What it means to REST in JESUS?

Jul 12, 2021 13:00 · 4188 words · 20 minute read

the title of my sermon in short is Rest, Relieve, Relay but the full title and it’s a little bit bigger it says Rest in His Presence, Relieve the Pressure, and Relay the Message psalms 91 verse 2 it says this in the New King James it says he who dwells in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the almighty i will say of the Lord he is my refuge and my fortress my God and him I will trust the first thing that i want to talk about today is rest in his presence i’m going to break it down because i believe that these are fundamental things that we can all use in our lives as believers I believe that we are not meant to be a church that just gathers on sunday that prays for maybe 15 minutes every here and there God is raising up an army amen God is raising up a people he’s raising up a remnant that is gonna stand and say I’m a full-time Christian not a part-time Christian I want the full-time God I want the all-time God and God is raising up a people amen and I believe that through this through this verse it says this he who dwells in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the almighty the new living translation says this those who live in the shelter of the most high will find rest in the shadow of the almighty I want to encourage someone today to get into your secret place what does that look like you know for a long time it was really awkward for me to get alone with God I love morning prayers I love night prayers it made me feel a little bit better to see other people around me it just eased up a lot of you know just a lot of worry inside of me I had a lot of fear and especially five years ago I  came for an internship and I was coming off of a very lukewarm life and i rededicated my life and just to get into prayer was a really awkward thing but one of the more awkward things was getting alone with God you ever noticed how one-on-ones with just people can sometimes really freak you out it can be kind of weird it could be kind of awkward because it’s vulnerable it’s intimate right it’s you’re you you find things to talk about you’re trying to figure out oh okay how do I talk to this person how do I how do I act how do I what do I say what do I  do you know but I want to encourage you it’s when you get alone with God it’s just about it’s just about you and him when it when you get to that place where in the secret place where it’s just you and him and I encourage you find a place find a time find a time it’s about priority man it’s about priority when we say God all right i’m going to just be with you you come with one expectation just for God to be God and you to present yourself as i’m available just watch what he does so go to your secret place get alone with God because it says he who dwells in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the almighty so he is the very secret place the secret place doesn’t have to be just uh based on a certain spot you know for a long time I felt this weird connection.

You know, I would go to my car to pray and then at other times it would be i’d go to my room i’d go to i’d find somewhere because we have to remember church that we’re we’re a temple of the holy spirit we’re carriers of God’s presence the very temple of the lord dwells within each and every single one of us can somebody say amen amen so he is the secret place and in Matthew 6 verse 6 it says pray to your father in secret and the father who is in secret shall answer you publicly so he is there you notice you don’t have to tell god as if you know you know i don’t have to tell god god i’ma meet you here and make sure you’re there okay you never have to do that because he is always there he’s waiting for you when was the last time you had to tell God God meet me over there as if he’s never met you at the point of your need in the past he has always met you in the point of your need even at times when you didn’t see him feel him think about him hear him he was always there your mind church is going to tell you so many things especially if you get one-on-one with him especially but I want to encourage someone today focus on him when you get one-on-one with him just focus on him whether that’s you just putting on worship whatever it is that you got to do just do it just do it just do it just be alone with him it’s about learning how to just be in the presence of the almighty because all we got to do is remember look at the word he who dwells in the secret place shall abide under the shadow of the almighty god does not contradict his word he doesn’t contradict his word focus on him one of the things that I love is that in Matthew 6 it says shut the door shut out the noise if it’s your phone social media whatever it is that you got to do if you can find a time to just get alone with God shout out the noise silence the outer distractions for some here today you know it’s like adrian I  every time I go everything’s good up until I start praying when I make intention to start praying everything’s I felt fine but then I started praying next thing you know I’m thinking about my bills i’m thinking about my family i’m thinking about this i’m thinking about that our minds are always gonna the devil he doesn’t want you to get along with God he doesn’t want that because he knows that a believer who is spending time in the in the shadow of the almighty he’s walking in the light and and he knows the moment he tried he he sees that he’s going to say i need to distract them i need to distract them because they are a force to be reckoned with you church are a force to be reckoned with so I want to encourage someone today get along with God shout out the noise shut the door whatever it is that you gotta do do it amen because like I said our minds will often try and wander you sometimes when we get along with God it’s like like I said our mind gets so cluttered we begin to we focus we say yes Lord i’m here for you I’m here for you and next thing you know you’re saying god how am i going to pay that bill god how am i going to do this god i need to make sure i get my car over there i need to make sure i do this i need it’s like all these things show up when we pray right i wanna i wanna this is awesome you guys these things all that chaos all that junk within it doesn’t just show up when you pray it’s revealed when you get alone with god and his light shines upon just like there’s lights right here and you could see you can kind of see right there right there there’s a shadow that’s what happens when you get along with god his light shines upon you and it highlights things and it’s not to guilt guilt-trip anybody or put some shame on anybody it’s the highlight lord i need you i need you i don’t want this stuff that i carry we get so caught up is how many guys can relate we get so caught up in the things of this life and it’s not to deny that they’re fake or they’re not real i’m not denying that at all they’re very real but god’s word we live by a different reality as believers we don’t set our minds on things right here we set our minds on things above somebody with me somebody with me we have the mind of Christ when jesus was operating when he was here on earth he wasn’t dwelling on the things of this world the things this right here he wasn’t dwelling on that he said i do whatever i see my father doing there’s a connection there’s a relationship there’s there’s an understanding that i i’m i’m thinking higher i’m thinking above the enemy he’s hitting me right here he’s hitting me right here and it’s real and it hurts but i set my mind up there because i know that i’m gonna fulfill that will i know it may be hard lord but i’m setting my mind on your reality god that you are for me and not against me god present yourself before him it’s not about being ready it’s about being available a lot of times we wait until we get things in check and then i’ll go pray then i’ll worship seek first not seek second or third or fourth seek first i know it’s difficult sometimes we wake up and we’re in just such a just a mental distress it’s just so it’s so real silence the outer noise church silence it you have the authority if you if you listen to casey’s message today you have the authority and it’s dangerous the kingdom of darkness can’t stand it because the kingdom of darkness has to fall to the kingdom of light because we were once all in the kingdom of darkness but we’ve been transferred into the kingdom of light we’ve been bought by the blood of jesus the blood of jesus that sanctifies the blood of jesus that purifies come on the blood of jesus that sets us apart the blood of jesus that washed me cleansed me wide as snow so it doesn’t matter the darkness that we face come on somebody it doesn’t matter the darkness that we we come across the light of god is better the light of god is brighter and he is shining his light on some people’s lives today you don’t have to live in that duress you don’t have to live within the storm because i will praise my god in the storm i will praise my god in the storm and his words shall come to pass because somebody’s saying man in this place hallelujah hallelujah just be with him abide in him trust in him trust sometimes you need you need to tell yourself god i trust you i trust you i know i know this doesn’t look well right now it doesn’t feel well it doesn’t feel good but i trust you when we get in his presence and we encounter that person there’s a relief that comes what is psalms 91 verse 2 say he alone is my refuge my refuge and my fortress after a long day of work when you come home what do you do a sigh of relief there’s a weight that you’re just like oh my gosh okay that was a long one today that’s what god’s presence does he doesn’t want you to live with your shoulders all tensed up where you can’t even turn your neck to your left and to your eye because you’re so filled with nerves you’re so filled with stress god is saying hey hey i got you and it’s not just about encountering it’s what happens in his presence but it’s all about encountering the person he is there in the secret place every time you carry it so wherever you go he goes relieve the pressure point number two relieve the pressure first peter 5 6-7 and the amplified version translation it says this therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of god and i love what it says right here set aside self-righteous pride so that he may exalt you to a place of honor and his service at the appropriate time casting all your cares all your cares all of them not some of them all of them how many guys know that our life in our own hands it’s not good but in his hands in the hands of the eternal one watch and see the miracles that take place watch and see as we were seeing today the breakthrough that comes when you say god here’s my life when you say god here here i am everything everything that i am here it is lord i lay it down it’s yours all your anxieties all your worries and all your concerns once and for all on him for he cares about you with the deepest affection and watches over you very carefully lay down your burdens church lay them down you realize that you have the choice we have the choice in psalms 91 it says he who dwells that means we have to make a conscious effort a decision to say god i’m gonna dwell in your presence i’m gonna dwell in your house it says surely goodness and love and mercy psalms 23 6 shall follow me all the days of my life as i dwell in the house of the lord forever we have to be intentional that was a word that god put on my heart at the beginning of this year be intentional when you say god i’m gonna wake up with purpose and i’m gonna go to bed with purpose i’m gonna wake up and say god i’m on the move let’s do this not god drag me out of bed today wake me up lord we gotta answer the call right we gotta be the ones that say god i don’t feel like getting up but god it’s not about my feelings i gotta do this we gotta make the conscious choice to say god my burdens they’re too much for me but when i lay them at your feet lord there’s no place i’d rather be than in the center of your will lord and in your presence i cast my cares upon the almighty because he can handle them he can handle them how many of us here and i’ll be the first one to throw my hands up we say god i got this i got it i’m not afraid to say it because i’ve done it but that’s not what he wants us to do he’s saying cast your cares upon me give it to me for those of you that are in ministry you’re feeling the weight of the call on your life you’re saying god i just want to make sure i do well i want to make sure i do what you want me to do and say what you want me to say my friends the best thing that you can do with whatever it is that you’re carrying is give it back to god every day say god i’m your servant i’m following you but this is yours the battle that you’ve been facing what is it saying first samuel 17 the battle belongs to the lord god is more present in our lives it’s just a matter of how much are you lending him how much are you hearing him and i don’t say that church to make you feel bad i’m saying he’s near to you at this very moment and he’s saying hey i can take that i can take that just give it to me just relay it off to me give it back to god give it back to god the battle belongs to the lord give it back to god i know the giant is intimidating i know the mountain seems big i know that the situation it seems final but i’m gonna tell you right now he has the last say he has the last say as long as you still got breath in your lungs you he’s got the last say he’s got the last say because you say you go from god my feelings say one thing but your word says another thing my situation says that i might lose my family member but the word of god says when i release my word they shall be healed my feelings in my situation may say my my family’s lost god but the word of god says me in my household shall serve the lord i may be drowned out in fear but god says i have not given you a spirit of fear but i have given you the dunamis power of the holy spirit a power a love a sound mind in jesus name church it’s all in there it’s the word of god it’s all there the word became flesh how do you think jesus was able to do what he was doing he spent time in the presence of the living god how many guys know that you are who you surround yourself with what if you surround yourself in the shadow of the almighty what would you look like your family won’t recognize you your friends won’t recognize you your co-workers won’t recognize you because they’re going to see the eyes that are like flames of fire they’re going to see that beaming light that just exudes from your very body every word that you release is going to be like a sword in the spirit and no matter what your friends tell you your co-workers all the gossip bar the garbage you’re gonna respond in such a powerful way that they’re gonna be like man i don’t even know why i was thinking that in the first place tell me about tell me more about what you know and you get to tell somebody i know this guy he changed my life his name is jesus and i see him every day i spend time with him every day and i gotta tell you he marked me forever i can never be the same i can never go back to that darkness i can never never go back to that sin because he set me apart he set me on a journey he set me on a path when i was headed to hell he said my son let me pick you up out of that and set you to heaven in jesus mighty name psalms 40 says that he has taken us out of the pit of the my reclaim and he set us on a firm foundation he’s taken us out of that darkness what i love about the lord he never leaves us the same he never leaves you the same so even if you go into a secret place you spend 16 hours with him and say adrian but i felt i didn’t feel different this is not our reality our flesh is not our reality we’re setting our eyes on him and we trust in his word because guys no eye has seen come on y’all know it no ear has heard and no heart or mind has imagined what the lord has in store for those who love him my friend you’re yet to see it even if you’ve already seen his goodness in action there’s still much more ahead this is not the end this is just the beginning of a great and beautiful journey so i’m here to tell someone today trust in him trust in him what does this say in isaiah 40 those who trust in the lord shall renew their strength shall sow high on wings like eagles they will run and not grow weary they shall walk and they shall never faint this is not in the powerpoint but something that i love that comes with god when spending time with him is you receive his peace what does philippians 4 6-7 say if you guys want to go there you can meet me there it’s i’m going right now so i’m going to go for right now it says this don’t worry about anything and stay instead pray about everything tell god what you need and thank him for all he has done the importance of having a heart of gratitude and thankfulness even in the midst of tough times is very important this verse says it verse 7 then you will experience god’s peace which exceeds anything we can understand his peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ jesus his peace is unlike anything we could ever come across we ever you’ve you’ve ever just been in such a difficult situation where you needed to pay like a bill and you don’t have the money and for some reason you just feel this assurance saying i know i’m good my life may not look like it but i know i’m good i remember 2019 was a horrible year for me financially i didn’t know how i was gonna put my gas in my tank almost every week and i remember telling my mom and having conversations with her and she’s like what you gonna do and i’m like i don’t know i don’t know but i know who my god is i i even i i don’t think i it just my mind is so cluttered at times but i know his word and as long as i’m seeking his face i know eventually things will turn around so no matter the situation you’re facing today church breakthrough is coming breakthrough is coming he will not leave his beloved ones in the hands of the enemy no you are not a victim you’re a victor in Christ’s name Ephesians says we are all once dead and lost in sin but we have been made new the last thing i want to say is relay the message why this point i want to say to someone today continue to fight the good fight keep going don’t stop it’s hard yes it’s difficult absolutely it’s so hard but i love what it says this in first peter 5 10 in his kindness god called you to share in his eternal glory by means of Christ jesus so after you have suffered a little while he will restore support and strengthen you and he will place you on a firm foundation and as i bring this message to a close don’t get so lost in your situation church keep your eyes fixated on him just refocus whatever you got to do refocus remember why what and who we do this for we know that the things of this life are temporary but god is calling us for something eternal he’s this thing is bigger than we think or no he’s more present than we think or feel or no get back get back to him why do i say relay the message friends that’s what we’re called to do i know your situation may make you feel inadequate you may think adrian man i was just i was just indulging in sin a couple days ago friend you were bought by the blood of the lamb you don’t have to remain in that guilt you don’t have to remain in that darkness God is not he doesn’t say oh my child so full of sin he sees the lamb of god he sees the blood that is that is covering you when he sees you he doesn’t see a child lost in darkness he just sees a child that just needs to get picked up and just placed back on his on his journey on her journey so my friend relay the message the goodness that you’ve experienced let us not keep it within ourselves let us tell the world about this person let us tell the world there’s a greater fight that i’m fighting let us tell the world that there is a journey that you’re on that it is no it’s nothing like you will ever come across in this world because there is the god in the heavens that called me when I was at my lowest when i was in my darkest moment he called me son he called me daughter and he said rise up out of the ashes and I shall exchange it for beauty. .