blades i think a lot of us are exciting about what’s going on with cryptogrades perhaps at another time we can speak a bit more about that speaking about projects and quality projects with cdfi i believe in april a lot of community members were looking forward to submit their own project for the idtone and so that got postponed because of the the focus on the launch pad and and people are really really looking forward uh to to reopen the id tone so what’s your view on that at this point um i mean uh for that uh like we uh in the last announcement we already mentioned that we are gonna do the idea from but after we have a couple ideas after we can show our value proposition because if you think about it right now if we uh do the ideas on and it’s just like a uh it’s not uh if it’s not something too effective if uh in the meantime we don’t have any product that is uh that we can show as like our value proposition what it becomes is just like a way for uh community to get the uh like least amount of uh actually uh like output from it you know it’s it’s not just uh the creators uh of the projects it’s also our community that we are thinking of so uh the creators uh maybe uh okay uh it would be better for the ideothone to be happening faster so they can start their projects maybe but uh if uh our ideals are not happening and we are not uh showing any value proposition then in the meantime what happens is uh people are gonna hear about ideotron but there’s no other thing about cd5 fund which people can actually check for because the ideal tone in itself is also a good uh thing that we can actually uh market uh by itself you know when we wanna market the winners we wanna actually uh create press releases about these projects we wanna actually build uh these projects with you guys so uh we actually in the beginning uh the problem was this uh the market was going so fast and we were trying to do everything together at the same time you know there was just a craze and uh you know with that kind of uh uh energy uh it was becoming like okay let’s do this too let’s do this too let’s uh do that too but it became uh at the point that uh all these things uh became not too feasible because uh as soon as the market started to uh change uh the energy uh like you cannot deny this everyone’s energies changes and we need to uh we need to be like okay why don’t we be super focused now because if we don’t become uh super focused now it’s gonna be just dangerous you know that’s why uh we actually uh chose that option but i did home will be happening for sure like but let us do this our first idea first uh get done with this uh like have our heart clean about uh like a working product and then we can be like let’s do this too and then launch these uh projects actually launch the spinner for example in the cd5 fun launch pad too all right conclude your answers basically that you want to show to the community first that uh that we have uh ideos running and and they run well so when they come with their own project and and they let’s say they win the id tom yeah when their id on their project launches through cd5 they know their chances when they do the the fundraising exactly exactly and uh after that like our idea another idea we have is uh having hackathons for example in uh certain hubs like uh like uh silicon valley like uh lisbon like istanbul like uh parties uh like berlin there are a lot of uh startup ups uh that we can actually uh do these hackathons and uh bring new projects to see the fight fund uh through these uh kind of efforts so uh that way uh what’s gonna happen is cd5 is not gonna be sharing the same pie anymore but uh cd5 is gonna be bringing new uh like entrepreneurs new innovators to the blockchain ecosystem but for all these to happen we need to have uh we need to first show our value proposition and that is why this month is gonna be very big because people are gonna like is this launch pad working is this not like we haven’t had any ideas is this gonna make us uh like uh some games that like i we need to first approve that and then uh we can go ahead with the next things problem thank you okay thank you very much um i think the netcast is probably uh more under um uh liquidity um we obviously had uh issues with hot bits a little while ago i think the question really is what’s happened with hot bits is is it ever going to come back and secondly really um what’s your um that you can talk about what’s your strategy for um um increasing liquidity for fresh fund um further exchange listings keep farming going uh what’s the situation please um so uh with the hot pit uh as you guys know uh when uh their uh security breach happened uh they actually uh saved their uh walls from getting actually hacked so uh that was actually uh that was not a full security breach but uh in uh crypto ecosystem people become a bit way too uh how would you say a bit way too negative about the project that gets hacked or uh when something like this happens so uh when uh we actually asked our community about hot bit and uh what they wanted to do there was a lot of also uh negative uh comments too like they didn’t wanna uh they didn’t wanna get into hotspeed yet they want they want to see uh how everything will be uh doing and stuff like that i think see uh hot pit uh still like if it would be my personal opinion i would be like okay let’s uh let’s get into update because uh they’re actually uh they did uh good uh about uh transparency they did really great about like uh not getting any wallets preached and uh stuff like that but uh also when you’re running a decentralized community you cannot be like okay i’m just gonna uh do uh like something according to completely uh my own accurate that’s why we actually uh for now uh completely like uh delayed and uh like postponed hot bit until uh until a good time and uh like we’re not uh doing any any kind of uh work with them yet uh due to that so uh besides the besides the heartbeat thing uh we as you guys know we entered kucoin and uh right now we’re on pancake swap uh besides that and uh besides uh like two different centralized exchanges so uh i know i know the uh cryptocurrency markets interest uh with uh getting listed into big exchanges you know everyone cares about these things uh in the cryptocurrency market but uh as up now uh with dd python uh like for us uh like an exchange listing is not i wouldn’t say it’s the uh first most important priority because uh we already are in a centralized exchange we are already uh in uh pancake swap and uh there’s no uh actually uh necessity in this uh current market i mean when the market becomes better uh when uh when uh like a very good uh run starts then we can think about that but in a uh in a market like this it doesn’t it’s not gonna help with anything so uh right now what our focus is is completely the ideals uh the project and uh to make sure that uh all these actually value propositions become actually real you know and then we can think about more exchanges again but the good thing about uh being in an exchange like kucoin is that uh it is easier to get into other exchanges when you’re on an exchange like kucoin because it’s like a gateway you know so uh on that side it’s it’s it was a good option for us to you know thank you next question i’ve seen also a lot of people ask on the youtube chat um we already have uh we integrated you integrated a cdfi to ethereum network uh when can we expect more multichain integrations like on solana or cardano and things like that uh regarding the uh multi-chain integrations uh we realized that uh actually there is also another workaround that we can process much easier uh which is uh to claim uh to create a claim uh cool contract in the launchpad uh that we can actually uh just uh put for a different kind of blockchains so uh like even though uh like uh multi-chain integrations are like uh right now like it’s it’s a it’s a good marketing strategy that the most important thing is uh for uh cd5 fund community to be able to actually uh join the ideals of all these uh other blockchains like solana uh other when they come a polka dot when they uh get launched and uh all these other ones that are getting developed but these are like some of the major ones and uh but like with the with it uh just basic development it’s not a basic development but uh it’s a much easier uh thing for the community to actually pay all these launchpad projects from buying a smart chain network but also have a claim feature so they can actually write their own world integrations there uh like uh and just uh just click on a button and get uh like uh tokens from all these like solana projects polkadot projects and all that so uh right now uh like with the pad our next uh work is gonna be about that claim contract so uh for solana for other for portable for uh all these other networks we can have the claim contracts ready so you can actually uh become a multi-chain ideal launch pad you know all right thanks for that so um some people might say that right now we are in a bear market other people might say we’re just dipping down a little bit um i think that the bear market is uh there’s a moment where many altcoins uh and the small cap coins are being filtered out um so the question to you is do you have like an additional strategy for for cd5 fund to uh to sort of uh assure or almost assure you know to to get through the bear market or do you trust on the on the fundamentals only uh besides that uh how does the the bear market and the current market situation uh influence you and your team um like so uh with the uh with the bear market thingy uh i think it’s not a bear market yet in my opinion uh because it’s more like a uh consolation period but uh it’s a bear market for altcoins you know because think of it this way bitcoin goes up and down up and down each time this up and uh down happens in a week off uh the altcoins actually uh fall even more uh that’s uh what has been the case like with almost all the projects that were not in top 100 it’s it wasn’t uh something that was just only about cd5 fun for example even in the launch pads like all these uh projects that were uh like uh in like really high ranges they dropped like 90 percent 95 percent uh stuff like that it’s like uh so it’s a very it was a bear market for altcoins like no one can deny this like this uh last one and a half month but it wasn’t a bear market for the whole cryptocurrency market if that happens uh i don’t know uh how uh how most popular coins are gonna survive that’s uh the reality because i’ve been uh in this market i’m not talking about see the pipeline by the way but most all coins so uh this is the reality in 2012 i uh i was interested in uh cryptocurrency market i was like uh researching things i was trying to uh like build some things and uh like i was interested in this uh market since then and uh in 2017 uh for example there was a huge idea craze a lot of projects got a lot of funds like most projects down like 25 30 million dollars on their icos you know there wasn’t ideas at the time but uh on their icos then uh like from those projects uh the reality of the fact is not many of them survived when the bear market came and uh in each bear market is going to be the same way this is uh fully transparent there’s going to be projects that will survive there’s going to be projects that will try even during bear markets for example chaining uh in uh in post 2017 era like when uh when they were actually doing uh the uh like uh doing the bull run it wasn’t actually uh doing their own bull run it wasn’t during the run of the whole market it was during the bear markets uh of the all market so sometimes there can be a lot of like uh these projects that don’t doesn’t survive but some other projects that can actually try during these markets too so at cd5 fund what are we gonna do about this i think uh at a period like that are the best thing that will be able to uh that we will be able to do is incubation i’m not uh gonna say uh the ideals are gonna be too effective if a full uh bear market is gonna come like this is not the full bear market yet but say uh if like if goldberg market comes then ideals are not going to be affected no one can uh like say that they will like it’s not it’s not the uh fact uh you know so uh what we can do in that market is incubating good projects that’s uh that’s the solution of cd510 and will we survive i think uh if cd5 fund becomes a project that is uh more community governed i must say this by the way because uh this is not a one-man job or this is not uh this is not a job that can be done by uh just full-time teams i think uh with the uh with the market what i saw is if a project has uh communities uh that can actually stay behind the project for a long time those projects tend to survive uh compared to projects that only like market during good times uh have some influence their marketings not have a big backing behind it both projects tend to die a lot sooner and even if like the price for example if uh if a price uh drops and you still start uh you still continue to work i mean nothing is gonna stop you from it you know but the important thing is i feel like on that matter is uh to uh have it always uh community behind see the pipeline and uh like step by step make sure that cd5 fund becomes a completely doubt governed project you know that’s how it’s gonna happen it’s not the answer that everyone is looking for i i i i should have said maybe uh okay we’re gonna be doing very good in the bear market and all that but i i’m always a real guy i never wanna give people like also about uh anything it’s it’s just we will work hard to survive we will also uh bring more community members to a decentralized organization of cd5 fund we will try to fund uh projects in the meantime we will try to go through uh different hackathons we will try to talk to different entrepreneurs so we can uh still continue to actually uh create projects uh in this innovation up but uh the fact of the matter is no one uh can say that a bear market is not gonna affect projects it does i mean it’s just the reality yeah so if i add a bit of my my personal opinion to that i personally believe that bear market or no bear market if your project is fundamentally strong i believe you have a big chance to survive more often than not yes but i think a project is not uh just uh just survives because of uh the fundamentals behind it it’s uh more often than not it is also connected to communities so uh that because at uh blockchain uh if like say uh you gotta like very good uh fundamentally a good project but there’s no community behind it that project doesn’t go anywhere anyway so uh so the combination is of course a fundamentally good project with a community that actually uh has uh more role in its uh actually governance and it’s in a success that’s why i i think projects really survive so it’s like a mixture of but i believe all right okay how are you holding up yourself in the current market first personally uh work-wise how do you feel um richard was going to say something to let me actually uh and answer that after richard it’s it’s fine please go go ahead i’ll answer marcus question because it’s it’s my question from a lot of that okay so uh regarding uh how i how i feel about the uh uh whole uh thing is uh it’s it’s never uh like uh i always try to be like i got i have to like just put the most work i can uh as possible and that’s what i do uh that’s what i’ve been doing uh my whole life because like i know i wasn’t a guy who always had like uh bright days or something like that like i had gone through uh like hard situations before in my life so uh when hard situations come what uh happens to me is like i i just need to be like uh just focusing everything on one day at a time just uh try to uh make myself uh in the best psychology as possible in country and am i another human being of course i am and of course there are days that i feel like uh not too good about things and i feel like uh why is this happening and uh things like that because uh you know if the la uh if we would be uh seeing another two months of uh good market things would be much easier for seedify fun i’m not gonna lie like when we were going in a very good state with bringing more community members more awareness and at that stage it would be uh much easier for us to launch to uh like 50 x 100 x projects right now we are at the place that we are and uh that is no one’s fault that is uh that is not something that anyone could have planned and when i started cd5 fund i didn’t even wanted to get any money from uh people you know we just started it as a community launch project a lot of uh people made money over it a lot of our people like and uh it was probably one of the biggest like uh community launches of uh 2021 you know but right now what i try to do is i just try to bear with it you know there’s no nothing that you can do be like oh i am strong every day sometimes you just feel uh like human too and it’s it’s just part of the uh whole journey and i i just keep on going you know and work hard good good say advice is bear with it uh just keep going you know yeah it’s good advice it’s it’s um the next question really was was following on immediate from that less looking at the external situation but more looking internally in terms of uh your team um and this question has come up a few times over the last um six weeks um we understand you have contracted teams so um they’re paid to perform a specific job they’re paid in stable coin um obviously in a bear market um that can be a recipe for being uh eaten alive do you have any plans to sort of looking longer term to have a core team that’s that’s perhaps incentivized in different ways that’s that’s more more long-term uh i mean usually uh like uh with this question i feel like uh like there’s uh there’s a uh there’s a wrong thing in that question because most of the actually development teams also get paid monthly as well so uh like uh in that uh question uh there was probably this idea that uh some of the developers are only working on uh like a uh token contract basis but in the uh blockchain ecosystem uh that’s actually not the case with uh most projects it’s like uh most people gotta actually pay their bills most people gotta actually earn money and developers are very very uh hard to get in this market if they’re good developers they’re gonna actually look for uh the monthly compensations as well so uh regarding that whether it’s a contractor or not they’re gonna be looking for uh monthly payments from you and uh it is uh unless it’s a co-founder uh then uh it’s always gonna be the case like that and you cannot have uh all your developers as co-founders i suppose so uh i don’t think uh like we can try uh giving uh team mister tokens to developers but you’re not gonna get uh the good developers like that it’s just gonna be a bad one for uh just uh like uh just looking to make extra money if they can but because we’re not gonna actually accept that yeah i mean i i quite agree i mean that’s it everybody’s got bills to pay and i think there’s this um i mean it’s i guess it’s a wider question really as well looking at some um you know obviously get development work done you probably need a smaller team but you’re also going to need other community managers there’s going to be people um working on with incubated businesses so i guess it’s more a question about um survival um over the next year and um you know what what changes that that’s going to bring and and how are you going to survive that that that bear market as as as a team um i mean uh our model is the best model for the bear market because we don’t have monthly costs unless we wanna work with our contractors uh for a longer time if we would have full-time team members then we had to pay uh those uh all the time but if uh it really really a bad market comes and we cannot actually do anything we will just have a certain product products and we don’t have to hire uh like we don’t have to pay these bills all the time so the contractor model is actually much better model in a bear market with everything actually not just uh developers because if you have just contractors you can be like okay uh like me i don’t i don’t spend too much money i don’t need too much money you know i’m mostly i thought i’m just working you know and uh like with most of the things uh here uh like uh when we are actually building a team a big team uh then we need to pay these monthly costs all the time but if they have a small team that actually does the thing and some of these people are contractors it’s actually much better you know good to get you explained very well thank you very much okay next question is about the funding and the from the phone pool a lot of people doesn’t understand very well i the funding pool consists of s fund is when a project is selected for funding a smart contract they will automatically send them say 75 000 usd will these be sent as this one or as a stable coin like usd usdt and there’s also the second part that people don’t understand a lot uh regarding the three percent return from the incubator incubated projects it said that one point five percent uh will be used to replenish the fund pool will those tokens from the incubated project be added to the fund pool as well or they will be used to buy package funds so to have more funds on the pool i don’t know if you understand this yeah it’s a good idea actually uh like we we didn’t uh first thought about like uh having a buyback feature like that uh so we can uh actually turn some of these tokens uh to spawn directly and then put them into uh our pullback and that would uh create actually a good price action for the market as well and uh it’s actually a good recommendation we can probably uh do something like that but in the beginning for the first uh question uh normally what we wanted to do was uh to pay these uh projects uh in s-funds uh so in a in a uh like again very transparent here uh in a uh like very bearish market this model is still dangerous uh not gonna lie uh if we are like do uh incubate projects every day uh we uh we won’t be able to hold uh to the price so even uh like there are strategies that work uh in cd5 fund for uh for a uh like good market very well and there are things that we need to uh i don’t know how we would say this in english uh uh in turkish that’s what we say uh like it’s about your belt like you’re gonna be adjusting your strategies according to the uh market and uh like for example if we would uh be incubating a project a day uh it would be a a lot of cell pressure uh from uh see the python’s pocket so uh in this case what would happen uh would be probably uh as funds uh given to projects in milestones uh so it wouldn’t be uh just one uh cell at a time unless the project really needs that uh like uh very very urgently uh for something which is not gonna be the case most of the time like we can uh do it in milestones and and we can actually uh be more selective about the incubated projects too so uh we don’t actually uh constantly like uh pay these uh s funds uh all the time in a bear market in a world market it’s all good you know uh like you can just continue to uh find more projects you can try your chance more but in a bear market it has to be more selective i suppose and uh there has to be like new measures and milestones and other things that we can discuss with the community and decide but yeah uh it was gonna be an s1 in the beginning thanks thanks i think people will understand a little bit better now yeah but the buyback option by the way it’s it’s a good uh feature actually we can do that or uh what we can do is uh like we can always turn those tokens into uh usdt uh so it could be like uh already uh a sort of uh token that’s what i actually thought in the beginning because the buyback if if you buy back both tokens and then those tokens get resolved actually that buyback doesn’t really uh have a purpose because they’re gonna sell those anyways but if uh if those other tokens are sold into stable coins and and then you pay uh you start to pay uh those projects sometimes in stable points too that will actually uh create uh this uh uh like it would create the uh selling pressure uh in a much lower uh sense you know it would just take away from it so a bot option would work either buy back or uh like making sure that uh those tokens that we get become stable coins in like in good markets and then we can actually pay more for those all right cool thanks for that so uh before we move on to the uh the questions from the community i have one last thing uh which is uh basically uh of course we all like to see uh updates and announcements as soon as possible and you know preferably you know like every six hours or eight hours but um is is it for example possible that you you do like like a weekly newsletter you know so uh you can put your ideas in there your development progress uh communications that are going on pipeline information etc um like i would say if we would uh do this monthly uh it would be probably better but uh weekly would be like people would be expecting a lot and uh it’s like uh one week is uh it can uh like you can’t think of it this way uh like if you uh try to undo this weekly you’re gonna have a lot of things that are that doesn’t actually uh create any kind of like good uh fundamentals but you’re just doing uh these things for uh just trying to be like okay we are actually having updates we are doing this we are doing that but if it’s like a monthly schedule it probably would work uh because it would be done you would be able to uh still under like a big picture uh like complete components and uh actually have like a much better uh update uh with that but one week is is really not that much of a time to uh update the comment of it like i i have been in the currency uh ecosystem for a long time and like there are very few projects even like top uh top 30 top 40 that actually does weekly updates like weekly updates is even too much you know but but whenever there are upgrade updates like we try to always uh actually share these and a monthly update schedule for example it would be uh a good way to do it uh but weekly i i think that would just confuse and uh just mess things up like it wouldn’t completely understandable so so so perhaps uh soon we can uh look forward to a monthly yeah newsletter yeah yeah that could be really awesome yep yep we can actually what we can do is uh rather than a newsletter we can have like a monthly uh blog article that we can announce at the first of each month uh and so people can actually see all the progress that has been done uh during the past month and uh we can also actually have a section where we can actually uh talk about what will be the key focuses of the next month and what will be the additional things that will be done like just briefly we can talk about that so it could be both backwards and uh forward uh picture uh that could be shared you know i think i think that’s really good i think the community would really love that and it’s a good timing to decide on this because you still have three and a half weeks to prepare the first one true thank you yeah thank you i mean uh the questions about uh when i saw your questions guys first it was like okay this mic is already bad and we are having all these questions but uh it was a great time uh to spend with you guys uh like uh like i said i in this uh like video i would like i’m not a guy like uh probably justin’s son who would be like uh well we’re gonna do a lot of uh like hype and all that i’m i’m just not that type of guy i always gotta be realistic about things but one thing i can assure you is uh we will continue to work that is one of the most important uh things uh for the recipe for success in cryptocurrency because if you uh persevere enough you know if you don’t quit uh and if you uh actually uh like continue to create value that value is gonna uh somehow correspond to uh success but uh like the only uh i think that we can actually fail that is uh just stop doing things just stop uh listening to people uh stop uh actually uh communicating uh around and uh stop uh at uh what we vision to do and if we actually do that yes uh there will be some dark days there will be bright days but uh whatever happens i feel like if if we continue to work together and i will actually uh announce uh more uh centralized based uh functions in uh cd5 fund as well so so we can actually uh start to work together on most of the things too because we really need you guys more than ever yeah yeah thank you so are you are you keeping an eye on the uh on the youtube anyone are you guys doing you know just to pick a few from the community uh right now that are being asked during the ama uh as you can see uh there’s a question here uh if you wanna answer uh robbie robbie asked about the launchpad website looks like a bunch of images can we expect to get better it’s uh it’s actually we are uh like we kept those uh because uh we are doing all these kind of like tests on those uh things it’s not images but it’s like different pages with lorem ipsum uh stuff so uh like you know uh with most launchpads uh there were actually a lot of problems in their first ideas and what we want to do is we want to test every single thing and that’s why like even uh right now uh our there’s like uh like testing different kind of uh things on mainnet so uh we can be like okay this uh this first idea that we do is gonna be actually smooth uh around everything and uh that’s why uh the ux kind of looks like that but uh probably in the uh next uh two to three days we’re gonna be uh just putting the wizard financial uh pages for the tier one tier two and tier three and then we will be adding the other uh three ideos as uh tba pages with their own pages as well so uh like you can expect that in two to three days uh that page is gonna completely look like any other live pad but right now we are still uh making sure that the launch pad uh runs smoothly so we are doing a lot of mainnet testing behind the scenes right now thank you um coin listing ever mentions regarding the staking pools there what happened to that proposal uh we actually uh we haven’t started those yet because we don’t want to actually uh create more uh more token uh pressure in the market so uh right now we are actually putting that on hold uh it will be uh it could be the case in the future maybe uh we can do something like that but the more tokens that we are actually pushing to the market it it’s not uh it’s not gonna affect things in a good way so that’s why we are actually putting things on hold for now regarding that okay there is also a that’s a question i i’m gonna ask myself um marcus and i wanted to do like some podcasts or things like that about cd5 maybe once a month or it’s three weeks uh do you mind if we do something like that in order to create more thing more community people can see like the weekly updates instead of weekly updates on a blog maybe something we also someone can ask questions like on some stereo thing or something like that you know uh like uh podcast i think uh would be nice but since you guys have this setup and uh this became like a pretty professional thing what we can do is we can actually invite uh founders of our projects that would do ideas into your amas for example and also projects that we incubate so you can actually uh like in my opinion uh like if you’re talking about the youtube like podcast like this like video podcast i think these are so much better than just listening uh on uh your headphones so uh we would be completely open to that and we would be actually introducing you guys with the founders uh of the projects that we hold and uh after that like you can just actually uh start to uh bring uh the influencers that you like uh the uh talk leaders that you like uh to talk about certain different topics because uh in reality uh like cd5 fund is a innovation up we are not just a launch pad and uh like if we are talking about the crypto technology if you’re talking about uh how this revolution is gonna affect different kind of industries in the market if we can talk about uh what uh different kind of entrepreneurs are doing in this market it doesn’t even have to be a project that actually does uh their i do it see the five fun if they’re building something cool if they’re innovating on something cool we can still even uh talk to those project funders project teams and actually introduce them to our community as well so uh i would actually allow you guys uh to do something like that and uh we can actually support uh this kind of uh uh thing with like some grants too so uh you can actually market these well and uh you can actually reach more people okay i think that’s good for example with the wizard community uh before the idol ado maybe a little bit like 10 to 15 minutes uh video with them asking them questions or if the community have questions we can do but i think it would be better before the ido so people know what they’re investing in actually if i may if i may add a little bit to that uh just a little bit of a sneak preview but not too much details yet the the ama with uh with wizard has already been discussed with the founder time and data already set so we’re just preparing the announcement so yeah for everyone that’s listening and everyone that’s here um yeah we’re gonna do that i i heard that you guys talked with uh phillip to crypto blaze founder did you guys do that yeah maybe maybe he’s really cool he’s a nice dude he’s an awesome guy i know you guys are cooking things behind the scenes so i just didn’t wanna so i believe we just had another question here in the screen um so you announced about an influencer marketer joining cdfi team do you know when and is there are there working plans with tony jones right um you announced a marketer uh joining cd5 team uh it was about the advisor question i’m guessing uh here uh or not you know yeah i think it’s about the advisor one and also people like the video with dnr why they wanna know if this con something like that with i don’t know maybe i don’t know any crypto youtube people but um maybe talking about with with some of the great crypto news your channel or something like that i think they want to know if there’s something planned about that if there’s gonna be more influencer marketing actually uh like even uh like i said even on the schedule uh of the uh this july uh ideal schedule we actually worked with some influencers but it wasn’t any youtube videos uh so uh we we are always exploring actually uh new uh people and we actually have right now a person dedicated to actually uh talk to influencers day by day like uh that person is creating a list uh and uh like uh getting uh the promotion uh stuff and other uh other things that i cannot uh discuss fully but uh like we are constantly like talking to new influencers but uh the again the problem with the market right now is uh for example uh tony uh jr and why uh like i look at his channel he hasn’t promoted any project since weeks right now and uh most of the uh influencers who are doing youtube videos right now they’re not doing any kind of promotion with the uh with the new projects and uh even with like the established projects most of the time because the reason is right now like okay they can talk about other uh or cardano uh or they can talk about ethereum for example uh but they uh most of these uh influences they’re not gonna talk about low cap risky coins okay uh and that is uh that is a fact of the matter and as soon as the market uh starts to get better uh it’s gonna be uh it’s gonna be a different season and uh people are gonna be accepting these collaborations but right now it is much harder uh to be said that uh said than done to actually uh collaborate uh with big youtube influencers right now that is just uh the reality of the market right now and uh are we gonna be able to see another good market uh hopefully we will uh and i think we will but in the meantime uh are we gonna uh continue with more influences regardless of whether big youtubers actually do these kind of collaborations or not of course yes you know like like i said we had influencer marketing two days before uh we are constantly talking to new influencers and uh that’s just not gonna stop there and it’s not gonna be just influencer marketing yeah but but we cannot uh be like uh we’re gonna promise a video with 100 uh k 120k uh vid uh like also don’t see the fight fund that will make us uh go crazy like uh that is not the market for it right now uh okay i think i’m gonna do one last questions before we can end because i think you can you will be tired it’s something regarding with the ideos a lot of people ask on the telegram channel i i’ve seen uh if for example if i have like a thousand spawns to be on tier two after the white listing and the kyc if i don’t have more money to invest can i sell like a hundred phones so i will have 900 instead of a thousand but since i already been on the white list okay i’m still eligible to buy the tier 2 allocation or i will decrease to tier 1.

i don’t know if you understand so you’re saying uh like uh like during snapshots as long as uh a person uh for example uh is uh like holding that tier amount uh during the snapshot that is completely called they can uh they can then sell some of the s1 and then uh do that but uh we will likely have the snapshots uh until by the ideals start uh so uh the idea phase uh and uh before that probably at least like four to five days uh or six to seven days they have to hold their s funds in their votes so in between that period uh they are they shouldn’t be uh selling anything uh or they shouldn’t be decreasing their amounts uh so they can actually be uh staying on that tier but after that it will be completely up to them but the plan is uh that we have an idea almost every week uh so actually there is a reason for people to hold uh during each snapshot right that is that was another reason why we were like okay we should be actually having uh this conflict in state of ideas actually uh create this kind of like uh reason for people to actually uh holding on you know okay thank you very much i mean we’ve got just over an hour now so i think it’s probably time to uh to wrap it up but thank you very much for uh for coming on and spending the time to answer a lot of these questions that have been coming up consistently over the last uh last month or so and um um i don’t know there’s anything you want to say say say finally but um i mean we’re obviously looking at repeating this soon and and just for everybody’s um awareness uh this will be available on the excuse me on the cd5 hodler’s uh youtube channel um um um in over the next day or so uh but anything to say levine uh i just want to thank you guys uh richard marcus jorge i i mean uh for taking your time uh to be uh with us uh here uh for the great questions i hope uh i could answer them as much as uh as best as i can i mean uh maybe we should do this uh more often like uh that uh already i was speaking turkish story about that i said but uh like i i actually enjoyed my time and i uh saw the questions i was like uh let me actually breathe a little bit try to actually answer these questions in the uh in a calm manner as possible but uh the ama actually went uh much better uh than uh i expected actually because i can understand that uh right now uh the market is kind of uh making us all a bit negative a bit like psychologically drained and all that but it’s good to see that you guys are still in the positive energy and uh still here with us and it’s it’s uh it creates another reason for uh keeping on going you know good good thank you very much so we see you i just want to do another thing actually just wanted to very quickly um just say thank you to everybody behind the scenes we’ve got uh sebastian sofia uh and all the rest of the guys um on the telegram group who’ve all been uh helping out and and do so day in day out um every month yep make sure you like the uh stream before you before you leave okay that’d be really appreciated okay have a good day like and subscribe goodbye thank you so much bye-bye.