[고전영화] 블루스틸

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oh don’t make me nervous I’ve been jumping all right son stage you will almost midnight for the record the solver holding up stuff and vilification oneself they happily hero star or cuddling and writing on like when you lose sleep for did you see in second color I’m all in expecting trouble before please round here like what’s going on I got it I wrote you see that knuckle the only cup do is form about just one side we proceed with your every called a visual let me say that if my daughter calling Wednesday this is really I think tonight there is to binge up which one I want a room with a children I’m Shirley now and I have to sleep me a cup of hot tea well hold on sole member rule AGG this time Mr.

Mrs. right there I suppose you folks would like the battle Kamath how much well we always get two dollars for the visor hange you see it’s fit invest in the house and the please be inspired became the man makes you can suppertime butter the bottom delight right wha hello boss loan mom happy to be safe here let’s take away the face to get it well pick up young man what it is but esposas whatever Angela I ain’t lost nothing well what were we diffic it if you can’t it’s tricky go all right I reckon ahead my trip another CI would this offer hope you got fenders here about but you don’t restrict them out in the storm like this for you you can expecting many where their money oh wait I doing is for pokey duck reckon your tip was right there how they hit the combination I don’t know why then does it taste combination of us you watch the through the window when you I’m just kind of sailing tonight know by morning he’d be miles away just the same I’m gonna run him down it takes me ten years oh whoa laughs your guy everything’s all right old timer just in time for me so now think you’re pretty slick new cheese no just careful well you might have been the Polka Dot bend some other notorious outlaw and oh you know lean just by your look come on let’s see being sure smell good I’ll help yourself pretty slick on the draw to inky Sun oh I’m hurt just for Saheb well don’t get excited see I carry this for snake why see you we do it your snake here’s to me you right now is good time to open a gym drink Oh in this particular case yet mind if I roll up here for the knife oh you’re right glad to know you better and I ain’t too sure anyway here’s mud in your eye and see any sign of Mason in the game so I plotted us down by cotton quick maybe the outlaws hard you think so how could they know when Mason was coming to LA how did they know before I tell him as a skunk in this town and we oughta rollin down there ought to be here from Sacramento that letter was sent three weeks ago all right the government don’t care nothing bother we got to help ourselves you can’t ride out long for that ammunition and we can get it just ever in the past you boys know what to do remember no harm would come to the girls no sign of applause yet Betty but I still insist you shouldn’t have come now don’t go dad it’s been a wonderful trip why’d you decide to do so long with me it’s kind of lonesome trail on the load yeah I Ain’t mistaken you’re going to have plenty of company how long please help well we got both up we better make sure no sign of them I reckon they’re on the bottom well I forgot you old-timer the feel of my head they did get me what happened I always shot you off your horse and you fell over the cliff you know the water you pull me out all right I reckon I owe you my life are you freaking don’t worry about that that we got to get out of here think you can make it now make it or bust a cinch everything worked out just as you planned only we bumped into a couple of strangers we had a real em fight they got Jake for fear on the bottom of the river what about the girl are you sure you didn’t recognize you ah we didn’t get close enough for that she’s probably in town by now come on hello boy oh yeah words in the factory yes I’m studying on where’s the home would sadden Thomas did alright then hey children who killed them Heather tell us all about it mr.

Dees well we were just coming through the pack and then these men rode a Fiat Road I ran into a din from him there I’m ready let me take care of you I want you to consider my ranch your home so we can make more definite plans for your future I want you to know that everything possible to help you and you’ll send someone for him I’m going myself right away Oh mrs.

Williams I want you to take care of any until I return town I reckon good daughter just told her we’re just going to bring him into town yeah whereas you can give us a hand then Oh how do you take care of me you know one of you now talk and talk that where is the rest of your gang in the provision why was it necessary to kill you could have taken up packs without committing murder then is on these two going through Mason’s pockets I wants to be done that guy my King covered then we didn’t tell Mason if you’ll call his daughter she’ll prove it is Tatars no condition if it dragged out here in question we’re not trying to question anyone but under the circumstances I think miss Mason be glad to explain here she comes now does Mason these men have accused us of killing your father oh no mr.

Melrose these are the men that will be on goes away and saved my life well that case we certainly owe you gentlemen apology you of course don’t realize but this town is in the most desperate state there are without food nomination terrorized by a panda murdering outlaws to attempt have been made now to bring in supplies only to have our men killed and the full ticket we don’t get provider share before snow sets in we’re crack we’re trapped now we can owner that a few days longer let’s all today I tell is the only solution I think you’re right how can we get out now money is all gone for food we never cost then I have a little money not much but I’ll do this and all that we can get out I’ll give you $100 each for your homestead I’m taking a long chance of ever get my money back when I’ll risk it oh no don’t you think before you sell your homes for a few dollars you should take at least one more chance at getting the provision through our main half families there’s been enough killing yeah cricket if you can get us provisions I’ll pay you well forget that you give us an order and we’ll have the provisions back here inside of four days court and come to my ranch this afternoon I’ll give you an order for a thousand dollar supply be that Palermo girl you’re gonna be mighty interested in him right soon who is keeping that first surprise yeah when I’m keeping a surprise for you two so miss Mason affair rule remember this is to be your home Betty is what if you have great pleasure to have you with me I thought you said those two men with the bottom of the river I’d swear those were the two was shot down hmm that’s better those two Meadows a town would be moving out right now well anyway you got the girl and remember this she’s private property hands off and you better tell the board not to be talking around here she might find out who you really are Kent made another inspection hosted Valley swears it’ll be the richest pool strike ever discovered runs right through the middle of all the ranches you’ll soon be rid of those hombres the town will move out and we loan the gold field and you’re a hypocrite and all take it to the high out we’ll keep her there until the town is deserted you don’t dare I’m going over to Melrose and get that order only one cream over what’s he doing bunkhouse I don’t know now is your chance remember no shooting you boys tell me where I meligrove is oh yeah I think you’ll find him right come on what’s this all about I asked these men here my boys have orders to hold all strangers they didn’t understand I’m very sorry all right I’m no girl we were just playing here’s your order and I wish you luck what are you leaving right now we expect to be back before daylight you see The Outlaws won’t be expecting is that to I hope you get through Oh will be our fault if we don’t eh Jake you sugar son won’t be expecting MA they’ll find out it’s a things we least expect that usually happens what we was going to send you we’re not going to be that Felicia Alzheimer’s they’d be waiting for us at the Pat you think now grown video with the other one there’s no doubt about it who must be done what all depends on what happens between on tomorrow morning everyone happen in this nation you and the scale go to the high right we leave at dawn they’ll be coming to early where’s the girl in the throne room she won’t eat you get over that I’ll have a talk with her tomorrow this nation ready oh so glad you found me tell me briefly what’s happened they caught me overhearing their plans and brought me here noble is a leader you’re trying to force the people out so if you get their life for one when you see under their topsoil is a rich gold deposit and it runs right through all the ranches Tennyson with them they’ll be leaving early I’ll be back shortly after gone to get you I’ll try and get some sleep good night I got old Ivor yeah wasn’t it stay off them here I got a world of news for you well you then I followed no girl to the hideout and that’s how you should go on while they’re holding this mace and prisoners and I got to talk to her and she gave me the lowdown on the whole deal I’ll listen to it I’ll be back by noon I want you to guard this place boys keep your eye on the girl anybody comes shoot okay boss you trying to find a wagon I’ll go get the grill I’ve rotated a wagon in the hostage what give me a left here we’re taking this number with it I’ll take it that’s nice and play and get ready they’ve gone you’ve been tricked malgrove I had it going to hide out keep back I’m gonna break this in hi ray all the baby my boo only to the colonel hey Sun is enough bloody inator last year come on now just what do you think look they’re coming back good work Ron but we gotta hurry they’re coming back take that long walk the line little trees and rapers out hey son here’s the bucks dynamite might come in handy what happened what’s the matter take just a girl they blocked it out we’ve got to swim the narrow $1,000 to the man who gets that girl here they come Alzheimer don’t miss your mark means the lives of everyone in town now Grove is the leader and honor your task Allah is a Richard goldfields ever discovered oh man your troubles are all over the outlaws are riding the path all about it old timer I suppose we’re like this I don’t know how I can ever repay well don’t worry about that it’s only my line of duty as a government marshal well I am leaving for Sacramento today and you don’t know it but you’re going with me and he’s dead mice got shrunk wonderful men shall congratulate me I was at the future mrs.

John for others wait a minute young man you can’t do this you see I know who your soul is miss Mason you mean to say your words has out here young feller I ain’t forgetting you saved my life for what you’ve done for this town I got my duty to perform and you see I gotta take you in don’t you realize I know you’re the Polka Dot uh Sheriff you must have seen me through the novel you write by cracky ideas but you saw the wrong man the Polka Dot bandit left just ahead of me he lets just raw chicken in the floor you must have seen me just as I pick that up and that roll belongs to Daddy Oh what do you make of it Oh found all in Danny’s room yesterday daddy’s the Polka Dot bandit there’s a $5,000 reward for him chef I guess it’s up to you to collect when a Denny’s a pokey done who in blazes are you why is the United States Marshal he’s your man from 346 00:53:39,010 –> 00:00:00,000 Sacramento.