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me to animals to animals to induce non-entities illiterates your two mothers useless wonders god can’t give me god carry give arrested my own security man a security man what kind of security man are you that you cannot arrest this ordinary guest okay no disagree too i have an ordinary great master okay no because last time i told you give me look a little bit like all that disagreement together consecutive thank you you never die okay wait i know how to take the check and if not bring them back oh okay i don’t know say if ghost if you see ghosts you can’t stand the ghost will come back to the human being so you’re supposed to thank me tell me surviving in this house this is our heart i have been managing to survive this little garden that i thought i i i i i want to i want to survive usually after drinking it at least i will survive for the next one week you’ll not come and come come spangling with this it’s okay just pee let me get it homie pay for this gary where you going is this guy what do that your hands today are you still homie hit me first oh called this agriculture acrica you just woke up you don’t just call me like that because i would be water okay it’s okay hi man of bread i’m shut okay hey thank you very much i know now i don’t build one house here and lock another house here marry you understand i could probably contact one one chieftain city try to maybe look ma one of this community oh look at me no man where you at where i see the money who they talk of house money i know get woman where the house did nothing my friend look man see what you gonna do here say bread job if you wanna finish it want something enter this billet you’re gonna think well you’re strapped up right your bread i get planned my plan b look i guess aggregate they say guess guess waiting are they planned you know what person will help you make your brain the open small smoke you know go no you don’t carry blood breath block your brain give the same guest guest bread whatever you want to chop just guess i crack i guess and i think he gets he gets i guess okay look at this hmm you go to for back wait with that one now me goatee for bank are they like thief waiting here i’ll go begin thief you beat there too i don’t got tap on wine another person face your brain no one chop i want to take climb up if you climb back you know how to climb watch on the climber what if you climb up now come forth die africa the downfall of a man is not the end of his life if i climb fall as i take four i stand climb begin that is the process of life maybe your climb i might climb i crack god will judge you be very careful i’m just trying to help you because i’m your friend you’re not my friend you’re not my friend you are your father you’re a brent de la creca you’re a bread dealer right what’s up me so oh is much what do you want me to do to you now oh okay let me do away with you to me now hi pepsi i mean just pride on him because i’m a sick today i need a day to do some bad [ __ ] some bad things you know me you know okay thank you thank you thank you contact me okay don’t take me okay all you have to do now is pan this lady is not for intervention you lose your job now now now why did you live why why is it that every time you allow this this principalities these demons you are senseless you must you don’t say anything you like this person you are looking at is my daughter my first daughter go for pete lilly ah okay this is your first rifle damn what did he just call me i don’t mind i know my name [ __ ] my name is tomato yes huh you’re not a young word for absolutely you’re scary i didn’t get as if you concern you hi ah [ __ ] my name is tomato i mean don’t mind this not the sisters of mine yeah so um what’s your name quick much how dare you what’s up how do you give me all this in my pups’s house pepsi i demand you relieve those [ __ ] duties from him immediately the person you just saved what what did you do to her shut up you were mischievous you want me to maybe you you’re using your eyes what did you do to her oh okay no no no no no no no no no no no no switch can you imagine i was just trying to find out what the simpleton’s name was and he was just giving me some quick match orders hi hey tell you this car you must touch me i miss my sisters you know don’t worry sister just forget about this particular shoe i’ve got a lot of goodies for you trust me but what’s keeping the guy with my stuffs pepsi i don’t know i don’t know okay why didn’t you tell these girls to help you with the box uh um don’t worry pops just let him rest girls you might give me a hand with the ball i’ll say hey i should give you my hand oh my god this sister oh so you want thomas to have the cup first i shall give you my hand because people would ever come back has that made me i cannot do it you never walk you see this i want to go there we set for god is this that you people we tell you how to wear this i mean you could do it yourself god damn it that then it’s foreign damn girl this is called eye shadow i mean what level of naivety is this 264.

21:07 - look man what do they think are they here they’re winning for you just won’t take that spoil this game while they win you have been huh it’s in my air am i telling you some air what do they think that don’t be saying our wife now who don’t matter don’t be saying that because not even house we’ll not even get huh say might tell you yeah you we’re there for the same but i know football football so no go just take this thinking kill yourself crap if i know get job quick quick eh things go hard for this villager because things don’t hard already my brother every single begin chopping you say you know get job and you want a job abby um okay come now i can’t really go where they do uh kim boom aka which one be kim boom you put sand for headphone person to help him help you put them for your head that’s why they kind of block you know mix cement you cut them they have people where they build house from there you gonna get small smoking what would they do they will ourselves i don’t know if you are complete why good is it big boys like us go i know now we big pass that we have big boys a big boy for where for this village that big boy that’s how you peel okay we can ask you something now eh what office you the way they do kim boom kim boom block comfort from up kill moog nakem boom for that kind of what you could talk god forbid huh but if you kill you they go bury you my friend shut up now you’re good now you could die are you the good bad how could you reason that can’t say but i not cause you now why can’t it cost me see if you die they go bury you nobody could spend money but then they will take their hand bury you like they’re not going to think of anything never think of saying you never marry a wife you know i think of what you go chop you know what you think of a nepa bill say you never pay say you drop food somewhere you know pay say nothing to your house all those things nobody thinks you don’t stay somewhere jj they rest if you like think what you want think eh if you like talking to you won’t talk eh but might tell you something you see this condition where would they show this living room they live so it better pass ten thousand people will don’t die for this condition when we day by the time if you die i don’t tell you before if you die nobody think of anything say you know your food you don’t know save nepal don’t take light they bring bill you know no you know my wife you just did that the rest jj you never think of anything he better say we die then they do control everything yes better say we die landed this condition she was savage of the musical thinking and what do you think you’re doing okay what you want to do with this time i want i want i want i want you you won’t kill me chase you won’t die oh come on hey this left with the sweet like this now you want take this is better i kill you you understand since you’re advocating for for death death you won’t die no problem let me just kill you so you could not go to that place you know what you will not think of nepal you will not think so let me just kill you pam so that’s in one hour because for me i come back i’m full for the normal man i will kill you now huh because we have seen the watch go to parlena why why would i have to go to pepsi when i’m hungry or because i’m hungry i don’t get why because papa may be the minister of food affair in this country and in this house big one is there no food at home why do we have to go outside wait thank god for your observation thank god those two things you are seeing there those demons those principalities they are useless do you know that those guys cannot boil hot water do you know that these guys cannot do they don’t even know how to drink this guy does not know how to operate gas cooker pepsi are you kidding me my daughter anytime you see food in this house i am the one that cooked it you can be cooking for those adults it’s not proper there are tones in my flesh there are thoughts in my flesh if i see a way of killing them so that nobody out of them or sell them out i slipped it and the only thing is that there’s no more slept through this man yeah i’m just looking at that there’s no muslims what for one thing i wanted to know is this be very careful in any way you stop giving them what they expected ah you will see that these guests are the most don’t important what i’m seeing but perhaps i think you need a nanny you know you need someone to take care of the house take care of you i can’t watch my pops go to sorceress yes what you’re saying is true but the problem is this what kind of nani can take care of demons are principal if any man they can clearly know you don’t know the present people i’m telling you that’s the problem i’m facing they will just kill the money perhaps i think we should just put up a board for the position maybe from there we’ll know how it goes oh she’s still okay it’s still okay that is hmm um why are you drawing it you don’t know this black line will go like this like this okay and what is going on here we they come with the coins contouring which i tell you you like a bobby are you kidding me damn you girls look like an african masquerade ready to take your markets i mean thank you donation thank you yeah anyways pepsi wants you girls to come get some noodles for lunch for lunch we need close like this for lunch for lunch sisters is so all you people know in this world just to make trouble fight everywhere bubba what’s your appointment i’ll get it why are you doing that what do you do because we never got to come back oh we don’t feel like tomato juice why don’t oh my name up everywhere but i cannot allow you people to go out in this form look at the clothes you’re wearing very dirty you look at what you why did you paint your face like my squares kill your faces man i i would do with this clothes who i wear you dress more like them that make me they they help you but they i won’t know where your deck like this they go and i asked because at least goes to my personal do you understand thing no vessel this is where you are now you when i’ve been where are you it’s okay okay guys okay don’t insult me listen i’m very nice and inheritance from my from my great grandfather this thing brings luck in our family as i’m talking to you it’s it’s it runs in our family i first say so which kind of work you look for which kind of work you they look for you look at that place you know cleaner you don’t ask me where you see where you see money go do laundry i can respect yourself it’s okay i create i don’t hide an acrylic aspect is i create a hands up i like how this story will go it’s okay how’s up just release your hand i’m still talking i see your zakik i have you have bread in your pocket agriculture you’re hiding it from me your friend i know they hide them yeah you think you say i don’t want to say the bread did ya i i brought you don’t spoil safe what i said don’t stay you know say don’t pay when he dipped my pocket for me no i i know remember said it’s indeed yeah okay my friend akrika you will know where i know personally africa you carry fresh bread up and down in this village acrylic as i’m talking to you agriculture all your snicker and your trousers have pockets not because of money but because of bread do you understand so though if you say that this bread will spoil africa you carry fresh africa you smell bread bread anywhere you go so you can’t you can’t carry you can’t you can’t be current spoiled spread respect yourself a cricketer how can that break you don’t spoil what somebody tell you now no it’s okay because you’re a good person who knows that is guys this journey is a thank you this is an application like myself because if it comes out that means that i’m coming back to these videos don’t forget also something so no way i was like these girls i’m telling you they are something else they don’t want to go to school they don’t want to lend anything they don’t even know how to cook i am the one that does all the cooking the worst battlefield that these girls are very rough very stubborn very wicked high very rude all they do is they so they go out they beat them they are strong they beat a lot of people both men and women they beat anybody that’s why most of us don’t even allow them to go out tell him puffs because i’ve told you i mean you need a nanny in this house you’re too old for the stress i don’t want to lose your man damn it meanwhile i’m i’m famished what’s keeping the girls damn as i’m talking to you now maybe they are somewhere fighting seriously i am telling you maybe they are beating somebody up now oh um quick match standing by for action quick match ever ready for the movement sir i want you to go to that provision store and know what is holding blackie and jackie i’ll be first about it right thank you for them tell them that we are waiting for them that they should be very fast and bring the interview we asked them to to buy organization is too long they’re caught and shot man often forgets them it’s down a bunch of phones in the script pepsi thank you for the couple more tomato look at the shortcut that we are waiting for them to i mean you got a lot of funny people in this house they ain’t got nothing upstairs yes but this one is a loyal servant that is a very foolish one but he’s also very uh serious with his work pepsi did i just say he said loyal oops i think you need a nanny in the script i mean you need someone to help you out with all the stress what about this bunch of i ain’t got nothing i mean dumb brains let’s put an advice for one you need to put out something to make them come for it you need a nanny pepsi yeah i think what you’re saying is correct your why did you collect the items from them oh i don’t say that demo no need to cut off your given nazi i’m sorry like b will be the last order to avoid the uh emergency sanction for muga i’m not telling you i see blackie they write the short piece like horse they beat them that’s what they do now i just rushed they rescued the man freyan girl pups i mean added that barbaric my daughter barbaric is an understatement they are worse than animals damn those children oh they have made life unbearable for me team pups that’s got to stop right away i mean you know but i don’t want to judge you so they come they never remember hey you cheated me in the fighting you beating the money running i texted you maybe they go out i said i vaccine i don’t go anywhere with you what did they happen i’ll stay where are you now i’m going back i’m going to beating the man my own coming wow because of just small food and small money ah no no no no no it’s painful hi oh boy and um where the hell did you get orders from also she’s asking both of you questions asked you something with brandy though we talked back back close you consignment’s come it’s not me you just there be the hell of a hero you don’t have to ask questions you give us money we never buy two needle for you we go pack two cartons pray for you you know you appreciate good things if you know what you need you tell us now what thing for you i beat up your children let’s put some food in our tummy before this question moves yeah i understand that you’re very hungry it’s not that i’m not allowed okay but i can see you’re very hungry so what you do now let’s say uh take three packs from inside okay those two that you just boiled don’t do anything okay a quick match you know what you do now carry these two cut on something dummy to your duty post coming through the post what is that okay now listen to me listen and listen good foreign just look good asleep right she also know you’re hungry they wear for this place ah you should say not be hunger can you go for sleep the most my brother you’re a nice man i’ll tell you true you know this is really a friend in need is a friend indeed like ah no no no no you try you ah if not you you know say like now you don’t defeat me since morning ah no no no no you try you know you’re a nice person ah i will reward you in due time don’t worry see this your friend you need the no not before this bread though now my knight would be this thing no good no good deer huh if you use your own good morning food or do nice food or do you have to do food well i see my own just getting my miles and go chop now attack because as you see i’m so now now that one will give me since money no no i don’t carry reach like this no judge joke with me especially now obviously i don’t use my eye i see this bread you know they leave my side again above all as i don’t smell i reach and you see they always carry fresh bread i know you wait you they begged me abu they forced me get up get up in the house thank you my mother for you huh puffy yeah pepsi i don’t know i mean others they can take care of themselves all right saki blacky saki blacky oh chop chop wait this one now we’ll go chop i see as tomato juice the fryer for kitchen i kind of wonder whether something doesn’t worry on my head yeah but i’m not gonna feature this kind thing if you won’t give us food bring for this house spanish i i can’t collect my money from those girls welcome my shop beat me carrying my income huh now you make look at this income okay even though guy chief say make me if you come back maybe i had to do this in over didn’t they do with me i want to see those girls make they come fight me now no no no no don’t go fight you know they fight then we fight for you shift the house yeah i don’t find you combo now those two daughters of frequency welcome my shop beat me fifth two cartons of my indomie walker let my friend come back and call him my money come on from this place yes i know but don’t worry we’ll settle this case okay the only settlement not to give me my money for the goods wouldn’t carry no problem we will send to you for the one we have taken okay quick match augusta standing by for action by your sizer go inside bring the two cathodes off windows what kind of life is this bring it here hey my friend home we have taken three yeah and the moon is inside let’s check everything if you’re okay relax i don’t know why you’re looking like me killer you’re a killer take something the money how could you be so mean you went to a mass shop took his things phosphorus debate on top of it do you realize that your assets could be sued for this rubbish have been uh fresh foreign yeah yeah why did i do that therefore you would not be smoking you would not be small picking away painful people if you try if i touch all right your tomatoes it’s not where you give off i thought i would punish you give me that to you come on god bless one shut up shut up come on come on in america yes we have come to dealing with you you’re very useless man so you can’t mind come to our proper house say you won’t come because now return much you come so [ __ ] you will kill her you don’t die you don’t die come my shop this time to fight back yeah what should we do i did it for you you don’t foreign damn damn poofs i swear to show them i’ma show them that i am an american citizen i’ll tell them tell them i understand how you feel i understand how you feel i thought that these guests these guys these guys are something else they are despicable and disrespectful they are no more human i mean you have to pay for disrespecting me i mean i know my rights i’m an american citizen and nobody infused on my woman right animal right pepsi damn god damn it i will take up the mother is okay perhaps nothing is okay here nothing is okay over here i mean we need the nanny the script i’m done with other dramas i want to go damn it there’s no problem i’ll put up the advert immediately or dynamic will not waste time again okay we’ll not waste time again and but i want to take you to the clinic right now that buffs i’ll take out myself i’ve tried some home remedies but don’t touch me i’m okay for now tell him hi team nigeria here place it well let me correct you so that you understand what nanny means nothing simply means somebody who takes care of uh house choice it can be a man it can be a woman okay that’s what nanny is okay okay okay for husband i don’t know if you are interested one is your family generation thank you to work on time couldn’t get that on us see how luck the favorite person as my husband just retired me come out for a house now in god can’t carry this lord give me for her hey i think i couldn’t see if i could grow i could let the job myself yeah hey a nanny yes you need that is foreign it’s all over hi olga now waiting now you don’t walk here which can push me that i look like person when they walk there come be very careful either they really sound bored i can’t quietly can’t find job if they stop me they won’t leave you because i didn’t hear they read they say you confess become what a good day you good so you leave your house if every live your work leave everything come for another person get the form gates man for the person is it your job see to before one is before him man ham you leave me see you burger make you carry your time just gather round keep him don’t make me verse because if i verse i go show you the tea will make my husband retire me from a house i know the fair face will be would you ask me who i did for you my name be my husband you’re not fit to be at all at all no call my husband again make you know call my husband i don’t know you can’t talk with that one marry this round about where’s your dick um the brother i’ve been on your paper say it be nonsense just like that yeah did you have to be happy what you doing is it you’re not gonna be there um no it’s not because it’s a reality but what i’m trying to say is it works today okay appliances it’s okay talk no more it’s okay it is good to live in your house and be prepared because you don’t know what you would jump but this fight is going to you you don’t fight walk tire let me be sure because i’ve been writing so many applications everywhere let me be sure this is okay this one will fit so this one is the application 91 just do your job don’t submit it madam fighter where tomorrow morning when show.