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“A’uzu Billahi Minash Shaitanir Rajeem, Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem.

00:15 - Atiullah wa atiur Rasul wa Ulil amre minkum. ” And a reminder always for myself ana abdukal ‘ajeezu, dayeefu, miskinu, wa zhalim, wa jahl, and but for the grace of Allah (AJ) that we are still in existence.

00:32 - And we took a path in which to be nothing and to be dressed by Allah’s (AJ) immense grace, immense blessings.

00:45 - Alhamdulillah Allah (AJ) gave us a life in which to see this holy night of the 15th of Ramadan and the birth of Imam al-Hassan ibn Ali Abu Muhammad al-Mujtaba (as).

01:00 - And alhamdulillah the importance of such souls, and because we teach from a different way, that people may talk about the events of their physical lives and physical characteristics and that to give you a sense of their suffering in life, the difficulties of what they went through, but more important is the spiritual reality or towards the understanding because no one can understand what Allah (AJ) has dressed these blessed souls with, but they give only a hint of an understanding towards that reality.

01:47 - That from the world of light it comes this knowledges that when Allah (AJ) was creating creation and brought this light all into existence, from this light what they call ‘Insan e Kamil’ (The Universal Perfect Being), in which it’s all the ocean of Muhammadun Rasulallah ﷺ, and they give that example of the image of a man and a circle is encompassing him, means that all of creation is actually in this one insan (human being) and everything exists within this insan, and what we call Nurul Muhammadi ﷺ (Light of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ).

02:34 - From this majestic creation in which Allah (AJ) created “Min Kun faya koon bi Muhammad ﷺ” every place of this light has a reality, every dress of this light has a reality just like the shaykhs are teaching from our physicality, that your hands have a reality they’re not just there as Allah’s (AJ) entertainment, there’s a secret on them.

02:58 - Your eyes have a reality, what you see from them what the eyes are capable of.

03:06 - Your tongue has a reality, your heart has a reality.

03:10 - Imagine then in the world of light this creation that Allah (AJ) creates and what realities He placed in them as ancient realities because we have to always think from malakut (heavenly realm) not from the mulk (earthly realm), the mulk is just a small reflection for a short period of time.

03:33 - When they teach you from the world of lights it becomes relevant to your world right now because if they teach you only from the form that ‘These personalities they did this they suffered like this and they went’ and you say “Okay well what am going to do with that now?” But malakut means that this angelic world of light has no time and it’s always relevant to you right now, every time, all the way from beginning of time to the end of time because it’s the reality of our light.

04:08 - So when Allah (AJ) creating that light then “Qurratol ‘ain jaddal Hassani wal Hussain” [shaykh points to eyes].

04:16 - When Allah (AJ) fashioned the eyes of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ and what significant the eyes have, the window to the soul of that reality, the window to the heart of that reality, that’s why then awliyaullah (saints) made these na’at sharif (prophetic praising) and these nasheeds (songs of praise) – “Jaddal Hussaini, Qurrotal Ain” – ‘The beatific light of my eyes is Imam al-Hassan (as) wal Imam al-Hussain (as). ’ That’s when they were reciting these that ‘Jaddal Hassani wal Hussaini’ the grandfather of Imam al-Hassan (as) and Hussain (as) they are the sweetness and the dearness of the eyes of Prophet ﷺ, and this is not for the mulk, this is not only the world of the physical but they were describing these realities of the spiritual.

05:08 - That when Allah (AJ) fashioned the eyes of Prophet ﷺ, the right eye He brought from that reality and created Imam al-Hassan’s (as) soul, and that reality of that soul would carry the reality that He wanted to name it with.

05:28 - So every name that Allah (AJ) brought it’s not a name that we thought of in dunya (material world) because Allah (AJ) creates the secret and creates the name for which that secret can be understood, so this is like the spiritual decoding it’s not the physical, and that’s why Prophet ﷺ for their names he waited for Sayyidina Jibreel (as) to come and give the names, they were not just people’s idea of a name.

05:58 - So when Allah (AJ) created that light and that right eye is a nur (light) that comes out and Allah (AJ) created that light to be of a sifat ar-Rahman (attribute of The Most Compassionate) in which all, all the physical manifesting creation is under the authority of sifat ar-Rahman.

06:19 - Allah (AJ) created that light, established within it that – ‘This light will be under the domain of My attribute of Rahman (The Most Compassionate) and everything will be manifesting from this light. ’ So every type of manifestation is manifesting from the authority of sifat ar-Rahman.

06:42 - Each attribute is it’s like Divine authority, it has its own government, has its own reality, has all of its own authorities and it submits to Ismullah al-‘Azam (The Greatest Name of Allah (AJ) – Allah (AJ).

06:57 - So every attribute has its own dominion has its own purpose has its own reality has its own lordship in which it must submit and it submits to the authority of the name ‘Allah (AJ),’ because Allah (AJ), that name is the authority of all names beautiful names and attributes, but in the creation of sifat ar-Rahman “Al ‘arshi istawa” that this attribute is the authority for everything in the world of form that is manifesting.

07:32 - So this is an immense reality of sifat ar-Rahman and everything that manifesting has a light that coming out, so from Insan e Kamil the right eye of Prophet ﷺ is a nur that everything is manifesting from that nur.

07:54 - From that light Allah (AJ) began to pull its elements, He said ‘From this element of this light I’m going to pull out and I’m going to bring the huroof (Arabic Letters) of ha and an ocean of hayat (ever-living). ’ So then Allah (AJ) takes the element and the reality of that Rahman and puts within it an ocean of al-hayat (the ever-living) and this ha of the name ‘Hassan’ is the secret of the oceans of al-hayat, is now the elements that are addressing the reality of that soul of Imam al-Hassan (as), that’s why Allah (AJ) named it.

08:37 - So this element of this soul has the secret of all eternal life, that when Allah (AJ) is going to bring that secret out He’s going to put it and Say ‘I’m going to put the ha for it because this ha is a code for the ocean of eternity.

08:53 - I’m going to bring another section of that light to make his soul and I’m going to put the seen in it. ’ And because his soul carries the secret of his beloved grandfather he carries nurul anwar wa sirratal asrar (light of every secret and secret of every light), by the power of the oceans of eternity and ocean of life that everything comes to life, Allah (AJ) dresses it with the secret of the Sir (secret) and the secret of the manifestations of light because everything has to have that secret that it’s manifesting, and then Allah (AJ) brings then a reality of light and puts and gives that light a noon.

09:39 - So means in that noon is a nur in which the manifest world begins to manifest, and it’s seen to you because that noon is there.

09:51 - If Allah (AJ) didn’t want the creation to be seen that name and that noon would not be there in ‘Rahman. ’ So from that noon of Rahman Allah (AJ) put into this light of Imam al-Hassan (as) this noon, so the elements that make ‘Ha, seen, noon,’ they are not from dunya (material world), they are not thought of names from dunya, but when Allah (AJ) give this revelation to Prophet ﷺ that – ‘This grandchild of yours his name is Hassan’ it’s coming with all the realities of this oceans of light and that “Ya Rahman bi Haqqi Imam al-Hassan,” that ‘This name of ar-Rahman Ya Rabbi and what secrets and what dress You have written upon it and by the reality of what You dressed this soul of al-Hassan (as), Imam al-Hassan (as) of all its immensities unknown to us un-understood by us, I’m asking from that reality, Ya Rahman bi Haqqi Imam al-Hassan and from whatever light you dressed of the realities of light, the oceans of al-hayat, the ocean of the secret of his beloved grandfather.

’ How much Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ loved them, how much he tried to show that their importance and how dear they are to his reality, but because of hasad (jealous) of dunya they were inflicted with tremendous difficulties and people did what they did regardless of understanding or no understanding of the secret.

11:46 - So by loving them and loving what Prophet ﷺ asked of us to love, it opens this secret – ‘I left for you Qur’an and my family, I left for you Qur’an and my sunnah (traditions of Prophet ﷺ). ’ Means – ‘I left for you sunnah - is my family.

12:06 - If you don’t follow my family and you don’t have a love for my family you’re not following the sunnah of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ. ’ So it became a key, it wasn’t two versions it’s one version of the same hadith that – ‘I’m giving to you Qur’an and my way, with all that you know about it all that you’re following of beards and hats and everything but I also gave you my family because they hold the key to your Islam.

12:34 - They hold the key to your Islam because of what Allah (AJ) dress them of realities, dress them and bless them of realities. ’ So these were the secrets in the inheritance that Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ gave to his nation.

12:49 - So with this reality of the ha and ocean of hayat, the reality of the seen and the secret of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ, and the reality of the noon and the light that manifests.

13:05 - So imagine then when Allah (AJ) wants you to love them so that they dress you from the reality so that your right eye becomes an inheritance.

13:16 - What we said, ‘Ar-Rashidin (rightly guided), Madhiyeen (Muhammadan guides), wa Kamilin (Perfected Guides). ’ When a shaykh is going to make ‘Kamil,’ what does that mean ‘Kamil?’ That 10 people in a village somewhere say ‘This is kamil shaykh and that my shaykh is murshid kamil (Perfected authorized spiritual guide). ’ It’s not that [shaykh laughs].

13:44 - Kamil means Allah (AJ) is perfecting them from Insan e kamil, means that their eye is inheriting the eye, their right eye is inheriting from Insan e kamil that the light of Imam al-Hassan (as) and he gives into their eye the light and the secret of sifat ar-Rahman and their right eye is then given a light, with that light they can bring the light-less heart, the heart that is devoid of faith devoid of hope, just their eye is enough to hit people and fill their hearts with light and that’s why we say ‘Ya Rahman bi Haqqi Mawlana Shah Naqshband.

’ He had such a connection and reality from them, he will intercede four levels of paradise with his right eye coming out dressing the inhabitants of Yawmul Mahshar (Judgment Day) because of just this sifat (attribute) of Rahman and nur that coming from his eye it began to dress.

14:54 - So all mashayikh (guides) they’re inheritors from Ahlul Bayt (Holy family of Prophet ﷺ) and they’re all Ahlul Bayt.

15:01 - So this is the perfection of what they inherited.

15:04 - when you inherit an eye it’s not from you, it’s from Prophet ﷺ and what Prophet ﷺ gave to his family and his holy companions, all his companions are Ahlul Bayt.

15:19 - You don’t think any one of them is not family? They’re all Ahlul Bayt, because he established that with the understanding of Sayyidina Salman al-Farsi (as) – ‘He’s my Ahlul Bayt. ’ You know Sayyidina Abu Bakr as Siddiq (as) is Ahlul Bayt, of course, he gave his daughter his family.

15:35 - Sayyidina Uthman Ghani (as) had two daughters that were given to him to be married.

15:39 - Umar al Farooq (as), is all Ahlul Bayt. So this is the reality of Ahlul Bayt and their inheritance for insan (mankind).

15:48 - So what makes it relative for our lives today is to have a love for them, when we have a love for them and understand their reality and trying to understand the reality and that… and learning from what the shaykhs are giving to us that ‘Ya Rabbi open my eyes, open the light within my eyes to inherit from these realities.

16:10 - By my love for Imam al-Hassan (as) Ya Rahman bi Haqqi Imam al-Hassan (as) perfect my eye and perfect the nur that coming into my soul so that You dress that eye and begin to make me kamil. ’ So when the shaykhs are beginning to be dressed by kamil means they’re dressed with the right eye from Prophet ﷺ and sifat ar-Rahman dresses their eye and with that eye, light is given out and that’s why hearts can regain faith.

16:41 - Many people emailed that they were very suicidal, they were in very dark place, they were very bad places and as soon as they start to attend the majlis (gathering) start to attend the teachings they feel they’re not feeling like that.

16:56 - Why? Because the world takes the light of people’s heart away, it just starves the soul that- ‘Is this it? This is the world, I just run to pay my bills and better jump off a mountain than to do like a life like that. ’ And become hopeless.

17:13 - But these are the fountains of youth when we’re talking about “Jaddal Hassani wal Hussain” they are the owners of Qur’an and these nasheeds they say ‘They are the owners of Holy Qur’an,’ it means what light Allah (AJ) giving to their souls.

17:28 - They’re the owners of paradise, so you don’t think if the light of Imam al-Hassan (as) comes towards you, you know it or you don’t know it, your heart is not going to be revived? 100%, you have to have the belief.

17:43 - So then that shaykh is… his eye is kamil. Then his left eye we described before that’s for the night for Imam al-Hussain (as), because ‘Hussein’ means ‘Small Hassan’ because he was the younger of the two Hassans so he is a Hassan and the other eye [right eye] is also Hassan and Allah (AJ) put a different reality into the left eye for Imam al-Hussain (as) from the ocean of al-hayat, but for tonight Imam al-Hassan (as) is the ocean of sifat ar-Rahman and this nur and this light to come out by loving them by respecting them by bringing cake for them by attending majlises (gatherings) and posting that – ‘May we be blessed by their birth’ to revive the hearts of other people to hear these names, look at their lives they play an important role and so that we gain their love and their nazar (gaze), their love and their nazar they begin to support that – ‘I want to give you from my inheritance, I want your eye to be dressed from this reality.

’ And Allah (AJ) coded these secrets in Holy Qur’an, when Allah (AJ) revealed ayatul kareem (the Generous verse of Holy Qur’an) “Rabbanaaa aatina fid dunyaa hasanat.

19:00 - Rabbanaaa aatina fid dunya hasanat,” Surat al-Baqarah verse 201, Haji Shahid.

19:15 - Surah Baqarah, 201. “A’uzu Billahi Minash Shaitanir Rajeem.

19:28 - Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem. Wa minhum mai yaqoolu rabbanaaa aatina fid dunyaa hasanatawn wa fil aakhirati hasanatanw wa qinaa azaaban Naar. ” Sadaqallahul ‘Aliyyul ‘Azim.

20:08 - Sadaqallahul ‘Azim wa barakah Rasulul Kareem (The Most Generous Prophet).

20:23 - That’s like Rahman and Raheem, say – ‘Aren’t they both mercy?’ Yeah but Rahman is a mercy for dunya to open the realities of dunya, sifat ar-Raheem (attribute of The Most Merciful) you need that compassion to pass Siratal Mustaqim (the Straight Path), and that becomes the mercy of paradise that want to open for you.

20:42 - So when Allah (AJ) – “Aatina” means ‘Attain’ hasanat (goodness).

20:48 - And we described for many years – ‘What does the attain hasanat mean, goodness. ’ Then people of dunya they think you know be good and get some candy and go here and go there, no.

21:00 - Allah (AJ) is saying ‘Hassan,’ means that - attain the reality of Imam al-Hassan (as).

21:08 - That you must love him, you must be around the sadaat and ashraf of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ because that’s what Prophet ﷺ asked of us – ‘ I leave for you my family. ’ So then if you want the goodness of this life look around and see if you’re with any of these sadaat, those whom their lineage is from Imam al-Hassan (as).

21:33 - Oh that they love Imam al-Hassan (as) and Imam Hassan (as) has dressed them from their family light, from their family inheritance, from their family blood.

21:46 - So that was Allah’s (AJ) way of confirming what Prophet ﷺ had asked because all the Prophet’s ﷺ life was to teach you how, how to keep your love for Allah (AJ), now Allah (AJ) want to keep and teach you how to keep your love for Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ.

22:07 - You see that love relationship? That Prophet ﷺ is teaching never about that of his family, he kept silent keep the best of manners, but – ‘Make Allah (AJ) happy make Allah (AJ) happy, do all these actions, do all these good deeds,’ and Allah (AJ) in turn is asking us – ‘Make Prophet ﷺ happy.

22:29 - Be with his family take care of the family, look to your life and see if your life is filled with crooks and you think you’re going to have hasanat in dunya and hasanat in akhirah (hereafter)? You don’t have any Hassan’s amongst you?’ So means keep the company of good people - if you show me who your friends are I tell you who you are, and that’s “Wa aatina fid dunyaa” in my life Ya Rabbi let me to attain goodness, and awliyaullah (saints) come into our lives and – ‘Be with awliya, because all of them are Ahlul Bayt.

23:01 - Be with the turuqs (spiritual paths). ’ And the reality of their heart attract all Ahlul Bayt and many who don’t even know they’re Ahlul Bayt they say ‘Oh I’m Jewish,’ no but you are Ahlul Bayt your kohanim - your lineage is coming from a reality that is connecting you to the heart of Prophet ﷺ.

23:20 - Most people they have no understanding who their inheritance is coming from, who that their lineage is coming from unless they come from very religious families and they have their shajarah (spiritual lineage), they have their tree of who their families are connected to.

23:34 - So means that’s the oasis that Allah (AJ) done is describing – ‘Be with the turuqs,’ they’re all the inheritors and their heart it’s natural magnet attracts all the family because that’s what Prophet ﷺ wants – ‘Collect my family, be with them, eat with them, dress them, fix them, clean them. ’ Say, “Oh I’m from an Indian background, I’m from an Irish background, I’m from the moon…’ it doesn’t matter where you are you probably don’t know your lineage and your connection to Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ because you don’t even know your name, how are you going to know where you came from? So their… these realities and the ancient reality of their bloodline and their lifeline how it connects to that reality, but to know that their magnet is big ‘ashiqeen (lovers), as a result it attracts all of that descendancy and brings all the family towards its reality and that’s why you see their majlis is mainly Ahlul Bayt and many people don’t even know that, because their heart is bringing what Prophet ﷺ wanted and Allah (AJ) makes it that way to make Prophet ﷺ happy, - ‘We won’t leave your descendants to be in a nothing, because that makes you happy I will make these servants of Mine to attract your family and if they’re not your family by their bloodline and their lifeline, I will make them your family by the way they serve and they love the Muhammadan reality.

’ Anyone coming to a Muhammadan reality and asking ‘Ya Rabbi I want to serve it’ he’s an inheritor of Salman al-Farsi (as) in the Naqshbandi tariqah.

25:26 - That he came and served, in his life of service - no jihad, no Ramadan, no nothing, he just served his whole life to meet and to be with Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ.

25:38 - He served a Jewish rabbi, a Christian monk, he served idol worshiper, he served everybody for the sake of being with Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ, to serve the last messenger of Allah (AJ), by the time he arrived in Madina and was able to break free of his slavery that he was sold into slavery and he was became asir (captive) - he became captive just for his ishq (love) to be with Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ.

26:08 - And by the time he came to the presence of Prophet ﷺ, no fight no Ramadan no nothing, he told his companions that ‘Salman is from my family. ’ So means that all ‘ashiqeen will be dressed from that reality and become Ahlul Bayt.

26:25 - So when Allah (AJ)… that becomes ayatul kareem “Aatina” – ‘Attain, attain a goodness,’ and this has nothing to do with dunya, if you want goodness in your life find these associations of Ahlul Bayt and the lovers of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ, and they love the holy companions because the holy companions are all Ahlul Bayt, as a result they’re one family and don’t get involved in their arguments just like in physical world you put your finger in somebody’s family and they make up, they remember you and throw you out.

27:00 - So same, same for all these realities, this one big family, love them all, respect them all, put our light and our love into them and what Allah (AJ) going to begin to dress.

27:13 - Because other nights we talk about the holy companions, you can’t inherit Qur’an, when Sayyidina Uthman (as) has to dress you.

27:20 - Jami’ul Qur’an al-Majid (the Compiler of Holy Qur’an), of what Allah (AJ) and Prophet ﷺ gave to each holy companion and the reality that they carry.

27:28 - So we’re here to inherit from all to become kamil, and when they don’t have the love of the Ashab an Nabi ﷺ (holy companions of Prophet ﷺ) they’re not kamil, they will all perish from the earth.

27:42 - Anyone not loving what Prophet ﷺ wanted and love ‘Exact,’ they will perish from this earth and they have no right to be in the presence of Sayyidina Mahdi (as).

27:53 - ‘Kamil’ is that they loved all the companions, they loved the family and they inherited from each companion a gift and a reality.

28:03 - We said that if you want the realities of Qur’an, Sayyidina Uthman Jami’ul Qur’an al-Majid (as) has to be dressing you, he has to be happy with you, he has to have a love for you and ask Prophet ﷺ ‘Let me to give from the secret of Qur’an that I understood and what was bestowed upon my soul. ’ Sayyidina Abu Bakr as Siddiq (as) is the Siddiq al-Mutlaq (the absolute truthful) – ‘I have to perfect their character of truthfulness’ he has to give that inheritance unto the soul of the student to make them Siddiqiya (truthful) and truthful character.

28:37 - So we pray then in this holy night and why Allah (AJ) gave this reality on the 15th and to give it in Ramadan because Allah (AJ) want the nation to achieve these realities that they cannot achieve with their zakat (charity), they cannot achieve it by going for hajj (pilgrimage), they cannot achieve it with their salah (prayer).

28:57 - It’s just – ‘Fast, and I’m going to give you gifts that you can’t even imagine. ’ Now this shaykh is talking these things it’s easier for you because you – ‘ Oh I heard now Ya Rabbi’ and the soul heard it and the soul will begin to ask Allah (AJ) ‘Please Ya Rabbi I didn’t do anything to deserve anything but because it’s Ramadan and what You’re going to give, no eye has seen no ear has ever understood, dress me from these lights, dress me from the sifat ar-Rahman it’s reality and the reality of Imam al-Hussain (as) and Imam al-Hassan (as), Ashab an Nabi (as), and that Allah (AJ) to be pleased with us and perfect our lives and perfect our action and our character so that we can be with Sayyidina Mahdi (as).

29:41 - Subhana rabbika rabbal ‘izzati ‘amma yasifoon, wa salaamun ‘alal mursaleen, walhamdulillahi rabbil ‘aalameen.

29:48 - Bi hurmati Muhammad al-Mustafa wa bi siri Surat al-Fatiha. .